Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on May 31, 1965 · Page 7
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 7

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Monday, May 31, 1965
Page 7
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MONDAY, MAY 31, 1965. IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, I RON WOOD, MICHIGAN f , f • Summer Session Starts June 14 ASHLAND — The doors to Northland College will swing open again in two more weeks for the start of the summ e r session. Registration for the six-w e e k program will be held on Monday, June 14. Classes begin Tuesday, June 15 and continue thro ugh Friday, July 23. There will be three class sessions each day, each an hour and one half long Dr. Carl Kloyensteuber, dean of instruction, is in charge of the summer session. According to Dr Kloyensteub- er, a total of 43 courses will be offered in 18 separate subject! areas. This marks the most ambi-j tious summer program ever at-1 tempted by Northland. ! RECEIVES AWARD — Loran There will be two art courses- L . Flaher who is the husband offered, two in English, one in. » OPmer Anaela Carli of Journalism, two in modern Ian-! 01 the rormei An 8«a earn or guages, four in music, two in 1 Ironwood. recently received an philosophy and religion and|award for 20 years of service two in speech and dramatics, all: with the Coast and Geodetic in the division of humanities. In I survey U S Department of the division of natural science s |c : Rear Adm H Ar- there wll be four biology cours- 1 W)mmtlce ' Kedr Aan H> A Engineer Joins Forestry Staff Boyle Accompanies U. S. Aerial Supply Crew to 'Sniperville' Nam By HAL BOYLE SHAU, South Viet A recent addition to the staff .on! (AP) — We were on our way to the Ottawa National Forest isj Sniperville Robert M. McPherson, a c i v i ij Tnat . s wnat tne aerlal supplv engineer from Walled Lake. Mich; crews call this mountain outpost „, , ., McPherson was gradu a t e d \ on the Laotian border 51 miles i ° ugh L 3 ' from the Lawrence Institute of; wcs t 0 ( o a Nang Technology, Detroit, in 1964. '. .. Tllls fs the hottest place we can't even burn it off with napalm. Two days ago a sniper with a bachelor of science degree in engineering. Prior to his appointment with the U. S.|ya" Forest Service, he was employed! ''For by the Oakland County Road Commission, Pontiac. McPherson's duties will come into," said the navigator. Capt. Ray Perdue, 33, Roanoke the last month every time one of our planes has land- elude all phases of engineer i n g activities Involved in road construction and maintenance, topographic survey for recreation areas and other forest improvements, and contract administration. Supervisor John O. Wernham, in commenting on McPher s on's appointment, said, "This addition to our engineering staff will permit much needed accelerat i o n of road surveys, plans and designs necessary for an improved transportation system for access i to and through the Ottawa Na-l ed or taken off here it has been in-1 hit. wounded one of our troop passengers here right alter he jumped off the plane." The last incident had '.hor- angered the squadron commander, Lt. Col. Harry G Howton, Birmingham. Ala. He doesn't like to have his big unarmed C123 sky ferries shot up. Today, flying as pilot himself, he was looking for revenge. He had brought along a couple of Skyraiders as deep snipers can crawl in It up I to within 50 feet of the runway.! "The grass is so dense we Because of the sniper danger The WORRY CLINIC By DR. GEORGE W. CRANE cide whether th«y were sotted to each other for marriage "Now I am doing the same thing with my boy friend." Which suggests one of the great educational values ol the daily newspaper, namely, its continuing and constructive influence in molding the thinking of a vast area CASE w-407 on mj recent! Ffor example, the Dover Re- lecture trip lo Dover. Ohio I P° rter has about 40 ' 000 daily I'^'ftn-lAV^f**'* ( i*An I Jim Lonergan and Harry Yockey introduced me to five audiences and sat through all of those speeches, M> I think they deserve gold stars! For each talk ran 40 minutes except for the last one and it continued for 2 full hours, counting the question period 1 students' (readers), which was ably chaperoned all day by Jim Lonergan, talented General Manager of the newspaper -.- -;----- . . -.„ „ there, and always graceful 1 y| SEL 1 ? * J5£^ « «& *» means that Jim Lonergan acts as Chancellor and Harry we wore thick flak vests andi imroduced by HarryY 0 ey Its University II. ARMY GRADUATE sat tight. The heat was stifling; c —» § Kahara son of Qewge in the cargo space which was M Kahara , 8 2l N. Hemlock St with 53 Vil^ft- *-> T?*J »,**-• -I V H.* WAVIW^ ,1 U^ltklt t t •»»• -J ' 4. « I.L. t ««•*** W I t WHgl • ' es. two mathematics and two phy ' llold Karo - director of the scien-1 tional Forest ." sics courses offered. The divl- tific bureau, presided at the McPherson, his wife Geraldine' An assortment of pillowcases Outing Is Held By Study Club MASS — The Study Club held its outing at the Richard Plutchak cottage on Lake Gerald Tuesday evening, May 25, with 17 members present. A barbe-1 face to hide his tears, cued steak dinner was served 1 " You never can be sure how crowded with 53 Vietnamese troops we were bringing to the outpost. They looked like toy dolls dressed up as soldiers Some giggled and looked out the windows. Others chattered like magpies. One sat alone, silently weeping, with a hand over his and a social time was enjoyed. sion of physical education li s t s four courses. The social studies division will have four in econom- ceremony at which lapel em-1 anc j their four children. David,' and dish towels were brought talems showing the number of; 7, Matthew 5, Gregory 4. a n d i to the outing and will be donated years of service were awarded Scott 2, will make their home in! to the Bay Cliff Health Camp some Ironwood, is scheduled to graduate from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, N.Y., June 9. Cadet Kahara will be. commissioned a second lieutenant in the artillery and will re-j ceive a bachelor ot science de- i gree. Appointed to West Point i School where 1 addressed the! ny the late Representative John!senior high school convocation' is more last . two newspaper execu-} " 10 "<-"""«• REPORTER lives were gluttons for punish-; iripnt I ' : For thrv invited me to start !ing tnan that of OMo 8tate thf dav with abreaknst to versity down at Collimbus > tor the da> with a bieaklast to • the latter affects its studenta tor an average of barely two years a breakl which they had invUed reading Sgvmen Ics and. business administration, the recipients. Fisher is chief wakefield. three in education, two in geo- ; ° f tne Office Services Branch. graphy. two in history, two in i Administrative and Technical political science, one in psyhol- Services Division, at the agency's Rockville, Md., headquarters. A native of Monona County, Iowa, Fisher attended Lincoln High School in Council Bluffs and in 1940 received a B.S. de- ogy and two in sociology 90 Have Enrolled For Band Clinic Boy Dies of Stab Wounds Betty Kettunen, outgoing president,, was thanked for her services during her year as presi- | dent. Elma Kaarto was w e 1 I corned as the new president. ! Word was received here o f Ithe death of Wilho Wisuri. 64, versity from 1940 to 1942. During his years with the federal government Fisher has received Meritorious Service Awards from the Atomic Energy Commission, Agency for International Development, the U.S. Air and northeastern Minnesota'have 1 Force, and the Department of SOUTH BEND, Ind. CAP) —' of Iron River, former well gree from Iowa State Univer-1 The teenaged son' of a Universi- known resident, who died Mon- sity. He attended Harvard Uni-; ty of Notre Dame professor day; Ma i' 24 « at Rochester fol- died Sunday of stab wounds suffered in what police termed horseplay. lowing lung surgery. He was the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Jonas Wisuri. ASHLAND —Ninety studen t s from high schools in north e rn Wisconsin, Upper Mic h i g a n enrolled for the high school band clinic at Northland College this week. The program will be held next Thursday, Friday and Saturday on the Northland College cam- the Army. He served in Italy, Greece and Liberia with A.I.D. j Fisher and his wife and their two children. Kim and Carla, reside at 5204 Western Avenue, i Chevy Chase, Md. Fisher, who was the golf champion of the pus John Winking, director of instrumental music at Nor t h land, is in charge. The guest director and conduc- sculptor, and violin maker. His tor will be Nilo Hovey, w h o. true copies of Stradavari models has a broad background with (have attracted much attention, more than 30 years experience in public school and college music. Prior to joining Selmer in 1957. he was professor of music education and director of the concert band at Butler University in Indianapolis. Tne three-day program will include auditions, rehearsals and special instruction clinics. A spe- C&GS in 1963, is also an accomplished water color artist, wood sculptor, and violin maker, true copies of Stradavari mo have attracted much attent J. Chadderdon Assigned Here Authorities said Paul Christin, Mrs. Nata Niemi has returned 15, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert from Ontonagon where she spent Christin Jr., was stabbed in the several months with her son in chest with his own pocketknife law « nd daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Saturday night while playing inward White. She is now resid- bedroom with ai ln B with 1:er son ln law and ; daughter. Mr. and Mrs. John the knife was' Fllnk - at Greenland. Mr and Mrs. Sanfrid Alapert spent a week in Detroit. While a basement classmate. Police said Thomas Csenar, 15. South Bend, acci- they'll react to plane flight," said a crewman. "A few get really frightened and airsick. "Now and then one will go beserk. One who did that tried to blow up the plane with his grenades, arid had to be held down." As we landed on the small airstrip we were greeted by a sign that said: "Welcome to the A Shau Hilton. Laos one mile. Hanoi 395. Detroit 12,000. New York 13,000." As a damaged five-ton truck was being winched aboard our craft for the return trip, I talked to Lt. Gordon Walker, 26, Laurel, Md., executive officer of a 10-man U.S. Army Special Forces team. The two Skyrald- ers winged low over the elephant grass on the other side of the airstrip looking for targets. "We straddle what we think is one of the chief guerrilla supply routes along the Laotian border," said Walker. B. Bennett, Kahara was grad-1 for 40 minutes. ualed from Luther L. Wright 1 in the afternoon I also spoke i to two more high school assem-i™? vears - newspaper universt- is your mainstay of print edu- enlightenment, inspira- not just for a mere High School in 1961. While at the academy, the! blies at Dover, so I had the, .. 22-year-old cadet was a member pleasure of addressing about 1 reiies .. t . of the German language, out- 4.000 teen-agers in these mere I paper . tor ms ennje Almost every literate American on the daily door sportsmen's and karate clubs.He also won three Army "warm-ups" for my main; event which was an 8 p.m. adult ; A's for his participation on the | audience. pistol team and was named to ; But what intrigued me m o s t; was the fact that the high the All-American pistol team for two years. During his senior year he held the rank of lieuten-, ... _.. _ ant in the Corps of Cadets and j a r high schoolers whom I had: to j y , was a platoon leader. years! For most people quit the classroom forever at the age of 18. But they live on an average till 70. waa laic iai*t tuctu me LU&LI .-.. . ,. .. . .*„• • «. <;f>hnnlpv<; in thnsp aurlipnp p <s Wno 8 lves them their dally ^o^V^cSldrSSm' "teaching" about current *„- dentally striking the boy. Timely Quotes Our kids are living in an age that's' soft because we have neglected youth while chasing the almighty dollar. —Lt. Gen. Lewis B. Hershey, director of the Selective Service. We cannot have enlightened government in the absence of an enlightened and informed elec- Christin there Mr. Alapert attended the Masonic Grand Lodge Convention . Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Schires and family of Detroit visited with relatives here and in Green en route to Phoenix, Ariz., where they will make their home. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hendrickson are on a business trip to Chicago. Mrs. Lempi Raaska spent several days with her sister. Mrs. John Palo, at Lake Linden. torate. —Sen. John C. Stennis, D-Miss. Congs operate in groups and move Miss Judy kee, spent a visiting her parents, Mr. and ^ John Chadderdon has been cial clinic for high school band I transferred to the supervisor's directors will be held on Friday! office, Ottawa National Forest, afternoon. High school direct- ji n . Ironwood as a replacement! USB DAILY GLOBfc WANT-ADS I Mrs. John Hoiska. ors may attend the special ell-j for Richard A. Sigel, who was nic without charge, whether or! transferred to the Isabella Job not they have students parti- j corps Conservation Center near cipating in the clinic. | Isabella, Minn., according to Assisting Prof. Winking will | John O. Wernham, forest super- be Mrs. Kathryn Rangsd a 1 j visor. Church, Donald Jackson and; Chadderdon was graduated William Robinson of the North- > from Western Michigan Univer- land music faculty. j sity with a B. S. degree in busi- ____————— 'ness administration in 1961. _ ft * , Since then he has served with tWCn Personals |the U. S. Forest Service on the supervisor's staff on the Shaw- Hoiska, Milwau- weekend here "But the such small around so much it is hard to locate and destroy them. Maybe two or three times a week, sometimes during the day, sometimes at night they'll sneak up, fire a few rounds, then melt back into the hills." As we climbed aboard one of the planes and took off, the two Skyraiders made several low- level flights over the elephant grass. But there was no enemy fire. Col. Howton seemed disappointed. "I was hoping one or two of those snipers would lift his head," he said. "I guess we'll have to get them another day." GundlachGets Tech Contract HOUGHTON — Herman Gundlach, Inc., of Houghton was low bidder on the general contr act for a 200-bed expansion of Wadsworth Hall, a dormitory at Michigan Technological Universi t y. Gudlach's bid was $452,843. Supplemental bids for the mechanical and electrical work raised the total bid price for the work to $620,131. Modern Plumbing. Heating and Supply Co., Marinette, Wis., was low bidder for the mechanical contract with a bid of $122,325. Coon Elect r i c, Inc., Hancock, was low on the electrical contract with $44,963. Yalmer Mattila Contracting Co Houghton, submitted the seco n d lowest bid on the general contract with a figure of $455,000. Second lowest on the mechanical contract was Peninsula P i p ing Co. with $125,800. On the electrical contract, M. J. Electric, Inc., Ironwood, submitted the next to lowest bid, $49,820. Other bidders included Caspian Construction Co. and Proksch for th*> r>o ' "Dr. Crane," one charming junior coed informed me, "my daddy and mother were in school here the last time you came to Dover. Scales for Sweethearts" to de- agriculture, plus many other vital inclusions in its standard curriculum? Why, it is the newspaper! You housewives also save far more money each week on "bargains" in groceries, cloth i n g Construction Co. on the general contract, Industrial Piping Co. and Branz Mechanical Contractors, Inc. on the mechani c a ! work, and V and M. Electric Co. and Somes Electric Co. on the electrical contract. Financing for the six-story addition will be on a self-liquidating basis. Mr. and Mrs. Uno Gull spent i"ee National Forest in Harris- a weekend visiting their son in j burg, 111., and the Huron-Man- law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs.Ustee National Forest in Cadil- John Gracyaly, and family: lac, Mich. He was also assigned at Green Bay j temporarily to the Vesuvius Job Mr. and Mrs. Walter Nash-| Cor P s Conservation Center in lund recently visited their Ir °mon, Ohio. SMOKED PICNICS Super Right 6 to 8-lb. avg. SUPER RIGHT 4 to 6-lb. avg. daughter, Miss Judith Nashland, their son in law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Houle, and family and Mrs. Owen Sommer at Green Bay. Miss Frances McLoughlin and' Miss Doris Peterson, Green Bay, spent a weekend with Miss On the Ottawa, Chadderdon j will occupy the position of a d - ministrative assistant in charge of the administrative s e r v ice section. His duties will consist supervising and directing ac- concerned with contract- man- Mrs. Mazie Monical. Mr. and Mrs. Vern Schroeder, Chadderdon, his wife Jean! and their two children, Lori, 5,! and Jeff, 3, will make their j Cheerleaders Chosen For Next School Year Manitowoc, Wis., vsited here; horne in j. ronwoodi with her brother in law and sis-! ter, Mr. and Mrs. George D u - Cleaux, and her brother and sister in law, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Stuesser. Miss Anna Kostelnik, Mrs., M /SS - The following cheer- M. J. McGinty and Mrs. Robert ^ eaters were chosen recently for Miesbauer visited Miss M i n nie. tneA I 965 ' 66 school year: Sparrer, who is a patient at Di-,, A tea " 1: Carolyn Rogers^ cap- infant- Wnsnital Wake- tain ! Marlene Kaarto, Connie Hospital, Wake omja and g h a r on Washington Red DELICIOUS APPLES McDivitt Has Special Interest in Gemini IV MIDLAND (AP) Astronaut James McDivitt will have a special interest in his Gemini IV spacecraft when he takes off from Cape Kennedy, Fla., next Thursday. Fifteen years ago McDivitt worked at Dow Chemical Co. here where part of his duties included work on metal alloys now used in the Gemini IV. ments in this newspaper. So don't think 10 cents per day is costly "tuition" to enroll yourself and your entire family in "Newspaper University " Remember, the ads alone will repay you far more than your entire weekly tuition fee! And when alert newspapers also sponsor lectures, conce r t s, stage plays and other cultural innovations, those are ext r a dividends for the entire community. Send for my booklet "Test for Sweethearts," enclosing a long stamped, return envelope, plus 20 cents. (Always write to Dr. Crane in care of this newspaper, enclosing a long stamped, addressed envelope and 20 cents to cover typing and printing costs when you send for one of his booklets.) (Copyright by The Hopkins i Syndicate, Inc.) W. Aurora St. Ironwood SAVE NOW! BEEF SALE! All Nation's Northwest Corn fed Beef, Carefully sol«ct«d for fino eating Mr. and Mrs. William Vadnais and family, Baraga, Peterson: B team: Sheila Peterson, captain; Linda Harju, Pau^^™^™*^:\%^^ ryi Pattison and i Mr. and Mrs. Robert Miesbauer. I Mrg> wm f am - Moilanen visited I Mr. and Mrs. Ed Nelson and! ner daughter, Joanne, who is a Miss Susan Bergeron were call-; patient at a Burlington, Iowa, ers here last week. hospital following a car acci- Mrs. Orville Hanson visited; dent Mr. and Mrs. David Wolfe, at Mr. and Mrs. Howard Greilick, Racine, Wis. Traverse City, are visiting her Mrs. Ben Ayotte visited h e r motner> Mrs . Julia Norgard . son in law and daughter, Mr..; Gordon pezey, Detroit, spent Arthur Mr. Fors, at and Mrs. Racine. Mrs. Thomas Miesbauer and Howard and tneir daughter Debbie, visited at the • Greenland Earl Hamm home in Ontonagon. | Mrs _ Mabel Bend Hancocki jack Campbell, Minneapolis ,| and son> James Bender> Tra . sever al days visiting his brothers, Wilbert, Elmer and families, at and Mrs. for several; visited his parents, J. A. Campbell, days. Mrs. James Fleming and Mrs Thomas Miesbauer were business callers in Duluth. Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Sommer and grandsons, Richard. James verse city> visited with relatives at Greenland. Mrs. Lina Johnson, daughter, A r 1 e n e, and Mrs. T, Mallla visited Mrs. A. Kinnon at Bruce Colby Cheese Spanish Bar White Bread Drinks Instant Coffee Wisconsin Mild Hock Jane Parker Cake Sav« 14e Lb. 69 29« AUNT NELLIES Jane Parker Save Uc 3 VARIETIES 5 3 Value Way Fresh GROUND BEEF 2 89 Mild Colby CHEESE 59' Pound Ib. 45 FRONT QUARTERS . . . HINDQUARTERS n,65c FULL SIDES >b55c CUT AND WRAPPED FREE! PLUS 500: Extra Gift House Stamps on full sides ...250 Free stamps on Qtrs. 46.0* can. A&P Sovt lOc TO-Oi. Jar $1.19 1 Facial Tissue - 5H89c Ideal for Cottage or extra FOAM PILLOWS Aluminum folding LAWN CHAIRS 99 C 3 69 _... CHAISE LOUNGE e.h 6" TIME TO PLANT ROSES! Jumbo No. 1 Hybrids 1 BUSH FREE with Purchase of 2 . ac h 98 THE GREAT ATLANTIC & PACIFIC TEA COMPANY, INC. and Bruce Kauss, were Duluth callers recently. The Cloverland E x t e n s i on Club met at the home of Mrs. Leo Kauss May 25. A 6:30 . recently luncheon was served to eight quist lcc -enuj. members, Mrs. William Jaak- koln presented a itretcb material. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Anttila and Mrs. Lina Johnson visited M r and Mrs. Waino Lahtl at Houghton last week. Martin Niemi, Saxon, Wis., was a guest of Allan L u n d - Albert Taro and Leo Siren at- J e • s o n o n j tended the funeral services o f [Al Kinnon at Bruc« Crossing. All Prices Effective Thru June 2nd Ch»f Delight CHEESE FOOD £g box ^ ^ Tendvr and SWM! CORN r. COB New from Pillsbury Bavarian and lemon Angtl Food Cake Mix 3' 5A " Wonder Food Marshmallows pkgs. 1 Ib. pkg. 100 25' 6 large •art Frtih Button Mushrooms Fancy Red Winesap APPLES REDEEM 7th WEEK COUPONS FOR FREE YIP on the Rocks GLASS

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