The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 13, 1933 · Page 15
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 15

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 13, 1933
Page 15
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I 1 - -t • I. 1 i . I • ' 1 THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN, FRIDAY, JANUARY 13, 1953 16' Legal Notices ^^^f^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^f^f^^9^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ORDINANCE No, 249 Legal Notices Aft ORDINANCE OF THE COUNTY OP KERN, STATE OF CALIFORNIA; AMENDING ORDINANCE No. 244 OF SAID COUNTY,^ BY AMEND- INO SECTIONS TWO AND FOUR ^THEREOF, RELATING TO THE NATURE OF INTERIM REOULA- TIONS ADOPTED* BY SAID ORDINANCE AND TO PENALTIES FOR ANY VIOLATION OF THE PROVISIONS OF SAID OtlDINANCE, »,AND BY ADDING FIVE NEW SECTIONS TO SAID ORDINANCE. TO BE DESIGNATED SECTIONS «A. -SB. 30, 8D. AND 8E ( RESPECTIVELY. ESTABLISHING INTERIM ZONE DISTRICT NUMBER ONE OF SAID COUNTY, PRESCRIBING THE CLASSES OF BUILDINGS AND STRUCTURES AND THE USES THEREOF PERMITTED IN SAID INTERIM ZONK DISTRICT NUMBER ONE, REQUIRING CERTAIN BUILDING PERMITS THEREIN, SPECIFYING THE PROCEDURE THEREOF AND PESCIUBINO THE DUTIES OF THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS, THIS--COUNTY PLANNING COMMISSION AND THE COUNTY SU- VEYOR WITH RESPECT TO SUCH tfhe Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern, Stato of California, do ordain as follows: Section 1 : Section 2 of Ordinance No. 244 of the County of^.Kern, State of California, is hereby amended to rea* us follows: The nald Board of Supervisors hereby declares It to he its intention- to proceed with the consideration of the aforesaid tentative report or reports, when the same shall have loeen made, and to adopt a zoning or districting pJthi for Bald County In the manner prescribed by law. Said Board of Supervisors hereby finds that, owing to the groat territorial extent of said County and the necessity for careful studies and thorough analyses of facts in "the preparation of the aforesaid zoning or districting plan, considerable time will neccHHfirily elapse before satd plan or any substantial part thereof will bo before Bald Board for consideration, and that certain regulations of an Interim nature, affecting the use of. land, buildings and premises, the construction of buildings and other structures the height of buildings and other structures, the Open spaces about buildings and other structures and the location of certain buildings and w-tijer structures -with respect to certain" traffic thoroughfares, all In certain specified areas, nre necessary to be adopted at- this time In order to protect the public Interest, health, fomfort and convenience and to preserve the public peace, safety, morals, brder and welfare pending the preparation and adoption of tne aforesaid zoning or districting plan. Said regulations are hereinafter In this ordinance set forth, and constitute Sebtions 3, 3a, 3b and certain other sections thereof, each of which other sections Is designated by the numeral "3" followed by a letter of the alphabet. Section 2 A . new section Is hereby added to .said ordinance, to bo designated as Section 8-a, and to read as follows, to-wlt: Section 3a). No person, firm or corporation shall hereafter' erect, construct, convert, alter, add to, enlarge or move any building or structure nor use any lantf, building or premises in Interim Zone District Number One, as hereinafter designated, for any purpose other than is fjtcl tided In the following list of permitted uses: (a). Designation of Interim Zone District Number One: 1. An area consisting of all of that property- which lies within a distance of two hundred (200) feet from the exterior boundaries of that road or high- was commonly known ns Golden State Highway and of. Golden State Avenue, being California Stato Highway Route Number Four, as designated by the Division of Highways, Department of Public Works, st^te of California, including any changes hereafter made in the locutions thereof and including all rights of way serving as means of traffic Interchange with roads, streets or highways intersecting said Golden State Highway Arm Golden State Avenue, ns aforesaid, between the north boundary line of Soc. 10, T. 29 S. t I*. 27 13., M.t>.M., and the northerly boundary of the City of Bakersfleld :is the same now exists or may hero- after be changed. • b) Permitted uses; 1) One-family, two-family and multiple dwellings. 2) Hotels and automobile camps. 3) Schools, libraries, parks, playgrounds and churches. 4) All agricultural uaes except hog farms, 6J Stores, shops and offices .for tho conduct of any retail business. G) Uses which; in the opinion of the County Planning Commission, are suitable to the character of the district and will, not be injurious to the public welfare. 7) Automobile service stations, public garages and automobile repair shops, but not .including automobile wrecking or the storage of used automobile part« or of junk, and not Including used car markets unless the same are conducted in each caso In it building enclosed on all sides. 8) Extraction of minerals or of building materials. 0) Accessory buildings Incidental to any of the above uses. 10) All other uses of land and buildings now existing within said Interim S£one District Number One, to the extent of such existing uses and no further, except for repairs. 11) .Outdoor advertising signs and structures If the same are located only Jn any "business district" as defined in *ho California Vehicle- Act; provided, however, that any permitted place of business may diHplay advertising signs for the advertising only of such business, none of which signs shall exceed twenty-four square feet in area, to a total area for all signs In the aggregate displayed by any one place Pf. business not exceeding the equivalent of one square foot for each one foot of frontage actually occupied by such business, Including the widths of driveways directly appurtenant thereto. Section 3 A new. section Is hereby added to said ordinance; to be designated as Section 3-b, and to read as follows, to-wit: Section 3-b Except as hereinafter provided, no building, structure or other improve* ment snail hereafter be erected within a distance of thirty feet from the exterior boundaries of Golden State Highway and Golden State Avenue, us aforesaid, within said Interim Zone District Number One; provided, that tho requirements of this section shall not apply to such ordinary front ynrd $,nd farm fences and such Irrigation and pprinkllng structures nnd their nppurtenances as. In opinion of the County Planning Commission, will not unduly Interfere with tho purposes of • this section, namely, the provision alone said highway of «U(!h space for trafi|o movement, pedestrian passage and for tho protection of tho safety of the same as may bo necessary for tho use of tho property abutting thereon. Section 4 A new section Is hereby added to said ordinance, to be designated as Section 3-c, and to read as follows, to-wit: Section 8-e. No building, structure or other Improvement, except bulldlngK, structures or other Improvements designated and/or intended to be used, for agricultural purposes, shall be erected, constructed, converted, structurally altered, added to, enlarged, moved or relocated within said Interim Zone District Number One, nor shall repairs •in excess of Twenty-five (25) Dollars In value be made on any such bulld- t fnr, structure or other Improvement; nor shall any repairs which would t'hango the character of tho warne be rnado. -.unless a permit for such erection, "construction, conversion, alteration, addition, .enlarging, moving, relocation or repairing shall first have been secured from the County Surveyor of said County of Kern. No :>ermlt shall be Issued by said County Surveyor nor shall any permit or license be Issued by any department, official or employee of the said County tif Kern vested with the duty or authority to Ifisue permits or lu/ensea .tvhece required by Jaw, for the erection, construction, conversion, alteration, addition to, enlarging, moving, rolocatlon or repairing of any building, • structure or other improvement -^r n R ' or for the use of any land, building or premises, in any manner contrary to the provisions of this ordinance, Any such permit or 'license, if issued in conflict with the provisions of thla ordinance, shall be null and void. , Seotloh 5 A now section is hereby added to gaid ordinance, to be, designated as Section 3d, and to read as follows, to-wlt: . Section 3-d. Every application for Permit, as required by Section 8-0 of this ordinance, shall bo accompanied by drawings or sketches showing tne front, side and rear elevations or the proposed building, structure or other improvement, or of the building, structure or other improvement as the same will appear after the work for which tho permit is sought haa been completed, or t . In lieu of ,such drawings or sketches, shall refer to any standard fclans and specifications of which certified copies,have theretofore been filed with the County Surveyor. Upon, being filed, a copy of such application for permit, together with such drawings or sketches or such reference to standard plans and specifications, shall forthwith be transmitted to the County Planning Commission, which shall consider the same in an endeavor to provide that such buildings, structures and other improvements shall be so designed and constructed that they, will not be of unsightly, undesirable or obnoxious appearance to the extent that they will hinder the orderly and harmonious development of Kern County, impair tho desirability of residence, investment, occupation or recreation in tho County as appearing to travelers passing through or traveling In the County, limit the opportunity to attain the optimum use and value of land nnd Improvements, and/of otherwise adversely affect the general prosperity and welfare. To thfs end, the County Pfenning- CommisBion shall suggest any changes in the plans of such proposed buildings, structures or other Improvements as It may deem necessary to accomplish the purposes of thla section, and Bhnll not approve any such plans until (t is satisfied that such purposes will bo accom- lished thereby, Jn cnse the applicant s not satisfied with the action of the County Planning Commission, he may, within thirty (30) days after such action, appeal in writing: to the Board of Supervisors. Snld Board may hold a hearing? on said appeal and In any case shall render Its decision on said appeal within sixty (60) days after the tiling thereof. No permit, as provided herein, shall be issued unions the wlans filed therewith as required In this section shall first have been approved by the County Planning Commission or by the Board of Supervisors* Upon such approval the County Surveyor shall Issue such permit, provided all other provisions of law have been complied with. Every drawing or sketch filed under the provisions of this section shall become a part of the permanent records of the County Planning Commission. Section* 6 A new section Is hereby added to said ordinance, to bo designated as Section 3-e, and to read as follows, to-wit: Section 3-e. The County Planning Commission shall In its rules prescribe the form nnd scope of all applications nnd appeals provided for in this ordinance, together with accompanying data to be furnished so as to assure the fullest practicable presentation of facts for proper consideration of the matter Involved In each case and for a permanent record. Section 7 Section 4 of said Ordinance Is hereby amended to read as follows: Section 4. It shall be the duty of the Sheriff of the County of Kern, State of California, and of all officers of said County herein and/or otherwise charged by law with the enforcement of this ordinance to enforce this ordinance and all the, provisions of the same. Any person, firm or corporation, •whether as principal, agent, employee or otherwise, violating nnv of the provisions of this ordinance shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof shall be punishable by n fine of not more than Three Hundred (300) Dollars or by Imprisonment In the County Jail of said County of Kern for a term not exceeding three (3) months or by both such fine and imprisonment. Such person, firm or corporation whall be deemed to be guilty of a separate offense for each and every day during any portion of which any violation of this ordinance Is committed, continued or permitted by such person, firm or corporation, nnd Khali bo punishable as herein provided'. Any building, structure or thing set up, erected,* constructed, converted, altered, added to, enlarged, cause to exist, repaired, relocated or moved contrary to the provisions of this ordinance and/or any use of any land, building or* premises contrary to the provisions of. this ordinance shall be and the same is hereby declared to be a public nuisance and the District Attorney of said County of Kern shall, upon-order of tho Board of Supervisors, Immediately commence action or proceedings for the abatement and removal or enjolnment thereof Jn the manner provided by law and shall take such other steps and shall- apply to such court or courts as may have Jurisdiction to srrant such relief as will abate and remove such building or .structure and restrain and enjoin any person, firm or corporation from erecting, constructing, converting, altering, adding to, enlarging:, causing to exist, repairing, relocating or moving any building, structure or thlnrf contrary to the provisions of this ordinance or from using or maintaining any land, building or premises contrary to the provisions of this ordinance. The remedies provided for herein shall be cumulative and not exclusive. Section 8 This ordinance shall take effect and be in force thirty (30) days after the date of Us passage and shall within fifteen (15) days from tho date of its pillage be published for one week, Jn The Bakersfield Californlnn, a newspaper of general circulation printed and published in the said County of Kern. . « J - PERRY BRITE, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors. Co ,y, n ty, t l f K «rn, State of California. (SEAL) F. B. SMITH. County Clerk and ex-offlclo Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern. State of California. State of California, County of Kern, ss. J - Ss , B -,5 M ! TH i County Clerk and ex-officio Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern, do hereby certify that the foregoing Ordinance No. 249, was passed and adopted bv tho Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern and signed nnd approved by the Chairman of said Board at a regular meeting thereof held on Tuesday, January 3, 1933, and that the snmo was adopted by the following vote, to-wit: " Ayes; Woollomcs, Brlto, Abel, Wlm- mep. Noes: None. Absent: Hart. (Seal) K; K. SMITH, County Clerk and ex-offlclo Clerk of thn Board of Supervisors. • Jan. 9 to 14, Incl. WORK COSTS It W r Enemies Direct War Against Agriculture Department So-Called Racket (Continued From Page Taxonomy find interrelations of Insects, $206,000. Exptn«lve Amafeh Meantime tho bureau of plant Industry tilflo is busy, spending money as follows : Barberry eradication, $302,000, Blister rust control, $471,000. Cereal crops and diseases, $548,000. Cotton production and diseases, 1208,000. Dry land agriculture, $939,000. -Forage cTOpn and diseases, $257,000. Foreign plant introduction, $209,000, Forest pathology, $209,000. Fruit and vegetable crops- diseases, $1,307,000. nubber, fiber and other troploal plants, $126,000. Sugar plant Investigations, $372,000. "Western Irrigation culture, $173,000. Expenditures of less than $100,000 each were made for these items; botany, citrus canker eradication, drug nnd related plants, gardens and grounds, genetics nnd biophysics, mycology and disease survey, nomatology, phony peach eradication, plant nutrition Investigations, seed Investigations, tobacco Investigations and root rot Investigations. Quarantine And the quarantine bureau also Is on the Job with the following expenditures: Foreign plant quarantines, $669,000. Pink boll worm control, $847,000. Gypsy and brown tall tnotft control, $605,000. European cprn borer control, $864,000. Japanese beetle control, $414.000. Mexican fruit worm control, $112,000. Expenditure? of less than $100,000 each were made for: transit Inspection, parlatorla date scale, thurberia weevil control, white pine blister rust control, phony pf**ch disease control, certification of exports and Mediterranean fruit fly. Hoover Is Planning to Rest for Year (United Press Leased Wire) WASHINGTON, Jan. 13.— President Hoover intends to take a complete rest for 12 months after he leaves tho "White House on March 4, his secretary, Theodore Joslln, announced today. Mr. Hoover will go immediately to his home in Palo Alto, Calif., Jos- lln said ••• Legal Notices ^^j^^*^^p^^^ifc.^fc_^fc_^fc_^fc.^fc.^^_^^^_^^^_^^__^^_j r^^r^r^^^^r^lf^^F^^r^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^lF NOTICE OF SALE OF GOODS FOR CHARGES NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING OF STOCKHOLDERS OF KERN COUNTY FINANCE COMPANY. & ^^f^p^^^f^^^^t^t^^^^^f^^f^n^^pi^^^B^^ Notice Is hereby given that the annual meeting of the stockholders of Ihe Kern County Pinnnco Company will be held at .the office of srdd corporation nt 1923 Chester AVenuo in the City of*Bakersfleld, State- of Call- rornla, on Thursday, January 20, 1933, at the hour of.3 p. m.. for the purpose of electing directors for tho ensuing- year, and for the transaction of such other buslnesH as may properly come before the meeting. M. A. \VEATirEUWAX, Jan. 12 to.2g. Secretary. NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETJNQ Notice Is hereby given that the Annual Meeting of stockholders of the Parafflne Oil Company will oe held at tho office of tho'jsompany. 1420 Seventeenth street, Bakereflald, California, on Tuesday,,the 31st day of January. 1933, at tho hour of 3 o'clock P. M. ( for the purpose of electing a Board of Directors and transacting such other busineae as may come, before tho mooting OKAS. A. TfAniS, Secretary, Vuraffln* OH 'Jomptiny. . Uatod January 12.. 1»3». Jan. 12 to 27. inc. • To; R. C. Adams, Sophia Apsley, F. E. Bannon, Mrs. AValter Bennett. C. L. Brown, A. H. Bunas, A. B. HoJsington, a. A. Hausbrough, Coroner Houzo, Mrs. Sidney Jugc, Mary Lacy. H. T. McGrath, Charles or Olive A. Mathena, Hazel Pulford, F. R. Russell, J. F. Schroeder, Smith Willis: You. and each of you, are hereby notified that the time for the payment of our lien upon your property hereinafter described having expired, after due notice thereof had" been given you, we will cause such property, to wit: Bureaus, chiffoniers, beds, chairs, rockers, dressing tables, divans, dining: room furniture, parlor nnd library furniture, kitchen utensils, ref rig-era tors, trunks and contents, rugs, carpets, bedding 1 , linen, hangings, silverware, wearing apparel, pictures, paintings, contents of barrels and boxes supposed to bp books, china, glassware, bric-a-brac, contents of bureau drawers, personal effects, telescopes, Vlc- trolas, filing cabinets, pushmoblles, tricycles, radios, pianos, stoves, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, sewing machines, suitcases and contents, fruit jars, safes, office de~9ks and all other goods known oa household effects, stored by you or in your name or on your account in the Baker's Transfer & Storage warehouse, to be sold at Public Auction, at 2121 Sixteenth street, Bakersfield, California, on Thursday, February 2, at 10 a. m., and continuing until nil the goods are sold or until the Hens are satisfied. BAKER'S TRANSFER & STORAGE. January 13, 20, 27. NOTICE OF THE HEARING REPORT OF VIEWERS ON PROPOSED ROAD No. 842. Office of the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern, Stato of California: To All Non-Consenting Owners of the Hereinafter Described Lands Take Notice; That tho report of viewers heretofore appointed by the above -named Board to view and lay out proposed County Road No. 842, commencing at the northeast corner of Villa T-ot No. 26, according to the map of "Drury's Addition of Kern City, Sec. 21. T. 29 S., H. 28 E., M. D. B. & M.." filed for record on March 18th, 1907, on page 101 of Book J of Maps, and running: thence southerly and along east boundary of snld Villa Lot No. 26, to tho southeast corner thereof, has been set down for hearing by the said Board of Supervisors at their rooms in the County Courthouse in the City of Bakersfleld, said County and State, for January 30, 1933, at 11 o'clock A. M., where any and all Interested therein may appear and make objection thereto if deemed proper. The said road will pass over, through and upon the lands owned by: Sarah J. Titraus, Villa Ix)t No. 20. Drury's Addition of Kern City. By order of the Board of Supervisors of the .County of Kern, Stato of California, made January 0, 1933. F. E.'Smith, County Clerk and ex-Offlclo Clerk of the Board of Supervisors. Jan. 12 to 26, inc. NOTICE INVITING SEALED PROPOSALS FOR ROAD OIL TO BE USED~ ON CITY STREETS DURING THE CALENDAR YEAR 1933. Mrs. McPherson Suffers Relapse; - Condition Grave "(United Press Leased Wire) LOS ANGELES, Jan. 13.—Almee Sample McPherson Mutton, ev«n- oelltt, wa* reported In, a «t«U of coma today at tar auffarlno a ra* lapie In her lingering Illnaaa. Har phyelcUn, Dr. L. C. Audraln, aald her condition waa aerlout but da. clln«d to dleciiM tha nature of her ailment. Mrs. Mutton (a planning a trip around tha world to regain her health. Har flock at Anoelua Temple a few night* ago waa aald to have raised $2000 "to aand sla- ter away on a vacation before It la too late," ALLOTMENT PLAN FACING TROUBLES q Senate -Cold and Hoover May Veto; Filibuster May Delay or Defeat (Continued From Page One) Riven government bounties, in return for restricting- production. Fair Pricvs Designated The House designated the "fair prices" wrlch farmers would receive during a period beginning 30 days after enactment of the bill, and up to tho start of the 1983-34 crop-marketing year, These prices are: Wheat, 76 cents a bushel; hogs, B cents a pound; cotton, 9 cents a pound; rice, 75 cents a bushel; peanuts, 3 cents a pound; butterfat, 20 cents a pound. PURSUANT to an order of tho Council of tho City of Bakcrsfleld directing this notice, said Council hereby Invites sealed proposals or blda for the furnishing of road oil to the City of Bakersfleld during the calendar year ending December 31, 1933, for use on city streets, in accordance with specifications on file in the office of the City Engineer of said City, All proposals or bids shall be delivered to the City Clerk on or before 5 o'clock P. MV Monday, the 16th day of January, 1933, the same to be opened at a regular meeting of the City Council at 8 o'clock P, ftf. of the said day. . The CoOncll reserves the rieht to reject any or all proposals or bids. Dated; January 10, 1933. V. VAN RIPER, City Clerk and Ex-Offlcio Cleric of the Council of the City of Bak' fersfleld. Jan. 11 to 16, Inc. ANNUAL MEETING OF STOCK* HOLDERS, BAKERSFIELD INVESTMENT COMPANY. > The regular annual meeting? of the stockholders of the Bakerefield Investment Company will be held In the of-* flee of Taylor & Taylor, 1660 Chester Avenue. City of Bakersfleld, County of Hern, State of California, on Tuesday, January 17, 1938, at 2 p. m.. for the election of Director*], and Huch other business ua may properly come before imld meeting. Dated January 1. 1933. K U. HObOMOK, Secretary. C to 16'. inch MoNARY WILL SUPPORT BILL IF AMENDED WASHINGTON, Jan. 13. U. P.) Chairman McNary of the Senate agriculture committee today promised to support the domestic allotment plan passed by the House If the measure Is amended to include all crops. McNary has called a meeting of his committee for Monday to consider the bill. He said he did not expect to hold hearings and hoped to be able to get quick committee action. McNary said ho believed a favorable report would be obtained if tho bill were simplified In some respects. "I should guess," McNary said, "that some simplification of language and description of fair exchange values and the probable Inclusion of all agricultural commodities, subject to the decision of the department of agriculture with respect to which commodities the bill shall operate on, it would be reported out favorably. "I am going to support It If we can simplify It, make It practicable and bring It within tho Constitution, because in theory tho quickest economic recovery the country Could make would be through increasing the purchasing power of agriculture." McNary recalled that the first McNary-Haugen bill, vetoed by President Coolidge, covered only four commodities. He pointed out that the second measure, by the same authors, which covered all commodities, had encountered comparatively little congressional opposition. CI1Y PAY CUT MOVE PROTESTED BYT! (Continued From 1'vge Wine) ^^^^__ * time. I want to be fair above all things. I am not in favor of reducing pay of city employes until the end of the current fiscal year." Councilman Walters said: "Quote me as being against a pay cut at this time!" He discussed the objections which have been leveled against the building department, ""We've got to keep up our building, plumbing and electrical standards," he said, "and tho only way.we can do that It to have proper inspection of construction activities at all times. I would like to see the plumbing department under" the health department," he said. Inspection Vjtal "If we don*t have proper electrical inspection, underwriters will raise insurance costs nnd for every nickel we save by cutting pay or reducing the number of employes wo will lose a dollar on higher Insurance rates," he continued. He reported that the plumbing inspection Is a vital service to tho city. "Health Is paramount for the community," he snld, "and we must protect the citizens from diseases which follow Improper construction in plumbing." CANAL IS RATIFIED MPE1L VOTERS (United Pre*» Leased Wire) EL« CENTRO, Jan. 13.—An amended contract with the federal government to construct tho all-American canal tupping the Colorado river, which will give American farmers complete control of Irrigation in the Imperial valley, was overwhelmingly ratified yesterday by Imperial valley voters. • At tho same time, voters approved a plan to refund 114,250,000 in district bonds which twice have defaulted In Interest payments. A complete count of votes today showed the ratification plan carried 4947 to 729, while tho refunding bond Issue was endorsed, 4963 to 689, The nil-American canal project provides that tho federal government erect a diversion dam on the Colorado river, north of Y'uma, deslltlnff basins and main cannls to servo Imperial and CoachellA yaUeyij. The cost may not exceed $38,600,000. Tho general provisions of the contract are similar to the original contract which was voided when Coachella land owners failed fo annex their territory In the Imperial district. The amended contract provides that unless this ia done within SO days* tha Couchella valley will bo excluded from the Irrigation program. Filibuster Periling Glass Banking Bill fVnited Press Leased Wire) WASHINGTON. Jan. 13.—Senate Republican leaders acknowledged late today that the Lony-Thomaa filibuster, now in its fourth day, had UHsumod BUcsh proportiona that the CHuns bank reform bill was seriously jeopardized. HER VETOES PHILIPPINE AC1 President Scores Measure on Economic, Moral, Other Grounds ("Continued From One) the following five would have "no effective protection." 4. The civil authority of the United States In tho islands would be brought "to a point of practical impotence,' 1 but with the American flag still flying would "be faced with the likelihood of. having to employ military measures to maintain order," G. With the nonchrlstltm population opposed to the controlling 1 group, yet constituting a majority of the total population, "the maintenance of order in this considerable element" would be more difficult than at present Insufficient Revenue* 6. The Philippine government has hot had sufficient income to support "oven tho Filipino Scouts, much less an army or navy," while the United States now spends annually on a minimum necessary American military force- a sum equal to approximately 28 per cent of the entire Island income. * 7* In comparison with neigh* boring oriental countries, the Phil- Ipplnet offer Ur0e «re«« of undeveloped resources, and tha "pressures of those Immense neighbor population* for peaceful Infiltration or forcable entry Into this area are most potent." Tho President pointed out that while the present bill would Rive the United States an option on continuing Its military and naval bases In the Inlands niter the 10-year period, it would give no promise of maintaining independence against outside pressures except an offer to attempt "neutralization." Neutralization Difficult "Other nations are unlikely to become parties to neutralization If we continue such bases/* he added, "and neutralization is a. feeble assurance of independence in any event, unless we guarantee It. That again la tho perpetual engagement of the United States in their affairs. "But with the ImpresBlon that these Ideas in the bill convey, It is likely that the Philippine people would vote In two years Jn tho belief that Independence Is thereby attained, and with the more or less general belief that \ve will Indefinitely engage our power and our own future welfare in the altruistic mission of preserving their independence from International forces against which they are Incapable of defending themselves. "Therefore, before any plebiscite Is held wo should honestly nnd plainly declare our Intentions. This bill does not do this. In discharge of tho moral responsibilities of our country wo have on rlsht to force an irrevocable decl- clslon on their part to bo taken two years hence at a moment in history when the outlook In the world nnd oi their surroundings Is at beat unfavorable to their permanent Independence." . . ; ^^^^•^^^^^•MV^^H^^^^^^^^^B^^^^^B^^^^^^^^^^^^^H ^^^^^^^•^^•^^^^^•^"^^^^^^^^^•^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^"^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^"^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H sroc LOWER TREND MARKET AT S. F. Some Industrials, Utilities Hold Even; Domingucz FILIPINOS SAY MUST DEPEND ON DEMOCRATS MANIIA, P. I., Jan. 33. (TJ. P.) The Philippines mua£ look to the IDemocratlc administration for favor- a'ble action on the demand for Independence, Island political lenders declared today -when notified that President Hoover had vetoed the Independence bill. "Tho President's veto of the independence bill, unless overridden by Congress, leaves the -way open'for the people of the Islands to secure from the next Democratic administration and Congress legislation in accordance with Democratic platforms and President Wilson's last message," fald Manuel Quezon, president of tho Philippine Senate. —• •--•»^ ^r^^^^f CITY SCHOOL RELATED AT (Continued From Page Wine) the local board, Is a prominent official. A display of visual instruction material which hna been secured without cost through the efforts of Mrs. Lenntce Kyraud, who together with Mlns Helen Campbell, has corresponded with practically every nation In tho world, was displayed to the board. This valuable material will become n permanent part of the visual instruction department nnd will be used by pupils and teachers In all of the schools of tha city. It was reported that several schools have suffered slight IOHHOB from burglaries and directions have been given that every effort be made to leave no valuables In the buildings. President Sam Dye presided at the meeting with Mrs. Florence C. Porter, secretary, M. P. Fllcklnger, B. F. Stlnson and Elmer F. Karpe in attendance. Jas. A. Garfield III Weds Society Girl ( Associated Press Leased Wire) NI3W YORK, Jan. 13.-— James A. Qarfield; grandson of tho lato president, has t-alcen a bride. He nnd the former Miss , M*nff«-ret M. Maxwell, Glen Cove society girl, are on their wedding trip today after u quiet ceremony yesterday. ^ SAN FRANCISCO LIVESTOCK SOUTH SAN PHANCISCO, Jan. 13. (A. P.)— Hoars— Receipts none. Cattle— Receipts 225: steers' slow. weak, spots l&c Icrwer; COWB around , a5e lower, to 26c higher, high medium 903-pounu fed Oregon steers $4. GO; medium 986-pound Wyomlngs 14.35; ^.004- pound holdover Idnhos |3.85; low good IDUO-pound fed range cows $3.00, few common out $2.00; -low cutter to common dairy typo, 60c@|2.2B; bulla eligible to $3.00; calves, r«eoli>ts 35, Shoep— • HeceJpta 2CO; killing classes fully ateady, ewes, crulls to sopd GOc<S> $2.00, few wooled lambs $4.75. LOS ANGELES LIVESTOCK I..O8 ANGKUCS, Jan. 13. (A. P.)— Hogs— lUcipts 2&; steady; good 234- pound truckins $3.50. Cattle— Receipts 250; slow, fully steady, no steers sold; good holdovers held unovo $5.50, common to medium cows $2.80(&'3.a5; cutt«r grades $1.6p(0> 2.75. fe\V plain heifers $JT.50®4.00, few bulls up to $4.00. Culves — Receipts 160; strong; medium to good calves $f50£p5.75. Sheen— Receipts none; medium to choice lambs quotecl $4.76@6.00, BAR SILVER NEW YORK, Jan. 13, <A, P.)— Bar silver Uc lower at 25Ho, COFFEE MARKET N1W YO1UC, Jun. 13. <U. P.) c—Ulo 7a on spot SUrSantofl 4s t New High Prtus Leaned Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. , 13.—The stock market iwas quiet today, Inclining lower, Transnmorlca varied between GH and 5U» and at the latter price was off U- Alaska- Juneau was set back 1% and Bank of California 2H, otherwise the loasofl wore fractions of H point or less. A few Industrials and utility preferred stocks held even. Although United Aircraft was up about a point for a time, It slid back, nnd around noon gains ranRcd from H point down. They Included, besides Aircraft, California Copper, Cal- averaa Cement preferred, Associated Insurance nnd Pacific Gas 6s. On the curb DomfnftueE Oil made tho only gain and a new high at 15 up * S. F. Stocks (Associated Prts* Leased Wire) Stock— Bid Alaska Jnneau 11M Atlas Imperial Diesel "A" 1% California Packing 1 9% Caterpillar Tractor 8 Crown -Zellerbach pref. "A" 8 Fireman's Fund Insurance 43 Golden Stuto 3% Leslie-California Salt 12 L, A. O. & E. pfd 90 North American G P. Q. A B. com 29% P, 0. & 10. 0% 1st pfd 25H Pacific Lighting com 41 Pao. Lighting |6 dtv. pfd,. 92 Pacific Tel. & Tel. pfd..,. 109-* PuraffIno com 9 H Shell Union com 4% Southern Pacific 18 8. P. Golden Gate "A".... 4 Transamorica 5 Union OH of California.... 10 Western Pipe com 7 Cotton Futures (Associated Press Leased Wire) NEW .YORK, Jan. 13.—Early advances In cotton were followed by reactions today under nonthern Bollinif and scattered liquidation, prompted by action of the Brain and stock markets. March contraetH after advancing to 6.2G at tha opening 1 declined to 6.15 oi'3 polntH net lower. Tho mid- afternoon market wan within a point or two of the lowest at net declines of 1 to 5 points. Cotton futurea closed barely steady, c lower. January, 6.10; March. 8.16; May, 6.29 6.30; July, 6.42(^.43; October, 0.62; ocombor, 6.74. Spot, ciulot. Middling. ,25. NEW ORLEANS COTTON NEW ORL.KANS. Jnn. 13. (U. PO— Cotton futures closed steady. January, 6.07; March, 6.10^)6.17; May, 6.20(^6.30; July, 6.40®6.42; October, 6.58; December, 6.G9. Spots, steady. Middling:, 6.1$, Salea 2537 balcH. COTTONSEED OIL DALLAS, Jan, 13. (U. P.)—Crude, L. A. Stocks (United Prcta Leased Wire) LOS ANGKLlflS. Jun. 13.— Industrials Stock— • Hid Byron Jfickson 1 Claude Neon ISloctrlc C » « i « * t t • • * * • • * t » * * * i • * Aircraft lUmsco Derrick com.. Globe O. & M. com. Ooodyoiir T. & K. pfd.,.. Taylor Milling Van do Kump. Banks Citizens National Hank... Security-First N * lt - Bank. Miscellaneous A. Invest. Co l Pacific Finance Co 5% Pacific Mutual Life 28 Transamerlca G Western Air Express 13 Public Utilities A. 0, & K, pfd 9fi O. & E. com 29% P. Q. & E. 1 nt pfd 25 Pacific MjchtlnK com 4 Hi S. J. L. & P. 6% pfd 80 So. Calif. ISd. com 20 So. Calif. Kcl. 7% pfd 26% Calif. Kd. 6% pfd 24U Calif. I'M. 5%% nfd.... 22U So. Calif. Gas 6% pfd 23 Southern Pacific 18 OH* Barnsclnll 3 Bolsu Chic* l% Pacific Western . Republic Pete ... Richfield Oil Rlohflold Oil pfd. v 4 Standard Oil of Calif 24% Union Oil (Calif.) 10% Asked 2 7H 12H 3% 12 39 27 So. So. -r T 18Mi 4Vi Ui 3^ Citrus Market Choice ...... p t • • ii',80 t < • * * • * • (Associated Press Leased Vtire) _ . ANGELES, Jan. 13. r- Reports from ouHtern and middle weutern auction centers today gave tho following price range per box: ORANGES Graded above Choice New York Boston .. Chicago 3.65^3.30 Philadelphia .... 2.95$3.20 Pittsbunf a.70 Cleveland 2.8003.10 St. .Louis 3.10$.... Cincinnati 2.65 .... Detroit 8.05 .... Lemons Graded above Choice Now York $4.05^.1.10 Boston G.SO&-5.85 Chicago 4.85&4.00 Philadelphia .... 4.4UW-fi.20 Clevelnnd St. Jxmis Baltimore Cincinnati 4.50(y5.90 Detroit 4.70 New Orleans ... G.70@i>.10 BRIGHT SPOTS IN BUSINESS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H^^^H^^^H^^MM^B^^^^M^HHM^B^^^H^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^d PRICES AT N. Y. (United Prc** Leased Wire) NEW YOUK,—Retail sales of Willys automobllea in tho period from Saturday to Wednesday exceeded tho entire automobile show wook of last year by more than 600 per cent, ao- oordlntf to John Willys, chairman of tho Wlllya Overland Company. NEW YORK.—Consumption of cotton t>y domestic cotton mills during December was estimated by tho New York Cotton Exchange nt 437,000 bales, against 416,000 bales in December, 1931. Equipment, Tobacco Shares Steady; Homestake 4-Point i * * * • * • * » * * t t I * * * • • * • * t * t t * • • • * * * • * * Choice •1.GO 4.50 5.UO WASHINGTON.—-Railroad employment increased from 1,010,440 to 1,033,286 workers during October, according to figures released by tho Jn* terstato commerce commission. .'(.65^3.70 4.10 .... 2.B5 .... 4.10^)4.60 4.10 4.70 * # • 4 # * # * NEW YORK.—Otlfl Elevator Company recclvoR contracts approximating $407,800 from tho U. S. government for elevator installations In federal buildings, throughout the country. * ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^—»^ ^^ YOUNQSTOWN, Ohio.—The Ropub- He Steol Corporation received an order for 1000 tons of nteel sheets to be used for state automobile license plates. of- CHJCAOO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO. Jnn. 13. (A. P.)— Hogs— RocelpU 30,000; mostly lOc lower; (food to ohoiro 180-220 pounds $3.15® 3.20; top I3.2K; sown $2.30^2.55. Cftttlc—Receipts 1600; strong to higher on light heifer and mixed yeurllngB, also llcht weight butcher heifers; weighty heifers active, but still 25-SOc higher; comparatively little doing on • weighty fceef COWH selllnff around $2.5002.75; light hcif- ers $4.2&@5.00 t bettor grades up to $5.50, no choice steers; best light yearling- stuers $5.75; chotre vealera around $0.00, lighter hinds $3.50^5.00.' • Sheep—Uecolpts 30,000; otoady. pood native lambs $5.75(^0.00. few-throwout lambs ?4,00@4.00; fat ewes $2.00(£3.7S. DIVIDENDS (Associated Press Leased Wire) NEW YORK, Jan. 13.—Mclntyro Porcupine Mines, Ltd., today declared the usual extra dividend of 12V4 cents and tho regular quarterly payment of 25 cents. r RECEIVERS NAMED JERSEY CITY, N. J., Jan. 13. (A. P.)—Vico-Ohancellor John O. Blgelow today tmtd ho had appointed receivers for tho Pressed Steol Car Company of PlttBburff. a $50,000.000 corporation, which manufactures 20 per cent of tho Bteel railroad cars lined In tho country. Tho receivers are Julius S. Hlppel, Newark banker, and TJ. Edward Berman, Jersey City attorney. TWO BANKS CLOSED ST. LOUIS, Jnn. 13. (U. P.)—Tho St. Ixwts National Rank, In the downtown district, and the West St. Louis Trust Company, In the woat end, weru closed here today. Heavy withdrawals, which resulted In the closlnff of throo banks yesterday nnd two others within tho past eight days woro blamed for tho closings today. ^ » ^ TREASURY RECEIPTS WASHINGTON, Jnn. 1H. (A. P.)— Treasury receipts for January 11 were $80,038,372.71; expenditures $90,034.603.57; balance $443,837,229.64. Customs duties for 11 days of January were $6,800.836.98. •< L. A. BUTTER, EQO8, POULTRY LOS ANGELES, Jan. 13. (U. F.)— Butter Prime, 20c; prime firsts, lOc; standards, 18c; firsts, 17c. Eggs Large—Clean extras, 30c; light dirty extras, 29c: clean standards, 2flc; dirty standards, 29c; checks, 29c. Medlunv—Clean extrnfl, 2Rc; dirty extras, 28c; clean standards, 27c; light dirty standards, 27c; checks, 27c. Small—Clean, 2ffc; light dirty, 28c. Poultry and Rabblta Leghorns, 2 to 3V* Ibs., 13c. 3^4 to 4 lbn. ( 14c. light light Hens, Hens, Hens, Leghorns, 4 Ibs. and up, He. Hens, colored, 3*4 to 4 U>K., IGo. Hons, colored, 4 IbH. and up, 17c. Broilers. 1 and up to 1% Ibs., 13c. Broilers, to Ibs., l?c. tip, up, up, up, 13o. 18c. Fryorw, Leghorns, 2% to 8' Ibs., HP. Fryers, colored, 2% to 8H Ibs., 18c. TloafterH, soft bone, 3Mi IbH. up, 18c. Stags, 13o; old roosters, 8c. * Ducklings. Pekln, 4 Ibs. and Other than Pekin, 4 Iba. and Old ducks, lOc. Geeso, 12c. Younu torn turkeys, 13 Ibs. Young toms, drcaned, 12 Ihs. Hen turkeys, fl Ibs, up, 13o. Hen turkeys, dressed, 8 Ibn. up, 16c. Old torn turkeys, 12c; dressed, IGc. Squabs, under 11 Ib.s. dozen, 15c. 11 Ibs. dozen and up. 20c. live, under 7 Ihw., ISc. live, 7 Ibs. and up. 20c. dressed, under C Ins., 23c. drowsed, 6 Ibu. up. 23c. Uahblts, No. 1 white, 3 tn 4 Ibs., 9c. Ilabbits, No. 2 white, 3 to 4 Ibs., Be. No. 1. mixed colors, 3 to 4 Ibs., Gc. Rabbits, No, 1, old. 5c. Squabs, Caponu, Capons, Capons, Capons, LOS ANGELES PRODUCE MARKET LOS ANOI2LBS, Jan. 13. (U. P.)— The market continued rather Inactive ancj a few linos moved at slightly lower prlccH. Artichokes — Frost - free Arroyo Grande, $3.75<a>4 box; laj-Ke San Luis 3.50. jjocnl and San Dtago county avocados — U>ift>17c H).; for KuerteH, windfalls, 13c; PuoblaH. 14ff>15c; small, 12c. Local cannonball cabbage — 30$D40c crate. Local snowball and pearl typo caull- flowor— 50<T?'fi5c crate. Venice and Compton celer>' — 60<g>tii>c half cute; few beat, 76n; Ijornllu and Norwulk. 90c® $1; Chula Vista, $1® l.UG. roachella valley cKKplant— 500^$! l cralo for Imperial valley dry puck 4s; D«, VStf/iHflc; San Onofro dry pack, |lj Capistrano dry pack. fi5©75o. Peas — Best San Diego county. Otffllc Ib.; Admirals, Ttflfta; Coachella valley, 6€?7r; Han Pedro, 7<7Dllc. Summer .squash — San Diego county, $2.50r ( i<2.7r> lug; Kalian, $1.75ft?2 lug; local banana, *7(<i>9 ton. and northern sweet potatoes— luff; good vamp, liO(Fr75i: lutf. rlfiea~-2Vt'ft'.1c Jh. New potatoes — San Dlcero county. 4c Ib.; Volunteers. fiO^BSc Hi*. Tomatoes — Santa Maria uloben, J1.76 2 box for Gx5s; fixfis. <1.GO&1.75. GOVERNMENT BONOS NEW YORK, Jnn. 13. (A. P.)- crty bonds closed today: 3»*H. 32-47. 102.24. Plrat 4h. 32-47, First 4ti« ( 32-47, 102.1'n. Fourth 4U«, «3-38, 103.11. Fourth 4 U«, reff.. 33-38, 103.4. 4V 4 H, 47-f>2, 110.13, Treasuries: ,4fi. 44-34. 106.24. In^H, 4fi-G6, 104.28. 40-4.'J. Juno. 102.C. 43-47, 102.6. 41-43, March, 102.5. 46-49, 99.26. 98.16. Llb- 51-65, r i FOREIGN EXCHANGE NEW YORK, Jan. 13. (A. P.)— For- elgn exchange easy; Great Britain In dollara, others in cents. Grout Britain demand 3.34^; cables 3.35; 60-day bills 3.33*i; Kranc* demand 3.90V; ; cables 3. DO 5-1C; Huly demand 5.11H; oubleH G.lli. Demands; Belgium 13. 85; (lermany 28.74%; Holland 40.14Vi; Tokio 20.75; Shanghai 27.93*;; Montreal 88. 37 *i; Mexico City (silver peso), 31.60. LOS ANGELES HAY LOS ANGEL13S. Jan. 13. (A. P.) Hay, per ton. f. o. b. Los Angeles: Choice barley, Choice oat, $14 ©18 Alfalfa, delivered Monte): U. S. No. 1. Wd TT. S. No. 2, leufv. ?12.50®18. U. S. No. (Hynea or LATE BULLETIN NEW YORK, Jan. 13. <A. P.)— Stocks wobbled listlessly in to* day's market, closing narrowly irregular. After an early afternoon sMfl, the list rallied moderately, but eased again In the last few minutes and closed about steady. Transfers approximated 900,000 shares. (Associated Press Leased Wire) NEW YORK, Jan. 13.—The stocli market today Idly teeter-tottered through a dull pension in which prices shifted narrowly. Considerable attention waa paid passage by 4he House of Representatives of the farm allotment bill, but here, as in many other matters of financial interest, Judgment wan largely withheld. Farm equipments sharoB were fairly steady, while gold mining stocks, which theoretically would lose much of their preeent charm If commodity prices should ad* vanco, were lowered. Homestake broke four points, a performance at variance with the small fluctuations of stocks as a whole. Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit lost a point. Major fractions were surrendered by Allied Chemical, Chrysler, Consolidated Gas, Drug, Loew's,* National Dairy, and Santa Fe, U. S. Steel. American Telephone and Union Pacific were slightly lower. Caso dipped ft fraction while Harvester gained na much. The Tobaccos were firm, shares of tho "Big Three 0 gaining a« much as a point Eastman and Columbian Carbon were fractionally higher. Loans to Brokers Drop $13,000,000 (Associated Press Leased Wire) WASHINGTON, Jan. 13.— Loans to brokers nnd dealers hold by New Tork Federal Reserve member banks for the week ending January 11 wore announced by tho federal reserve board today as $381,000.000, a decrease of $13,000,000, as compared with the preceding week. New York Close 1 * • * • * * * * * * * * * • • t * * * * • * * * * • * NEW YOIIK. Jan. 13.— (United Press Leased Wire) Railroads Atchlaon, Topeka & Santa Fo.... Ualllmore & Ohio Chesapeake & hOlo Illinois Central Missouri Pacific New York Central Northern Pacific Pennsylvania , Southern Pacific Union pjtcJ/lc Industrials American Can American Tel. & Tel Burden Cities Service Columbia Gat* Consolidated QUH Corn Products Curtlmi-Wright Famous Playera Fox FJlmH "A" General Electric General Poods Gold Dust Goodyear Tiro and Uubher International Harvester .. International Tel. fe.Tel... Montgomery Ward North American Pacific Uas & Klectrlc Hndlo Corporation gateway Stores ., Sonrn-HoeGuek Union Carbide & Carbon. United Aircraft Warner Broth«rs Western Union WeHtlnghouae Klectrlc Woolworth J. C. Kenney Transnmerlca First National Stores Johns-MnnvHle .,,,..., Caterpillar Tractor Metals American Smelting Anaconda Bethlehem Steel Inspiration Copper International Nickel Kennecott Copper U. S. Steel Vanadium Steel Republic Steel Tobacco and Sugar American Tobacco "A" American Tobacco American Sumatra Great Western £ It. J. Reynolds "B" United Cigars Oils Mexican Seaboard Phillips Pete Richfield Shell Union Sinclair Standard of California... Standard of New* Jersey Standard of New York,.. Texas Company ........ Tidewater Ass'n. new... Motors Auburn Chrysler General Motors 43 « 10 27 16 75 61 2CU a 02U 55 U 27 17 23* 30 5U 41 7* 20*4. 27 '. * • t * • * * * * * 28<fi, 30 35 liO 53 13 7% 16 3 S 7 * • * * * • * * • • 63U 8 U 18 6 31 Packard Motors Htudehakor Ttriiken Roller Bearing.. Equipments American Car Foundry.. American Locomotive .. Ratwfii locomotive General Tank Stewart Warner 16U 6 3% 2, CHICAGO GRAIN rjltCAGO, Jun. 13. (A. P.)— Unsot- tllnp effort of House adoption of the agricultural allotment bill became in- cnmMiiRly apparent in wheat today and prlres Uolllned mora than a cent a buHliol. A (ondnnry to liquidate recently acquired futufo iMIvcry wheat contracts developed, imperially during the late dealing's. A n'str.-ifnt on .selling:, however, WUH nunicM-ouN expressions of be- llC'f that tlu- allotment bill would never beoouic law. Wlu-at closed nervous ^(fcflc under yesterday's flnlnh t ct>rn U€PV4c down, oats U ?4 Vic off and provisions unchanged to 20c decline. CHICAGO, Jan, 13. (A. P.)— Wheat. No. :> hard, 4D'4e; NO. 1 northern spring, 40ci No. J mixed, 4S; No. 4 yellow hard, 48 mixed. !M«ic; Nu. 3 No. 3 white. now corn, yellow, HI-; old corn. No. 2 yellow, 2<Pic; No. 3 white. 2fl*U*: oats. No. :> whlto, 17Uc; No. 3 white, l6UiU>i7o : ryr», No. 1, rfSc; No. 3, burloy, 2C METALS MARKET YORK. Jan. 13. (A. P.)—Cop- por dull; electrolytic spot. 5c; future. 5^i*. Tin barely steady: npot and nearby, $22.55; future, $22.70. Iron quint, unrhtuiffed. I^onrt steady; wpot New York, ?3; TCa*t St. Kouls, $2.87. Zinc* .steady; TCast St. l^jula, spot and future, $3.0G®3.10. Antimony, 15.37. r '

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