The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on June 15, 1894 · Page 1
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 1

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, June 15, 1894
Page 1
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VOL. XVIII, NO. 8. CARROLL, IOWA, FE1DAY, JUNE J5, 1894. WHOLE NO. 8U7. Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly tuna. The many, who live better thin others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world'* best products to the needs of, physical being, will atiest the value to health of the pure liquid lasxtive principles -embraced in the remedy, Syrup ot iPigs. Its'excellence is due to its presenting in the form most .'acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and tnily beneficial properties of a perfect lax* •live; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fevert «na permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and net with the approval of the medictt profession, because it acts on the Kid- iieys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from vevery objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug- gtete in 50c and1$l bottles, but it isMnan- nfactured by the California Fig $yrup • Co. only, whose name is printed on every package, also .the name, Syrup of Figs, and being well informed, you will not accept any substitute if offered. OBDBOB DIBBCTOBT .ORNING xervtces, 11 a. in.; e»enlag»«r»loes I 7 p. m ; Y. P. 8. C. E. Mnlec, 6 p. n.; San u«j school, 12 JS p. m.; Prayer MaMInf, Thursday •erenlug, 7 JO p. TO. • BBT. OBO. BAPTIST. MOBNIMO Mirrlce, 11 a. m.; evenlac senlee •» 7 p. in.; T. P. 8. C: E. servlae « p. m. ; Bun dai SoUool. U-.I5 p. m, ; Prvw Uactlnc, Tharsday . . . a, TdO p. m, U»T. J. C. HsMDBioisoK, Pastor W. B. OUBBI, Supetlnteudent. tunooim. M OBNINBairvlet.Ua. m,; eT«nt«« Mnta* 7 p. m.; Junior Rpwortb Lvapw, 8 p. m. •pptorth IXMCU*. «p. m., Suodai adioof Uai p. m,; Prar*r Meeting, Thursdar Krenlng, 740 p.. A. Her. w B. THOMraon, Pastor OK. WK. HtMP»n»T. aupeflntanugnt Uarroll V ont-omoe . Mtttlf at the ofQee ol<M« M folow»: .,tk»ln»ea«t: a^OHndiaeo'clwkp. m. UolBit west: 1-^0 p. m. and 7:80 o'eMok p. n. Office o^euoc tiundur from • to 10 a. m. and from 3 to i p. m. STAR ROUTES. Mt. C«rrotland Koiitner, dally eioept Sunda* Departs 12 n.j<arMvea ut » d) • p. m. ttOMlle, TiiMdar, TbuMdaj, Saturday. Depar SB. ro. arrlwslTm. Coon BapMs, Oarrollton, Wlllay.-TiMdw •Thunidir.Uiiturdv.arrlTM 12m. departs 1 p. u. « N. w . nm» oara. «o. •o. Me. 1 OverUwttllmlUd..... ........ 10 IB a. a a Omaha Bipnst ....... i'irt^ngt t O.DMrLlmit«d ....... juSllto-lO ti Ho. 7 PaolOc BxprtM ................ 160 p. m No. 18 Carroll Express ................ Bio p, m It*, in VrtMit ............ . ........... 8 18 p. ~ r*MMen nuns •*•*• No. i OvcrlMd UmlUd ............. 9 BO p. • Ho. « OhloagobpNM .............. 11 35 P.M. No. ID™., Limit* ...... Mo. I Atlantic *ipnM Ho. 14. •o. M UOfIX OITT 4MD MOV Faaieoger , '••tBIdBtOBOOM, I p. in Ja. m liprota, .......... 7 ARlVM 7M p. • fiBp.m t»t.m rasa.* UP. • >00* • 1 SOP i_ i.".'.'.' '.'.,1 80 1 • 7l»a. J, B. OuKAQiB, Agent a. . r;tat»t.. ...... . ..... i--iJ.—W:Wp.«. TbikMt lor •aioMUie O«M. iMls- r » ___________ W. W. iMMMnilMn. A|Ml Professional Cards, &EO. W, KOETE, LAWYER. ttiwr Oonoan tank «mlldlnf . §ttW»i»dl*doriJoouiU, w. aotrw ATTORNEY A FLAW. ornoi. HOYT LAWYERS. F. M. DAVENPORT, PARTIES in Grain, Stocks WATOH 341 B, 0, Co;, Cliioago VINDICATED By their Enemies. The Official Papers Pass Under the Bod and Gome out with Flying Colors, Florencourt HIM! Knlest , were •Granted Kocogoltloii by the Board of Supervisors and wore Compelled to give the Ue to their own Malicious and False Htate- weiits. The Challenge Issued by The Sentinel Yesterday was Put to the Test by the-Board of Supervisors Appointing a Oom- mittoe to Investigate the Charges. W. U. Culbenteon, J. B. Knlest and Prank Florencourt Examined the Proceedings and They More than Justify the Official Papers. The Sentinel and Herald Both Have Cause to Rejoice; ANOTHER LIB Did you ever feel good when jour character bed been vindicated? 1(700 have, von »know something about oar feeling*, when we tell you tbe malicious and false statements made against the official papers have been given the lie at the bands .of tboee who falsely, malio- ioiuly uod without provocation gave ex pression to them. Die Germaaia and the Fawn -Journal have aorased tnese papers of padding and overcharging for publishing tbe official proceedings ot the board of Bnpervisoia. We bad denied the charges, but so persUUBj www . in saying that (be anditoFand <be iibair3 of supervisore were in league with tbe robbery that tbe board determined to ascertain the truth of these statements. This morning the/ passed m resolution appointing W. L, Onlbertson, ohairman of the Republican county central com mittar, J. B. Kuiest and Frank Florencourt, editors of the disgruntled and disorganizing newspapers, as a committee to investigate the charges and to "prop erly measure 1 ' the proceeding! ot the board of supervisors M published in the official paper*. At 10:30 the committee appeared at tbe anditorVoffioe with quite a flourish ot trumpets and proceeded to the work of investigation and " properly a ing" the proceedings ot tbe board of supervisors. Messrs. Knieat and Plor- aooonrt were highly elated ovei tbe fact that they faad<bsen recognised by the board and entered upon the discharge of tbeir duties .with all .tbe solemnity of a senatorial investigating committee. It was a proud moment tor them, for tbe/ were going to make disclosures tbat wonld startle tbe world and em- t>laMD toeir oamea high on Ibe mart boose dome se tbe greets* b»u*>fHoton ottueate. They were going 10 »*i a pace in unraveling framed aod corruption Ibat wonld revolutionise tbe whole social and political fabric and would ultimately so flrsolr install tbem IB tbe ooafldenoe ot Ibe people Ibat they wonld receive them witb<open arme. But alas I tbeir irndsMeut dream gave way lo stub- tact aod altnengb they woiked and toiled over five ootamoa of prooeedings tor three long boure they were compelled to m«ke a report in wbioh they say tbat MM* (jrooeedipgs when "properly •d" wore oee aod one-bait square* mote rWs was bomUiallug to Koieet tad I sad Ibey would that Ibey ltd wings so tnat they eotUd 9/«*»7» or they tor once tell IbeiUpf of remorse or iittviug preterrtd so WMtoo' «od m«lii>ious « charge a|»in«t tboM wbota h»y well kuaw w«te bwoitble oeo. They aUo tell fWT diwinoUve ov»r Ibe lh«l they bad B«4« Viiob fool* ot weUes and w«re ooupa)|ed lo vindl- o«t« Ibote wbont Ibey would de»»roy. The report M »obu>itted by tbeu to u i follow*: Cannot*, low*, JWM 9, 1894, t'o )b« bouerkbl* board of •uparvitors; QKM'IUI>IHN->W*I your oowaltte* »ppoiMt»d lo WMttti* tbf prooMdipf • of |fa# April **s»Jon ot |h« boud of inpti. visors air pnbliefaedin tbe offloial pa pete of this County, find tbe same to msasore 165 tqaaree as near assume can be measnred. W. L. CtJtBKBTBON, J. B. KNIEST, F. FliOttVMOOVBT.i Tbe committee found that the pro- oeedinfle when "propvly measured" MB requested by the board made 165 squares and tbe Herald had charged for 163jJ squares and THB SENTINEL for 163] squares, or one.and a bait squares less than the committee made it. One square and a bait wonld amount .to jus 1 oiie dollar, so tbe offloial papers had undercharged the county that mnoh in stead ot robbing it as these magpies would have yon 'believe. What do yon 'think of tbe charges made againat Ibe official papers and the board ot supervisors charging one with robbery and 1he other with complicity in tho crime? More honorable men than onr aoonsero are now serving oat sen fences behind prison bare. He who wil deliberately attempt to destroy a man's character should receive a heavier sen tenoe than the one who iodnlges in the damnable practice of hog stealing. After tbe committee bad completed its labors we 'demanded that it review the prooeedinge of tbe January session, bu the oommitte had all the inveetigatin) that it oared for and did not go to the trouble to'further prove that Knieet an< Florenoonrt had made fooli of them selves. * ' A STRANGE CASE. Last spring about the -middle o March, Win. Probat, a farmer living on Peter 'Hoffman's place south ot tbe city disappeared and although search was made nothing oonld be heard of him ani his folks thought that he most have eith er been foully dealt with or bad been drowned in the river which runs near tbe boose, j The day be disappeaied to al appearances be was as usual, nothing etrange abont his actions waa noticed by anyone. Nothing waa heard ot him from that time until last Thursday nigbl when he returned home. Hie atory is a ge on*. He says thai liter he let! bom* he had no recollection of anything until abont two weeks ago when all at once bis reason returned to him. . When be regained consciousness be was on a farm in Texas and waa playing with the children one evening after having worked all day. He said aa he waa playing the thought came to him that he had family of children like the onee be was playing witb,wbso all at once something seemed to lift from his mind -like a vei and bis reason waa restored. He stayed there a short time nntil be earned money enough to bring him borne. When he arrived at the honae be waa ao overcome with tbe thought that be was home again that he was unable to apeak and tbe family bearing him at tbe door opened the window and receiving no answer flred tbe gun off into tbe air intending to scare tbe supposed burglar away. This brought him to bis senses. The meeting was a happy one to the mother and children who supposed Ibat their father and husband was dead. Mr. Probst is a quiet, sober, (ndnslri one man and there is no donbt that bis story is true. Since returning borne be appears lo be all right and is working on tbe farm a* wrong. if nothing bad aver been OBNTHAIi OOMMITTM MlRTlNO. Tbe Democratic County Central committee WM called lo order Tuesday by J. T. Jay, chairman. Jai. Thomp* SOD WM elected moretary to All the ya> oancy canted or the retirement of F. W. Krause. A motion was nutalned to Ibe effort that but one couaty convention •hoiitd be beld and at Mid convention nominations should be made tor the vvriouf county office* to bo filled a^ tbe general election, and also to select delegates lu attend ibe stale, eoagreMional end Judicial conventions. Tbe appor* lonuent WM undo for the varloui town* iblp», ({lying their delegated reprewnla- IOD lo tbe county convention, Tbe de* luerallont ot the committee were marked by harmony and good will, Tbe uwel- og WM ailonded by Fred Kroeger, John I, BoUnenkamp, Tboi. Rich, Jai, Thompson, 0. 0, Colelo, P. larger, JM. Ooyce, W. H. Hamlet, W. B, talon, J. B. Neppvr. C. H. Flouker, J. T. Jay and i B. Dargin. Pr. Qtuw. AT HOM*. WhitUM Mtd wife, of Chicago, were in tbe, city tor § few daya vitiliog tfatjr parenU, Mr.aod Mre. 0. tor WM on hi* way to &«• Aof •!••, 0*1,, where he ii going to »u|»|e iu lh» pro- teuton. Mi*. WbitniMft beellb bu bun poor for MVM«| uoulbs and tboy are going there hoping that the climate will agree with her. Dr. Whitman had built up a large practice in the city during the years he has been there anc was very reluctant in making the change. Thirteen years ago be lauded, in the city a poor boy without ability or monej and by Us own exertions baa mastered the profession to a remarkable degree and baa also accumulated considerable property} Should his health continue good for » few years longer we will see him ranking among the leading men ot his profession, for the doctor is ambitious and "has tbe ability and the pluck. His old friends who associated with him in this, pity nearly a score of years ago tea justly proud of their former companion and schoolmate. I A DELICATE OPKBATION. Last Friday Dr. Potter of Breda and Dr. Keseler ot Carroll, performed a very difficult operation on Frank Vaneohmede of Breda. He baa been suffering for some time with appendicitis and tally realjBpd that nothing short ot an operation? wonld give him the least ray of hope fljaving properly adjusted bis worldly andfspiritual nffairs, he submitted him eelffto the knife. The'.operation itsell f brilliant and rapidly done. Howev- account of the terrible inflammation nloeration ot the bowels, it waa evi- he could live only a few henn. At o'clock the next morning he quietly away. open tbe abdomen and operate on ita^bontenta is an operation that no' iy physicians dare attempt. However irn medical science and operative bave made such strides the last few ao that tbe younger generation 01 medical men are enabled to operate on any portion of the human body with impunity. . BASKET PICNIC. /Signet lodge No. 264, A. F. & A. M. celebrate St. John's day on Friday, 22, at Lake View. A grand basket will be given under the aospioea ignet lodge. Tbe details of arrange its will be in charge ot the Masonic !«at Lake View. Bro. P. G. 8 k , of Marion, will deliver the .oration. Good mnsto will be pwid.ed. general invitation has been extended to all the neighboring lodges and it is estimated that at leaat two hundred Masoiia and their families wil^ join in tbe celebration. There special trains run from tbia point to the lake'and will' be in charge of Ibe lodge. Everyone belonging to tbe order is cordially invited to join with Signet lodge. FDI>LT APPRECIATED. Head Quarters Jeff 0. Davis Post No. 44Q. A. R. Ibs snootse of tbe services on Decora tion day waa largely due to tbe aid given by the different civic societies, the Norfhwecr»ru bu&d, tbe schools, and tbe voouliatu ot Carroll, and tbe thanks of th* podt are hereby given to ail those for their assistance. Tbe band music was appropriate and well given. Tbe •elections by tbe choir composed of Messrs. Brnoer and KnrU, Mre. Wright and Miss Bertha Bangs, assisted by Mre. Bangs, were'parlioularly appropriate, M were also tbe pieces given by tbe Tnrner Glen club, W. Kurtz, oondnutor. The Bivouac of the Dead" by Mies Grace Kail WM excellent, carefully rendered ecd received oloo* attention. Tbanka are also given for the excellent music given by the above named choir on Memorial Sunday.' . Ibe poet to aware that such good music requires bard practice and fully appreciate their tfrprla. At * neating of tbe poet beld this day I WM ordered, that all those who asaiet- ed shoald bave public recognition. Dated this 8th day of Jane, 1894. H, W. MAOOWBH, Commander. BAUIDM. Tag 8»KTiMBi< repreeeatfttive found Halbor in tbe neilemeat of an •leotloo 10 defray tbe question of incorporation Monday, When tbe polls opened tbe volet o*ma in rapidly for a time, bat the balance of the day WM very light work for Ibe election board. The vote resulted 17 to 9 against incorporation and the proposition WM lost, ao that Halbnr will remain « village, instead of ranging herself along aide of'the other oiliM and lownaof tbe county M many of her nogreeeiva oilJatus wished, The Roelker Bros,'creamery eetauliiu- meuttoan extensive oopoeio and fur- nishMt market for Ibe furplu* milk of lie •urroQudiug oouulry and MVM the hrlfty boutewife many en auxloui hour 'ban, if tbis oreemery WM not ao con-, veuiaut, the would be goiug through Ibe trouble und worry this hot weather of taking care ot milk and making* butter. Hoelker Bros, also have a separator at Manning and tbeir business is quite a large one. Halbur is a good market town. Waltersoheid Bros, and Eisobeid & Fassbender have tbe elevatort and handle the farmer's grain, paying them good prices, while Jobn Willenberg buys hogs and stock and is always ready to give all the market will per naif. The graiu and stock trade ot Halbur extends to quite a distance around the town. Walterscbeid Bros, also handle farm implements and Ghae. Waltersoheid in hie general store has nearly everything a farmer wants. Messrs. Bolfes and Sohmitz dispense liquid refreshments to the thirsty and manage to supply the wants ot both tbe inhabitants and tbe stranger sojourning within their gates, W'm. Langenfeld is the popnlai station agent ot the Northwestern and looks after tbe business of tbe company in a first class manner. Some of Mr. Langenfeld's many warm f< lends are urging bini to enter tbe race for cleik ot the courts this fall. There is no question ot Sir. Langenfeld'e competency and bis running" ability was shown two years ago when be entered tbe race for auditor ttt the eleventh hour and only tell a few votes short of receiving the nomination. Tbe Halbnr storekeepers bave made an agreement to close tbeir stores all day Sundays. Tbe postoffice will also be closed, as no mails arrive on Sunday. Advertised Letters. The following letters remain uncalled for at tbe postofllce, June 11, 1HU4. Unless delivered within thirty days from date they will be forwarded to the dead letter oflice at Washington, D. G.: Stephen Reif John Mueller Gift. K. Miller 0. T. Hopklna N.C. Uo>t Herman Stricter Moses Trollop J. L. Thoma*. The law provides that one cent shall be paid for all letters advertised. When calling for same please state date of advertisement. JNO. L. POWERS, P.M. OAKROLL Classified Business Directory, 'MILLINERY. MRS. M. 3HADLE, Fashionable Milliner;. MISS EltA TODD, Millinery and Fancy Goods- FINANCIAL. FIRST NATIONAL BANK. Cor. Main and Fifth streets. NOBTHWESTERV BUtNDtNO AND LOAN ASSOCIATION, Fifth Street. FEED MILLS. I. J. & 3. R, MATLOCK, Fifth Street. HARNESS, ETC. L. T. ANDEKSON, Ilnrness and Horse Clothing,. Trunkg, Valises and Sewing Machines, WINES AND UQUORS. VICTOR H. STBPPDHN. "The Diamond," Fourth Street. PLUMBERS AND STEAM FITTERS. SHEFFIELD 4 PATTERSON. Wind Mills, Tanka and Pumps. JOB PRINTING. DAILY SENTINEL. Adam* Street. Best K quipped Printing Office In Wrstern lows- -TETJH3 OP CARROLL, IOWA. Capital, $100,000.00: Surplus, $5,OOO.OO. Opened business Feb. i, 1SSS. DIRECTORS: C. A. MAST, - President. W. W. WATTLES. - - Vice President. C. L. WATTLES, - - Cashier. J. E. Griffith, T. Hlnrlchs, N. F. Sturges, Cdas. Walterscbeld, Sumner Wallace, Interest paid on time deposits. Monnrto loan on good security. Drafts for sale on all parts of tbe world. Steamship tickets to and from all paits of Europe. Insurance written In tbe best companies. v DRY )GOODS ALWAYS THE CHEAPEST STORE You Will Save Money by Taking Note pf the Following f ^•^•^•^•^•^•^•^•^•^•^•^•^•^•^•^•^•^•^•^•^•^•^•^•^•^•^••^•^•^•^•^•^•^•^•^•^•^••^•^•M Prices on Piece Goods For This Week: Good Challies, new designs .. . 23-jjC.woi'tti 5 cts. J -" 74", 8 " 5 " 7* " 74 " 64 " 74 <k 15 " 20 " 40 " 10 " 10 ' 6 Fine New Lawns ____ '. Good Domestic Gingham Best Domestic Gingham Good Calicos Standard Printe . . Full Yard Wide Fine Muslin Good Bleached Muslin Pure Linen Towling ........... Large Turkish Towels .......... 10 Fine all linen Huck Towel, 18x32,12* 54 in. Fast Turkey Red ) Table Damask. f ....... Fine Check Nainsook Fine Shore Madras Cloth .......... Yard Wide Percales(dark colors). . Best Shaug Tong Pongees ...... Honey Comb Bed Spread ...... See our Fine Dress Gingham .... 9 See our French Jacoonette ...... 1 fi See our French Organdies 20 " 75 " 124 " 25 " 25 " Remember this is a Pooh Qlnro ——One-Prioe tdOll OlUlUl We don't mate) the good pay fur the bad as they do in credit stores. For this reason you will always find our urk'tw away below nil our competitors, guild's <$ry $ood$ /tore, FIR6T POOH WC8T Of POBT-OFFICt, CARROLL, IOWA.

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