Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 2, 1933 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 2, 1933
Page 7
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r TOLA. KANSAS : New York, Feb. 2. (API—The I stock market continued to slide to- •jday, continuing the decline of the .previous sessiori. Several leading is- ''sues lost 1 to 2 ixiints. and the day's . lowest prices were reached in the last hour. The closing tone was heavy. Transfers approximated J 1.200,000 shares. The selling showed signs of drying up for a time in the early afternoon, but was, resumed (when the. list showed no power-to rally. Lack .of . "convincing signs of. seasonial buisi- ;ness recoverj'. dividend. uinCertain- ' ties, and recent price ciittiing in a number of industries, which spread to automobile tires today, were fac- . tors influencing the decline. i American Telephone broke 2. I points, dipping slightly under par. ' but it regained a point in the late denlines. U. S. Steel .common ahd preferred were about steady at the • finish. Issues off about 2 points ih- eluded United Aircraft. DuPont, ui Case. Allied Chemical, Santa Pe. ^ Lambert, and Eastman, while stocks C lo-sing a point or so included Coni solldated Gas. Goodyear. American i.- Cnri, Union Pacific, Southern Pacific. Chrysler. Sears, and -Macy. THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER.THURSDJY EVENING. FEBRUARY 2.1933. DOITTOMQRROWr VXaE SEVEN ' '! By Cftwan Kansas City Prodnce. Kansas City, Feb, 2. (AP)—Butterfat 7-12. Other produce unchanged. Kansas City Grain. Kansas City, Feb. 2. (AP)— Wheat: 84 cars; % up to down. No. 2; dark hard, nom:, 42-51; No. nom.,.41'^-49'i; No. 2, hard, 41 •'i- Merchandi-sin? issues reacted in the i 42.47,.;,. NO. 3, nom.. 41 '^-46 'i " late trading, reflecting adverse estj-| close: May 40^ k; July 4lv,! Sept. 42^i. : ma'tes of January business. Gold I mining issues, however, were given ij a whirl. Homestake rose 6 points, ' and Mclntyre Porcupine. I3ome, A1n5 :ka Juneau and Noranda gained about a point. New York Tractions also firmed. Hish JX)W Close »?0 of ind .. . Alaska.Jun .. .. 20\ 20 20 »?0 of ind .. . Alaska.Jun .. .. l3^ 12 13 Amn Can ... .. 59 57 ^ 58W Amn T&iT .. . .101 99 ••'i 100 ^^ Amn Tob B .. .. 58>i 57-% 58 Anaconda .... .. 7'a 7 7 Atchison .... .. 44\i 42 U 43r'i Auburn .. 42 Vi 40 41 • Beth Steel ... .. 14 13 ;i Can", Pac .. lO'K 10 li 10 Case'-J I .. 44 41.^i 42 , Chrysler .. 12"i 12 ; 12 S Con Gas .. 55':., 53-;' 54 Con Oil .." 5H 5>-s 5 i DuPont .. 37'., 35 <i 35 .Gen Elec .. 14'-:: 13-. 14 Qen Motors .. .. 13 12"s' 12 Int Harv .. 21K ,20-\ 20^^; Mont Ward .. .. 13\' 13 13 f; Packard . i.... 2>i 2!'i •Penney J C .. .. 26 ' 25 K •Phillips Petr . .. 5 s 5'-; 51-.Radio .-. ..' 4--. 4'; 4 , Sears Roc .. 19 18 18- Soronv VP.C .. . . (>••. 6'.- 6 Std Brands .. ., 14', 14 .. SO of NJ .... ;. 25! - 24 ••^i 25 Union Pac, ... .: 75 V 73 74 Tex Cons ' .: 12\ 12'-; 12 ;. US Strel .. .. 27 2G': 26 Westlnuh E .. .. 27". •26'-.: 26- .•.9c .,7c ..5c ..7c . 9c . 6c .6c LOCAL PUODUCE - Eggs, finsts' ETET-S. .seronds : Eses. tliirds • • • Eggs, uneradc-d Feii.s, Ko. 1 -Kfa-;. No. 2 , .No. 1 SprinKS, l'.jlb.=: up • . .(^0. 2 Springs -. 4c CTDons. over 9 lbs 11c - Cnnnns. over 8 lbs 9c ;:-Cnpons. over 7 lbs. 7c . c ^'ions. undpr 7 lbs '. 6c , Carioiis. under 6 lbs 5c •Slips : , 5c Butterfat. lb J.... 13c StnE^. lb. •• 4t Corks • 3c Oef'.sc. lb. -I 3c Guineas, each 10c White Duc;}cs. lb 4c Colored Ducks, lb. ^. 3c - Tiirfnq per lb Ic Mi::^d Corn. bu. . - 13c i Yellow Com. bu. 14c : Whr-at. bu. 27c Kafir Corn 12c Kan.sds City Hay. Kansas City, Feo. 2. ,.-iPi—Hay 11 cars, unchanged. Old Sores Soon or Corn: 23 cars; up No. 2. white 21-%-22; No. 3, nom., 21Vi-22; No. 2, yeUow, noHL, 21 ^4 -22 "^i; No. 3, 22: No. 2. mixed, nom.., 2IV2-22;, No. 3, nom., 21-21 ^2. Close: May 22^; July 23T -K. Oats: 2 cars; unchanged. No. 2, white, nom., 17-18; No! 3, 17. Milo maize, nom., 47-51. Kafir, nom., 39-43. Rye, nom., 34-35. Barley, nom.. 21^-24. K. C. Livestock Close. Hogs: Closed dull, mostly 10-15 lower than Wednesdays average; late sales 240 lbs. and down mostly $3.00-05 ; 250-350 lbs.. $2.70-3.00; good and choice. 140-160 lbs., $2 853.05; 160-250 lbs.. $2i)0-3.10; 250290 lbs., $2.80-3.00 ; 290-350 lbs.. $2.65-90. Cattle: Top light weight steers $5.35. Sheep: Lambs around 15 lower: top and bulk fed lambs $5.25. 102 lb. kinds $5.10: top ewes $2.75; Iambi crood and choice. 90 lbs. down, $4.855.35. I Estimated livestock receipts, for tomorrow: Cattle 500: hogs 3.500; sheep 3,000. HOBIZOXT.\L 1 Young cow. 5 Smallest partible. . 10 Stitches. 14 CbanfeiDg colored jjewel. 15 Solitary, 16 To escape through a crevice as gu.-- 17 Herl^rt Lehman j is governor of U. aJA.? 19 Ex premier of Hungary. 21 To devour. 22 Frost bite. 23 Moved along the edge. 27 Vegetative. 31 Small tablets. 7.2 Later. 34 Short-billed rail. } 35 Forni of be. 3t; 37 Cluster of wool I libers. ?.S Slieei. .10 Inferior eottou C2 Laughing. (!lotli.- 03 Brink. .\n.swer to Previous Puzzle 42 Prong. 43 To beseech. 45 AJppropriate for song. 47 To place. 48 EJstimated perfect golf score. 49 Rugs. 53 Slender lofty tdwer. 57 State of sliaking. 58 Comforts.. t/Oqhief magistrate • of Venice. CI .\gent. 24 Dry table ...:.u in South Africa. 25 Perfect pattern. 26 First appear- aac9. 27 Purchasable. 2S Invlgoiratins medicine^ 29 Center ot amphitheater. 30 Part ot coat collar. 33 Strife. 39 Ladile. 40 Subject of a portrait. 41 Oae who type' writes. 42; Long-drawn I speech. 44BUUard rod. 46 Hastened. 49; Vulgar feUow. sa Since. 51: To regret exceediDj^ly. 52Capuchia m.oakey. 53 Males. 54!Wahd. 55 E!mbryo bird. 56Golt device. VKRTIC.Ui 1 To peruse.: 2 Monkey. 3 Legal rule. 4 Aviators. 5 Fur called sable. 6 Kind. 7 Native. S "Writing fluid, 9 Baser: 1 lasiants. 11 Snaky fish. \ 12 Manner. 13 Type of snow- sboe, IS Grain. 20 Outfit. . ?3 Booms or gaffs. 59,South America, Kansas City Livestock. Kansas Citv. Feb. 2. 'APi —(U. S. p. A.)—HoRS. 4500:-280 direct: 230 lbs. down steady to 5 lower than Wedne.sday's average; others slow; tiop 3.20 on choice 170-210 lbs.; good and choice. 140-350 lbs., 2.70-3.20; packinsj sows. 275-550 Ib.s.. 2.00-50: •stock pigs, good and choice. 70-130 lbs., 2.25-50. i Cattle, 20C0; calves. 400: kilUng Clashes fiilly steady: best fed steers early around 1075 lbs.. 5.25; stockers and feeders steady; steers, good and choice. 550-1500 lbs.. 3.75-6.75: common and medium. 550 lbs. up, 3.00-4.75; heifers, good and choice. 550-900 lbs.. 3.75-5.75; cows. good. 2.15-40: vealers. 'milkfed). medium to choice. 3.00-6.50; stocker and feeder steers, good and choice, 4.005.75. Sheep. 7000; market not established; early bids on lambs 10-15 lower; best held above 5.40; lambs. ?ood and choice 'x) 90 Vas. down, 4.85-5.40: good and choice (x), 90-98 'bs..'4.75-5.25; ewes, good and choice, ?0-150 lbs., 1.50-2.75. (X)— Quotations based on ewes " nd wethers. Never think you have to put up with old sores. 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But be -sure and get Kruschen Salts—imitations are numerous and ' you must, safeguard your health. \ i THE J. F. GRENNAN PRODUCE CO. C. O. COGHILL, Manager POULTRY, AND EGGS Egg Cases and Supplies Old and Reliable—Established 1911 Comer Monro^ and Elm I Just West of the Water Tower) Chicken Pot Pie (for 6.) 4 tablespoons butter or' chicken fat ' 4 tablesDoons flour 1 cup chicken stock or w-aier 1'.- cups milk 1 teaspoon salt 'i teaspoon pepper 1-3 cup chopped celerj". cooked 2 pims diced chicken, cooked 2 tablesnoons chopped parsley .Melt butter and add flour. Add stock, milk, salt and pepper. Cook until creamv sauce forms. Stir con- .stantly. Add rest of ingredients and cook two minutes. Pour into shal- ]iyw. buttered baking dish and cover witli bi.scuit.s. June 22 marks the 1500lh nnni- vcrsahr of the Third Ecumenical i,ouncll, at Ephesus, . • FOR COUGHS, RUPWN Kunsaii City, Kiius.'—"About tour years ago I hail nc- ('.•ision to use Dr. Fifrcc's Opldi'u Mi-d-^ ical Disoovery for my dauehtor. Edith, who had become rundown and thin," said Mrs. Louise B. Adnir of 1020 S. W. Blvd. "Ilor appetite wa .s poor :ind she .always oanpht cold ca .sily. The colds vould be ai -t'Ompauiod by a sovore (i I leU imd she could h .Trdly sloop at r iiht. r .ut the •Medical Piseovevy" 'iiiilt hor right up. her appetite im- p.-ovod. she gainpd in weisbt. it di -ove .-iwa.v th.Tt !if ;gr :iv:itins fough and she was nUK-h stroiijrer. ti 'o." If Tod want fre« mediral adrire wcito lo Dr. i»'itrce'» Clinic ia Buffalo, N. Y. STOP BAD BREATH (First Published In The lola Daily Register February 2, 1933.) FUBLICA'nON NOTICE IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF PRANK E. SMTTH, DECEASED. TO •WHOM IT MAY CONCHIN, and more especially, Nellie F. Smith, Harold A. Smith. Donald O. Smith, and Leon E. Smith, .heirs of Friank E. Smith, deceased, late of Alien County, Kansas; you are berd>y nor tUied that I, Nellie F. Smitti. Ad­ ministratrix of the estate of s«id decedent, did on the 1st day of Feb^ ruary, 1933, file a petition in the Probate Court of Allen County, Kansas, praying that I might be authorized and empowered to sell the following described land? for the purpose of paying the debts and costs of said administration of said estate, tOr-wit: The Northwest Quarter of the Northeast Quarter. Section 32, "Township 26, Range 21, .containing 40 acres, more or less, in AUen Coimtyi. Kansas; and the Nortl|xwest Quar- 1931, until lid; the sum of $296.12 with inter- thereon at the rate of 10% per a^mum froni Novemijer 16,1932, until paid; the sum of $10.75 with Interest th.e^n at the rate of 10% per annum from Noveniber 17, 1932, until Pfiid; and the further sum of $9,745.20 with interest thereon at the rate of 6% per annum from March 1,1'1932, to the date of fUing plain- ttCf's petition and 10% per .annum tnej^eoQ thereafter until paid, and that said mortgage will be adjudged id declared to be the first lien on le certaiii real estate situated in n County, Kansas, described as fallows, to-wit: The East Half (%) of Section (1) except Right of Way of K. .& T. Railroad over and said land, in Township P enty-five (25) South, of Range enity (20) East of the Sixth M., containing in all less said ception, 311.71 acres, more or '31 CHRYSLER SEDAN '31 FORD COUPE '29 DE SOTO^COACH '31 PLYMOUTH COACH '30 ESSEX SEDAN ROSS ARBUCKLE GARAGE CHRYSLEK-PLYMOUTH \ Sales^Service—Parts AUTOMOTIVE 6 Auto Accessories, Tires, Parts STAR VALLEYi : (Shirley Nigh) Jan. 30—Mr. and Mrs. Roy Reed and son BilUe. lola, and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Clark and ifamily, Coffeyville, were Sunday afternoon visitors of Mr. and Mrs. iBeatty Ray and sons.! | Mrs. Ella Land, lola, spent a few days with! Mr. and Mrs. E. C. McCoy and family. | Mr. and Mrs Clvde | Moss and family, Mr. and Mrs. (Jharles B: and family, Mr. ana iilrs. Harold Baker and Mrs. Clint j Baker and Mrs. T. H. Cooper spent Sunday with Mr. I and Mrs. J. M. Cooper. Roy Kaufman and falmily spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Charles McHenrj'land family. Mr. and Mrs. C. A. (jolllns and Francis and Jerry spent Sunday with Mr.'and Mrs. B. Martin and children, near Mildred. | Mrs. Frank Hclle and Lester .spent Sunday afternoon with! Mrs. I. B. Wheatlpy. Ml&s Wilma Zimmerman. Independency, who has spent the past week with her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Brown, returned to her home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Homer i Teats and daughters, Viola and Irene, spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Cloud. . I M1S.S Ella Beth Nichols spent the weekend in Chanute. ! Mrs. C. N. Truster ahd children, Lois. Thelma and Glemiis, ahd Mrs. Russell Larkey spent Stinday afternoon with Mr. and MrsJ John Donnelly and baby daughter, Beverly Ann. Humboldt. . | Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Overman, and family spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Overman, i Mrs. I. B. WheaUey j and MLss Elizabeth Pickarts spent Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. Frank Helle. Rev. McGill. lola, spent Sunday with Ml-, and Mrs; J. E. Nichols and family. ' | • Mr. and Mrs. Ted Peijkins spent Fi-idaj- evening with Mr. and Mrs. Clvde Moss and family, j Mr. and Mrs. Russell Larkey spent Sunday at the C. N. Truster home. , Mrs. Dale Nichols entertained Fri- Thousands ot people afflicted with ! day evenhig for the foUojwing: Miss- bad breath find quick relief tlirough Dr. Edwards Olive Tablets. The pleasant, sugar-coated tablets are taken for bad breath by all who know. Dr. Edwards Olive Tablets act gently but firmly on the bowels and liver, stimulating them to natviral action, clearing the blood and gaitly jPiuif>in5.the entire systeni. They do that which dangerous calomel does without any of the bad after effects. Olive Tablets brings no griping pain or any disagreeable effects. Dr. F. NL Edwards discovered the iformula after 20 years of practice among patients afnicted with bowel and liver complaint, with the attendant bad breath. Olive Tablets are purely a vegetable, pompound; you wp knpw tliem by- their olive color. Take nightly for a week and note the effect.. 15c, 30c 60c es Wilma Ensminger. Ella Beth Nichols. WUma Zimmerman. Gladys Cuppy; Robert Gard, Donald and David Nichols. ' Mrs. E. H. Brown and Wihna Zimmerman speiit Monday! afternoon with Mrs. Frank HeUe. I Mrs. J. E.- Nichols and Jackie scent Friday afternoon with Mrs. F. B. Brenner. lola., C. A. Collins and sons, LeRoy^ Clarence and Jerry spent Saturday with* Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Collins near Humboldt. ' Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Overman and, family spent Sunday eyenlng with Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Sullivan. Mi ?5s Elizabeth Wells. EJugene Zimmerman and <3ieve Wilson, Inde- nendence. .spent the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Brown. Bs2^ Lower and daughter Prud; spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. W. Lower. Humboldt. Harvey Upton and Miss Hazel King of Fredonia spent Sunday with P. A. Sicks and family. Mrs^ J. F. Nigh, Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Miu-dock. lola, and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schmidt were callers at the J. P. Nigh home. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Stickle and Marie spent Simday with Mr. and Mrs. B. N. Bacon and family, Moran. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Bamett and son Billie of Chillicothe, MQ ., spent Wednesday evening with S. E. Wilson,, Mr. and Mrs. ^torvi^a Hodges. . Miss Dorothy Hodges of lola and Virgil Japhet spent Thursday ev^ ing vitb Mr. and Mrs^ Marvin Hodges. ] Sobool Notea—Those having 100% in spelling tpr the past month are: Marie Stickle. Doba IsbeU. Lester HeUe. M4ry Sicks. Stxlrley Nlgb, Harold my, Virginia Nigh, Sbelton Moore, Lois.Truster. Ouen Marie Ollllspie, !H(iward Roy and Donald Nigh mat DoUlo V, Adams, superintendent, was a,vl8ltor at our school Thursday, Jan, 19. ter of Section 11, TowBshipkSO.l^uige 43, Stanton County, Kansas; acid an undivided two-tbdrds interest in one and pne-iialf acres in the Southwest comer of the Southwest Quarter, Section 29, Townsbijp 26, Range 21, Alien County. Kansas: a'nd Lot Nhie (9), hi Block Two (2), City of Elsmore, Allen Coiinty. Kansas; and Ten Feet off of West Side of Lot „ Tliree (3), all of Lot Four (4), Block | Q One (D.'Town of Savonburg, Allen County, Kansas. The said petition will be heard in the probate court room in the court house of Allen Coimty, in the City oi lola, Kansas, on the IStb dayi of Februar>'. 1933, at the hour of 10 o'clock A. M., at which time and place, each of you and all others interested, are notified to be present and show cause, if any, you have, why an order of sale as prayed for should not be granted. NELLIE P. SMITH. Administratrix of the Estate of Frank E. Smith. Kenneth H. Foust, Attorney. Dated at lola, Kansas, the first day of- Februai'y, 1933. (.2) 2-9. ' said real estate will be sold ac- to law. ta satisfy said judg- snt, interest. tasKs then unpaid, ajjid costs,, and judgment rendered forever barring you or any persons clJEiinUng thru or mider you of all " ;t, title and interest therein, and the equity of redemption of said Witness Whereof, I have here- ito signed my name and affixed seal of said Court, this 19th day Jaiuiary, 1933. Attest: (Seal) N. C. KERR, I • Clerk of District Coiul;. C. J. Sloop,. Attorney for Pkiintiff. (1) 19-20 (2) 2. (First PubUshed in The lola Daily Register January 19. 1933.) PUBLICATM^ NOTICE IN THE DISTRICrr COURT OF ALLEN COUNTY, KANSAS. The Union Central Life Insturance Company, a corporation. Plaintiff, vs. "Walter A. Cline. Hazel Cllne, The Peoples State Bank, a corporation, and W. Hi Shultz, Defendants No. 17255 Tm STATE OP KANSAS TO DEPENDANT, W. '• H. SHULTZ, GREETING: You are hereby notified that you have been sued in the District Court of Allen County. Kahsas, in an ac-! tion wherein The Union Central labor-shaU be 35 cents per hour. iFlrst Published in The lola Daily Register January 26, .1933.) State Histaway Commission ofKansas I NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Notice Is hereby given that sealed pijoposals for the construction of rojad and bridge work in Allen Coupty, State of Kansas, said work kiiown- as Project No. 54-36-E 367G Emergency Construction Highway Project, will be received at the office of the County Clerk at lola, Kansas, until nine o'clock A. M., February 14, 1933, and then pub- li<tly opened. rhe net length of road to be constructed or improved is 0.833 miles, and is briefly described ,as follows: Tola west. ! ' Check 1 Required Earthwork & Culverts $300.00 8-30' Deck Girder Spans Sta. 89-1-08 ;500.00 2-10'x8' Mult. Box Spans.' iSta. 110-f86 75.00 Bids will be received for the following divisions of the work: Earthwork and Culverts only; Bridges dtjly; Bids will also be received for any combination of the above. JMinimum wage paid to unskilled •TTT^E can look for an Increase in "the divorce rate. An Ohjo judge has granted a decree to'a wife who had to fight for her share, of the bed covers. * * * A wild animal importer rc» portii a, bull uiarlcot on bcurx at liis Xcw Hninpslui-e farm. But Washington, I>. C, still tops all other spots for monkey business. A cable reports that a Solomon slaud native ."has just paid $1800 for a wife on the installment plan, and will be the rest of his life paying for her." Well, well. Things are pretty much the' same this world over, aren't they? !* * * i New- York lawyers linvo formed nn: organization to advise tcnjuits how to -get out of their leases. To do any business, tlicir fees will Iiavc to bo loss than tho cost of ii sa.YO* . phone. LEGAL to be done may be had by an examination of the plans and specifications on file in the offices of the County Clerk of the county in which the work is located, or at the offices of the State Highway Commission. Plans and specifications may be secured from the State Highway Commission at Topeka for $10 per set.. The State Highway , Commission reserves the'right to reject any and all proposals and to waive technicalities. ' ' . By Order of the State Highway Commission. \ GUY T. HELVERING, Director. January 16, 1933. (1) 26 (2). 2. Life Insurance Company, a corpora- Minimum wage paid to skilled la- tion, is plaintiff, and Walter A. I bdr shall be 50 cents per hour. Cline, et aL are defendants, being No tadivldual employed (except in cause No. 17255 on the docket of executive, administrative and super- said cotu-t, and that you must answer the petition filed In said cause on or before the 4th day of March. 1933, or the aUegatlons thereof will be taken as true and a judgment rendered against you to the effect that there is due said plaintiff ion certain promissory notes and mortgage, as set oiit in said petition, the sum of $1,569.32 with interest (hereon at the rate of 10% per annum from March 1. 1930, until paid; the sum of $ljm.33 with Interest thereon at the rate of 10% per annum from Match 1, 1031, until pal^; (he .<;um of $1,569.32 with interest thereon at the ,rate of 10% per annum from March 1, 1932, until paidl; the sum oi $307,^ with interest thereon at the rate of 10% per an- 1*1 )ry positions) shall be permitted work more than thirty .hours in one week. lum employment of local )r, consistent with reasonable >my of construction, will be re- the employment of labor pref- sball be given, where they qualified, to ex-service men with dcjpendepta. Is must be accompanied bjj a certified or cashier's check a.s shown above, made payable to the Stjatc Highway Commission of Kanas a guarantee that if awarded tbja contract, the bidder will enter inio a contract and give bond as ulred. (ailed information of the work First Published in The lola Daily Register, January 26, 1933.) : PROBATION OF WILL In the . Probate Court of Allen County, Kansas. In the Matter of the Probation of the Will of H W. North, deceased The heh^ of said decedent and all other persons interested in the probation of the will of said decedent, are hereby notified that a verified petition asking that a writing thereto attached claitned to be the last will of said decedent, has been filed in said.: court, and the said CJourt has ordered the witnesses to such will and such other witnesses as any person interested for or against ha"Ing same admitted to probate niay desire, to come before said Court a' the Probate- ODurt Room, at the Court House in lola, AUen C^ounty. Kansas on the 8th day of February- A. D., 1933, at the hour of 10 o'clock a. m. so that Petition may be acted upon. ' i Dated the 5th day of January, 1933. (SEAL) TRAVIS MORSE. Probate Judge of Allen CJounty, (1) 26H2) 2. WANTED—Model T Roadster, must; be in good shape and priced right for cash. Address Box 80, care Register. '_ BUSINESS^SERVICE" Business Service Offered HARNESS' OILED-75C per set: Heigele's Harness aiKl Auto Shop.i 201 South street. lola. '. 12 Wanted—Business Service ALL MAKES of radios repaired; satisfaction guaranteed. W. H. Wood Fine Furglture. 202 S. Jeff. EMPLOYMENT 13 Help Wanted—Female LOCAL AND TRAVELING repre- ' sentatives, salary and expenses. . Mrs. Ros.s_King,_care Register. _ • 15 Situations' Wanted—Female WOMAN. 41, wants ))o.sition as housekeeper. Florence Currv. La- Harpe R. 2. care Hargiove. Phone _ Iola_945F22. • • LIVES ^rOCK 21 Horses, Cattle, Vehicles COWS — Just fresh, and cows to freshen soon. J..C. Butcher, West Street road. JERSEY COW—Extra nice, giving 2 gallons daily, fresh April; trade for horse, hogs or other cattle. _41j__S^Wsshington, LaHarpe. 22 Poultry and Supplies BABY cmCKS— .All leading breeds. Custom Hatching, IV^c per egg. Taylor's Hatchery, 201 South Jefferson, lola. -MERCHANOFSF 24 . Articles For Sale NEW HARNESS PRICES—Reflects the low price of hides. Try us. Shannon Hardware. Phone 29. 2 LARGE INCUBATORS and 1 coal brooder, cheap. Curtis, 10 North Washington. CLASSIFIED RATES OUT OUR WAY By Williams (Effective Jan. 1,1933.) For one liisei'lion, IVic per word. For three or more Insertions, Ic per word per insertion. • Minimum. 26c per order, cash in advance. For special low rates by .the . month, call this office. SWAPPER'S COLUMN BRONZE GOBBLERS —Reference bo.oks for incubators. James Brownrigg, lola R. 2. ANNOUNCEMENTS Auctions AUCTION SALE—Public Auction Tuesday, Februarj' 7. beginning at 10 o'clock, qn the farm 'A mile east and 2 miles north of Carlyle. 3 miles south and % mile •vfe^t of Colony, cattle, hogs, implements, feed, brooder, stand of bees, and nimierous other articles. Terms cash. O. W. Ramey. \_^_^ Strayed, Lost, Fouid STRAYED^potted Guernsey, dehorned, about 800 lbs. H. Qreat- house. ! 27 Feed, Fuel, Fertilizers HAY FOR SALE or trade at 307 East Irwin, lola, Kansas. NO. 1 PRAIRIE HAY—30 tons. 1 mUe west and -'i north La'HaiTe. WOOE^—Green or dry.. $i;50 per rank, delivered. Brownie's. Phone 88. Household Goods' BARGAINS—New and used furniture, stoves, radios, washing machines, etc. Curtis Furhitm-e, 10 North Washington. CHILD'S BED—Wardrobe, and oak dresser. Address P. O. Box 207, lola. Kansas. Musical. Radio SEVERAL yoocl ui;ecl rucjio.^. Ti.rins..' _ Hpiinln}!i;r:i Furniture .siorc 31 Seeds, Plants, Flowers ROOMS FOR RFVT 34 Apartments and Flats FURNISHED APARTMENT—Three: rooms, with pantry, closets, porch-' es, private entrance, modem, close" 1::. Phone 1234. : Real Estate For Rent 37 Houses For Rent COTTAGE—Five rooms, furnished,' modern, garage: reference re-, quired; .\dults. Inquire 222 South' Jefferson. FOR RENT—, good location.- See G. E. Pees. AUTOMOTIVE Au(omobiIea,For Sate SALES . Dependable Used Cars and Trucks ELLIS MOTOR CO. Phone Cash—Trade 301 —Terms HUDSON-ESSEX—Parts ind| Service. Bud •WChite Motor Co., 209 South street. Phone 60.. PONTIAC-BUICK Sales, and Service Guaranteed Used Cars SHELLY MOTOB CO. 214 N. J^erso,n ^ns HOUSE—5 rooms, garage, close in .i Phone 461. HOUSE—6 rooms, modem, furnished if desired. R. M. Cunningham, over Penney's. 5-ROOM modem house, garage, $5;' Other, good houses. V. C. Archert & Co. Phone 304. 5-ROOM MODERN bungalow for rent. 220 South Walnut. Inquire at Van's Bakery. Real Estate For Sale 41 Houses For Sale MODERN SUBURBAN HOMES— With acreage. Sell cheap. Cundy,Gas. SUBURBAN PLACE—4 acres, fenced and cross, fenced. 5-room modem,' good bam, chicken house, 40 fruit? trees. Write Box 81,,The Register, for particulars: ; SUNFLOWER CHICKS — Hatches weekly. See us before you get -i chicks or hatching. Sunflc'.— Hatchery. Bronson. FURNITURE—Consisting of dress- . ers, beds, tables, chairs, sewing » machine, wood or coal G-hole cook stove, heating stove, reznors. 9.xl2 , rugs, congoleum rugs, kitchen • cabinet, and lots of other articles, Dodge touring. 315 S. Chestnut. . USED STOVES and Furniture. Stofe : packed. Hermlnger's Furn Store '. SEEDS—We liavc received our new .sprinif ;-:lili)meut of Uluc Onu>n,i Red Top, Orchard aru-'is, Lespc- dczii. and Clover Snecl:^, priced at" ' now low j^rices. Alien Coimty Im-• picmcnt Co. 43 To Exchang»^Rea] Estate • 4 ; GOOD CITY PROPERTY—Will sell or trade for farm or suburban; 425 North Cottonwood. i

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