Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 31, 1955 · Page 6
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 6

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, October 31, 1955
Page 6
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SIX TIMES. CUMBEKLA.ND, Ml),, MONDAY, OCTOBER 31, 1«55 Dial"i'A-Z-ieOO for a WANT AD Taker County Bond Sales Exceed Two Million Allcgany county resident's liave purchased $2,598.694 in U. S. Savings Bonds the first llircc quarters of the year, Lynn C. ' Lashley, county chairman, said today. • This is $482,627 or S3 per cent more Ilian for the same period of last year. The state of Maryland has achieved 69.54 per cent of its $71,OW.OOO goal for '955. Lashloy stated -that savings bonds offer the best way to combat' inflation and maintain a sound 'dollar, and to promote (he Treasury's sound money program. A special effort is being macli to increase sales of Series E and f bonds, industries and financia organizations are stimulating sales of Savings Bonds, and man; employers are encouraging great cr participation in the payrol savings plan. Numerous com panics will again offer Saving. Bonds as a Christmas bonus. Lashley commended the people of Allegany County for their pur chase of Savings Bonds, and also the many school children who arc buying Savings Stamps through the school savings plan. The quota for Allegany County was set at 53,000,000, of which $2.598,694, ; or 86.6 per cent, has been reached. Total sales in Gar rett County have reached 5244,837 of the $300,000 quota. 'Washington County has sold 85 per cent, or $2,993,248 of the $3,500,000 quota. Design Super Atom Smasher. MINNEAPOLIS - (INS) - Physicists, representing a newly-formed organization of eight midwesl- ern universities are designing a super "atom smasher" which the group plans to build somewhere in thp-midwest. The site 's to be chosen later. . The physicists are from (he Universities .of Minnesota, Illinois, .Iowa. Michigan, Wisconsin, Purdue, Indiana, and Iowa State College. They are members of a design committee of the-Midwestern Universities Research Association (MURA). They plan a giant, proton accelerator about five times as powerful as any now in existence. Costing an estimated 25 million dollars, the new 20 to 30 billion electron volt accelerator is expected to enable MURA to regain a prominent place in the new and important field of high-energy physics, a field of research in which east and west coast groups, have excelled. Small Fry In San Diego To Get Zoo Of flieir Own SAN DIEGO.- Calif.—(INS)—San Diego's small fry will have a 7.00 of Ilicir very'o\vn when a San Diego Zoological Society 7 project is completed next year. . ... Leading architects, artists, child psychologists and zoologists, have spent 18 months In intensive study for the project which is designed especially for children- up lo 10 years of age. The Children's Zoo, to be.bui at a cost of $150,000, raised by pr vale subscription, occupy two-aero site in Balboa Park. The animal hostelry will scaled down to the level of youngster between four and eigl years old with a number of the ex libits sponsored by industrial con cerhs. Structures housing the animal which range from familiar hire to barnyard animals to monkey of various species, will be of 'moc ern design. A specially constructed tank fo sea lions will have windows place in the sides so the children ca watch the playful animals cavor ing underwater. Among the nbycl exhibits be one of parasol ants who ca only rose petals. Children may se these liny creatures as they can 1 about pieces of rose petals abov their heads in parasol fashion, i a specially constructed pavilio equipped with a ^window of magn? fying glass. A' miniature roundhouse theater seating about 200 children, wi present entertainment by anima performers. They include Iraine bird acts and monkeys behavin like humans plus demonstration on how to handle animals. A big. problem that "has face the Zoo's officers and director las been how to achieve the max mum entertainment value for lh children and at the same time pre serve the well-being of. the animals This will be solved, the official feel, by utilizing lessons learne at the San Diego'Zoo, which ha an. international reputation fo promoting longer life among cap jve animals than any other zoo i: .he world. It was learned .there that ani mais, like humans, must be Ireate care and consideration i they are to -remain -heSlthy am contented. The zoo's officials believe tha with proper care for the animals coupled with adequate supervihiu of the youthful visitors, the Chi: dren's Zoo will be a roaring sue cess. The zoo will be strictly off-limits. ,o adults.unless, a youngster con descends and allows a mere grow: up lo .accompany him: A Three Days' Cough Is Your Danger Signal . Crcomulsion relieves promptly because it goes inlo the bronchial system (o help loosen and expel germ laden "phlegm and aid nature, lo soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchia) membranes. For children get milder, faster Crco- 'mulsion for Children in the pint and blue package. Adv. CREOMULSION itlkTCi Coujhi, Uut Colds, Aculi Btonchitu Ainu Cuts Thumb Lloyd Ritchie, 22, of Crcsaptown vas admitted recently lo Sacred [cart Hospital for treatment o deep laceration of his left thumb u'ffered while he was;.sawing wood at-'-his'1iome. -. •:•:.Pledged To Sorority Miss Noi'rna 'Grimes. 313 Footer lace, has been pledged to tin Jeltystmrg (Pa.) College chaptei if Lambda Nu sorority. Mis: Jrimes is a junior at Geltysburg. 'When a Tibetan greets a super or, he slicks'out'his tongue. FOR LOAN INI TRIP plus... LIFE INSURANCE.NO EXTRA COST ON LOANS $300 or LESS *• Phone for loan in one visit- Loan custom-tailored to needs and income. Life insurance, no .extra,cost on loans $300 or less. Phone, write, or come in. Loam up to $1000 oeneftdoi \ FeJi&tm IOC FINANCE CO. ( fei&mal FINANCE cd.) of Cumbvrlofd " ' t : ENTRANCE SO. CENTRE ST. (Take elevator to 2nd Fl.) CUMBERLAND 2nd Fl., Rooms 202-204 • LIBERTY TRUST COMPANY BLDG. Phone: PA 2-0721 • Ask for the,YES MANager OPEN EVENINGS BY APPOINTMENT —PHONE FOR EVENING HOURS Loani marfB lo midenti al all luuounding lawns • The New Bridge is OPEN / Drive out Route 28 and visit pur MODERN SELF-SERVICE MARKET . . . QUALITY at LOW PRICES • Courteous Service . . . Ample Parking Space • Fast Check-Out - The Finest MEATS Anywhere - Sugar 49c: Oleo 5"»95c 95c MAXWEU HOUSE Coffee 1 ;95c NABISCO PREMIUM Sallines 25c HBBY'S Pumpkin 2 Io ;i Cheese; :89c TRIMBLES Kraut 2 ± 25c PILtSBUBY PIE CRUST Mix 2 "^ 25c FREE! Win a 12 Ib. TURKEY . Juit leavi your namo at Owr Meal Dtpt, Drawing Sol., Nov. 19th. U. S, No, 1 Eastern POTATOES '^330 50 * >«. 95c FREE! Win a 4 qt. Mirro-Matic , Pressure Cooker Juil IcavB your nnmo ol Checkout Counton. Drowing Sot,, N';v, 19lh. PURE GROUND •..':.• BEEF PLATE BOILING . . BEEF 2*-35c OPEN TILL 5 P; RALPH FRANTZ JUST A FEW BLOCKS WI DILIVM «IDGEUr,.W. M, WEDNESDAYS , SUPER MARKETS FROM BALTIMORE ST. VA, DIAL Rfdwood 1-95II every him. Rev. Child Needs Parental Aid Rev. Maurice J. Wolfe, archdio- ccsan director of the Junior Holj Name Society, told Ihe 200 persons allending the Holy Name communion breakfast yesterday at SS. Peter and Paul parish hall that children need guidance, from their parenls lo be prepared fo» life. He pointed out lhat in every case of juvenile delinquency lo be referred to him, the one outstanding factor was thai the child lacker the necessary guidance. Juvenile delinquents, he said, do not necessarily come "• from the street, but 90 per cent come from the home. -He said a- parent should nol merely send his child to church Sunday, but should take Lawrence ?. Landrigan, spiritual director • of the Western Maryland Section, asked Ihe invocation. He also pointed out lhat yesterday's event was Ihe.- first communion breakfast to be held by a Holy Name section in the Baltimore Archdiocese. Rev. Francis E. Montgomery, assistant spiritual director ol the section, gave the benediction, and James Coylc, presidenl, was loasl- master. The Christian MqUiers,. assisted by 'students -of Ursuline Academy, served the breakfa:'.. Actress Prefers Making Picliires PARIS-(INS)—Francoise Rosay, France's "grand old lady" of stage and screen, prefers movie studios :o theaters: "It's very simple and prosaic,' she said. "I like to go to bed early and get up early." Motion picture work, she pointed out, required players lo be early isers. "That suits me perfectly," she remarked. "Besides." she continued, "1 like Ihe team spirit that prevails in movie studios." Madame Rosay now 64 years old, las also other reasons why she would rather act before film cam-, eras than in public.' "1 like the atmosphere in the studios, the isolation in which you place yourself to play the part of he character you are portraying. "And there is constant change n cinema work. '.'On the stage, you are tired,of: he monotony of doing the same hing over and over every day. After a 30-day rim; you've had enough." Columbus did not run into a full- scale hurricane until his second voyage to the West Indies, says Trick Or Trail t Girl Scouts Collect Books Members of.20 troops of. Intermediate Girl Scouts will "trick 01 treat" tonight in a drive lo collect magazines and comic books. The magazines will be lakcn lo patients at (he County Homo am County : Ihfirmary, and the comic books will be delivered lo severa childrehrwho are confined to llieii homes due .lo illness. The Scouts also decided at a planning board session to make tray favors for local hospitals. District 1 troops .will make favors for Thanksgiving; District will niakc them for Christmas, anc District 3 will make Easter favors. The. board is also keeping scrapbook of activilics which it plans to send to Legarda Elementary School in Manila, P. I., where there are a number of Girl Scouts. Al Ihe next planning board meet-'' ing. November. 11, the group wi" elect a chairman and secretary. Tax Collections Hil 77 Per Cent More than 77 per cent of the 1955 ax levy has been collected, George i. Davis, city collector, reported oday. - . He said collections'hit the $870, 464.79 mark at the close of. business last Wednesday and that addi- .ional receipts are expected soon Tom- a group of corporation tax bills sent out that day after asscss- nenls were forwarded by Ihe Sfaie 1'ax Commission. The percentage Is actually far better, according to Arthur B. Gibson, city/auditor, since the city las billed. only . about half of its corporation taxes. Corporations are billed throughout Ihe certifications are 'orwarded by the slate. To "date, the city has billed about $144,000 of Ihe estimated $276,000 expected 'rom corporations. At the same date last year, the :ity had billed some $19,000 of corporation taxes, due to earlier 'orwnrding of certifications. Collections would be 83 per cent, ic said, if corporation tax billing schedule were the year. same as 'last Lions Cluh Will Hold, Meeting Wednesday Jliss Jean Camper, supervisor if special education for the'Alle- !any County Board of Education, vill. speak at the weekly meeting of the- Cumberland Lions Club, Vednesday at 12:15 p. in. at Cen- ral YMCA.' Miss Camper's subject will be 'Special Education: The Import nt Fringe." . Friday, the monthly meeting ol he board of directors will be helci I the YMCA, The sports car races leering -committee will meet after lit boartf session. Hiisbtiri ormcr Ared Woman Plane Crash Victim •A'.former local resident.was.o of. five persons killed in a'pli crash ncarHarrisonburg;-.ya'.-, S unlay. : ' •' " ' • lie.was Perry Sanfdrd Marl 25,who moved to the.Pinto ai to, live'about tlic time of his m riago to the former. Shirley Colli daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wes Collins, Pinto. He worked for W ter Yoder, plumber at Pinto sometime before returning to Pa View, a suburb of Harrisonburg His father-in-law is a drlv salesman for Barton's Dairy, am well known in the • community. Besides his'wiie,', Martin .leav two children; one eight months.' and the' plhei\;18 months old. Friends and relatives from t Pinto and Rawlings area who we to ' Harrisunburg yesterday, : sa Mrs. Martin .plans to• have li husband's body interred there, a slie will return'here to reside w: her parents. - A (riple funeral service is p]a nod.Wednesday for three of t five crash.victims. The service w be held in Eastern Mcnnonitc Co egc Chapel for Robert Martin, .i lis wife Mabel (Berkey) Mart ant, his brother, the former loc lari. The body of the pilot and c owner of the plane, Elmer Rhod Berkey, 57, was sent by train ye .erday to his; home in Sherida his. hi :.' lerl Ore. Mrs. Berkey accompani :he body. A service for Samuel B. Kau nan, 27, 'the. fifth * victim, will icld at the Lindsay Funeral Hon n. Harrisonburg, The fatal crash occurred abo p..m. in a farm field on U. 11 two miles north of Harriso burg, shortly after the Iwin-engi Apache plane had taken off fro lie New Market airport, 22 mil north of Harrisonburg. The pla was en route to Shen-Myer airpo at Bridgewaler, seven miles sou of Harrisonburg. The first witness to arrive he scene, W. W. Summers, of Pel Laird, said the plane was bankin .at low altitude.and suddenly we a dive. After it struck. 1 laid, it spun around and burst in lames. Summers dragged out two bo es before the flames gained iiea vay. The others were removed cr the fire had subsided. T\ vere burned beyond recognitio Berkey, a lumberman and sa' mill operator in Sheridan, arrivi Harrisonburg last Wcdnesda vith his wife to visit his mothe Mrs. E. J. Berkey. he National Geographic Society. 15' to 8 'p.' m. iaines Party Tonight \Vomen of the Moose will hold [a'mes party-at the Moose Home oday at 8 p. in. A roast beef sup er is scheduled tomorrow from ¥our Horoscope in llic section in which your birth- ay tomes nnrt find what your outlook is, cconling to llic slars, For Tuesday. November I. 1UJ3 MARCH 21 to APRIL "20 (Aries)—You ,ay have to exercise extra caution in onfidenli;il work, anything where ance l.s imperative. Trades, pjolessions ijjhly favored. APRIL ?l lo MAY 20. (Taurus)—R; re favorable fur a woll-iiliinnetf day; ; rlpfuf in property, financial deals. Gel •ork done promptly and without delay. ;cnll.v relax in leisure time'. MAY 21 io JUNE 21 (Gemini)--This lould be satisfactory day tn many way; with this prospect In mind, nrspot intelligence, wishes and rights t liters and -you'll receive in kind. JUNE 22 to JULY 23 (Cancer)—Avoid ity. Go about tasks calmly and €lently and you lofcsWl possible ilvcrsc criticism from others. Conccn- :aic on -the essentials; aim lo finish •hat you si ad. JULY. 2-1 tn AtJfiUST 22 (Leo)-With u/ficlchl forethought yon can .salvage its somewhat uncertain day to a great tlcnt: Il's worth tryins.' Take full ad- anUfie' of opportunities; you may be AUGUST 23 lo SEPTEMBER 23 (Viro)—There could Iianlly be a more bcne- L- 'outlook for urgent, important lahks. c, natural: act as though-yon know suc- :ss ts 1 on the way—and. U will'be. SEPTEMBER 24 to OCTOBER 23 (Mb- O—Keep usefully occupied, employ thai crsatitc "mind .of yours in working out cw ideas during this ficneralU riod. Sidestep unwise U trite. favorable mplalions OCTOBER 2-1 to NOVEMBER, 22 (Scorpio)—A Rood day lor energetic Scorpions because it is partly resli lug a quiet lumpo for a change. Don'l procrastinate, however, allocate activities properly for best results. .NOVEMBER 23 tn DECEMBER 22 (Sagittarius)—Don't waste time; today is lor doing. If talking is part of your regu ai' work, then don'l contribute mere :hattcr. Remember those who have done ,-ou services in the past. DECEMBER 23 to JANUAIIY'21 (Cap- :orn)—A better day than you may think. Give credit •here it is due. Look- leap" has prevented "before ,\ou many an error. JANUARY 22 to FEBRUARY (Aquarius) — Finish uruent, necessary duties before starting something new. Influences can be helpful if you arc ready to (hinfc and work with despatch. Don't hesitate to say "no" when advisable. FEBRUARY 21 to MARCH 20 (Pisces) —Good things happen to you when you re in tune with your true self—which ou should be.ALWAYS. You have much tlcnt; develop, cultivate it. YOU BORN TODAY possess a variety of talents and capabilities. If you check yourself daily and cultivate your best qualities, you will ascend the ladder- of liccess quickly'and derisively.- You will ilso be hnppy • and have fine friends. Don't, lose opportunities: by being overbearing with others. .You ha- :cption, usion. Use both. You might do exceptionally _ well in statesmanship; as a .t or physician. Birthdntc: Antonio Canova, Italian sculptor. * (Copyright, 1955, - King Features Syndicate, Inc.) Two Mcu Burned In Gas Explosion Two Wellersburg, Pa., me were admitted Lo Memorial Ho pilal recently after being btirni in an explosion which took plai while they were soldering an aut bile gasoline tank. Injured were Curlis Will, and Cecil Lcplcy. 42. Witt, tl mosl seriously burned, sufferc third degree burns of the ncc chest, arms, hands and legs. A laches reported him in "fair condition. Lepley, who was burned aboi the,chest and left 'arm, was r ported in "good" condition, * Jt w'as reported the men wer working in Wilt's garage when tli accident, occurred. No other dam age was reported and no fire ca was reported for that area. Celanese Gets Plastic Pcrmil NEW YORK—Celanese Corpor tion of America has obtained license from Phillips Petroleu; Company pressure lo manufacture polyethylene maleria under the Phillips patents. Last, \veek••>Phillips granted similar license to Union Carbic ic.Carbon Corporaticn. Previous! license had been granted to \\ H. Grace &' Company. Bjorn Andersen, vice-presidei ind general manager of Celanes ?lastics Division, in making lh announcement, stated that th marketing department's progran for diversifying our plastic pn duct lines has progressed to lh point it has become logica .0 manufacture polyethylene resi of tl?c low-pressure type." NATION At BANK M«mbir FitJertil Dipoiil' Iniuront* Corp. •,-.•/'•.•, D Quality Group ToMeetHere The . Western- Maryland v Sub Section' of the American Society for Quality Control.will meet to morrow- at 8 p. in. at All Chan Shrine Country Club.- • ' : The speaker will be'Jariies A Mitchell,"superintendent of De velopment -• and .Control 'Depart ment, 'Cellulose Asters. Division Tennessee Eastman Company. He will speak on" -"Control.-: of the Accuracy and Precision .of Indus trial Tests and Analyses.". Mitchell .was graduated from Tufts College, with. a degree chemical engineering in 1939. After graduation he took a. position will the Eastman Kodak a quality, engineer 'in- ttie .Cine Processing Department.-Hc-servec in that capacity until 1940, when lie became supervisor of contra laboratories and supervisor of quality control and process improvement, . Cellulose -. Ester:. • Division, Tennessee Eastman Company. He held the position until 1952, when lie assumed his presehl duties. .'•.•*•••'.:•-. Report Received On Surplus Food County Roads Supervisor J. Walker Chapman, who has directed :ho distribution of surplus food in Ailcgany'County since the. program jcgan June. 1, 1954, reported to the Board of County. Commissioners asl .week that 701,875 pounds of food, valued at $298,601 had been distributed by September 30, 1955, ~ period of 16 months. The itemized report revealed that 193,813 pounds of butler, 157,257 pounds of cheese, 185,432 Dounds of dried milk, 85,274 pounds of shortening and 80,100 pounds of beef had been allotted to county residents.. The distribution cost to Allegany County was .$21,267.17. The cost 'or distributing each, dollar's worth of food was 7.13 cents. five Suits Filed Two equity suits were filed last veek in Allegany County Circuit Court. The bills of complaint were illed Clara Mae Clark against James K. Clark and Bernice Nelson Miller against Charles Melvin Miller. Cliib Raiders Grab Liquor, Slot Machines SALISBURY -Ml —.'Police sail they would turn ovcr'to.the Slate's attorney slot machines,' whisk) and beer seized .at- five;private clubs. .'';•" -'•'.'." A series of s6-called""inspectioi raids.'li.woro made Saturday nigh and Police Chief William Chathan reported these seizures: American Legion,. Wicomico Posl 64: Three slot machines, a quantity of liquor. . , Veterans.of Foreign Wars, Mouse Post 194: Five slots. East-.Side Men's Club: Quantity of whisky; . .... Citizen's Club: Quantity ol whisky. ' - . • Liquor by, the drink is-illegal ir Salisbury 'and, Wicomico County. The four clubs have a beer license which prohibits hard liquor on the premises. . . $ . • '. ... • At' the Knights of Columbus, Chatham .said""a .quantity of beet ivas found although the. club- lias no beer license. Police said a spokesriian told officers: "We only sell it to members." A total.- of seven. clubs were visited. • ' Bridge Program Interest Grows Robert E. Pence, city, recreation director, reports that the bridge lessons being given by tire deporl- nent are proving popular. -Sixty-seven '-persons have already registered for the Wednesday night classes. Last week's class was conducted jy C: . C.- DeHaven,' 'assisted by Mrs. Frederick Puderbaugh and Thomas Hannon. Also off lo a good start is the department's Women's Recreation Association. Over 30 women attended the opening session last Wednesday at .he Fort Hill High School girls 0'muasium. • ' • Pence said the program includes basketball and volleyball but that other aclivitics will be scheduled. The association \ Wednesday 'from 7 at Fort Hill High. meet each to 9:30 p. Vurse On The Joh BRADLEY, W. Va. -W- Mrs. Ruby Wilitira, a nurse, spotted a doe in labor, and in the same field i Brahma bull coming on the run. •trabbing a board, the nurse fend- id off the bull until help arrived. "he doe delivered two fawns: Itcsidcnt': Charged '.:• >; ' i< With Violating Purolc ;;; Scotl Marvin, of this city, was ar^ rested Saturday and lodged in the county jail to .await a hearing on charges that he violated his paroleT Marvin 'was : sentenced, to 'six months iii •hefoimatoi-y for Males on January 17- on a false pretence charge. The sentence was suspended for two years on condition.that lie make restitulion and be of gcii? eral good behavior. Authorities said. he failed to pay the money involved and did not report to the parole officer as. ordered. The Coiigo River twice the equator. , : : Looking 1 : with Luka New Vicks Wonder-Drug Spray Clears Worst Head-Cold Distress! Leti You Breathe fo, Houn-Almost Ai If rout Cold Had Con.I Helpi Fighl Garm-lnfectlan. New Clinlc-Slyl* Package Work's Ulci ' Doctor'} Atomizer To Spread Medication. Relieve head-cold distress of blocked nose, stuffy huaO— with' Vicks 1 new nasal spray, Mcdi-Mlst. Use the Clinic-Style Atomizer as directed. Feel swollen membranes st;irt to shrink.' Breathe a^ain for hours—ul- 7iinst as if J/° ltr cold Jiaci gone! Helps light germ-Infection with exclusive wonder- druy combination, Cctamium and gramicidin, plus, nnlihisla- tnine. Mcdi-Mist won't sting—children like it. Ky makers of famous Vicks VnooRub. VICKS Medi-Mist NASAL SPRAY For hearing aids caterers ; stationers . or any otlmr nioduct or service you neod for lha homo eft business, look first in tho '-YELLOW PAGES of your Telephone! Directory. Jt is a quick, easy, convoniont way to find almost. anything you want THE CHESAPEAKE t P070MM ' TELEPHONE COMPANY Of BALTIMORE CITY Pay 50c a Week CEDAR CHEST? £ j? ! A' popular, modern IJIond Oak design. Equipped with a self-rising tray, , FROM 38 STYLES AT "LB"! fi ''.''.• .' k^ Start Your Christma* Layaway at.. .

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