Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 28, 1927 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 28, 1927
Page 2
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IBB lOLA DAlLt RgGIgBER.,W MIST ON THE MOUKTJUTfS. r LiKe-Binolcc trom jeweled cauldrons ' > At diawn tbo mistis »rise -::'To-htcle familiar mountains ^-1 Grown usual to our ©yes, As it ^nb'worked in ma^iic I • With veils :pf mystery ' To ^ke ns by denial, •- - fl:^ve eagerness to see. . Tho veils clrilt back In Bliver j . A«rQefl the vas^a of air— . And wo behold, the monotalns : 'We always knew were there. Butcacji time with new wonder ^ . Vfc sde hdghts shining clear Of mists, each time discover- New cause for being here.. —Glen Ward Dreabach. V-r. -• MomentK Mnstral Club Holiday Meeting The holiday meeting of MomcHts - Musical club was heiu jTucaday aft- ermooi^ in the social rooms of the r Baptist temple, which will be the 1.regular meeting place of the club 'hereafter. ••• The meeting wa.s^ prcsiilcd 'Over by the president, Mrs. -A. R. En- fi^dv The program was of -the 'highest type tliroughout and was .ahnounced by Mrs. B.W. llaglund the absence of Miss Joy Hersh- 6erger, chairnftin. Particularly fine -I'were the violin selections by Mrs. LWyd N. Brown who, accompanied by her husband, played "Bourrce - la A Minor" by Uoldblatt. "Vienese iPopnlar Melody'.'- by Krcislcr and ; i^Couatry Dance''/by Victor Kuido, • and Mr. Brown's piano numbers, " ''Plvexslons" by John Alden Carpenter, "Waltz" by Caiopln, "Sheep "anjd Goats" hy Guion and for aa 1 encpre, "Xaiia" by Dellbes-Dohn- . an;i. "Miss Lyndith Geety played "H^irk! Hark! tho Lark" hy Schu- bert-Llszt In place «f a selection fcy Mrs. Walter -Wise who was unable to be preeent. . /"The "Miller's AVoofng" sung I)y ,= lirs. Haglund, Mrs. i Stover, Mrs. - — - Martin, Miss Browh; Mrs. Knfield, I conferred on Miss Isabel Ashfoni Mr »i Billbe, Mrs. Brazeo and Mrs. j Miss Margaret Roberts, Mrs. Sural . Schell a-nd .the sexii-tto number j Bell and Mr. and Mr.«. A. R. Enlield ^Honey Child," by Strickland, sung' Refreshments were served in the Lyman-Hmerton . A "pretty JTVCdvBng at 8 o'clock in the eveni^s Monday. December 26, was thiittiof MI99 Nettie L.yman and Mr. Harley P. Howerton, son of Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Howerton of Wichita, Kansas, In the-holme of >.he. bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Lyman, 416 North Third street, Ida. The Rer. J. W. How-, erton, iMistor of the Methodist Episcopal church of Wynona, Oklahoma, an uncle of the tridegrooni. officiated, using the simple impressive ceremony of that church. After til© ceremony the bride's mother served a three-course dinner to thirty-five near rfelatives atidr; friends. The decorations of the fiotne were In keeping with the holiday season. Mr. and Mrs'. Howerton will be at homo to their friends . at 94.5 South Wichita street, WlchiU, Kansas, after a few days. Both yoiing people are held in high esteem [by a large circle of relativee ancf friends who. join in wishing them a happy and prosperous future. The out-of-town guests at the i wedding-were: Mr.*and Mrs. E. U. Howerton,; Mrs. S. El Burt. Mr- Everett itohrer and Miss Vera Howerton of Wichita; Mr.'and Mrs. E. E. Howerton and Miss Elva Hoxyerfon jof Blue Mound; the Rev. and Mrs: J. W. Howerton and Mr. Walter Howerton of ~ Wynona, Okla.; Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Beaver, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Bower and children, and Mr. Marion Smjth: of La- Harpe; Mr. and Mrs. Ray Myers of Jxme Elm; Mr. C. I. Beaver of Prescot^. Ariz.: and Mr. and Mrs. ij. J. Beaver and children of Kenc- sa^-. Neb. < h . •^ <• • Orrtrr of Enslpm Star Holds Initiutfon A special initiation meeting ol Salem Chaptqr, Order of E.i.stern Star was held night at the .Ma- .sonic Temple when the degree wat ;/rhis car tried to cross a ravine without using the bridge, after the car's steering gear went askew. Aftpr aI)out forty feel of soiiiersaulting and fancy tumbling the* car landed in a cnck. Imt ilw lour passengcrtj weren't hurt. The mishap occurreil ncai- Di^ia.x. T<x. iiiH COLONY Clik'iKtiiiji!! -^'ominmlfjr Xntertahi* I] leat wlthrTnats Hud I^ro(n«iu Draws' Capadty Honie. | TMrs. W. B..Pay ton) COLONY, Dec. 24.—Mr. and MrB. BUI Brooka, who have been in Den- vet. Colo., for sometime, are at hone for a v (ait with their parents, Mr and Mrs. Alviaj Brooks and MrL an( Sirs. Harirji Denton. 3 Ira. Bruce Bowers' is here from La rrence visitlnig ber parents, Mr. am Mrs. Ray Mooire. j)hn Aolzapfel and Mr. and Mrs^ Patl Holzapfel are'here from Kansas City an(| Mr. and Mrs. Lc,ster B. .filler from Lawrence to attend the funeral of their father. P. C. Hplzapfcl. Mrs. Bryan K. Lackey, wh( ^had just, returned to her home at P,educah, afn»r being IIPIQ» for sev iral -weeks, .Avill not coir.p for the funeral.' " Miss Leona'Moor?. wh>i h;is '.leen woriing in a, studio iu Lnvrmcc, is it home for a Chrisf,nii:s \isit. Kprm't O'Harra- drove to rentje Friday and his brother. Raym'>Td, who "is working there, will retii rn with him to spend Cliost- mas D •. Palm drpvc to Laurence to (jirinte home Mtss Esther'and Carl, who arc studcits at K. U.,- for the Chri Btmas holidays. C< lony's second community Chr stmas entertainment drew a cap: city house. Thursday evening at t: le I. O. 0. F. hall, and a pleasing program of vocal and inslfn-. menial music was put on,, the bigli pchfjol orchestra .being Che main NEWSSNTS l'hri.stiuas Services at Ihc fhurch. r «i Draw I.nrpc .ludlcnres— Two ITommeat \Ve«ldlngs TMPsdny Afternoon. "Honey Child," by Strickland, sung' Refreshments were served in the j lU-MUOLMT^ Uec^'iC.^'— Ralpli W «'*wiiJ ?\^n ""1i Mrs. Enfield,, banquet room after the Initiation si,„„k. of Peoria. III., arrived here Jnrs. Billbe, Miss Brown. .Mr.s. Bra- ceremony. ... i zee and Mrs." Schell provided excel- , .> 4, <. yesterday to be a. house puwi i»t lent variety. - Tho other numbers IlosJesics Al Dinner IJrWpo J- J- A'nos ""t'l afl<?«' Were "C^ro mio ben'' by (;jordanaT| Misj, Puulinf Zy8kow;ski ami .Mis.« '"i"' marriage to Miss Mary Louise •?>pjru * lower b>' Campholl Tip-. irene 'iCorr. were at a Amos. The wedding will be held ton 8img-,by drs. P. J Oyler: '.'The ^x^nnc\ bridge last night in thcJTuesday December 27 ^•^tf'::f\^^'STJZ^r'\r'^ Home^oftht former. %14 South i:[rL.*booX of Je^^^^ rl^? wnro i^^n " w \,. '^r^^" <'he«tnut street, each member of . M „.. who has stoppe .1 here for the 'S^w ^"4\^^wH« HJ" II/^l^^^^ their bridge club bringing a guest „a.m fow .lays with relative.-*, left «th - "cJi^-S^. V.„^i!r„f„- . . scores al br«Ige were received by Ooogins and iicr two sons will re«v Wr, ; "'^^.^l ^Miss Dorcas Miller and Miss Ml- main for a short time at the home . :B'ro^^ftrt 'Sngi'nT- by^ i r'-' • i 1^'^ «*"«"' ''^'^ - sung by.Mrs. Enfield. ^ ' The guests were: Missi UuUi poinseftias [and, Christmas grieens, and^he long table" from which a buffet Imncheon was served, was itehted with i red canttles. -Mrs. Kalph .Stover i ian'd Misg Clara Brown poured the coffe© The hostesses were Mrs- Dejic BUlbe, chairman, assisted by Mrs. A. A. Schell, Mrs. jJohn Brajsee,. Miss Clara Brown and Miss Joy Hershberger. - .Fifty associate members were at the meeting. ! * * * Mllne-Wriffht •iMiss Mary Marguerite Milne, -daughter of Mr. and Mra^ T. 'A. SVJUne of WheeWr Heights, IoJa,>and Mr-: Harry Wright of Stillwater^ Oklahoma, were married: Monday evening[a.t 7:30 o'clock, December 2<&i in tqe'hom.e of tho bridegroom's .M'ss Blanthe Byerley of Enid, ^.^^^ Okla., is iiere this week visiting al MisW' Dora 's Mi'lier, MisV 'ciristinc » J'"'-' ^""'^ of her brother, \\'. B. TIPlnrir-li.s Mi-ss Mfilam Tlioroman !Byerley and family. : The rooms were decorated in,S.^-onger. Miss Lutie |Evans,! TIeinrirlis. Miss Miriam Thbroman Ml-ss Wilma Shields, ."iliss Roberta Fronk. Miss Elizabeth Xelson and Miss Marybellc Padgett and the members present were: Jliss Iva Overm.eycr, Miss Hazel Irwin. Miss Darlenc Canatsey, Miss Ruth Roberts and Miss Helen Hennessey: • •:• •:• . rhristmas Dinner Party .\ Christmas dinner party wat held in. the home of Mr. and Mrs J\ H. Foster, 614/South • Walnut street., with their Children. Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Evans, of Bartlesville. and Mr.: and Mrs. Douglas Moore and chllilren, Howard and Harold of Tola,! as guests. Mr. and-'Mrs. Kvaus returned home Monday. . - parenteJAIr. and Mrs. L. W. Wright j Euierlaln At Christmaii Dinner 'tot 40m rest 9th! avenue, Stillwater, I Mr. and Mrs. Charles Farren of ' ;h^..the igstor Of the Presbyterian 1606 South Buckeye street, had a^ «&iir"ch.! Christmas dinner guests, their son >rhe; bride" was attired In a tailor- and.wlfe, Mr. and Mrs. Owen Fared suit'of black wltn wnito pin i**". of,CaidweII. Kansa.s, and Miss stripes. She was graduated from, • Mtf^*" BlaUc and Mr. Roy Stout, of the lola! high school with the clask"- Newton, -of 1924 and attended the lola jun- She has lieen IcHr college one year, prlvat^ secretary jto Dr. ~iieadi of a !Baniioi 'iuin at Olclahoma. iTlie bridegroom l .s a stiidenl at the' Oklahoma Slate Agriculliiral 'College at Stillwat'-r and is a mem- Aor of the ^igma Nu fraieriiUy. -lifr. and' Mrs Wriglil will reside Ji; gtlliwatcc. « <• -Wfdnesda .T k^venfiig llrldgo lllub If^ldn f'hristmaN Pitrly Mr, and .Mr.*!. Fred L. Dentoii en , . tertaincd' the nipnihein iif the Wed- ( Bagby. : ... Suijnly.,.}. jqj-x DAILY ABSTRACT * ' <* Issued from office of lola. "S" •*• Abstract Company * <• « •:• •:• •:• •:• •:• <• ^ •> * December '27. 1927. Warren A. Cnlp et al to KIbcrt L. Huston. Lots "l-2-:i Block 7, 'J'nwn of Savpnhurg. ^$150. Ileiiiy ('. Flower, rci-eii-er for The Sow EnKlnnil Securities Co.. uesdav l-Jveriiiig IJridgo Club, with <" KnosburK Falls KnvinKs Bank & thi) gentlemen sucsls. at j Trust Co., SW'^ of .".•«-2';-21. $1.00. ChVis^njut; p:irty last night in thel Shipping Board hc ^ne lit 7.18 EHSI street. • diner was .nerved at 7 o'clock , auid at Itrldgc Mrs. U. l'. Fry anV Mi. L. .\. Glftli received tirizcs. There wei'q diiinor covers foH: Mt. and Mrs. I,ec Noftzgcr, Mi" niia ..Mrs. PiiUl Rceil. Mr. and .Mrs - Fcank McCarthy. Mr. and Mrs. L N.; Gish, Mr. and -Mrs. R. U. Fr.v Mr. nnH. Mrs. Mel Fronk. -Miss Margaret "Smith, Mr. Douglas Scbom- "rriis and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Den•• toc.^' ' . • : • • •> . ^ -Enlcrlnhi At ('hiistnuLs DInncf ' Wr; and Mrs. Charles Funk" and family had as Christmas dinnei guests Monday, evening: Mr. and.. Mrs. Foster Funk, and Mr. Leroy , Ayers, of LaHarpe; Mrs. Beulah K Tunk. of Council Grove; Mr. Claude ; Stewart and daughters. Misses Tidulsp aiid Roberta Stewart, of Colorado Springs; Miss Liulah Ayprsi. of "Hutchinson; Miss Flor- en^w Funk and Mr. Paul Ayers, of Manhattan, and t^fiss Irene Melton • I'awday- DWaer Unests - Mr. Claiide Stewart; and daughter?^ Miss Louise Stewart and Miss Rolierta ^ .Stewart, of Colorado -Springs, were dinner guests of Mr • and Mrs. C. B. Crick -and family last lileht. .-••.," I • . • • <> . AtfenBS Weddlnp "i Miss Joy Hershberger of 104i FEaSt Moiiroe street was a guest ' ye ^'rdaf ;"at the i )iarriage of Mtas "^NsHe'Hainm iajid' Mr. A. J. Triie- Ulo^tvifrj^fih mis 8^ the .President Oix>llds«:.Jms- sent'to OoagroK tbe name. ^jC Albert BeatpsC frbore) ofiJCttuas a« mo* eeisorlo Oonmilsluoner yr.'^s.'WIU .yrbo ^resigned inriil tbe l7 .-fi:'J5bip> ^^rd.ia -wbat I9 reported a« C5r-r'«-T.52ti -1.—1. 1 *« ^ rtep ia * ^neral abaeop. The wedding of Miss .N'ell Humm of this city and Mr. .V. J. Trueblood, principal of Humboldt high .school, will be hold Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 at the .M. E. Church. Dr. 0. L. Ortcn will comiuct the < eremony. The Christmas .service.? held at the churches were excellent and were atteude-i liy larger aud!e:ioe.s tin'.n u;ual- llie anuual f.'hrist- liias nroKram v,as given -it Christian church Friday ni^ht. 'Hie and Lutheran .••::i(r,^'"ie.s held tlieir svi-vices on Sati"day eve;r.ri^. St. Joseph's Catholic tliurcU held Ui:;h mass niv Sit!idi.y inornir'n. beg:iming just -at 12 p. I!). A children's progrniu was g;von at tlic Prcsbyteria-.i Chcrch .Siincay night. Tr.f Alumni Association of !Ium- hol !t high school will give its annual CliristniHs party Wii ^nes-lay nUht. Dec. 2.V. Cards and dinging wili.Iie th*. diycrslons. Ofticcrj fcr 11,1^ tnsulng v'.ar will be eh>cte:l. iniMBOLDT.' Dec. 27.—The wedding of (Miss .Mary. Liouisc Amos, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Amos of Hnm'holdt and tttr. Raphael Bertram Shook of Peoria. 1II..?| was held today at|2:30 p. m. at the! J. J. Amos home. The servfcc was .biegun with two charming soprano soio<» by Miss Amarida Wulf. Im- mediatel.v afterwards as Mrs. E. H. Leitzbach played, the Wedding March by McndelRsohn, the bridal procession entered I Ae east living room of IhjB home -jvlcre the ceremony was performed. The'bridal party was headed hy the Rev. J. W, Horn. D. D.. who was followed by (he bridegroom and his attendant, Mr; Milton Amos. Fo.llowing these were Uic two bridesmaids, .Miss Margaret Amos and Miss Allda nraiicl(cr. Then the bride entered, accompanied by her father. Mr. .f. J. Amos. The Rev. Mr. Hoi n of- fiiiatcd with the Episcoialian 8crvi <-e. Following the ceremony a buffet luncheon was serve<l to thirty invited guests. Mr. aifd *Mr8. Shook left this fiftemoon for a wedding trip Including Kansas City, Chicago and other fclties. They will he at home in about two weeks at 1.10G. North Madison street, Peoria. Illinois. Mrs-. Shook, was a Humlbdldt resident'all her life until she attended Kansas university at Lawrehce. -After her graduation, there she taught: in high school for three years. She is well known and popular here. Mr. Shook is a young man of excellent standing in his home town, Peoria. Illinois. Miss Nellie Hamm. 'daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. W..Hamm of this city, was united in «i^arriage toda.« at .•?::!'» pi III. Willi .Mr. A. J. Truc- blood. principal of Humboldt high school. The tiii.'uriage was solemnized iu the .Uetliodiijt Episco- p;il i-liiircb wi.'Ji Dr. O. L. Orlou officiiitins. The bridal party lou- sisted of Hie 'liridn .TUd her bridesmaid. .Miss Kathleen lianiui, and the brid'^prooni and his licit man, .Mr. I.. -M. Coniiis of I'ittsbuvg, K.iiiK. .Mrs. (>. ('. .Payne sang. "I l.«ve You Truly." preceding Wag- n"r's • Weiiding .March, vdaved by IMrs. .Mary !>. Slater. Dr. Ortoii then read the marria.!;c .service. Following tlic ceremony .Mrs. Payne again sang. Ali .">:!"• p. 111. a dinner was served to invited guests at the J. \V. Ilaniin residence north of town. .Mr. and Mrs. Trueblood left this evening fcir a shcrt trip whicli will includoSt. Louis, .Mo., as the principal destiu'Sltion. They will return Saturday to make their liome at. the J. H. Andrews home on North 12th street. .Mrs. Trueblood is a Humboldt girl, having lived here all her life. She Is a graduate of Washburn collcRe and has taught two .veais iu the city schools. • She is well liked here, and has many friends. Mr. Trueblood, formerly of l>;iliarpe. Kans., has >beeu principal of HumboWt high school for the last four years and has provcl himjself to be not onlv competent hut also popular. L. M. Collins of the Pittsburg Teachers college faculty, arrived i in Humboldt today ioi officiate as best man for .Mr. Triioblood in his marriage to Miss Hamm. Mr. Collins holds the position as Dean of men a^ the college, and also is a teacher of sociology. .Miss Jo.v Her>.-hbcrger of lola motored to Humboldt today as. a guest . at the Hamm-Trueblood wedding. Mrs. A. A. Miller of lola was a visitor at the home of her daughter, Mrs. E. A. Brauchcr. U>er w.^<ioimherce,>.wldcb-promoted tbe .entertainment, maile a short talk, appropriate to > the occasion, | feahir%{>f tli«-r«V6iInfc J. H.:B^^ WMie from" ntt|bnrs ^i^v nettJJp»jfi ('<:l «iI*?oai»toI-the,cbam-ldroye hoine-with them for a ^bbrt visit Miss Pern Scott • came FS 'iday evening from Wichita for anfover after wblcb old Santa, made his ap-[Christmas visit with her paints. I pearance,: to delight .the children. I Mr. and-Mrs. A. V. Scott. ' A very .bountiful treat'of candy bad I Deane Blanlrenhagen camJ! up been .provided but the number' of' from lola Sunday evening for a 'sacks came near not -being enough; short visit at the home of': his for all' the big crowd."-Any children who were missed were re- mefmbefed the next day, by those in charge of this part of the evening's entertainment. '.Sir. and Mrs; R. M. .McCoughey grandmother, Mrs. Laura Line6ack. Ant one Payton and Duard Murray came. Friday evening -from.} Wichita for an over Christmas^visit • Wit'h their parents, Mr. and !^lrs. j ,•, W. E. Payton and Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs.- J. P. Turner 'aad son Jack arc spending tbe holiday' season here. *: I.Mr, and .Mrs. W. B. Ossebfaeck M WAY TO STOP HTS —Wonderful results are reported b}r iSpilepsy bolonies using a new^ remedy that- stops the most stubborn- cases of Epileptic • fits-, or spasms and is not balbit forming. Any reader who sends name .to Phenoleptoi Co.. Dept. 4S5 -A, Sox 71, St. .Johns Place Station. Brojok- lyh, N .'y.iWil! receive a frea "booklet explaliting this new gyqranteed treatment Write' them today. The annual Bermuda tennis champioiu-hip,_ Which always attracts a number of American players, will bo held at Hamilton beginning Febriiary 20. QuesHon: Vfhy is emulti- iied codAiaer oil so very lielp* hd in ridceto? Atmoer: Becauseit is more perfectly assimilated and more efficiently helps the body utilize the natural lime in foods 4ad milk, jifecessaiy to inake strong hones., Giya scoTTs muism Wt ^nYou Feel a Geld h-Prooen Merit since J899^ drove to Olathe the first of the;Frank Murray, week on account of the critical Miss Wuanita Bertholf has Jieen illness of Mr. McCoughe.v's father, here from Lawrence visitingi her Mrs. McCoughey rrefurned home | grandfather. Lafe Mason, ^and Wednesday but Sir; McCoughey j brother, Harry Bertholf. ' stayed with his father; whose death ! Miss Rhea Brooks, Jeff Brooks is expected at any tinie. (and Clyde Hamilton drove to Kan• COLONY. Dec. 27.—Herman ; 9M City Monday for a short J -isit Scott and Don Smith, who work ?t I With friends. I Independence, returned there Moh- iday. after a week-end spent with jhome folks. Dr. and Mr.s. Jolin Cburtright, , , , , of Kansas City and Mr. and Mrs. and children from WellsviUe-and Boy Denney and chlldi-on of Wich-p'r. and Mrs. John Borton Mnd ita are here for a Christmas visit' daughter from ^Kansas City T^ere, with their parentis, Mr. and Mrs. Christmas guests of their pars;:ts, Frank Deniiey and other relatives. ^ ^"'7^' . Alton Speece was up from Cha-| VpSr^S^^^ nute Sunday and ate Christmas ^^^^ ^ dinner wiai his parents, Mr. and „ j, ^hvimtirdi and I their oAer Mrs. Frank Speece. | daughter. Mrs. Ed' -Metcalf ,md '.Mr. and Mrs; Chais. Tonkin and (family, completed their family eir- little son from Denver. Colo., and i dc for Chrisfcmas dinner. v. Willard Tonkin from Wichita arej : / guests of theic parents, Mr. and, George Washington has bten Mrs. C. N. Tonkin. .cren^rally accepted as the patpon Mr. and Mrs. George Denton and saint of American chess men fend liWIe Marjoric drove down from on Feliruarv 22 each year a p.vta- Paola Christmas day to vi.«it their, mid tourney is held in nearly evijiry I parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chan Den-; State for the State charapionshiijf ton.and Mr. and Mrs.' Hans Joens. —•—• '—•— t Mr. and Mrs, Chan Denton, Miss —Wanted to Buy: Clean light Pattl Denton here from Wichita, colored rags .at the Register.* >On"*Piiim*«*»^ Pteei *iTnberci*)8to|| held in tbe I ^cn Memorial ^uiliBflgtn, by representatlTOS-i? iiH Tuberculosis AMOc^t for the cllnlc;^"<be C to 4 p. m.. An> pointment at the-; tit communicate with/ Mar\-iH. R. N"., Speiifiil during the-Week "pr or the clinic TW*n to the public belne- tirely by the siile Seals each DecembeR:| Mosher oT lola Is chali Allen County TnbeTcntd ation. Address Mtss Mar^ In pare General Uellvprv TnT* V r"** ' Delivery, lolt^: 111 IV^ JackMii

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