The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 8, 1958 · Page 13
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 13

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Monday, December 8, 1958
Page 13
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ANNII «WSLL PLACfB, *Ht MUST HAVE A NICE ONE, EH? IT'S A HOVtL, PLEW PlWt *» EVER NOttce fN A OTY HOW A CASTLEON ONE STREET W«V ftg SBPARffTED Btf ONiy A FLIMSY WALL FROM A SLUM ON THE8H?8BT 8RHIND IT? MBA* HWB? YES, MY CMLD. JOfft AROUND THi CORNER HSU. KILL. HIMSBU* Hit MlfiHT Kill. LCtt (f PBOPIS ON me (jsotwp TUG AIKPLXW B6NT6P IN M NAME/ -THATU. BEAT? WEU. CM9H6* INTO erry HALL/ PH6NEPA4EANP SAID TH6 WHSLg VW3M.P VNOl/LD HEAR. Of HIM TODAY/ WHATWA* TUB PHONE r TIAL* ANP RSNTEP APUNCATA CIVILIAN AIRWKT VNCVA Mir NAAW MARY WORTH ALL RIGHT, DDVl...n.L<JOBACK HOW'DYOULIKETOGO TO HOLLYWOOD AND BE I M/NEW PICTURE?! HOME.'... AND WE'LL—WRITE TO ANWffHy,siojiu miSCIlLA'S POP-By Al Vtrmttr TEACHER OAVE US AN HOUR TO DO 20 PROBLEMS -AND ->• n (MlJs^^E ^ FIRST ONE: SOT THE OTHER RIGHT? GOSH, POR I DIDN'T HAVE TIME FOR ALL THOSE! OUR BOARDINO_HOUSE-W!fh Major Hoppl* SS^itiSil TH6 6ILL5 AR&^AM>S^^1 OUT OUR WAY-By J. R. Williams •MOW PCAR1D MV HEART ARE THB SCKWES Of MV CHILPHOOP'—WHEM PONP RECOLLECTION POEftMT BRIMS TDMVVIEW AW OLP IRON BUCKET, A ' MOW IT WAS UNCLE: AMD /UV VASE, I'LL HAGGLED LIKE GYPSIES Itf THE VASE WHSM A FEW OFTH05& DEALER OBSERVED I USED SOAP AMD THAT X WOULD NOT I WATER TO F(?E E- PRESIDENTIAL 6e BLUFFED HE- ' FINGER/AMD VOL) SAV PICTURES FOR WAS (3UICKTO ADMIT TH6 VASE- VJASAGIFT; v ME/WOIRS.' GRAND JlGSAVJ.' CARNIVAL-By Dick Turner TIZZY-By Katt Osann "By George, you're right, Pangborn. He HAS got the eye on the wrong ear!" 9 IMK If MA ttnim. fc» T*. *%• W* ** OB. Wan! Ads Have Bargains "What kind of a hot rod U this? I'm freezing!" IT PAYS TO READ THE CLASSIFIED ADS Many U. S. privately o w n e d j Some industrial workers can en- ships on the high seas today C ar- ! dure temperatures up to 500 de- ry a Warrant and Naval Reserve ' ^ ree3 Fahrenheit for two or tlu-ee Flag. These are ships whose Mas-i' UUmle5 at a timc ter and 50 per cent of her licens- j January is a summw month in ed officers are commissioned in, Chile, but it is also a month in the U. S. Naval Reserve. And;which this southernmost part ol ship and men could be quickly South Amercia is exposed to some of the world's stormiest weatker. vou YAH i^ATti^TOEL. , usENTfl j HAN:^WE AN^iai^Y ; nr AtNfft AUSTIN (Mtrm.) HtKAtD Monday, D«e. 8, 1938 ATTlMBSrtAU.t PICK YOU UPTO GO TO THI TOODUI MS821 WflDRMATtONON) TW»UPROJICT W6Uf WORKING QMTHANrCANi Eft SO NOW HI'S Mf LPIN* >***>r WHAT* tHB yOU WITH VOUR MOMiWOKKT »PMS ABOUT. . ROVANCS ARCHII . ^ . THE JUOGE9 ARK YOU GOING TO .<&, SIT ON THE err ON >. STAGE THE STAGE?? ) STUNT NIQHT/ ^ ARCHIE/ JUST W.C.V DON'T TRV TO RUN KVBRVTHING/ t THjt"T.MIj_ PlHST^IITUNT S»» WTW AN ACT /^. LOANBPBy CM» UNCIE CAStWf JUDD SAXON-By Ken Bald and Jerry Brondftold ^HOWOOSE \ WB TMOUftHT WE HAD fT \NOtftAP S YOU JUST HAP ' ARB VOUfA—LlM TX* BATCfTBUT 1 KM W»Tt. *t-s^.,~_..> ^^ (T HAD A BAD AN7 A LOT OF RECIPES HAVE SONE THROUGH HERE, TOO. IN'-SPACE TRAVEL, 'ALL THE IMPORTANT FOOP BLBMENT5 MCL 06 CONCCNTRATEP IN6MAU UNITS. PUTS >OUIMA STUPOR. THAT'S TH6 PR00UM WSMU*T LICK' 'ttSCUIT OVEN', EH, PR. WRlSHTf MORTY MEEKLE HE MUST HAVE QLHTEALINE OILL* HANGING ON EVERY WORD. HEtt BEEN TALKINOTO HER ALL NIGHT... ANOflHBKAflNT THAT GUytS BEEN MONOPOUnNOOIU. ALL NOT.' HE'S PROB'LY JUST HERE COMES MR OOP ON HIS HEV.VOU aUY5,WHATS M3UR l VENTURE T9AYA SERIOUS FALLEN INTO/ ...HE'LL BE DINOSAUR/ I POKT TH'VMDRP HXSHNE69 AT LEAST THERE BELIEVE HIS I A BOG OR HIGHNESS 4. SUMPIN AljONS TIME NOW, CONTVOU FRET WASH TUBBS ELLKNf yOU WCAN you HAP THB CfSU*r TO 5CNO FOR H£K WITHOUT W/ HB* UNCLE Id IW TOOCP ORIBPS THI5 JAIU.PBKHAP> FOR[ CpUtPftT HAV* 50MB TIMS. THEV V HAPPtWiP AT K WOULP-J/B PUT HBU VWO**B TlMfi IN A COUMTV HOW61 MOTHflC I»W'T A«HAMP BUT VOU CAW'T TOMS) HARMON I ELLEM MILL ARRIVE AT NOON TO SBB YOU 1 BUGS BUNNY NO, BUT PER A BOCK JUST KILO UP THAT SI6N T PASSlN ' CARS . .. 8OUNO T' STOP! THANKS FOR STOPPINK5, OL' FWIENP! POVOU I^NOW SOMETHIMS ABOUT WOTOPS? ( SWEAT ! ) IT'S f WORTH FRECKLES SORRT, ^.AJLARD—BUT THIS IS FUN/ / MY FEET ARE FROZEM STIFF/ LETS Jusrsnr) NO. OVE* HERE OMTHE J NO, I MUST SAY *Vt 60TTW MC9T SHORT RIBS SCARE NOO?. VJOOLOMT 6REAT AT A WBATEf JACOBY'S BRIDGE *AK10» •W*ST 4107 V432 • 10053 • 9843 East «Ad West vute«r«bl« 4KJ* VAQJ1CI •Al? *6J socrtn AAB54 IV 1* Pan 24 Pan 2N.T. Pan 4 4 . Pass Pas* Pass Opening lead— V 4 87 OSWALD JACOBY v Written lor NBA Henrici Tod«y'« h«nd was played by Henry Auilander of Pittsburgh 'who writes: "Both my partner and I h»d bid our full V»IUM and the four . spade eon- tract was doubtful to My the least. "But took his ace of hearts and continued with the queen. I won with my l?lnd and played the four of spades. West played the seven and I had my first problem. Who held the king of spades? I finally decided that East did so I played dummy's nine. "Cast won with the Jack and led another heart which I trumped In dummy. Now I had my second and last problem. Was Cast left with the singleton king of spades or the klng- deuoe? "I had a llttls help in making this decision. West was an old opponent who nerer wouM wast* a seven spot when he could play a deuce. Hence Kast surely held the deuce of spades. I led dummy's queen; East covered with the king; my ace smothered West's ten and my eight was good. I still had to lose to the ace of diamonds, but that did sot matter." Gay-Cozy-Easy By LAUHA YVHEfXEB Tots adore tUU ••pet-tho-pup" quilt! U«« solid color for dog, prtat for perky bow-tie. Gey. warm, easy) Two applique patches. Psttarn 088: charts, direction, pattern of patches, ysrdwe* tor youth tied, crib cover. Ideal for pillow*, too. Send Thirty . five Cents (oolas) for this ptttern — add S sent* for each pattern for 1st - class mailing. Bead to tbe Austin Dally Herald, Needlecraft Dept.. p. O. Bo* Itt. Old Chelsea K'.atlou, New York 11, N. T. Print Mainly PATTERN NU&9CB. NAMC, AJJDBE88 and aONE/^^ ^ A NEW 1948 Laura Wheeler Needle- cr»H Book. JUST OUT. |IM lovely de*lins to order: embroidery, erocuat. kuittiug, weaving, quilting, toys. lu the book, a special eurprUe to make a little girl &*ppy — a cut-out doll. riothoe to color. Send K oe&U for thU book. Cotton constitute* nearly fourths of all fiber u«ed in (bt Uiuted States. Wool and rayoa ra«k

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