Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 31, 1955 · Page 5
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 5

Cumberland, Maryland
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Monday, October 31, 1955
Page 5
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II $>• 55 • A nd Tri-S tate ,A r ea - (5X;/:Ey«ningTiinw, .Monday^ October. 31,; 1955,;. K E Y s E;R <^i^f Attack yictirii' In Baitihior^ Commission Prpposes Junior College System BALTIMORE., H) '- A special governor's commission has urged :he establishment of' a system: tt unior colleges throughput, the " to cushion-an'"impact of al- nost unbelievable proportions" in :ollege enrollments expected by the (909-1970 -school year.'- i The proposal calls for two-year .•olleges in Baltimore,- Baltimore County, Montgomery CoUnty, "possibly'. 1 ' Anne- Aruhdel< at "appropriate.centers".in South jrn Maryland,' Western : Marylanc and on the Eastern' Shore. Financial .support for the junior ;olleges would come from tuition die student's home county (01 Baltimore city) and from State aid Some' students' would complete the offered at the desty, college president; Lillian C junior institutions, then go on to a University for the other two years Some would take only .two years satisfying requirements for ce'rtaii technical' or semi - professional courses' of learning, Part time Basis Courses .would also be available on a part • time basis for . adults and recent high school graduates who have, taken jobs: The commission rejected the suggested- establishment of an undergraduate branch of the University of Maryland in'Baltimore city. The- commission -found that -college enrollments are.'expected to double from 20,000 students in 195263 to'40,000 students' in 1969-1970. It also found 'that the 'total' number of undergraduate, graduate, evening and parf'time students in Maryland will increase from nearly 40,000 in approxi malcly 75,000 in 1969-i970. Maryland's colleges face ."the "staggering task of doubling plant facilities"- to meet (he demand, said the commission. It added-that private .'institutions would, .of Luc'retia Groves. West Main Street course, do their, part, but the State must "assume the major'responsi- bility.". The study showed that the colleges right now could absorb 3,000 of the 25,900 additional students ex- pected'to enroll 15 years.from now in all. phases of college ; work.. It showed that existing expansion plans could take carc^of another 7.000.. The commission estimated a total ot 52'i million dollars would have to be spent on facilities to take cjre of the other J5.000 students. •Headed By Pullcn The commission was headed by Dr Thomas G. Pullcn Jr., State 100! superintendent."and 'Includ. Recital Features Dedication New Organ At College FROSTBURG-Tho-new .elect™ organ presented to Frostburg State Teachers College by the Alumn Association was dedicated yester day at a program highlighted by a recital by Joseph L.- Deny. Miss Kathryn Laughliri, presi dent .of the, alumni unit, preside! and. invocation was ! by .Robert Jones.- . Guests introduced .by Miss Laughlin' included R. Bowen Har Comp'ton, Janicj Reid, Miss Datha Thomas, Miss Dorothy Stone White, "Charles I. Sager. Rober Reynolds, Mrs. Raymond Spilznas and Miss Margaret Hamilton. Presentation of the organ key was made by Miss Datha Thomas and accepted on behalf of the college by Hardesly.. . . Brief Mention Dr. and Mrs. Harry Teter re. turne'd from Exeter, N. H., where they visited their son, • Harrj Teter, a student at Philips Exeter Academy. Confessions will be heard today trom 7:30 to 8:30 p. m. at St. Michael's Catholic-Cjhurch. Mrs.' Robert Stevenson and infant son, 117 Spring -Street, are home from Sacred Heart Hospital, Cumberland. ,The Sodality of Church hold St. Michael's a Halloween party in the parish • hall today, beginning at 8 p. m. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Hildreth and family returned to Detroil after, visiting her mother, Mrs. f representatives of four private colleges, three Slate institutions and the Baltimore city school system. ' ' ' . Gov. McKcldin formed the commission in 1953 alter a proposal for a University ot Maryland undergraduate school in Baltimore in• cited interest planning. The proposal came from the late Dr. William.-H. .Lcmrael. superintendent of public instruction in Baltimore. Presidents of six Maryland private colleges replied with a request for , an- intensive study of higher education needs. The commission dispensed with the .suggestion thai an undergraduate branch of the University be established in Baltimore with remarks indicating that existing educational institutions, private and public, could take care of the needs ot the Baltimore area. Endorsement Noted The decision 'was endorsed by Dr. Wilbur Devilbiss, University of Maryland 'representative on thi commission at the time of the study, but. now president of Salisbury Slate Teachers' College". Dr. Wilson H. Elkins, president o( the University of Maryland, said Dr. Devilbiss : was speaking for himself, and was-not giving the view'point of ElkinS" administration nor of the board of regents. Dr.' Elfcins said jhc University has taken no official stand on the matter but may resume, a study of the proposal for an undergraduate school in Baltimore, which was begun but stopped when the Pullcn commission began working. Other commission recommendations, included.:. .' . 1. Establishment,of State, scholarships for' financially needy but gifted, students ..who could take-any .a bachelor's degree in any accredited-college, public or private, in Maryland. 2. Appointment of a- permanent advisory commission to carry., on the work of tho Pullen Commission". Flood Prelection Unit To Meet Wednesday ' FROSTBURG, — ;Thc' Georges Creek FJood Protection Association will meet Wednesday-at 9 p. m. at the City Hall here,..according to Charles Si Harvey; president. € hc meeting has been called,' ;vcy said, to discuss progress of the flood damage survey which has. been going : on for several months; : ..-.;-. ~ .•..•'••'. -• .... Donna Bishields, ML. Savage; Lane Campbell, RD 1; Debra Ann Snyder, 212 West Main Strcel; Sichard Hove. Midlothian; Bertha Mire, Cumberland: Ina Lee Donius, i 2; Thomas Blair, 176 Washington Street; Mildred Kop'per, 161 ^cCulloh Street, and Mae James, 10 Standish Street, recent patients n Miners Hospital,, have returned to their homes. Miss Eleanor McLane, Arling on, Va., spent the weekend with icr '•• sisici, Miss Anna McLane, West Main Street. Mrs. Robert Resh and daughter, of Grantsvillc, and Mrs. Earl Kyle and daughter. Ixmaconing, returned home from Miners Hospital. The Mt. Pleasant Street Neigh, borhopd'Ghib will meet Wednesday"SV 8'p.. m. al the, home ot Mrs. Margaret Kelly, 67 Mt. Plea's- ant Street. Charles Rafferty, 23 Bowery Street, is a medical patient in Miners Hospital. Girl Scouts Plan Public Ceremony PIEDMONT-The founding of Girl Scouting will be observed a( a public ceremony tomorrow at 7:30 p. m. at Piedmont Presbyterian Church by the Girl Scout Lone Troop Association. The date marks -the birthday of Juliette Lowe,, founder ot Girl Scouting. Brownies will "fly up" to intermediates, and seniors and lenders will be invested at the ceremony. Senior Scouts who have completed the required work in the five-point program of Girl Scouts receive pins. will be the first group of local girls to receive these awards. ' Marriage Licenses Issued At Oakland Harold Clintoh Martin, 21, machinist, Sabraton, W. Va., and Al- grctla Trowbridgc, 20. Morgantown, W. Va. Mclvin William Pcnnington, 21. carpenter,- Bayard, Va., and Elizabeth Catherine Swick, IS,' of Petersburg, W. Va. Kenneth' Ray McCoy, 21, and Eileen Grace. Kelley, 19, both of Falrchance, Pa. Paul Vernon Richardson, 24, salesman, and Patricia Ann Mo- ha"r, 19,, both Uniontown, Pa. Howard Raymond Johnson, 22, trucker, Hibbs, Pa., and Patricia Ann Lecorchick, 18, Fairbank, Pa. Rolley Keith Watkins, 25. mechanic's, helper, and. Marlene Dex- ter'Bryan, 18, both Elyria, 0. NAAGP-F ;egratioii CHARLESTON, 'W,..ya....,Wi The •: National- Associatibi).. for the Advancement' of Colored ,People has filed- a third suit v in. Federal Court seeking the immediate 'enc of racial segregation'in .the^ public schools of a.West Virginia" .counly. The . new action . .contends ;the Raleigh County Bo'ar.d; of .Education-has ho real plan'.forjhtegrating therXahd j n its schools. In Cou: ly accepted the recommendation by Federal ; Judge Ben'.Mooris ;tKa( it start integration' at the .'end'o'f the current semester, on Jan: 18. Suit-Yet To Be. Heard.. Another suit against., the. Mercer County Board.of Education has not been.heard yet. the police'./S'a'id robbery: wa i a similar suit, the Greenbrier probably not'a'inqtlve, since, Rhin inly Board of Education recent- had'$28 in his.pocket when he wa The Raleigh Counly,b'_oar"d..prigi nally started. out to integrate the schools, in seven communities, this fall. The plan was cancelled, however, when residents, protested this would be' discriminating; against Ihem..,'.. '''.'• . ... ".. The board recently voted to integrate first, second and third .grades on a county-wide basis' in' the school year which will start in the fall of 1956." ' .,/. . Termed. Unsatisfactory The'NAACP called-this-unsatisfactory. T. G. ,'Nuller, president .of^ the NAACP.'s West''Virginia, branch, said his organization took the-stand in its.suit that the Raleigh..County Board of Education has "no plans whatsoever!' for complete integration. ....'.- ••-.'West .Virginia education .author!lies took, steps to integrate white and Negro students in .the State schools of higher learning soon after .the Supreme : .Court ruling against segregation-, in- ; "May of 1954. At the .same time (hey gave . . . ... • Rhine' is an : A"rmy veteran, "di charged abbul'-lwo years agif^attc serving two years 'in Germany.' -H is "employed., at the Baltinior shipyards,- ahd is married;'— Hi father is a Baltirrfore t'Ohiii' RUL road employe' in'- 'Baltimore.! '• N&igkborjGiven / Credit For Saving t-fm Fire ahead and - work out • integration plans at their own discretion. Fire Destroys Coketon Home THOMAS'—An eight-room;' two- story.frame"house at near-by-Coke- tonvyas'destroyed yesterday by a ire of undetermined origin, -according to Arthur Kight, chief of the Thomas Volunteer Fire Company. - . -The fire. Chief Kight said, .started about 9 a. m. and \vas-.out of control by" the lime i the company arrived at the scene.'-' .'-'•The. home, was occupied-by- Mr. mil 'Mrs..' Jiirjson DeWalt and their hrec children.' The' Details'- told 'iremen all their belongings'were ,ost in the blaze which gutted the luliding. DeWalt carried no in- iurance, firemen added: Firemen were able to keep thejGlmrcli Unit'Plains . blaze .from spreading to other!- - •• — •- '--~- -' ••* dwellings/'] ;. •' -*•'•'•' v the' DeWalls are "'slaying 7 ' ricnds.antl relatives.'-'•"•'" '- .' 'John H.' Rhine- "halive of Fr.os.i burg why Jias^rc'slcled in Balijtnbr about' teh'years, : is' ; reported |H.."sc.i ious '•'c6nditioh ; Tn • a hospital )ttxf after' being fouria "iinconscious^dp- pa'r'cntly from' S'-' slugging. i|,' . . Baltimore a'iithwitics arc iiive'st gating the slugging possibility, a though they have'.' been unable I question Rhine- as he has: bee in : a'- semi-consciqus condition' sine being found ••!%• an alley. »Rhin sustained a (raptured 1 skull, jj .Rhine, '24, is v a.son of Mr. an Mrs. -John. Rhine',^ Baltimore. Th family resided,in Lonaconing prio to mflving to .Baltimore, and. th young man. ha,s.. visited frequentl found. .— The''] action jpf, neighbor who; "servft '. as a one man' "bucket ; brigade" has been credited with'lsaving the home o Mr.'".aiid Mrs! Hudson Peer, Slanes •ille; from b"ei'ng''deslrbyed by fin iatur'day nighL '.''"' Chief Henry Powell of the Rom ney" Volunteer Firie Company sail ah alarm was p"jf6ned : jii;ati l_0..p- v m arid 'that the tla'zi waii -anf-by -.Uie time rireme'ri-arrived^at .the.sejiu: 'Chief Poweir"cfedited the work of'tt'6 unidentified neighbor with saving the building.;; "He-. ,dous«d the Tire with bfickets ef. water -from a p'ond near' the' home',"; Powel illow the last 'mass. 1 .Wednesday, All-Souls Day,.mass- s will be offered at 6:30, 7 and 8 . m. Confessions will be heard Thursay from 5 to 6 p. m. and 7 to ,3 . m. for the -.first'- Friday. Cqm- lunion will 'be distributed Friday t 6 a. m. and. mass,cele- rate'd at 7 &.. .m., followed by enediclion. -' '.,. . The Sodalitx ..will receive, com- tunion at the 7 a. m. -mass: Sun- ay. . ' •:,-••• ...' ... '.'. The fire caused about $300 -damage-'to one room, burning-walls and' ceiling. 'It apparently, starlet in' an old stone ch1mr«ey.. which hat been, boarded ..iip, Bremen- said local, school boards go The Peer family, was; not at hprni when the blaze was";, discovered Chief Powell said. - .....;•,'-.: , v : Opera Scheduled- I . ..;'-,'• B y College Uni t s FROSTBURG^CharlB .1. .Sagef head..-. of. tlm^.ilusic .'rJepartment anti:r^Iiss Dorothy Stone White lead of the Departmehf o'f'Drama of. Frostburg.' Stale f fathers- Col ege, announced that" 1 the group A-ill be Josephine Kompahek,' so on November. 17 and '18 in Comp ton Hall. "'•'''.' The . operas; 1 are.- ' The Telephone, ' >y. Gion Carlo Menotl/and'^'D'oiy'n In- the Vallejr'iKVJjy Kurt "wciir*; •- 'JTeatured in: the first productioi will :be Josephine KpnipfcSf so irano. vocal inslmctor at.:Alleganj ^igh School,- ' and Sager, baritone In the second production, college students will be 'featured. •YAUW Group Set Activities For Year FROSTI3URG - The Fro'slburg- leorges Creek Brarich/AAUW, met recently "a( the home of Miss Agnes T. IlowaU Bcall's Lane'.-Plans were made for activities for the year. The music group will 'participate n the .lighting of the community Christmas tree and will sponsor a concert in. the spring. ". Members were asked to partici-; >ate in affairs of otlfor-music and arts groups-of .the area'..' ' ' Service Friday Nighl--. ''FROSTBURG,'.— The i-FroVjbur! Council .of .Church .Women- .wil sponsor a World, Community Doj service - Friday, al 7:30 p. m. a First. Methodist Church, . , - .. The speaker,will b« Miss Janici Wickles, Frederick, ^who. will: tel of the Germani,work camps.-sht visited l?st .,,summcr. The 'work camps will be--recipients : bf ''Par- ccls ; For p eacq,",il was announced The antafcHc _ continent covers six million .square miles, almosl as much as the'United States-am Europe cornbinjed. Special This Week! 1952PONTIAC Chieftain Dlx. 2 Door $975 Green Chev. Co, Phone 200 ' Frostburg OPEN EVENINGS NOTICE PALACE THEATRE To Savings Depositors .-.- Six Months' 'Interest, to ; October"isf - ..-.'. Has Been Credited to '?••••"•' -••:• -••'••••• ';Y6ur Account . : : ^:.,7: Please bring your Savings Account Paubook to th* lank for entry of ' of this interest.... INSURED? ".The cost of replatirigymiV^'l home^'is' i just about twice whik it.w»s':.'! Ip years agoi'txaniihifyoif [' I ! fire protection '(ofu'^r Kp.t ;.'-j . after the fire-r^and. find out.'j-1 ( -'if:you're only half insured. ' " ' . "IT'SiXLWXYS FAIR •; : WIEATrjIR"Vv'. '"'' ' ' LYRIC THEATRE . MONDAY •'•* TUMMY"' -'.•'-. "THE MAD MAGICIAN" JAMES F. DELANEY .". 51 Orrnond Sf?«t KS R, R. KUYKENDALL ; ^ 'lr*4dock *Raa<i/i' .•.•;•,'.';'• .'! PArkvte* -M'lM""- HDIMI OfCOJIT INJl/MWCI COWOMrtON , JBt^ctar MT. SAVAGi^Ti)Cj'A"uxii5ry"of, t;-Gcorge's EpIs'caiAf'Chufcll 'will :*nsor' a' bazaar jiijidhcsday' eve- iiigi'in 1 the. Parish [roll. A. feature f the affair will^fp buffet lun; tiedn served froft'lfjBf 7 p.m. ' .Jliss Margaret^Unj' is chairman f the dining roeStoj'. Miss Erma Jill, fancy bool)i'SM,rs. Harrfctt Thoerig, candy ta&wj'/JIp;. Maude lorrison, homemafd«F/6'akea;goods: *— . - fc-n— * — -.ii .Ktt-^ 1 . .'country -'"'- .the Irsi'-Kilgpre tore, :orc, and' Mrs. Mary. Ko'ohfz,-,!;',^%;*; ; :-:i; Rflnr^TkUMMftB."^ "* i -.'. I'". Harvey'Wa!sh'^^(iib;}ia'crbe?ri :: il ?• imnrovinff:^^!^^;^"' i-»?.'i'' Mr. and Mrg.v.Mattho.^ .-.Gamp- returned' i J[rpm .'A. Baltjrno'ce ''' ell here they visited ' aughter-in-law, ^ ohn Campbell, and,- their' " "•Mrs. aw and daughter, Mrr.a"nd;!iMrs ( Vallacc Duckworth. : ~^'-, Miss_Jo Ann.;3!et!d;.returH|d.'.. to iethesda aftef_v,is'iting"ne'r parents, If.:and Mrs.-Thomas Reed:- . .Francis Uhl, Baltimore,, spent 16:'weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur,Uhl. .>:*•'.•' Glmrch T< MT. SAVAGE— The feast "of- All nd ; a. m:, and benediction .will 'anticipation Of Corps, n Legion Parade 'Cited PIEDMONT .-: The, Drum .and ugle Corps of ."Keliy^Man'sfield ost '52, American. Legion, which iok part in the';parade at the na= onal American'Legiorf.'convention n' Florida, was complimented -in 'letter'from Chester Phillips, re- en.tly : elected 'commander 'of the egion's 'West Virginia Department. ; - ; " • ' 'It said iri part, 1 "You have a ne..'organization which added nuch to the West "Virginia" dele- ation in the para'de.'>•.•• '- '•••' i ;,!'.;„.; Mmi Fatally '- -"• Eduaitor Group Airs F or ^ CottegelMbScliool > - -\ J*v -TV. -, , , O 1 ; ' "'• '* •• ' —George Henry llokc Jr.; of-nock. Oak, Hardy county,! died yesterday' In s Winchester,! (Va,:). 1 Memorial Hospital'of-a self- inflicted gunshot wound.• . Sgt.i'R. E/'.Schnell' and .Trooper C. II'. Phillips of the local. State Police detachment, who investigated, said Hoke shot himself in the right temple with a..German automatic, pistol following a family l argument late Saturday night. Hok'c was found lying in the back yard of his home by his.wife.'Mrs. Mary (Fryo) Hoke, who'heard the shot some 10 or 15 minutes after Hoke left the house following. a quarrel, the officers said. Mrs. Hoke called an ambulance at Augusta, about 12 "miles from the Hoke home, and the ..ictim was taken to Winchester, where he died without regaining conscious- iCSS. ' V -The investigating • officers said Hoke had returned t'o, his home Saturday from' Arlington, Va.. where he.-is employed.. '. . -.Sometime after 10 o'clock he picked up'.the automatic and walked out the. back 'door of : the house'. He was 'a son 'oTGeprge-'.H. and Louise Hoke,'Rock ,0ak. ; Surviving, besides hjs widow arid a jits will be...observed; tomorrow parents, "are. three children, Betty t St. 'Patrick's Catholic Church'. Ann, Virginia' Louise and George fasses will, be celebrated at -5:30 Hoke; and a brother, Ervin Hote, all 1 at home. „ 'The body will remain at the residence until-1 p. m. tomorrow when it will be taken to Asbury Church for services at 2 p. m. by Rev. Lawrence Helsley and Rev. Herman .Freeland. Interment _will be in the church cemetery'. Wife To Join Husband At Base In Germany ". .EROSI-BURG—Mrs. Lowell. Williams, East Main Street, the former Miss Marjorie Hosken. .daughter of. Mrs. G. Kear Hosken, will fly., from New York Thurday .to. join her husband in Germany. He is in the medical detachment .of the 66th. Tank. Battalion. ' .The couple, will reside in Obcr- slien.. . : : -Sirs.'Williams had been employed In. the office of Maurice's Department store. Masquerade Dance FROSTBURG — A public masquerade' dance will be held tpday at 8 p. m. at St. Michael's'Hall. Prize's will be awarded and refreshments served. FROSTBURO — .Two State Dt? partmcnt of Education officials, • \Y. Theodore Boston, •<. supervisor of [cachcr and higher' education,' and Mrs. Grace A. Dorsey, supervisor of elementary education, were consultants at a: meeting Friday of the supervising:' rih(l 'student teachers of Hie -FrbstbUrg'.- Stale Teachers Col- kge Lab Schooi.'al' which the,grou'p discussed plans 'being made for. a new laboratory school at the' college. . . •<.;.;• ••"• • The meeting, was one of a series to outline objectives of the • pro* posed school. • These objectives,, it was pointed "out; . determine ; the plant and equipment needed for Midlothian Road.,y.: Children attending the Laboratory School 'will, he dismissed, one afternoon ;each'.'jmonth (o enable teachers to attend meetings; • Boston and James Raid, head of the building.-program for the state, were consultants : at the initjal meeting held.Oast .month. Registration . Set For Surplus F.ood WESTERNPOKT - Registration for tile distribution of federal surplus food in December will be conducted at the Devon Club; Luke, Mrs. Virginia"- : \Yiltison, chairman. Scouters To Meet WESTERNPORT — Tri-Towns District Scouters will meet. tomorrow at 7:30 p. m. at the Odd. Fellow's Hall. ' There are traces' of the .'earth's atmosphere 600 miles above sea level. • ' .; .. ,ost. Blue parakeet; •" answers to. "Mike." 104 Wood ' St. Frostburg, Phone 222. .' . ' . . |- RADIATORS ^~ Removed Repaired .-' Recored ,= DON'S Radiator Shop 208 Meehonk SI. • ' Fioitburg ' .PHONE 7s$-V .;; Cliib Hears Talk On Jury Duties . •.WESTERNPORT-Ju'dge Ernest A. .See,'. Kcyscr,' was. the speaker at' a-' recent dinner meeting of the Westernport and Luke Lions Club'e social rooms of Ml. Calvary ..utheran Church. ".The ..duties 'of a grand jury and low-, that-, body .functions was ex- ila'ined by Judge See. ., The, club approved a donation to- the flood relief project of Piedmont., the amount to be decided by.'thi Aboard of directors. Youth Hurt Sledding lome From Hospital -FROSTBURG — Howard Ziler; 6-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ziler, National, has returned home from Children's Hospital, ialtimore, where he had been a patient five months. 'Ziler Was 'injured in a sledding accident near his home two weeks )eforc"last Christmas. : For', Sale: Oil-Gas stove; Cedar ined maple wardrobe with mirror door. Phone 'Frostburg 1103-J-2 ' : - • • Adv. Oct. N-T-31-Nov-l-J ; ...DANCE... November 11, 9-1:00 At The Clary Club Music by iht Aristocrats • 'Tickets may be purchoitd from ": - • Sab Hoh'tng't • . •• Dtan'i Jewelry . • Or -at the' door ; BENEFIT BEALL HIGH BAND Thi* . od court*iy Bob Hohing •.--.--• ' - ••• •-. • YOUR /LAYING HENS ' will do their best on The Rocco Program Rocco Feeds '.' »( W.ll Virginio, Inc. MOOREFIELD, W, Vo. Phone 85 or 181 don't and this winter Discover the miracle of \\ NOT THIS ^. ORDINARY HEATERS ttl yew heal 1 mMfofftonyou ,. to * • to of 1) «p ye* th m Myl Yc poy for h««l yw K ill fe u •! Enjoy Warm Floors! Heof "frcve/s" irb every 1 room without costly furnace^ pipes or registers to install I ; If-your rooms ana 1 floors are ao even with the gas turned off! cold, you shiver:and. shake all Saves up to half the fuel! Give* winter—you'll-sa-y Siegler's you up to twice the heat! It* new "Traveling.Heat" is a heavy, cast iron construction miracle—a miracle ..of comfort! 1 ''gives constant, even heat and You'll never ajain/have to" lasts a lifetime. The finish i» worry about the children play- porcelain fused to the metal — I ing on cold, drafty floors— : riot just'.baked on paint! It because the new.'Siegler. GU-. won't'discolor or flake off I And Heater gives you'warm floors! • .the Siegler is »o silent—only You 11 never again have to. live' the warmth you enjoy telli you in'l or 2 rooms all .winter—.'.it's.running! . because the new-Siegler actii- No other home heiter offeri ally "travels" warm, even heat ' the comfort, safety and health to every room in your home.'" 'for your' family you get with • In every way, Siegler is the'- Siegler. See a SiegUr G»i finest Gas Home"Healer you;'. Home'Heater today! Tht can buy! It heats like magicf- . Siegler Corp., Centralia, 111. MONEY BACK GUAKANTtf GAS HOME HEATERS "with the Patented Heat Tubes" LAYMAN'S HARDWARE 540 r-ptr-"—' Frostburg, Md.

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