The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 13, 1933 · Page 14
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 14

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 13, 1933
Page 14
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L . ..« n ' I .•r L I. 1 . r • I THE BAKERSF1ELD CALiFORNiA-N^FRjiDAY, JAN - - \ ' t *X* 'I* - r -. * '•; * i SM3, 1053 • . r. \ • . t Special Announcements ^^V ^^ - ^^ - ^^^ ^^. ^^m^ ^^- ^^—^ ^^—^ ^^^_ ^^^_ ^^^^ ^^^ CAHD PARTY 0 \U/0 V 0 Tuesday Nlffht, January 17 PRIZES— REFRESHMENTS Public Invited ADMISSION, 36 CENTS AUTOMOBILE TAINTING AND WINDER. BODY WORK Oft SUM B«t our price*. AH wwh iwnnntpM. Bine JUbbon Garage, lUniom Brothers. J01G Nineteenth itrect, _ M* SPECIAL reduced ratee. Loam jazz plan* J'J leiions, Xo scales or eierctnes. Watcrmnn School, iota Nineteenth itwet Phone- 114 for appointment. For Rent—Houses k^k^k^k^^^ft^da^dihd^^a^di^^B^a^>k^^h^k4^^^^^B^^l^^k^ ^^^Q^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^F^f^^^^^r^^^^^f^^r^^^^^^^F^^^^^^^^^^^^^^f LOVELY furnished, flvo rooms, with garage. Two blocks from high and grammar school. 191ft Orange street. For For Sale—Automobiles d— Strayed 144 UOST — Between Los Angeles atid Fresno, January 11, brown leather . hat box, blnck suitcase. For reward N communicate with Mary 1". Benson. 149 North Fulton street, Fresno, or phone 3H67S. _ 144 IiOST— A police tlog. $5.00 reward. Call El hotel laundry department. l,f>8T— FVmtle tlos, put police. Nam* Loo." Reward. 1408 Monterey. Pergpnals T W1U« NOT bo reipomlblo for any debtt contracted by anyone but myself. HI mod, Mrj. Perth* Kuddfck Thorn ai. 14." 141 radio, ncreen t Merit, strictly anatwr, to joint Little The&ter moremont branch chapter. now forming here. Tf interested In Joining this ntorement. phono Mr. Kron. Southern hotel, fur appointment, Friday. Saturday and Sunday. Financial ?6.50 PKR 5100 FOR t TEAR (NO BROKERAGE—NO BONUS) Minimum Insurance at Board Unto« Investigate and Be Convinced CONSUMERS CREDIT CO. A Reliable Coast-Wide Institution o Haberfelde Arcade Bldg. Phono 1053 158 FLOYD DUNIiAP 1523 20th Street. Phono 391. 16S Business Opportunities WANTED*—I*dy partner In well piylnc., growing builnwi. J1300 u-lll handle a retl opportunity. Addren Boy POT. The CtllfomUn. WIUU HKLL the (J>T>r»ia CottiRo Camp Resort, rllht In Monterey, ono block frotu post offlrt, <7fiOO cull mil handle. Addreii owner. DISTRIBUTE!!—New, lemfction&l money-maker. Mutt appoint and mantte. Very little money needed. Call Mr. iloff. Southern hotel. Help Wanted—Male ^ ^ ^ ^ - ^ ^ ^fc ^fc ^fc ^m ^fc ^^ ^^ ^fc ^^^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^^^^^^n a^^*^^^^*^^*^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^'^^"^^^^^^ ^ • * WANTED—IMstrict mtniger. atio salesmen and talcsladlti. No Inreitment HIelily rrmunera- tlre. Call Saturday. 6 till 4: Sunday D to 12. Motel, apartment 28. 144 SINGLE and double apartment, trlth sleeping porch. Close In. Now renting for $18.00 and 133.50. The Bharland. SSflO Q street. Phone B8S. 103 FOR RENT—Pmninhed apartment. $1*. Call at 2100 Seventeenth itreet. 144 HJCU13 it is. a clean, cozy, convenient apartment, three rooms, bath, screen porch, and garage. Number 1625 Thirteenth street. 144 NICELY furnished apartment in court with garage. Reduced rates, Call 627 Chester avenue. 143 iPor Rcnt-—Farm Land FOR MINT—Chicken ranch de luxe, four acres of best toll In t Kern county. Q-rootn modern houie, own Dumping plant. Land all concrntO'plped. Latest model chicken houses to house 1000 chickens. Juit outside city limits. $30. by the month, or $25 on year IOMO. Howard Nichols, Ino.. 1500 Nineteenth. 1-11-tf For^ Sale-^Improvcd'Property IN CA8A LOMA A CUBS. fi-nOOM HOUSE FOB SAT.E WITH 500 YOUNO WHITE I-EOnOHN CHICKENS. 8KB H. F. ftMITH. PHOMS 118. 1725 CmCBTBH AVENUK. 144 WANTED—Wo have clients wishing furnished and unfurnished houses and apartment*. List your properties with us for quick rentals. II. B. Hake, 1G23 Twentieth street. Phone 391. 144 ONE fi-n<KM ANT> ONE 0-HOOM HOUSE ON ACIU5 TRACTS. IN CASA LOMA ACTIF.9. KABY TBRMR. HEE J1. 1". SMITH. 3723' CHEBTEU AYBNUB. PJtONH 118. 14i trOR SALE—G acres. Improved, with 3-room house, family orchard, chicken equipment, Htrawberrlos, good well and pump. All for $2500. Elmer F. Kurpo. Phono 210. 1B17 Eighteenth street. 1-5-tf For Sale-*Improved Farms RANCH of 7GO acres for lea«» In Boutli Fork valley, rhnno C. C. MrCray, 077-J. 14fl 6 ACRES, good land, with pumplngr plant, west of Ilivervlew, for sale at bargain price. Ask to see- it. H. K Hake, 1523 Twentieth street. Phone 301. ; 144 BKFOHK you buy that farm, se« our listing! of farms, 30 acrei up to 230. Mortgage company B»J-I fifll for first mortxaffe, on oasy termi. Howard Nlcholi, Inc.. IBOn Nlnetceiith. 1-lB-tf riVB ACHES, all or part. B-room house, thicken hnuios. pumplna plant, frea ditch water, for cnih. rmrtli houie loutli of Brundai* on Oak. 493D-.T. Monroe. 144 1933 1931 3029 1D32 Chov, coupe 7000 in 11 eg, $405. Chev. coach, now rubber, 3395. Chov, coupes, ready to go, 1185. Plymouth sedan, 8 w. w., |496. 1930 OakVd Bpt. coupe, 6 w. w.. $396. 1930 Biilck standard coupe, $485. 1920 Chrysler 75 sport coupe, $295. 1931 Ford de luxe roadster, $295. TOP PIUCES PAID FOR AUTOS Chester at 24th. Phone 5828 IBS USED CARS FROM A DEPENDABLE DEALER 1982 Do Soto coupe, $200 down. 1931 Dodge 10-wheel truck, $300 down. 1930 Ford coupe, rumble seat, $100 down. 1931 De Soto sedan, $175 down. 1931 Ford sedan, $125 down. 1031 De Soto 8 sedan, $125 down. BAKERSPIELD GARAGE USED CAR LOT Next to Fox Theater Twentieth nt G. Phone 2288 For Sale—Miscellaneous PFIEFPEK & KNAPP'S WASHING MACHINE SERVICE Service on all makes. New and used ,washers at big bargains. 1001 street. Phone 4132-W. 158 OAK WOOD, til ilBei and length*, for •nd itoTea. Ouarhnteed quttltr, and dellrery. Mewi' lee Dollvery. Pliona prompt 1808. 161 f wider Ttont Baker. 15S AUTO painting, 119.50 to 125; body and work. Prices right Auto repairing, Paint and lUoalr Shop, California and Phone 8071-W. FOR 8AL&~<}ood piano for small balance due. Moil any term*. Tor Inspection prMloie write Jack Miller, adjuster, 830 South XktHon War. Los Angelea. 144 ALFALFA seed. 98 per cent pur*. Slightly discolored by September rain, otherwlie* first class need. lOe pound. Gerro, Rout* 0. Wlblo lload, Bakerifleld. 105 100 TONS good alfalfa hay in stack, 18.00 per ton; U tons haled oat hay, IS.00 per ton. In- qutre Pliley Bros.. WMCO. IIP FOR SALE)—A-l baled dairy hay. Call E. Sauza, 2520 L street. Phone 2353-W. 167 FOR SALE—Two glass showcases, cheap. 1801 Nllea street. Phone 2314. 113 ALL KIN1JB of well rooted and healthy berry plants. Phone 8701-J-ll before 8 a. m. and after 4 p. m. John Penfo. FruItTaJo. 144 FOH SALE—Three-disc Molina tlnl-Tlller tractor plow* with extra equipment. Heavy duty hone rolliii with pa*Is. Large gas bucket with llile. Litrga funnel. Hclli wire netting, three feet high. Large metal adjustable pump pulley. S738 Lake a tract. SPECIAL—Saturday only, mattresses renovated and rebuilt, $1.50. One- day service.' Phono 4175. v ForJ^e--M^ 4 30-INCH oak. Jfl.OO tier! Eucalyptus,- Ifl.SO tUrj cotton wood. $3.25 tier; block wood, $8.00 tlerj 13-Inch oak wood, $4.00 tier; cotton wood. $3.75 tter: block wood, $3.75 tier. 470 Washington arenue. OUdalg. Plione 8388. 148 FOH SALE—UndenftMd portable typewriter, condition. Phone 2155-K. FruH and FANCY mountain potatoes, $1.35 a sack. At Borchtolds. 330 East Nineteenth street. • Poultr and Po ultry and Livesjtock ^ FHESU clean caw, large team voriti, 2-yew-old pinto stud. Truck, tractor or team wotk done. Brewer's Dairy. Phone evenings 239(MV. 144 V^nt)^ WANTED—Small aoroa'go with house and barn for far.cotts. Alfalfa desirable, J. B. Nlchol- lon, Houle 9, Box 167-A. Bikersfltld. 145 Legal Notices Wanted to Buy-Miscellaneous Wanted to Buy-Miscellaneoufl WANTED TO BUY— About four ttool tables, one snooker, one billlarn, MUBt be in good condition, reasonable, with terms. Inquire 1226 Nineteenth street between 1 and 6 p. m. . WANTED to buy, good second -hand saddles* Paul Hornung, 1606 Nineteenth street. • '144 Legal Notices SEMI-ANNUAL REPORT OF THE PUBLIC ADMINISTRATOR OF THE COUNTY OF KERN A \\~ELL-BnOKi; gfliitle pinto saddle horso for •ale. Phono 1098-W. _ 146 NOW booklnjr orders for mammoth bronze baby turkeyi. Do not delay. VUoe your order* nmr for early poults. Alao lorne oil burning incubators, fleet rfo brooder i and breeding Totni for •ale. Tatei Turkey Banch. Shifter. Calif. M5 * HANSON atraln L« (thorn rooaUrs, ^*htte llotki and Rhode Island 3U<ts for lale. Citl S7S8-R-2. _ _ ^ 144 COLORRD heni, 22 (*ent< a pound; colored fryor*, t 22 cent! a pound: white hens, two for 05 cents; Mallard ducks, 00 centi each. Druacd. drawn and delivered frw. Phone 4036. 81)05 K atreet. ______ _ 141 FOR SALE — Seven good work mules with harness. Price right. Perrel- Arvln Ranches, Route 1, Box 106, Arvln. Phone Arvln 41-J-12, To the Honorable Clerk of the Superior Court of the County of Kern, State of California: ' --„„*'*'• N. C. Houze, the Public Administrator of the County of Kern, State of California, respectfully makes his return to all estates of decedents which have come Into his hands; the value of same; the money which has come Into his hands from such estates; what has been done with It; his fees ana expenses Incurred -In each estate, and the balance, If any, remaining in his hands during the six months of his term of office, commencing' with July Ut, 1032/and ending with December 31st, 1032, same being In accordance with the Provisions of Section 1730, of the Code of Civil Proceeduro of the State of California. Appraised Value 350.00 316.23 32.18 For Help 'Wan Female KANSAS CITY residence, best location. Eight rooms, entirely modern. Modern parngo. Close In, very desirable. Will exchange for California clear property, vacant preferred. Write MrH. Alberto Davis, 104 Wood Htreet, Tftft. Calif. 146 TKXA8 ranch, flno valley farm, good cllmatn, clear deed. Will exchange for clear California farm or rhlffcen ranch. Call 932 or write Mr*. U fihflfflcld. 2023 California aTenue, Uaktn- fleld. Calif. 11)31 Ford coupe, ?32G. 1931 Ford sedan, ?375. 1031 l^-ssex tjoupb, 1270. 1931 Kord truck, $39G. 1»32 Ford pickup delivery, ?48G. Three Fords, your choice, for 125. .0,9 8ALB—Ilotpolnt elortrlc rnngc, alio laying hens. Tlilrd houio on left aide of Oak street, south of Brunei age Lano. 143 UNION Poultry Market. 200 North Chester nrenuo. 1'hone 4035. Fryers. 31 rents pound: licni, 17 cenU pound; ducks, 17 qents pound; pUeoni. fix for $1,00. Wa buy poultry. Free fleUrery. ^^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^«^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ HA n HIT fryers, 40 cents each; two for 75 cents. We buy ribbtt iklns. Q502 1C street, north of Bouthorn P«clflo tracks. * USED CAR IX)T Sixteenth and Chester Phone 116 (Opposite Courthouse) 158 VTANTED — Houifktiper. In motherless home. Ono- thtrd mile cut of W*ico. Route 1. Box 233. _ 113 Help 'Wan ted— Agents AGENT WANTED — Bicellent or port unity to eatib- llih yourtelf la bu linen, comfortable llrlnz from start. Future tucceu uiured. Vfo help you oitablfih your business. Article Btiple. All-year teller. Abiolute neeeisltr. big reorder line, no rtik, fully BU want ecU ny manufacturer. Distributor requires $250.00 to stock merchandise for district coniumptlon. Orerliead atrmwt nil. Kohn &. Kerllle. 1600 Bush street. Son Francisco^ _ _^ ••^^^h^^^^^^^^BHV^^^B^M^^^^H^^^^^i^PWV^i^^^HMB^^^^M^^^^^^^B^PVa r Situ atj on s Wan ted— Mak BOT want In B education will exchange work before and after school hours In exchange for room and board. Telephone 3427-M. _ 1» YOUNG married man must haro ivork. Anylhlnc Local references. Telephone 2294 -R. . 145 Situations CAPABLE, refined woman, Mth bar. deelret housekeepbig In motherless home or for couple employed. Bef erences . Wi U co anyirhero. l*hone 1689-M. 143 T1XADB my $1275.00 equity In small chicken ranch for E°od used car. Cows or team of horiei. Write Box 385, The Callfornlan. 143 1029 De Soto de luxe roadster, |296. 1929 Chevrolet roadster, $175. J92B Naah standard sedan, $85, 1928 Essex coupe, new paint, $125. 1929 Ford sport roadster, 6 wire wheels and trunk rack, $175. 1931 De Soto do luxe coupe, $450. 1930 Nash coupe, $235. 1409 18th St. Phone 831. 158 Automotive' Service "WANT high speed worm and Bear for 1930 ton and one-half Ford truck, will trade or sell low speed worm and gear same model, McMahan's Furniture Co. Phone 681. 144 For Sale—Furniture 3-PIECB Valour overstuffed i«, like new. $25: 2-plectt tapestry let, $23.00; Q-plec* reed set, SIS. Illgh-oven gas range. $7.00. Davis ITurnl- turo Exchange. 2105 Cliejler avenua. 144 NKW 40-pound mattresses, $3.45. Oak dressers as low as $4.75. Hardwood kitchen chairs, SGc. IVAN L. HA MM Phone 341 1100 Eighteenth Street 1C8 BIBLICAL QUESTION For Sale or Lease—Oil Land R a di o , Musical Instruments FOR SALE—30 aerei proinectlTe oil land, aectlon 3(1, 82i-25e, Kern county. Mrs. C. Hoyt, 088 Van Ncsa avenue South, Ban Franclico, Calif. I For Sale—Automobiles ^_^b_^^_^^-_^i^_^^-^b ^^^^f^^^^^^^^f^^^^ JACK SEZ- 1929 De Soto sport roadster, special Job, French top, $295. Lots of others, new low prices. PAT'S CAR MAUKET Phone 1724 2310 Chester Avenue Jack Bundy, Manager 158 CADILLAC SEDAN 1 Brand new, factory guarantee, at tremendous discount. Cadillac Agency, Chester at 22nd. 168 Air 143 PIANOS and radios traded for and exchanged. Don C. Preston, Hotel Tegeler Building. Phone 96G. 158 For Miscellaneous HORIZONTAL 1 Shock as In Alarm. 7 One who salutes. 13 Epilepsy symptom. 14 Pulpit block. 16 Song for one voice. 17 Ingenuous. 19 Fashion.' 20 Parallelogram. 21 Writing table 23 Pedal extremities. 24 Nay. 26 Brad. 28 To bellow. 29 Hour. 30 Japanese fish. 32 Soldier's suit. 34 Derby; 35 Gumbo. 36 To elude. 37 Bees' home. 38 Born. 39 Unfruitful. 41 Snaky flan. 42 Within. 43 Unbiased. 44 Close. 46 Northeast. - Anawet* to Previous Puzzle 47 Metallic element. 49 To seize. 51 City in Irish Free State. 52 Still. 54 King of beaste. 56 Johnnycake. 57 Antitoxin. 59'Karth. 61 Blacksmiths' hammers. 62 Church cap. VERTICAL Aviation School? 2 Dyewood tree. 3 Dry. 4 Blackbird. 5 Minor note. 6 Fairy. 7 Sorrowful. S Measure of area. 9 Theater guide. 10 To blow a horn. "Civil War/ 1 15 Spigot. IS Whom did Jfccob supplant? (Bib.). 20 To bevel out. 22 Pertaining to motion. 23 Front leg. 25 Made of oak. 2 7 Organ secret' ing bile. 28 French sculptor. 29 Harbor. 31 Wrath. 33 Distant. 34 To hasten. 39 Subsided. 40 Nobleman. 43 Discharged. 46 To lift up. 4 7 Torrid 48 By. 50 Shoe. 51 Mountain 52 Aye. n3 Bucket. 55 Insect's egjr. 56 Postcrlpt. 57 Southeast. . i I 11 Tree. 1 Near what city 12 Great leader in 58 Third note. 5s the U. S. American GO Minor note. 100 (CASH AND CARRY ONLY) Lbs., Hecleancd. Highest Grade o FOIl SAIJC — 1931 Font do lux* roi Phont- «7. r >2. 420 Btrnird iter, GN'CBD bookkeeper and itenofiraplmr truits tin all eels of bookf to keep or of fire Phong D85I-J. 144 HOUBEKKEPEIt. full rharre. CUy or country. B. S.. Boi 192. Tehachapl, Calif. _ 145 KXPEIUKNCED. capable white woman for general hdui^Tork and cooking or molher'B lielpcr. Tela- pltono 1928. _ ' _ For ^ Rent— Rooms _ FOR RENT— Room with prlrau entrance, connecting bath, hot wafer. Uie of phone. Garage. 2029 Nineteenth itreet. _ 141 TO GEVTZJSMAN — Very cleilrable room, rear-on able, with bath, private entrance, uio of phone. Also giraze. Muit be teen to tic appreclatc<l. Call 3G13-M. FOR SALE—Word. 1930. 3-door «edan. mechanical condition. Good rubber. Rale. Phono 2607. Good Private 143 MUST SKU> at once, 1P30 Chrraler "6B" icdan, A-l ihape. No renonable offer refuted. Phone flflSO-M. No dealeri need apply. _ 144 1928 Pontlac brougham, good rubber, mechanically perfect. The best In low - priced transportation. Phono 1381-J or call at 621 K street after 8 p. m. 144 FOR KA1*B— One Cadlllnc ledan, for iterate Ren AH, Bluo Ribbon Oaraice. * bill. 144 TJOrXll*A8S' !X)\V-l'niCED CARS. 2105 "EVE" Wlllyf-Knlirht touring. 135; lt>27 Hlnr coach, IRQ. Ten' lato 1927 ITuition coach, recently rebored. overtiauledt 5 U, H. Royal tlret; had beit of rnre. Ixx>hi, runa eTtra good. |17B. down $60. 1931 Ford town sednn, new tiros, A-l mochanloul condition. Will Racrlflco for quick sale. Phone 4-J82-M or cull :it 239 Qulncy Rtreet. 344 100 LBS. HEN SCRATCH. $1.10. 100 Ibs. recleaned wheat. 11.00. 300 IbB. lay mash (cotton ofiffs), $1.35. 7C Iba. ROLLED BARLEY, 80c. MANY MORK NOT ADVERTISED BAKERSFIELD GRAIN COMPANY Baker ytreet and Truxtun Avenue \0-28-tf Over a period of 82 years our reputation romalnH paramount. Prove for yourself this assertion. Wo continue to sell feed for less than any advertised price. No limit to regular customers. No dealers, no tricks, no phones.. Business Is good. PIONEER MERCANTILE CO. 4-4-tf G. W \V2UJNGHAM. houu motor. Office 2813 Chenter arenuo. nakcrifleld. 140 100 pounciH mnsli, In cloth baffs, $1.35. 100 pounds scratch, $1.10. 100 pounds cracked Indian corn, $1.20. QANN & ROSS, Olldale, Calif. 12-0-tf B A HO A IN on freezer case P. scales, caih ran\it«r«. rn'at allwr, reitauriot fixtures. Complete. New and uied. Stiovrcaie «afo. 800 Baker. l.'.O TJrHuIa Garcia .. Eugene AVllson . Juoquln Pndllla. A. HernandoK .. H. L. Cientry.. .Unapprulsed A. M. i Heyworth... 7,084.20 Alico Hlsslns 1,000.00 Orvil H. Phelpa.Unappnilsotl Joe Smith 787.36 Agase Atanilau .... 640.91 Wllllnm R. Jones.. 121.39 William J. Wilson.. 12&.00 Lury Ocnno .., .Unapprnlned John C. Cunningham 250.00 Ole Nelson Unappralsed Lulu I. Van Wlnklo Unappralsed Harry Ronolds .... T.500.00 P. J. Cowan... .UnapprutKed Joe Nonolla 2,074.21 A. R. Staffa.,. .Unappralspd John Kellcrmnn ... 1,517.24 Wllliiun J. Ilanat.. '584.00 Francos Kheppard., 1,030.55 Charles TI. Allen... 1,771.08 Titlllrin Moore.. .Unapprnlsed TJacUIo Katapan.... 1 963.48 C. Morales Unappralsed Charlort 13. Davlw Unappralsed O. N. Oosncll 1,115.22 Claudo Mooro 1.GO.OO Laurence O'Connor 840.00 ThonuiH Gallagher . 323.G2 M. L, Wyltc 400.00 Florence Brewer Unappralsed Richard Tannls.Unappralsed Url D. Pn'or....Untippraiaed Mae 551mmer... .Unappraised M. D. Kerr Unappralsed Louisa 13. Bell,.Unappralsed Hop Tuck Unappralsed Mallnda W. Davis Unappralsod Ernest O. Davis.... 202.12 Juan Echeverrla ... 1,247.23 Pasquale Plazolla .. 2,481.80 Nells Christiansen Unappralsed William Baker. .Unappraised Jessie Scott Darnell 360.19 Samuel T. Glat- fclter TTnnppralsed Frank Nelson.. .Unappnilsed Jacob Ward 250.00 G. D. Pardoxa ..Unappralsed Elvira Williamson Unapprataed Alfred Gllfred 1,025.92 Pierre Faure 5.870.41 Josppli Coffe 1,500.00 John J. Corcoran Unappralsed H. H. "Bell 2,3R7.r,0 (Chris Nelson ITnnppnitaed David Enfflc Unappraised Ed\\*ard Anderson .Unappraised John Lacy 4-16.46 Flora C. Hugplns.. 597.22 John Reubensteln.. 865,00 Charles Alls 1,000.00 Mabel Webber. .UnapprulRcrl Francisco E. Rio Unappralsed Casper Sohoclc ..Unappraised John Olmidovfch... 760.00 Bessie Moore 1.(104.19 Anna E. Hoefner... 1,750.00 R. W. Wynne 700.00 Flora V. Payne 1.125.00 Santos Perez .. .Unapprhtaerl Ed. R. Barkley. .Unappralsed Andres Jergrcr- son Unappraised GuBtav Heuschkel i .Unappmlned Tiillian Hodgson 250.00 John T. TCeller.. .Unappralsed Jim Malatore . Silas L. Jenkins S. L. Pearce... Thos. Brynon Rotla Styles TTnnppralned B. F. Allen Unappralsed Otto BHss TJnappralsed John Co<«o Unapprai Money Rec'd 160.00 306,23 4 'so.oo • 803.00 4,357.44 1,200.00 •78V. 80 G40.91 121.39 125.00 Adm'r Fees 22.14 200.00 78.00 ' 56'. 12 4G.3G 8.50 Money Paid 159.00 .75.84, '' V.20 328.53 823.47 ,200.00 622*36 637.88 40.46 40.25 Claims Balancn Allowed On Hand ...... 1.00 280.89 305.00 405.10 12.80 474.47 3,583.97 482.00 410.21 2 76'66 16G.OO 3.0!) 80.03 84.75 *!•**• • • • 360.29 • 7.00 153.29 11.0.00 2,074.31 3 1 1 313 24 5S4.00 0^0. 55 771.08 41.93 686.51 5S4.00 8.19 07.44 502.11 306.00 34V.50 200.00 646.00 384.00 291.11 626.73 VnV.nn 1,268.97 VoV.36 202.12 792.72 150.00 223.62 35.00 400.37 9.02 731.77 S.viO 37.80 17.00 23.00 37.07 868.60 275'.66 175.00 302,00 193.10 G0.9."i 141.50 302.20 206.62 12.00 369.30 611,83 17.00 3.18 594.83 nio 10 wA MI L*J 202.12 226.03 255.00 14.15 17.52 202.12 484.89 203.53 511.73 3 VV. 4 5 294.98 194.60 741*14 51.47 340.19 .19 523.1G :23.35 1.100.00 299.81 023.92 379.41 50.00 71.04 1.025.P2 325.58 18.50 376.00 C01.35 2.108.00 1,434.65 794.98 116.46 T.07.22 1,350.00 1 760.00 604.19 Vsb'.oo 94.16 53.83 31.50 550.02 405.00 452.SO 405,00 1,657.98 1,029.65 507.50 1.128.07* 12.00 386.00 344.34 340.00 327.34 287.4S 116.4R 3RH.22 • 479.00 1,005.66 477.30 ,604.19 60.00 467.50 479.00 349'.GO Vub'.OO 282.50 3,000.00 **«**« 425.00 VoV.os 3,000.00 UnappralBed Unappraised Unappraised .Unapprnlsctl 50.00 40.00 153.90 50.00 40.00 153.90 2,124.81 2,124.81 Robort J. Little.Unappnilsed State of California, County of Kern, N. C. Houze. being .duly sworn, says: that the above and foregoing semiannual report of the Public Administrator of the County of Kern, Is a true and correct account of the estates coming Into litH hands n« Puhlln Administrator of TCern County, as some therein appears from the 1st day of July, 1932, to the 31st day of December, 1932, and the -whole.thereof, and that he was not Interested In any of the expenditures of any estate. N. C. HOUZE. (SEAL) Subscribed and sworn to before mo this 9th day f*f January, 1933. W. B. GOLDIXG, Notary Public. ,Vm. IS In 24. Ino. , Tn and for the Countv of Kern, State of California. furnished outside roomi. wltli heat. continuous hot water. Also 3-room op trim en I. Very retbonible. 1653 T) street. GASOLINE ALLEY OP Buzzard 145 By KING For Rent— Rooms With Board ttOOM and boird. 19.50 per ueek. Comfortable roomi, pie mm IUITOU rulings. FTM parking. Also trtiulHit dlnnen. 50 renti. 2028 Ts'lnf- Utnth itre+t. Telephone &3T. S-2T-if WANTED — Pour youns women to occtipy »\ro nice bedroom i, room *nii board. $23 each. Home coin- forti. 2225 Klgliteenth itreet. 114 For Rent — Houses ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^f^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^t ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^r^^^r^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^f^^^^^^^^^^M UNFURNT8HKD HOUSES Comfortable, clean, S-room homo, good location, $25.00 per month. Four-room house, partly furnished, at $17.60 per month. BRANDT INVESTMENT CO. 1813 Chester Avenue Phone 129S _ 1-13-tf COMFORTABl<E 2-room cottacei for two. 32.00. $£.50 wtek; llibti. water free. Three mllei out BO Edlion highway. Halnbow Herrlce sutlon. 148 roil JiKNT— 5-room modern house. Park, $25; 6 -room modern houie. Green Acret, room S&O rhlckeni, $20; 3-rooto modern houio, V street. 1 25. S-room furalihed house, Cherry street, 122.50. Water paid. Phone 883. 1-10-tf ]!*OVn-ItOOM houio, 2114 O street. Call t! urine KIVK-HOOM houst, nicely furnished, at L'009 Orange street. Call 2115 Twenty-first street, or phone 561!4-J. 144 JtENT— 3-room eotnplotely furnished house. cheap rent to right party. 429 It. street. KOH HUNT— Unfurnished 6-room house, modern. yuU. Garage. Bent reuonable. Pltone 144 " KKNT— nirnlshod By»" street. room houie. Call ai 810 144 THE BUNGLE FAMILY Peggy Be Serious KENT— PurnlBhed modorn 4 -room house, hardwood floors throughout. 1429 Nlles street Rent $2D. Phone 762. 144 _ ItENT— 3-room unfurnished house, flfl a month. Water paid. Call 5H Klne street. Phone H38-B. RENT, furnished, new C-room cottape, new furniture. Water puld, 940.00. Call at 2805 Potts avenue, Park. 144 RUNT— PurnlihftJ 4 -room houst. Water paid. Call 1123 Truitun aTenu*. U4 modem furnished stucco bungalow, four rooms, electric refrigerator and of or stuffed furnl- ture. 2151 Dru^na gtreet. _ 114 FURNISHED HOUSE rive-room modern home in Sunset Park, with water paid, $40.00 per month, BRANDT INVESTMENT CO. 1S13 Chester Avenue Phtmo 1298 1-13-tf j-x>a NT—-Unfurnlthcd houio, four rooms. Newlj Hiirdttcod rioun, tile abik KOJ PEG(3Y DAW.ING I DON'T YOU TO GET THE IMPRESSION I'M TRYING TO TELL YOU HOW TO MANAGE ' A riANCE, BUT T JUST |COULDN 7 T HELP BEING SIMPLY THUNDERSTRUCK. WHEN I SAW KLCOPATRA STEP OUT OF BOB 6AXJBBEP/S WHY t DON'T W£*.8TAND, MOTHER. YOU *;• T MEAN THAT WHEN A GlfU. 16 ENGAGED TO Bd MAUUCD..TO A MILLIONAIRE.' I THINK SHE OUGHT TO... WELL IT'S JUST THINGS LIKE THIS THAT iSTART THOSE TMANGLE3 YOU HEAR SO MUCH ABOUT. OH MOTHER YOU THINK SHOULD OBJECT IF BOB 16 JUST POLITE TO OTHW GIftLft? WHEN KLEO SKIPPED IN THAT DOO* SHE WAS HUMMING TO HERSELF AND HER, EYES WEML SHINING LIKE LIGHTS ON A CHMSTMAS TREE. THE VEWf MOMENT I SAW HEP, I HAD A, PECULIAR. FEELING COME OVER. ME A SIGN....A SORT OF WARNING. REALLY MOTHER, YOU GET UNEASY ABOUT THE 3T*ANGCi THINGS YOUK IDEA OF BOB BE* ING TOO INTERESTED IN KLEO 16....WELL, JUST TOO.,. OH HA HA HA! • * i v By HARRY J. TUTHILL AND YOU LAUGH! PEGGY IT JUST MAKES MY BLOOD R.UN COLD TO SEC HOW LIGHT-MINI YOU CAN BE ABOUT SUCH AN IMPORTANT SUBJECT. AND YOU LAUGH! OH DARLING LET'S HOPCTHC DOESN'T COME WHEN YOU WON'T SCC ANYTHING FUNNY ABOUT THI6 AFFAIR HB wX£ to buy cuh nilitir, ical«. mut.Rlleera, •hmrcuei, itore, office, .reiUurtnteautptnint. adding machine i and typwluw. \800 Bate •tu** *>!>«••. nt&a . \ 114. 144 I Professional Cards JOHN W. CULLITON PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT INCOJIX TAX BEnrtCE, AUDIII!, SY9TfillS Suite 108, Profentonil Bulldlni Phone 4061 DR. B.BUZAN Ptlmtr Ortdutto . CAP*, TWATS UWCLE AVERV 1NJTO A OURS T&-L BUTT THES WELL GOLLV TOO BAD RAM DO COULDM ELL TWO. PICKINGS NOTMI -THB Give vo DAN AM OMLV MAD DONTT HAPPEhJ WANT WHAT we OWE THAT GAl COULD HAVE CAR80RBTOR Chicago Tribune Sntcm Cewpltt* E!«ctroth*rapy Serrlet. Foot 10 to IS i. m.. & to 5, T to B p. Rooms 31M1M13 Mori in Building IT 11 Chwttr Artnuf BSlfl Lidr - . - -^ - BuaineM Cards gh^^d^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^f SWEDISH MASSAGE CAJD1NI3T 8WBAT8- nUDUCINO Colonte trrlvatlon IKBTTTUTB OK HYDnOTHERAPT 1I1S V Btftftt 0 a. tn. to B p. m. Pliont 5091 LAUNDRY SERVICE Laundry B*rrlca UntiCBllod— Tint li Out Ten Different Herrleei and 2orle Odorlen Dry Cleinlna CITliSBNS LAUNDHV Bliteenth ind O Btrcata Phon» BOB WELCH RIDING ACADEMY County Road Park. Phone 871 B-U-U M>l)-tr»in«l i ad die norm. 7fi canti liour. Bptclil offer— wcch-dvi only, this ad and 60 cenU cntltlci bearer to on* hour'i rtd*.' HOFIM bouthi and PIANO TUNING Factory lUglilertd 1\ner 13.90 Sitlifactlon Quaranteed CAUL A. BYBD Pliotie 1308 -M 930 IVuxtun Afenua DR. W. TOM POLLOCK A Palmer Chiropractor nyi: "You can bsu-ell. L*t Jdu help you. One rnonth'i icrvlro /or 113 Orer Huthei Drug Store Nineteenth and Cheiter Phone 1I18-J. " ' Legal Notices COMMISSIONER'S NOTICE OP SALE No. 26118 IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OV THIS STATE OP CALIFORNIA IN AND FOR THJ3 COUNTY OF KERN. John Ellsworth Roberta and Mtifrde* llne Roberts, Plaintiffs, vs. George M. Sullivan. John Doe, Robert Roe, Mary Poe, First Doe Corporation, Second Doe Corporation, Third Doe Corporation, First Doe. Second Doe, and TfclrU Doe. Defendants. Under and by virtue of a Decree of Foreclosure issued out of the above) named Court in the above entitled action, on the 12th day of December, 1933, and an Order of Sale Issued on the 27th day of December, 1932, In said case wherein John Ellsworth Roberta and Magdcllne Roberts, Plaintiffs, recovered a Judgment and Decree - of Foreclosure and Sale against George- M. Sullivan, et als. Defendants, for the sum of $1170.84 principal and interest at the date of this decree; $16.26 Costs and $126.00 Attorney Fee, making a total of $1312.09. together with Interest upon said latter sum from the date of snld Decree at the rate of 7% per annum, which said Judgment and Decree was on the 12th day of December, 1932. Recorded In Judgment Book 43 of said Court at page 441. By the terms of said Decree Marguerite Follan&bee was appointed Commissioner and in an Order of Salo dated December :J7th. 1932, was commanded to sell at Public Auction Mie land and premises situated in tha County of Kern, State of California, and described u« follows to-wit: Beginning; at a point on the Northerly boundary line of Fractional Section Two (2) In Township Thirty-bna (31) South, Range Twenty-eight (28> East, Mount. Diablo Base and Meridian, according to the official plat of the survey of said Township, returned to the General Lrfind Office at Washington. D. C., by the Surveyor General of California, and approved by him on February 28th, .1855, distant thereon 1320.0 feet Westerly from the Northeasterly corner of the NWV4 of said Fractional Section; running thencu Southerly parallel with the Easterly boundary line of the W*£ of said Fractional Section 1320 feet; thence Westerly, parallel with the Northerly boundary line of said Fractional Section, 1327.8 feet, more or less, to a point on -the Westerly boundary lino thereof; thence Northerly, along said Inst named line, 1320.0 feet to tho Northwesterly corner of said Fractional Section; thence Kasterly. along the Northerly boundary line thereof. 1327.8 foet more or less to the point of beginning; containing -10 acres more or less, and being a portion of* the NWU of said Fractional Section 2. Th- cludlnj? all buildings nnd . Improvements thereon or that may bo erected thereon, together with all and singular the tenements, hereditaments, and appurtenances, water and water HfehU, pipes, flumes and ditches thereunto belonging or In anywise uppertalnlnff a..d tho reversion and reversions, remainder and remainders, rents. Issues and profits thereof. Public Notice Is hereby'given that on Wednesday, the 2Gth day of January, 1933, at 11 o'clock'A. M. of that day, at the front entrance of tho County Courthouse in the City of Bak- ersfleld, County of Kern, State of Cnl- Hfornia, T will, In obedience to said Order of Salo and Decree of Foreclosure, soil said property, or so much thereof as will ho' necessary to satisfy said Judgment, with interest and costK of sale, to the highest and best bidder for cash In lawful money. Dated at BulcerHfleld, California, this 29th day of December, 1932. * MARGUERITE FOLX.ANSBBT3. Commissioner, appointed by said Court. Dec. 30, Jan. .DELINQUENT SALE OF STOCK Farmers' Mutual Telephone Association, , location of principal place of busirieBB, Bakersfleld, Calif. Notice lu hereby given that there IH delinquent upon the following imbued Stock of tho Farmers' Mutual Telephone Association, a corporation, on acuount of uabeHament Ko. 26. lovteil tJiereon the 29th day of April, 1P32, the sevoml amounts not opposite tlu* names of' tho respective shareholders as follows: * Cert.No. Amt. K B. Pyle (old stock) 50 JD.OO W, M. Deotefunr 126 5.U'» Alex Fish ISu 6.00 And in accordance with the law and an order of tho Board of Directors of said a&BocIatfon, NO many bhares of such stock us muy bo necessary will bo sold at public auction at tho Panama scaoolhou&Q, on the li 3rd day of Jau- unry, 1K33, at 2 o'clock p. in., t<Tpay the delinquent aHsesHment thereon, together with the cost of advertialna and expenses of tho Hale. (Signed) MHS. U. K. ASHB, Jan. 11 to 21,+inc. Secretjiry. NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING. !<JL Rl i.P 0 V NTY MUTUAL BUILD!, ING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION. . The regular annual meeting of thfc Kern CounLv Mutual Building and Loan Association will bo held Tuesday, January 2«h, 1933, at 3 o'clock p. m,, at its office at 803 Baker street, Bakersflcld, California, for the purpose of electing u Board of Director! lu servo for tho ensuing year, and tlta trtintiiiPtlou of Hui'li oihur buHlncsa ua may uonio regularly hnforo Uio ineoU |tf. ARTVIUU S. C'UlTlilrt. Jan. 10 to Sl.lncl. BocroUry.

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