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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Wednesday, December 28, 1927
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XXXI/ No. 55. _ IOLA.'4N .. ^J^' EDNESDAY gvEbJiNo; DECEMBER 28. i^i ,of Mabel Marmont ^Ft lib Denied I a j New'Hearingr On Case COOLIDGE SIGNS BILL PERMITTING EVERHART TO TESTIFY IN TRIAL Wa.'^hin-fton, Dec. ^8. (AP)—Prjesident Coolidge has signed the bill .sponRored by ;Senator Walsh, Democrat, Montana, "which will pemiit M. T. Everharf, son-in-law of Albert B. Pall, to testify in -the Tejpot Dome, conspiracy case without incriminating himself." , The measure decreases the Btat-* : '• ute; of limitations in government; might incriminate him. fraud cases .'from six to three! The acts regarding which Ever- yeara and opens the way for what; hart was testify occurred tiie prosecution in the conspiracy trial of Harry jP. Sinclair and Fall less than, six years ago; With the disability removed Pall's sonrin BE NO APPEAL ^Uiiiwior Young Bank Clerk Indicaieg He Will Serve His •Sentence Eui^ka, Kan., Dec. 28. P^i^Ivan M. Hart, con- by a jury in district coUrt itere December 10th of second degree murder iior killing-his bride of three weeks, Mabel Marmont Hart, by slashing her throat with a pocket knife July 8- / today was sentenced to thirty years a:t' hard labor in the state penitentiary by Judge A. IV Ayiies- Hart's attor- -ni^ys indicate there will be; rio appeal. : trh'e sentence followed. Judge Ayres' denial ^of Hart's motion for] a-ijew trial, which was arKiK'd in; court this morning. Didn't Ke^ly. When the'Jiidge a«ked fJiat it he knew" atiy' reason^ why he should iiot be IseAtenced, the prisoner made no re^ponseJ Then Judge Ayreis delivered a short • lecture, criticising:the practice of criminal lawyers oE pleading inanity at erV ery oppor^finlty to avo'i^ tii^.con­ sequences jof crime. Att^rteys for Hart had iadvanced the unusual plea of "pbmmunicative insanity" daring Jiis trial, maintaining that bis.wife, herself subject to insaue delusions, had transmitted hef in^ »Emtty' to her husband, inducing hifn to kill her. . Hard listened to the judge's remarks and received sentence without mioring a muscle of his face. Unlass Hart posts ah appeal bopd, he wilf be taken to tbe-penl- tentiary without 4 *^lay. Advisory Council of Farm Bureau to Meet consider important evidence that j law can now Rjve^^ J ."'">'^*J ?*,'"*°f; Everhart declined to give previous' ' • - ^ ^ -•• -• «--••-— ly on the ground that his testimony mation which he declined before tc disclose. OAKLAND CIRL'S KIDNAPING OPENS ANOTHER SEARCH Paroled Convic As Abductor Year-Old .(Child : SoiiRht of 11- 2?. lAP)—A alleged kid- old girl JiH PLANE IS USED IN TEXAS BANK i BANDITBATTLE Rangers and Posse Are Planning to War : On Looters IS The RBGLSTER^S Cfra^ ? Hon reetnfdif open to pub^, inspectidt^at any. UmeA The Weekly Register. BBtabUsbed. 1887. \rSe lola Dally Register. EstaUiahed 1897. , SIXFAGES PtAN^DAWN Only Chance Is Landing In Isolated Spot in The North THE JDIRIGIBL^ QUITSJajlOTHER GOING HOME Los Angeles Returns to'SJIrs.JLindbergh H^es to eiT ,Y MEETS LINDYTODAY iimerican Aviator Gets a Big Welcome FrOm Offici Hangar, After Long Search, Today : New York. Dee. 28. (AP>—Hopes for the .safety of -Mrs. France.-? Wil-. son Orayson and her three male. companion^ In ,the Dawn, centered { today in the pos.'^ibiilty that the' plane might be down in some lated spot not far from Hai<bor Crace, N. P. • • This possibility rested upon a Washington, Dec. 28. (AP)— llhe state department wasihform- Oakland, Cal., Dw. new manhunt, with th| naper of an ll-yoar quarry, spurred police into at;llv- ity h"n* today •hefni'i' the Califor.iila • pulili«;hiid rc>axeil from tlie ^\<;i<»-! meiit of (lie k!dnui>iii;j :in;l murder [ of 12-ycar-old MurLnn i'arker in LOR An^ele.s. The mlsaing girl is Evelyu : Smithi daughter of Mr. and Mr«. Prank y\. Smith of Oaklaiid. .Mrs. Smith yesterday swore out a warrant charRiug Robert E. -McCIel- lanil. 27. a nnrnled ponvict. with having stolen thf> Rirl from home on the pretense tliiil hi .s mother, described as a wealthy Pasadena i woman, would adopt her and fur- t''"B "'"h machine guns loomed nish employiJient for her father,' todav as Texas rangers and' more who has beeii out of work and ill. than 100 W^est Texas possemen and -McCielland's mother, the wife of ,„, , „, , „.,_,,„„i„_. a Pa^dena gardener, denied that '"''^ P""'^ '""^ continuing she is wealthy, .nnd said she knew srim warfare the rotober nothing of her son 's plan to take]Rang whith last Friday raided a the Smith girl. Mri^. Jessie Mc-ibank nt Cisco. i Clelland. the ex -coKvi <t's wife, and i p,.,,,^ ^„„^,, „„^^p „ radioi message which a telegraph eil thi^ afternoon that Lindbergh uperutor at Heart's Content, 25 landi^d at Guatemala City at 1:55 ii;oiii llarlHif (iiuce, says he ii' ni.. ii -astern standard time, nepled .Monday afternoon and xjie department's advices came U |)ou tlif (.-luims 01 various persons t\om th.: .American legation at in Newfoundiund and .N'ova Scotia iJuatemaia city, 'ihty gave-no fur- that they heard the motor of a titer details of the flight from plane at different timen betweeu' .^kexico City. Saturday mornlns and late .Sunday JThe message to the state depart- uight. meul said u irruwd of several thou- When the Dawn left Unoscvelt sliuU i«;rso|ii had as.tembied at the field Friday aftenioou. with .Mrs. a!r li.-id at Guatemala City hours Grayson..i>sl;iir Omdal, pilot, Bri.e \iKUnv Lindbergh arrived, and con- (iold-fboioHKh. .navig.itiir .ind radio auny increa.sed as^ the.hour ^of operator, Fred Koehler. onglne Wis arrival approached, expert, on board, ii was planned j I'olunel lireet»"Hlm. to fiy diiet't lo llailior Grace, ar- | luimediuteiy alter ht? had landed riviug at atjoiit 7 o'rioi-k Saturday tfte aviator was greeted by Colonel morniiif;. Kranclsco Amado. wlio welcomed Planned Loiii' Hop. iVim in behalf of the Guatemalan Then, as soon as the weather .Jrmy. ' was favorable, the first three were ["Colonel I.,indbergh, hero of the Graham. Tex.. Dec. 28. (AP)—A j to hop off on a trans-Atlanilc .Altlani:ic and ambassador of the bandit hunt from an airplane bris-i^'Slit io| Croydon, Bugland. Koeh- air, Guatemala bids you welcome," .„ „„...,i„„ i„„,„oH I IT Ko over the plsine at dolonel Amado said. "We feel Harbor jGrat-e, but was not ^^o ac- proud as ii is au honor for us to company the others op. the-flisht. Hecoive a visit from the greatest The i radio message reported aviator of all times. Y6u have heard a{ Heart's Content was made: urQken matiy records and today public by the Western Union Tele- yOu have added a new one to your graph company. A message from long list of marvelous flights in Electrician Stentaford, at Heart's your Spirit of St. Louis. Contunti said that Telegrapher j"! come in the name of the gov- „ .„ , :Hlll.vard. while listening on his iernment and the name of the army j two renr.iiii-iir members of the ""^ -Monday afterhoon, picked oif Guatemala to receive you with; t«o rem.ii»H.ig menvhers ot tiie, ^ code meseage signed either open arms and greet you with » Oldham, Tex., Dec. 28. (AP) An airplane today took the air to aid a posse of more than 150 men commanded by Tom Hick-' man. Texas Ranger captain, in :i hunt for the two fugitive "Santa Clans" bank libera. M. T- Goii«iul0H, Texan Rani;er. was in the iplane.. He intended to reconnoiter the rough sjftlon where it is believed the dt'sporadoes, wounded and exhausted, aiH! renting. Two machine guns, also brought to the scene? by the-Rangers, are ready for use. mother of His two sons, who is also a Pasadena resident, said she had , , , ..^ not seen her husband jn nearly r '^anta Claus"; gang In a *end of; „^yH ^T.. i "WPU." the second let- hi-ait full of admiration and three years. ' . ' jthe Brazos river near here and for.ter lieiijs vli-.uaily iinroadaiil". • President Sl>eakK. Before takin(f jthe , Binith girl, McClelland gave , her father a check for {125 bs an advance payment on his w.ork, but tbe check turned out to be worthless. Two lola Youths Not Injured in Car Crash Reach Dallas ^y Nightfall Brownsville, Tex., Dec. 28. (API—Moping to make Dallas by nightfall, Mrs. Evangeline L. L. Lindbergh and party took oif , from Fort Brown flying field at 1:04 today, expecting to make a brief stop at San Antonio. / ILLEGALLY GOLL^CTTED ' TAJC REPORT GIVEN TO ^ CQNGB^ESS BY MELLOiN WashingtoHi Dec. 28. (AP)—Refunding of illegally collected taxes totaling $103,858,687 and affecting approximately 240,000 persons were reported to Congress today by Secretary Mellon... k The treasury department's report.^ ' covered 12,133 .typewritten pages and included refunds ranging from one cent into (he millions of dollars. Secretary Mellon said : the ci^ts covered the years 1928 back to 1925 inclusive, and "prior years." Refunds made for 1928 amounted to $68,388,865: -for 1927 they ~ to­ talled $34.751,6()2; for 1926 they were $654,691; and for 1925 they SENATORSPLAN OKLAHOMA MEET DESPirrCOORTS Impeachment Court Wilf Meet, MembjCrs Have Decided the plane, manned by Ranger <3ap- taiB Tom Hickman and f Private The signals. Hii.yord said, wrrs 'As Colonil Lindbergh was pre- the sirongest h»* ever heaiil, :ind sonied to i'resldeut Chacon, tlie ijiis wilti attested to their strengths latter iiaid: bers to surrender'or to shoot them out of iheir nest:. The decision to use the plane, a jcommerdial one, was reached after ] |t was ascertained the robbers were RUES and Albert Walls. lola jit bav near the river and had a ^n ?^?%-heT ^re?r cS ^^ent 'Tn ^o 'l j P'-tifu. supply of ammuniUon. ditch on the tndependence-.Neode-1 Both robbers were believed sha road while. they were return- wounded in a battle with the posse ing from a dance in Independence, near South Bend yesterday. A third Sh?n^-Ja^^Jl&ttm"\h^^;|-'°-'V — (and spent last night in the county ^. T. GonzaulKos, to force tne roB-^j^^^ ?ielleved«they came from near- . i'Oolonel Lindbergh, w.lcome to The advisory couiicil of the Al- lei> (^imty Parm Bureau will meet tvt. ihe.|Ch«mber of Dunnii^rce rooms to Memorial hall Saturday «rt »ra(>pifv Roy E. Gwln. ^ounty ' agent, announced today. , itoard JUcmUers wm lit* elected ,ti_t the meting aiirf iriaiKs will be r>'»'»» for next 'year's Kai m I!ur.^aii' work. • ' car-iwas badly wrecked. An invcstiRalfon by a motorcycle policeman disclosed the fact that there was no'llnuor in the car and that (hey had not been drinking. The driver of the car which blinded them said he did not realize he wax much of 'the road. jail at Graham.t A foiirtb died in a bosjiital at Port Worth of -wounds received shortly after the raid. Stimulated *y prospecta of 'a $5,000 reward, offered by the Texas taking up BO | Bankers' a.ssociation for "each dead Russ Walls, ijy. Parsons High Cagers Lose Tournament Fray St.-i<iuls, Dec. 2S. t.^lM The :Farsdaa, |Cas., hlgU'sihool Ii'asket- V ball team 1wa.s eliminated from the *. xiuoual. Wa.<<h!ngton Tniver'slty high school tourbament here last ]:\ Bight when the Mount Vernon. III.. !'j qidntet dpfeatetf t^e Kansans by a "< • one-point^-margain. Th> final score * ^a's 21 to 20. i, world'R record of-203,79 miles an hour for a straightaway mile at Daytona Beach. Pla., some time between Pebruary 15 and 23. it was announced here today. The T|rEAT£CER and JlOADS t , FOB KASSAS-Mostiy nnSfffled r taaiplit Bait Thnrsdar; colder, Tiianilaj «iid;ln ^^st an A north jpd*: lOtA AM» TICIXITt- ! rtisettM wid colder tonigrht and ^ Temperattire—Highest yesterdiay ' 43. ai'llS noon; ""lowest last night ST-at-10" p. m.; noriual for today -'Sit/cxwaB yesterday fl; excess • 'since^aauary Ist, 249. degrees; this ' ;dat&3»»t yea^-high^t 32; lowest -- f . .Pretdpitation for the 24 hours ' J eajdixt^ at 7 a. m. today, l.OS; total . for this year to date, 52.96; excetsa .(Binca'Jannarjr 18^.-15.68 inches. • I QetaUve bjamldjty ati 12 noon .. yft^ereiKf, i6 per' cent; 7 i. m. to­ -day'95 ip^jr cent; barometer reduc- V ed tb.aeiB .level, 29.58-inches. i 'Siln'iiBes 7:88 a. m.; seU 5:10 n.m.-j-; h CiondMons. VHntcbiiiiBon,'clearing, rdads slip- l-<Dodg«dtTr clear, roada good. -s ^^P***.' clear, roads CWKL^^ ;i:::-f^|;jSnpdria.ji:lear. lioads slippery. . L-^ttAtirK, dhjudy, roadalmuddy. "~"ta,' partly, cloudy, roads lie. partly cloudy, roails partly cloudy, roaStr arej who lives In BuriinRlon, in visiting his parents. Mr., and Mrs. Silas Walls in lola. Frank Lockhart to Try For New Speed Mark IndianapolU, In^,: Dec. 28. (AP) —Frank Lockh.irt, automobile race jbank 'bandit'.' officers close^ in on the rli-er bend, ibelieved to *e the ^ast stronghold of the gang. Late laat night charges of accessory after the fact were filed in Callahan cpunfy against Dr. J. T. Vick. Mrs. Prances Herron and a Mrs. Thornton of Wichita Falls, Sam Pox, of .Moran, and Claude Kd wards of Dickens. They were driver, will attempt xo shatter tho j arrested at an oil lease near Moran! tlie soil of ;(iuatemala whose psd- •Where are «e? r ;:n you locate j»le jtcclaim you with warm entbu- us7' whs the nn's «ag>> wiych Hill- sljasm a.s a herald of peace and yard rtfported receiving, repeated proBri -ss. I oongratu'ate you most at iiitenval.K >if il.r i- or f.-iur min- ctjrdial y upon tlie daring flight utes for nearly half an hour. .Mrs! wiiith you have just made with HiUyari »ho hi-anl ihe mes-xagc, silch hrliiiani j-uccesa. Permit me could nbt reart cotie. Hillyard was in memoi-y thereof and as "a hom- describ^d by the company as an ai^e rendered by my government excellent operator. • toj your valor and skill to , place Hearlj's Content is on the oppp-! thjia mediEil on your breast, i May site sliqre of the Avaton peninsula triumph continue to always iittend from Harbor Grace, on the !<hore yclu in your glorious careeii as a of Trinity Bay, and al>oi:t 2.S miles julst tribute of the brave an* ener- distantl gOilc efforts which have (secured I for you the sympathy and applause Los Angeles «'>rid." . ;A later me.ssage from the: legation fixed the' official time of Lindberch's landing as 1:31 p. m., Lakehurst, .\. J., Dec. 2S. (APi— although the first word received The naval dirigible I.,os Angeles at the state department said ,he retiirned to her hangar today after j had landed at 1:55. The messakes a 31-hour cruise - during which did- not explain this difference, but 24.000 stiuare miles of ocean was ] said that the flier had been recelv- scanned In search for the missing ied with;wildest enthusiasm by tht Gives Up Search amphibian plane Dawn. Lieutenant-Commander C. E. Rosendahl said that^ the search was crowd. Citizens nisappolnted. Disappointment in Guatemala after wounds of the robbers had been dressed there. The robbery was one of the most sensational in the history of West very complete and that he did not i City because of the intention of contemplate any. further search j Colonel Lindbergh to stay only with the shl^. .two days there was reported to the "The Los Angeles covered 1,245 state department today by the Am- nantli-al miles on her flight," hee^Jcan lega'tion.' A three day pro- by Major H. O. D. Segrave.ot London. England. Step Fathei-Offers Ransom For His Son Chiicago, Dec. 28. (AP)-r-'Erne8t F. Smith, stepfather of Robert C^se, 14.. who disappeared last Monday after departing on a hunting trip, witH Alexander' Maitland, 25, brother-in-lfivl' of Case, is ready to open negotiations with kidnapers if the boy is held for ransom. "I am ready to talk with ki'dpap- ers if he is being held, and I will hold, to myself everything I team •Smith said today. Guardsmen Patrol Colorado Mine Well Denver. Dec. 28. fAP)—National guardsmen today patrolled wells and reservoirs at ithe Columbine mine, following dis<^v6ry of aij attempt, to poiaon- drinking water used by the miners, it was a»- nounced %y .Adjutant General Paul' P.Newlon. Santa Claus costumeV the robbers held up jemployes and patrons and called for money. The wrong bag was tossed them, however, and nO money.was obtained. When officers, answered an alarm.: the robbers seised two young girls as shields, 4)Ut later threw them from their speeding car:uninjured, in the pursuit. Police Chief G. E. Bedford, of Cisco and one of the robbers sustained fatal, and a half dozen citizens less serious wounds. i California Rancher Slays Three Brothers Bakersfield. Calif., Dec 28. (AP) Albert Villard, 50. .Delano rancher, shot and killed three of his brothers today and wounded ; a fourth on a ranch in the 'W;o6dy district, and tiben escaped,, if report received here from the sheriffs office; said. The dead mein are:' August, Ei«en« and Gabriel Villard, and the wt>unded brother who is on his way to Bakersfield, •s Joe Villard. lola Is One of Wettest Spots In Kansas Af^r Rain Yesterday • Topeka, Dec. 28. (AP)—A return to normal December temperatures] was predicted by the weather, bureau this morning. The mercury tonight will drop to about 10 In:, the northwestern part of the sute' and to- 25. iii the easteni> aiid south- em sections-i : . . Rain in the last 24 hours ranged from 1.41 Inches at Ohanate to a trace in westerii Kansas, vhere It was most needed, the -weather bureau reported. lola recorded'1.6s inches; Oswego. 1,06; Kaasaa City, .70; Wichita.. .42; Topeka. .40; Goodland. .06. and Dodge City « trace. - • Cbabces for further rain were slfght, said S. D. Flora, meteoroio- said, I'and we could see at all times 20 miles on either side of the ship, making 24,000 square miles we could I see during daylight during the entire trip. The visibility was .very good and if ;any flares 6r rockets had been set off In that area they would have been seen." The airship took off from the training station here 5 o'clock Monday night and cruised as far as Emerald bank, about 120 miles from Sable Island, where the Canadian government wireless station heard a radio call which presum- ablylwas from the Dawn. The air- (roitlnned on FEwe 6, >'o. S) gram of festivities in his honor had been planned, including receptions, bantjuets. and excursions to the former Guatemalan capital, Antigua. The intention of the American aviator to follow an air line from Mexico-City prompted the.French aviator, .Jeanneau. now in Guatemala, to'warn the legation that a flight over the mountain ranges was extremely hazardous. He advised that Lindbergh follow the coastal strip or the international railway line. The legation said this suggestion bad been telegraphed to Lindbergh at Mexico City before his departure. Oklahoma Caty, Dec. 2,S. (AP) After meeting for an hour ai^i a .half in'executive session in a downtown hotel room, members of the state senate vot^d today to go to the ^capitpl building in a body and' attempt to convene a-s a senate court ,of impeachment * Oklahoma ^Clty. Dec. 28. (AP)— A secret session of members of the state senate was being held this afternoon in a downtown hotel^ It could not; be •iearneci whether It was working as a purported court of impeachment. Informed members of the national ^uard were" barring the entrances to their chamber at the Capitol, the senators made no effort to follow their previously announced plan' of meeting there to consider impeachment charges against- Governor Henry S. Johnston, Chief Justice Fred P. Branson cf the supreme court and President Harry B. Cordell of the board of agriculture. . N'ewspapermen who ^ot a glimpse of the interior of the hotel meeting room were of the opinion that more than a quorum was present Senators, under a district court injunction forbidding them to meet, had been, informed secretly of the meeting' place and for some time succeeded in withholding knowledge of their whereabouts from the public. Xoticing gradual disappearance of senators from the lobbies, newspapermen finally followed one memfbe^ to the meeting room. Hickman May HJave Killed Rowley Cottonwood Falls, kas., Dec. 28. (AP)—Authorities here are investigating the possibility that, S. M. Rowley. Mason City. Iowa,' laundry man, might have been slain here last September by William Edward Hickman, confessed slayer of Marian Parker in Los Angeles. Rowley's body, a bullet wound in the head, was found in a weed patch on Highway No. 503, east of here. Residents told of having seen Rowley in the company of a joung man resembling Hickman, who was here shortly after the killing. The m&n, according to Albert Rosier, a retired farmer, resembled photographs and descriptions of Hickman in every respect. ' A coupe driven by Rowley "was recovered In Topeka, Kans., several days after the body was found. Louis D,|White to. Boys Industrial Home Soon TELEPHONE PROTEST POWER LINES Kansias Utilities Forced To Protect Lines of i Companies In an attempt to agree upon some way to improve telephone service on several rural telephone lines ilk Allen county—supposed to haye been. .damaged by constxnc- tion of high voKage-power lines west oif lola by the Kansas Utilities company—representativee of the vartons telephone lines met with a company official at the cf^, hall here. The 'meeting: followed orderi by W. B. Dalton. public utfllUes oom- mission member, requiriner that the ntiUtlen company fix the.,liaes., A committee of three men to represent the-variona companies was ap^ pointed to cooperate with the otiU- tlea concern- In;cleadiir iUie Uaw fram interference. A. W. Young, city engineer, will represent the Nebsho "Galley company, Bamef Raven Is representative of • the Pleasaat ,VaUey line and Bert Hayes is the committeeman of/the Phuwllne. Constructioji of the high power line, the companies declare, has dlsrapted telephone service. John W. Brown,' representing the. Owl Creek telephone line.and the 340 lipe. north of the Owl creek line, was a ai>ectator. The companies he repreaeaU are -protesting Wlnst .coitstruatlon of a 33,000 volt power line from Humboldt to Yates Center. No action has yet been taken by the public ntiUtles conualsBion on the Kansas Utilities oompany'ip petition to build the Humboldt-Yates'Center Une. Interference can b« done away, -witb.only by metaUsln; the tele- pbooe wi: Topeka. Dec. 28. (AP)—AltKough official announcement was not made, an authoritative informant at the state house declared today Louis D. .White, assistant superintendent of the state reformatory at Hutchinson, would be placed in charge of the state boys' Industrial school at Topeka, ^fonday, over Col. Samuel G. Clarke, superintendent, -who has refused to resign. Six Workmeh Hurt As Apartiiient Falls Down Biiffalo, N. • Y..' Dec 28. (AP)— An apartment house in course of constraction on Delaware avenue, exclusive residential district, collapsed this afternoon. Six workmen were taken;.to hospitals in a serious condition and another Was believed trapped in the ruins. Seven floors crashed through to the- basement. Siafty-^ne workmen were in the building when the crash occurred. were 563.528. } Congress at its last session'ap-' propriated money to provided for the repayments by the treasury The estimate thatapproximtitely 240.000 persons would 'benefit >was made by Representative Wil^am- son, of South Dakota, Chairman of the new house committee on^ expenditures by- various departmfnts GOVERNOR W HEAR PLEAS SNYDERKILLitS IS BY Youth Says He Wants H!s^ Justice ^)eed;]^—Not Too Speedy A W AI T~ATTORNEir Doctor Declares Yoiitit Did Not Strangle Parker Child r i Los Angeles, Dec. 2g: (AP)—' jp vraiiam Edward Hickman, con--; fessed kidnaper and slayer of Mar- achool i Mrs. Snyder and Gray tc Get Clemency "; Hearing Albany, N. H., Dec. 2.S. U,P)— (Joveraor Smith today set TTjiurs- day, January 5, for the clemency hearing for Henry Judd Gray and .Mrs. Ruth Snyder, convicted t>I tl>e ninrUei^ot Albert Snyder, majjazine j art editor, in Queens Vlllag^' New ! York. ' • The governor notified counsel | for Mrs. Snyder and Gray tljat he | would hear: pleas for'clemency for I either or berth of them in th«- capi- j tol at noon on that date. -Pdgar' P.:Kazelton. counsel for Mr^ Sny- i der, made applicaition somt- time | ago for a clemency hearing.- j Xo application has been n^de to j the governor for a hearing Jn. behalf of Gray, but the governor de-: cided to give an opportunity to Gray.'s counsel to appear before t him with Mrs. Snyder's attor^ys if j thoy desired to apply for a ciimmu- tation : of thie death 9etiteu !;e. Mrs. Snyder and. Gray I 'lre at present confined in the-death house at Sing Sing prison avraiting execution during the' week beginning January 9. The hearyig before >the governor will be tb; ^final step open to counsel for tj^e two in their'effort to save them from the electric chair. Small Child Injured^ , As Two Cars Collide "Jerry" Shaw; 2-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs; J. S. Siiaw of Oklahoma City, received a-severe gash on" her forehead late arester- day afternoon when the ShtW car and a car driven by Edwatd Sul- Uvan, lola junior college ^udent. collided on the Deer Creek ^bridge on North State street road.'. Pour stitches were taken in the'bhild's head by Dr. Mildred Curtis.' The Chevrolet coupe belonging ^^o the Shaws was badly damaged'and is lield at a local garage for repairs. 'The Shaws went to Oklahoii^a City by train and will return tor iMe car. Sullivan's car, a Ford touring car, was only slightly damaged. The cars met on the brldg^ Each was traveling about 20 miles ah hour, Shaw said. The min said there. was no way to avo;d the accident. | Three Robberies Ar«> Too Much He Pfans To Go Back to Home - I Kansas City. Mo., Dec. 28. (AP). —Slugged and robbed thres.t times in one block here, Chester^Gainer is going back to the qu'let'^of his farm hear • Yale, Okla.- > "There's tod much exciteioent in Kansas City," ihe told Judg<; Carlin P. Smith in municipal court today after appearing against on^of the men who roblied him. "I am going back to Oklahoma at once?*' Gainer came here to spind the Christmas holidays visiting! with friends and shopping. La^ night, he. told the polfce, he was %alking north on Main' street, bet\yen the Sixth street tfafficway aiW Fifth street he was; assaulted th^ee different times -by three i^fferent pairs of holdd-up men. Tpe first pair knocked; him down agd took his knife and watch, oveSlooking $12 in his pocket. The second knocked him down, then took the $12. The third knocked h'ign down biit there wai nothing left to take. Russians Responsib||e For Canton Trouble? Canton. Dec. 28. (AP)--'A note "tatingthe Russians were^J responsible for the recent commuaist out-, break here and the hurnin* of the city was handed by the-.Chinese authorities n^w in control-to Jay C. Houston, American consul, and ot>er foreign consulates yf-sterday. ian Parker, Los Angeles girl, wants speedy justice "But not too speedy," -thjo youth hastened to add to his statement made ot newspaper reporters In- his cell in the county jaiL, He explained that he had thought ho -was to be rushed right through a^ trial y|f yeeterday. . I'.V'fei Hickman declared he had no fars-JiS tention of pleading not, Kuilty.Vti»r-fe , the cl)arges of miirder' and kldnaiH V p| ing on which he has been indicted. "I'll plead guilty and stand 1^ ? 'confession regardless of what tUa Kansas City attorney engaged .toy;, my mother advises me to do," lM)i, said.. ' ."-j h Taken To Court ; Soon after his arrival at^ the county jail here yesterday Hlcfcr- nian was taken into court for ar^ raigEment on the murder and kid-' naplng charges. On motion of District .attorney Asa Keyies^ who; told the court he h4d been- ad-;^ vised that an attorney retained ttXi Hickman's mother ia-IOu »sasL .Clty^ to d«fend him was enronte the arraignment was postpo: tir Thursday. Despite Hickman's denial, ineni' bers of the district attorney's'of­ fice declared they wo^Id not be surprised if the accused slayer of the girl pleaded not guilty •wheal the lime came for his arralgiunent. lUdnt KOI eiti? j 1 L Although Hickman's coiae8sibn.f made to Los Angeles officiate- returning hint to Los Angeles l&pOm-; Pendleton, Ore,, wiiere he h|td!beea: captured. ]said he killed the small..^ girl by strangulation, ;Cbtint5^ airi? topsy surgeon, A. P. "Wagiver Imiffi night declared that hia wwjaTltili-j% tioh of the body indicated th it ^i^, death of. the child was not; dwa primarily'to this cause. The belief was expressed 1 ylfevt^H Wagner, a next door nefgW or 'taSD S"| the Parker girl's family, thiit'*h».": died of fright and exhanstloa.; BeV said she was* of a .nervous ten iipeia?-;T;^^| meat and that the body litd leaded that she' had iiot'eaten since the .'^ time of her kidnaping and'prpbrfrI ibly had not slept" i • jrt Heart Stopped. j I. fi, "^\^len her captor applied the ; 1 ^31 towell about her neck, she retllzed what was about to happen and her ^l ^il heart stopped as the resu fright and exhaustion," the ai tottriK. surgeon said he believed. H r said ^ there were no marks of com nsfon:. or constriction about the neskibf the girl's body and the lungs weT» not congested. The transfer of Hickman frbm the southbound train to the aomil^r jail was effected with, a speed and\ precision which probably conldiO^ have been improved. upon been rehearsed. .> The civic committee which will decide the allotment ot a ;lak^j part of the almost $60,000 reward' offered for the capture or captaire^^ and conviction of the slayer' of I Marian Parker will hold a ineetlBS tomorrow. The two Oresob'l«if->. ficers, Chiet of Police :Tom7 Qta^' J. dane of Pendleton, and Sergeant C/r^; L. L-eualien of the Oregon; Sfatat traffic force, who captured Hick-:,. man, yesterday called on MJayorvi. ;;| Cryer, chairman of the citizens' reward committee. They were :accompanied by the Los AngeJes^at- i toi^ey who has been retaihe^by.1 them to protect their -^nterMfS 1&J the reward. Asa Keyes Says . / Giri Was Strangled Los Angeles, Dec. 28. (lAp)-^i District Attorney Asa Key^ todayi 1 Eureka Authorities Investigate Shooting of Youth By^J^stma^er -Eureka, Kans., Dec. 28. (API- Sheriff Hart and Clay C. Carper; county attorney today are investigating the circumstances that caused Howard Squires, 20, to be! shot and killed in the Teterville, | poetofflce near here .'last night. J. M. Foril, 55, postmaster, who gave' Umseli np,;to Greenwood oojinty authorities after the sbo<iting, is held in jail here pending the outcome of that Investigation;^ Officers said the abootlng followed Ford's attempt tol "Tilnfr the youth intb .leaving For^i 's store. The postmaster told officers the gun was accidentally di^harged during a acuJIle. . took issue with county antopl y snr-, geon A. ,F. Wagner's reppr :, that Marian Parker died from heut failur« inducted by fright a id ex-; -t-" haustion rather :than from bdnc^.:'^ choked to death by Willi aa^Bjv'iS Hickman, in jail here accuied ot'ii-j the girl's kidnaping an* nun der:;:;f';4if Keyes. declaring he was con4'?-i i vinced that the sclwol _glT i Iwiii^u s strangled to death, saldr j ' J'-v. ife?;; "Dr. Wagner's friendship far; the! Parker girl misled him Inj h|^ con-if^A elusions. ! "Even if she did die. tfTj failure, Hickman conld'tebelv4 death sentence just, the-; sao convicted. Th^ child was ao and healthy when she wa»l;B from, home-and if she died of | failure Hickman would'beijsft guilty of her murder as if be ed her with a gun: But she not die of heart failure; sfaeivaar: death." i Mg; Dr. Wagner, who Uvea next to the Parker home, stated-ii report last night that Oxfe' nothing in the lungs to strangulatioii and that no was found iii the girl's gans. Hickman was tak^ from at the county jail this for the disdly "riunr up? aot (Coatlaiied OB Eage Se. .,fs«'

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