The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on June 8, 1894 · Page 12
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 12

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, June 8, 1894
Page 12
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ighest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report, Baking Powder ABSOll/TELY PURE DAILY AND WEEKLY. ALL HOME PRINT. THE SKNTINBL Is the only newspaper In Cat roll county that Is printed all at borne and It con Him more local and county news than any othe two papers ID this county. POWERS A COLCLO, Props. FBIDAY, JUNE 8. 1894. PEOPLE AND EVENTS. Visit Moore's shoe store. Winter wheat flour at Kempker & Coolidge's. Call at Martin & Clevis' for Qlidden barbed wire. Patent photograph envelopes for sale at this office. PaintN, Oils and Brushes at J. W. Hattoii's. Mrs. I. M. Qilley is in the city visiting relatives and friends. D. B. linger took a trip up the branch to Hohtein Wednesday. For Sale—140 acre farm, f 28 per acre. O. E. Reynolds, Carroll, Iowa. Case & Hnber threshers and engines at Woodward, Diokey & Oo.'e. DiaeRBes of the eye, ear, throat and noee. Dr. O. L. Wright, Carroll. Miss Vava Cooke is employed >in the dry Roods house of John Guild. Dr. C. W. Spaulding has moved to hit new home on North Adams street. Mr. and Mrs. Hall, of Clinton, are in the city visiting Miss Ada Cheaibro. Sheriff Jeffrey and Jno. Selzer were doing business at Manning yesterday. Dr. Rick lett Tuesday on the east bound train for a short business trip. Miss Minnie Grieves, of Storm Lake, was in the city visiting Miss Ada Cheashro. Dieenees of women and children a specialty. DR. B. C. KELLEY, Carroll, la. Eolipee and Grain wind mills, pumps and tanks at Woodwatd, Dickey & CO.'B. W. H. Rickerson and John Heater, of Coon Rapids, were city visitors Tuesdav. Disc barrows and Disc cultivators at •bottom prices at Woodward, Diokey & Co.'s. Mri. W. E. Guild left yesterday for her home at Ida Grove for a short visit. Champion and Standard mowers, and Champion binders at Woodward, Diokey & Oo.'e. Choice new maple sugar. Fresh made, guaranteed pure. MoL-AGAN & SCHC- HAOHEB. Prof. Esiley was m the city Monday in the interest of tht Gliddcn normal college. W. O. Finkbine, of Des Moines, was in the city yesterday on his way up tbe branch. H. E. Russell has a bicycle and now spends the evening in the back alleys practicing. • Try our canned goods, the prioet and quality will snit you MoLAOAN & will BOHUMAOHBB. The patent envelope for mailing photographs is the best thitig out. For sale at this office. MiBBe* Maud and Emma Beers are in tbe city, Hies Mauds school at Boone having cloied. Mrs. Gifford Hoag arrived in tbe city yeiterdayand will visit witb Mr*, Sturce* (or a few days, Frank Raucb, principal of the Breda schools, wai in the city Saturday viiiting bit many friendi. For good bargaini in groceriei and fruits and decorated ware, no to Kemp, ker * Coolldge'i. HIM Lulu Long and Nettie Hyde left (or their borne* Baturdty to remain during vacation. Mrs. John Guild returned Monday evening from Omaha, where she bad been viiitinK friendi. Mr. and Mri. H. W. Macomber •pent Sunday in Omaha with Judge Macomber aud family, Mri. D. B. Unger left Wednudev (or Kingston, Mo., for an extended viiit with relative* and friendi. Mri. Obu. Baling returned Firday from South Dakota where ibe bai been (or tba put two week*. Mr. and Mm. Goodwin, of Boone, •pent Sunday with tbeir brother>in-law, J, L. Miner and family. Lirge •took ot ouriagM, enrrevi, pbwtons, buggiu pud •priuK wagons at Woodward, Diokey ft Oo/i. R. It. Woodrlng hai been at Cedir Rapid* tbii week attending tbe meeting of tbv grand lodge of MMOQI. Tho library will be open hereafter on TueidttVl ftOd Friday* from 0:80 to p, m., at tbe V. M. C. A> room. ben WleUnd returned from Lake View Wednesday, fcavlutf been there f or Mveril dfjri, and uyi tltat next 8und»r there ii to I* • big boat r*<w on (he 1|kw - Uoth parties are making big preparations for the contest as considerable is nt slake on the result. Adam Williams, of Washington township, was a Carroll visitor this week,,Bnc made a pleasant call at this office. Oar prices on flour are right, suite everybody, give it a trial and yon wil! come baok to the Yellow front for more Tbe Breda band will discourse eweet music at Germania park next Sunday. A large crowd ii expected to be present, U. S. Heffelflnger went to Lake View yesterday to ariange for his family that is going there for a short vacation. Mr. and Mrs. Fitzgerald went to Sac City last Friday to attend the commenc- ment exercises of the high school at that place. ,J. P. Minchen came up from Scrinton Wednesday for a short stay. He reports the banking business good in his new location. I. Smutney came up from Audubon on a business, trip and calling on old 'fiends. He reports business good at that place. The Daiker meat market has been moved from the corner into the Trowbridge building, formerly occupied by the postofflce. M. Bowler, councilman from the fourth ward, ie all over smiles all on the account of a bright baby girl which arrived at his home Friday. Miss Bertha Bangi left Monday 'or Mt. Vernon to visit old friends and ittend the commencement exercises at )ornell college. Clerk Konnebeck issued marriage icenses to Francis P. Bilsborough and rliss Ida Brumbush and to Tom Houton nd Miss Mary Bilsborough. Mrs. H. E. Russell left Tuesday even- ng for her old home in Massachusetts where she will remain for some time letting relatives and friendi. Chase & Sanborn teae and coffees were need exclusively on tbe World's fair grounds, selected (or their superior [nality; Sold only by Merchant. Mrs. P. M. Maclean left Wednesday for lerbome at Creston after enjoying a very ileasant visit with her mother, Mrs. foung and many old friends in tbiscity. W. R. Lee returned Monday evening Torn DeWitt. Mrs. Lee did not return with him, but will attend commencement ixercises at Mt. Vernon before returning home. Win. Lewis, of Gray, wai in tbe city esterday on busine**. Mr. Lewis kai been joufined to his bed for leveral months with rheumatism but is getting better now. H. W. Macomber and wife returned rom Omaha Tuesday evening after a. ew days' absence. They were tbe gueits f Judge Macomber and family while in be city. Mrs. W. H. Munson and boy* left for ioone Monday afternoon, Mr. Munsen having succeeded in securing a bouse to ive in. The goods, were also shipped Monday. Capt. Horton, of Ricbland township, was in tbe city Monday. The captain as not been here for some time and we were pleased to ice him looking so bale and hearty. farmers' Mutual Hail Insurance (or owa. Tbe safest, surest and cheapest ninranoe known. For particulars ad. lre*B tbe county agent J. 0. Sob waller, Hslbur, Iowa. Merchant wants you to oall at bis tore and aee bow few goods yon oan ray for five dollars. L*av« your sacks and bautta a | borne, bat pat a double box on your aled or wagon. Tbe street* are in the finest coadition now tbat we ever saw them. Tbe city utboritiei have taken special pains to Ix them up and now we bave at floe a drive as any city of our size. Tbe beautiful blooming cactui in tbe window of Sturgei & Tburlimann'i drug itore wai grown in tbe Carroll green louie. Tbe flower ii a very delicate one and only remained for a few hours, Rev. Turner ii in the eity canyauing 'or auiitance to dart a colored church. Tbere art quite a number of colored people here audit is bit object to secure a separate place of worship (or tbeu. Tbe manbal bts notited all parlies uiiog city water! tbat tbey are prohibited from using tbe lime f«r lawn pur- poses at all times.only between the hours of 5 p, m. nnd 8. The fuel il running lo<v and it is the desire of the city Minorities to be us saving of the' water m possible. The board of supervisors met at the auditor's offlceMondhy in regular session. The meeting will occupy several days as the semi-annual settlement with Hie county treasurer occurs nt this suasion. Frank Dodsoo is busy moving )HB household goods into a dwelling in the eastern part of the city. His family arrived last Saturday and Will soon be pernumetitlv located as residents of our cily. Rum fell all around us last Monday, the western and southern part of the state being visited with a heavy shower. The southtrn part of this county leceived quite a good soaking which was greatly needed. Miss Bessie Whitney left Monday morning for Clinton for a visit with the family of P. Holmes. From there she will go to Franklin Grove, III., where she will visit her grandparents and other relatives. Mrs. W. L. Culbertson and boys took the limited Sunday evening. Mrs. Culbertson will visit her daughter in Chicago and the boys will spend tbe vacation in Scott county with their grand parents. The Dunlap papers speak very flatteringly of Willie Greene, of Carroll, who accompanied the ball team, as being quite a lady's man. There, must have been some one from here sailing under a nom de plume. Mrs. J. B. Bogart, of Mazan, III., is in the city visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Kingman. She will remain here for some time and tuen go to,~ Nor folk, Neb., for a visit with her brother, J. H. Eiogman. The contract for building German in ball was awarded to Luebel and McAllister for f 0.184. They gave a bond of $3,000 and will begin work next week. The contract is to be completed by; the 15th ot September. It will soon be spring wtmtber mid you will need good footwear, as this is a time wbem money should not he waeted in wortbleea goods, you will find it best to take a little time and look nt Moore's line before you buy. James Kingman arrived in the city Sunday evening from Norfolk, Neb., and and remained a few days visiting relatives and friends. Jim is looking well aud says that the rest ofjthe family is feeling SB well as be looks. The second annual convention of tbe sixth district of tbe Iowa Christian Endeavor association will meet at Manilla, June 19 and 20. Misses Wood of Glidden and Hart of Coon Rapids are on the program from tbii county. We were overrun with cheap . entertainments last Saturday evening. No ess than three were candidates for public >atronage. The rope walker drew the argest crowd but had a hard time in securing enough cash to satisfy bis demands, Miss Marlauna Frickle, of Davenport, >.. arrived Saturday evening in company with her uncle.Mr. H, C. Edens, of Sioux Oity, and were over Sunday guests of F. M. Rabbins. Miss Frickle will spend hej summer with ber aunt, Mrs. fobbing. The Lisk brothers left Monday for tneir borne in Illinois. We hope tbey will not spend the vacation writing another original farce for the school entertainment next year. We can stand heir science all right but their litemv productions "put ui to sleep." Sunday morning a car load of cattle was burned on tbe Milwaukee road just west of Coon Rapids. Tbe straw in tbe cnr was fired by sparks from tbe engine aud by tbe time tbe train arrived at tbe water tank tbe car was nearly burned down and the cattle were all killed. The Diamond has a very attractive sign painted above tbe south entrance. The beauty display! d by tbe artistic deiign of tbe painter is only a reflection of tbe neatness of the building witbln. Mr. Steppubn iiall business land every- bing about bis place ii first clais. Alex Guegel wai arranged before Eiquire Lynch Monday on tbe charge of aueult witb tbe intent to commit mat bodily injury." After tbe itale bad presented it* evidence tbe prisoner waived and was placed under f 500 bond* to await tbe action of tbe grand jury. When we desire to Me an exceedingly highly colored itatement we look to tbe Herald, If in account of tbe "farce" given at tbe "exhibition" Friday nigbtii not racy enough to convince any opt tbat it cannot tell tbe truth then wo are mistaken. • It Prof. Amiot it not aabtnv edoftbe "farce" given we have lost considerable of our good opinion of bit judgment on school affairs. Tbe entertajnnwnt given at Nude ball Friday night wai under tbe control of tbe Awarded Highest Honors World's Fair, ^PRICE'S taking ower . ____________ Tbe only Pure Cream of Tartur Fowder.-No Ammonia; No Alum. m Million* of. Homes— 40 Yearf tb« Standard under teachers. Supt. Ameat WAI not, as he said, entitled to any of the honor for the good feature! of the program And we trust he is not Responsible for those features which Were not so good. The time of the year is at hand when the crowds begin to flock to the waturr ing resorts. In a short lime Carroll will be represented at all the important summer resorts in this part of the country. Li st Sunday a large number of our citizens spent the day at Lake View enjoying the pleasure of the lake. Our etook is complete, good* first quality, popular prices. The tariff or silver bill outs no figure with us. Don't think because we don't button hole yon on the street and beg yon to trade with us, we dnn't want your trade. We dt.'nnt think you are wise enough to choose the best place to trade. Respectfully. E. N. MBBOHANT. If Hungertord is lying about J. W. Kennebeuk as he did about the school entertainment Joe is right, in saying that Kennebeck should sue him for libel. We cannot help but loss faith In a man when we hear,him making fun of an entertainment p.nd saying all- manner of evil things against it and then say the opposite i'a his paper. J. A. Edgett. mayor of Dedham, was in the city Wednesday and fnvored THE SENTINEL office with a friendly call. Mr. Edgett.ahhough a Republican, expressed his good Judgment ia saying that he considered THE SENTINEL the best paper for news published in this city and that was why he took it in preference to any other. Wm..Petig. of Pleasant Valley, came to the city Wednesday considerably excited over the supposed loss of $100 of school money he was taking home with him. But in the afternoon we learned that he found it and is feeling much better than he did. Tbe money was mislaid and ~was not discovered until in tbe afternoon. Of these fashionable publications "La Mode de Paris" and "Paris Album of Fashion, cost oiily $3 60 each per year or 85 cents a copy. "The French Dressmaker fs $8.00 per annum or 89 cents a copy. ','La Mode," a family journal which, has no superior and no equal in this country, only costs the trifling sum of $1-60 per year or 15 cents per oopy. The three first mentioned publications offer SI.00 worth of coupon patterns, and "La Mode" fifty cents worth of patterns as a premium' for a ypaily subscription. If you are unable to procure any of these journals from your newsdealer, do hot take any substi- from him but apply by mail to Messrs. A. McDowell & Co., 4 West Uth Street, New York. The June Century contains a number of salient features. One of the most interesting is an authorative account of "Edison's Invention of the Kineto-Phono- graph" by Antonla and W. K. L. Dickson. Mr. Dickson has been associated with Mr. Edison in working out his invention. Tbere is also an Introduction by the inventor, and a portrait of him from a receut photograph, together with examples of the pictures shown by this inveniion for reproducing to the eye the motion* of a liven scene as the phonograph reproduces tbe related sounds. Ed. Dale, of Coon Rapids, was in the city Monday transacting business before tbe.board of supervisors. By the way, we hear the name of Mr. Dale quite flatteringly mentioned in connection witb tbe office of supervisor. Mr. Dale Is well qualified for this position and would be a first class man for Union township to name as its candidate, as we understand that tbe southeastern part of the county isgc ing to insist on being repreitnted on tbe bonril. Boos & Laughlia, the now furniture dealers, are now prepared to receive their friends at Henry Kempker's old Hand, opposite tbe court bouse on Main street. These gentlemen are adding new goods to their stock every day and expect to carry tbe most complete stock of furniture In Carroll .ocunty. Tbey are prepared to furniih a home complete from cellar to garret tuid anyone intending to itart to bouse keeping should not fail to call on them, Call and see them; tbey will use you well. The annual meeting of tbe stockholders of tbe Northwestern Building and Loan association was held at tbe home office Tuesday in tbii city and tbe old of. fleer* were re elected without a dlisent- Ing vote. Tbe attain of tbe association are In flrit claw inane wbicb U ibown by tbe following itatement: IjOttDB «• ****** 0**h In'bank".",..,...." \f»S~af-M,KKI IK UAUIMTIM. Stock 141,0337 Deport* • U,a»87 Undivided profit* 1317 W-M.KW W It there U any tenie in tbe, city council pairing an ordinance to control tbe talooniof our city *• would like to know of it, Tbe sute has not been doing much of anything el*e in tbe pait dozen of y«ari but to leglilate on ibii queitlon and now tbey have arrived at a point where It U hard to tell "where they •re at." If tbere I* not enough law now to control tbe traffic It le all folly for oily council* to attempt to meet tbe requirement*, Paw • revolution giving jour content, fixing tbe amount of your charge* per capita, aodjtbe »alooo» will do the reit. The flrit of tbi new money orderi ha* been received at the Oarroll poitofflce. Tbe order looki very much like an ex- prei* money order and I* quite an Im- provemeut on ibe old one. Tho orderi will not come into general use until tbe flrit of uevtmonlb wbt<n they will entire' ly lupfrcede tbe old ityls HOC) the po«tt) note* will then be aboliihed, but tbe coit of money orderi will be reduced *o that mill arnounti cm bo tent M cbeiply bON'T ACCEPT IMITATIONS. "-• ". CAM3LE CO.. CINTL •i heretofore with postal notes. Follow ng are the new rules which an into iffect July 1: For orders noi rxcuodi f2 50, three cents; over $2 60 mul not exceeding |5, five cents; over |5 and not exceeding $10, eight cents; evei f 10 and not exceeding ISO, ten cents; over $20 and not exceeding f30, twelve centa; over f80 and not exceeding |40, fifteen cents; over |40 and not exceeding f 60, eighteen cents; over |50 and not exceeding |60, twenty cents; over $60 and not exceeding $76, twenty-five cents; over $76 and not exceeding $100, thirty cents The premium list of tbe Carroll County Fair and Drivin« Park association for 1894 has been issued from this office and is now being distributed by Secretary Junod. Tbe premiums offered by this association are liberal and as they have the reputation of always paying- their premiums in full the exhibition this year will undoubtedly be a good one. The officers of the association are leaving nothing undone to made a successful fair and all that is needed to accomplish this is the co-operation of the people and as Ibis has always been given in the past we do not doubt that all will help to make the fair a success this year as they have in the past. It is tho interest^ all of us to have the Carroll county fair a successful one and we hope to see the farmers of the county, as well as our business men, join in together with the officers of the association and make the 1894 fair the best in the history of tbe county. READING OIBOLK. Tbe following program has been selected for Oarroll reading circle" next Saturday evening: Moral Training- Ml. K. J. Rettemalttr Law ot Oh raoter Training Miss Nettle Fox Moral Action, the will ,. ..Hiss Ora Quint Horal Character Development.Ml»s inna Yegge Will Training Mr. W. A. Darning Regularity and Punctuality... Mr. D. O. Murdoch Neatness and Accuracy Miss Cunle Walz Industry and Obedience—Mr. .ino. Schachtnor 'Folk Lore"Beadlng.Spencer's "Ftwrle Queene" Come promptly at 7 o'clock p. m. ANNA KBLIJT, Leader. THEN AND Now. Last fall when Hnugertord wanted to defeat MoMabon as a candidate (or county superintendent be made ase of tbe following language; ' "MoMabon, the Democratic candidate for county superintendent is one of those small minded, bigoted, intolerant creatures that think it a crime to differ from them on any subject. The little pin- leaded, bair-brsined fellow thinks tbat Moause neighbors differ on politic?, etc., tbey ought to-be at eternal enmity, burn eaob other's houses and maim each other's stock, etc. this intellectual LiUipntian if elected would bate tbe eight ot a Republican tobool child. Ho would lie awake at nights to daviee meana of injuring persons wbo did not agree with him." Now when Mr. Hungertord ie asking a favor of this little pin-neaded fello " for a friend ot hie be no longer addresses bim by this title. Look upon tbat picture and then upon this; "Sapt. MoMabon baa ebown himself tb ja far in his career finely fitted for tbe work of superintendence and ie making a splendid record as «bahool man, 80 long M Mr. Mo* Mabira pursues his present conns in .the oouduut of the office the people of MM county have reasons to felicitate themselves that their educational interest! have tallec into worthy bauds." How do yon like tbe picture f Either MoMahon has wonderfully improved in the past six months or Hnngerford should- apologize as Eennebeok says be hM done to him. Tbe religions editor would be a convenient scapegoat. Piles I Piles I Itching Plies. Symptoms moisture; Intenie Uphlng and sting Ing, must at night; worse by scratching. If at lowed to continue tmtnors form, which often bleed and ulcerate, becoming very son. Swayne'* ointment stops the Itching and bleeding, heals ulceratlon and in moot oases remove* the tumors. At druggists, or by mall, for 60 • cent* Dr. Bwaynede Bon, Philadelphia, 6-1-96 LOW BATES TO CLEVELAND. For t'ne accommodation of delegatesand others who desire to attend the Christian- Endeavor Convention at Cleveland, Ohio,. July llth-lotli, tu«j Baltimore and Ohio Hail road company bus arranged to sell round trip tickets from Chicago, July 9th to lltli, inclusive, valid lor return trip un- tli July Hist. Au additional extension bt time limit to September 15th can be secured if the return portion of ticket Is deposited with the joint agent of terminal lines prior to July Mat. Tickets Chicago to i 'leveland and return, 810. The B. *. O. maintains a series of fast express trains between Chicago and Cleveland, with through sleeping cars. For further information address L. 8. Allen, Assistant General Passenger Agent, Chicago, 111. 6-4 •' German Baptixt Annual Meeting The Annual JUveiinjr, of the German baptist lire.tlmm will be held ut Meyersdale, Pa., on the Piuslnirnt Division of the Baltimore & Ohio Kailroad, commencing May 2*th, 1894. For this occasion the B. & 0. K. It. Co., will sell excurison tickets to Muyursdale and return from all stations on its system of lines at rate of one first class fare for tba round trip. From point-t east of and Including PlttHburgaud Wheelingth><tickets will be sold from May 22d to 28th Inclusive, and will be valid for:return passage within thirty days from date of sale. From points west of PUtsburg and Wheeling the tickets will be sold from May-1st to 26th Inclusive, and will be valid for return passage within thirty days from date of sale. For time of trains, etc., adlres* nearest Agent of the B. & O. R. R Co. O. P. McCarty, Geu'l Pass. Agent. B. & O. S. IT. ff B'y, St. Louis, Mo., L. S. Allen, Ass't Gen'l Pass, Agent, B. & O. B. B., Ohlcago, Ills. ;E. D. Smith, Dlv. Pass. Aveht, B. & O. B. B., Pitta- burg, Pa., or B. F. Bond, Div. Pass. Agent, B. &O. R. B.. Baltimore, Md.; Ohas! O. Scull, Gen'l Pass. Agent, B. & 0. R. R., Baltimore, Md. 84t Executor's Notice. Notice U hereby given to all persons Inter***ed. that on the 33d day of May. IBM. tbe nnder- iltcned w»s appointed by the dlitrlct court of Carroll county, Iowa, executor of the eitito ot H. P. Duncan, deoeated. late of said oountv Iowa. All persons Indebted to said estM» wft make payment to thr undersigned, and tbo*e having olatmi against tba name will prewnt them legally authenticated to the laid court for allowance. ' Dated tbe 13d day of May, 18M. JOHN B. ELLIOTT, 5-Bt Executor, Sheriffs Bale. Notice I* hereby given tbat by virtu* of a special execution, to me directed by the clerk of the district court ot Oarroll county, Iowa, r nst the goods, ch»tteU, lands, tenement*, of Sarah Miller, K. J. Miller, her huibtnd. First National b*nk of Oarroll. Carroll Investment company, deiendsut*. In fuTorol D. Joyee, plaintiff, I will offer at public sale to tbe hUoMt and be*t bidder for cub, at the door of tbe court houM,-In tbe town of Oarroll, county of Oarroll, Iowa, on the Uth d*y of June, UM, be. twe«n the hour* of 9 o'clock a. m. and I o'clock p. m. on Mid <lor, all of *ald defendant*' right,, title and Interett In and to tb* following de- •crlbedrealeitate, *ltiMted tit Carroll county, to-wlt: Lot*e**n (7), In blook four (4), Into*) flnt addition to tb* town of Oarroll. In Onnroll county, low*. Sale to commence at the boar ot 10 o'clock a. m. of Mid day. Wttne** my hand This 18th day °' Mi Bberlfl Carrol f county, Iowa. D ID YOU EVER SEE THE SEA? PERHAPS NOT, but you oan see the best and most complete stock of furniture in Oarroll txran* ty by calling on the new furniture dealers, BOOB & Laughlin, opposite court house, Oarroll, Iowa. They have CHAIRS ROCKERS CURTAINS WARDROBES PARW)R SUITS BEDROOM SUITS UPHOLSTERED GOODS UNDERTAKING GOODS CURTAIN FIXTURES, ETC., ETC., In enrileaa variety, and new goods coming in every day. In fact, they are prepared to furnish a house in the best of style from cellar to garret, They also do all work in the cabinet line and repairing. J^TDon't forget /the place, Opposite Court House, Carroll, Iowa, Vji i_4.. 1 neL-t ...... .

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