Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on August 24, 1933 · Page 7
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 7

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1933
Page 7
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'BUY BBTT11 M JLMZf DAILY TUBUKE-THfES. AMES. IOWA. THUR1DAY, AUGUST FAOE rmf CM OOYT Strike Situation Is Still Acute HAVANA <UJR>— Political complications brot anxiety to the new government Monday while the populace. reacting from years of repression, continued to wreak vengeance on members of the Machado regime. Former President Mario Menocal, a political power, ^fefurned from exile by airplane from Flop- Ida, and promptly issued a statement calling for a complete new deal - interpreted as an invitation to the government to call early elections. While the statement brot fear that Menocal might seek to rally his adherents and offer serious opposition to the new government of Pres. Carlos Manuel de Cet- pedes, leaders of the ABC secret revolutionary organization, who are cooperating with De Cespedes asserted they would adopt strong measures if necessary to prevent "disorders." Unmindful of politics, a crowd dug up the body of Antonio An- ciart, Machado's hated chief of police, dragged it thru the streets, to the national university, stripped jf, hanged it to a trolley pole with a cigar in its mouth and, when the rope broke, tried to burn it Ainciart, who 10 days ago had a position of almost supreme police authority, with the power of life or death over the ordinary citizen, killed himself Saturday night. He had been hunted for a week. He died under an assumed name in a rented room, clad in a cheap pair of trousers, a shirt and a pair of tennis shoes. Guarded by soldiers, the body was taken to the morgue. There 10,000 persons looked at it Sunday. Fearing a mob would drag the body away, soldiers took it to a cemetery and burled it The crowd found It and students disinterred it. When their effort to burn It failed they took it to the morgue. A guard of police took it back to Mariano cemetery and buried it again. Students continued their search for bodies of victims of the Macha- distas. They found a skeleton ai the home of secret policeman, Rafael Rail, now a prisoner. The government began its second week of life with the strike situation still acute. There were indications the government would force employers to deal with unions as organizations. Nine European vessels waited to discharge cargo, and four others awaited loads of sugar. Aii may have to depart unless port workers go back to work soon. The government has lost $2,000,000 in revenues and port fees and shipping companies and exporters have lost heavily. them and visited over nigaL They left Monday for a visit at Cedar Falls. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Suepard had as their guestfi Sunday Mrs. Mattie Meeks, Mr. and Mrs. C. \V. Wright, Mr. and Mrs. J. Foust, all of Webster City, and Miss Ruth Foust of Ames. Mrs. Mattie Meeks remained for »ev eral days' visit Their afternoon callers were Mr. and Mrs. Homer Templeton and family 'of Des Moines. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Switzer of Qm* ha, Mr. and Mra. Orlin Askeison, Mr. and Mrs. Tbos. Woodruff were dinner guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Noble Partlow, near Ontario. George Howard was a dinner guest Sunday of the G. Ward family Mr. and Mrs. M. T. Hartman and Ceraldine of Ames spent Sunday afternoon with the Ed Holmes family. Mrs. L. T. B«BJI and Mrs. Wm. Mange* spent Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. Roy Grierson. Miss Florence Nicholson of Am*» spent last week with Doris Lusca- le«t. Mrs. Cleo Lelnlnger of Boon* county spent Wednesday with Mrs. Orlin Askelson. Mr. and Mrs. Oley Wald returned home Sunday from a visit with the Marl Manges family at Hollandule, Minn. Mr*. Albert Foster and Mildred spent Sunday evening with Mrs. Geo. C. Clouser. George Lewis and son, Merle, ofi Rockford. 111., were callers Wednesday evening at the Oren Lake home Mrs. Floyd Zenor of Ontario, Mrs. Thornburg of Ames and I^ettie Thornburg of Milwaukee, Wls., spent Thursday with Mrs. Ralph Lawrence. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Jacobson and family and Mrs. Selrner Soreuson and son were dinner guests Sunday Of Mr. and Mrs. Sigurd Hougland. Those from Gilbert who attended the Aokelson-Hanson reunion at Ft Dodge Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Sam Askelson and Almlra, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Peterson and Laurel. Mrs. E. J. Hougland, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Askelson and Stella Sansgaard and Neal Hougland* Mrs. Frank Matting!/ and son, Bobby Dean, with Mr. and Mrs. Milford Baldus of Story City were in Nevada Sunday, dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Wilkinson. Mayor Fbhe* While Friends Fight Recall MILWAUKEE. Wis. <l?Jl)—Daniel W. Moan, who as socialist mayor of Milwaukee for 17 years has won wide acclaim {or exi>ert city management, fighed ir the north woods Wednesday while attorneys answered efforts to have him removed from office. His counsel was scheduled to appear in court to place formal objections against a recall petition. Tbty said they would claim that 11 per cent of the signatures on the petition were in Identical handwriting. The petition has been signed hy 46,100 names, whereas only 42,679 are necessary for a recall election. Real £«Ut« Cloyd F. T«3UM»t fc wf. to W. H. Chance. W. D. lots 12-13 & 14, Blk. 4. KiehardsOB'a 2nd Add. to Zearing, Iowa Albert J. H4Dioa to C. L. Han- sou. W. D. Und, 1-8 Int. in N% NE% & SE% NW% Sec. 29-85-24. Treas. of Story Co. to M. A. Manning, Tax De»d. E% Lot 10, & Lot 11, Blk. 6, College Park Add., Ames. Treas. Story Co. to D. M. Grove, Tax Deed. W. 80 ft. of Lot 9. Blk. 3, Lees Add to .Ames. Anna Welcfr Geataganas & hus. to Lyman Clou**/ W. P. 8E& W& Sec. 17-84-2*. John R. Jones £ wf. to Ames BJdg. £ Loan AasU Q. .C. D. Pax- ton's 8. D. of Lot 1, Blk. ' D" & lot 8, Blk. "D", Kintsburys Jrd Add. to Ames. Itelsie M. * A. W. Parno to Ames Bldg: & Loan Ass'n. W. D. W 55 ft- of N^4 Lot 3, Parkers Sub. Div. of E. 30 A.-of NE>4. Sec. 9-8J-24. Ada M. Martin to EMa L. McDonald, et al W. D. E. 123.2 ft. of Lot 1, Blk. 3. Lincoln Place Add to Ames. Anna Welch Geataganas & hus. to Lyman Clouser, W. D. SE»/i NW% Sec. 8-84-24. Ever »lnc« reading that Chicago dispatch that a nude dancer performed on the stag* behind two fani, a local baseball enthusiast has complained that it failed to give thtir names. Canadian TouritU Killed at Crowing CHESTERTON, Ind. (UK)-—Th» bodies of five persons killed in an automobile-train crash near here wer« definitely identified Wednesday an Canadian tourists. The victims, all of Ponoka, Alta Canada, were Miss Christine MacDonald, 33; Misa Mary MaeDon- ald, and Mrs. A. F. Masson and her two children. Marie, 10, and Kenneth, 8. The women were slaters. Mrs. Masson was driving the automobile, which was struck by a fast passenger train. The bodies were brot to local undertaking rooms. GILBERT GILBERT, Aug. 23.—Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Clouser and son, Ernest, are enjoying a week's visit with Vela lives at Champaign, 111. Mrs. Edna McGuire and son, John, and Mrs. Hall of Iowa Falls were visitors Saturday of Mr. and Mrs M. W. McGuire. Mrs. Gladys Woodruff of Ames spent the week end at the Ralph Lawrence borne. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Musgrove are spending this week at Mankato, Minn., with Mr. and Mrs. Clark Scott and family. Their daughter, Mable Lee, is staying with her cou sin, Mildred Foster during her parents' absence. Amil Mathisoni Richard and Miss A wand a of Ames spent Wednesday evening with Mrs. R. Tressler and family. Chester Vilmont of Boone spent the week-end at the parental M. J. Wilmont home. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Houghan and sons of Peofia, 111,, left Monday for their home after a visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jim O'Bryant. George C. Clouser and P. W. Finchanvare on a business trip in South Dakota. Mr. and Mrs. Orlin Askelson, Mr and Mrs. Floyd Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Leininger were guests Sunday- evening of Mr. and Mrs. Allen Henderson. Miss Laura Craig of Ames is visiting at the Pleas Fincham home. Mr. and Mrs. George Mabie of WMtten spent the week-end at the Walter Rainbolt home. Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Gilbert of Des Moines spent Friday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Will Manges. Mrs. Selmer Sorenson and son ol Frost. Minn., who are visiting relatives here, spent Friday with Mrs. Orlin Askelson. Byron Tressler returned home Sunday after a several weeks' business trip thru northern Minnesota. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Anderson vis ited relatives at Lehigh Suiday. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Fisk. Mrs Wright and son, David, of Aredale spent Tuesday night with Mr. and Mrs. Oren Lake. Mrs. Jim Hay and daughters; La vonne and Ramona Lee. and Miss Louise Hay, a n O f Rhodes, visited several days last week with the Harry Woods family. Mrs. Andrew' Dickinson and daughter Charleen, left Saturday for a weeks visit with relatives at Cedar Rapids. Mrs. Ernest Shenard snent Tlmr? day with her sister. Mrs. Walter Michelson, at Marshalltown Mrs Michelson returned home with her for n week-end visit Mrs. Henry Peterson is on the sick list. Mrs. A. A. Rose of Story Oitv spent. Sunday with Mrs. B. D Kent Mr. and Mrs. Louis Ulninger were dinner guests Sunday of Mr and Mrs. Allen Henderson. Mrs. Will Manges visited relative? and friends in Des Moines Wednes •Iny and Thursday. Mr. and Mrs, Pleas Fincham and family find Elmer Haskins went to Arnrs Thursday evening to help Mr Ezra Ward celebrate his 77th hivth- Mr. nnd Mrs. Ed Sinn attended ibe Sinn fnmlly reunion al Brook- ririw P n ' l|( '" A WS Sunday. Mr .TIKI ."Jn; (!<~n. ft'u'nr nn't Mv- ffjr'o V/H•,',.-•' r-vl ''nttr'hfrM' M"vln1infl. fill, fit DPS Mollies, returned borne, \vltb' GOATS You Save At Least $5 By Buying Note! There's fashion news ind a savings story, combined, In this ning group of. Ward Fall and Winter coats! The new broad-shonJ- dered, richly farred type* yon tee on smart New York women,— brought to you at Ward's at this most amazing price! CREPES AND BOUCLES trimmed with FOX, CARACUL, HARMINK, FITCH, or "WOLF DOG fare. ^ \ \ Lace Prices Dovbted Since We Bought These— §LIP§ Trimmed wuith Late 39 C We'd hardly closed the deal when the lice market "went wild." The maker wouldn't give us a tingle elip more. He Died lace freely on these! RAYON and COTTON flat crepe, in 2 lovely bias styles. Straight top or shaped V-top. [Flesh, tea-rose, white. Send the children Back to School with savings on Ward's sturdy SHOES For Boys 9 Girl*. Children! Every good style for Fall in this group—all new—all made of good strong leather—built on laste to accommodate growing active feeL And we've priced them so low because we bought thousands of hides when the market was low. Wd doubt if you cbuld buy anywhere today such fine shoes for so little. Oxfords, straps, ties, kiltie-ties, high shoes, in black calf grain and patent leather. Roomy moccasin toes, plain tow, shield tips. In all wanted sizes. Save meme§ and Doable the We 01 gear S*it Extra Dress PANTS $6)95 A L Bartacked for rugged extra They'll hold their own with your best writ! Wear them eepaxately with a sweater or wind* breaker! Worsted*, casKunerea, cbeviota, tweed. Chalk •tripes, checks, fan* cy «a*ftimere«, stripes. A stagger* ing assortment, at this exceptional price! BarUcked, belt loops, suspender bnttoR*. Month* ago we bought this school special! FROCKS for 3 to 6'tn Mothers, get all yon can lay your hands on — while the selling's good, Tub-fast percales,' bloomer or gaimpe styles! Blue,Green, red and brown. Extra strong— for feet **on the go" Boys 9 Hose - Pr. A blessing for mothers of strenuously active boys— trbo "RO through" stockings in a minute! Ribbed tops, reinforced at feet . . . where wear comes. School col- ore. A Full y-Eq ui pped Bike! SO//AOA Tim It has all these: electric headlight, taxi horn, steel package [ carrier, big parking .stand. Mudguard* arc stiinlei} steel, other fittings chromium plat* «<L Our price »*ve* yoa IS to $10! SMrt* mtWardt 79c ... A bought! D«» hie elbows, tripi* elfecbcd. Shirts—Shorts Far 60jrs Boys—A Value for School! ALL WOOL WEATERS Ea. Fin* cotton athletic shirt, tubular trii^ Yoke front fancy broadcloth sborU. Trousers Son at VVWi Knickers o r longies — l* wear with sweat ers ar shirts! Greror ian mixture*. $1.00 Yoa can have this low prico for fall! But only because WE bought when the wool market hit bottom months ago! Stunning patterns, in. eluding jacqnards. V or crew n«cka> Ward's Pure Silk SHEERS Won o WW Marathon! Silk Hose 69c Full Fashioned! Plcot Tops! Six business girls wore 3 pair CHIFFONS (total $2.07) for 40 days—laundering them every night. We have the test on record! Ring toe, a nifty reinforcement at the point of friction, gives the stocking its unusual endurance—not to mention the long-wearing reinforced toe and heel. Luxurious picot tops, dull lustre. Also service weight. New fall shades. Waist Sort at Words Note this value! Rayon. Drop seat In sizes for boys or girls. Girls 9 Slips SOY* at Wardt Between 4 sod 14 ...!«« or raSSks. Naift- gook*. Rayon Taffeta SlijwSOe. Girls 9 Undies Ran • resiU Rayon! n«*tlv tailored, round neck vests. Elastic t o p panties. bloomer*. Thrifty, SouuNt Women Birjr * New SHOES War* 9 * OXFORttS for Men—Look Well, We*r WeU, Cost $2*49 For less than |3 Wardn offers. several styles for men besides the popular oxford sketched. Good quality blapk calf grain leather with rubber heels. UNION SUITS 59c Medium Medium or figbt weight rib knit ^ cotton v coiU. Foil cut—no skimping lull lap seats. Elastic rib cuffs on ankles./,Dress Shirts 89c Plain and fancie» at a pricey0tfl>no* see aoon again. First quality, high count broadcloth. Pearl buttons. 14'» to Regularly 39c Yd! Ward's Rayon & Cotton Flat Crepe Now Only 25 rd. Firmly woven, softly finished ftat crep*—M inches wide—fwttuW in the smart •««• UQ («lors. It's a good 76 x 69 thread toont *nd MOIM in • wid« rant* of solid 327 Main Street M O ' O M E R V W A R D PHONE 151

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