Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 2, 1933 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 2, 1933
Page 5
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lOLA. KANSAS THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. THURSDAY EVENING, PEBRUAB • tt • WHERE TO MARKET {Recipes Selected By Knth Lynn.) ,' ^teamed Apple DDmpUnss. APPLES- 6 apples 1 cup sugar Pare, core and slice apples into .large-shallow saucepan. Cover with water, and boll gently until tender. Add sugar and continue boiling im- tU syrup begins to thicken. J DUMPLDraS 2 cups flbur 3 tsp. baking powder ',5 is^. salt U tsp. nutmeg 2 tbsp. butter •>K ^up evaporated milk and dup.water, mi.xed Sift' flbur, then measure. Reslft with Jjaklhg powder, salt, and nutmeg; 'Work In' butter a.s for biscuit. Stir in diluted milk quickly but thoroughly. Drop from tablcspoor. over .liolling apples. Cover closely and steam until dry, about 10 minutes, •,Yield: 12 .small irumpllngs, 6 servings. Scn'c hot with following sauce: SAUCE 2 tb.sp. lemon-juice 1 Clip evaporated milk Grated lemon rind - 4 t.sp. butter 1 cup confectioner's sugar Chill milk thorougWy. Whip until stiff. Add lemon juice and whip imtil very stiff. Cream butter.' Add sugar i and cream until thoroughly mixed. Fold into whipped milk with lemon; rind. Yield: Sufficient for ti f large senungs. If jTOU dont try this recipe you are .iftually cheating yourself! The .sauce ;is a very d .Timv and e.xcinnt: finish,' A REUNION OF SCHOOLMATES A special, rcciix;—this! One that isn't yl'ry widely known, either. The ! -kind cjf thing that you can spring on yotu- pria> cook fnends; The! little crunchy bits of bacon ' scattered through the dough are utterljJ ^lBlicious. Can't you almost taste ill®? Imagine how good they are, s«n,'ed with .scrambled, eggs, count :<y 'sausage or vegetable .'•.alad. \ \ Bacon BlscultSi • 2 ctfps flour . 4 tsi^. baking powder 1 ts|>. salt 3 tbsp. bacon fat Qup choi)i )ed crisp, broiled - bacon\ 1-3 cup evajxiratpd milk and 1-3 eup water, mixed. Sift: flour, then measure. Resift with baking ix)wder and salt. Rub fat intio flour. Add bacon. Add diluted milk and mix? quickly but thoroughly.. The dobgh should be very smooth. Turn "ontb a thor- , oughly' floured board. Pat dough' to ; ^ inch; thickness. Cut and place on an oil6d tin. Bake in hot oven (425d J".) about 12 minutes. Yield: "'24 tiny biscuits. Bacon biscuitsare a splendid idea for me^ls that are otherwise light "Oh, and we almost forgbt, give them a. trial '^u'ith potato or tomato soup. Pretty exciting—take our word for it.. , • . "Why. hello Delia: " was Alfred E. Smith's friendly greeting when as pictured above, ho met .in c! d-schoohnate in Wa .5hington. She was Mrs. Delia McCoy Dineen. a charwoman in the house office; building, and they recalled having attended St. James's school in New York for about ten yeans. Garlic Drcssiing. Crush one clove of g.irlic in a bowl. Pour over it one-third of a cup of olive oil and two-thirds of a cup vinegar, salt and pepper to taste and one teasiwon of drj- mustard. Allow to soak for one-half hour, beat and remove garlic. Pour over broken lettuce and toss until every leaf glistens with the dressing. . Baked Cabbage. Boil the cabbage for about fifteen minutes, changing the water once. Drain and let cool. Chop; add two beaten eggii, 1 teaspoon butter, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 teasixwn pepper and 3 teaspoons cream. Place in casserole, and bake about a half an I hoiu-. Creamed Carrots and Celery, 2 cuiis diced carrots 2 cup^ diced celer>- 1 tsp| salt - 1 pt.'iboillng water 2 tbsp. butter : 2 tbsp. flour • 1 cuji evaporated milk Boll carrots and celery briskly | until tejider, in water to which salt has b^en i added. About 1 cup ~ liquid should remain at end of boiling. Add butter, sprinkle flour over , vegetables, stir (with a fork to prevent Bttashing vegetables) until smooth,* and add milk. Continue cooking until' thickened, stirring occasionally to prevent scorching. - Yield: 6 servings. Have ;a fling at this excellent fla- i vor and color combination. Many people prefer celerj- and carrots together in this manner, rather than i separately, as they are more often ser\'ed. ' . ^Tomato Consomme. . 1 large can tomatoes 1 large onion, cut verj- fine Salt and pepper 4 whole cloves ^ 1 stalk colerj-, cut fine Mix all ingredients together and then bojl for about an hour. Strain. I Just before serving add one table- ' siX)on Qf beef extroct. Scn'e hot! and add slices of lemon. \ Crejvmcd Shrimp on Toast. | Prejiare one can of shrimps for' cooking by removing the black vein. | Cook Ofie diced green pepi>er and ; .' add it to a cream sauce made of 2 j cups of milk thickened with one ta- \ i blespooM of flour. Add one table- i spoon of butter and salt and pepper j to ta -ste, Put in .slirimps and- cook ! long cn()Ugh to heat tlu'ough. Pour ; —oyer hot buttered toast and ser>'e. i %t Butter. The fine June-butter flavor and pleasing aroma of Fairmont's Better Butter is repeated every day in feverj- pound; ther&'s a meadow fresh- ness.too. You will like It. Alade in lola. FOOD ^ NEWS m Irttilki llOhOMr kui! If saving moiney inlereets you, be sure to shop at A&l* especially this M 'eck-end. "Why not check your needs now, tear out- this ad and use it for your shopping list. CANE SUGAR 10Lbs.45c 100 LB. BAG S4.47 FLOUR SUNN-iTIELD 93 Lbs. FAMILY Bag 48 Pound Bag 69c $1.29 Quaker Oats . 2 CrisCO 2 LBS 33c . . , .3 Uneeda Bakers ?g^?Klfct. Campbell's'°s'&^u ^P° . . 4 Pumpkin . ... .2 Pineapple CRUSHED ^ . . Campbells BEAN.S Heinz Ketchup . . MICHIGAN PEA BEANS OR FANCY Blue Rose Rice . . 10 Sweet Prunes ^'^^^eti^K^^''^ 2 K.C. Baking Powder , Calumet . . tGE. PKGS. LB. CAN S-LB. PKG. TALL CANS No. !H CANS No. 10 CAN 16 OZ. CAN LGE. BOT. 25c 48c 23c 25c 15c 37c 5c 19c GLENDALE Jan. 31—MiT- and Mrs. Everett Wren and daughter Evertina called at Lloyd Heath's Wednesday. Frank Ross and Theodorb Hutton took dinner at Jess Ross's Thursday. V. W. Heath and famUy, Lloyd Heathj' and family and Mrs. Maude Mhilch took dhmer at W. P. Van Pelt's Sunday. Donald, Ilene and Max Heath, Corinne, Jean and Joan Powers and Geraldine Henderson, of Fairmount district, visited Olendale school Friday afternoon, while their teacher was. taking examinations, James Hosley returned to Pittsburg Sunday after a week-end visit at home, where he will work on his master's degree. Mrs. Maude Mihich is visiting her sister, Mrs. V. W. Heath and family, Mr. and Mrs. Regland Vansant and children drove to Clinton. Mo., ''undav to visit relatives. Richard Vansant and family returned home with them Simday for a visit here. The Banner club met Thursday afternoon with Mattie Morrow. Working on quilt blocks was the work of the afternoon. The program consisted of Scripture reading. Lucretia Collins; club song. Brighten the Comer Where You Are; roll call. Colleges of Kansas. Where Lo- NSWERS rnilE "CITY OP. NEW YORK" •*• wag used by Admiral Byrd In the Antarctic. The flag showh l8 the natlo.nal emblem of SIAM. 4 on 5 PER CENT Is the nverago.fuel cfflclency of gasoline engines. cated; reading of minutes; paper, Early Traits of Kansas. Mattie Holman; Kansas poem, Mattie Morrow. Refreshments were served to twelve members and one guest, Mrs. Olive Abble. Next meeting with Mrs. Mary Davis. Mrs. Nora Tucker and Mary visited their dailghter and sister, Mrs. Veva Pierce and family near La,-: Harpe. ;Y 2.1933. PAGE FIVE LONE ELM NEWS (Mrs. Bessie Penland): Jan. 31— Herbert Bunnel hauled hay to Arthur Sprague's Tuesday. Mrs. Hazel Schlick and son and Mrs. MolUe Knox of Kansas City, snint Wednesday with Mrs. Flossie Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Newlon and Mif. and Mrs. Frank Newlon were shopping In Tola Thursday. Mrs. Edna Miirphy and Frances sp^nt Friday at the parental Newlon home. •The ladles' aid met for an all day meeting Thursday at the home of 0. O. Reeve, with nine mem- in attendance, 1. Paye Spangler and daughters home from the hospital and Ida Donaldson Is helping with th^ housework. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Stout took Sujiday dinner at the John ,Kulp home. The Hewelett's called In the lOon. ;., J. W. Bracewell is still con- to her home as a result of flu. members of her Sunday school and her friends are sending cards and letters this week. Alfred DePoe suffered a very ful accident. She was helping rry a boiler of .brine outside to il, and when they set the boiler down she attempted to slide it along the walk but slipped and fell, striking her shoulder on the cement and scalding: her wrist. She Is doing as well as she could under the circumstances. Mrs. Edna Loper and daughter Georgia Childress were calling at Penland's Sunday afternoon. Glen and Lois HuttOn spent Sunday evening at the Penland home. The G. T. Q. club met' Wednesday with Mrs. Brooks Wallace. Mr. a;nd Mrs. Lloyd Nichols of Colony spent the day at the Alfred DcPoe home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Sarver called !ln the afternoon. •The young folks of this community are putting on a play at the town hall Friday night. "Beads on a-String" Is the title of the play, being coached;.by Mrs. Tom Church, and the cast numbers five boys and four girls. There will be special numbers between acts and evcrj ons sl^buld turn out and give these young folks a hand: No admission wUl be charged. Mr. ahd Mrs. Ted Penland and Lawrence Glffln drove to LaHarpe Siinday after Sunday school to call ptj Mrs.; R. W. Penland, who has be^n 111 .but Is better at this time. They also called at the. parental Yates home. The fl'nance committee of the il. E. I church held its conference Sunday aftei: Sunday school.' 'All; t" members; and friends of the church should be thinking what they,.can do for the support of a pastor for next yeas and be ready for the nicm- ber of the committee that' calls.. You probably have soinethlnR* you want to SeH and the best w-ay to lot thp people know about It Is through Recl.<itpr Cla-'wiflpd Ads LBS. 29c LBS. 15c *C'A°N ^-19 C Hormer s ¥eg. Soup 2 ca^s 29 G Lea & Pea*rms Siauee « 33 G Fresieh^s Worcestershire Sauce • 14^ Domestic Caviar Sm.Can. 15e Wet Shrimp l^J^'^uc %ie r«ll«««l«« SPAGHETTI RICE DINNER Q Tall OQ^ tOUege inn A la MussoUnl Spanish Style J Cans LUC BEECHNUT SPAGHETTI ..X^riL^ 10c Green ' No. 2 m gf^g^ Lima Beans Can A 9^ Libby'^s Fancy Libby'sorDelMonte's «o ^Kr'"^'' "can^ lUc Airy Fairy Qwik Biscuit Flour ?kg°^ I9c JOHNSON'S Wax ^ S9e Morton's Sugar Curing Smoked Salt can 79c OR CRYSTAL \X'HiTE SOAP 'J 0 BA.S 25 P) IHf GREAT ATIANTICS PACIFIC TEA CO. Mifs:. A. Self-Service Grocery iWe Deliver $1 Orders Fhoiies 224-225 SUGAR, Fine Granulated, 20 II DS. ... 89c Poplar Flour, 48 lbs.. .... 65e Excelsior Flour, 48 lbs*... 85c Expansion Flour, 48 lbs.... 99c MEAL, 24 lb. Bag . . . . .25c Salm( on. Doable Q Brand, 2 for • • • • • ONIONS, White or YeUow. 101 bs... 19c Beans, 6 lbs., Michigan Navies • • • • OATS, Large Quail, 2 Pkgs.. .... 25c Dwarlies, Whole Wheat Cereal. • •• • • Karo Syrup, 5 lbs. 29c; 10 lbs. 49c Rice Krispies, Post Bran, Kel Kellogg's Witole Wheat Flal Crackles, 2 for . • • . Hogg Bran, Les, Quaker . . 19c K C Baking Powder, 25c Size.. 19c Peanut Butter, Pinte 12c ; Quarts 21c Brown Sugar, S lbs. . . ... 17c POTATOES, Russetts, Peel c ....21c RAISINS, 4 lbs. . . . . . 25c PICKLES, Pint Jar . . . . • 1 - : . . 10c Presei i*ves, lib. Glass Jars, 2 fo r... .25c Cof f ee, Self-Service, S lbs. . ... . 59c Sbe Our Disi)lay of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables WE BUY EGGS AND CREAM! -SEE US: FOR ANT KIN OF FEEDS- GREENE'S CASH GROCERY EVERYTHING FOR LESS ORANGES Sweet w Juicy As many as you want. 15c Lee Brand 20Lbsi 89c Fine Granulated j Sweet Pickles ? Dozen 15c Topatoe Juice scais 2Sc Monarch Brand Salad Dressing[otiar 25c ^Sandwich Spread^Qt. Jar 29c COFj *EE Peaberry, 3 Lbs. Best Quality 57c BUTT fER Creamery Lb. 19c TOM 4T0ES 3No. 2% Cans 25q BEAI JS 10 Lbs. Michigan iNavyj 25c OATi ) Mother's Chraa Large Package - 23c P&G SOAP lOBars 1 ' 1 i • ' : • - 25c LUX SOAP 2 Bars 13c 6 Boxes 19c Kansas Seal 48 lbs 85c ^ Empire, 48-lb. scak .. .69c Monarch Coffee 2u. can 59 G We Deliver $2.00 Orders Lewman Market IS GREENE'S GBOCERY PHONE 233 Fresh—HOME KILLED PORK—Light Hogs Sausage, pound 5c Ham Pork Roast, pound 7c Shoulder Pork Roast, poundl 6c Fresh Side 6c Pork Chops ...........7c 5 lb. box Bacon .... ; L 33c :; Peanut Butter, 10c lb. 2 lbs... 15c Swift's Picnic Hams, pound i. , .Sc Sugar Cured Hams (10-14 lb. ave.) lb.. 9c • Wilson's Sycamore Bacon, half Or whole ' slab, pound - 10c Lard, 5c lb. 10 lbs. for........... • 45c •

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