Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 27, 1927 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 27, 1927
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BAD BOY OF BASEBALL IS MIGHTYGOOD Alan Gould Says^^^ambino Lik^ Being on the "\J^gon" MADE HIS" PLEfDGE Ruth Is iComing Hiroiigh For "Dirty Faced" Street Boys BY ALAN J. "GOULD f Associated Press Sports Editor) Sew York. Dec. 26. (AP)—Babe ' Ruth liai! been on the "hot water wagon" so lonp; now Uiat he likes No longer flio "had boy" of baseball, nor given fitH of temper that Avoiild cause him to tofis diiHt In au umpli'e'.s <'ye, ilie Bambino hiis Hft hlmsflf lip "as an example to tlie youth <•!" the country. In his personal mode of llvliig as weM as in his accomplishnientH on the dln- xiiond ... \\ -Tht' transformation of the Babe wiihin th THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER, Number 1^ (Contijiined from PB^ One) wrist irons. Oqly his toes touched the ground and his over-size hat was crushed down ove'c his eyes qnd ears almost Minding him. T]tie nvo officers hurled them- selVi ^a through the crowd and Into the'swinging doors: of the county building. As they, passed through, their prl.soner swingiiiji and dragging behind them, one of, the doors flew bark and hit Hickntan in the face. He shrieked a shiarp cry of pain and disappeared within. Prom tlie djxtrs to the jail elc- I'ator was only a few quick steps and in another minute he iwas lie- hlnd the bars. Taken to Bafncnite Car. As. the train np^proacbed Los Angeles Hickman W^as taken into citib ibaggage car .immediately behind the special car in which be rode and was filmed with a group of I-os Angeles police officials as a background. He submitted tn this witb his accustomed indifference. He was awake' early after a fitful night. Hli^man spent most of yesterday nn/ler quiz by District Attorney Keyes nnil Chief of Dete<-- tives Herman I'llne.. Ijit* in tb" day news was given out that Hlck- lAan had broken, that he had confessed the entire crime had been committed by himF<elfwithout nc- compliccs. ESDAY EVENING; DECEMBER 27, X&27. SLAYER ANI> MEN WHO CAUCSHTHIM A.^ the train was aiiproaching p.i.Mi r.-w years is one of] Angeles. Chief ,f PoUre Davis , , ,, , , .announced deinits of a confession tde most rcriiurkable jpisodes <ir sjMirl. It. wasn't !-i> long ai;o that the WILL MEET lOLA'S SCHOOLFIVES Two Games To Be Played Tomorrow Night In lola TEAMS PREPARING Both Alumni Squads, H. S. and College, Are Working Tomorrow night in the- high school gymnasium a big double liieader baskeil)all-game is to be played with both the college and high school meeting alumni players of their re.spective schools. All teams .nre having practice today for the game. Coach Floyd Smiths high school- ers will meet their alumni in the first game while the college men As Se$n By C. A. CLIFT Keports have It tiiat Johnny Uayner Is jiiilled to I'ace ))ls tftocrhest opponent m a prtste - rinjr Wednesday night. TJie Fort Scott "Bad Boy" wili: meet Clyde Brnry of Marshali- toivn, la.; In a ten-ronnd MI' counter. Dmry holds u derision over Wamie Smith. >. Fort Scott tans have, a ch'ince to see lots of fighting whea Ljith- er Ashford and Battling .\laley ;step into the ring for six rounds. The two boys met here a short timetago in a heated battle, which was haired whensMaley broke u hand. > FORT scon TO HAVE BIG t FIGHT CARD Five Battles Are To Be ! Presented There I Wednesday " WAGNERTTN CLASH Luther Ashford and 'Kid' > Maley Also Are on Fist Program ' •Babe Rnth likes being on t^e water wagon lierordinir to Xl- Ian i, lioaliU Associated ITi'jis sports editor. Kulh used to hit the high xpolii, but on^nlzed bnseba.1 objected and the Bam. blno lieranie as meek n «i ,ii Inniiy. (iould says Itnth more than en>«>ys It now. lola high team hasn't school's reat hed- gay life beckoned, .spenfler. an easy tlie boys. jment a second time onil returned I with newspapers telling the story jot the kidnaping. Together they .Hickmanmade of his career of read the papers, crime during two months preced-i That afternoon Hickman took the ling the kidnaping. In his lirst K'""' f""" a ride of 70 mile.s. but te- Balie was hitting the high spots.-holdup early In Octo(l)er in Kansas t"™*''' dark, bringing more Off the flel .l the ibrighl lights and City. Hickman took alt automobile newspapers filled with stories, of - -- ' - from a m^n at 34th and Kucbd «he case. The confession then told mark for some of ;avenue. After the man's girl com-, how he had telephoned Parker ami I panion got out Hickman ap- arranged for a rendezvous but how -When .Mavor ualker. then a state l>roa<»ied. drew, a gtin and f6r(^d.he liad faiIe(rro keep it be<ause senator. Appealed to Huth five years j H 'e man to give up the Car. I i »ie pol ce had 'been- al.owed to lake , ago to "come through for tUe Pulled Holdups. a,hand. Back in the apartment LOCalS I'all lU 53 tO dirty-faced lads in the street." the I This was the start of a series of Harlan sobbed because .^lie could Battle SatU -daV Babe took the pledge and prom-1''oldups that Hickman committed;""' return home that night. Again .j throughout the eastern states. The "'^ couch and awak- , tlist coincides generallv with an in-, *'"»^'' "'e ne.vt morning—the day of , . , • , , , ""irnrmnt ,/info««inn Tliok-mnn mniln her death—at 7:30 a. m. flugger has changed isn t alone demonstrated by the fact that five years later, at the agle of 33. he Here Is Kdwiir dHlckman, murderer of Marian Parker, standing betwelen the two men who captured him! '•'">' contest. agaln.>!t I at the conclusion of the most extended nian-hunfin the history of the Palclllc Coast. The photo was taken j at Pendleton. Oregon, where Hickman was lodged In Jail after be was aielzed at Kcho. nearby, and shows i oral yejirs will bo handling Iioth f hi •• • » i •' Chief of Police Tom Guailena at the left. Hickman in tlie center am! Siali! Officer C. 1-. Lienwallen at right. I alumiil teams tomorrow night. This are showhig'nrom^se'" If'\h •*^«<'^'*1 '- -^.:---^.=:^^-:ui^:.::^.rr^T:-^^;===^—-r—; , —H:—-r^i:'-.--- . -—-^^zAzz-^ ' game will bp the SCCOnd publlc ap- ' " " I • . e.MIUia pearance here for both the high school and junior college teams. IFORT SCOTT IN WIN OFF CITY SQUAD Number2 (Conllnned from Page One) 18 ised to turn over a new leaf. • How comiileteljf the famous j.formal ^confession Hickman made in jail 7tT JJcndleton last Friday. Three da.vs after the automobile Again Hickman told her to write a note to her father. This lime she Night COURT VERY SMALL . irobbcrv lie held up a drug store ath*''*' allowed to use her own words cracked his six -year^old home run I ^J""^ ;>/'^ 'J " in KansiV ruy except that .she was instructed to res-ord. Its best proof is the fact .. „ „. A'' make id appear .she was bfting treai: »Jiat his oh'-season o<:cupatJons now .,,1 badly. Hickman then promised To 'sn!";-'- ""'b?" - cLmlt 'd tee '5the7 hold- to allow her to return home if her door .sporl -s th.-^t k<>ep h.m m as „p«. „„ ,,n,g stores, in kan.xas Citv father did not pay. the money de™„ v/'%'^7'if ^ 'Trr ^efo^^ leaving., then he went to'ntanded. He wrote another uote- sea .son. .Now that he has tried )t . . ... out. he admits he prefers the sim^ t.nurt„o. wnere nt noKi up . pie life. And he is saving his money. Drawingi.$7o.00ii under his Yankee Game Als^ Rough With IJttle lola Boiys Out of It contract that has two years more tfXrunat that figure. Ruth collected wffl over .tl.'iO.pOO altogether from various! sources this year. But it was-re^iUy the "hot water wagon" treatment of Artie McGovern. the Babe's trainer, that put the Babe permauenily on the comeback road. Artie took the Habe in i hand several year.T ago when his - baseball days were considered to „r „„. ^.^^ offiHally be nun»beri.dnuth.s famous siom- a„„o„„ce,i ia«t night by District afh-achc put bin. on the shelf in ; Attorney Asa Keyes of IX,H Angeles n-ih and most of the bo.vs believed • „''„,, nffi,.„r« hnrt ho..n at will but the lola leam'wa.s unable to-niake the necessary point.':. a pro- 1 ''hiding the father tor allowing ih.^ cer. taking $'20., He remained!there ; Pol'f<^ 'o interfere and threatenwl about a week, going tb De-M'i'aih to .Marian. Irbit. Here he stole a set ofOdichi- i < ''lid K Bound, gan plates for hl.s.stolen I Once more .Marian was hound c.-ir. He continifed east through^"'!-''' blindfold was added. Ashe Clevelaiu; and Toledo on the wav. left the apartment she pleaded with Then he went back to Columbus., him to hurry back. ) Ohio. About N'ovember 1 he held The confession here declares I a large factor in the up two markets and a drug store, Hickman then got the idea of kill- 'he local.s in that they, inside of 30 minutes. I lug .Marian.' He had told tlio girl. I'lay'ng on larger court a . BIckmnn Admits All. i"too much" about himself-that he; ^'.'re unalile . to work wIthV.u That Hiclunan admitted that I formerly was employed at the bank he alone was-'responsible for liic|and that her fathi-r knew him. lie ! killing of the little girl aji 'd the dis-| realized if she returned alive, she would ^ell this anil he woiild be a marked man. He took a dish towel and twisted neck, holiiing it costs and for operating a car^ whibh contained liquor $1U and costs Boy Holt pleaded giiilty to disturbing the peace and to being drunk and was fined $25 on one account and $10 cn another which he paid and was released. Callahaa taking upon himself all the responsibility I for having the liquor in his car j Haying in this inanner squared himself with the sovt-reign city o Bassttt.- Callahan wa^. placed in thf County jail to answer thi? charge of transporting Intoxicating liquor Doubtless the car will be confiscated and probably Mr. Callalian will remain the guest of .A.llen county for some time as he did not .seem to have the neces.sary amount tr cover the fines' that were levfed against him. Altogether it W.-is rather a hectic Some of the alumni exiA-cted : back for tomorrow night's game ' ' and who may gel in action against j " the high school are; Schumer. who | pla.ved i^hortly after lola had the ' high school state championship | basketball team; "nol)' Kife.who was a Bi 'ernber of the state champ- i lon-'hip high school team for hila In l!iir>; "IJunn" I'erham. star lola improves as it exiAMied of it. iohx I will have at least one cige tr -aiii ; to be proud of this season. >ow that Clirlslmas h^js passed, the capers of lola lune a few more days of rest, ait*r which they will be forced \o take up tniiithiir In eame<il. Both the hlKli "~sohool and jnii- lor co'leire' ,teanis have stfff schedules for January, Fehry- ary and a bit of .Harchw The lola city team met a decisive defeat Jt the bands of the Ft; Scott town team last Saturday ij„„r tor the heati of the Bas.setl night. Ill the Ft. Sn>tt Y. .\1 C. A. .^rmy. Marshal Fredrickson ha- gym. by a score of uV, to l.S. .sometimes been accu.sed of being The Ft. Scott team w..s able ^„ieh lo draw his gun as- an offi- 10 <<>nnect rfith the basket almost n^r. But the one of these men who guard; ilC Funk.* who was an out-j standing .scorer of the! lola team ,' I p Mnrcan NampH Aia of two years ago and also played I''' TT O a? 1 » j TV^ J season: iKee McGulre. center 1 U <ib. »teel Board H^-ad anil guard far the high school for Fort Scott. Dec. 27.—(Special) — The local American Legion is presenting its niorft expensive fistic tanl in liistory Wednosdny ni^ht •dl Fori Scoti Memorial hall. In ihe main event. .Tohniiy Wagner. Fort .Scotf.s, pride, will mix with Clyde Drury of .Marshalltown. la., in a tcn-roiind, clash. The seiiii;windup brings together ' Fred Reese, the Fort Score "Wildcat. ; land Frahkie Wiliiums of St. basket^l)all Joseph, who has quite a reputation. mi(l-sei»son i In a ])rellniinary battle Luther .Ashford of Fori Scott meets Battling -Maley of Colony. The boys have met lufnre and are certain to ntinish fans «-lt]i a real battle. In a Hccniiil iiriliiiiinary Boss ICIder of .Ncv:i<l;i will clash with .less Villa (if Kansas City. The curtain raiser wiil fin Frankift' l.eisi of .Arcadi;! mixin witli Hiittliiig ShyliH k of Osawa- toinie. .ludge Danner of Fori Sii >tl will •.Ok) llie aniiounciij.ii wifli Ceorge '('ox of'Mulberry .Tfiiiii; as. the. ; tliinj man in the ring. f three year-s: Duffe.v, Symmes and "Stub" Forrest, members of the high .school squad in the l!t2t> season:-and Pinley. another good nian'of former years. Several of these men pla.ved togetiier on the team two years ago and should show a good working combination. Whatever the result, this .team should s-how the present high school ream some, real play. For the college there will be: Floyd Mann, Fronk, Menzie and .Melton who were on the squ.'id last year. .Mann also played the- .\ew York. Dec. ^7. (APt-.I;. Pi Morgan was re-eiected chairuian of the board of the fnited States Steel Corporation today. Mr. Morgan, who head.s the banking rirni of .1. P. -Morgan and cjiin- pany. succeeds Elbert H. Gary. ^Vhc died last .August. ,Myron C. Taylor, capitalist. \vhc has been closely identilied with-, First National Bank interests Jfor yeai'.s. was elected chairman of .thf finance committee, which also )iac' been tilled by Mr. Cary .lames A. Farrell will contlsne 2v was least Intoxicated volunteered j tta say to the County Attorney that | be would st.5- there. But the inU !i^^i^^^J'^^.i!!!!^."^[i^l^r^^^^. fl!'.^^^ water treatment, supplement dieting and a stiff course else put the Habe on hl.S dancer's feet. 11^ has ftaye.. kidnaping immediately ever since. capture but unt steadfastly refused he was the mutd<Ter of his little captive. ,, , , . . J: The lonfesslon. details of which tlie Babe tries his hand in sports. J^,.^^, announced by Keyes. declared that Hickman had strangled the girl to death with a towel aiid/^ut her body to -nieces in a bathtub of jiis quarters in the Bellevue apart- a few hours delivering the torso to Perr>W. Parker.lithe distracted father who gave him $1,500 In the hope of having Marian returned al|ve. Confession Terrible. ., ... , So hideous were parts of the gets corresponding distance^ ^^^^^^-g.^^ t^^^ threatened lly well over 2»0 yards. Un- withhold some of tlife details southpaws, who arelf ^p^, j,,^'p„b,ie. Keyes* statement of the details of the confession were, in substance, as follows: About six months lasi. year. Crick, captain in the 1926 season will also- be out. Par- ..u..-. ,J;„.», I. Ihal Mr' Fr .drifl .son l.a. ">""" "I""- lolu was short lOur of Its regular a good deal of confidence ;ln his men. two hands. • ; The game, was rather rough. previous season and was captain'i Pi'^.-'ident of the rorporauon ain clii.-r fxecutive officer under the^di-' reel inn and supervision of thf linaiu-e i-ommittee and the board '• SOORooiiai Numbers (Conllnued from l*age One) Uitth's natural getiiiis'- for atli- .letfcs is illustrated by the amazing strides he has made In golf. It is j the same with anything at which I He Is a born athlete. Ruth scores in the low SOs regularly on the' '.inks, .lust the other da.v. playing with some friends on a Long Island course, the Babe ledliitely after | wrapped in papers. He then combed I 'eam on ntil yesterday I the girl's hair, powdered her face I '»!'•» to admit that „„d threaded wire through the " missed notching a snappy 78 onlv : Tf"^Im -^Hnf ^o', l.ecause he flubbed the last hole. | ^'•'"""'^"^"'"^'''^ ' taking six on a par-four layout and carding SO for the round. Ruth takes a tremendous swipe at the ball withrhls wooden clubs and • usua like most usually as wild on the links as they .ire on the baseball field, the Babe . is accurate with the -wood. Like moBt ball players, he is an excellent putter. His is well- .tTained to gauging distances. His hrough lids in an. effort to keep the eye.- open. After finishing the gruesome work he wrote the final letter to Parker giving him his "last chance'.' to have bis daughter returned alive; That done, he went lo a theater. When the hour lor the rendez; vous with Parker iieared, he took the torso in a suitcase and drove to the meeting place. Ascertaining there -were no police near, he liiet Parker, took the $1,500 at the point of a gun and then dropped the,body a few feet ahead of the father's automobile. Passes First «20. Immediately he drove to a cafe and passed the first of the $20 for a dinner. H t returned home and factor which proved rather to.Ft. i J^coit's advantage as lola had sonie light and small men playing. Also iho refereeing was noi close, for 'J had it been. Ixith teams would • probably have h)st several men on • fouls. laiid drove aw^ay, followed by offi- The lola team managed to out -ie <r«. play the Ft. .Scott team on floor-j Beaching a barricade III the road lo (-on- SoiVli Bend the bandltS; ran from have tl eir car, amid a hail of bullets, won having taken more .itiois than iTiey fired back at the officers and Ft. Scoti. hut shooting wildly. | tl e man iclentlfled as the leader .Manager Pigg of loia spoke highly of the sportsmanship of the Ft. Scott team. Hickman assuring him his family would "stand by him to the end." Jerome Walsh, attorney and youngest member of the state legislature today was read.v to defend the confessed slayer of Marian Parker, -•Vnnounceinent of the retention of Mr. Walsh as chief of defense counsel was made by Mi-s. Eva Hickman after a conference at her home here attended bV three sons and a daughter. In addition to credentials provided .Mr. Walsh, the mother tele- foil mortally wounded :The pursuit w.-is continued and itjls belie\'Pd the gang is surrounded. f—Wanted to Buy: Clean light (UJlored rags at the j Register. ed wit with junior • college team last y.-'ar but who <iiiit school be-' fore the 'sejisoii reall.v got started.] and who Is playing with Mildred this sea.son is expe<ted to- pla.v. I'otter will probably play If he is in town tomorrow evening.' 'There j may lie some possible additions to . the teatn; Coach Smith put his men thru a practice this afternoon at 2 o'clock'. .The college men are to be back today for a practice this evonlncr for the game. Coach Koenig will put Ihe two alumni i teams through a workout tonight in preparaiiion for the game. The ganies should both prove fast and good at least !n the earl.v, part tomorrow night. • Tlie higli .school will probably j rest after the game tomorrow night for awhile] but tho college will begin to get in better sliape for I the game wliii-h will [irobably^be i pht .ved against' ihe Yaie."? Ceirjer • town team, there. Fridav nigbtjC ' , , • . . . u Kraphed Di.strict Attorney Asa .slept. The next nidrning the police, Keys and Chief of Police In Los ago, some- swarmed into his apartment, hav-1 Aneeles informlne tbein thi. vnnnn where near the time Hickman was, in,; traced a| piece of toweling; CUraUo^^^^^^^ there Thursday on a train leaving chief weaknesses are ^^irh ^hTs short! ^ffn^^lt^^^S^^^^^ PUt v^-iVlch had bepn"put^w^ telling bow the Babe was keeping bitiiself in such remarkable condition. - "It will be just like that big egg to go out and break bis home run record next season," Bilcky observed, with some annov^nce as •(veil as admiration. 3 GHTS to Los Angeles. He rented the'went to Holly\^ood boulevard and apcrlmcht November 2.'5 and in the I took a big green automobile from coiir.=ie of a few wepks decided upon ' its owner at pistol point, the daughter of Parker as his vic-j With the jgreen automobile he tim. *" ; headed for ^in Francisco. He re- On December 14 he followed Mar-niained atajfiotel there until the! Ian and her.twin sister. Marjorie. j morning his name appeared as the) : to school, and by telling jschool at-: nian wanted.' Then he headed for tendr.nis that Her father '^'as i»- thi^ north, where the trail of $20 jured and was calling for Marian, gold certificates finally led to his tfjcked "them Into surrendering her. tapture. lie told: Marlatj .-he had been kid- i Hkkman declared anuncontrol- {By the Assoclati?d Press.) naped. Then he bound and gagged Jable desire to kill had surged New 'York—.lack McVev, won (her. i within him since childhood. On from Willie C.reb. Scninton. Pa.. { _ Begged for Freedom. ; the day of the killing. ^Marian be- would (10). Robert lloberti. Ital.v. Oul-i jiolnted Homer Smith. Kalamazoo,' MJch,, tltti. Sam Hunter. Piiis- ^lurgb. knocked out Sammy Singer..! ] New York. n:» • . ' Philadelphia—.lack Demave. .ler- i sey Cll.v. defeated .lack Iliimbeck. Belgium (lOi. K. O. (PhllJ Kaplan. New York, knocked out Pierre (?andop. France (•)!. Rene Devos. ni'Icluni. won.frpm Vincent For- pione. Philadelphia. (10). Tony Ascension. Spain, outpointed Andy Roniosky. Pittsburgh (10). PilLsburgh — George Godfrey. Philadelphia, knof^ked out Soldier .tones. Toronto (U: Garfield Johnson. Seattle. Wasli.. defeated George Cremas. Philadelphia (S). Johnstown. Pa.—Al Trainer. Trenton. N. ,1.. won from dobby Richardson. Johnstown (10). The girl; begged him not to leave her tied and he reniove<l the bonds but displayed a pistol to keep her quiet. He then went to Pasadena j,! came fretful, he said, and he con- iliided that the lime had come to put her to death.' Few J)runks Arrested In County Christmas As far as the sherHfs force am* the city police were concerned V'hristmas eve, Christmas day and the day following were ven'dry No arrests for liquor vlolatlonf were made by the sheriff's force and only three arrests were mad< by the city police on intozicatio)'' charge.s. „ and sent the first telegram to her father, saying .Marian was,safe and declaring that liistrpcfioiis would follow later as to how she could be restored to her family. That ivJlght he took his little captive to a motion picture theater in U>ii Angeles and then to his apartment. They sat under a tree for half a hour and she then follipwed hlrti to his room .as he had i^struct- Will Plead (Juilty. \. lUt-kman was said to have told Keyes. that he would Jie willing-, to Angeles authorities said. Mrs. Hickman said she await developments before attempt-1 ing to go to her son. I Mr. Walsh Is 2.5 years old and is the son of FYank P. Walsh, prominent attorney here. Murder In; Kansas by Hickman? Chicago. Dec. 27. (AP)—Citizens of Cottonwood Falls, Kan., sec a resemblance between Wm. Edward Hickman. California slayer-and the yoiilh regarded as responsible foi the death of an Iowa laundryraan found murdered there last September. D. G. Hutchinson, assistant IF. S i district attorney here told today of pTead guilty to murder and kidnap- receiving u letter from his-fathering and would accept imposition of In-law. Albert Rogler. of Cottonwood Falls. In which he mentioned the suspicion. A young man with strikingly similar characteristics tc Hickman, was with the'^ lowan shortly before his body was found KogleY wrote. the death penalty without <lelay. He seemingly had .'idopted an attl- tiide of Indifference after unburdening himself under the withering tire of questioning by.Keyes. Chief of Detectives Herman (Uiiie and I otiiers. I ed her-to do. Given the choice of| Ti,e vnung de.=»perado-showed no' .Sleeping on the bed or a colich. the .pirit as he was led out to face The young de.=.perado-showed no ; Shoplifters I^ja little girl chose the lattei-j. They awoke at 7 o'ljlock that morning and Hickman penned the first letter to her father, instructing him to obtain $1,500 in $20 bills and await further instructions. .Marian also wrote a note which was inclosed. Hickman^tied the little girl to a chair and went put and mailed the crowds and cameras. Shackele^ to a big detective, he was so broken as the journey neared Its end that he could not hold up his head. Spotted by Grocers Although no arrests have been imade at least two shoplifters have The confession i disposed finally [ been caught In lola grocer>- stores of th" mythical "'Andrew Cramer" during the past few days. " ist week Mr. Young of the Selfj rice grocery apprehended a' whom he named In bis first admis- ^ Last sioiis as the per«on who actually Service grocery apprenended a killed the girl. In liis new story!well known lola shoplifter and letter. He returned and prepare<l • of the crime he admitted that I warned her never to enter his store. Teakfast but the glil did not eat. ^ Cramor. had existed only in his.again. •''^'-' mind -A^ similar action was taken by ! Mr. Stotid'afd of the iM. & M. Gro- ITiinejic Cifv eery, who detected a group of three ft,ansaS ^liy 'glris steairhg from Ws shelves. Hickman then engaged the girl in conversation and told her she might write another letter to her father. She was In tears, but stopped crying when allowed to write the second note. Boutrht \ewspapeK. The abductor Jhon left the ai»art- Attomey to Aid It Is likely that arrests will fol- — ; low if the practice of stealing from Kansas City, Dec. 27. (AP)—Car-'counters cannot be stopped by rying a letter to William Ed ward, more gentle means. MATrrEE 10c and S.'ic KELI^Y NieUT 10c and 35c TODi\Y—LAST TIMES W Clara.Bbw in "llula" - 0()-O..i: Directed by the man who made "Mantrap" vvitli , Mr-• f..scinating star. You'd sooner miss a week Of ii'.e:il.-« than this 'one. .•\ real dazzler. " jThe Comedy? "Hot I.ijrhlninjj"—arid Folks its hot, too! 1 • Also I'aramount New.s . WKDNESBAY .VM> TIIIHSDAY Borotby Jlarkall and jack .Hulhall In .Hat He was a traveling man until a telephone cutie put him on the tee -line to the little church around the corner. Bring the whole amlly to see the season's biggest and mlrthfulest order in .«creen 'ntertainment. RecaU Mackafi and .Vnlfiali in "Snliway Sadie" and "Just An- .^ther Blonde" and "VouMl Come A-mnnlnr' .\lso "Flashlnir OarsVanotlier Collegian. Friday—Ifarj- Astor and IJoyd Hughes in "No Place lo Go." - iatnrday—Liberty Magazine Prize Story, "Tbe Small Bachelor" Some Shows All This Week—Boyee They Don't Make 'Em Better. •^Coming—"Beau (ieste" Nash I Garage ^11 North Jefferson OPEN kLL NIGHT -I NIGHT MECHANIC—SERVICE ANY CAR PLENTYW STORAGE PHiJNE 720 NASH MOTOR SALES GO. THOS. H., President G. R. BOWLUS, Cashier Allen County State Bank lOhJ^ KANSAS Esfaibllshed a Qnarter of a Centnt^y Capital Stock $. . 30,000.0^ Surplus ioo,moo Deposits l,000,0v.A00 IJfTEKEST PAID 0>' TIME I^EPOSITS | ' SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOR BEST EL I T E Matinee. Pictures Only ]fk:-20c; Niffht, One Show Only Pictures Play 10c-40c TODAY—ENf3S FRIDAY—BIG DOUBLE PROGRAM THE REED-ELTON PLAYERS 15 !*eople in Zai|e Grey's ''THE CALL THt WOODS" You all know Zane Grev?.s novels. Here is a play giving hi.s novel word for wo^'d. A story of the far north. Everyone seeing "Stepping on the Gas": last night was well pleased. Lots of gooA clean comedy. Vaudeville, .specialties between acts. >: 5-PIECE iXyZ ORCHESTRA Also Jackie Ccy)gan in "Buttons" The Kids Grown rp and Turiied Sailor Comedy. ".Silly Sailor"—.Vesoy's Fables and Topics of the Day" NOTICE—IMTint to the Length of the BIG DOl'BLB PR0t;RA3C we are showing one show only'each nlght^ Comedy 7 p. m-; "Buttons" starts 7:1« and Reed-El^n Players on stage at 8:50. They give a complete change of progjmm each night. Picture for Tllars- ^ day |and Friday, "THE (J0RIL|AHIXT."

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