The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 16, 1956 · Page 16
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 16

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 16, 1956
Page 16
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SIXTEEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, APRIL 16, 1956 Tiny Fertile Shrimp Eggs Added To List of New Toys for the Kids By DICK KLEINER XEA Staff Correspondent NEW YORK — (NBA) — Don't be too hard on the kids If they don't come for supper as soon as you call. They may be very busy, hatching shrimp eggs. This is a new toy. Or, rather, a new part of an old toy. And it may be the forerunner of A glorious day when kids will be playing with all sorts of live toys. K all started with a microscope. The A. C. Gilbert Co., which makes toy microscopes for kids, has long packaged interesting tidbits like fish scales and flies' legs and bees' stingers for the young scientists to peer at. They weren't satisfied; they wanted something alive, something that would move. The obvious perfect solution was shrimp eggs. Surprising nobody ever thought of playing with shrimp eggs before. And not just plain, ordinary, shrimp - cocktail shrimp eggs, either. These are the eggs of the brine shrimp, genus Artemia. Tlies< particular eggs make dan dy playthings because they're tiny, they survive under almost any condition and they hatch into beasts so minute there's no danger of them eating Junior. The eggs look like tiny grains o: sand — some 300 of them could fi inside a grain ol rice — and & grown-up brine shrimp is about the size of a small speck of dust. And so Gilbert nowadays cluldes a glass tube full of shrimp eggs in each microscope kit. The idea is to put a few at a time on a slide, add some salt water and then sit back and watch them hatch. A first glance, they look like deflated rubber balls. About an hour later they've swollen up until they're perfect spheres. In another four to eight hours, they begin to split open, and, over the next few hours, they gradually burst out of the shells. But the game isn't over. When they firsl come out of the shell, they're encased in a thin, clear membrane. WHAT'S MY SHRIMP EGGS Now they have to fight their way out of that. 1 It'll take the little fellow another 8-12 hours to pop out of his egg membrane and begin swimming around. The grand total, then, from egg to swimmer is between 15 and 24 hours. Of course, by the time the shrimp are hatched the kid is a sleepless wreck, but It's been fun. What he's got when he's through is a slide full of brine shrimp, Which swim about in their little pool with jerky motions. It is good fun to study their thorax, carapace and eye spot, all bits of brine shrimp anatomy which one doesn't find on a cat or dog. If he wants, the young scientist can keep his shrimp alive a week or so with a little feeding of yeast. They never grow up into anything worthwhile, however, except maybe to another brine shrimp. About all they do, besides swim, is shed their skins. This may lead to another hobby — collecting secondhand brine shrimp skins. The Gilbert people see this addition to their line as the first of many such adventures. They hope to add other live exhibits to the microscope kits, but they aren't saying what they have in mind. If you have some imagination, you can easily visualize a litlle glass bottle in the kits of tomorrow — one labelled "Pythaon eggs," for Instance- Or perhaps a small vial of army ants, for the do-it-yourselfer who wanis to get rid of bis father. In any event, we (ire smack dab In the middle of the new age of live toys. Be guided accordingly. Think You Know Bill of Rights? KANSAS crrv HP>—would you recognise the Bill of Rights if it was shown to you in an "anomy mous" form? A survey of 560 Northwestern University students disclosed that Too Many Hours In Movies May Hamper Health TOKYO iff) — The government's Motion Picture Deliberation Council has ruled today that too many hours in a theater at one stretch may be a health hazard. It said it would recommend that first-run theaters in ]0 major cities be required to limit their programs to 2% hours. Some theaters now show programs lasting four hours. Grace Kelly Boom Quelled HEPPENHEIM, Germany (/P) -— Some of the bloom has faded from the Grace Kelly boom that burs noisily a few days ago in this picturesque medieval village in the Frankfurt area. It seems that Grace's mother Mrs. John B. Kelly of Philadelphia helped puncture the boom. She suggested in a letter to relatives here that they refrain from publicizing their connection with Monaco's next princess. About 20 somewhat distant relatives of Miss Kelly live in nnd iround this wine growing center ,t the edge of the ancient odcn- wald Forest. They felt they had a stake in the forthcoming marriage of Grace to Prince Rainier ill of Monaco. That's why Mayor Wilhelm Met- zjendorf announced last week fie would invite the princely couple ROTHROCK DRUG STORE Remember us for prescriptions to visit the birthplace of Grace's maternal grandmother, Margarethe Berg. The invitation was to go to Monaco along with a leather-bound family album crammed with old family pictures and documents. Now the ofTiein! invitation Is out. Grace's relatives refused to discuss Mrs. Kelly's letter. They'll send a small delegation to Monaco tomorrow or Monday with the album. Arthritis-Rheumatism! Vital Facts Explained FREE DESCRIPTIVE BOOK As a public service to all readers | of this paper, a new 44-page i highly illustrated book on Arthri- j Us and Rheumatism will be mailed • ABSOLUTELY FREE to all who write for it. I nils FREE BOOK fully ex- ! plains the causes, ill-effects and danger in neglect of these painful and crippling conditions. It also describes a successfully proven cfrufjfr-'.ss met/tod of treatment which has been applied in many thousands of cases. This book is yours WITHOUT COST or obligation. It may be the means of saving years of untold misery. Don't delay. Send for your FREE BOOK today. Address The Ball Clinic, Dept. 4204, Excelsior Springs, Mo. 92 ',1 per cent of them couldn't. Dr. Raymond W. Mack, Northwestern assistant professor of sociology, reported all the students said they believe In the Bill ol Rights. But when the first 10 amendments to the Constitution were presented to them as an unidentified document, most of the students didn't know what they were looking at. SECOND LARGEST The emu is the second largest of all birds. It is like the ostrich in several ways, but has three toes on each foot, instead of two like the ostrich. Farm Bill Veto Won't Swing Vote, GOP Official Says OKLAHOMA CITY </«—A R* publican Party official says tha a veto of the farm bill by President Eisenhower wu> not swing the farm vote from him in the presi Bladder'Weakness' If worried by "BUddtr Wctkneu" [Getting Up Nlghta (too frequent, burning or Itch- tug urinfttloo) or Strom, Cloudy Orlne] due to common Kldnty and BUddtr Irritations, tty CY6TEX for quick, gmilylm. comforting help. A billion OYSTEX tablet* used lo past 35 jearc prove wfety and •uccess. Aifc drugclst for CYSTEX under money-back tuarantce. 8e* ho* much fettttr you feel tomorrow. -OPEN- ELLIS & HARRINGTON SHEET METAL WORKS 203 North 1st St. Next Door to Westbrook Machine Shops Gutter Work - Duct Work Ail Types Sheet Metal Work Prompt Service—All Work Guaranteed -Phone 3-4161- dentlal „ The stttement came Jmni * Hermann, assistant to Leonard Hall, Republican National Committee chairman. He spoke nt a meeting of the Oklahoma State Federation of Women's Clubs. Hermann said he was basing his optimism on the the "basic beli»l" of the farmers In Elsenhower. "This basic belief of the fwmert In Eisenhower means that they will accept whatever decision the President reaches on the {arm bill," Hermann explained. Tb* BRANDS (Ok*, LUMBER Then You'll ow It's Dry and Well anufactured That's because the SPIB Grade-Mark con only be used on lumber that has been dried and seasoned according to official Grading Rules. And because the name FORDYCE, stamped on lumber, it a pledge to you that this old, established company stands squarely behind its quality. Remember, too, that FHA and VA insured loan construction requires Grade-Marked lumber. \\ Your Dealer Can Supply You JL LUMBER COMPANY FORDYCE. ARKANSAS The whole Roman Empire WHS) held with only about 150.000 citi-! zen soldiers, supplemented by an aqunl number of non-Roman auxiliaries. ayet ~J~or en an <7 Zella's Drapery Shop • Draperies • Cornices • Traverse Rods • Upholstering New Supply of Decorator Fabrics just arrived. 332 S. Division Ph. TO 3-8883 KlltSCH DKALKIl Announcing... OUR NEW WAREHOUSE AND OFFICE Located on North Higbay 61 ACROSS HIGHWAY FROM THE BLYTHEVILLE WAREHOUSE CORP. AND NORTH OF BLYTHEVILLE PROPANE CO. Seeds Breeders Deltapine Cottons Cert. Deltapine Cottons Soybeans Alfalfas Sorghums Lespcdeza Funk's Hybrid Corn Dixie Hybrid 22 & 33 Corn Small Grains Pasture Seeds Fertilizers Ammonium Nitrate 12-12-12 Urea Nitrate of Soda Other Mixed Fertilizers Chemicals Dalapon Karmex D-L Baron 2-4D 2-45T Soil Fumigants Grain Fumigants Innoculants Insecticides Come in and see us and get such bargains as: Cert. 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