The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on October 4, 1939 · Page 7
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 7

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 4, 1939
Page 7
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. ',*( '* I WEDNESDAY, OCT. 4,1939. THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN. PAGE SEVEN Batter Up! Anyon e Can "Hit" Cash With A Daily News Want Ad PHONE 21 FOR AN AD-TAKER LUDINGTON DAILY NEWS Daily rate per line for consecutive insertions: Charge Cash Three days, 3 lines $ .81 $ .72 One clay, 3 lines 36 .30 Advertising ordered for irregular insertions takes thi' one Mine insertion rate; no ail taken for less than basis of three lines. Count six average words to the line. Charge ads will be received by telephone, and if paid at The Daily News Office within six days from the first insertion cash rate will be allowed. Ads ordered for three or six days and slopped before expiration will be <.'hari;cd only for tlir number of times tltf ad appeared and the adjustment made at the rate earned. Publishers reserve the right to edit or reject any Classified advertising copy. Rate per line for white space is tlie same as a line of copy. JUST RECEIVED Men's Leather Jackets With sport back. $9.90 PENNEY'S Announcements Flowers and Mourning Goods 4 i'UT FLOWERS—And funeral work. Tel. 672. Frank Nordlne, 810 E. Ludington Ave. Jewelry, Watches, Diamonds GO WK HAVE—A beautiful assortment of engagement and wedding ring sets at various prices. Hamilton's, 225 S. Jas. Farm Equipment Gl POPEYE D. 8. Patent Office Trademark Registered Clear Sailing, If the Sea Were Soup! MV MAP SHOW IMG THE , LOCATION OF NEOTOPlAj HASTURNED OUT TO BE A DOCTOR BUGGE IS THE ONLVOWE THAT KNOWS HOW TO FIND KJEUTOPIA HE IS IN HIS CABIN LOOKING OVER HIS MAPS OKAV, I YAM GO'NER SEE HIM AVJ.TOSH •^ ^ » ^ / « ^^- ^^ i »/ TUSH,TOSH AMDTOSH TUSH MATTER? t?CHAKfOFTHE k 1939, King Features Syndicate, Inc., World nghu laened. j SCOECHY SMITH Trademark Registered u. n. ratea.. Olnce Mystery of the Missing Motor Strayed, Lost, Found LOST—3-1-7 tlrr and wheel on US-31 between l.iitllnglon and Shelby. HE- WAKI1. Phone 1184. Automotive .**w"^%^**.*"'—' 1 v-^w"^-^i-^rtrf-N - r^^ Automobiles for Sale 11 1937 CHEVROLET—Master town sedan, for sale. Call I'onko. Tel. 1203. Take OtLYcxutttat v? ~~To T The PUMPS W»TtR SYSTEMS -HAY TOOLS 'DOOR HANO£«S Musical Merchandise 62 BASS and SNAR7 SJIUMS for sale. 1NQ. 319 N. ROBERT ST. Specials at the Stores G4 Repairing—Service Stations Hi ROAIl SEKVICE—Day or night. For nifiht service phone 692. Hetka (Jarage, 1102 S. .Madison St. Tel. 860. Business Service ^^^^Srf^^S^N^^jw^-v^^^^rf^^f^^^^XXVX^^X^Srf^^N^V Business Services Offered 18 j 1940 ($7!l.50) WASIIKR—$69.50; 1 yr.'s supply of soap free or $24.95 radio. Wallace Kuras. 210 W. I.nd. Tel. 604. Wanted—To Buy GO FARMERS ATTENTION—Dead stock removal. Phone collect. Prompt service. MUSKEOON RENDERING CO. Tel. Scottvlllc, 129-F-ll. ot'K CIDER MILL—Will run every Tlll'RSUAV until further notice. THE 1'AHK STORE. WE SELL— T?.e best and service the rest—radios. washrrM. oil burners, ironers, refrigerators, etc. liny where you KK rervlce. Grotemat's WIFE HAVING STATION, 417 S. .lames St. YOt'H PAY ENVELOPE—May depend on your evcMcht. Don't tak? chances on poor glassrs. Chlnnery, Scottville. HUYINC;—L'sed lurniture. cook stoves, heaters and ln-atrolas. Hob's New «• Used Furniture Store. 501 E. Dowland St. Tel. 481-M. Real Estate for Rent Apartments and Flats 74 BUT IT'S NOT GOING TO BE SO EASY GETTING OUT AGAIN- WE'LL WORRYABQUT THAT LATER— WHAT A BREAK THIS WINDOW IS OPEN— AND £OOt*c\ THERE'S THE PLANE SCORCHY/ THE MOTOR'S GONE AND NOT A BOLT'S 6EEN TORN LOOSE / VOUVE HIT SOMETHING HERE THE MOTOR WASN'T RIPPED AWAY- IT WAS VERV CAREFULLY REMOVED DICKIE DARE Trademark Registered U. S. Pat*i»» Office Hold Everything Ft'RNISHEl)—Five-room apartment lor rint, steam heated. Frlgidaire. Phone FURNISHED. inent for I). THREE-ROOM — Ap:irt- ' ,.r rent. Inquire at Gil.") South' Washington avenue. TIIKEE- Si KIVK-KOOM AI'TS.— V\\f- j Delia. ! 'IIKEE- Si KIVK-KOOM AI'TS.- ntshed. new. modern, Frlgldaire 1st floor, one 2nd. Ini|. 301 N. UNFURNISHED FLAT—For rent. MI7 E. l.tltliliRton Ave. Itrody Bros., 429 E. Dowl-ind St. Tel. 510. Laundering 24 Houses for Rent CURTAINS DONE UP—And tinted; also washing and ironing. Phone 1272. Employment MODERN HOUSES AT—205 N. Robert ! St. and 206 N. William St. Olmstcad : & Newberg, Phone 22 or 7!I2 evenings. | Help Wanted—Female 32 .MODERN HOUSES AT—UK N. Gaylor'd I Ave. and 510 N. Harrison St. I 1 . F. ' t)lnistead. Phone 22 or 752. f xu&u sorrOM p£i£ONeR£ ALL UHD5R COhiTP.OL.. BOGS PAN.' YOU MO wo££y? YCM eo ON LOOK Hi, TAK& 71M& TO AND XU6U /N NOW, A AA/NUTe ANP A HALF-KID, ir,pAHi VA ^5 t you TOLD ME NOT TO OOMS OQ&e TO YACHT--BUT YOU ." ... ... 6O ION6, W&U AH 1 I JI6T 6TAWIH4O ;. » OUT HI6 BOW AH' , ARROWS AH 1 W& T\&D_Tfl l FOR MS.THAr- , HOLD IT, DICKIE! WHAT'S THI6? Real Estate for Sale COMPETENT WOMAN—Or steady girl I for rooking, ci-n'l hswk. Personal ap- j plications afternoons, Ocrana (Coun- ly) Infirmary. Hart. ! ..,.„ .....^..v-c i :. r j H)R IIARGAINS—In city, farm and resort property see Home Realty Co., WAITRESS wanted. Apply In person at TODD-I.-INN. Help Wanted—Male 33 I _.„ I i November. 1940. I IN WITNESS WHEREOF. I have here- j unto M>t my hand and seal this 12th day 1 of Sepu-inbor. 1939. K i E. W. NELSON. I Deputy Commissioner of the ) ' Banking Department. I. L. D. Dickinson, Governor of the State of Michigan, hereby approve of ! the foregoing action of the Commlsslon- • '• or of the Banking Department. FOR HARCiAINS IN—Houses, lots, farms i Dated: 9 H 39. Brokers in Real Estate meeting the members will on a quilt. property see Room 8. Nat''l Hank Hldg. Local and Social sew Mesdames Hans Abrahamson, A. R. Vestling, Vance F. Callighan, J. S. Lewis, George Kribs, H. Dean Johnston, W. L. Mercereau and Misses Ann and Ella \ Mendelsohn. * * a — • or income property see A. T. Benson. I Nan Bank HldR. MALE MUSICIANS—Wanted, bass viol. Kiiitar and accordion players. Call at Sllvi-r Cave at any time. Houses for Sale 84 Oct. 4. 11. 18. L. D. DICKINSON. Governor. Merchandise FOR SALE—House, lot and 5 acres of land, large garagr. Charles Carlson, State Road Bridge. Articles for Sale Wanted—Real Estate 51 SPORT AT BARGAIN PRICES— i-i h.p., 110-volt BO-cy. Gem-rat Electric Rebuilt Motors. I., Matlix Store. Scottville. DUCK DECOYS—1': doz., for sale at a real bargain. Call at 504 E. Danahrr St. In rear. Farm and Dairy Products 55 RIPE HUBBARD SQUASH—For sale by the pound or ton. Frank Barclay. Tel. 12G-F-U. Scottville. POTATOES—50c a bu.; also carrots, rhubarb. Norman Randall. 6 mis. S. of I.udlngton, R. 3, on US-31. HOUSES WANTED—Cash or terms. List i your pioperty with me today. A. T. I ~ Benson, Nat'l Bank Bldg. Members of Club Hear an Artist of Note MARKETS AND FINANCE NEW YORK STOCKS | (Noon Prices) I Adams Express ! Am Can Fuel, Feed, Fertilizers 50 DRY HARD WOOD—$2.00 a cord at my home, $3.00 for 2 cords delivered. C. B. Jagger. Tel. 5-F-I2. DRY HARD WOOD—1 cord, $2.75; 2 cords, $S.OO; also kindling wood. DE. I.IVERED. Phone 670-M. SACCO PLANT FOOD—For better lawns and narrtoni. BETH KB FEED BARN. Phone 165-W. SEASONED WOOD—1 cord, $2.!>0; 2 SWAP COLUMN Ads accepted for this column will be publtslml two times for 25 cents. Each ad must bear name and address of advertiser. They must be accompanied by cash or stamps. Ads must be brought or mailed to The News, none taken by telephone. If ads Involve exchange of labor for commodities, or vice versa, they will be run free of charge. ° wlt NEW YORK, Oct. 4.—(/Pi- Paul* Dean will get another chance in baseball's big top. Released to Columbus in the | Civil war. American association in mid- j After a brief (Continued from Page 2) , .„ r , lc in his musical program, Mr.i Am wnt wks Rousseau recited his original' Anaconda 33'/ 4 VPVSP "Thp Pinpr " hpfnvo Sino i Armour of 111 6'^ VLlbC npei DeiOie Sing- , Aviation Corporation 5% ing the tender Irish song, "I Bordcn Know My Love." I Calumet & Hccla Mr. Rousseau's fourth selec- I Chrysler ° h '° tion was the Dutch folk song, I coium G & si "The Spinner Liedchen," tale of the Dutch maiden whose inability to spin needs only the ri°'ht • General Eiec inducement. At the conclusion i S en F ?°M% of this song, Mr. Rousseau re- j Hudson Mot cited his verse, "Upon My Roof "|i«t Harvest .. following it, in resuming his ' r"f, reiV 3 ™ program, by the romantically Kennccott Corp"'.'.'.'.'.'.'. '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 4oi£ i nonsensical "No Sir", popular L 'ss & Myers B ... ... . 95^ Masonite Corp i in America at the close of interval, Mr. datiskas, 4 nils. N. of Custer. STATE OF MICHIGAN^ HANKING DEPAJtTMENT In the Matter of Trustees of Segre- i>attd Assets of Fountain State Bank, Fountain, Michigan. Before: F. Elliott Jr., Commissioner summer by the St. Louis Car- ; Rousseau returned before his 1 dinals, "Daffy" of the famous i audience dressed as a French j "Dizzy and Daffy" pitching ; peasant in loose rust-red smock combination came back Tues- beret and sabots. His first selec- ' night in the draft—this tion in a group of French folk.... to the New York Giants. | ballads was the sad tale of a Only 13 players were called j femme fatale, "On the Bridge of I up in the conscription indicat- j ires Quais," followed by ° the ing a dearth of material in the more boisterous "The Unhappv mill firs Thp St. T.nillS RrOWllS. , To u™. ii (.„! x unuttyKy DELIVERED. -i corn, »z.:>»; e. nnnVn i, $7.25. Phone 308-R. U" 1 -'*-" of the Banking Department. NEW OAK LUMBER for sale. BARTON'S GARAGE, E. I.udlngton Ave. Good Things to Eat 57 NKW HONEY NOW READY — Save money; bring own container. John M. A. llansen, 1/4 ml. N. of Stiles corner. Household Goods 59 AMA/ING—New Power-Air Condition- Ing feature on (he 1939 Duo-Therm OP TRUST WHEREAS, u certain Trust Agreement wns made and entered Into on the llth clny of November, 1933, by nncl between the Fountain State Bank, n Michigan tanking corporation of Fountain, Michigan, and H. J. Gregory, Henry C. Arp, and Elnll Blohm, as Trustees, duly appointed by the Commissioner of the Minneapolis this season, minors. The St. Louis Browns, j Tailor," taken from the setting first choice, took j tr ict of Champagne. Shortstop Alan Strange of Se- French attle, who had tried out with ] f.. om them before. The Phillies ob- | the tained Pitchers Si Johnson of i th Rochester and Clyde Smoll of Atlanta. The Athletics chose Elon Hogsett, veteran American dis- third league hurler who was Brittany, "Cycle d'du Yin."" Interprets Song jjui M n-w \jy i>tn; vJUJIUIllSMlUIlUr Ul VIII,' \ IVAllll 1UCIJJVJ11O UillO O^UOlSli, tviivt , * _ 4. -t ' **** Clilpllci" BnnkiiiK Department of the state of pitcher John Babich of Kansas I Slzes tne tale oi his song with "'"'"""" "" City. The Boston Bees named ! amusing gestures and expres- Pitcher Nick Strincevich of | ?J on s, conveys to his audience with and "Berceuse" district finished, Frnn Sears-Roebuck 77 i South Cal Edison 25',' 4 Standard Brands fi Standard Gas & El 3 . . , i Standard Oil Cnl 29i?. . _. „. Original i Standard Oil Ind 27V- verse, "The Pine," with the tra- stand on N j 4fw, ditional winemokers' song of f^^^bide'! 1::!:: i 1:::!'':!::: 88^ 1 Union Pacific 100=!, I United Corp 2V B i U S Stoel 74>;, Tr - demark . „. Patent O ffi c » JJu^i^^^^LOOKUT THEM THERE M LOOKS UKEL. WHUrN yC SQUEEWAMPU5 WHEELS/ H 0UGGV THArrS TARNATION /<--lT BOBS UP AM' DOWN-f' X^_ • A ^9 C '^" t 15 IT ? /'X LIKE! A TO/VTTUJ' —-f ~' v ^-~^..~^ »^^>^ I ^ W • • 1 »^~ • * * * !••* I «b * N t**W W I ^ ^ »l I -^ «••• . f .* Irf ^9* f SQUEEWAMPU5 WHEELS/ H 0UGGV THArr's KAp. A>| T BOBS UP AM' POWN-T x^_ *'^?^^OfeS UKEATROTT'N'-x^'v *~~ir'^'^Mf^^S^ * *""" \ - Ul^kOCC ' J ^ • —I .' ' •- i ,•••-.:.-! Montgomery Ware Motor Wheel ... Nnph-Kflvinator National Biscuit Natl Power & Lipht 8% New York Central 2ns:, | North American 22 3/B Packard 37'i ' Penucy (J C) . Pbplps Dodge . Radio Keith-Orp R r o Mo* .ji' .... Republic Steel Michigan, with the ernor, to net as such out the terms, conditions and of the Trust thereby created, and WHEREAS. SccUon XVI and Section XX of the Trust Agreement entered into by and between the Bank and the Trustees provided that the life or the said Trust Instrument should be, in the first oil heater makes an excellent hair | instance, for five years from the 'Sate drier and uses very little current. II. : thereof, but mav be extended from year Smcdberg & Son, Custor. to year upon order of the Commissioner, and BARGAIN PRICES—On good ujed gasoline engine washing machines, cream separators, range stoves, electric ranges, gasoline Store, Scottville. stoves. L. Mattlx GENUINE—Round Oak ranges and fur- Smedberg & Son, Custer. HOT AIR FURNACE—And kitchen range ! or .i? al £ nt a bargain. C. Alstrom, E. laidlngton Ave. Newark, and Washington took Pitcher Paul Gehrman of Birmingham. Pittsburgh got Dick Lanahan, a Chatbanooga pitcher; Detroit, Pitcher Tom Seats of Sacramento; the White Sox, Catcher Tom Turner of Hous- WHEREAS, The Trust Agreement wns tnn • Th* Piih£ extended for one year, or from Novom- I Lun ', b „ ^tlUb, btr U, 1938, to November 11, 1939, by an MOOty 01 Syracuse, and the _„.,„..„, M,» ~ ,„„,„ ...... 'Reds, Infielder Russ Be Veil of order of the Commissioner of the Banking Department dated September 14 1938, as amended by order dated December 22. 1938, and RECEIVED-All all-cotton 50-lb. ( In Custer ; E> READER & co - OIL IIEATKR—Heats 4 rooms, used 3 mos. Reasonable price. Phone 1217. heater., Instrument would otherwise expire on the llth day of November, 1939 and WHEREAS, It appears after due examination and consideration of the affairs of this trust that its termination ns of that date would result in a monetary loss to the parties at Interest the creditors of this trust, and would otherwise be Inadvisable and undesirable for nil onrtles concerned: N~OW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the foregoing, and in accordance with authority granted by Section XVI of the Trust Agreement, I hereby extend the life of this Trust Agreement for one year, effective as of the llth dav of KTmlACn K,iM 1f\in *..!*.!_ i-1 . . i New Orleans. Elm Flats Charles Isen and little son of Ludington were supper guests at the Marshall Gulembo home Saturday, Sept. 30. School closed Friday, Sept. 20, so all pupils could attend the Harvest Home festival in Scottville. Their float took third prize in the parade. The Golden Rule club will the exact meaning of the foreign words with a. delightful continuity of subtle comedy. He possesses a truly great range of vocal interpretation and • his ease of speaking the languages of his songs shows complete study and understanding. At the close of the program Mrs. Stearns thanked Mr. Rousseau in behalf of the club for his entertaining music. The meeting was then journed by the motion of Yellow T & C 191/B Stock Averages, Oct. 4 (Compiled By The Associated Press) 30 15 15 60 Indust Rails Utll Stocks Net change D.5 Today 73.9 Previous day hi _ Month ago xui5 Year ago . 1R39 Histh 1939 tow . in:t8 High members and tea was from a table covered in ad- the served white and appointed with silver service. A great bouquet of chrysanthemums in bronze shade centered the ta'ble and tea was poured 'by Mrs. W. L. Mercereau and Miss Ann Mendelsohn. The hostess committee for the afternoon included co-chair- 74.4 73.1 75.3 77.0 58.S 79.5 D.5 22.2 22.7 19.7 20.9 23.8 15.7 23.5 12.1 n.i 38.6 38.7 37.1 33.8 40.6 33.7 37.8 24.9 1938 Low 49.2 - Movement in Recent Years Low 17.5 8.7 23.9 1929 High 140.9 1927 Low 51.6 153.9 95.3 184.3 61.8 52.0 52.3 50.1 51.0 53.5 54.7 33.7 1C.9 157.'/ 61.8 All niullls l» Til.- II' Kfuliup Snvlip PUFFED UP LIKE A BAKERy TART PETERS PROUDLY ROLLEP CARPy OUT INTO THE yARt? AMIDST A THUNDERlNCr OUTBURST OF SILENCE. THE "THINGvVMA-JlG" 15 LAUNCHED//-- NAME IT ANP you CAN HAVE IT// Wheat, cwt $1.00 Produce Eggs 19c Hides Beef 4e Saginavv Beans (Quotations in Dollars and Cents) SAGINAW, Mich., Oct. 4.—(fl 1 )—Michigan Bean Shippers' Association Wednesday prices: Handpicked pea beans, per cwt., 2.55; handpicked red kidneys, light, 4; dark. 4; handpicked yelloweyes, 3; handplckfd choice recleaned cranberries, light, 2.50; dark, 2. THE LOCAL, Light red kidney beans ............ $2.75 Dark red kidney beans ............ *3.ort nnrk cranberry beans ............ S2.50 Iilnht cranberry beans ............ 42.50 White pea beans . ...- ............ $2.00 Velloweye beans .................. $2.75 Poultry , , prlC8S ' November hold its next meeting on Oct. 18 j men Mesdames George Ackers- trie said Trust 'W ith M rSi Elo . n Cpl'burn at her ville, H. F, King, E. A. Miller this' and Emil Ekstrom, assisted by «» ; . us . , Custer. Agreement to expire on ih e nth day ot home in Scottville. At hens, 3 Ibs. and up lie Heavy hens 14c Plymouth Rock springers, under 4 Ins 17c 1 Plymouth Rock springers, i Colored springers 15r 4 Ibs. and up 17c Grain ShelleJ com, cwt $1.05 Rve. cwt 85o Oats, cwt. »1.00 Detroit Produce (Quotations in Dollars and Cents) DETROIT, Mich., Oct. 4.—(^—(United States Department of Agriculture.)— Grapes—Mich. Concords 12 qt. baskets. .27- A "t.. i-"7V-=ts. .16. Apples—Mich. bu. baskets and bu. en . u. 8. JNO. 1, 2'/ 2 in. min. Delicious, .75-1.25; Jonathans, .70-.95; Greenings, .50-.65; Mclntosh, .60-.95; Wealthys, .40- ,5u; Wolf Rivers, .40-.50. Gel ry—Mich, bunches dozens large, .23-.2S; mammoth, .35-.40. Onions—50 Ib. sacks U. S. No. 1: Mich, yrllows, medium size, .50-.65; larg«, .80.85; wax medium size, .60. Potatoes—100 Ib. sacks U. S. No. 1: Ida. Russet Burbanks, 1.85-2.10; best j mostly. 1.95-2.05: Mich. Round Whites, 1.35-1.40; Chippewas, 1.40-1.50; Early Chios, 1.25-1.50; Ind. Bliss Triumphs, few, 2; N. J. Cobblers, few, 1.75-1.85; Maine Chippewas, 1.75-1.85; mostly, 1.751.80. Detroit Livestock (Quotations in Dollars and Cents) DETROIT, Oct. 4.—(/P)—Cattle—Re- ceipts 700; market steady with Tuesday's dicline. Good to choice yearlings, 9.7511; fair to good yearlings, 8.50-9.75; good to choice heavy steers, 9.25-10.25; fair to good heavy steers, 8.25-9.25; common I butcher cattle, 5.25-6.25; canner and cutter cows, 3.50-5.50; best butcher and heavy bologna bulls, 6.75-7; milkers and springers, 50-75. Calves—Receipts 500; market steady; best, 12; selects, 12.50; fair to good, 1011; seconds, 8-9.50; culls and common, 5-8. Sheep nnd lambs—Receipts 1,500; market not established, prospects higher. Hogs—Receipts 800; market not established. Previous, 6.95 for 200-220 Ib. hogs downward to 5.50 for roughs. Detroit Poultry (Quotations in Cents) DETROIT, Oct. 4.—(A>)—Poultry- Market weak; hens, 5 Ibs. over, 16; medium hens, 14; leghorn hens, 3 Ibs. up, 11; cocks, U and 1C; Rock springers, 16; colored springers, 14; leghorn springers, 14; hen turkeys, 10 Ibs. up, 20; torn turkeys. 15 Ibs. up, 18; ducks, white, 5 Ibs. up, 13; rabbits, 9. Detroit Dairy (Quotations in Cents) DETROIT, Oct. 4.—W)—Butter—Best creamery in tubs, 26-27. Eggs—Current receipts, 17; dirties. 14i/ 4 ; checks, 13 >/ 2 . Chicago Potatoes (Quotations In Dollars and Cents) CHICAGO, III., Oct. 4— (/P)—(United States Department of Agriculture.)— Potatoes—Rfcelpts 114, on track 426, total U. S. shipments 077; market weak; . -. . supplies heavy, demand very Blow es- mg trip peclally northern stock; sacked per cwt. Idaho Russet Burbanks U. S. No. 1, washed few sales, 1.55-.75; Nebraska Bliss Triumphs 90 percent U. S." No. 1,, 1.45; Colorado Red McClures U. S. No. ,1. very few sales washed, 1.70-.80: Unwashed, 1.75; North Dakota Cobblers, 90 percent or better U. S. No. 1, very few sales, I.l|0-ia5; Wisconsin Katahdlfis U. S. No. 1, 1.35; Round Whites, no.sales reported. Chicago Dairy (Quotations in. Cents) CHICAGO, Oct. 4.—(*)—Butter-mSe- ceipts 843,755; market unsettled; creamery-90 score, 26; 89. 24%; 88, 24','4; 90 centralized carlots. 26'/4-',i: other prices unchanged. ' Eggs—Receipts 5,385; market steady: fresh graded, firsts local. 18V 4 ; current receipts, 17: refrigerator extras, .17ft! standards, 17H;- firsts, 16^,- other priq>» unchanged Freest Joseph Michevich of Fountain transacted business in Frees.6U Monday, Oct. 2. Mr. and Mrs. William Tob$y will entertain the 'Adult Bible class of the PreeaoU MethwUfct church school at their Gunn late cottage Sunday, Oct. 8, followng church school. A pptluclt dWof$> will be served. , , • l/.^^^ijWv L. L. Stanley 8n<f .ti

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