Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 27, 1927 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 27, 1927
Page 4
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^ - DAIir RECIStER CHA«. F. SCOTT Entered at t le •*l<Ak PoatofOc* M Class Hatter. iTeleiWIoa* .... 18 . iPitnm Bcancb Exchange Connecting : All I>epartnieht.i). : SUBSCRIPTION RATES ' Br Carrier In lola. Gaa City, lAHarpe , and BassetL . _ - / One tTeek 16 CenU On\s Month , i..70 Cent* OoetXear %1.W BY MAIL. ^' Outside Allen County One "Tear- .•• f&rt "Monthii III IB Allen County One year i > BJz Uontlu ..i Tt >re4. «6oths yfgJlOLA DAILY REQIStEk,TUESDAY EVEto4 bgCEMBE &.^Aggr, On a Hopth Mem^r of— ' Naftbnal Editorial Atsoeiatlbn. Kahsas Press Association. The Kansas Daily League. AOHlt BOV&u of crrculatlen. Press Conaress of the World. Inland Oally Press Assoclatloti. Official Paper City of lola. Official Paper City of Bassett. Offltlal Paper Allen County. (life cdnfcsiiion 6t its tricndit; gives the man bt wcaKh no greit an ad- ranta'ee thdt ihi (loor Hun ntf^bt as Well bid pQltlical smtihm good-bye. / . Of the two evils which is llkelf in the long run tioi be the worst, the liiost menacing (Td'inifKsracy? Wc tliink we know the answer to that question; but we are tired feiving it! • MEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESS. ; The RfrKlster carries the Associated Vrpoa report by special leased wire. The'Associated Prc5s is cxrlusively entitled to the use for republication of all news dispatches credited to It or n/it ^otherwise credited in this paper, arid also the local news published herein. All riRlits or repu>)licatiop of special dispatches herein are also reserved. Bible Thought for Today Then shall thou understand tiie fear of the Lord, anil find tjic "l<n6wlp(lg<» of Ood.—I'rov. 2:5. • lAX IT BK IMJXK; Is tlH'io any sy.stfni of Niiiiiiilint'it))! under which a poor man will have an eqilal chance with a rjl -li man? The men who devised lUv prl- ' niary law tlioiigljt tliey had answered that (luestioii in the affirmative when they did away with conventions and charged upon the Slato thq expense of printing tickets ^nd liolding the t)riniary election. ' Hill everybody knows now how Senator Norrls wrMe a lob^ o)>en let(^r'(6 Wfllfa# nandolph Hearst excorfating the piililisber for prioting the' alleged offlciai M6tican dot;uin6nt8 one of wlilcb c6ntafAcd the ittatem'cnt ^that certain Senators. Nor'ris amonp tliehi. had bci^n paid ' lirge sm«8 ot money to carry on pro-Mexican propaganda in thifi country. Among other things the Senator wrote that Mr. H,carst was "not only, not honcKt. hut without - honor." and 'that was one of the pleasantest and coiupllmcnlary things he did sayj •• Now. comes Mr. Hearst with a fotir-columtt reply which he prints, not oiily In all his own papers,but as an advertisement in a great many others, in which he takes Senator .Norrls to a trimming la Arthtlr rirlshane 's best style. "It is not necessary to/.reply ip .Mr. Norrls 's hysterlcil and vltupeVa- tive staieine|nt in kln^," Mr! Hearst mrt I '° "'^^ beginning. Al^d then ''"'^ ^ I a little fardher down the colnmn he says: "CcrtnlnJy nobbily but n perfect Jackass- -and S^ator Norris is not that— at least not a ]icr- fect one—could imagine" elc etc. And again, remarking that he had often supimrtod Borah and some other I insurgent Senators. Mr. Hearst says: "J do not recall that I have ever, supported Senator .Norris. but then I cannot recall that he has ever dcine anything worth supporting." In vleW of which somewhat tart remarks one Hearst liailly tiicy were mistaken. If -by chance some two or three do not' wonclers mildly what Mr. -know, let them ask of Pennsyl- 1 might have said- about Senator .vania; : , Norris if he had allowed himself : The primary which resulted iijl to repl/i "in kind:" to the Senator's the nomination of Vare for Sena-' "hysterifi and vituperation." tor in Pennsylvania created such i' Incidentally the New York pub- a scaiidal that a non-partifean com- iinitlee pf eminent ; rcfor|ners of .that State was organized and set Usher makes a strong case for himself. He Just about proves that the documcBts he has b*en iabout devising a change in the law • printing actualb^ did come from iwiiich should . insure against - the i the Mexican official archives. But ii;cpctition of tlic .scandal. yVfter '".•jtiidyirig Ihe ijuestiun for more .tiian a year this committee now i-oinns forth willi a recommendation that fonpri-ss pass rc- slrictinp any candidate for a State wiilc office ' to an expenditure eiiual to' tea, cents for each vote the Mexican govcrament disavowed tliem. which shows that it is cither ashamed or afraid of them, so no intematlohal entanglements are likely to ensue. - An . lola youth Vho is a good deal of a whiz at mathematics 1. tile ' last gciieral election. Tliat • recommendation commends . itself ; lo so eminent a reformer in I'enn- , -itylvania ii.s tllfforii I'incliot and to :- HO <'uns))icuous H friend of the poor in KanKa ,s as William Allen While '.as lielng the best'that can ho de• vi -'<ed and so they IKJIII. eiidorKir it. .\iu\ yet under tliat> regulalion a Jtepuldl( candidate in' I'ennsyl- vania could permissllily spend $niMIOO, afid a Kepublicaii cundi- ;date In Kansas could sppiiil prolia- Vhly .$10,000. What chance would . Uteri! he in elllicr State for a popi" man. or ii man even fairly' well- lo-do as we count wciillii out lien•; -In KausaW?* or- course it may he answered' that liccailRe lli 'e law allows a man "to s|)cnil j-l<l ,iH )0 lie dociii 't iieces- '.sarlly have to spund it. tjuilc true; ^ Hill Kiipiiose ;iiis opponent did • spend $.10,000 and he spent ouly $im. What chance would the $400 : man lia\-^' against tlie $40,000 manV It may be argued that if a nian has only $400 to spend in a !«iiuii»,aign hi.' ought to keep out of - it caijipaigui .And that is ]irobably :true-^on the theory of the ferryman who refused to carry free a " man who did not have fivc-centsi • .to pay faiy beciMise if he 'didn't - have five cents it didn 't make any 'diftercnce which side of the river, he was on. But upon'the assumption that! this is a free country and that wb . . liv ,e under a political system ij, doesn't like the way the Standard VHich a jman who is qualified toi^" Company has gobbled up the [I Russian oil fields, and so ;lt has YOI'.\(i BILL .MOVES IP. ' William Allen White in I-:mi)oria ! Cazette: In today's paper at the top of the editorial column the name of WJlIiam I,. White a,p ]iears as associate editor. ' Young Bill has been out of school, for three years and a half. He hasj done everything in every department of the paper those three year. He has walked up on front porches, knocked at doors, and solicited subscribers. He has climbed stairs and sold advertising to doctors, lawyers, and even_preach- era. He has covered police court, courthouse, crime, telegraph, society, and college sports. He has written editorials during these tl^ree year-s most of which have lieen credited to his father. His fice as a baby 27'years ago and iaiii in the waste basket whili; his mother helped on the paper. He has worked in ihe back room, carried papers, ami done .vcrythlng around the place that any other employe has been asked to do. "This announcement today will come as a surprise to him—his Christmas present. cast! by ll >e .andiiiatc 's party at j ^f^^^ V ^ki^P y ^3„ „j college work coiiclud'()d be #Ould j ilrop out and go to making money. He got a job with a sorvcyor and did .so well that a corporation employed hljEQ at a salary of $I9U a month. chance thcj cor- poi -Htion learned that he did not ;havc his degree It chopped hla salary to $91) a liKmtb. doabUoss on the theory that a man not a college graduate could not be devel- oiieil into the' kind of man' they wanted for this particular Job. The young ntan is, haiiging onto' the job for the present, but next year [ he w(jl go hack to college. He wants lh,at other liiindrcd dollars! i\ TIIK H.VV'S \KWS. James Mc.Veill. who is to suc- CC .MI Timothy Healy as (Jovernor- (Jeneral of the Irish Free State. Is now the Irish Free State High Commissioner to London. Mr. Mc- .N'eill, after a public school education ih Ireland, weril to Kiumanuel College. Cambridge, then obtained a post in the Indian Civil jServlcc. He was a great success as an ad- name goes at the head of the pa-{n.jnistrator. .but always jshunncd a penned to of A perjas a recognition of three years 1,^^ limeiigiit. Retiring onj o;>ard clfectlve work. It wlllL,i„„ years ago he reli make no difference in his finan- i,„h„„ ^mi became chalrjnan clal status: but when his father ijjibiin and mother arc out of town iic will turn instinctively for advii'c and help to his lifc-loiiK frieiiils who have grown up with him from carrier boys. Calvin I,anilnrl, managing editor, and Kiigene I/iw- thcr. advertising manager. Iliil more important than that Hill will surely go as liisi mother, and father liavc gone I in many a crisis' jlo Waiter Hughes, the manager of the paper, I whose Judgment and tact and loyalty have bean proven invaluable so often for 3;i years. In The (Jazette office in various departm ,entK, business office, tw- chanical force, editorial staff are half a score of men and women who have put their lives into the paper fdr 20, years or niori'. They YQU may have obijerved that When Illckman. the ('allfornia/kld-.,';;;^ ^^.^^ napiier and alleged tiiiirilerer was arrested In Oregon.' it was an Associated 'Press co-respondent HOST TOG. 0. P. County Council, hiotlier. .lohn .McNeill, later Prvv State Minister of {klucation .and boundary commissioner, imhiced hiin to participate In the legal side of the Sinn Fein liiovement and in helping to frame the Constitutlonj Later he Went. to Mindoh as representative of the Freiv Slatii temth •( Ji ifnsom. J. S. Wilson, aged 79 years, a retired farmer, passed away at his home, 4il South Walnut street this morning at 10:30 o'clock. The funeral arrangements will be announced in the Register tomorrow ^aues R. Danitfs IjKuid. James R. 'Daniels, city street sweeper, was taken suddenly ill about 2:30 this afternoon while at work and died «o6it after ;reachii^ his home, 705 North Cliesthut strjet. T^e funeral i ::raagemeat8 will be ahnouncetl in the Kesister tomorrow. . • Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Qregg and Mr and'Mrs. J. C.'Shan'ocll and daughter, Betty Jane, of Madison. Kans.. were Christmas vishors in the home of their parents and grandparents. Mr. and Mrs.. James* Dunfee, of 410 South Chestnut street Clea Williams, the six-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. A. E: Williams of 512 South Chestnut street. Is reported quite ill. ! Mrs. George Hall and son. Har- pld, and daughter. Harriet, left lyes- terday for Eureka. Kansas, where tiie.v will spend the week with r61- aiives. .Mrs. Imo Krause, who has been crjtlealiy 111, is reported improving. . C. .M. Conner and children Gladys. Helen, and Paul, left Sunday noon for a few days:visit with relatives In- Concordia and Sallna Kansas. - .\lls.s Christine .n'routwlije. of 711 .Vorth Walnut street, underwent a tonsillectomy operation today. f.Mr. and .Mrs. Dan Shaetfer. of Colony, announce the arrival pt a I son. born Saturday morning at St ' lohn's hospital, whom' they have given the name, Paul Clydine. eouaas RBgreWgAFFEfetrW^THE ^©E #-"ep ©0'BES' STEERS ^ ' >m^ r • -- Jfc^^-* "--^if and in this position he lias dis-J erai of arrangehieitts for the played great tact aiiil efficiency. Kansas City, Dep. 21. (AP). Cpnrad H. Mann fajccs the task of plefi'sing all visitors who will come to Kansis City next June for the Republican National Convention. As the.' city's dfrector gen- I who was right on the. spot and put the stoiy on the wire so promptly that although the arrest was not made until sometime in th^^tter- noon the Keglster was able to go to press at 4 I o'clock with a full report. The- Associated Press Is the best organized news gathering association the World has ever seen i—and the Regl-ster is the only Allen county member of it. j The Royal Dutch PMroleum Co.. ! which is a British concern though the name doesn't sound like it. hood, j To them he owes a debt of gratitude foi! their friendship anil loyally. To them he must turn as his elders have turned for the jsomelhing betuir thaii liioney-the | I association and fellowship that are the best fruits of any success. Young Bill came to tlie of- Siiice the PriLsidenl intiinaleil| tliat one of the things he proposed j to ilo was lo go back lo Vermont ;ind wliitte for al»out a year he has received aliiuil a wagon load of i jack knives. Tlie literal minded j and liberal people of this good | country won't let a President have i his little joke. i hold an important' office oiight not I to be excludedfrom it he{'>«^«^'«'-'^d ^•'"•' " is unable or unwilling to spp.-ii' «.<>00.000 refinery • .several times a year's salary at Baybnne. N. '; ordser to get his name on the,'ticket, it is a little difficult to see just how ;i reform has been effected by devising a system under which the 'expenditure of a large sum-is just about a neijessity. Under the con• vent ion .system here in Kans&s ;'inany cundldatcA for State, office Jiave been nominated without the : tjxpendittire of if dollar beyond Ihcir railroad fare to the convcnr' (Ion city and their hotel hill while • there. Under the present systenr ! u |uan who should announce that • i)o was a candidate for a State office but did not propcjse to s]>cnd liiiy money In prosecuting that ' irandldacy 'T would be laUgtaed at as 'ri poor sirapraiid even his best friends won Id not. take his cajhdi- dacy seriously. h . • So what is to be done aliout iv: The convention system is opposed on the score that it lends itself to machine manipulation and places political power in the hands of 'ii. tew.'-The primary system, by spend ' '-•"""•""V reiiuerj ni oayuauv, ,i. ",.y JQIJ .. and will fight the Standard for the American market. If we could only have all the m'os^y the Royffi Dutch will lose in that battle we Would—at least we could—buy up all the newspapers In ||:ansas. —Wo pay 6':: on Full Paid and Ins'tallmeni Sto<k. The best invest- me'nl. the b«:st method to save. .Sernrity Bids. & Lonn Association, liiln, linnxas.' —For Real EstPte Loans see the ^ecurilv Bids. & Loan Association, lola, Ks. Office in First Natl. Bank.; eonventiin. he hplds sweeping ! powers, entrusted jto him he- ' cause Kansas Citji I.H deter- niftied to "show a I good time" to the thousands at Republicans coming from >|uch distant places as Alaska au'd'the l!anal ZoRC^as well as the four cor- netB ot the nation. Among his manV duties Mr. Mann finds one . making him virtually manager of every jhot^t here, for the problem of bousing the delegates is probably his biggest Job. .Mr. .Mann Is a .fipancier. ! .Mrs. Ijeigh Bowlust is reported 111 ,at her home :!09 . East Jackson , avenue. I .Mr. and .Mrs. Royal Eastwood .Miss Claudie Whittle and Mr. Arthur Eastwood, of Ponca City, Ok. and .Mr. and .Mrs. MeVle Monger, ol St. l.,ouis, spent Christmas with .Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Eastwood, of I northeast of lola. J. M. Pennington, of Tulsa. Ok., is R guest in the home of his brother. C. E. Pennlngt'ou and family, 701 East street. Richard and ' Rdbert Garlinghouse, students at. K; U.. are spending the Christmas vacation with; their parents. Dr. and Mrs. O. L Gariinghousc. of 218 Sooth Washington avenue. Air. and Mi;«. Spencer Card, of Kansas City, were also Christmas guests in the Gar- lihghousc home and of .Mr. Card's parents.' Mr. and .Mrs. S^m Card south of the city. Mr. Gdrd will return honie tonight hut .Mrs. Card will remain uiitil Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Winston Yocuiu. of Welda.i are the parchts of a boy^ born Christinas Day at St. JohnV hospital. . • .Mr. and .Mrs. Henry Kaniping and da'ugbter. Nada. • of Elsinore, and Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Mallory, of LaHarpe, were Chrfsima.s guests in the home of .Mrs. K. D. .Mills anc» family, of 310 South Chestnut street. Robert E. .Vhbott. drove to Adair Okla.. this morning to take his uncle. Robert, Webb, home after a visit here with his sister. .Mrs. Geo Abbott and family, of 50C South Buckeye sircet. Causes 6t Anctuation ' in |)eef prices since 1007. shown in the chart, luciude (.\)''bu8lness depr|«sion; long fed Cattle plcatiful. 16W hog »rlces; (Bjjifiov^er hog -prio ^s, increased cattle supply: (Ct clieaip corn, many fat cattle; (D) cattle ^Increase, business poor; (E) decline In goft- eral price level; (F) cattle increase, business dull: (G» man;' long fed cattle, cheap corjn; (H) flnfincia Ipanic. low hide prices: (1) fat Caftlc -scarce; (J) buslijes.-i good, l^ogs high:-(K) short cattle supply; '(L) Jong fed cattle scarce;; (.M) pric* level rises, war increases exports;' (N) war demand, rising price l|?yel; (Oi poor industrial conilitions. many long fed cattle; (P) buslnesf hnprovcd. good feeder demand; (Q) shortage of long fed steers following high corn 'prices; (R) fewer j cattle, especially long fed steers, f ! (Continued from Page >Uie) vicinity of Cape Cod. Sfartliig this morning at a iiolnt 20 mll^s off Cape Cod, Lieui.-Command^ Rosendahl. planned to cruise to> point 20 miles eaiit of Sable Islanil Then if the search was unprodiicOve. he .said, he woiild. return alongy a Ifne 20 miles to the westward ,ot his firs-t course] ' I»e<itro]rer<< AU. In addition to :the Loa .\^geles. ihe destroyers Stjirtevant aiid -Mahan from the Boston navj yard were ordered to .searcrt the ivaters between Cape Cod and SaBle Island, and every available agency along the coast am), in New^onnd^ land was on the alert for an^ word. Gales, high seas and "5 snow squaHs prevailed fnmi Sainrday. mornng iratll early Sunday Jn the vicinity of Sable Island, kntjwn to shipping men as "the graveyard of the Athttttic." Officers- oi some 30 ships arrtving at HallfaC over tlie week-end expressed the^opm- ioit that if the Dawn bad landed on the sea it would have* been daslied to pieces quickly. One theory was that Ice formations on the wings had forced the .plane down. The crew of the E)iwn. jii addition to 'Jits. Grayson ^an* fJolds- borpugh, included Oskar Omitel as pilot and Fred Koeliler as fnotor expert. I ; CoiiEidience that,''Mrs. Grayson would' be found safe was expi'esseu by her father, A. J. WHsOn. Mvhose faiqily have moved from .tlietr country home-^ into iinprjvlscd quarters in ilf. Wilson's Mfiilcie. Ind.. store in .order to kee^ IB close touch, with iiew.spaper;> dispatcher on lli'e search. KLWAH Y. S.U.LKMIER,; Elijah Frances Sallenger was born Fohriiaiy ;.. ISGS, at' Palmer. 111. jiur! departed this life December 24. 1927. at his home near lola. Kans. .Mr. .Sallenger grew to young manhood at Palmer and on MarcA 27. l^fto. was united in marriage to Mis.H Kmma Estell. To thi" union Were l>orn three chililreu. Ruth aii^d Earl who survive.' and Onis who died in infancy. In liton the family moved tii OklahoHna and after livijig there for S years came to Kansas, set-' tling at Chaniite. The family then .Allen county about 4 years ago settling on a farm northeast of lola. Here .Mrs. s 'hlleftjser passed away September 19. 1927. and now Mr. Sallenger has followed her in death. In early manhood .Mr. Saflertger tmited with the Christian chijfrch and while he has not tralisferr'cd his membership yet has ntiiinfai'ii«<f his faith and t-onfidenee iin the Loi^d and Savior Jesus ChrSst. Mr. Sallenger was also a niemher'of the .M. W. A. lodge. ' j He is survived by his son.; Earl, and a daughter. .Mrs'. Ruth Sefzeir. fjwo brothers. Elmer of Oteiiarm, ni., and" James of .Mt. Atrburii(,.Ill.'i foiii^ .^istCrs. .Mrs. Mary Lcnhart of Glcnarm. Til.. Mrs. Jessie Offllght- er. of Chicago, 111., .Mr.'i. Ora Spindle of TaylorviMc. III., and: tVIrs. Minnie Tyler, of Denverj Coloi, ai»g other relatives and friends. Funeral .'-ervlces n»cre hehl:"'tK the .\dams and Hoissei; chaiicI,M6u- day. December 2fi. at f. Hi., ; the Rev. C. 1. Coldsrtiith offlclatfjlg. i .\rusfc was provided bv oJlr."*.! Ottii IHTIIBtknt. Mrs. John Brazet^.J /Sir*, •folin Koiiler and Mrs. Robert War- •ner, with Mr.s. WaIt«pr..Mairtfflrt' Jit .Mr. and .Mrs. Roswell .N'orthrilp ivho spent Christmas here \yith -Mr .N'ortlirup's mother. .Mr.s.' L. L .Vorthrnp. and with her parents. .Air and-.Mrs. Bert Fetherlin. returned home yesterday. Their little daughter. .Mary Ellen, will remain for a few days longer \-isit with hei —If .vou want, to ljuy or build, city Or suburban property, Tlie lola , Building & Loan Association wllj {grandmother. Mrs. Northrup. mhke you a loan, low Interest; rata ' ' no commission. : See | G. E. Fees Secretary, at old Register buildine southwest corner of square. Wasfiffigtoit See^ F«»ce Move ' the piano. The boily Was takfetr fo"- . Waihtngton, tlhc. 27. (AP )^J -11»e jChanute and WA to rest by the'"action' of President Calles in 'mov-! side of that of his wife, ing to amend the KMexlcan oil >/egu- lations in conformity #ith tli> recent decision of the .*iexicaj| su-, ; bij." preme court In the case otl the j Madl.son. Fllit Mexican Petroleum Comiiany ap- 1 MnH^iB I>»or Ehst ot fiarently came as a complete sur-I BrowiTW Priig' Stor<». . Fnoao 171 prise to the Washington gotern- ^S^"^ • tsTrtiuHCD i»o . Tjj "u 'was said today at the ^t^te i |^^Z^^<9^^MP New Location, 108 In a mild littid article abpijt tlx inches long tho Pink Rag. 'of "To- poka, charged an attorney of that town with hmiog commlttM perjury, blackmail and an unnamed felony, besides .havlhg ylplii^d iha ethics of the profession. There was 11 hme wiieo thovo'^wcre fighting words, but nobody cx|»ect8 anything to come oiM of them now. We have failed aptrti tftill aid dfs-- mal dayn when notblng a liewspa- per can say. wi|l get a rise even out of an IrlabnaD. IJOTA Lytton: It is an inevitable law that a man cannot be taa^- py if he does not live for somof thing higher than his own ha'ppi- nesii. He cannot live in or for himaeir. F. W. Smith, of Wichita, was a Christmas guest in the home of Mr and Mrs. Dan J. .Fry. of 60S East Madison avenue. .Mrs. .Martha. Rucker. wlio spent Christmas here with her sister Mrs. George .\bbott and family, oi .">06 South Buckeye street, returned home on the 4:28| Sinta Fe yesterday. 'I .Mr. and .Mrs. W. E. Kerr and children. .Miss Kalhryn Kerr and William Chastain Kerr, of Carthage. .Md, were, guests of Mrs Kerr's mother. Mrs. A. F. Chastain Christmas night'and Monday until 1 o'clock in the afternoon when they motored to their home. .Mr and Mr.s, Lafe Servey who also j" spent Christmas with Mrs. Chas' tain and with Mr. Senrev's sister 'Mrs. B. L.;.Mc .\i4i and family, returned to their home in Arkansas City, leaving this morning. department that no'^hiformailiyi oii j the suhject h^d been received as yet from 'the ^rilbassy In ..Mt-xlco City. Pending I an official rtport { the department declined to comment. « Despite this rinlcence,'" however, it was apparent that the Latest development was rcffarded oi^ th^ face of press reports a? an(^her move toward- an. ultimate frieiidiy solution of the controversy : between American oil interests* and the Mexican; gjpvernment oven'the oil la'^-s. To. what extent the amendment wid'en-'y the scope ot the court decision, ho one was iprepared: to sajr ijntil the text of the c?ecision in the Mexican petrojeum ease itself had been received and studied. . . , Much Q*'the .significance attaching to 'the propo.sals made; by- President Calles to the Mexican c'angress arlsed from rtla disclosure , of the attitude of the Merican »exe- cntive i» taking in, regpect t(» the (tefision of the cOurt. 'On the"face of the press reports, this -s'ee^s to be highly concfilattfry altBOu^li it it said that further steps WotiJd be required If the whole oil ce^tro- versy is toibe soWed through .'Mexican legal processes. ' PILE"""" EretrTSctnlwwith pile pipe and emy 'ate box of PAZO OINtMgNT is sold ta -aji DniittMts with ihi trndentsndf ^tUK Bsmejr will 1» rrfood«d if it fsiis tseiin anresMof Itcliinr. Blind. Ble«diBa>er Protrudtnit Piles; Wliy'not try it. ... liusiness Susj^tended, in City for Mdnday Virtually'all business houses In Ibla were closed all day yesterday. Filling stations were closed'Sun- 'day. but were rrapened Monday. Grocery stores were open for a short'time yesterday morning. The IHjstcffice was open Monday morn- Inp Imt employes received a half hoilrtay. The court house and cltj^ hall were closed. i— r- mki.', the D^troyefs ' Continue Search Aboard (J. S. Deat'ro^r Sfurte- vant. In Nbrth iAtlantlc. Dec 27. (API—^Search for the Dawn. '^1^- ing plane of Mi%. Prttoees Wilson Grayson, was cwrlcd oil tod^y by the destroyers Sturtevstlt an(§ Mahan oi» a fln^^frbn^ Cape Cdd, to SaWe Island, off; the Eastern Y ^dast of .Vava. Scofla. , the tAwfeto <S>v5eT- ed a lane 32 miles wide. . ^ ! The Stiirtevaiit steaMed throqghf the night at a speed^ of aboftt '20 knot« and at five ~o'c1ocIe^ this mornlug Joined the-Mabfan, ^hle% had ptecedM htr." The 'Stni'ft«4nf left theBwrton nayyyiar* late yesterday afteritdoA. "fhe Mabau had sfaiied two ^inifa earlief <fr'6ni Provlncelown where the (I*Kroy«?r bad been on duty H /VAi in© S-f sal- 'rage fleet.. -! i Tlrel pbsltloii. of the stilrtevant at !slx otclofct <hls iftmiing fcrigt- to*e 6< *est, latftnd* 4l56 flonftK; or ttpproximatefy 2.W' afIes''£froiB Sabie Island. Proceeding at > 20- fcniol speed the .vessels should | reach'SaUe Islapd by nightfa]!, The aea wa» reiry calm today. CoM in take" 'Uxafivf IHe first and Origiaal Cold and Grip TkUrt Proven Sife for mors thsn a <{(unQFoT s Centaiyss aa •ffeetivo.n COLDS. GWP. INFLUENZA PrersatiTa. Priea30c. ' ThalMnlMsnt?^ii«iUCib«r ^Proven Uerit since 1889^^

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