Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 2, 1933 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 2, 1933
Page 2
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PAn "R TWO VmtOVX DAILY REGISTER, THURSDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 2,1933. ;A GOOD NAME. Good name in man and woman, dear "my Lord, l8 the. Itom^aiate jewel of their. i souls: • Who steals my purse steals trash; 'tis something, nothing; Twasiiiiib, 'tis his. and has been i slave; tb thousands; But he^ that filches from me my ; goodjname Roba met of that which not enriches {: him.) I And. makes me poor indeed. 5 4 -WilUam Shakespeare. MINNESOTA FARMER "ARMY" INVADES COURTHOUSE TO STOP FORECLOSURE —BlftiidajT; Dinner for Miss Vlrgrtaia OHffltts Mr. and Mrs. Boy GrifBtts entertained at a'six 0 clock uinner at .heir home last night In honor of ~the fourth I birthday oT their daughter- Vlrg&Ua.i Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bacon and son Richard, and Mr. and Mrs.VWalter Maudlin and daughter- Lois were guests. • j See the New ' ^FJrGUBED. SILKS • ' and SILK MIXED CREPES - • —39c Up — THE LEADEK - "• I •> IWiss Gardi Entertains Bridge Club ' Miss Catharine Gard entertained last nlgh^ the members of her bridge ! club and-two guestjs, Mrs. Thomas J.' O'Brien tof Kansas City, Mo.„-and Miss Lucille I Gard. The high- Score prize was won by Miss Margaret ;-Eoberts and, kecond high by' Miss Beatrice' MjcMurray. The otl^er members present were: Misses Isabel AsHford, Blanche Marmont, Lloa Weidlein,. and Mrs. Joseph Chehaske. i i • • • Wi*SlgT^ Phi Nothing Bridge Club Entertained Miss Charlotte "Thompson entertained the members of. the We Sig; na Phi Kothing bridge club in her home Tuesday night. ; Miss Helen .Roberts %on high .?core prize. Refreshments were ser\-ed'to the mem- I bers: Misses Berdine Wheeler. Margaret Trombmd, Zita Van Hbozer, Helen Roberts, Almarie Kinser. Jessie Belle Allen, and Marv Catherine May. •:• • r> Scientifip Research Club The lola Junior college Scientific : Research club held its first meeting of the new semester last night. Officers were elected as follows: Lucille Haglund. president; Lola Belle Jewett, Vice-prpsident; Ada- Bills, secretary. J. B. Bi-uco. aiwistcd by Reed Maxspn, gave a burlesque on a scientific'expo.sition. His experiments ^'er^ made with, water and drv ice;; Sixteen members were present.: ' • •:• Goose Dinner for Jlr. ana Mrs. WIHehberg • Mr. and I Mrs. F. X. Willenbsrc; entertaijjie^ at a goose dinner Wednesday jln honor of their, twenty- third Wedding anhiversary. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Churchill,.Mis. Jesse Nichol.s 'and jJacquelyne, Mr. and i/lTS. Dale Nichols and Dale Jr. wero present.' "The ladies spent the aftemoon ! quilting:; on a wedding ring quilt for the hostess. .1, Mrs, Chevalier Entertains I Bridge Club Mrs. L. B. Chevalier entertained her afternoon bridge club yesterday In her:home. The high score prize vas won by IVIrs. LaGrande Cox. After cards lunch was ser\'ed to one guest. Mrs. Edward Andei-son, and the members: Mesdames T. O. Cahatsiy, Jack. Hiatt, V/infield Jones, iC. A. Swiggett, LaGrande Cox, Lfoyd .Carter, and Miss Marj- Crouchi Mrs. Peterson Entertains Bridge IClub Mrs. George Peterson enteitainod the members of her contract bridge club lait evening with a seven o'clock ^dinner at the Portland hotel. After the; dinner the ladies went to the home of Mr. and'Mrs. Colonel Lanyoii for the bridge playing. High score ^rize was won by Mrs. Frid PentoR. One guest, Mrs. Vernon :Dusgan, and the; foliowmg members were present; Mesdame.s Mr' FronlT.fFijaiik McCarthy, Paul Reed, OiyoTge Try. Fred Denton,, and Miss Margaret Smith. • •:•<• Ladies* Aid Societies Uola QoiU Display The Ladies' Aid societies of tho Ipla and Gas City Trinity Methodist churches, held a quilt display and tea Tiiesday afternoon In the home Of Mrs. Flora Ricketts oi East Lawn. Many hand-spun and hand- woven bedspreads, some as higli as 100 years old, were displayed. Many quilts were from 50 to. 75 year.? old. Altogether 57 quilts were dlsnlavod. 24 of which Mrs. RicketH; had hired old ladies at the .MctliMlist Horn? for thfi Aged at Topekii* make for her. Over 100 guests "'Sifended the display. An army of farmers, estimated at 3,000, swarmed hito and around the courthouse at Madison, Mum,, to halt' mortgage foreclosure proceedmgs against "three neighbors' farms. The small army, a part of which is shown above, constituted the largest organized, movement thus far m the "fore- c-osure revolt" that has been sweeping the farm belt. The farmers marched into the sheriff's office, preventing the foreclosure sales by the sheer physical fact that there was no room for bidders.; The sales were indefinitely postixined. ELM GREEK (Alice. Provancha)/ Feb. 1—Archie Smith wsis a business caller at the B. L. Proyancha home Monday. Mrs. John Rocdel and dfiughter Pauline called- on the former's par- entS, Mr. and Mrs. Jlm Riley Tuesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Provancha and little son and Mrs. F. E. Provancha were callers at the N. Crowell home Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs, A. D. Morrison called on Mr. and Mrs. N. Crowell Sunday afternoon. Donald Provancha. spent Tuesday with his grandparents, while his parent?, Mr. and Mrs. E. L, Provancha, went shopping. Miss iVlndfred Balla spent Monday night ,with Alice Provancha. Victor and Alice Provancha were dinner gue.sCs at the home of Mrs; Colleen Call, of lola, Sunday. A large crowd surprised Mr. Newman Crowell Monday in honor of his C5tb blrthWay. The evening was spent in singing, instrumental music and games. Those present were: M J ;'. and :Mrs. Clarence Remsberg, M K and Mrs. Ira O. Landis, Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Ellsworth, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Lower, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Stafford. Mr, and Mrs. Charley Remsberg, Mr. and, Mrs. A. D. Morrison, Mr. and Mrs. V. E. Neimeyer, Mr. and Mrs. Walt Fox. Mr. and Mrs. P. E., A"ovahcha, Mr. and Mrs. Kari Wiklund,'Walter CroweU, Mr. and Mrs. George Johnsion, Mr. anc Mrs. L. K. Pronk, Mrs. EJolse Rhode! Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Provancha anq son Donald, Winnlfred Balla, Irene Mtirth4 Pearl Jr. and Roy Neteneyer Ruth Crowell, Victor, Alice and Ear: Provaniha, Thelma, Clifford an^ Clarende Wiklund, Clarlne Johnson Ann wiklund, Wanda.Lower. Helei^ and Charies Fronk and Rex Fojc. ; very good time was reported by all Wo wish Mr. Crowell many mor0 happy birthdays. Mr. Japhet's threshing machine i^ in the helghborhood threshing kaflif corn arid oats this' week. Prank Schlofelbine spent Sundajj at the F, E. Provancha home. Mrs. Ivah WiUson and baby bojf and daughter Ida Marie of Hartford and brother, John Lamb Jr.. spent Inst wbek at J.' A. Lamb's and at the George ^alja home. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Pruitt and son Lawrence and daughters. Anna Marie, and Mary Lola, Guthrie, Okla., spent Sunday with Mrs. Pruitt's brother^ George Balla .and family. Mrs. I Charles Adanis called on Mrs. J.JA. Lamb Sunday afternoon. Mrs. George Balla called on Helen Adams (and Mrs. Waldo Adams yesterday. lett ing milk refrigi dairy AS BRITISH ENVOY HELPED TO PAVE WAY FOR DEBT TALKS A satisfactory agreement on plans for the debt conference between the United States and Great Britain' was reached when Sir Roland Lindsay visited Pi-esident-elcct Roosevelt at Warm Springs, Ga. The British ambassador is shown above (at left) talking with /newspapermen before the conference. - Henderson Circle Meets In Memorial Hall ' Hendereon Circle No. 147. Ladies of the G. A. R.. met in regular session yesterday afternoon in Memor*- ial hall witli the president, Mrs. Lucy Morrell, in charge of the meeting. The scripture lesson was taken from the first chapter of Psalms. Rehef work to the amount of $9.00 since the lasf meeting and 39 sick calls were reported. In honor of Comrade IW. T. Bamett who passed away last week, the circle draped its charter. Plans were made for a joint Lincoln and Washington program to be given February 17 with a six o'clock family dinner to precede the ijrogram. Sixteen members were present. WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- WITHOUT CALOMEL Aad You'U Jump Out of Bed .in the Morning Rarin' to Go If yba fed Bonr and sank «nd the world - looks punk, don't p-aallow n lot ol suiu. mineral water, oil, laxative candy or chowin^ ,.Kum and eipcct them to ro.ike yousu.ldcnly ' BWeet.'and bauyunt and fuU of suiL'Uiiiio.. F M they can 't do it. They only move thi>. bowds and a m(je movi -mmt doesn't stt at the a^usc. The ru :ison for yunr down-and-out t^dxBt la your livi-r. Ic should pojr out tw .j pounds of liquid bile into your buwcla daily. If thia bilo is not flowing freely, your (ood doesn't digest. It just decays in the ho ^-els. Qan bloats up your stomach. You have a thick, bad taste and your brrath is (oul, don often breaks out In blemisliM. Your head aciies^uid you feel down and out. Your whole (XlteiD is poisoDed. It ^t«kea those good, old C.\RTER'S nnXB UVEB PILLS to got tlicso two poondla of bile flowing freely and make j'ou I M F **«P and up." They contain wonderful, . humloB, gentle vegetable extr.icts, aDiazinK vSn it comes, to making the bilo flow freely. But don't ask for liver_pills. Ask for Carter'!! Ziittl«'£iver Pills. Look for the name Carter 's UttU liver Fills on the rad label. Revnt u a8toStste .2$catsUstoics, ©l$31C.M.Co. MILLINERY-LADIES FURNISHINGS (T Take a Look at the Price! Then Look at These Marvelous NEW This collection includes Gay New Prints and the Glorious Spring Colors that do so, much for dark coats. $5.95 and $10.00 ROCp^OW Jan. 1.—Mr. and Mrs.' Tom Bussell, and Betty; Olllham'spent Sunday at Carl, Anderson's.. Mrs. Lela Duggan, Opal, Miaxlne, and Velma, and Mr. and Mrs. Prank Hawkins and Norman, spent Sunday at the parental' Will Duggan home. Mr. and Mis. Elmar Schuler, Skiatook. Okla.. Mr. Joe Deer and Violet, Mr. find Mrs. Dean Boman spent Sunday at Will Deer's. Hoy Sylvester and Carl Anderson, helped Gail West butcher a hog Monday afternoon. Mrs. Boy Wray, Mrs. Ross Kltz- miller, and "Hon Bunn, were Ft. Scott- visitors Saturday. , Mr. and Mrs. Vern Cloyd. and Fcm, Mi-, and Mrs, Will Colliiis, Truman and Billy, Mr.' ajid Mrs. Ray Stewart arid Maxlh?, Mr. arid Mrs. Perl Pool, Mildred, and Lewis. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Howell, Mr. and Mrs. 'Will Duggan, and Mr. and Mrs. Boy Perry, and family surprised Mr: and Mrs. Ancel Perry Simday, by taking in well filled baskets at the noon hour. Mr. and Mrs. Ancel Perry are moving soon to s farm near Uniontown. isx. and Ikirs. John Qrubaugh and Nannie, spent Monday evening at Gall West's. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Stewart arid Russell spent Sunday at Ed Stewart's. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Duggan and Clair called at Emery Broughton's Wednesday evening. Dallas—^A jail cell was preferred to cold night air by a iiurglar suspect, who, clad only in underwear, leaped from the second story window of his hotel room as detectives knocked on his door. The detectives sat down and waited. Presently the telephone rang. ''I'm ready, come and get me," the suspect begged. They did. Bigger and Better For Friday and Saturday ins SPECIAL TOMORROW 25c Colored Sateens T,ic yard. Yard wide outings 5%c yard. SATURDAY SPECIAL Yard wide Prints 4',ic yard. Oilcloth 9c yar^. 10% Discount on all Gossard Corsets and Girdles A. C. A. Guaran- tced Feather Ticking. 19c Yd. All Wool Goods One-Half Price CHILDREN'S COATS Good Heavy Warm Ones, Choice $2.98 3-Ib. Stitched Cottion Batts 23c Batt a to a Cnstomer Special $L69-$LQ0 Panel Lac€^ C HT- tabis 79c each. Yard-wide Light Outings ^^o Yd. SILK HOSE $1.35 Kant Run Hose S1.19 $1.00 Silk Hose 89c 69c Siik Hose, i 55o These are All Berkshire Silk Hose. 85 Per Cent Discount on Entire Line of Silks. 9L9a AU Wool Sweaters $L59 $2.3a Wool Skirts ^L88 RAIN COATS Prepare for s^rniy weather. Guaranteed for 1 year, $2.98 and AU Seams ^ewed and Cemented. 9-4 Bleached Pepperell Sheeting Zae Yard ' 50c Qnilt Ritts Special 33c lb. O. N, T. Thread 300-yard spools Go Spool Z5c Cretonnes Special 13c Yard SAVE ON Youa BLANKETS Large Size Doable, Part Wool, Plaid. Saieen Bonnd, Extra Special $1.98 Pair ipjas Tape and 7c 81x90 Pullman Shceta Special 69c Ail Velvet, Silk, Wool and Print Silk Dresses np to ^IG.IS Choice $4.95 NEW HATS $1.88-and $2;88 New Hats! Just a quick try-on . . . a peak into the, mirror and you're sold! Turbans, sailors, ttay brims and "what not" in the gayest colors label these hats distinct^' 1933 in priqe and style! DRESSES $2.95to$P5 Gay New Frocks are ts-pically 1933 in style, quality andi thrifty, price. New knit wear silks and silk and wool combination. Final Clearance on All Our Fine Coate. En^re Line of S25.0O Betty Bose^ Bich Furred,' Silk Lined Coats Special $8.88 BUY NOW FOR NEXT WIN'TER Minneapolis—Mrs. Margaret Hcrs- says her hand was cut by fly- glaks when a bottle of butter- ekploded as she opened her :eiator door. She's suing, a company for $2575. -lOLA. KANSAS stuffed Tomato Salad. . 6 firm tomatoes Vilpouwli'cre&rij cheese V'l cup • jnityonnalse 2 tablespoons cream cup-ji^nched almonds ; Scald anBi-.peel tomatoes and: chill thoroughly.;- M&ke four Incision.s ffom the stem end to the bOtton:|.f k I'uU back the cut sections to;form ^ Dotals. Arftmge tomatoes on crisp lettuce leE^yes. Mix the cream cheose and. mayonnaise and'eream tb jform a [ thick smooth mixture, ajnc pile In ithe center of the loma- tp. Put three or foiu: almonds on tjjp of each salad. Chill thoroughly and aen-e with French dressing. Ignorance: is the chief source of fear. • • ' • Firemen kn6 ,w"that Unjanieritlno stops agonizing pain antt helpS heal without ligly scars. Ask ^our druggist for th&t «iand-yeUow tube. 50c. See Wljite Sale yalues . • ' ,-- ' " I in Our Windows t FRIDAY, JANUARY 3, BEGINS OlIR GREATER 1933 w '"T ^!r'!:rr!?rr-Tr-^— -».M,.. , _ . , ^ _ Y 2 Every thrifty housekeeper in Allen county will 'know |at a 4 T g"lance that this is another Ramsay triuniph of values. i ; T 1 A Pequot, Pepperell, Fo.xcraft, Stark and other.s—all inationally known I brands of years stanfiing at prices les.s than the ^ present market I orice of most off brands and inferior qualitie.s! ' White Sale i 4 81x99 72x99 63x99 Pequot Cases ... . Sale 27e Peqmt Sheets $1.65 Price Peperell Sheets White Sale Price 81x99 i 72x99 63x9^ Peppei:ell Cases ..... Sale 22c WHITE SALE SPECIAL FEATURE One day only, Friday, January .3 Foxcraft Sheets 81x99 Regular $1,00 value. WRITE! 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