The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on June 8, 1894 · Page 9
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, June 8, 1894
Page 9
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Lies in buying good things, Good things need to be high priced, Indeed we venture to say that our prices are lower than the eame goods can be bought for anywhere else. There .are certain prices below which no good, honest clothing can be sold. We have marked all our goods at this low figure and our terms are one price to all. If you pay less you get cheaper goods. No use dodging this fact. An examination of our goods and a comparison of our prices with those of our competitors, will convince the most skeptical. NOCKELS & GNAM, The Reliable One-Price Clothiers, South Side Square, Carroll, Iowa. CITY MEAT MARKET Nio B«TBB, Proprietor. The ohoioMt Meats, suoh as Be*t Park and VM! Steaks, Roasts Stews' »to., oan he had. Poultry Oamo ctnd Flob Fifth-tit, Carroll. JAMES CAIN has his paint shop located over Billy Smith's wholesale liquor store on Main St., where orders can be left for all kinds of House and Sign Fainting and Interior Decorations. Prices moderated to suit the class of work desired. WIWUKUV Vfcuvay w»>»^-» »^-s »--VIji -_" — —— t to We Inventor. Thli iplnulld ffKff' eeur. eleguitlr llliutnted, hi* by far tbe olrculitlon of any MtentlSo work In th* c b IM s u M p T i v E IT POPS. , too, Exhilarating) Just the- thing to build up tbe constitution. Hires' BOOT BEER Wholesome and strengthening, pure blood, free from boils or carbuncles. Gouornl good health— rouulta Irom drink- iug U1HBS' Koot liuer thu ye«r rouud. .. fkokag* iu»k«s nve KHiioni, Ue. inkvou iirugglti or groest (or U. T**«UOOtU«r. B*nd 9u«nt itsuiDto tb» Oliatlw K, HIM* - bosuUful oardi. iron at., J-IHIS4SIPWS, lor WIT HWHOOB BESTMEO. . fll« , - . _J NurvUiu kuuwu, Sold wllli a wrlttwi liuitrtutwi lit euro all U'Tvoua iUiu*>_ »ui'U At K.irvou* l'ru»U*< I luu, W«kvfuluvM, I.o»» at Ui'ftlu Power. ' wUwiy, l.o«t Uiui >l, Nltflilly I.OIIMM, ;"«(6uiiHJ. iicc.T.ui.'luiJo anil ftll priklui 'uvvt>i'«t t'»*» b'V'H tallvviiiittttn* 111 cltbyi f OVi-roxofUiJU, >uuthr«l ori-uv«,thoi'«'u» m«o,oi'lumur mtimilunta, wlilt'b «wu luail lu iwtuitj MI- vu ini|>iii>ii. I'tit UP Ui Uio vwl jjiu'kut. BI"I( I,/ ui'tU In jjlulu V- - T y aiUlriMtf fur 11, 4ir«lx lov »&. Wftflvu u wnttvu araiitW to oui'u w n-t'.iiul Ihumuiiuy. circular* lie* " RATION A I. A|UI>K>JNJB CO. Ill) MaillMmV.., Qhlvugii, Iu gwioUlty J. vjBstWu. JT IUX, rw A BATTLEJIEAR PEKIN. Two Miners Killed and Several Others Injured. ENGINEER KILLED BY STRIKERS, » Vnntlnlla Freight train ami Stone tlie Traltitnon—MoKlnley Asked to Send Troop* to Cambridge—Cripple Creek Strikers Wilt . Surrender to the State troops When They Arrive. BRAZIL, Ind., June7.—Wednesday afternoon a crowd of angry men blockaded No. 1, Vundalia westbound freight train, east of here anil stoned the trainmen. The engineer, William Barr, was struck on the head by. a heavy stone and instantly killed. Brakeman A. J. Marshman was hit on the back and badly Hurt. The strikers continued throwing stones until every window in the caboose and engine were broken. The excitement is intense. Officers are in hot pursuit of the strikers. The dead engineer's and the Injured braketHan's homes are in Terre Haute. Earlier in the day a crowd of strikers stopped the mixed train, carrying pas- lengers and freight between here and Clay City on the Evansville and Terre Haute road. The train was hauling several cars of coal taken from a sidetrack near Clay City and was bound for Chicago.. The minors had been diligently guarding the coal and quickly organized a crowd of several hundred to stop the train. The train carries the United States mails and It was thought the miners would permit the train to come to this city when aware of the-fact, but they were unruly and obstinate and refused to allow the train to move. The coal was sidetracked. ENGINEER KILLED BY STRIKERS. Striken Blockade a Train and Stone the Trainmen. PEKIN, Ills., June 7.—There was a bloody battle at Little's coal mine, five miles down the Illinois river from Pekin Wednesday. Word was received here that 500 miners from the west of the liver were about to attack the mine. Sheriff Frederick awore in a posse and set out for the scene. The strikers had assembled at Bentonville and crossed the Illinois on ferries. There were about 400 men and some women. The sheriff and his posse remonstrated with the mob in vain. The leader of the strikers with a revolver'in his .hand cried out: ''Follow me,"' and the crowd cheered on the miners. The two Littles and their sons and a colored man retreated to the shaft and opened fire on the attacking party, some of whom were seen to fall. The fire was returned and hundreds of shots were fired into the shaft. The Littles hoisted a white flag but the firing did not pease. The shaft was set on fire and up shot the flames. It was feared the powder house would be fired and the crowds retreated. The killed are; JACK JACKSON, colored miner. ED BLOOM, oue of the strikers. Ed Porter and Peter Little of the be- seiged party, the former shot In the breait, probably fatally; the latter in the arm. Half a dozen others were slightly hurt. Among them are Ous and Fred Moritz and John Hockey. The sheriff and powe have returned from the'scene, unr able to pope with the mob. Pekin is wild with excitement. WILL SURRENDER TO MILITIA. Striken Will lav Down Th«lr Arm* OB Arrival of 'lio.':••*• CRIPPLE CREEK, Colo., June 7.—There will be no battle between the fortified union miners on Bull Hill nml the array of deputy sheriffs, who are now encamped on Beaver creek, loss than five miles from Bull Hill, unless a trencher- ons move is made by tho ono sido or the other. The aspect of affairs v;as deoidod- ly warlike until 8 o'clock Wednesday afternoon. Although tho dqmtiea cut all the telegraph wires bet\r>ivi this city and Midland, the ,unnera woro quickly Informed by their, scouts of rho advance of the sheriff's .force and prepared for battle. They were willing to surrender to ths militia, but declared they would never submit to arrest until after the troop* arrived. Mayor Lindsay anil President Parker of thu First National bank, called up Sheriff Bowers by telephone and begged him to stop the deputies until the troopi could roach the camp. Saerlff Bowers agreed to this and there is every reason to believe that there will bo no further hostilities. Alexander Mclntosh, representing the miners, announced that they would lay down their arms immediately upon the arrival of the state troopi. Tho deputies will follow the state troops to the miners' camp and serve warrants which they are to hold for 200 strikers. Vucle 8»iu After Them. CLAY CITY, Iiul., Juuo 7.—United States Marshal Hawkins arrived bore in response to instructions from Jud^u Baker, procured the names of all minors who assisted in holding up the mixed train carrying coal and United Status mails. After procuring the names of several of the leaders, Marshal Hawkins left on a special train for Bru*il. Kau*a* Miner* Worklu* Pirrquuua, Run., June 7.—Shaft No, U of the Western Qoal and Atliiiug 'coin- u«uy at Fleming started up with * fu.l force of wan. Now every shaft in tho dUtriot is tit work »ud an waking full tiniQ, ________ Will Oeular* Martial Law. INPUNAI'OUB, June 7,—Governor Mftt- tbaws has wirud th« shorltt of Bulllvuu oouuty, where Shellburu it located, that be will deol«r« martial law unless tbe official* there enforce tho law. Alk MtiKluley fur Truoua, OAUBIUUUB, O,, Juuo 7.~-TUo siUw Hem beio in very serious. The minors •re dot*rwiu«.l thut uo uwvu coal trim 11 PWM, uo uiutior what lUoims luiwt bu ro- sui'twi to iu order to pvuvout it. One coal truia tiliiipud through by ruuulug uu a uttsseugor • ruin's uclwlulo, When the U'«iu I'oUowvU, tUu miuow COMMONS BOARDER—Was this steak bought at auction r WAITIB—No. sab; not as I knows of. C. B.—Well, it should have gone under the hammer.—Yale Record. Uagged it. They were very angry over being fooled by the engineer of the coal train. The passenger train got through, but it got a volley of stones, all the windows being broken. The passengers, however, had been warned and were not hurt. Tho mob then became very desperate, and the sheriff has asked Governor McKinley to send troops. Mllltla Have Control. MARION, Ills., June 7.—The miners broke camp nt Carterville and retreated before the militia arrived. The militia have control of all the switches and mines and 40 cars of coal were run out that hud been held by the miners. Six leaders of the mob were arrested. Miner* March to Soprl*. TRINIDAD, Colo., June' 7.—Over 1,000 striking coal miners marched from here to Sopris, where they were met by 800 deputies. They did not try to enter the company's grounds. Only (0 men were working in the Sopris mines Wednesday. Offered One Dollar Per Ton. CENTRALIA, Ills., June 7,—The two mining companies in this city offered the miners |1 per ton for digging coal if they would resume work. The men refused to accept. Big Rolling Mill* Clotetl. CLEVELAND, June 7.—The big rolling mills at Newburg closed down for want of fuel. It is estimated that between 8,000 and 4,000 men are idle as a result of the shutdown. Ohio Mllltla Ordered Oat. COLUMBUS, June 7.—Governor McKinley has ordered out a force of 1,200 militiamen to the scene of the strike in Belmont and Guernsey counties. Clo*ed It* Shopi. TOLEDO, O., June 7.—The Ohio Central closed its shops at Bucyrrus, throwing 200 men out of employment, because of tbe coal famine. BLACK PLAGUE IN CHINA; Epidemic Ha* Auuinod a Virulent Form at Canton and Hong- Kong-. SAN FRANCISCO, June 1.—The steamship China has arrived, bringing Chinese advices to May 16 and Japanese to May 84. The black plague at Canton, Hong Kong and elsewhere In China has spread with great rapidity, and both natives and foreign colonies are in a stats bordering on a panic. The ravages have been aggravated by thedrouth.losting over sight months. Just before tbe steamer sailed from Hong Kong the epidemic had assumed a virulent form, and iu six hours 88 deaths were reported. Officers bav* been detailed to look after the dead bodies found in tbe houses and streets. Tbe plague bas origin in filth and dirt and thrives beat in the poorer quarters, It is similar to typhus. The project of laying tbe cabls connecting Hong Kong with Singapore via Laubusn has been completed. The distance between Singapore and Labnau Is 78ti miles, between Labuau and Hong Kong, 1,889 miles. The insurrection in Korea has assumed a Tory serious phase. Tbe rebels art principally the party which adheres to tbeChinesa dootrinss and opposes western ideas and intercourse. The rebel leader is one Bai-Ji-Kyo and bis followers number 00,000. Having onco defeated tbe government troops and killed several of the officers, the insurgents aro muob enoouraged and bave attained great prestige. Three steamers, ono » China*) war vessel, have already conveyed WX) troops, 800,000 rounds of ammunition and two of the field pieces to tbe scene of disturbance, which is in tbe southwest of tho peniusulu. The remains of Kim ok Kiuin, the murdered Korean conspirator, have bean divided into eight pieces and at the command of tbe king exhibited in all parts of thu Korean empire as it warning to the people. Han* Haeluf 1'rliu* MluUur. LONDON, Juuo 7.—Lord Uowbery's deuluratloH of pride in tbs Ownership of » good raoe uorss hs* raised » storm of indignant protest In ultra-moral olroles. 4 noneomfonnUt minister ho* addressed • letter to The Chronlole, saying: "Tho premier's utterances are bound to further popularly BU institution whiub is the moat corrupt and most dangerous of our national life. Tbe nonconformist txnwoiimoe will not much longer toloruto • horse racing prime minister," VMtortalued by Vrluve of WalM, LONDON, Juno 7.—Tuu i'vinoa o( Wu,U» auturtuiued at dinuur Lord Itosubery and thu members of tbe ths Jaukoy olub. Among otht'ro pmwut were the Duke at Edinburgh, Ui« Uuko of Yovk «ud tho {>uk« of Ounibrulge and Prln.uo Christian, TOOK A SENSATIONAL TURN. Cltlsens of Round I'ond, O. T., Dltolt WELLINGTON, June 7.—The trouble which has been brewing between the citizens of Round Pond, O. T., and the Rock Island company ever since th« town of Pond Creek sprang up and the company placed its depot there took a sensational turn Wednesday when a farm wagon was placed on the track tc stop the train and a stock train M'KINUEY A8KEP TO PRESIDE. Milo Republican! tti their Convention nt Colnmbui, COLUMBUS, O., June 8.—The Republican state convention was called to order by J. C. Bouner of Toledo, chairman of the state central committee. The convention has 808 delegates. This is the 10th annual convention in Ohio. Rev. S. D. Huteinpiler of Toledo offered prayer, after which 'Hon. Bellamy 3torer, tneinber of congress from the Cincinnati district, was presented as the temporary chairman and was tendered a continuous ovation as he bowed to Col- Mel Bonner, to the audience and then to Governor McKinley, who occupied tho box to the loft of the stage. At the conclusion of Mr. Storer'g address the usual committees were appointed, when President Woodman of the State league made a speech urging alt to attend the national convention of Republican clubs June 26. It was after I) o'clock when the convention adjourned for the day. The committee on permanent organization called on Governor McKinley and asked him to preside. When the governor found it impossible to do BO, ex-Secretary Charles Foster was selected as permanent chairman. Effect* of the St. Joseph Failure. ST. JOSEPH, June 6.—The run which was started on tbe First National and Central Savings banks Monday had no effect on business Tuesday. S. A. Walker has resigned as cashier of the first named bank and J. W. McAllister was elected. Both banks have plenty of money and no further trouble will follow. The failure of Steele & Walker has carried with it the Midland Coffee company and will probably cause the suspension of several retail stores in Kansas and Nebraska which the firm was carrying. Medical Men In Convention. SAN FRANCISCO, June 6.—The 45th annual convention of the American Medical association has begun. About 1,000 members are in attendance. The which convention WPS welcomed to San Fran- cut right through it was ditched a little cisco by Supervisor James on behalf of further on, 150 yards of track having Mayor Ellert. A suitable response was been torn up. Twelve cars of cattle made by President James F. Hibbard. were ditched, but the trainmen escaped without fatal injury. The meager reports say the citizans of Round Pond are Blalne'* Brother-ln-Law Dead. SALT LAKE. June 6.—Major B. T. to repair the track. Book Islnncl Auks For Help. GUTHUIE, O. T., June 'i.— A. telegram arrived at the governor's office from the Mr. Walker was a native of Pennsylvania and was a brother-in-law of the late James G. Blaine. Will Consider Secret Societies ST. PAUL, June 0.—The 85th annual officials of the Rock Island appealing for meet \ £ i he Luthe ' ran AugU9tim synod help to protect their property and th« „ ,* „„ „_„,, v .. t>™ D r was formally opened by Rev. P. J. Sward. The president read his annual report, in which he called attention to con- help to protect their property lives of their employes at Round Point, O. T., where a mob has placed obstruo- tions upon the track and torn the track irnpor tant questions to be up because the company would not stop ^^ ^^peciMy secret societit.. tbe trams there. The people, it is said, . are desperate and threaten to hang any Gasoline Stove Exploded, employe who attempts to repair tb< KANSAS CITY, June 6.—A gasoline track. In the absence of the governoi stove exploded in Adam Long's house, lieutenant Governor Lowe called on and two servants, Mary Glynn and Nora United States Marshal Nix and they lefI Keivel were frightfully burned. Mary for the scene with a large poase. The Glynn died after intense suffering. The war department will also be called on other girl vyll probably recover. for troops. Salt Vndor Water. HurcniNSON, Kan., June 7.—The Odd Fellow* Celebrate. ALOONA, la., Juno 8.—The district organization of Odd Fellows observed the Arkansas river is on a rampage. It is 75th anniversary of their order. Five the regular rise augmented by the recent hundred were present from other towns, storms and cloudbursts in Colorado and Grand Master Frank Evans of Des tbe mountains. The river has been Moines delivered an address, higher here but ono* in the history of the city. Bridges across the river just west of the city are in a dangerous condition and threaten to bs torn off tb« abutments. So far the company is the heaviest loser, 40,00(1 barrels of stored suit being under water. An Old Sinner Convicted. DUBUQOE, la., June 0.—Mrs. Margaret Everett, 75 years old, was convicted of i WJU °"•"*« i malpractice and sentenced to the Ana- nsas mosa penitentiary, where she served a term some years ago for a similar offense. Tan I«uv«ii Arrulffund In Minnesota. WINONA, Minn., Juno 7.— Georga Van Louven, the Limu Springs, la., pension attorney, was arraigned in th» federal court on the Minnesota indictments foi pension frauds. He pleaded not guilty, reserving the right to demur to the indictments. The cases will come on at St. Paul at the January term. He will probably furnish the |9,iKNi bail required. Heavy lUIn and Halt. LAS VEGAS, N. M., June 7.— Heavy rain and hail storms have prevailed in this region for two w«;oka, doing considerable damage tw crops, trees and sheep. If the hail does not prevent, immense crops will bo grown as a consequence of tbe rain. Hull Vow Uu|inlil Stock. ST. Louis, June 7.— The St. Loots trust receiver of the Ozark-Onyx company brought suit against the stockholders of that company for $300,000 unpaid stock subscriptions. Oolaradu Hanker* CuuvloUd, DKNVKH, Jnu» 1.— William H. Cooh- ran itiul Robert H. Sayre officers of the first National Bank of Del Norto, Colo., were couvlutod of making false returns to tho government. . Mall MaUoa'i Murtlerer DU*. Sioux FALIJJ, 8. D., June 7.— Frank Phelpt), sentenced to llfo Imprisonment for thu murder of Matt Mutsou a yoai | ago.diudiu jail at Alexandria of heart disease. Valuable Oallforola Horia Dead. SAN FRANCISCO, June tt. — Monowal, tbe horse wbiuh was bought by W. L. McDonough for (10,000 a little over a year ago aud sold a week since to Jim Neil for 11,300, has died. Indian* Flocklnc to Chadron, CHADRON, Neb., Jnne 6. —Indians from Pine Ridge and Rosebud agencies are flocking to this place to witness and take part in the coining cowboy race and western carnival. CoMu For Couuulttlonor. FORT DODUE, la., June 0,— Hon. L, 8. Coffin of thl» place is formerly announced as a candidate for tho Republican nomination to be railroad commissioner. _ Benorolnatod Without Opposition. NiciiOLAsmuB, Ky., June 0.— At ths Democratic convention lion. J. P. Me- Creary was nominated for re-election to congress without opposition. • OaauuU«luu Merchant Aul(neil. SAN FHANCISCO, June 0.— Charles W. Piku, couuuiiuion merchant, ttwigutxl. Liubilities, |>a,000i assets, ^3,700, of which fUU.UOO la iuauruuoo. Vauioii* Slurgu^-furwell Oal*. CIIICAQO, June (I.— Arguments wore completed in the fuuious Hturgcw-Fur- well case anil Judge Tuley took it umler ilor«* In the World, , lud,, Juu» 7,— The lurg- est hureo iu the world, King William, 87>u huuds high, weight fl.OD* pounds, dioci ut Choatertou. \V*duc»d»y'» Ho»loii, llj PUUbur*-, fl. Gololougu •nit Muok; Uiultli, tamuosud Q»utol, CumiuuuU- luu. Umpire, KuMlle. WMTBHN UUQUS OAMIW. Delfolt, T: bloui Oily, U. OlaaDuuttiulOraJii; Hurt uiiil Twluolmm. (Jmulru, Uukor. Tuoidity'* llMUball U«uiu», il; St. l.ouU, 1, Uwwloy and lluokluy; WvyuliuiHiulUrady. Umplnt, Stagu. llallliiiort), H; imioagu. t. MoMaliuu mill HubliiDoii; llutuUlii«ui\ iiud Kltlredgo. Uiu |)lru, Uynuli. Uontuu, 7i I'Uuburg. «, XluuoUand Ryau; Ouiuburt ami Muck. L T iiil>lr<>, Uutallu. Kow Vorlc, W; (Mmiliumtl. 0. Mu*ktu utul Furrull; Uliamuurlalu uuJ Muroliy Umplrv, duiw tualuimiuilU, IDs Mlnnoatiolli, 8. PbUlli>« and Wtutlulta! 1'urvlu, Frucer, Llnoolu «ud Burrolt Oiuplrv, Mulluimlit. Unitul Hui>Wu, U; Mllwuukeo, 8. lUUuos auc>yi'los; \VU(ruuk, OUylou and Uwplrv, Korlun, \VI:-TI:HN ANHUUI^TIUM UAUKS. Juokai.uvlUu, Mi I'uurlu, 10. Liuuulii. S; DvsMulno,, IU |t. JutouU, tSi OuuvU», IU. Quluuy, Ui iiqok IbUua, D. \Vik»ulniitott. Ot OlovtUuil, 9. Mercer, K*p«r anil McUulru; VuuiiuuuU /.liuiiior. Umpire, UllMl. llruuklyii, ft; l.ouUvlllo, i. KouuuUy tail AfoiiuftxiuiuHirlm. Umpire, MtQuuM WIWKHK I.U.M1UH U4WIU. In, U; MtmiuunulU, I. Oro»«, Mur why ami \V»»U»k»'. Uurxua, Itarvlu auU Uur- rut. Umi'lro, Mi'DuuuUl. Uvlruli. d; Sioux city, 13. CluUU uml Uurloy; JDIIU* uiul Twluulmiu. Uiu|ilrt), Itukur. Tuloitii, 13; Kuu-<u < (.Mix. 0. Utijilu'yuudHuiU' luora; MoUluiiUfuutl li^a.iluu'. Uiuiilro, Sliur lUuii. \\"»t Uuultt*, H; lii» un>l HpUiJ, -, tf. Hint I'urkur, KoUtrl*. l. I'KUX .\os irl AlllIN UAUKS, iivlllo, It; IVri-iii, V, i, iJ; l>«.i M»>'ui , U. .. u|j||, K; Oiiui'iu, lv. . U; tt.uvk I I DR, DOWNING This well known And successful Boeetillit la Jhronlc and Nervous disease* and disease* of he Bye and Ear, by request of many friend* »nd patlenu, will Tlult E2C3 -33 CARROLL, IOWA, Saturday, June 30 Burke's Hotel One day only every month. Consultation free i agreeable laxative and Knm Toirra 1 *-- "niggistg or sent by nail. 860* too, - nplesfree. i per package. Battp forthel Captain Sweeney, C.9.A.,& OU „„ 'Bhlloh's Catarrh Bemedyls ••jroi ouiivua vauirru xwuivuf IB lov arm* nedlclnel have everfoundtbat would do ma> •»V good." l?ricB BO eta, sold by Druggists. J CURC> *„„ GBBAT Cocon Ctrni promptlyeuwt WhcreBllothcrsfail. ForCoa*umptloalth«S no rival; bal cured thougand*. and will otlHI ion, if taken In time. WosMeti., C3ott,»i5£ Sold by O, H. Westbrook. DR. DOWNING Author of ••Nervooi DebllUf." "UoneiaU" BxauitiOD, IM Game and Core," elo. TbU Skillful and Reliable SPECIALIST Well and favorably known tbroogbont.tas northweil for the many wonderful outdi of all forms of CHRONICANoNERVOUS OIHEASEg blob be b«* efleeted tbat bad baffled Ibe tkll ' uf etber pbyalolani »nd ipeoUluu. He Cures Whew Others FaU: OliesM* of Bye* and Kan, tiritnuUted udt. C»l»i»o». CroiS Kye» *tratfbtened without palo or danger, UiiiobamlnK fw*. D**ta**»> (W., DlflOMe* of Note and tbroat, Oalarrb, jJronobHla, Attbiua. elo. lllieu** ot stomaok and Lifer, l)y»pop«U, Indlgeitlon, Bearlbnrn, Ullllouinesi, Jaundioa, etc. Kidney sud lllad- jer Troubles Blood ind Skin lllia*M*, Soiof • au, I'Uuules, Illotoliei. Goiemi, Uleen, eto. Nervous ui«oast)», lloiilaoho. llyiterts, Inionv nla, Laok of Vltulilr, Lanxor, NerrouinM*. Kboawatlani, Nuarafgia, oto. Dlioue* of Women, Ouformltlot Surgical operation* ot •U kind* luoceufully performed. Voting and Blidtlle AgeA Men SuflorlUK from Loil Ukahood.Nervoa* or Hhy- ttaal Debtllt;. Semtuul \Ve»kuom, Lotl Vigor, Decline of Manly Powers, Dr*lii», DliobMsvs or l-o««o«, Varloooele, nnd «ll lliu train ol anls >MttUtng ttom Kxca»»o», Krron In YoDlb, elo. producing loiuo of the following offecii. as NeivoutuiiM, Kmi»»li)in, Ilinple*. Hlolobea, Debility, Dluiiif ••, Dotoouv* Idamory, Ab«eno« of Will i'ower. Oodfuilon of Idem, Avtt*lon to snclety, S«xunl Ritumllon, P«ln In Ibo Hack, olo., bilgbllug Iba uioil radlnut liouc*. r«ndor- derlng m»rrl»gu unbapuy antl bunlut** a failure ; IWOOUIUK Ibonmnai to an uiillmnly urava ,4o manor wbo ha* failed, owuull ib« booior. II* ba» oared tboutnult who hnvu gUou up la deipalr. A pnrfeotrvtlontlon- OoninllAUoos isorodly oouildonU»l IW'u) » are daujtorou*. MARRIAGE. Tlio«ODaiilouipUilugwar> rsage «Uo ito »W«to of iibytloat dvfoou ot weB_n«»» whiob. would render tuarrlaga a dU- •iiuomluieul would do wall to call oa ut. FREE ejuunuiatlou ot Ih* Uilno, oUcuiloal id iuTtfro« ejuuniau o i, tiid iuTtfro«ooplo«l In all oai«a ot Kidney UlS- ia*e, UrlgliV* UI«)K*«. Dlutaw*, abd Sparma- j — •» .,_..._ ....... ln«tud by wall or oxuro**: but wbsia uoitlbl* uenon*! oon*al|»Uou ur«lortud. Ua*o« aud Mtrreiponaaaeo *WloUr loonfidoa- dal snd muilloluu mut w aujr yart o( Uia UiilUilUUto*. UU| o( uuMllOU* fr«o. Ad- re««wUUi.O*«M«. ftU. UOWNINU. US w«4i aTsaUon SlrwH.Oblotso, 1U«.

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