Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on May 29, 1965 · Page 7
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 7

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 29, 1965
Page 7
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SATURDAY, MAY 29,1965. IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN The POWER of FAITH ly WOOD! ISHMAEL JL he Rtv. Alfred S. Powell, pajtor of the little Strait Gate Church in Mamaroneck, N. Y., it "a man with a dream". Also a man with a monumental, infectious faith that moved every segment of a whole community. His dream was for a youth center which would serve the community and especially his Waihingtonville section. A center where boys and girls could work, play and learn the meaning of fqith and citizenship. Encouraged by a few friends, he started the actual building in September, 1963, with many obstacles ahead. He did a lot of the work himself. Influential people in the community, seeing his faith in action, were inspired. A committee known as The Friends of Strait Gate was formed. They organized a benefit performance in the local theater with local talent. The clergy of the three major faiths got behind it. Municipal officials, local unions, contractors, business people of all type* and individuals caught the spirit and responded with time, talent and money. The benefit netted for the Strait Gate Youth Center $17,500. But ft netted far more" in understanding, brotherly love and the spirit of working together. As Mr. Powell remarked, "When a community joins hands, anything can be accomplished." i— AP Newsfeature* — sourt). The Rev. Theodore C. Predoehl, pastor. Sunday School, 10; worship service, 11, graduates of high school and grade school will be honored. MERCER j Church of the Nazarene. The ' Rev. Miles Finley, pastor. Sunday School, 9:30, morning wor- Church Has Not Given Up Its Struggle Against Communism Young People's evening service. By PRESTON GROVER BUDAPEST (AP)—The Catholic Church in Hungary has not given up the struggle against communism and Church officials feel badly. it is not doing too ship, 10:30. meeting, 6:45, 7:30. Methodist. The Rev. Lester A. Ott, pastor. Worship service and a socialist state- and the Sunday School. 9. \ rms against us for that St. Isaac Jogues and Compan- son," says Msgr, Zarakonyi. ion Roman Catholic. The Rev. spokesman for Catholic Action Walter A. Torkildson, pastor, here, "but it is up to the priests Sunday Masses, 8 and 11, con-: to preserve the balance, so far 'We are a Catholic Church in tide rea- Churches of the Gogebic Range And Ontonagon Country IRONWOOD Apostolic Lutheran, Sutherland. Walter Reini, pastor. Sunday School and Confirmation School, 9; English and Finnish services, 10:30; worship services, 7:30. with the Rev. John Paana, Minneapolis, as speaker. Assembly of God, McLeod and Curry. The Rev. N. L. Shotwell, pastor. Sunday School, 10; worship service, 11; evening service, 7:30. Bethany Covenant, 333 S. Marquette. The Rev. Ralph Dirksen, pastor. Sunday School, 9:45; morning worship, ll. First Baptist, 236 S. Mansfield. The Rev. Frank A. Oslin, pastor. Sunday School, 10; morning worship, ll; Junior Youth and Senior Groups, 6:30; gospel service, 7:30. Church of the Nazarene, Greenbush. The Rev. Mark Vandine, pastor. Sunday School, 8:30; morning worship, 10:30; Young People's meeting, 6:45; evening worship, 7:30. Church of the Transfiguration, i St. Simon's Eastern Orthodox, Harding. Prayer service, 10. Salem Lutheran (LCA), Aurora and Marquette. The Rev. Kenneth L. Nerenz, pastor. Worship services, 9 and 10:30; Sunday School, 9. Salvation Army, Ayer and Mansfield. Capt. Janet Entires, officer in charge. Sunday Sunday School, lO; morning worship, 11; evening service, 7. Trinity Lutheran (Missouri), Lake and Margaret. The Rev. D. W. Heikkinen, pastor. Fin- fessions Saturday 7:30 to p.m. Zion Lutheran (Wisconsin) The Rev. E. C. Leyrer, pastor Divine service, J>; Sunday School, 10. MONTREAL Sacred Heart Roman Catholic. The Rev. Paul Ischler, pastor. Masses, 8 and 10. i WAKEFIELD Bethany Lutheran (Missouri). Sunday School, 9; worship ser-< vice, 10, the Rev. Clifford Brege in charge. First Lutheran fLCA). The Rev. Rudolph Kemppalnen, pas tor. Finnish worship, 9; Sunday School. 9; English worship, 10:30. Holy Communion at both worship services. Calvary Baptist The Re? Paul King, pastor. Bible study, 10: morning worship, 10:45; youth hour, 6:15; evening service, 7:30. Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic. The Rev. Charles Daniel, pastor. Masses, 7, 8:30 10 and 11:15. Iramanuel Lutheran (LCA). The Rev. Wallace Leno. pastor. Worship services, 8 and 11; Church School, 9:30. Methodist. The Rev James 8. Lumsden pastor. Morning worship, 9:30; Sunday School, 10:45. ONTONAGON Assembly of God. The Rev. f. E. Sarbo, pastor. Sunday School, 9:45; morning worship, 11; evening service, 7:45. Baptist. The Rev. Will t a m Klrkpatrick, pastor. Sunday School, 10; morning worship, 11; Young People's meeting, 5:30; evening service, 7. Church of the Ascension, Episcopal. The Rev. Carlson Gerdau, vicar. Morning prayer and sermon, 9. First Presbyterian. Sunday School, 9:30; morning worship, 10:30, with George L. Hunt, student from the University of Dubuque, in charge. Holy Family Roman Catholic. The Rev. Charles Herbst, pastor. Masses, 8 and 10; weekday Masses, 6:45 and 7:30; baptisms by appointment. Methodist. The Rev. George A. Luciani pastor. Morning worship,, 9:15; Church School. 10:15. St. Paul's Lutheran (Missouri). The Rev. David Musall, pastor. Morning worship, 9; Church School, 10. Siloa Lotheran (LCA). The Rev. Edward J. Carlson, pas- 8:30las they can." Catholic Action occupies a good-sized group of offices in a well-constructed building on. the "Pest" side of Budapest; on the left bank of the Danube. It has its own sign on the outer wall of the building and there is a lot of going and coming. The Church doesn't consider all is lost. It has lost a lot, of course, including most of Its wealth. signed under Communist pressure, the number of church schools was cut from 100 to 86 for boys and 2 for girls. Msgr. Zarakonyi said it was hard to persuade young men to as Catholic, mostly Komra but some Greek. Another M per cent is Calvinist or Lutheran. Jews, before the war numbering over 300,000, now are fewer than 60,000. Zarakonyi didn't discuss one of the persistent problems In Hungary, the presence Of Cardinal Jozsef Mlndzsenty, In asylum in the American legation for study for the clergy. The few| tne past nine years It Ss who do are not. meeting current needs, he said, "so if this level persists, we must count on a steadily aging clergy." Zarakonyi is not, the only one to report a kind of lassitude among the young people of Hungary. The Communist party says it is becoming more difficult to recruit young members and party membership is becoming older and older. Zara- konyi attributes It to a sort of existentialism — a refusal to accept responsibility for the general welfare. The youth of Hungary, he says, are resisting an organized life. Some 70 per cent of the Hun- By an agreement of 1950, : garian population is Inscribed major problem, but both the church officials and the government feel It is somewhat bypassed Tht cardinal, now 73, refuses to leave unless he is recognized as head of the Hungarian j church. The government won't approve it. Under a new agreement between the government and th«j Vatican, the service of the cler-; gy is precisely defined. The new • bishops were appointed bs the Vatican, which named only those acceptable to the Communist government. A theocracy Is a government administered by ecclesiastics, JAYCETTE OFFICERS—Officers of the new Jaycette Auxiliary established here are shown during the recent installation ceremonies held at the St. James Hotel. The officers are, from the left: Mrs. James Hunter, vice president; Mrs. Robert Trudeau. board director: Mrs. Thomas Becotte, secretary; Mrs. John Rlesinger, president; Mrs. Ronald Johnson, treasurer, and Mrs. James Huss, board director. Curtis Odden, standing at left, was the installing officer. nish worship, 7:30 a.m.; Sunday i"VV^,".Vn rch in rXr^h c,^™i onH«ihi« /.io«c a-™- i tor. Morning worship, 9; Church 8:30; School and Bible class, English worship, 9. Wesley Methodist, McL e o d and Mansfield. The Rev. Frank Lelneke, pastor. Worship services, 9 and 11; 9:50. Zion Lutheran (LCA), Lowell School, 10:15. WATERSMEET Baptist. The Rev. Alb e r t Stover, pastor. Sunday School, Church School, j 9:30; morning worship, 10:30; evening service, 7. Immaculate Conception Roand Midland. The Rev. Thomas ;„,,,, catholic The Rev S Bot- A. Schultz, pastor. Sunday it0 ni, pastor; Techny Fathers. School, 9:30; English worship, 9:30. BESSEMER First Presbyterian. The Episcopal, Aurora and Mar-! Winifred Lomas, minister. Morn- quette. The Rev. Robert C. Kil- boum, rector. Holy Eucharist, 8; morning prayer, 10; no Church School until fall; evening prayer, 5. First Church of Christ, Scientist, East Aurora. This Church is a Branch of The Mo t h e r Church, The First Church of Christ Scientist, Boston. Sunday School, 9:30; morning worship, 11. First Prcsbyt e r i a n, Norfolk and Aurora. The Rev. Kenne t h F. Moreland minister. Church School, 0:15; worship service, 10:45. Grace Lutheran (LCA), Norfolk and Aurora. The Rev. Kenneth L. Nerenz, pastor. Worship service, 8 a.m.; Sunday School, 9. Holy Trinity Roman Catholic, 117 E. Ayer. The Rev. Ambrose Matejik, pastor. Masses, 6, 7:30, 9:30 and 11. Jehovah's Witnesses, Superior and Midland. Public talk, 2 p.m., with C. P. Stavre, circuit servant, speaking; followed by Watchtower study. Newport Methodist, 304 Bonnie. The Rev. James Lumsden, pastor. Sunday School, 10; morning worship, 11. St. Ambrose Roman Catholic, 118 S. Marquette. The Rt. Rev. Msgr. Joseph Dunleavy, pastor; the Rev. Robert Matchett and the Rev. August Franczek, associates. Masses, 6. 7:30, 9:30 and 11. St. Luke's Lutheran (Missouri). The Rev. Dale Hoff- Schneider pastor. Worship services, 9 and 11; Sunday School, 10. St. Michael's Roman Catholic, 126 W. McLeod. The Rev. Francis X. Ronk o w s k i, pastor. Easter Masses: High, 6 and •:30; Low, 7:30 and 11. St. Paul Lutheran (LCA), 113 I. Curry. The Rev. Oliver A. Hallberg, pastor. Finnish service, 8:30; Sunday School final classes, 9:45; English worship, ing worship, 9; Church School, 10. St. Sebastian Roman Catholic. The Rev. Chester M. Franczek, pastor; the Rev. Leslie Borman, assistant. Masses 6:30, 8, 9:30 and 11. Graduating seniors of high school and 8th graders of St. Sebastian's School and their mothers will receive corporate Communion at 8 a.m. Mass; breakfast for group in church hall after Mass. Sharon Lutheran (LCA), The Rev. C. Raymond Holmes, pastor. Worship services, 8 and 10:30, with Holy Communion at both services, -with the graduates receiving Communion a t the 10:30 service; Church School, 9:10; adult class, 9:20. Sunday School, 9:10; adult discussion group, 9:20. Trinity Lutheran (Missouri). The Rev. Clifford Brege, pastor. Worship service, 8:30; Sunday School, 9:30. RAMSAY Christ, the King Roman Catholic. The Rev. L. C. Cappo, pastor. Masses, 7, 8:30 and 10; confessions Saturday, 4 to 5 and 7 to 8 p.m. Riverside Bible. The Rev Dale Lennon, pastor. Sunday School, 9:30; morning worship, 10:30; evening service, 7. HURLEY First Presbytcrnan, 4th Ave. S. The Rev. Nathan L. Daynard, minister. Sunday School, 9; worship service, 10:30. St. Mary Roman Catholic. 5th Ave. S. The Rt. Rev. Msgr. Michael A. Prock, pastor; the Rev. Robert Baranow, first assistant, the Rev. Benjamin Bonneprise, second assistant. Sunday Masses, 6, 8, 10 and 11:30; Feast Day Masses, 6, 8 and 11:30 a.m. and 8 p.m.; daily Masses, during school year, 6:30, 8 and 11:10. St. Paul's Lutheran. (Wisconsin), 2nd Ave., N. The Rev. Villa St. Thomas, assoc i a t e i. Masses, 7:30 and 11 (EST). United Church of Christ The Rev. Fred I. Babcock. pastor. Sunday School, 9:45; worship service, 7 p.m. WHITE PINE Community. The Rev. George A. Luciani pastor. Church School, 9:30; worship service, 11. Faith Lutheran (LCA). The Rev. Edward J. Carlson, pastor Church School, 10; morning worship, 11. St. Jude Roman Catholic. The Rev. George Pernaskl, pastor. Masses, 7:30 and ll. 25 Members of Class Return From Trip MASS—Twenty-five members of the senior class, accompanied j by Principal and Mrs. Edward Olllla, have returned from a several days trip to Chicago. The school bus took them to Ir o n Mountain where they boarded the train for Chicago. While in Chicago they stayed at the Sherman House. Some of the highlights of their trip was a tour of the city by bus. a visit to the top of the Prudential Building where they overlooked the city, a tour of the Underwriters laborator i e s and plant, the Museum of Industry and Arts, and also attended a National League baseball game and a movie. The last evening of their stay in the city the group enj o y e d a dinner together. Mrs. Amelia McKindles is a surgical patient at the Ontonagon Memorial Hospital. Jon Koivu is a medical patient at the Ontonagon Memorial Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hiltuneni and daughter have returned from Detroit where they spent a month. Miss Phyllis Ahola, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Matt Ahola, is a patient at the University Hospital, Ann Arbor. Mr. and Mrs, Harold Kangas, -._„, „.. r , a uc , L1e / r ^- Pastor Sund a v j Detroit, are the parents of a son,' with graduates honored and de-jSchoo'- ™- divine services, 11. |William Edward, born May 14. NOON by the Chapel Clock One • • • two... three. Four years Connie and I have listened to that deep, reeoatnt chime counting off the hours of our college days. Sometimes it was just part of the setting at State — like the Commons, and the Quad, and Moonlight Walk. But often it called us to high moments of worship and thought and prayer. Four... five... six. Today we pause, and count! Exams are over. Trunks are packed. Books are on their way back to the Library. Tomorrow—Commencement Seven ... eight... nine. Again we're reading each other's thoughts. Let's wajk once more through that graceful arch, hand-in-hand and smiling. Let's kneel together in the sacred stillnes*, breathing our thanks... our hopes... our needs... our dreams. For life and love await us. And these we will share with God! It is Noon by the Chapel Clock. Ten ... eleven ... twelve. ! THE CHURCH FOR ALL • ALL. FOR THE CHURCH The Church ia the greatest factor on earth for the building of character and good citizenship. It is a storehouse of spiritual values. Without a. strong Church, neither democracy nor civilization can survive. There are four aound reasons why every peraon should attend services regu- larly and support flse Church. They are: (1) For hi» own aaU. (2) For his children's sake. (S) For the pake of hi* community and nation. (4> For the sake of the Church itself, which needs hia moral and material support. Plan .to go to chord* regularly and read your Bible daily. Sunday Psalms 4:14 Monday Isaiah 45:20-2$ Tuesday Matthew Wednesday Romans 5:1-5 Thursday Eph«.r* 4:1* Friday • -, ' iens Saturday I Timothy 2:1-7 This Series of Messages Published Weekly by the Following Busine** Istoblishment* ftication or Silberg classroom, , IRON BELT ' The paternal grandparents a t e i Our Saviour'* Lutheran. .(Mis-i Mr. aud Mi*. William Kangai. i Jesepnson's Rest Home Ketolo Funeral Home Oscar Ketola, William O. Ketola, William H. Ketola, Directors Lakeside Memorial Chapel Wilbert H. Junttila, Director Lake Superior Wilbert Vault Co. liimakkp Insurance Agency, Wakefield McKeyitt Kershner Funeral Home, Inc. Walter P. Kershner and Joseph McKevitt, Directors Walter Meyer'* Sausage Co., Ironwood and Hurley Bill Miller, Standard Oil Agent Moore's Electric Shop Morgan Nelson Supply, Inc. National Metals Bonk Nyberg-Miller Funeral Home Radio Station WJMS Ray's Flower Shop Randall Bakery, Wakefield Ringwall Upholstery Sage & Williams Agency Sky View Nursing Home, Hurley St. James Hotel Sullivan Agency, Insurance White Cress Pharmacy, Hurley Bark River Culvert & Equipment Co. Bessemer National Bonk Choppfll-Ziflinski Funeral Service 1.1. Zielintki, Director Chief Oil Co. City Drug Store/ Hurley C fc L Auto Service, Inc. Credit Bureau of Ironwood Dandpe Bakery-Bessemer Engstrom Funeral Home, Hurley Frick-Zielinski Funeral Service R. L. Zielins'ci, Director Wm. J. Karpus, Manager General Insurance Agency, Bessemer Gogebic Agency, Bessemer Gogebic Auto Co-, Inc. Gogebic National Bank Hager Lumber Co., Inc. Reino M. Hauta Insurance, Bessemer Hautamaki's Rest Home Hiway "2" Super Valu, Bessemer A. W. Holmberg Agency Iron Exchange Bank, Hurley Ironwood Daily Globe

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