Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 27, 1927 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 27, 1927
Page 3
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. RW Wright, of Chicago, ;who spent Christmas Mth his parents, "W'. D. Wright. ofrMoran, and with relatives In lola, wUl leai^e tomorrow for Springfield, join his wife *nd return to their honie^ -Mr. Wright is with the Chrysler Motor company in Chicago. —^Students <ian I 'ent typewriters, any malte, at reasonable rates, from Wllllaraa Typewriter Co., 113 West Madison, lola. Kans. Miss t.Murphy, of Westmoreland, Kans., is spending her Christmas vacation witli her grand- pjirents. Mr. and .Mrs. Clias. Murphy, of 221 South Third street. —Dr. Lucy E. Poison, Chiropractor. Northrup Bldg. Phone 326. Dr. arid Mrs. C. Z. Montgomery visited over Christmas iii Topeka with the" former's.' brother. H. V. Montgomery and family, and Mrs. MontKoraery's grandmother, Mrs. A. Mffzger. • ' " ' .t,. 4& -Mildred Ctirti.H. .^I. D. ftVnoral m<?dlf;ine. . Ofrif'- iivcr Cooli'.a Drug Store Phont; r.54 day or night. /Mr. and Mrs. G. M. I>araer of 82.') East "street went to Cottonwood Falls to spend CbriAtmas and several days with their relatives. ^ir. and Mrs. Alton Patterson and son, Dwayne, and Grace Murphy, of Wichita, were Christma^ guests \n the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. .Murphy of 221 South Third street. They returned home Monday. —Dr. f. T. Reld. .'C-ray. Phone 357. Surgery and Mrs. /Refbecca Arnold, of La- Harpe, has been calltd to Erie, Kans., to care for her sister, who is very ill. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Reed, who spent Christmas with relatives In Tulsa, Okla., has returned home. —Dr. Montgomery, Chlropraetoh lola Laundry Bldg. PBbne 138. Mri and Mrs. Lee N'oftzger and baby ba\e returned home from a Christmas visit with relatives in Wichita. I ' Mr. and Mr.o. Floyd Murphy and , children, Floyd, Jr., Margaret, Tres- Mr and Mr«. .M. IX. Dorj^ott and ' sic. ahd Drea?e, ofn^Vichita. spent littlp (laughtor. Dnisula .lano. of.Christmas with .Mr. Murphy's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Murphy, of 221 South'Third street. Bartips,viUf. Okla.. who liayc been •visiting Mr. and Mfs. <>. H. Dr.r- sfU of 91S North Sycamor^ street,] — and Mrs. E. Verne Dorsett, of I. —Stipf-r H Power 4 .'i volt drlr cell ^st I ..awn, anil Mrs. Howard, of n Batteries, *2.T.'i. S. .Mali'on|, 219 222 'Soiith First stri-et. over Christ-; .South .street, mis, r<>turiied homo today. —Try our I'rivi; in Ji.Tltery and tire service durinc tJiis cold weather. Bollinger Servix-e Station. 1 iMr. and Mr.'*. Al IViles. of Kansas City, Mo., are visiting ii thf home of .Mr.-*. O.soliu Davis and : family. : jMr. and ^!^s. l.tni-ii H Kd;iar • Mr.'J. I >aiira liultrain and wfre here fnini I ^awreiiie to spend, Btllie Huttram. drove to P<m «i a! short time witti Mrs. Kdsar's | Saturday afternoon for a C mbther. Mrs. Sarah II lielhuTt and mas visit with their sister with -Mr. K.iiar"-^ lirolher. Itob^rt' aiint. .Mrs. ECgar of .Carlyle. Th.-y lanie Sun-: ily. Mi|s. day aiut mornius. left for lioiKi' early this y.'sterdJv ll i the we< —Dr. Karl riitchey and liiitlrani retiirne<| lit iSillie remainci Ik. A. '$'2.',.00 Kewtird! —For arrest and conviction of /New Gl'pbe an.vone caught stealing from.any member of No. 214. A. T. .\.. Car- JyLe, Kans. Elwood. rhi :;'e.'-. of Ciiicago. who -spent Christmi;.s with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. O L. Thisler of Chap•man. Kans., vi.-ite.l over nicht witii his grandraotlier and aunt, Mrs. C. H. .McCliire and Mis.-; .lulia McClure. returned today to Chicago where he is in 'business with a- .bonding company. F. I.. B..LE.\\F.I,L, M. D. Special attention given Diseases of*] Colon and Rectum. EJectto-Physiotherapy " Office lola State Bank Bldg. ,Phones-^147 and 705 • ,!Mr. and fimily. of guests ("hr B. Twadell, Ostec path. Bldg. Phone 19L ! and were [home A. D. Gas. Mr.i. Ed Runyan Deerlng. K^ns.. stmas day in the of Mr. Runyan's sister. Mr.s. .Moi^rison and family, south oi son. City (irist- and fani- Ihome 1 for THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER. TUESDAY EV '1- ENING. DECEMBER 27, 1927. PAGE THREE Mrs. Gertrude Mosier returne<l Friday evening from Kansas City where she took a course of medical treatments. Bread:" good as ever. ON WATCH FORjLOST SISTJER Mr. and Mrs. Jess Fulmer and sbn spent Christmas day.with Mrs. Fulmer's parents in .Eureka. 'Mrs. Delia Brownfield and daughter. Miss Mildred Brownfield, of Emporia, arc holiday guests In the hcMne I of their son and brother. Maro. Brownfield and' family. 511 East Broadway. Miss Brownfield is a student at Bryn Mawr college this year, f I Dorothi" Ann Welsh, of Garnett, j who has 'been visiting her uncle, Don Ray and family, of Mildred, went to Chanute today to visit her Grandmother Welsh, before returning home. Fred Kettle started on the 11:52 Santa Fe today for Los Angeles, Calif., w^here he will spend the winter with his daughter, Mr.s. J. E. Butcher arid family. Harry JJragoo. who is attending the Chlllicothe Business college, | In Chlllicothe,Mo.,has been chosen' to play center on the Kansas Boys', ^ baskiftball team. He Is the son of i .Mr. and .Mrs. C. E. Drago.i. of l.a-• Harpi. Mr$. J. N. Storey, of Ainarillo. Texas, and Mrs. O. C. KcnntMly. of; Kansas Cit .v, Mo., spent Christmas with ihelr sister, .Mrs. J. E. Powell itdartt ir.VllTlIV f. W(M»1»V. by mortal baiuis. May God blesg' her. 'I The funeral servicp.s were. lieUI,j ['.Monday at 1;1 rodoclc. Decembe?- 1 126. at the .\danis and- Hessefl ' cliapel. with the Rey. C- I. Cold-' } 5mith. pastor of Ih^ First • Metlf> : Nigbt Cougils Quic Mai-tha J Leciaster wgs b.'.rn In'Odi!=t Episcopal church ofliciatinis.; CassAlille. Indiana. Ociober:;". 1S61.,-M»='i<'was provided by Mis.s Clar.j :. Stopped In \'t Minutes with TTio.xIne .\lost couching is caused by arl (iroat or bron-| cough syrups do not touch! sician's prescrip-f scovere<l called Thoxine goes direct to the causef relieves the iiil'laintd membranes, .guest in 'the home of .Mr. and .Mr£ I arul stops the cough almost inf 'Atthe a -P of "1 ,he i^as united.''^- Mi'ne. of Wheeler Height:? ; stantly. One swallow f does tb» in iflarria// to AT. WilUam Penn work, and the remarkable thing Wnmir nn?.„?,,! V .ni » K ^ - ' ^Iwut it is that it Contains no dopej fot°"chUdren.'''Mrr \Ta^^^^^ ^^r. a,.a Mr.s. Harry .Sifers and - chloroform^ or other harmful B^ nklev o^^^^^ ^•f'" were Christmai: drugs. Pleasant tasting. Safe for mai^^eHvnn Iv Vh„ ,1^1. ini^'f^frt' K"*'^'^ O'' ^'>- Siferss parents. M^ children. On. e usea the whole ™ Wn^ vnf P,vr^^^ «if'>>-«- 16 ^»rtl family wil! rely on It. .'.oc.. 60c. "I 'l:Buckeye street, returne.l home ye.- and $1 .0u.-SoIii by the Evans iol' the -Methodist church, and has lived a happy Christian life uiitil the Lord, called her to her great re- w-ard. M. F. Edwards, of Chicago, was ?. and Mrs Height^ s. Ester ; .Margaret Speegle of; j^rdav afternoon, a. Kans. She w.-is a true and; " Store. Oil a slurmy :-ea at Capi- ('odaiid uniler a dull sky slr)oil the K-S. marking; ill-' Kiav- where II.T sister ship, tli.- .S-4. |i:.y liiiried. • The uies- sane.v.tlKil Iht :-ix iiK II laplapp"'!; Oil Uie wiills (if lh< and fpihily, of 219 Exst street. .Mr.s.; Storey ' will return home Friday i u.i'' ii'iavici'iri.iiii tile .~;-s :hi Storey while Mrs. Kennedy returned home vosterda.v. Mr. and Mrs. R." G. Teale apd son. Johnny, of Elsmore, were business visitors In lola today. .Mr. ail<! .Mrs. Williinn Miim- :iuc chiidren, iit I'oiica I'il.i.. Okla.. i turii.i" home loilay afte." a ('?i:i>' ma.s visit iicre •vvitb .Mr. .\liliie' parents. .Mr. and .Mrs T. .V. .Milm :ind family,Df .Wheel/r ileiuhts. 111'. \Adrill.-; • I • Little I Miss Leora Englaii.l. ofi -^^j. -^jr,. iJtrald Capps, of Brookfield, Mo.; came yesterday to • \vi „fKi.i. and Mr. and -Mrs. Ciiarie spend the week with her grand- capi <. of liidepeudenre. Kans L mother. Mrs. Way Wi]sot>, of I'lr ^j ^ho spent Christmas here wiiij South Walnut street. pareuis. Mr. and .Mis W. I!; — iCapps, of dl Soiirh Thin! ~ii-.-e;( Miss Nannie Estell and Mrs. J. B. | returned limne ve.-.!lr.:av. Shadle, of Oklahoma City, who: I were called here liy the death of their brother-in-law. E. F. Sal-i^^^ Wichitfi, «ho are sjiendiiig il Mr. ail"! .Mrs. \Vall>-r Wmiilsii!. leriger, northeast of the cit.v, returned home today. , East <luy. St re Miss Vivian Kemp returned to- Kansas City on the early morning train after .spending Christmas and .Monday with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Kemp and fairiily of 509 South Sycamore street. ,^0. L. Cox, D. Specialist, Eye. Ear. Nose and Throat. •j Ml. and I Mrs. Dave I.iong and • I son. Lorraine. .Mrs. Emma Long • ; and Walker Long motored to Blue *!.Mound yesterday and spent the day • i with :vir. Long's brother. O. G. Ixmg •;and family. .MT . and 'Mrs. C. R. Smith and I — I granddaughter, .Xniiie K. Phillippsj 3orr. and Mrs. A. E. Garrison and | „f i>ea Ridge, .\rk.. are si>ehding^ daughter. .lean, and Mrs. .1. C. the ^hr<ltdayi«-with Mrj. and .Mrs. Giis Wishard left Sunday night in their Howard and family. , :car for Waverly.for a short visit' H. AVilliamsdn and. daughter. Miss Julia Willikmf:on. spent Christmas with relatl|e.s in Ponca City; Okla. They Returned home today. with Mr. Garrison's parents and will go on to Mashingion, Kans., to "remain until Friday as guests of.Mrs. Wishards daimhter and Mrs. Garrison's sister, Mrs. Hepler, ahd Mr. Hepler. We know Bakery Products : are good. But Have You Tried -. Ours? - VAN HOOZER'S. .Thomas B. Simpi=on. colored, of this city has recently h^en promoted to' district pui)eriiiteudent by the .Atlanta Life •Insurance' com-' pany- The company has two ilis- trict offices in the state, one at Kansas 'City and one at Coffey- ^-ille. MALORY'S STORE m S. Seccind St. I<il:u Kansas Miss Beulah Shockey, who teaih- es at Midlan, Kans.. is .^pending the holidays with her parents. .Mr.' and 'Mrs. Grapt Shockey and lam- ' il.v. of 616 North street. ' : J ^ and son. Mrs. Charliis Kohler .T,nd son.,••^P<^''t Charles, jr.." of near .Moran. left.'i""«ki'.vV, yesterday for-iKansas City to spend Grant Shj Christmas vacation with -Mr.s 'Woodside'K parents, -Mr. and -Mr J. E. Pojveli and family, of 21! "" t. will return home Fri and .Mrs. Howard Shocke awrence. of Kiinsas City Chiistmas here with Mr parents. Mr. and . Mr4 )ckey and family, of 01 the week with her parents. .Mr. and ,-North istrcet. Mrs. J. L. Shearer. — I Mrs., ^^"ry Franklin, who Iia H. F. Hitchcock, district .niana- j been visUin'j; her parents. .Mr. aii^. ger, Mr and Mr.s. Ray Oliver. Bus- 1 .Mrs. F. jW. Uienu-r and family ter Oliver. I Lester Hinson. Francis ; south oflthe city, returned Shafei*;. Benjamin .\dams. William Drehcr, Max Barnhart. Mr. and .Mrs. A. B. Lytle. Mr. and Mrs. Archie Montgomer.v, Mr. and Mrs. (here wit^ parents, .Mr. Claude Roe, Mr. and Mr.«. .F. W. I Mrs. T. A. Milne an.l faniil.v. oi Keyser. Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Dean,; WheeJer Heights, returnerl to Kan Mr. and Mr.«. H. T. Ashford and 6a .4 City today, son, Keriddll Ashford. .Mr. and Mrs. toda to her ho'^ie in Blackv.ell, Okla. Dell Mijlne. who spent Christ ma Cliff Oliver and .Mr. and .Mrs. W. W. Banks attended the Humboldt .Miss Liicille Flint, Miss .\nn Riggs. of lola. Claude Hutton an Council, 218, Security Benefit As-'Jack Ryon. of Colon.v. were Kuest sociation. al FiissinanHall. .Hum-lin tiie home of Mr. and Mrs. .Vile bpldt. Kans., last night. After the Carson, of l-:ast Lawn. Sunday ovej business session the Humboldt' niug. Kadio music aiid <anily mak S. B. A. orchestra furnished music ling were eiijoye.i during tlie' eve for the dance. iiimr. i S llis. Clniij Siigjir oOc Diiltj I.ea^ or SwiilN Premium ' iirand lliird, lb. 1."K>! 10 lbs. ifl.4.'i! 'Comp.onndj per I'M-; 10 lbs. iUK l-lb. tans Trisco ._-23c .1-lb. can's I Crlsco ,.. 65<r S lb>'. liftt Onions f 2.'»r Potatoes, l»eck iV, per iOO lb. *IJ»0 Sweet Pnlilnes 10 lbs. 25«.No. 10 Wl^ite Syrup 'tic Simpson takes over the C<)f- I ^> ^^^V ! , I >o. 10 Dark .Srrup 4Sc ^ fe.vville office. _ I >,i. Dark Syrup STc I NOTICE TO rONTR.lfTOKS. j l ":i "'"«^'I.t?f r M!*!^-""•"-T^ ^ -Grading qnd Gravelling .North | tL .V "'Va .LV Oak Street. lola.KansasJ i >a4 /ephjr Hour ..._f2JM> Sealed by the C| lolic Kan January •roposals will tie received - ,>.|i». Sari Zeyhpr Fionr ilM) Flour- STit tv Clerk of the Citv of '*"«^'S H"ur. , i as, until Noon 12 o'clock '''•••"f (ai^nalJon Milk . .> and Hjc j -auua,. .!. 192S. for gi4ding arid , Tall Tans Pink Salmon _lbc i surfacing with gravel, that portion 2h Vtin Libby Brand Peaches of Nortii Oak Street lying between In hea\y syrup, slicfti or lialves, ran All bids must bo .iccompanied with 5 percent of the total bid in money, or a certified check oh some responsible bank. i P.'ans ami specification* may be neen'at the office of the City Engl• neer, lola, Kans .is. i r; ^L. McNIEL, [Seal] City Oerk. PUT CREAM IN NOSE AND STOP CATARRH tells How To Open CIogRed Nostrils and End Hewl-Colds. ! .Mason Quart Jar AppIHintter .-i:n! lO.oz. cans Oysters 26o .'»-o?. cans OystiTB . He Medium Size Van rump Pork | and Beans, can 1 --Sc 'Meilium Size Van Camp's lioni- :l Iny, 4 cans ...,_-.2;r mi-m. Brittle Calsup lU- .Mararoni-Simghetfi- and Xoodles per Pkg. «c{ Molhei^s Clilna Oals, I'kg. -.-*c Lunre Pke. Rolled Oats If c Smiill Pkg. Koli«.d tiats ^ t>4 lbs. Fancy Rice 2'K 7'i lbs. l,arge NaVy Beans iiOr I'-ll', I'kif. Market Day Special / Kalsins l.'ii !ja cans Prince .\lbert Tobacco .^Ic I Tuveifo. Iter ran 10c RHII IMirhnnu per sack fic ll.....>..l.»« un.l <»„w. Tnk lior»pshop and .Star Tobarro Ih'. Tit, ,Day*- Work Tobarro. lb. ,-,0r Ypu f«l fine in a few moments.; 2 .> Ko.xes Matclies for 5c I " • GoiKl Bulk Coffee, III. \ 2.M I (•'illeite Safety Kazors with one > \ blade each L 1.V Xn. 2 Wash Tubs ...i..: C5r: \o. 3 Wash Tubs ...4 ._7rtc 1:2 (•auire t>un Shells. Smokeless Powder;and heavy- loads!, bo.i K*r f. I'nd i;-'r^.-««i Whitp niid' PIrkwick Soap. 7 bars 25* Bbr Four Xnitt':' Sh-r- . 2.'ir ;VI1 10c Toilet Soap. 2 bars l.»c Your cold in head or catarrh will be gone. Your clogged nostrils will open. Tlie air passages of your head will «l«ir and you can breathe freely. No more dultocssw heada^: »o Iwwking, emiffling, mucous disoliarges or dry- j no stru^ing for breath at night. Jfell your druggist you want a small Jcl&le of Ely's Cream Balm. Afiply a iit^l of ftiia fragrant, antiseptic 'cream in your ^3tril8,let it penetrate • tiiioiigh every (air passage of the head; •oo&e end heal the swollen, inflamed mncous. membrane, and relief cornea iaeta&tly. , . ' It is just wbiftt every oold and catarrii. BufTerer needs. Don't eUj •toffed-np aad tniiergUe. Phone ;2W for prices on window t^ss,nnd hundreds of-other Items not listed here. The above prlcef rood as long as our pr^nt, stock lasts." I ' ' . •' FACE VALUE... f>atient mother, happy in her home I life, proud of her husband and • ; family and placed Her home and its duties first in her, life. Afflict-| 'ed in o.irly life by <leafiie.--s. she; j bore her aftTiction patiently] wlihout complaint il!rou::lioiif her j life tinii'. • I Her husband prcc<'ited Ju -r in ; deatii 0 years, and siiifc tliat tiniej she has looked frtrward' w.tli i!:ili joy until that I iine •• wiciM iirrivt-' when'she i-ould join him iii'iliel .other worlil. ' | In' .•\ugiist-. of Ifti:'! sh>' stifl'-red • a severe paralyiic S'troke. leaving] sunken suh'.iui-' her a semi-invalid l^r liK- la.-t year. -Ml this siii"ferii!i; v/;!s borne with-. . - —- - out complaint. 1 Her fi iemls are mn.iiereil hy her He who knew hir fov'-d lier. Ker tii.- pas: four years. h;t- ;fl:ic!e.her home with her daui;hler and son-in-kiv.. Mr. and Mrs. .\. G. Spee---!.-. ;H'r early married jlie w.!S sp-iit in R-.issiavilk. Im! . !ind iliere !ier i-i)ildreii Were . i'orii.; -Ihe i".Tniily ; then moved to .McMilUivill-.-T.iin.. ' lii^in:; tliere ojily a short time, ilien Vernon I•o^^•ell. who'ha., b.-n in;'^""^'"; Kansas-.M!|i„i: at Cauk- I'a-^;,.!en;.. cAii.. siiiv a s.-^r a«o < MHcnell cUiiily. At thar , las- S.i,i.-m'.jr. i,. M>itinu'his par-!''^••'- '^""'>- '^n^ .reaie.l and ilMi.-^ .1 K I-..uvll. of f?h'-was a tiithfMtwork- "-r in tin- Methodist chiir<h and an ' a-tiv«> ir,.::i?i. r of th,- Itchekali or dav ^'-ndi'liie S.c;irily It-ndii l()i:j;»s. •"•| Th:' ijast'ff.\v y,::i-s of lier life, owin? to failin:.' he.-Jth. have been' spent ((uirtly at hohi'e with her childr-n, who nev. r tired serviri; her ami wln) lovcri li..r (l>-vnle:li'\-. <;(«d will rest iVr soiil and niak'.'. avenue. Mr. Nich-ids Tef't ''f I"'>' '" I"'"' ' lor ('!iicL!.i-'o .•fiihday iiiulit ^t'-.; 1 Miv. l-.'iiri M. i'(;:ter. ;:int (iauph- r.r.' ;;.„;..„;.. wi.o hav,- >,....n ».,..^ts . "'^'l"^'"'-'"!*''' i:i liiii/ie of .\lrs. J. F. Varner aii'l llall^ih^er^ .\I:ss l.!:el!a. Varner, of 4J 1 Ka.-t Monroe street, let! this alt> riiooii fot^ il short visit in l..ri- /!iar)i.' and .Moraii, before^ ret'iiniir^ to Waltlienaj Kans., where .\!iss Mo'leiia is Ml per visor of musii- in f the .-.ho-U : . OM K n \ l.lFETiMF. Investment nionunienl in an appropriate or other ff)rm of. itieniorial^to tnark the last resting idace of UU- departed loved ones conies n^naliy but once in a lifetime. Oo not put ou this sacrt-il duty. W" can mak.> it easy for you if yoii will .rail and•.examine tiu v.'irious »lesigns we );avt: on rlisplay.' We attend to the letteri.iiK and erection on the family .plot-in tli" cenieter.v. • rifs .vh. lilt K.'-! ; ti.^.t. 1 - Wanlid: Work Iiy ln'tir! bv iii.iii 111 woman, i'hoiie 27.'., i Mr. and Mrs. It. C Nichols, ot jChi. iiuo. spent CIiristn;-is with .\!rs. : .\'ichi.l>"s pai'eiils. Mr. and Mrs. ' F. (' Gre'ii jariil family. t ;i7 K^ist NiclKds week-. •>v ill remain for I .•v.;-a! Mr. and Mrs.-M. .\rl..insas. 'ity. Geor'Ji- .\iar «pent Chri.-t parents and Mrs. Frank street, nliirrt A. I'..-:-('u. -c! Mr .i-.l Mr-, fis ot Ottaua. who lias Here u'th iheir ,'ranilparents. anil .Marks. :;.'! iJniiier •A hoTii.- evi niii.-. I .Mr-.. Harold Ct.llir.s .iiid ile.ugh- ;ter. Dorothy, of I'.rookfi.i.!. .".!.;.. ..!- iriveil teiiay frir- ;i vi.-it -viia hi-r S'.tint. .'drs. L Gritto'i. and laniily. i "t .Nurtli Walniil street. EAD Melt in spoon; inhale vapors; pply freely up nostrils.. x/ic • VAP Oomr 21 MUlionJan U—d Yaarty ! afece! He'.s the right .<;ort. It'.s instantly ., obvioii.s— for his back is eIo(j.iient as he swings along, erect head ^ u p. faultlessly groomed! The crisp, fresh look of him speak.s volumes in his favor—it fairly advertises his per.sonali- i" ty—confideni .sure of him|jelf. bound to go forward and tip I So you 'find yourself accepting him at "face value"^-even though you haven't .seen his face! You have noticed it a thousand timejs, of—how-clean, veil cared for clothes do inyite >;our: good opinion df their wearer! kiu\ you are instinctively ready to meet half way the chap whQjso apparently values your good opSn- > ion! W'e, as modern drv cleaners. have helped many a man on his way by mi king it so easy to be well groomed. ' Ve are wizards at freshening up tired business suits I Under our Cjxpert hantls deadening dust and jrim.v spots vanish from fabrics—ti> be. replaced with new snap, new life and new newness I And it is bi; .so many men realize thi.-f th^t they send us something every week. , . C L E A i\' t R S CLOTHES Z)^ HELP YOU; WIN —Dry Clean Them Oftenerl DRY GOODS-WOMENS WEAft-MILLINERY lOLA KANSAS • lOLA'S POPrL.\R STORE* Pre-Invefitory Sale of Hundred.s of Garments Sacrificed, Make iYour Selections Early 15.00 Dresses Sale Price 9.75 •» • • 19.75Dresses ]SaiePrice 14.75 29.75 DressesNe Price 19.75 35.00 DressesiSaieiPrice 23.75 39.75 Dresses Sale Price 26.75 19.75 Coats sale price 1475 25.00 Coats sale price 17,75 29.75 Coats sale price 19.75 35.00 Co^s sale price 2^75 39.75 Coats sale price 26^75 45.00 Coats sale price 29.75 49.75 Coats sale price 3S00 59.75 Coats sale brice 3^75 69.75 Coats sale price 49.75 75.00 Coats sale price 55.00 85.00 Coats sale price 59.75 89.75 Coats sale price 65.00 All Children's Coats at Greatly Reduced Prices Robes, Silk Robes and Negligees, SENEKER'S -20^ Per Cent Discount on all Bath SENEKER'S

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