Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 28, 1955 · Page 18
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 18

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, October 28, 1955
Page 18
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EIGHTEEN EVENING TIMES, OUMUEKLANU. Ml). FKIDAY, OCTOBER 28, 1955 Dial l'A-2-4600 for a WANT AD Take; Red Boatmobile Used On Lake DETROIT (fl — Spectators along Lato St. Claif shoves strain their necks when Leonard LcPagc takes liis family for a casual-cruise in liis.slcek, red "boatmobilc." The "boatmobilc" is an amphibious, 2214 fool auto that slides through the water with all the am- jesly. of a yacht. "It's just my 'drcamboal.' " I.e- Page explains to bug-eyed spectators. "We've been sailing it in the Black River basin about two months." LfPage, a tool and die maker, built the 6,000-pound oddity out of the carcass of a '48 convertible. 'MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL ' OF CUMBERLAND. MARYLAND I750.WKI WATER IMPROVEMENT HONI15 OF 195.1 1 ALL DATED OCTOBER 1. 1055 Scaled bids will be received by thi Mayor and'City Council of Cumberland, Maryland al the Ctty Hall. Cumberland Maryland until 10:00 o'clock, A. M. Eastern Standard Time on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER ].'., 1055 for the purchase of Seven Hundred Fiftj Thousand Dollars ($750,000) Water Improvement Bonds of 1955, issued pursuant to the authority of Ordinance No. 2003 of the Mayor and Cily Council of Cumberland, Maryland, passed September 19th 1955, In the denomination of One Thou- sanci Dollars (51,000), each numbered consecutively from One (1) to Sever Hundred Fifty (750), hoth numbers inclu aiyc, and maturing over a period ol nineteen (19) years in the order of tneii consecutive numbers in serial installments' in accordance with the schedule horeinafter set forth. The authority ol sa4d Mayor and City Council of Cumberland, 'Maryland, to pass said Ordinance No" 2003 was Riven said Mayor and .City Council of Cumberland, Maryland, b subsection <d) of Section 82 of the Charter of the City of Cumberland, Marj laphV-AS provided by Charter Amendment Resolution No. 2 of the Mayor and Cily Council of Cumberland, adopted pursuant trx the authority contained in Article 11 K« of the Constitution of Maryland and Chapter 423 of the Acts of the General Assembly of Maryland of 1955. Said bonds are dated October 1. 1355 sr/LJntercst will be payable thereon ApriWst and October 1st, in accordance w'WjuScml-annual interest coupons attach ?dv thereto. Both the principal and in terest of said bonds will be payable ii lajvful money of the United States of America at the time of payment at the office of the Treasurer of the City of Cumberland^.City Hall, Cumberland, Maryland, upon presentation and surrender of the maturing bonds or coupons, as the case mw be. The bonds will not be subject ti registration as to either principal or interest . nor will they be subject to prior redemption. Said bonds will mature and be payable as fallows: J-rincipil iait^f Maturity •ctabcr 1, 1962 ,/" , 1903 ss&n 19G5 -*S* 19GG ' " 1367 1969 '!. 1970 ' 1971 1973 197'1 S 20,000 30.000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,001 Bond* Son. 1—20 21-50 51-100 101—150 151—200 201—250 251—300 301-350 351-400 401-450 451—550 100,000 551—650 100,000 651-750 100,000 •Bidders arc requested to specify In fhclivrblds the rale or rates of interest to be paid on the bonds on wtiich rate or rate* their bids are based and submitted. No'ratc so named shall exceed the annual r^tfl -c.l four percentum (4',' c ) per annum and' each rate shall be in multiples of one-eighth of one perecnlum (^ of !#•). Bidders-may not specify i rate 1 of interest to be borne by any single series of said bonds but may name f. different rale of Interest for each maturl ty.* 1 Bidders may not bid less than par value" and accrued interest to dati delivery and no conditional bid shall be entertained. A bid conditioned upon approval of the bidder or of his counsel, named or linn a in cd, shall be deemed n conditional bid. Each of Eaid bids shall state the amount of money per One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) which llie bidder will pay for said bonds. The bonds will be awarded in the bidder whose birl provides the lowest interest cost to the City/ such rosl to ,be rietermlncd'by deducting the total amount of the premium bid, if any, from the aggregate nmoiinf of interest upon all ol the'bonds until their respective maturities. 'If two or more responsible bidders have made bids, each of, which represents the lowest interest cost to the City, then nuch bonds may be awarded in a ratable portion among such bidders. The rlfjhl is reserved to the Cily tr> reject any or all bids. Bids must be enclosed in a scaled velopc, addressed to the Mayor and City Council of Cumberland, Cumberland. Maryland, and so marked on lliu outside as to indicate that it is a bid for the bonds hereby offered, 13arh bid must br accompanied by a certified, treasurer's or cashier's check on a responsible bank- Ing insiitutinn in the amount of Thousand Seven Hundred Fifty Dollars (818,750), payable to the Mayor and City Council of Cumberland, to secure the City against any loss which might resuli from the failure of the particular biddci to comply to the terms of his bid. Ni interest will be allowed on tlie Amount of the deposit. Checks deposited by successful bidders will be returned to them when Ihe bonds are awarded to the successful bidder. The deposit of the successful bidder will be credited account-of the total amount payable (or eaid bids. 'Accrued Interest shall be adjusted the date of delivery of the bonds and the payment therefor. The time and place of delivery of the bonds and the payment therefor shall he fixed by mutunl agree niont of the City and the successful bidder. The bonds will be the unconditional obligation of fhc Mnyor and City Council o{-Cumberland, issued upon its full faith and _ credit which will be irrevocably pledged to the payment of the principal of and Interest on all of snid bonds when the same (all due. The said Ordinance provides that the net proceeds derived from the sale of snid bonds shall be uscc for (he construction of a certain water pipe line and connections thcicto certain expenses inclined by .said Cili in the repair, rehabilitation and cxpan sion of certain of its water plant facilities and for no other purpose or purpose; Said Ordinance directs that the Mayor and City Council shall charge and collect for the water supplied to the residents ol the Cily of Cumberland and vicinity, a sum sufficient to pay the expenses heretofore and hereafter necessary for the operation of the water system nf Cumber land, Maryland, and to pay the intei QTHwnrJ principal of llie bonds oi the Cily of-Cumberland now outstanding pcrtnln ing-to the wntcr system of said City and the bonds authorized by the Ordinance, as the same fall due. Said Ordinance further provides thnt if thi rt**ip<s from the Water nepnr'ment o "' '"y shall be less than the aforcsak s in any yrar or years, the Mayo «ffll3ty Council shall levy from time t ttmvad valorem taxes on the assessable property of the • iafd City as 'may rKWHary to pay the interest on nm ininulpal of the bonds authorized by 6.ii< OWHttnce, as the same fall due, and tjrttXhe water rates for the year succeed Uyj-'any year In which a deficit occuri ili<tf»c Water Department, shall be in £ri;4fltd by an amount sufficient to paj dfTsUch deficit. ^Uitdrr existing laws, these bonds am tfac'interest payable thereon, are cxomp from*all State, County and Municipa UMW in the Slate of Maryland, and tfW"*mterest payable thereon Is not tax abW*-'as Income under Federal Ineomi TW-fnw. »Tlft* lecallty nf the issue will he up ifrWM by Thomas B. Flnan, BSIJ., City SWlWRnr of the City' of Cumberland CfWH'crlnnd, Maryland, and Messrs &tfc;i t Walsh and Stockht'ldRc of Cumber /and? Mary land and Ualtimorc, Maryland and the approving opinions of thi tiftfcifen will be delivered upon rco.ucs to tttt purchaser of the bonds wlthou jftditiotml charge. 1 At the time of delivery the bonds wll fte accompanied )>y t description of sup portltif document*, together with Ih usual" cloning document!, including a cer UficAte of the City to the effect thai no l|tf|flt!on If pending or threatened, AR o tha"riatc of *uch' delivery, affecting o Impllrlng Ihe validity of «nld bond*. Prospective hidden dcilrlng flnancln 4«t«*conccrnfns Ihe City of Cumberlsm rriiy 'obtain the ««mo upon rcqucit In M'ritini lo the undcralRncd. ;* • MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL . '^ f)V CUMBERLAND '•£* By JOHN J, I.ONfl ' ; ' Commissioner ol Klntncr md Hovcnut CBS-Radio's Hayes Heads Back To Air By DICK KLEINKK 'EW YORK—A few fysl facts: Sullivan, who often plans his ows months in advance, has leprinled a "Salute to HCA" for e in the winter. Since he's on S, which is KCA's rival, this is startling bit of programming . , . ss Frances—Dr. Frances Ilor- ck—will lake her bell and go jring with "Ding-Dong School" s fail and winter. She's origin- c from Cleveland for a week in vembcr and from Houston, San ancisco and Los Angeles during nuary , . . Sophie Tucker's doc•s have ordered her to cancel all r bookings until the first of the ar . . . Bill Hayes will leave for Hfornia in November for recn test at MGM. Which is odd, because it is far rom being 3 has-been, In fact, here are more radios now than ever before and it still sells a ot of toothpaste. Arthur Hull Hayes, the new pros- dent ol CBS-Radio, thinks he cnows why radio went into Ihis decline. , "Since the war," he says, "radio has forgotten the two factors that nade it a success. Jt became vital o our homes because,- first, you "ayes M\K Frances Stars - arc - human department: ter Lind Hayes is a lii-fi bug. is also strictly an amateur at pairs. His wife, Mary Hcaly, ys if anything goes wrong with e equipment, Peter "gets furious d bangs ii." Even as you and i yell I. anyhow. A blind couple from Manilowoc, s., wrote to the Lone Ranger tv much they enjoyed his radio ow. .'Especially," they concluded, vc love it when you say, "Hi, yo, ver.' We can SEE that." Every so often, it's interesting to ntcmplate tlie radio. It still gives hours of pleasure, yet it's like e opce-powerful man turned into scrawny 'figure by old age; in e entertainmen^ Deld, radio has tie strength or importance loft. Law Office of EDWARD J. RYAN ORDER OF PUBLICATION oy C. Snyder, l-'roslburR, Maryland, AiiRiisla L. Snyder, 7J8 Glenn Street, tsbursh 21, Pa. io. 24289 Equity. In the Circuit Couri AHegany County. Maryland, 'lie object of Hits suit is to oMai orcc A VINCULO MATRIMONII of Plaintiff from Ihc Defendant, lie bill slates that the parties hereto •c marrlprt nn .Innr .1, 1*130 in AU'JK inly. Alnrylnnrl. nnrt that one child, h;irri rmle Snyder, ngc three, was of sntd mnrriagc! that althnngh her duel toward Ihc defendant was al- kind, affccttonntc and above reach, yet the conduct of the defendant s such (hat she was forrcd to leave promises where tlie parties had been Irifng In Pittsburgh, Pa., on nr about y 1, 13?2, when she returned to the ie of her parents; tlujt the said de- datH has been associating with an- woman while the parties were together In Pittsburgh and by son of such conduct he deserted and ndoned the complainant and thai h desertion and abandonment has cor'.Inuous and uninterrupted foi re than eighteen months prior to the ng ot this suit; that said dclcndanl been KUllty of'the crime nf adulto she has not lived or cohabited with defendant since elm discovered his ultcrous conduct; that thu complainant and has.been a resident of the Slate Maryland for more than two yean or (o thu filing of this still and thai defendant is a non rcsidutit residing 748 Glenn Street, Pittsburgh 21, Pa IS THEREUPON, This 30th day ol >t., 195S, by the Circuit Court for egany County. Md., in equity, ordered t the plaintiff by causing a copy of s order to be published in sonic news wer once in each of •! successive cks, before the 31st day of October, 5, jjivinu notice to the absent defend' : of the object and purpose of this t and warning him to be and appear this Court, in person or by solicitor, or before the 16th day of November, 5, lo show cause, if any he has, whj decree should not be passcil as prayed, Joseph E. Hodcn Clerk of the Circuit Court for Allrgany County, Md. T. T—OcL 7-14-21.28. splay Classified wailior mak* Ihe down payment Up To 24 Months to Pay Rosiest Terms In Town WOLF Furniture Co, could get whal you wanted wheti you wanted it—people set their clocks by radio, they knew that Uyrt 'n' Marge would be on regu- arly, Amos 'n' Andy would be bn at seven, they organized their ives and planned their dinner loiirs so they wouldn't miss their 'avoriles. Kemember Gracie Allen aying, 'Half-past Amos'n'Andy? 'Then came bigger budgets and all sorts of economic factors, and radio got away from that. Well, we're trying to get back .to that on radio here at CBS. This season —incidentally, we've got the big gest budget we've EVER had, this quarter—we have Tennessee Ernie and Bing Crosby and'Jack Carson and Amos 'n' Andy and 'My'Son, Jeep' and they're all on at set imes. Were back to giving people whal they want when they want it "The second factor that made •adio great was immediacy. They'd rat news, bulletins on immediately important events were aired im mediately. You know, radio wenl for years, after the war, withou interrupting a show for .a new, bulletin. And they'd'tape -record important on-the-spot program: and present them later. We'n going back to immediacy. "When. Ike ..came back from Geneva, we had a man down with a microphone. He 'called me ant said, 'When will you use this?' . iold him we'd use it when it hap pened. As soon as Ike got off the plane, we interrupted our sched ule and you heard what he had to say" when he said it. Immediacy "Radio is coming back," say: Unyes. "It's certain to come back —it's sociologically, psychological ly and economically sound."/ Seems like there's no way o: curing a bite from the stage bug Herb Goldsmith was • bitten as a young man, studied dramatics even had a few. TV parts. But then come (a) baby and (b) a chance to get into business, so he went into Business. And he succeeded—he's now sales manager for Sport Chief jackets. 'But that old stage bug tept on biting. So every summer, Goldsmitl: .akes his vacation and goes and ioins a summer stock "company— as apprentice. He sweeps floors sells tickets, paints scenery, may- ie gets a bit part or two. He uses an assumed name, gels no pay comes bacl/ tired after his two hectic weeks. Tired, but happy. Duties Of Good Wife Too Much For Bride INDIANAPOLIS tffl — Mr. and Mrs. Claude Bro'ks were cnroute home in a laxicab after their wed ding when Brooks started explain ing the tlulies of a good wife. They included early rising to ge breakfast, Brooks said, and an argument followed. When they ar rived home, Mrs. Brooks stayec in the cab and rode out of his life. Brooks told the court. The judge granted an annul ment. In 1953 there were three brands of nylon passenger car tires avail able to the public, but a year later there were 27 brands, and the number today has increased to 86 An experienced sportsman is a man who con keep both hands in his pockets while describing the one that got oway. • enr* Display Classified Irilic Sayti Godfrey Has Right To Fire Video Stars By CHARLES MERCER NEW YORK ID-Few incidents i television liavc moved me less lan the news the other day thai rllnir Godfrey had fired three lore of his hired help. It's true that you feel sovry for nybody who gets fired. But .it's Iso true that if you or 1 gel red tlie event will hardly make ic news—unless we'shoot the boss r abscond with the treasury. When Godfrey first began firing .jembcrs of what used to be called is radio and television family, public was enchanted by the lyslery of why he did it. Godfrey xplained that lie was trying to mprove his shows. A lot of people efused to accept his explanation. On-this round, when cornered by reporter in Harrisburg, Pa., he aid: "Do I have to give reasons? I'm unning this job and if I can't fire nd hire people to suit myself, I'm oing to quit myself. It's my show nd when I see. it's time to make hanges, 1 make them." Personally I'm not much of a an of Godfrey's programs. As sev ral people suggested by mail aft- r 1 panned one of his shows, naybe 1 have a hole in ttie head. 3ut, hole in the head or not, 1 hink he's within his rights in fir- ng anybody he . desires without xplanation to the public. There are many important hings happening in the world ol elcvision and radio today. But he relationship of Arthur Goct- rey with his employes is not one )f them. Air Conditioning Will Aid Iron Lung Inmates CHICAGO Wi—Poiio patients con ined to uncomfortably warm iron lings are promised relief by air conditioning. It's the idea .of To- iru Inouye of the research stafl of the University of Illinois Re search and Educational hospitals le began research two years ago after he noticed that many polio )atients. were near heat exhaus ion while sealed in the median! cal respirators. Temperatures in side the iron lung have gone as high as 107 degrees, lie said. At Inouyc's suggestion, Edwan Oirek, an air conditioning engine er, redesigned an air diffuser. The unit enables temperatures lo be maintained at 80 to 85 degrees. Vfiur Iliirosrope SEAFOOD featuring Imperial Crabs Oysters Alaskan King Crab Claws Shrimp — Crab Cakes Fish — Steaks — Chops ok in Ilio eci'llon In which your birth' comes ami find what your outlook It: ccordlns (o (lie stars, For Saturday, October SW. 11)33 MAHCU 21 to APRIL 20 (Aries)—Voni, Mercury ami Moon uspcctj arc not i nusplclons today hu caution is advised all activities. An even disposition and ard work will help to produce good re- urav however. Al'ItlL 21 to MAY 20 '(Taurus)—This ay calls for kindly consideration of the'rs, for patience with necessary work -imd perhaps—some annoyances. You in accomplish and earn time,.for re- rcntion, too.' . MAY 21 lo JUNE 21 (Gemini)—BIG otatlons to heed now; Avoid hasty'and csty remarks,,quick or impatient action ou and others will be happier if you how cheerfulness and a willingness to ooperate, Don't seek the unreasonable JUNE 22 to JULY 23 (Cancer)—Moon's sped .indicates irritability, needless an- iely. But H forewarned, you.should be ale to thwart these tendencies. This da; as fiood opportunities for those who seel ic in out. JULY 21 to AUGUST 22 (Leo)—Yon re advised lo slow*down to an intslll- cnt and understanding pace. With prop- r foresight you can have a good day, mugh It may not be ovcrstimulating nor 10 easy of management. AUGUST 23 to SEPTEMBER 23 (Viro)-The solution nf difficult mental prob ms and the production of brilliant ideas ,ay not be entirely caty now. But it is •ell to have some so-called "off" days nee they give time to replenish energy est and study. • SEPTEMBER 24 to" OCTOBER 23 (Llb- a>—Do not be inconsistent or foolhardy e direct, but gracious, determined in nishine matters. Take some time foi iversion. OCTOBER 24 to NOVEMBER 22 (Seor- io)-Some friendly indentions though may have to exert yourself will lore adroitness than usual. Dor/t lose our temper. Calmness will pay off. • NOVEMBER 23 to DECEMBER 22 Sagittarius)—If your mind is right!; rained nnd Is kepi occupied, you wilf ot fret or worry about an occasional ull or unprofitable period. You will seel ew methods, adrt to your knowledge and DECEMBER 23 to JANUARY 21 (Cap jcorn)—"No one has a good market for ad merchandise." This can be applied 3 today's (any day's) work and activi les Good thoughts nnrt (lords are incr- handise that will find their market. JANUARY 22 to FEBRUARY 2( Aquarius)—"As we must render nccounl f every idle word, so must we likewise f our silence." A whole lot of sound ease in that saying. Make this day coun trongiy on the right side oi ledger. FEBRUARY 21 to MARCH 20 (Pis —Moderation and good reasoning are eeded now. Turn mediocrity into sue ess by good management, t YOU BORN TODAY are endowed with nergy, -determination, ambition; have many diversified talents. You appreciate lent, meeting people, and have admir an for those who reach positions < utliorlty. You con accompllih. * great eal youtnU oucc you .recognize the .irmfulncts oi procrastination and correct any tendency you have to it. You avo n natural gift for easy speech and vlll strive to acquire deep knowledge, of ny subjects in which you are interest- d- You could uet'omc a fine orator] have alcnt for writing, acting, law, polities (King Features'Syndicate, Inc.) Kentucky has. 3,569 miles of railroad. . Nancy's Home Cooked = Full Course Dinners § including Turkey $i.25 H only I = T-BONE STEAK DINNERS .. 1.50 = SERVED EVERY DAY = SUNDAYS from Noon to 8 P. M. = PLATE LUNCHES . 65c = Nancy Whetiell's j Restaurant Special! "Harvest Time" 7 Year Old BOURBON Only MARTIN'S Liquor Store 15 Balfimore St. Next to W. Md. Railway Crossing Free Delivery, * PA 2-1459* Polio Patient Home From Memorial Hospital Miss Charlotte DcBouck, 17, of 17 Frederick Street, lius returned o her home from Memorial Hospital alter being a polio patient since September 12. Miss DeBouck was confined tc he hospital with a type of spinal polio -and was one of seven polio DAVEGUNTER'S GOOD FOOD CLARYSVILLE INN • For' TobU Rtiiirvotioni or . • Tckt'Homt Order* . PHONE FROSTBURG 1076 ClOSED MONDAYS patients to be admitted to the hos-' >ital this fall,'/.- V 1 - 1 ,. At 63.TO 'feet ab6vo sea' lovcV blood will boil at body tempera- urcs. LEARN to DANCE Mvati or clou inttruction in all forms of ballroom and itagt dancing. .Skillful min and women nttruclor MOVER DANCE STUDIO 231 S. Mechanic St. YOUR BLOOD Is Needed! Give lo the . Red Crois Blood Bank Cumb. Nov. 7 — Lonaeoning, Nov. 8 Delicious Dinners " Special Dinner* tor . • Club* 'and Groupi , . SHEEHE'S RESTAURANT - r •. N. Metha'nie and Fredtricti ( ON THE SCREEN • 2 SPINE CHILLERS! BORIS KARIOFF "FRANKENSTEIN" BEIA IUGOM "BROOKLYN GORILLA" PLUS! MONSTERS! VAMPIRES! GHOSTS! GHOULS! •ON STAGE — IN THE AISIES All OVER THE HOUSE I. '^™ a ScJwa1lu<.lK i STRAND* m CONCRETE • POWER • STEEL SEPTIC TANKS EXCAVATING STpRAGE TANKS fewer*.. ln,tolk,fi.o. TRENCHING . S'«> " ILE BROTHERS McMulIcn Htry. More Information Call;.. FA-2-8484 or 2-8485 3l*Hrfin(> • . GREERGARSON-DANA ANDREWS "gSr,?MERWN UROY CINEMASCOPE WARNERCOLOR SUPER 4Q — WIIH — GENE NELSON FJIIST SHOW 7iOO AND ust cowrtiTt SHOW 1.30 STERLING HAYDEN > For Appointment Phone PA 2-1760 :0 - FEATURE ROBINSON BIG DOUBLE FEATURE TONITE BARBARA TANWYCK GEORGE ANDERS GARY MERRILL : 119 South Centre St. .= SUNDAY and MONDAY HAUOWEEN SPOOK SHOW 3 FEATURES — 3 CARTOONS • FREE CIDER AND DOUGHNUTS Draft Beer — Liquor THE DOLPHIN BAR Comedy & Cartoon STAR Restaurant SERVED 31 BALTIMORE STREET 10,30 A.M. to 8 P.M. SATURDAY'S SPECIAL FAST WITH HIS fISTS, HIS HORSES AND HIS WOMEN Roast Turkey WITH DRESSING .... Cranberry Sauce, Tomato Juic,, Candlod Cole Slaw, Chotolols Nut Sundae. Colfee V 2 Fried Young Chicken SPECIAL Week-end Rates for HUNTERS EMASCO color tylfechnicolor In Our Modern Morel Overlooking Beautiful Blue Yough Lake. Try Our Buckwheat Cakes and Sausage and Applesauce. $1 AC All the Buckwheats you can eat, only ..... l»™v Phone Confluence 9254 for Reservations SATURDAY NITE DANCE—Music by KRUSHINSKI SUNDAY DINNERS from Noon til 8:30 p.m. ALAN SCOTT BUOY YOUNG'BRADY'VALLEE CINEMASCOPE: • e* ft TECHNICOLOR > DULANY'S BAR, MOTEL, RESTAURANT 40 Miles West of Cumberland on U. S. Route 40 GREAT HITS • Starting Today • TRIPLE FEATURE! PEAN • E»«t of Edcrt' BEL. WITHOUT ff'U FRACTURE yot/R fUNM- SOHf! ZANE GREY'S Smashiiq Story WARNER BROS, put all th« f . 'ore* of the screen into * challenging drama of today's <**nag»rv! LEO GORCEY HUNTzHALL CINEMASCOPE _ MTMJE * it -k PLUS *• * * "GRIME WAVE"

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