The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 8, 1958 · Page 6
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 6

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Monday, December 8, 1958
Page 6
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(Mmn.) HERALD NEWS for WOMEN COMING EVENTS LANSINO MONDAY GRANGE will meet In the evening at Lansing Hall. ST. HILDA Unit will meet in the cveninR with Mrs. John Capp, 7tl Pndden. ST. VERONICA Unit will meet' daughter, Veronica .Toyce. to Pvt. for a 6:30 dinner and Christmas!&*«" L - Adams, son of Mr. and party at the home of Mrs. Ed-j Mrs. Rinehart Adams. Stacy ville. Veronica Schragge and Dean L. Adams Will Wed Dec. 27 Mr. and Mrs. dim Schragge. Osage, announce the engagement and forthcoming marriage of their Entertain Herald Employes at Dinner Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Rasmussen entertained THE HERALD employes at a 5 o'clock dinner Sunday at the Pox Hotel. About 140 employes and guests were seated as Christmas selections were played by Mrs. Marvin Rieken, organist. Mrs. Rasmuss*!) introduced those joining ward Clements, 1708 Deneen. Gifts will be exchanged. The wedding will Me place Dec. 27, at Visitation Church, Stacyville. ST. JANE Unit will meet in the Miss Schra SB* >s employed at thr evening with Mrs. John Mayer.'Northwestern Bell Tolphone Co., iOsage, and Pvt. Adams is serving 508 Elm Tree. j with the Army, stationed at Fort ; Carson, Colo. ST. ZITA Unit will meet with Mrs. Donald Wikoren, Austin Rt. 5, in the evening. ST. LUKE Unit will meet in thej evening with Mrs. Faber McNal- HonOFS Chaplains 1.. i /»ne OHA*.«V • Mecca Chapter ly, 1606 Grove. UNITY CHAPTER 2!», OES, will meet in the evening for a Christmas observance Hall. at the Masonic LEM RHO Theta Rho Club will A ceremony honoring chaplains was held by Mecca Chapter, Order of Eastern Star, Thursday evening at the Masonic Hall in Grand Meadow.' * meet at the IOOF Hall in the even- j There were guests from Brownsing, jdale, Spring Valley, Stewartville and LeRoy. Chaplains were escorted to the east and presented RED TUESDAY ROCK Project Club will! meet for a 1 o'clock luncheon and! Christmas party at the Dinner Bell. with gifts as Mrs. Gerald Han- WOODBURY WILLING Workers son sang. Mrs. N. S. Jacobson, Dexter, showed slides of her trip to Eur- ner and Christmas party at the Lyle Legion Hall. EAGLES AUXILIARY will meet in the afternoon for sewing at the FOE hall. . ST. OLAF Circle 15 will meet in the afternoon at the church parlors. , AAUW WILL meet in the evening at the YWCA. PAST NOBLE Grands will meet in the afternoon with Mrs. Even Evenson, 801 Clark. ST. AUGUSTINE Missionary Society will meet for a 1:30 dessert luncheon at the Philomathian Library. ST. MONICA Unit will meet for a 6:30 potluck supper at the home of Mrs. Albert Weis, 601 Rochford. MILITARY ORDER of Ladybugs will meet for a 6:30 potluck dinner and Christmas party at the VFW Hall. ROYAL ACRES Birthday Club will meet for a 6:30 Christmas dinner at the home of Mrs. A. L. Satterloff, Highway 16 West. ST. MARK Unit will meet in the evening with Mrs. Milo Mach. 1814 Bel Air. DAUGHTERS of the King will meet for dinner at the guild hail of Christ Epsicopal Church. MRS. JAYCEES will meet for a 7 o'clock dinner at Nelson's Hospitality Room. ST. GERARD Unit will meet in the evening with Mrs. Niels Christensen, 303 Harmon. PAST ORACLE Club will meet at the Dinner Bell for a 6:30 dinner and exchange of gifts. Mrs. Franklyn Stephenson, Mrs. Sydney Berg and Mrs. Merle Jacobson. Luscious in Color By LAURA WHEELER Delight the ey« — and t«mpt the taat« — with your favorite fruit* In to em * Mer on Marinate cooked small white dried beans in a tangy French dress-! a set ot "show" towels oi^'iuncheon insr- snnnn nvor <slio»rf tnmnfnos cloth. Pattern 836: transfer of,« mo- mg, spoon over sliced tomatoes,, tits ftbovu Mi x , inches; color »ug- sprmkle with lots of minced par- g«stions • 1 Canri * sley and serve as a first course. and employes with more than 25 years of service. There were vocal solos by Miss Darlene Schoonmaker and Robert McGlnnis accompanied by Mrs. Rieken, after which bingo was played. On behalf of the employes, Lloyd Fennell presented gifts to Mr. and Mrs. Rasmussen. Bridal Shower Given Miss Jane Haase Miss Jane Haase was honored at a shower Sunday at the Charles A. Armstrong home, Austin Rt. 1. Mrs. Armstrong was assisted by Mrs. Otto Volkert. Corsages were presented to Miss Haase, her mother, Mrs. S. C. Haase, and Mrs. Charles Armstrong Sr. During the social afternoon, prizes were won by Mrs. Ernest Sathre, Mrs. Alvin Strom and Mrs. Donald Erickson, Olivia. Mrs. Erickson was also awarded the door prize. The honored guest was assist- ed'in opening gifts by her aunt, Mrs. F. M. Farnsworth, Besides guests from Austin, those attending came from Racine, Stewartville, Minneapolis and Olivia. The wedding of Miss Haase and Robert L. Armstrong will take place at 8 p.m. Dec. 17, at the First Methodist Church. PERSONAL NOTES Mrs. William Thrasher, 1« Clinton, Mapleview, is a patient at St. Olaf Hospital, where she un derwent major aurgery Sunday evening. Her room number is 283. Mrs. Paul Pedersen (Darlene Klingfus), Austin Rt. 3, a patient at St. Olaf Hospital since Thanksgiving, was transferred to St. Marys Hospital, Rochester, by ambulance Sunday. Her room number is 2-151. Allen Edward Ruzek, 6-week- old son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ruzek, 300 Lyman Lane, was baptized Sunday at the Richard Westby Memorial Chapel, St. Olaf Lu theran Church. Dinner guests fo! lowing the service included Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Kjos, Janice, Judy and Gary, Owatonna; Mr. and Mrs. William Scott and Mi chael, Rochester; Richard Johnson, Blooming Prairie; Mr. and Mrs. Allan Crosby and Charles ; Austin. Sponsors were Mr. and Mrs. Kjos Janice and William Scott. BRING YOUR WOLD'S DRUG STORE Send Thirty . five Cents (coins) tor this pattern — add 5 cents tot each pattern for 1st - clans mailing. Send to the Austin Dally Herald, Needlecraft Dept., P. O. Box 169. Old Chelsea Station, New York 11. N. V. Print plainly PATTERN NUMBER, NAME ADDRESS and ZONE. A NEW 1959 Laura Wheeler Needlecraft Book, J0ST OUT, has lovely designs to order: embroidery, crochet, knitting, weaving, quilting, toys. In the book, a special surprise to make a little girl huppy — a cut-out doll, clothes to color. Send 23 cent* for this book. MR. AND MRS. ROBERT BURTON Mary Helen Hoban and Robert E. Burton Marry in November Mr. and Mrs. George Hoban, 1010 Dawson Lane, announce the marriage of their daughter, Mary Helen, to Robert Eugene Burton, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Burton Sr., Austin Rt. 1. The wedding took place Nov. 29, at Queen of Angels Church. Mr. and Mrs. Burton are at home at 1304 Walnut. Ann Advises Against Marriage By ANN LANDERS Dear Ann: I'm going to be completely honest with you because 1 need a direct pretty but here answer. goes, It isn't After grinding dry bread through the fine blade of a food chopper, you'll have to sift it if you want to separate the very fine crumbs from those that are coarser. Kay Aug Honored at Bridal Shower Miss Kay Aug, Preston, was honored at a bridal shower Thur sday at the home of Mrs. Guy Minnich, Grand Meadow. Assisting hostesses were Mrs. Paul Trembley, Mrs. Thomns Minnich, Mrs. Arvid Davis and Mrs. Kenneth Krull. Games were played and the prize awarded Miss Mary Cleveland, Rochester. A reading was given by Mrs. Verna Medberry. Miss Sharon Bergeman, Rochester, and Miss Fay Aug, Wykoff, assisted the bride-to-be in opening gifts. Miss Aug's marriage to Douglas Minnich will take place Dec. 19, at Greenleafton German Reform Church. I'm 34 years old but could pass for a lot younger (and do). At 18 I married a fellow 1 knew only a few weeks. The war was on and everyone was living from day to day. He was shipped overseas and in two months I got that telegram with the black edge. I'd be lying if I said I felt bad. t hardly knew him. I was his le- Ann Landers gal widow and got $10,000. I bought a little restaurant in New Orleans and it went over big. Then I married a guy I knew was mixed up with the rackets. He died of a heart attack two years ago, and left me plenty. Now I've fallen in love for the first time in my life. The kid looks like Marlon Brando only better. He's wonderful to me. The trouble is he's 20 years old. He thinks I'm 24. He won't have to go into the service because he has an aluminum plate in his head. Do you think this could work?. — MIN If the kid has an aluminum plate in his head it's more than you've got in yours. The 14 years you've got on this child might as well be 100. Your two marriages plus the life you've led puts you in different worlds and you know it. A boy 20 should be dating girls 17. Throw this fish back in brook—he's not even legal. the Dear Ann: Can you bring us parents up to date on a problem? My child came home from school half an hour late, f learned the entire seventh grade was kept after school because one student whispered and the teacher could not find out who it was. This is a medieval practice punishing the whole group for the wrong doing of one. Such foolish' ness should have been thrown out of the public school system years ago. Will you print this letter and explain why such nonsense is tol erated in this day and age? J. O. N. I do not agree this practice Is "medieval foolishness." There's a very important principle involved. The student who whispered knew very well he was guilty. Others in the class knew it, too. Those who refused to inform, demonstrated strength of character. A room of seventh graders who would remain silent and take punishment rather than inform on a classmate is to be admired. In most instances the whisperer' would have come forth ra ther than suffer the disapproval of his classmates. But rest assured the coward paid a good price for his silence. Those seventh graders put into practice a very precious principle. They were say ing in effect, "I will tell you anything you want to know about me but I refuse to snitch on anyone else." Dear Ann: I'm ashamed to discus this with anyone I know. It's my husband. He's turned into a check-dodger and I don't know what to do about it. AT WALLACE'S When we go but for dinner or an after-the-movie-snack with other couples, he manages never to pick up the check. I've seen him leave For the men's room when he spotted the waiter approaching with the cheek in his hand. We aren't hard up for money, and I'm sure others in the crowd must think we're terribly cheap. What do you suggest? — BLUSHING , go out together often should take j turns. Keep track for him. If alcohol is robbing you of someone you love of health and dignity, send for Ann Landers' new booklet, "Help for The Alcoholic," enclosing with your fWflMtt » cents in coin and t larg*, Mlf>td* dressed, stamped envelop*. (Ann Lander* wlB bt glad t* help you with your probl«n«.Send them to her in care of THE HERALD enclosing t stamped, Mlf« Since your husband seems to have trouble finding his pockets I suggest you step in and help him. Next time say in a loud voice "IT'S OUB TURN, DEAR." Then take the check from the waiter and hand it to him. Couples who addressed envelope.) Mold halves of hard-cooked eftt in consomme that Jellies when chilled; serve as a flrrt count garnished with lot! of miflCtd parsley. Beautiful way to "I love you"3 times] i SLIM DOWN AT HOME You can trim inches from tummy, hips, legs with the Stauffcr Home Reducing Plan of effortless exercise and calorie reduction. And, you can do it at home. BERNYCE CROWDER Coll Or Src HEmlock 1-4746 Austin, Minn. AT WALLACE'S 5E STREET Count on needing one cup of i|tart red jelly for an old-fashioned) |jelly roll when the sponge-cake !$ batter is baked in a 13 by 10 inch Ij pan. * CHINA * GLASS * SILVER BRIDGt. SHOWER. WEDDING PRESENTS * CARDS * NOVELTIES * HOTTER Y MERRITT Mimtetete'i China Sterling Shopping Center Auttin, Minn for many new and novel Gift Suggestions AT WALLACE'S TV SETS 5-Piece Provincial Rooster design Serving Trays. Contemporary brass legs. $1*95 16 Magnificence in Matching Lingerie by LORRAINE Yes, beautiful things conn In three* in thb •Mnbtjf cologne trio of Dana's famous fragrance*. TABU, At "forbidden" fragrance ( 20 CARATS, At tNtmt d elegance; AMBUSH, the romantic fragrant*, H M. «f tich. ISM? Milt — M« VIII WOLD'S DRUG STORE Cosmetic Counter Est. 1866 Main at Bridge AT WALLACE'S "Coloniol Rose" — part of the charm from days pojt, embroidered on nylon sheer and combined with today's easy-care nylon tricot — beautifully fashioned in every detail by Lorraine to become important additions to your lingerie wardrobe. From our matching collection: Slip: White, apricot mist, Sizes 32-40. flame. $4.91 Half Slip; White, apricot mist, flame. Small, medium, large. $2.91 free Gift Wrapping FREE GIFT WRAPPING OF ALL PURCHASES "You'll like the friendly Service at Wallace's" "THf CHRISTMAS STORE" "TH! CHRISTMAS STORI" *;* * Shown Is One Of Many New Lovely Cotton House Frocks JUST ARRIVED! i!i'> A SACONY PARTY-TIME ' WARDROBE IDEA! Don Face . . . Whimsical button faces attached H this full circle skirt of cotton-lisle. Interlon-bonded for permanent swirl and Socony's Waittbander makes dressing so easy. (3-6»). Matching blouse hat e button rib knit collar and deeve trim, separatee, tee. (3-6«>. face too, and • Perfect wardrobe REGULAR AND HALF SIZES! $g48 "You'll like the friendly Service at Wallace's" FREE GIFT WRAPPING SET U«4 tor MM Sacoiiy taty>Thi* T«f for FREE GIFT WRAPPING "You'll like the Friendly Service at Wallace's" " "THE CHRISTMAS STORE WaMace* "THi CHRISTMAS STORE" !

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