The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on June 8, 1894 · Page 8
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 8

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, June 8, 1894
Page 8
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' "*''»PI1jy»*W7, "if DUTY PUCEDM SUGAR Compromise Amendments to the Sugar Schedule Adopted. PEITER VOTED FOft FREE SUGAR, Bchedulo Goes Into Effect J»n. 1—HBWB. linn Treaty Cfejhtlnueil — Hill Fnrorcel Leaving Off the Duty—Kyle nnd Allert ' Voted With tho Domoemts—Another 1 Wni-«hlp to Go to Samoa. WASHINGTON, Ju ne 6. — The compromise amendments to the sugar schedule were all adopted in the senate Tuesday and the pivotal schedule oh which the fate of the tariff measure depended "went through without change. On the vital amendment to place all sugars on the free list the Democratic line was drawn, Hill (N. Y.) voting in favor of it and Irby (S. C.) being paired the same way. But the Republicans were unable to hold their own side intact. Messrs. Manderson and Perkins voting against the amendment and Mr. Quay being paired against it, while Shfirnian, who was present, did not vote at all. Only one Populist, Peffer, voted for free sugar. Messrs. Kyle and Alien, in the final issue, joining with the majority of the Democrats against it. Had all the Republicans With the three Populists and the two disaffected Democrats joined hands, 'sugar, raw and refined, would have gone on the free list. On all the other amendments offered by the Republicans the majority against them ranged from three to 10. The adoption of the sugar schedule practically insures the passage of the bill at an early date, although it is claimed that the Republicans will make a final stand on the sugar schedule when the bill is reported and considered in the senate. , As adopted the schedule imposes a duty of 40 per cent ad valorem on ail sugars, raw and refined, with a differential of one-eighth of a cent per pound on sugars above 16 Dutch standard and ah additional one-tenth of a cent against sugars imported from countries paying an export bounty. It continues the Hawaiian treaty, admitting sugars from the Sandwich Islands free of duty and places a duty of 3 cents per gallon on molasses testing above 40 degrees by the polaris- ,BCope. The schedule goes into effect Jan. I,!l895, and the bounty continued , until,that date. SENATE PASSED_SEVEN BILLS. tcnutdt- fJotpli Delivered the tnst Installment of HI* Tnt-lff Speefch. WASHINGTON, June 7.—Before entef' ing upon the discussion of the tarifl Wednesday the Senate passed seven bills, one of them being a house bill and the others senate bills. Among the senate bills passed werei Granting right of Way through the Winnebago and Omaha Indian reservations in Nebraska to the Eastern Nebraska and Gulf railroad; granting the right ol way through the Leech Luke Indian reservation in Minnesota to the Northern Minnesota Railroad company. Senator Dolph delivered the last installment of his speech on the tariff, begun some two months ago. He spoke about two hours. Mr. Dolph, in the course of his speech against the agricultural schedule, said Oregon spoke for herself. She had set the seal of her condemnation on the free trade tariff. From advices he had received Oregon had elected a Republican governor by from 10.UOO to 15,000 plurality (two Republican congressmen by about lO.UOO plurality, and the entire opposition to the Republicans in the legislature was less than SSO out of a total of 90. The debate was continued in a desultory manner by Messrs. Gallinger, Allison, Mills, White and Kyle. A long discussion was precipitated by Mills and consumed most of 'the remainder of the afternoon. It was participated in by Messrs. Hoar, Gray, Hawley, Platt and Teller. ; MORRIL FOR GOVERNOR. Kansas Republicans Itt Convention at Topeka, LISTEN TO MRS. j. ELLEN POSTER, "ho Made a Strong Plea for Woman Burn-age—Largest .Political Convention Ever Hold tn Kamns—Ohio Itetiubllonn* Nntnlnntod State OIHceM and Adopt n Platform—Populists tlcnotttlnftte Tinker. TOPEKA, June 7.—The Republican state convention,' 81)8 delegates strong, the largest political convention ever held In Kansas, was calle* to otdpr at noon Wednesday by Chairman Simpson, of the state central committee. Prayer was offered by Rev. J. A." Bright. Without preliminary remarks, the chairman announced that nominations for temporary presiding officers were in order. Hon. S. 4. Petere pj Jtetaa, ex-<$n gressman from the Seventeenth district was-the only name put in nomination and he was elected by acclamation Judge Peters, on taking the chair, wai loudly cheered and made a : rousing speech, describing the wreck of nationa prosperity by rewon of Democratic as- cendency and the loss of reputation and credit suffered by Kansas because of the domination of the state by the Populist party. A resolution was unanimously adopted at the close of Judge Peters' Messra. Platt, AVashbum, Vest, Teller, ''Pf^h extending congratulations to Gov- Lodge and Allen participated in a debate ernor - el9Ct Lord of Oregon, barley, wheat, oats, etc., lasting on barley, wheat, oats, etc., o three-quarters of an hour after the usual time of adjournment. Trimble Nominated For Pension Agent. WASHINGTON, June «.—The president has sent-the following nominations to the senate: Henry H. Trimble of Iowa, to be pension agent at. Des Moines; J. A. Andrews of Texas, to be agent for the Indians of the Lemhi agency in Idaho; Campbell P. Berry of California, to be assistant treasurer of the United States at Sim Francisco; Eugene B. Braden of Montana, to be assayer of the United States aaesy office at Helena, Mon. i Claim Against tfie Stanford Estate. WASHINGTON, June 6.—Representative McOuire of California vouches for the statement that Attorney General Olney has filed in behalf of the United States a claim against the estate of the late Senator Stanford for $4,150,000. The claim will be presented to Mrs. Stanford, who is the executrix of the estate. Mrs. Stanford is not in the city, but it is believed here that she will reject the claim. Concede Their Defeat. .WASHINGTON, June 0.—The advocates of the state banks concede defeat on the vote to be taken in the house on' the tax on state bank currency. At the outset of the debate the state bank men counted on 1*0 votes. Their ranks are thinned by absence and pairs, however, and they now admit that the majority against them will be very large. , Coet of Nicaragua Canal. WASHINGTON, June 6.—Lieutenant Menocall of the navy was before the house commerce committee on the prospects of pushing the Nicaragua canal to completion. He estimated the cost of the work at a little over $W>,(k>0,000. It could to completed in six yean. i Uartln Denies the Statement. I WASHINGTON, June 6.—Senator Martin denies tbe truth of a statement sent out that he had a disagreement with tbe postmaster general and secured through the president the appointment ofpoet- unaaters to whom Bissel objected. Afaother Warship to Go to Samoa. WASHINGTON, June 6.—Another warship will be sent to Samoa soon. Recent dispatches indicate that the situation is critical and give rise to grave apprehension on account of the foreigners on the island. Jerry Simpson Getting Well. WASHINGTON, June »>.—Representative Pence received a telegram from Jerry Simpson that he will be around in a few days. _• To Abolish the lord*. LONDON, June o.—At the conference of the National Reform union, Henry La- bourchere moved the ultimate abolition of the house of lords and that the government should, during the present session of parliament, introduce a l)ill providing that when the lords reject a measure passed by the house of commons tbe latter eUall send said bill in its original form for the royal assent. Suutvu-IrUh to Bleat. DB8M01NE8, June 0.—The sixth annual congress of tho Scoteh-IrUh society of America will meet here for three days, commencing Thursday, Colonel John Scott ot Nevada, Mayor IsaaoL. HiJUs mad Governor Jackson will mako , tbt udOrosgei .pf welcome, and Hon. 'Robert Bouiwr pf New York will respond. .!..,_'...' j Kl»-liUi DUtrlvt JU*u»u«>r»t». QMKSTUN, Juno tt.r-Tue Deuuwrtttlc cougreuslojiul committee of tho Jii,-?li district met in this city. Tbe oouvuumu for uowiuutiug a congressional CM.K'I • date w« cflllod to meet at Owning A' t). Fruijk Q, Stuart, of the Cliurii Democrat, ia the only cuudiiiuto tltyi i party at tm tUuw. Congressman Ittercer's Marriage. , WASHINGTON, June 5.—Congressman Mercer of Nebraska and Miss Birdie M. Abbott of Minneapolis were married Wednesday afternoon. Congressman Cousins of Iowa acted as best man.; The bride is a sister-in-law of Judge Lochren, the commissioner ,of pensions. Only a few persons were present, and they were Nebraska and Minnesota people, officially known in Washington. Among these were Secretary of Agriculture Morton and sister, and ex-Senator T, W. Tipton of Nebraska. Mr. and Mrs." Mercer, after visiting a few days at Virginia Beach and other seaside resorts on the Virginia coast, will return to the national capital and take up their residence at the Normandie hotel. Adjusting Letter Carriers'Claims. WASHINGTON, June 7.—William W. Hill, of the postoffice department, the commissioner appointed by the court of claims to investigate the overtime claims of letter carriers, returned from Chicago, where he spent several weeks examining the claims of carriers there. OverlSO claims, aggregating /about $45,000 in amount, were adjusted. ; Commissioner' Hill will, in a few: days, resume tbe examination of the Chicago claims, the remainder of which aggregate about $90,000. :! -•• •';•' •••••'• "'•••"- :: ' ; ''•'.'':' Bearings onlndnstrlal Dlstren. WASHINGTON, Juno 7.—The following senators have been appointed a • committee in accordance with the resolution of Senator Blackburn .to receive, petitions and hold hearings on. the industrial distress: Vilas, Smith, Blackburn, Gallinger and Patton. ,. Gold Reserve Getting Lower. WASHINGTON, June 7.—The cash balance at the close of business Wednesday was 1116,654,300, of which $74,000,257 ia gold reserve. The gold engagement for export amounts to $1,750,000, leaving the true amount of the reserve $7B,U80,- 600.: :., .-.•••;_ ______• ••• -• •••• ' " Mr*. Cleveland Leans Washington. ' WASHINGTON, June?.—Mrs. Cleveland, accompanied by her two children, a nurse and a maid, toft Washington in a special car on the Pennsylvania railroad; for Gray Gables. At New York the party,will take a boat for Full River. Vrawlej Proposttloa'Defeated. WASHINGTON, June 7. — The Cox: amendment f,or the repeal of the- 10 per cent tax on state bank* was defeated in the house by a vot» of 103 .to 170. A viva, voce vote on the Brawley bill was then taken and the bill defeated. Indian Hun Dance to ForbUden. HELENA, Mont,, June 7.—Governor Eticardsha* issued a proclamation far- bidding the sun dance of the Cc5ur Indians at Great Falls. HAPPENINGS BRIEFLY TOLD. Prince Bismarck la suffering from neu- talgia, but is able to ride out daily. John- Sohroeder's 2-year-old non was burned to death at Clinton, la., while playing with matches. Philip Keagy, 72 years, old, secured a license at Dulmque, Ia., to marry Agnes M. Albrpok, 71. W. II. Johnson, county auditor at Muscatine, la., has disappeared, aud his. school fund accounts are- said to bo $3,000' short. Business men of Pennsylvania contemplate a trlj> to Washington to urge action, on the tariff bill. Jennie Creok, 10 years of age, of Millgrove, lud., has received: a moaal from ttu» moh order, Legion of Honor, for saving a train from destruction, Merchants ot Milwaukee have asked the newspapers to suppress wows concerning smallpox in tho interest of business. School directors at Canton, Ills., have discharged four Catholic teachers and a Janitor to make places for Pi'ostestanto, New Jersey's supremo court bus refused to 1'xumlu.e Miss Mary Phllbrooku, a womuu law student, (or admission to practice. Forty-eight grain elevators, the property of tuu lied Hlvur Valley comivuiy, will be sold iu the interest of the creditors. Five boys, iu mutes of a Catholic home iu Tarry town, N. Y., died from eating a ill. _.U »'lv» imllniu Hunt. GuTiwiH, O. T., June ».—Daring the semiannual BUU dunce of the Sao aud Fox Indians, two ludiuiw booumo involved iu a quarrel ovur a Winchester. Chiefs Abtor, Littlo Hoy, Two Tails, No Head and Wolf Kyuu were shot, tho tat I two fatally. I OhlldrtnOryfor Listen to Mrs. J. Ellen Foster. The convention then took a recess tm! til 8 o'clock to permit the chairman to i select the committee on resolutions, etc. ! No business was transacted at the afternoon session, but addresses were delivered by prominent woman suffrage ad' rooates, who are,in the city in force for the purpose of urging the convention to place a suffrage plank in its platform. The. principal address was by Mrs. J. Ellen Foster of Iowa, who made a strong plea for the general principle of woman suffrage and the expediency of making tt a Republican issue in th« present Kansas campaign. The convention took another recess after addresses, and dorr Ing the recess the committee on resolutions met and listened to arguments by the Topeka Ministerial union in favor of a prohibition plank in the platform. WORK OF OHIO REPUBLICANS, Made Nominations For State Officers and ' Adopt • Platform. COLUMBUS, June 7.—The Republican itate convention reconvened at 13 o'clock Wednesday. Prayer was offered by Rev. William Magee, After the address by ex-Governor Foster and the adoption of a platform the nominations were agreed to as follows; 8. M. Taylor, for secretary of state; John Schahok of Dayton, for judge; C. E. Gross was renominated for board of public worltSj and 6. T.. Carson for lohool commissioner. When ex-Secretary Charles Foster was introduced as permanent chairman be was greeted with an unusual demonstration. Governor McKinley was |iven an ovation on entering the hall. Auditor of State Poe read tin report on resolutions, which was adopted with frequent applause. ' The platform strongly indorse* the ad- B)lnistratiOB of Governor McKinley; denounces the Wilson bill M unpatriotic, favorable to trusts and sectional ia their provisions, and as subversive of tb* prbs- pgrity and happines of the people of the united States; indorses the sentiment of the National Grange, i. e., that all tariff laws shall protect the products of tbe farm as well as (be products el,the factory; commend* the Nicaragua canal. Following is the silver plank; v We favor MaetalUsin. Silver a*well M gold i< one ol the graat products of the United States. Its coinage M used,a* a circulating medium .should be steadily maintained and constantly/ encouraq* by the national government, an'd w*' advo- late such a policy as will,' by dUcriiblnat- Ing legislation or otherwise, most speedily restore to silver its rightful place-M a noney metal, ' Inferences from speeches are to the effect that Foraker ia favorite for Unit* > ed States senator, and McKinley. for president. * ; Oregon LeglsUtWM Mtooglf PORTLAND, Or., June 7.—The count in this city is not quite finished. The Australian ballot law, has proved very cumbersome both in votiug and count- Ing. Partial returns have been received from all but seven small counties in the itate and later returns only increase Republican pluralities. Lord will have att [east 10,000 plurality and it may reach 17,000. Complete returns from aft but tour counties in the First congressional U»trict give Hermann (Rep.) 6,000 plur- alty. Ellis (Hep.), in the Second di*- Lriot, will hov« 3,500 plurality. TJw Republicans haro 00 ot the 00 members of tbe legislature, with a large majority In both houses, which insures tbe reflection of Senator Polpb. Congressaiaa linker It«iiomtna*e4> ' COLBY, Kan., June 7.—Congressman Pakor, of the Third district, was renom- inated by the Populuto. Begqlutlpni tommending th« preaent state *4mini- Itration and expressing faith in the Om»- ba platform were adopted. Oruebetl to ttealb Iu a Fit lie DM. YANKTON, 8. D,, Jons di—Henry fchonwman, aged IT, dug a pit into Which he wa, going to roll a tbro-tou bowlder. Before he could climb out of th» nit his futh«r awidently uturtod the bowlder. It fell on tlw boy and klUed him, The tether is BOW a raving ma- UittC. • NEW YOVK, June 7.—MiB» EWe Boyd Bombard, who plays the heroine rohi in •'Shore Aq«W," was married ty Pr, Collyer to John ?. Inrush, lu-oaideut of Ihe CiifcittU»tl_bttm)U<5li club. llouutf fur «Uo 4«)'luw, Pi-ATTHMourH, Nob., Juno 0.—Sheriff EiUouUury dopurtud I'or Liuuoln wltli three putieuto for tho intmuo iwylim'i two iuyu aud OUQ woman. to ttitt Vegetkbt A Michigan fafinfef considers the following list as being trustworthy tot cultivation by beginners! Lima beans* Challenger, Kxtrn Early New Jersey; other pole beans, Hurticul taral, Golden Champion) greet] fleshe snap beans, Valentine, Relagefe: -wa beans, Challenge, Black Wax, Golden Wax; Beets, Detroit Dark Bed f Perry 1 Half Long. Early cabbage, Jersey Wakefleld summer' or fall cabbage, WinnigstatH winter cabbage, Stone Mason. Cauliflower, Snowball (Extra. Earlj Erfurt), Algiers. Celery, Golden Yellow Large Solid Perfection ftenrtwell. Early sweet corn, Crosby, Cory j me diurn or late corn, Concord, Old Colony Lettuces for summer, White Star Deacon: lettuces for winter, Or am Rapids for greenhouse and Silver Bal for hotbed. ... At to* Divide Station. Experiments were made last with buckwheat at the Divide expert ment station. Two varieties, the Japanese and the Silver Hull, were wwn broadcast upon a small tract of shoddy ground. A severe hailstorm in June beat the plants to, the ground, after which they soon revived and made vigorous growth, very good. The yield of seed was High bred people keep their private affairs to themselves. Common people turn not only themselves but. their neighbors inyde out. Young and middle-aged men suffering: from nervotu debility, premature old age, low ot memory, and kindred symptoms, should tend 1 10 cent* In stamps for large Illustrated treotlne btiggestlng sure moans of cure. Sent sealed In plain ravelooe. World's Dispensary Medlcaf Association, Buffalo, M. Y. Health Officer Waman of Bay City, <Mich. r alleges shameful neglect of children whose lives bad been insured by their parents*, . . . • :. : . -—•••—Wood's Cures Every Time. CAHBOLL, IOWA, May 6, IBM.—Hood's Sara* patina cann»t bo equalled fora spring medicine. It strengthens the weak, creates an appetite and gives new illo to all parted the body, h've taken It for dyspepsia and found that It cures every time.- At a Wood purifier I would re- com mend It to everyone. Kits; J. 8. WRIGHT. Hood's Fills cure Imlegestlon. In a collision between, street cars in Atlanta, Ga., one motorman was killed, un ether fatally hurt, and eight passengers injured. Three little maids from sohoci are we. Kree.from pains of -all description; But once w* were «!ck as slckeould be— Cured by the "Favorite Prescription." It IB a certain panacea For all the Ills of w»mannoo<}, "3ty a bottle with good cheer; We know that It will do you good. Dr. B. V. Fierce: Dear 8lr—My daughter bad teen slek oil her lite, and the older sh» grew, be worse in* was until she was- the picture ot jeatbrtiie physician could not do her any good. I beard 1 of your "Favorite Prescription,", tor women,*Dd I gave her three-bottles, and now sbe Is a perfectly healthy girt. Have recommend edit to a gnat many sufferer! from "female complaints." and It baa cured them. I tblnk It sibe greatest medicine:In the 'world, and I bave nevor found anything to compare with It. Wesson; Coplab Go. Mini. MRS; M, J. Lom. The Brotherhood of Locomotive- Engineers, in session in St. Paul, adopted resolutions condemning Senator Walsh's bill to'prevent interference with mail trains. '•'•'•" ' • ' - •-•:• !•-•• ••- • , Often rwultsrte cold*, terers, , neuralgia an<l kindred dimomiMBte. i donot^'catotteold" if w* u«Tn food condition. If the Bv«ri« active, and l*r eqiMacvdoiH; its duty, w»liv« apdenjoylfle"rminor ablne," a cold there's nothing •» ' .. the whole system peculated In • perfcjr tutund way. , ,If ,w* do not fed bippr, V we worry and jrusnbl*, if we are morbid, if tbe days seem dr*ery and lone, if the weeiher to bad, if things go awry, ipli *• liver whiek Is at fiuHr T» ta geMrally^ tor common sense; way is to take Dr. FleasantpeUete., Wefcowally eat t^emuoh, take iniurflclentreierclie, by means at -which our a*ue-cbanf«s beoome indolMt.Md hv complete. Be comfortable—you ar» ootn- fortable when well You'll be well wke*>on haveUken " Pleasant Pelleto." ,,, ,,' . No Constipation follows their use. Put • • in |0a«—always (reek ejj re- up SM liable. PARTIES Interested in Grain, Provisions and Stocks WATCH 241 B. C. Co., Chicago OTHRk. Itlsths BB8T. There ii npthlog JUST AS QOOP. _, f un ur for Wu muku u Urgo »j luty u( Iliwi* clwuii uiituUI uwVvlii)cig™ilo» itartftubuy lliu UR8T. Tl ut iw lluvly IhiUhod ur wiutM)/ mmlo wi Uio JIOMKJ our liiiinu for v« : lint WK mUHANTKR KVKIIY ONE, uiid our itmrttJlUw l> KUUIJ, \V» Irnvu lutvnu Iu iwyl> nmry Uimi wluim H'i'ita fvf (tur Xfiv I'rfae £'*!• lf« tvllt u»t In* l/n<l«r«w(«r. WvwKUtyouroriJur. If notfortbu IliuMoruur ' " tim [( iiHuiu. Ulximl ivriiu will ,'Y>!«:'l!iVKII n iiiui'lihut ul v twfoiv purcMMiuirt II^M> vt < T^IEW iiSe IEVM HAQIIINE on,, »U|f, Htu., «B U»lw Biw«, ». T., - - - --, VPU MUtK W LUD WIG BROS., Cwrrull, (UWH, )fy Ws, Notions, llinefy and Cloak What is CMtorla is Dr>. BaAttel Pitcher** t>K»«rli)iion for Inflintt and Cblidren. It contAtn* neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic substance. It is a harmleu substitute for Paregoric. Drops, Soothing Syrups, and Castor Oils It ia Pleasant. Its guarantee la thirty, years' use by Btillions of Mothers, Costorla destroys Worms and allays feverishness. Oastoria prevents vomiting Sour Curd* cures Diarrhoea and Wind Colic. Oastoria relieves teething troubles, cures constipation and fl«*nlencjrt Costorla assimilates the food, regulates the acomach and' bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. Cas» ftoria is the Children's Panacea—the Mother's Friend. Castoria. "OBRtorfa Is an excellent medicine for children. Mothers have repeatedly told me of its Bood effect upon their children." DM. O. O. OSOOOD, Lowell, Han. " Oastoria ta the bent rmaetf tor children of which I am acquainted. I hope the day Is not far distant when mothers will esoslder the real Interest of their children, and ns» Castor!* In•teed of the varlousquack nostrnmswhlch are de*troyln( their loved ones, by torcitg opium, morphine, eoothlng syrup and other hurtful agent* dom then* throats, thweby sending them to premature gr*Te*." • / •. Da. J. F. SJnamnat, . Oowray, Ark. Castoria. " Oamorlato so well adapted to cfcfldren that I recommend It aiiuperlor to any {mecrlptloo known to me." ' ( , H. A. AKiBin, 1C. D., KI So. Oxford St., Brooklyn, N.T, "Our physicians In the chlidren> depart. menC bare spoken highly'of their experl- eice M their outside practice with Cwtorla, and although we onlj hare among our medical supplies wtiatls known as regular product^yet we are. free to confew that tbe; merit* of Oeetoria bae won na to look witfe fororupoalt." .1 : n»inD BOSPITU. Aim DisranaAMv ; ' .' •'•'.' . Boston, KMK AUJBf C. Slant, JVet., Thm Oentevr Oompavvy, 77 Hnvray 8tr**l» Hew Tork Cttjr. "A HANDFUL OF DIRT MAY BE A HOUSE. FUL OF SHAME.* CLEAN HOUSE WITH SAPOLIO \J~ ARROLL DRY GOODS COMPANY We are showing an exceptionally nice line of Ladies Spring Capes. Also, a lar^e assortment of Ladies'SkilitWaiBts. 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