Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 27, 1927 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 27, 1927
Page 2
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5f- THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. TUESDAY EVENING. AT VKWJi, \ W'lieii liawii's K<ift UKIII faUn on 'ilm' I'iirili, ririxiaiiiiliiK lUiy's UIH-JHIIIIK J)lrth; Wlioii losy voUim fliisli llu« sky AjKl (UirkKonii^ clourls titko wii'igH, JiiKl riy;. • ^Vll^n fdicst folk awakf-^ III Rive And iiirtlH 'urc (rliirtiiiiK drowhily; When (Jr«io |iriijj flbwerH lift up llicir hiMils Uk«> t'iiildicn from tliclr iiltle iK'ifs; i "AVIiun fairy fUipcra music make , in every, Im- iiii<1 frrn atidbnike; W]i«ii from the hills ami wooils of ; . sreoii - / ; The liew hnrii \viii<l comci> cool aijil elpaii. I ChriMtraus Uhijier l 'Mrt» A (TToiip or KlrlM vn(«r(ain4 >(I thvlr gonilvniun frlcnclH at fa ucven o'clock (Imnrr anil cartt party laNt nieht In the Hot6l Kcltey dining room. , • MJMH Tliplma Maddux. Mliw Irene C'orr, Mr. Uflryl Gaithcr and ..Mr. Harold MlUcr reccilvcd favors for hiKh and Hvcond biRli HCoreH ,at bridKo. The .hosit'Hses und KueHts included: .Mr. and MrH. Ix>ui8 Breckcn- ridco. .MisK Dorcaa Miller, Mists Irene Corr. MIHS Hazel Irwin, MIHS filadya Mai-niont. MIH.M Blanche i.INUrmont, MISB Catherine Cannon, MisH Thelma Maddux. Miss Louise Ponsler, Miss Julia Irwin. Mr. And iJi tlu' miiadows as we pass ',; Harold Miller. Mr. Alson Kemp. A million diamonds deck the grass, i Mr. Etholbert Shields. Mr. Jewell ' And near Jijiid far on every hand Dawn's tt-itfJiinp magic floods the land— Oh, Jet us take the time to pray jAiid thank (lod. for aubtber day. . • Katherine Edelmau. Pace..Mr. Charles Smith. Mr. Wallace Drake, Mr. Beryl Gaither. of Ft. Scott: MF. Bernard Flannery and Air. Angclo C. Scott. ^ , • • * ; f ^ShMds Families Ent«rialii I The four Shields fadilies entor- -Mr. and .Mrs. .K IL Stewart Uainad tOKether Clifistmas da^ l'«lebrafe '<^»Iden M'eddinfr I ^vith a dinner in the home of Mr. One of the most interesting so- and Mrs. E. D. Shields, fiat event.s of the Christmas ioas- The families included: Mr. and on was the <il»bration of the Gold- Mr.s. C. H. Shields, Mr. and Mrs. • en "Wedding Anniversary of Mr. !^^'• M. Shields and children. Miss and Mns. J. R. Stewart, which took ' ^Vilmn Shields,^ Mr., 'Bthelbert place yesterday at tlieir lioiue. 606 Shields and Robert Shields: Mr. .South WashjuKiou and in tl\V din-' 4nd Mrs. fe. D. Shields and Bar- Green was cliairmau of |thc social committee. Plans were made for \bo rcanioh ot 1928. ' ) . The memhers present ifqre: .Mrs. B. |H. Hunt«r, Mrs. J£»rl{ Moore, Mrf Spencer Card, of Ransait City, Mo.: Mrs. Cecil Slou(. Mra. ^Beatty Ray, .Misri Deiorel Gbmmon, MIBH liazni Suffron. .MiK» Haiel .Prarce, MIsH > Ix<nna Gray. Miss Helen (.'rcfl. Jftlw* <trace Blxlcr, Mr. Harold Kellcy. .Mr. Floyd Kellcy-of Kans^K City, Mo.; and .Mr. R. L. CopeiilnK.' * • • i'iirMnuis DiniuT UWH^N '] Mr. V. I... iCMett, son:<rf..Mrs. <!. W. Chewnlnic. Mri;. Kt»ieH and their dauKhler. •.Tlaxlne. of WollinRton. Kans.. and'.Mr. and MrsJ Ernest McFarland were Christmas dinner KueatH of Mr. and .Mrs. .O. W. CbewniUK. Mr. E«tes returned to Wellington yesterday. .Miss. Pauline W >tl«. of Winficld. Kansas, and Mr. Gerald L. Capps. son of .Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Capps of'601 South Third stree*. were married Saturday nigrht in Winfield. ! ^ The bridegroom is a graduate of the Idla high school with the class of 192G. He Js a stenographer .Xor the Sant^.Fe railroadlat Independence. Kaitsas. where M*". anrf Mrs. Capps will makje their mure borne. Mr. and .Mrs! Gerald Capps and Mr and Mrs. Charles Capps were Christmas guests of :Mr. and Mrs. W. «. Capps. • <• • Christnuis VlnaeF lo PwweU Hoate , Guessts at ChrlstmaB dinner in tlie J. E. Powell. Jiome include<l Mrs. J. X. Storey," :of Amsrillo. „ «. .„ o».i»i,i« Mi«» i Texas. .Mrs. O.C. Kennedy, of Kaning room ot ibo First .Methodist: hara S^eay.^ i^""?,,? Lf^)^^L »lnr1 »«s City. .Mo.. Mr. and Mrs. Walter church. 4u >v >i. I Alice Shields. Miss Iva Qvcrmeycr Mr. Stewai:t wlio is in the 73rd j ^vas a guest and th* out-of-town .vear of his age was born in I^ex- K''ests were: Mrs. E. J. Barhey- ington. Mo.i and came in his early l^ack and daughter. Miss Frances I .vouth to Bourbon County where he , Barneyback. of , Chillicothe. Mo..' located on a farm and later was | and their son. Robert Barneyback rJnarrled on Cbristmas Day. 1877 Id'of Amarlllo. Tej^. sister, niece and .Margaret .\. Katley, who was.born nephew of Mrs. E. D. Shields, in Bourbon Count.v. .Vftei^ about • <> • five years Mr.^ and -Mrs. Stewart! """iP"" "1 Cbrlstmas Dinner, -ca'iiio over into Allen County lo-1 Mrs. T. S. Breckenridge was Woodside, of Wichita. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Powell and daughter, Nannie Jean and Mr. Vernon Powell. • • * |. CbristnuK Dinner Gnests Mr. and Mrs; Frank Marks. : of 224 West Bruner street, had as Christmas dinner guest»: Mr. and i .Mrs. J. A. Benaon and daughter. Doris, of Arkansas City. IKans.. ami Mr. and Mrs. George Marks, of jiaTp; in th^'prait-ioHall" noigii- ^"vers for: Mr arfT Mrs. Howard Ottawa. Kansas. Lorhood which has ever since then i Scarborough. Mr. and Mr.s. B. F. HP„„I„„ jK.rn recaried a.^ the family homo. Scartorbugh. Mr. and Mrs. M Hall JamUy Kennlon _ Mr. Stewart was an energetic and '^'•^•'"'"•'''Ke. Keith Breckenridge. Mr and .Mrs. W. D. Hall, of 622 siiccessfnl farmer .aid home fif.,Tommy nreckenrldge and Mi88,_South.\\a.»Mngton avenue, enter.- <treu vear* ago wtis able to retire ' Kvaly Breckenridge , tainwl their children and fcrand- in comfortable <ircMm..< and - „ cJiildren Christinas day at a noon- liMMc lo lula where thev have Kranulch fcnterUilnii ! day dinner. They .were: Mr. and ijinte lived. ' ' M"""- Bnimu Krannich and son. | .Mrs. Alfred Powell and children. DECEMBER 27. 1927. caUng 'on'aTarm'soiitiieVsrof La- 1 hostess Sunday a* dinner^ with - . ...... .... . r.r.u«ra fnf' Mr anlf Mrs. Howard Kinit PreKlijrlertiin lliarrJk | l)r.' H. 0., Mathls preached u stjr- mpn in the morning nt the Prcjs- hyterian church using the theme, "The Heralds of the King," aid the choir ^ans appcoprlate Chrl«t- nias music. The ChristmaM party for the children was held at lU o'clock with Miss Mary Faust. Mfs. Travis M«me. aasisted by Mnt. C. E. Russell in charge. There wjas a program of-readings l>y the little folks' and . Ch'ristmns songs were sttng. Miss (Jcrtnide Green played a flute solo with Mis. I^alph Stover accompanying. The (irineipal feature was a C'hrislmas liag.ant called the "Christnias Story." The characters 'rore taken by the smallest children and the story depicted Ihe manger, the wise men and the Infant Jcsasi •Appropriate songs were sung during the pageant and there was a ^rec and treats afterwanl. The older pupils and adults held a program at the same hour in the au'd- itpriuin of the church. The young people of the Chnistian Ehdeav|>r society went to tlie. county farm and gave a program for the benefit of the occupants of the honie. The progiam took on both a rjo- ligious and jovial nature. The CliristniBs .story from the • Bibjle was U»c basis for the first irart pf the program, a portion of the story being read- and a song siiiik. closing with "Joy lo the Worldf. ' llarvey Hcrr pla,ved a violin solo with Miss Lucille Canatsey as aj;- ro.'iipanist. A brief talk on tUc Ciiristmls story with applicatioiis to the present'day. was give^. "Jingle Bells" was sung while sicighbolls Jingled and Sant.i Claiis appeared and distributed gifts gij-- en by the Big Brothers and k treil Kiven by the Carlyle ladies. !A Chii.stnias tree also held maiiy (;l(ts. instrumental music w^s furnished by an orchestra compol<- :ed of^ Harvey Hcrr. Frpdcritjlc KJreeh. .Mayril Warner and Jnd.s<jn jhope revived and the Christmas llumscy. Owen Paul, leader, and (light began to shine. I|n the years It was an intere.sliiig <oiii(i<icnce Krnost Krannich. iontcrtained at . of Humboldt. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Hall and children. Mr. and Mrs. .W. that a.,.oii« the old time friendii , <^^P"- T."",''. . «'m l „ „ . u.,. wh.. came f,. .elehr .ai.- the anni-'^vere: Mr. ^d Mrs. I)»-lght MH or H. Hall and children ^nd.Mr. and viMs.Try wer.1' Mr and .Mrs Ira ^'f Chanule and Mr. and Mrs. Olto .Mrs. C. \\. Campbell and daugh- KaslK-er of (j-olony who were mar- Krannich and .laughters. Mariet.ta , ter. licil 311 years ago on Clirititmas ''•"•1 Marjorie.^^^ ^ ' ''"Llalives iind nf ilr. an.l •'•"•''jj"'"'' "'".IV'' """'""'"^ ". Mr.s. su-wart to tl»o total uumlicr "17,':"*"' „ , - -, —- of fii proplo gallK ^red during th -l^, A^Xhristmns dinner was held porter, of St. Joseph. Mo.. - foreiinpn at the liomo on .Sout i J". » IP »'""»' Miss Margaret Berry and Miss WashiiiRtoir where :congratuIalion^"''>Bh'.9fM«'"""'",'j"""'",?/.*"^^^ Berry, of Ft. Scott and • «nd greetings wo-re e.\<-hanKed ui.f i",""- 'V"-.- ""y Wright, of ( h.cago.! Sydney Brown and Miss til" about, on., o 'clock when tht »'"'•'>• relatives who had not been Ly„<rith Cecry. in her lionie at 701 whole "party the dinl,'."Rr"""' rormany years made the | ^3^,, j,trpet. Miss Porter and'her liiother ar^- •:• •:• * Miss IfenHinirton Jfosteiiii at Dinner .Misi) Ruby Pennington was host- at; dinner last nlirht( to Miss iJig r.HMu ..i" the First .Metho.Hsi ''"y, """«"«">' happy, -church-where the laddrs of Cirele ! The guest.s wcre:^ Mr. and Mrs. servo.l a .sumptuous threo-cburflo ^''''"^'•^^^^'B'","^ Mnca.d. Knn? dinner. ».^<n ««-in,, Mr. and Mr.s. Harvey Coens and tijuitiVF magazine atand in ant!<:i- p4t <on of tuturc servlceH toKcth'ir. Mts Gavin also gave the prieen- tatlott speech' for this gift on behalf of the twoclaases, the raotu.* and his wife responding in a h8p.> py way. Mr. Chas. Ableson was the Bible schiidl Hupcrinte;jd<:nt. The iiiorning sermon topic was "The Birthday of a Kln«." .preached l>y the pastor, with the. Knignts Templar as guests. Mrs. ' Wade •Vlan.a sang "No Room In the )nn." accunipaniod l»y Mrs, C. A. Barber Flrjil .«etho4bt fhurrh. ChrLstmajj day was a ^ipUndid day In all the services of the First .Methodist churcJi. At illic morning .service^ the, |iastor. the Rev. C. I. CoIdsmiUi, sjickc on the subject. "The Name iof Jc -iUi." He emphasizeil Ihc 'fact .hat' the prophecy of Isaiair was ''alrllsd in the coming, of Jesus asi Itc.Vemer and Lord. At this service ili-.< chnlr presohttd a very attractive s'-led- tiin..J'Brighte8t and Best" ijy Whit- ney-4'oons. The cJioir wa.s assisted by Lucile Canatse^ nl the piiinu, Mr. James Rcid on jhc vibr Un and .Mr. Judson Rums<^ with the flute. j The tree and Christmas tici-t for the children was held : n the church basement ' Friday afternoon at which Mfss Clara Crown gave a Christnias story on "Music." I'nlted Brethren The Rev. R. .N*. Montgomery preached on "The Christmas Bells of Prophesy" from the text, "For unto us a childi is born, unto us a son is given and the government shall 1)0 upon ^is shoulders, and His name shall be called wonderful councellor the Mighty God, the cvci lasting Father, the Prince ot Peace." Isaiah 9:6. He said that God. never forgets. The promise mads to Adam was faithfully fulfilled. God had not forgotten. Isaiah rang the Christnias bell— «iatcd^.of readings jiud spngs by the pMmary, interibcdjatc and Junior clBBses, assisted-'hy tlie church dipir. The house, waii flUed lo Its capacity and dverxbnc seemed to enloy the prbgrant.- Supcrintcnd- cptliisle Ha,piUton was assisted by his corps ot teachers in; distributing treats to the members of the Sun4ay school. Thc-^ prayer circle Was announced for Wednesday evening at 7:30 ynd at' the <;l08c of the prayer service the hoard of stewards will nK ;ct on very important business. All stewards are requested to be prctieat. Tonight (Tuesday evening)' the Qii'-en Esthers will give a social in IJLC haftcmcut of Uie parsonage. Th.e cnlei^aipmcnt will be in the tonn of a i>lay and every one is .cordiallj invited. TheV Baptist; Temple. VeBtcrday was one the very best days .ever experienced at the Baptist temple. The morning servicp vaa a combination of the Sunday school and the regular exercise. CJinrrli. visiting in lola. lettec made iiii of Miss Clara Brown. -Mrs. Dene Billbe. Mr. Ever- o^t. Ixind and; Mr. Chartes Funk; The program i was delightful and preally enjo.vcd and upon its con--!' cljisioii tho whole parly th " - i» turned to the Istcwart honn sqj-ial hour. IKKKTK DirUAX. Irene, the youngest child of Mr. daughters. Delrhuc and Mildred. Mr. and .Mrs. Joe lAdams and family, .Mr. and .Mr.s. C. E. Lock, of m itscon.|ren. ^^V^^^^^^^^ 2:J. 1921. and died Decem- ^„r?<,;';^':5"^ lllldlS'?^^ 1927. ageii 6 yca^n^and 4 ler an., daughter. Ruth and Mr. , • an .i Mrs riiff K-astwoofi Of Mo- Within the compass Of thcse two Thcoccasiqn w .i8 tretneiidously ' B^^ the Jove and as- ..ijoyed byall present, the more so.i^^«n-f'^;»N^^^^ of parents and the love for tl,e reason that Mr. aiid Mrs.,Alii-cvillc. Kans. Stcnvart aro onjoyint a hearty old . „ .ige and wero ml it ail wearied j enjoy ^ I and longing of the young life that >.nner lu .».muiN Homi' " T*^ wjtli eager anti- M,. ..n .i I II Miiniliu mill c'patlon tliat she started to^school by the iong a„d ta.;her st.enuous :for th. first time this hdi:and dur- 'for Christmas dinner guests' «"K">" ff.* "avf or her _sickness. - - By no means the least remark-; Vt',;r 'n °i "f'.'.v" \iT "nml v 'i^V;' "f*"" ^iPoke and thought of her able thing about this unusual oc-r '^^y";^^ Oj,;- rtessif St «i ^'*--'^b °"'l ^ut" she has left the home. cjision was the largo number ofl, , imniedialo rdatives who were ""'1 ^'"^ ^'"^ incident. O'"'"'• Two of Mr. Stewart's lirothcrs fe of Clin- i"' home of eternal love there and Ihe-dsiys of slow i learning for tlie eternities of fel- !lowship: with. the Savior tiiere. Irene nias also a regular attendant ^ Sunday school, belonging to ;h7'rollXing"gtiests"al"cMrristmas !Beth Brinnon's class In the Pri- • • jmary department of the Sunday of the First Methodist and W. li. Stewart, wife and .son ^.f,/""'-*' 1'"", in M at •Hobarl. all of Maplelon Kansas and two sisters of Mrs. Stewart. ^''^'^t" »' Christmas! «^ Mrs. Jciinio K. .luhn.son and son ''•*'>';„ smith lud ' «-hool MrV . and son. ,Mcj!c. vf 1 l)\\,\er and; wiic ami cliildreij. ' • >t A •M.-..vd. Ciiur.. Waller. Buidellc and „ „ ,.. ''! ' ' ,• -.iuiif-.r. all of .Mapleton: Iv L. Kep- ^' lioness le.v iiiiil wif.- and' <Jiil<lren, Kph- ^''"s. T. W. Walte was hostess at rlnfli; (Oulii. Alice and John of Red- dinner .Monday ' for oue-of-town tii'iil. KjiM .sas: Ivarl Kendiick and friends, ami .Miss Francclla Wailc wite aii<! .-cMi .Hiigii. of Itcdfield. (;hil.!ieu itii-l grand'-hildien: .Mr.s. holida.vs. Her guest.", were: .Mrs. Arnnn iC x Mn.-koKiH-. Okla- V'- J- Biirneybaclt and dajightcr. iKiiiui. Waller Crook and wife and Frances Barneyback of ChilH- . <-iiilili .il. I. Ill cue. .Margaret. I<alli-•''olbe. .Mo.. Robert Barneyback. of i-.i'-' and. Walter Junior of Hum- Amarillo, Te.x.. .Mr. antt Mrs. E. U. Ark.: .M^. and Mrs.rRob Smith and; Beside her iwrcnts she is sur- "'Hhio'Voliowing^'iiore" and n.i.h- '"'idren and .Mrs. Jennie Krepps.hivod^y four sisters. Karyl. Kath" <w •, th h hi.'li .u r n "f '-olony. and Mrs. Gertrude Mo-•'".vn; Eleanor and Bet y Lee. also '""'"" "f"" . < : i her grandparents on Iwth sides of the family and many other relatives and friends. A 'sister. Georgia Fjrancesi passed away in infancy. Services were held at the family home. 604 North Sycamore. Sat- Who i.. here from St. Uiuis for the "'•'^r.' "•'*^*'»'»*"^ 24, Rev. C. I. Miss Margaret Shannon, 'president of the senior C. K. Society, of tlje Presbyterinn church, did much, toward inaking the program a success. Fir»l (bristl)in ihurch. The outstanding service at tl e First Christian church was a Christmas pageant at 8 o'clock in the evening. There wore foilr scenes depicting the prophesies Of Christ's coining, pilgrimage of the Jews, shepherds and the niangi r Jit (iedilehein. The Rev. J. L<c Ri-lelord read from the Bible pro- ceding each .scene and special Honps wpre sung as the pageant iinioiucd.l A choir of twcnty-fiVc voices assi.sted in the presentation. The i-rincipals. in Ihe cast wero: Mr. John Griffith. Mr. Frank So- glti and Mr. J. A. Fryer as prophets; Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Senekcr as Joseph ami Mary; Margaret Williams as an angel: .Mr. Franc's Anderson. Mr. Jay llcs.scr ap .<i Mr. Ernest Foster as the Ihrfec wise men. Forty persons took part in Ihe pageant. Mrs. Ralph Ro^s [.sang "Star of tlie EasK". Mrs. Frank Noglc. Mrs. Joe Wolf. Mrs. R. H. Coblcntz and Mrs. Fred Steele composed a quartette which sang "Sleep. .My Little Jesiis." The Misses Virginia. Vinita and ' Velta SmiUi "Sanclus" and Dorothy Giffin .sang n Christmas solo -preceding the pageant. Mrs. C. A. Barber was the accoinpinist and the arrangement, direction and presentation of the program was gone by Mr. Fred Steele. The |.ro;ram was heard b.V^- a large audience. The Bible le!:.son was . reviewed by Miss Doilic Adams. iaiid .Mr. Wilbur Harmon sang at jlhe Bible school hour. .Miss Merle Giffin played a. piano number, tlie licle Reed sisters .sung a dnet aqd ;JiS8 Dora Adams playc-l a cHlo solo. The Girls'.Glee clui» Hingja stKcial number with Miss Celeste Griffith at the piapo. Mrs. J. .W." Gavin, president of the Loyfl Leaders.class, prc.sented .Miss DJI- lie Adams, teacher, with a gift >f appreciation Of her faithfifl ser ices to tlie class the last year. TV c Loyal .Le:idcr and (he Brothcrfaot d c !asst »r presented-the Rev.' aid .Mr.«. J. I^e Keleford with aa ak- of doubt and darkness the prop'h'- esy came true, the enunciation .saying "-Gloi-y to God in the Highest. Peace on Earth. Gooti Will to Men." ; In the evening the choir gave a program pf anthems, duets, sales, choruses, augmented by the church orchestra. Trinity .Methodli.1 Kplscopal ITiBrcii. Christmas Sunday was rather a day of visitation and family gatherings, so much so that there waa a very noticeable decriiase in the morning congregations; The pastor, the Rev. J. C. Wilson, used as his morning subject.. "Christmas Spirit and Christmas Giving." The text was from 11 (Jor. 9:15: "Thanks be to God for His un- .spcakable gift." The evening was entirely given over to the' Sunday school program. The church was beautifully decorated sfid the program con- Readings, and songs were^iven so that every^ department of '(lie Sunday school was r^piresented. The feature of the mt^rning was- the bringing of gUU-for th^. :Whlte Christmas. - About-; %S9 w^rth of food, clothing and-money 4wa# received. This willjbe sent to the Baptist Old People's Home at Concordia, Kans. The evening scrVice consisted of a splendid prograini rcndoced by the choir which >ivas assisted l>y Mr. Hart^id kelley and M^ss Margaret Kulley. and a splehjid pageant put on' by the raerobcrs of Ihe World Wide Guild, entitled "The. Light ot the Worldf" The back of the choir gallery was doc- orated with evergreen breaths. The. woodwork of the front of the church was covered with (leautiful tall candles, arid an elcitriiiaHy lighted star, together with-the motion picture of moving wajer over the baptistry made a ihos^ beautiful and appropriate decoration for the occasion. "" . ^ St, TlatPtby's Kikbeopal i 'hnrek The rector, the Rev. Thoinas Gctz Hill, preached from jthc text found in Luke 2:13 and Mm t. 2:2, aiid • stressed . the keep^g of Christnias and inot the obiftjvvance of Christuuis. fir 'n oHup words secularizing Christmas. At 10 o'clock in liic morning the. Church j mas day school held a .Christmas t^aHiyal and gavs an "offering on a'^sniall tree for the Armenian orphans; The holy'communion was cele' ed at the sermon hour. Ve»i|»er Service. The crowiuiig service of the' Christmas day was llic vospejr service at 5 o'clock in the First Metli- odist Episcopal church, given by the choirs of the Presbyterian and Metbpdjst churches and a .short program by the Little Symphony orchoira. Mrs. E. W. Haglu^tl, of the .Methodist choir. .Mr. A. E.Oar-, rison of the Presbylerian cUoir and .Mr. J. V: Roberts of tl»c orchestra were the directors. T^ha auditorium wa.s practically filled and-the back balcony wa.s well filled with an appreciative audi- e«ce. The Rev. IL. G. Mathls. D. D., of the. Presbyterian church, preached a scrnionctt'e'' and Uie Eev. C. I. Goldsmith gavp Ui.e opening prayer and henodiclion. This musical program was said to be one of the ever given in lola. The program wasvaricd and th^ heavy numliers were sung with power and directness. Tht| "Hallelujah Chorus" from 4 he ilessiah was a surprise to the audi ance in thei lyay it was intcrprcteil. The program ,as a whole Wfs - th'e crowning! citort of a fuil Chrisl- in music and worship. THE BREAKFAST StJPREME AND BACON, TOO! M.&M.MAIWtfaT Meat Thai You Can Eat AHAinoN'Wme **whm Bavings are ^eatekt *' SOUTH SIDE SQUARE - lOLA, KANSAS Come Hbre For Th4t New Frock Where Substantial Sjavings Are An Example Quality buying The remarkable frock values we are o^ering'nffw are but another example of the savings we pass on to you—savings reiiulHng from our extraordinary buying power! ' ^ ' ? Women — Misse*—Juniorf'—r iTjere Are Shopping Advantages for ^.^11 of You! We adMUe you to come -there as ^n as you can- are frocks in a full range of .•iases now •— but at these prices they will not last long. A Message of Dress Economies That Speaks for Itself j The styles are timely — jthe fabrics of qualities, that you will find Entirely pleas' jing and. sajtiefactory. The jpiices, cannot indicate the lvalues you will find I These Values Are Trpe To Our Standard of Selling The\Be9t.for Less Whep you need a new frock—that iifi when ^pu will find plenty of them priced within your po^ketbook in our «tqck! Visit us right now—the chance for a pleas^ig selection is a good one. Flat crep^, satin and georgette frocks are tnduded. . I :: I - ibiii .1 liililreii Kli/.abeth. .lolin R., •> • •:• Cram-' Kv.ivii KIcanor andllelen .inpHal keuiilon of 19l» ~ iJ.nii... nf Moiaii; rwiy Stewart i-nidnniion Vla^s an& w'iic and son Charles Oi-'Car ; The aunaal reunion of the nicm- of KiMii .iii!: Claude Stewart and hers of the Iftl? .»iass of the Iqla daiiiiliiiMv. l> and Roberta'of . high school was held last night in Coliiijado Springs. ' 111:';idilili<)ii 'lo tlie relatives the Itiiliuving oil! friends were irres- tho Hotel Kellcy grill. Dinner '. was served at 6:30 oc'.oi;k. A program cuaststed of cut.;" .1. R. Andruss and wife and j toasts, a vocal selection fty Mr. ' (Icdi-Kc .\iidriis.s' and wife of JCls-• Harold Kelle; • and music by an cir- iiiafe. David Bollinger of New York ; chestra epmpbsed of Messrs. Ken- fit I. II. Kasbccr and wife of. nelh Smith. Frederick Green and .('iHony. .Miss , Laura Andruss,! Harold Howard. .Misa Helen Huf;>hiii.«ion: .MK and Mrs. Charles M. Funk and sons. Charles .Klmer. !^|y ^<)n a 'lid Ricii^rd; Miss Helen Hiil.ihard. .Mr. Harmon Re'msburg. Mr." and ;.Mrs. W; H. Root, an* Mrs. - <". i;. rolrisinitb. aU of tola: Mr. and y\t!i Pr.iiiliss Donald of Erie.' < T4ie Rogister wishes to join with 'tlieiotlnj- in«iime"rahle friends of .M>:: andVV^- Str»vart In felicith- 4ioiis iipiwi this happy anniversary .•unl to. wi.«li'4hein many returns of , iho'dav. • • • • ; • CM** (hrlstnins Dinner and Snpiier .Mi-p. I.. Atzliach. of .512 .Vorth rhesintit street, gave a Christmas dinner and supper with Mr. and .Mrs;. Orr and family. Mr. and Mrs. A. Atzliach. !Mr.s. Dave Shambaugh and sou. Emel. and three grandchildren as guests. , . 4. « (-liris(niiu< Diniier Gnwts i Mr. and .Mrs. C. E. Williams had fof Chrisitmas dinner guests. Mrs. WilHam.s's sister. Mrs. R. H. Co- blen^z, Mr. Coblentz and" childrefi "Monday... 1 - Coldsmlth officiating. Music was provided by Mrs. Clara Hillbrant. i.Mrs. Walter Maudlin and .Mrs. Robert Warner. Burial was made in the lola cemetery. N. A.<'hri!«tnuis Tree. P'ollowing its usual modcitt custom of waiting for everybody else to get throiigh and then coming along last of all the local 'Salva-: tion Army will have a Christmas; tree for the children at the Sal- -vatlon Armr Hall. Z29 West .Madison, tomorrow evening at JS o'clock. There will be a riegular Christnias program of songs and recitations anil t|\e tree will l>e loaded with treaty for the children of the Sunday school. RHEUMATISM May be rdieved By rational treatment— it caa not l»o rubbed away. Are you one of those unfortn- na^ who suffer with pains in yoiir' muscles and joints, ooin* mohl^ called rheuniRtism, makiag you miserable, less efficient, interfering with your working hours/i lining your sleep? You imay have tried many things without relief. Wlqr not try S.S.S.? for more than 100 jroars it has been givihg relief in thousands of cases, a^ testified to .jn unsolicited letbers of gratitude. "I suffered from rheumatism for a good many years. At times my .Joints would mfiil BO , I couldn't walk. 1 trirf alindst e^-crything. Wont to Hot Springs .... then finally decided to try S.S.S. I took a course. In a short^ time the rheumatic -pains I an now in perfect healiii, and want to add that I have tried all kinds of medicines but I think $.S.S. is the best." Earl C. Campbell, 115 West Main Street, Johnson City» Tenn. S.S.S. is purely yegeUUe. It fs extracted from the fresh roots of medicinal plants and herbs and gives to Nature.what she needs fn building you tip so that yottr system throws off the cause. S.S.S. is sold at kU good drug; stores in two sizes. ^ The larger, size is .more cconom^eaL . i | RICiiARIl8QN'$ CLEARANCE Beginning Tomarrow-^nds January 7th $1|25 AU Silk 12rM. Pongee, Special ; 59c yard For the Next 16 Days Evebi^hing in the Store WiH Bea Real Live Value. Bargr^ins Will Be All Over the En' tjre Stowt. (Note the Following Prices: Ready-to-Wear IS Coats left, values ~to $25.00, Choice $8.75 : I 19Win<«rSilk , Dresses —left." Values to $19.75 Choice $5.98 50 New Ones Sprinf: i Modes worth f;i9.75. Choice $14.95 Millinery Dept .-19 Ladies HatS; Left, Choice $1.00 IB Infants' Velvet Hoods, Choice * $1.00 Rain Coats I^tlies $7.60 Trench Coats, Special i ^$4.98 Children's $5.76 Trench Coats, Special $a.€9 Oniliif Mewns ap to ttM, <th9ice We ewrh. 80 Per- CeBt on all .VoeketMoks. 5ilk Department i)kr Silk DeportmeRf if> »rerload«L | We matit reduce tWs stock at o»«e.. Extra faines OH ererj yard. ^7S, 40-inrh Satin Bark Crepes «8.39 yaed. fOMO. 4Maeb flat Crepet<, Special yard. *)J^ 40 .jBrii M'vsliable Crepe de Chjnes $rJ39 yard. M'fnefc Faocy. Brocades, Special »1.S9 raid. MflBcb Oeoiigeltes, Special $Li7 yard. «B.7£, M'lBeh: Printed Crepes $1.6» yard. tiM Slip KatlnM 89c yard. $iM riefsfan Crepe W.«( yard. ^ ' - UM KVC mk» «9c yard. ' 6jc Silk Bjiyoo 4'r yard. (jUM FaiK-y SUk Kayon5> 83c yard. 3.Ponnd White Mflched OttoB Batts HTc ea^ Pfotioiial mute flaaver Ajtrass Bpwiial me CLOO RofBed CtttUAat^ S9c pair. tiJOO RnMed ITotle Ciir. tains. Special $1.48 each. BtrUA SPECIAI.-S IN THE STAPLE DEPARTMENT sec !^atiaes.39c ysirdJ ^ J ^ercslcK Ifie yard.: JMc 4?omiort Ckiilk^ ICc yard. 35c rast Prints 83c yard. Sjk lard Wide Q«Un«r, 19e yitrd. £9 Per C^nt Redaction on all Curtain fioods. «0r I'eppereU Sheeting, ]M wide, Spe. cial 43» yard. 4S-!n(h P^pperell Tubing 3»r yard, . 35c TarkfKh Towels ?3c each. IS'llieh nniow ,f ases 35c value, Sjiccial S3c etudb 81xS!0 Sheets 97c eacU. f ^JwSSjPeppenll Sheets, 84x90, Special «.3»^h. 85c Ungerle Creue 21c jMrd. SOe KroiQi Xnslin 17c yard. 15c 4£ X-Special 11c >ard. I. h Special 9c yard. JOc (|nr Special 7)sc yanL All Pancy- Panuteh Oae-Half Prke. 15 Per Cent Dlsei^nt va aU Blaofeeto. tun Suede (rivres .pair. le TABDS HOPE MIfSlJiN FOB SIM WITH ISVEJty f OKCH ASE OF tl -00 OB MORE OF JOIBEB HffilCH AWPISR One-TMril Sweaters. Off OB Ai! All BMUUUOS Prke. OM-Salf One liot Sihc 'Bloomers, Vests Teds Ere.,,fliolw 8te jfarmeBt. , AU Silk ' AiTowhend Hosiery 8^ P«lr. p f*r Cent Discount /oa all Robes, Klmona .<t and ii^ouxe Jtrmnea -, -A.-.S! Ml.. • ,'"« J' >"

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