Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on July 20, 1965 · Page 10
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 10

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 20, 1965
Page 10
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TEN IRONWOOD DAILY GIOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN TUESDAY, JULY 20, 1965. Market Headed obituaries Milk Deliveries Intermediate Lower Early This Afternoon He was born Dvc. 22. 1909 at To Firm Halted School District Report Is Given Ivor Erickson MASS — Ivar Etv-kson, 55, of Greenland, died suddenly of a Michigan dairy farmers will heart attack Monday night at halt mHk deliveries to Scaliest. 8:30 at his home. Company on July 21 in re-! spouse to what producer spokes- NEW YORK .AP>-Tne stock Greenland a son of the late Mr mcn c , largccl was a deliberate BESSEMER _ The Intermed- S ° T he teen r, oi-l.-rtf l-.r»rt/^r»H ii-i-rtm\1 ni-lf Irtii-oi- flilCl MIS. J 01111 t-• 1 iCH&OlJ. flG ,-, * * ««-,„( l--. *\,« J „;..., t „ i i_ . , _ . , __ . . . . .. _ . . J. i IV, l^l_ 11 1 i market headed irregularly lower anc l Mrs._John Erickson. He of HIT by Teen Club Names Officers for Year WHITE PINE — Robert Raymond was elected president of the Teen Club at s recent meeting, with Beth Tonkin nam e d vice president: D»bby Tonkin, secretary and reporter; and Leeann Helakoski. treasurer. Mrs. Harold Raymond is advisor. room i--. open Wednes- City Council Refers Request To Street Head Hospital Notes GRAND VIEW. Adir. i t t c d Monday: Edward J. Cocking,; 207 N. Beecher St.. Bessemer,; Mrs. Leo Goodwin, 1215 Clo-i verland Drive. Clvrle. J. Gust-, afson, 403 W. Larcn St , Eugene, W. Maid, Route 1. Charles K.< Riehm. 540 Cloverland Drive.j medical: Michael C Per kins, Milwaukee. Andrew W. Skovi- „ -•—•;• jived i n Greenland al' of his "r^,""" " J ."'" """•? "" "I""" 1ate School District of Gogebic C lay, Friday. Saturday and Sun- snSth In aromc defense life aUeSed school theJe and m *m wSsc'onsrn "^ ' " B founty closed operations with a da y evenings during the sum- stingth in aiospace defense graduated from the Green- f torn Wisconsin. balance of S7.152.34 in the gen- mer from 7:30 to 10 p.m. Chaper- The%rfelseTeTate C d C issues C con- '""« H^n ScSool He wa? em- ..^..^r.,,^.??. 1 ??™^.^. eral OP. 61 ^^ <™d. according ones for this week are A. Bodin. tinued to respond for greater defense cause of the increasing sis on Viet Nam. The*' market was mixed and Board Discusses School District Pay Increases BESSEMER - The Bessemer era ' 705 Car y Roaci ' Hl "' lcj> ' The subject of salary incrcas- DI^OO£jlVl.L-IJ^ A ll\- *-* cllrO'firV ! „ ._..;.-, 1 n ..r-t/-.ri o 1 City Council, at its meeting Mon- surgery. ! cs for clerical and custodi a 1 dav referred to street commis- 1 Discharged M o n d a y : Mrs.; personnel employed by the Iron- sion'er Peter Pairolero a re-Joseph Zelinski. MPI-CCI : M r s ! wooc j school District was taken quest of resident;, of the "jun-'Anna C. Dain, Watcrsmeet: Mrs. unde r consideration at the regu- later bv the eletcronics. area for cooperation of j Edythe Cox, Mrs Roland An-| lar meeting of the Ironwood city in converting a vacant derson and baby. Hurley. ; school Board Monday evening in _.i at the intersection of Mill DIVINE INFANT, Wakefield.i Luther L Wright High School. uw ^ u __ 11§ ^ otl ,.^ „,.„„ ,..^,,, ..^ ~^~ mil Street and 2nd Avenue, for a 1 Admitted Monday: Mrs. Lyclia! Supt R. Ernest Dear recom- He was married Oct 15 1938 Bay ' wisconsi ». to &* Lansing year"l964-f965r~end'in V g June 3 0. Repall.*"peter "sore'lT Veroni c a I children's playground Counc i 1-j Lampi, Wakefield. medical. j mended that all clerical person^ Ontona°-on to"tiie former Er- plant ' 'r-en reloading the milk The report and audit report LaPointe. James Puotinen and I man Russell Wilson said parents Discharged Monday: Alfred™ 1 in tne system be given a '""'•"- at the Sealtest plant in were approved by the newly Beth Tonkin. complained that their child r f " Benson. Presque Isle, Wis.; $50 raise in salary and be cov- --' —--- -- '"" ——* * h - wnbert BJork, Mrs Gordon Lux-iered under the same insurance more, Bessemer, Joseph Me- 1 program as the teaching person- Mak,who survives him movert ahead and were followed tORether with th ;. oe sons Ken _'Detroit and sending them back organized Gogebic-Onton a - neth of White Pine Ronald of to Wisconsin. i gon Intermediate School Di s Autos oils, tobaccos and elec- De troit and Robf . rt at home "Ridiculous as this maneuv e r' trict Board of Education at its tncal emnpments were among two daugllterSi vlrs . v e r n e may sound, it is more than just organization meeting July 14 at losers. Losses in these groups Buehler of Roche jR'er Mich a Harmless shenanigan" said the Bergland High School. of Harper Woods, Mrs The Associated Press average Makinen of MarqiiPtte of 60 stocks at noon was off 5 ^ ae Lincl of Dearborii' at 324.2 with industrials off .9. Minnie Siskonen' anc ' rails off .3 and utilities un- Martha Heron of Detroit, and sales in southern Michigan. one brother. Charles of Detroit. John Taylor Bids Term have no place to play except the street, which is hazardous. He said the area designated is a vacant lot, formerly occuped by a Grain. Ironwood i Mrs. Charles; "<?!. residence. It needs some leveling and clearing Parents of the area will supply sand boxes,! swings, and other play equipment. ^f street commJssfoner was directed to find out who owns Supt. Dear then added that the new minimum wage law applies to five persons now employed by the district and they must receive a pay incre a s e Ncima 10 oreaK Michigan prices, in that Vwj^'ai'- andV'baiance of S7 - ' ~" " ~~' "' ' ~' '" ment- The street commission e r - *~» w..~~.~ . -.. ; &y Jan ,_ 1%6 Mrs it qualifies a large amount of ge^'si '" ' ' John H Taylor of 212 j r 0 n w as directed to find out who owns! , Dear askec i that the recom- Mrs. Wisconsin milk for a share of the The'breakdown includes the St.. Hurlev, will be seeking his. JJj? J n °.L f",? f^ni^LSindDur 1 ! MlCClAn Dl^nC : mendation be adopted by the Mrs. proceeds from drinking milk following: fourth consecutive three- y e a ri KS The ones ffi of liabUitv I" llJjIUII I 0 3 '• board , „ „. General operating fund - re- term as a member of the Board: S?£ ra l«>ti in the Xscussion • •%-•-» ; The board disucssed the pro„,„ _ T . . , . . " Thp occurrence of tins jug- ceipts. S15.627.57, including S6,- of Education in the Hurley Joint ; wilson rcDorted on DroK^ HOUSTON Tex. lAPi - A posed increases and came to the The Dow Jones industrial av- T!ie remains an- at the Dris- Bhng art immediately prior to 071. Gogebic County tax levy. School District's annual election =_ ^S-r newish owncS of va- space veteran and a tattooed conclusion that the matter should erage at noon wss off 2.80 at coll Funeral Home. Ontonag o n. negotiation of the price to be S5 , 691 . 6 5, state aid: S183, dona- next Monday, July 20 £ ncD ? 0f f^"eiaUve\o clearing de- rookie astronaut will have to be °e t ^ker under considerable m- . „ . .. Funeral arrangements, are in- paid Michigan dairy farmers in- tion from the county planning Taylor was first elected to the• £ a . n _ l 101S ieiauve t0 ""i«ns ue Gemini 5 vestigation and be brought : ries dipped --s complete but are fpntatively set dicates the real motive behind commission: and a balanc^ of board in 1956 and was reelected ° £,„„„;„„„„ »,.,,™i,,, TPV^L.^,, ^o™ mi coi r,n novt mmith ^e next monthly meeting. Swartz, Mareniscc. Astronauts Tell Mission Plans 877.46 Miles Laboratories to 36V:i on a block of 10.000 for Thursday. shares Control Data was off 1's at 33V-. on a block of 191600 shares. A generally higher trend prevailed on the American Stock Exchange. Trading was light. Corporate and U.S. Treasury bonds were mostly unchanged in light dealings. GOP Charges Rush Action the scheme." Lake said, "to §2.781.92 on hand June 30, 1964. in 1959 and 1962. He has served ; wreck negotiations and break General fund operating ex- as the board's director since Nov. j a bal- 10. 1958. I Michigan prices." lots relative ;o clearing de-rookie astronaut will have to be »* .^ "''^ £",££,^t up at eagle eyed on their Gemini s vestigauon and be biought up at Councilman Malcolm Erickson: .space mission next month. The ^^ [hen received {he 200 block on Ind'.- 0 —-- P- 00 J^ r :- Wh - 0 -^"^-- resignations of the Stock Market NOON QUOTATIONS hours in space, and Charles teaching personnel who will not -Thus economic betrayal of pnce""ofs7 15^34 Tn" Vlie fu n"d At the present time he also is' *£""?' t1 "^^' 'ranMots'TnThe'T^- f^™* outlined details mura for lhe 1965 . 66 scn 0 0 j Michigan dairy farmers re- Tne breakdown of disbursement serving as the Hurley District's i hinA- rttv HPI-I- wprrtt mirpi -,, v V y . ex p enme " ls inai year: Mrs. Gertrude Hoffschnei- quires us to respond as forceful- incUides salaries; se '47 inc ud representative to Cooperative ±f dhCec f e d to nodfv the ow^ ' WlH employ g ' ant TCye n har ^ °" der ancl Mrs - Imoeenc Kesk e v, ly as we can," he added. "We l"g supeAnSlnts salary for Education Service Agency No. 1 * r O f ihe propertf aV'na °™< the . B™und near Laredo. Tex.. nign sr , lool; Harry stone and have therefore decided to exer- sjx mon ths, S3.310: secretary, which was organized last spring sthe weeds £ e J ut cise O'.ir right to refuse to sell j^if time, S2.097: per diem and to replace the former county su-; milk tc Sealtest Co." mileage for "board of education perintendent of schools syteni in:. WASHINGTON (AP>—A S601- "We urge Sealtest Co. to re- §810 ' Wisconsin. Taylor 's vice chair-'; j million higher-education bill was • considei this unjustifiable impor- ' Expense-: SI 631 35 itemized man of t!ie agency's 11-mem b e r;. residents Fairview Addition, rela- an unhealthful condition that and at Carnarvon on the west R\uge"r "Erickso'n ""colfege; Law; coast of Australia. These will be rence samardich and Mrs. Sharon Kopecko. Central; Mrs. Marion Martell. Newport, and on com . spacemen ked _ ine Mrs. Charlotte Gembolis and rammed through a House com- tation ot milk and resume its for fraver audit"" printing'"rn" Boai 'd of Control. The agency) { n "" tne " n7iVhbo7hood"dvie"'to'\'he eigm " day fllgm< wmcn inc Na --Mrs. Barbara Samardich, I mittee in 20 minutes under historic-el reliance on Michigan surancc 'instructional supplies includes 20 different school dis-j existence of a poultry raising in tlonal Aerona utics ancl ^Space sleight. The board also accept! White House orders, Republi- dairy i.irmers to serve Michi- and officc expense: and capital tricts in Iron, Ashland. Bayfield,i u ' e neighborhood. In"the discus- Ad4minl ! 1t H atlOn1 ) ^ "" *"~ •can members of the committee'Ban's milk needs." Lake said outlav for eouinment. ssnfi.RR. Douglas and Sawyer counties. >: it indicated that the A 'endezvous say. "The former members of Mich- A IIO Q 8 . a s satellite, due to be kicked out cd the resignation of Mrs. Astrid Erickson. grade school librarian. to , Mrs . Norma Ahola> nlgn of the ca P sule on tne second of SC h OO i English teacher, and communitv College Feasibil- , since June. 1958. Taylor has; complalnt shoulc) be made NEW YORK (API— Following The rush action was taken, igan Milk Producer's Association lty study Fund- been em P lo y ecl as a factory andi the nealtn O ffl ce r , is a sectioned list of stock tran- they hinted in a minority report produce adequate supplies of the Receipts SI 500 contributed by mme ins P ector '" tv>e Safety and various problems of drainage 121 orb ! 1t , s durm e. 195 hours in Richard Ehlinz. college history sactions on the New York Stock so President Johnson could point highest quality Grade A milk the county Planning Commis- Buil( ? in g s Division of the Wis- street pav ing and oiline in the' space - likewise is on the pro- teacher, also offered their resig- Exchange at midday with net to the accomplishment in a to fill the needs of Michigan s i on " consm State Industrial Commis- 1 East End Addition we fe brought : gram - nations and they were accepted change from previous close. speech that night at a SlOO-a- markets We stand to make this Disbursement* SI 386 33- ba- S10 "' Pnor \° takm S tnat P 031 '! to the attention of the council' Ar >°t_her proposed test is a by the board. Allied Ch Am Can Am Mot Am Tel & Tel Armoin Bait & Oh Beth Steel Briggs Mf Ches & Ohio Chrysler Cities Service Consumer Pw Cont Can Det Edison Dow Chem du Pnni East Kod Ford Mot Gen Fd. e Gen Motors Gen T fa l Gertaer Gillette Goodrich Goodyear Inlanr steel Inter Chem I-nterifk Ir Int Bus Men Int Nick Int Tel & Tel Johns Man Kim CJk LOF Glass Ligg & My Mack Trk Mead Cp Mont Ward NY Central Penne;', JC PA RR Pfizer Repub Stl Sears Pot'.: Ste Oil Ind Std Oil NJ Stauff Ch Un Carbide us stpe; Wn Un Tel U— l'\i 47'4 D 's plate Democratic dinner. milk available to all dairies who lance of 5113.33' was refunded to "°" 491.4 D Is i The bill in question, which • deal ir. good faith and who hon- thTpla^ fl — B ^— - . - ^~* »..« _ . .„ . . .. . — ~— „ „ _.,.... lisi ! would provide a broad new pro- or the letter ancl spirit of our ing n 0 bal | nce Breakdown of e , l Bht years and was piesidentof i sidewalk committee for solving Carpenter, who will be in a div- pol - t Grade Scnool upon nis re . * .... ... . "ifeitwk/eticili^l,, JLJI *~a.S\\.l\J \*IJ Ui tKn /^n»«iT TliTi*Trt r/-i*-ii-i1 j-if f-l-»j-i • - -D •__ »__it t «.i- Ai Vi i*-:_*^ ' r" „.._ no action war taken upon no°Kup for a two-way converse-; Robert Vaara was relieved of for .i hearing plans of the street and tlon Wlth fellow astronaut Scott the coaching duties at the New- 67" s U Vs gram of aid for colleges, includ- negotiated agreements." 36'4 i i"g grants for needy students, 32 D :! s i was approved 21-2 by the edu- 35' 4 D Vs cation nnd labor committee June 4% ; 24. The vote was taken at a 67 U U '; hastily called meeting, late in 44 y ,i D Vs , tlle afternoon, with only four of 77Vs U i s:tne committee's 10 Republicans present. Two voted for the bill The ether eight Republican 58Va U V4 531.2 35:1.3 Halt Program, Officials Told rU , ..... incmc ' .members noted that Johnson, in LANCING i API - Atty. Gen services and compensated b y' iron Countv ( Vs his speech that night, listed the Frank Kelley today ordered St. the univ ersitv. "«°"i- A™L- f T he -» C ? r L , ine , ? A tn . e lthem. It was noted that black- in S bel1 beneath the Pacific; ques t, and the job was given to UrntPrt stPPiwnrkPrs of Amen-| top paying must be limited to Ocean off California. . James Nordllng. ;the amount previously designat- The spacemen said some or- Gerland Massa was appointed | ed because of lack of funds. blts wil1 ^ over tne United to the mathematics department I The program will be continu e d States at night and it may be O f the Gogebic Community Col- next season. possible to see the capsule i ege anr i the resignation of Miss ..i «,,™,,-,MCOVC in lo-n™ ^^H o t th»' The report of the city marhsal streaking through the heavens. Mary Benetti. clerk of Newport on Snt time hi is ^ "^ *" ^^ ° Vei ' Schoo! was acce P tcd on present time he is gi and knight i by tne council snowed arrest 1 this country during the day. , A ll personnel who a m of the Hurley Knights of Colum-i ' L..IS.UIIHI.I \MIO a connection with their reg u lar bus Council, treasurer of the' expenses shows payment o i united S396 to Dr. Max Smith, consultant, for expenses in coming to Bessemer: $185 to Michigan State University for special : technician services. The w o rk ciT and the : of Dr. Smith and personnel of Supervisors 236 ;i 4 D '4 ' reporting of the bill by the com-, Joseph County officials to halt a 86' 8 U Vs 52 81" s D 1.4 95T 8 D 3 s 41 consm , , ,. „ f , For printing. S183 to the Na- Children at the top of nine con- planned birth control program lional Publisning Co ., Iron wood; past president of gressiona' accomplishments that which would include voluntary 5522.33 to the Scribe Printery Holy day. stei-ili/ation. Marenisco: S100 to Rudolph Egi- At the time the vote was tak- Kellev. in a letter to county zi for election expense The cost en, the bill had been stalled prosecutor William McManus. Ol materials for the soecial •1-1 rt «y. *-!.,„... m »-,-_^.*-i. -r*. i-nfciV'i*ni-l t/-i n i«oc'/-iliifir\»-» r\r\ f n >ti '... . JJC ^ Jell s aifd^at th ! ' 52 an ° atu er ofjhe Wis-; fines in the sum of S72 .20, dur- ig the month of June. In other actions the coun c i 1 Scientists to Team Up To Launch Satellite WASHINGTON iAP) — U.S. are leaving i the school system will receive a letter of appreciation from the board for the service they have rendered to the system. The following persons were 45 T s D '.a more t - an a nionth. It now referred to a resolution on fam- e i ec ti 0 n in the sum was 36 D 56'a D 3 8 49- 8 U 1-4 43" a U Vs 34 35'4 D 's 474 D 1-i 81^4 D !'4 53 :i s U '.I 56" 8 D 1-8 50' s U 's 551.H U 1.4 84's U :i s 343:, 40 D 's 32'., U 's 48 r '.i D V4 69 40 D '4 56 3 4 U T-'n 40'4 U i.s 68 D Is 48'.4 committee. awaits clearance by the rules i!y Panning adopted by the SU nVed" bv' the Goeebic" Countv county board of supervisors. Board of supervisors. : A legislature-approved pro- Hearin°- fund — receiots gram, awaiting Gov. George S532 87 i° lc i uding S240 63 ^ a Romney s signature, continues balance f S292 1 4 id a propm by state agencies of stituent sch j di , p providing birth control informa- it jUres S 261 97 for tion and materials on request Funerals Official Again Wins (APt—A Sen- FRANK D. BRUNK Qs i and German scientists will team > approved for clerical, janitorial, up to launch a scientific satel-! the geneial fund for a| un"to "l"aunch"a~seienHHC" sat"eTI m aintcnance and attendance offi- Inhrtr nnvrnll nf <0°Q 9Q anrl *>m ! " LU lauiiLii d t>'. icliinit Sdlci- ; . ,. . laoor payroll 01 S9.9.29 and em-i nte imo the eartn , s radiaUon | cer positions in the district for ploye payroll of S3,526 for the first half of July; and labor payroll of S95.20 against the light utility and $60 apainst the water and sewer utility as recommended by the public wor k s board. Approved the report of belt in 1968. I tne 1965-66 fiscal year: Under an'agreement between! Clerks—Alma Nelson. Beverly the National Aeronautics and Swanson, Kathleen Joh s o n , Space Administration and the Mai 7 ^ouise Roberts, M r s . Federal German Ministry fori Bem ice Erickson, Ruth Heal y, Scientific Research, German! Dorothy Levijoki, Gera 1 d i n e th j scientists will design and launch | Jordan, Sandra Anderson, Sue IUC t-Vtn AA*-Aii:«. n _ „ _i :*. in i j. j TT*I"\ i a VIM o n r\ TP»*n nr»oc? T'n el o cl.*^> Funeral Dul ma ^ es no mention of ster- i ance O f at ilization. 73 ; Kelley said that under the St. 'all wel- leaving * h tech- ate publication has revealed; fund on June 30, the close of statuVof funds of the P p nP rpii the satellite and it will be putJTrojahn and Frances Taslaska. ?nnrt S nn f ^ S ^ ^ SI "„ I into orbit from Vandenberg Air I Maintenance, matrons a n d d, , dues Castro, has won a second secu- - that William A. Wieland, a State! the first nine months of opera- Department official criticized! tion; and the expanse report is- his attitude toward Fidel; sued by the city clerk for the ' nionth of June. The summary of the nine ; Force Base. life long resident of Lac Vieux. Joseph^ Coun plan <ui we- o , S251 paid by teacherg Qf th£ ^ - cleai r ance Desert who died ruesday at hisj E aie 0 V e Vh PP e e LrvicpV inclndrnl" district during the past >' ear T h g Publication c o n t a i n si months report shows income of! )rne. The Tribai Indian burial, JeJ of these sei vices including and a balance of S473 58 in d transcripts of secret testimony; $182,505.64 including $99,224 taxi :rvice was conducted by honor- sten U/aion. and the county on ha , d j 3Q 196 before the Senate Internal Se- appropriation- y> 975 19 excess' :-v Chipf .Tnhn Afkipv nssisfpri could guarantee the payment rr vnn ^ nr . „, *uJ ,^' : ....^. .._ ut ?. K .* ° eildL V.. UL ,_.'._ i _r p ", l r ndu . ' h-?!.' 1 "' ex . ces Si THE WEATHER home service ary Chief John Ackley assisted, £"'"^^1^^^ th^mPri 1 • Ex P e "ses of the 1965 institute, curity subcommittee between! of roll; and $80.206.45 • bj orator Mr. LaPat of Lac dUi' 01 tne devices and-oi the med- M &5 leavin"- a balance nf <?<m sa IQR? nnd IQR^ 'Flambeau, with Mrs. Lllllaniical and hospital services for fnVS. ""^ ° f $439 ' 58 ?? is ?heSst of a reported janitors—Mrs. Lydia Koyk a r , Mrs. Esther Aspinwall. Charles Lewinski, Joseph Ruby, Wallace Slade, Arne Kujanson. Kenneth Rowe, Albino Rigoni, Carl Olson, William Turunen, Norman Rasmussen, Floyd Rouse, Carl Hagstrom, Ben Finco. .John Carlson, from Anawash and Mrs. Jose p h i n e; the sterilization." McGehsick. assisting with rangements. nniv i <: tbi<: in Total balance is $7.862.81 in- volumes and was released Sun-1 ance of $44,105.93. increased to' TEMTKRATUHES IN IRONWOOD Tuesday. July ^0, UMi.v For 24 hr. period ending al 12 noon 2 p.m. 7i'io p.m. 57 B a.m. 5,1 i Leo Stanczak, William T. Bassett 4 p.m. 70 Midniuh' 55 B a.m. 5R 6 p.m. 69 2 a.m. 54 10 a.m fil 8 p.m. 65 4 a.m. 52 Noon 67 Barometer: 6 a.m. 30.10: Noon 30.11. ! se D h Countv m-oBram ilWal CludlnB S7 ' 152 ' 34 in tne general day " Sepn L/OUUiy pio^giami Illegal. nnpraHno- fn^/-!- c/nn so ;„*!,„!., ur; Interment was in the Chippewa ' but its coercive nature is a s fi hltp f ° rl . ' rt ,:^° nrtion T3,i,-iol r^i.n,,i-<H T^^ ir;«,,,. chnr.Hv.a uinlo1ir,)T r\f tllo funrln- "'•"•"''^ 1UI1U. dllU S4 IU. $47.980.48 by a earn balance or THE WEATHER ELSEWHERE °Pf r f tin B fund '' S439.58 in the in- Wieland. 57, has been serving $3,874.55 in the fund at the close! By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS D— Down Indian Burial Ground, Lac Vieux shocking violation of the funda- h ear j n o; f und 78 ,., D ,- Desert. Serving as pallbearers mental principles of human dig- B were Chief Archie McGehsi c k,i nity and marital privacy," Kel- Dan McGehsick Sr , John and'ley said. John M. McGehsic':. Archie Bes-' The most obvious violation of sen and Richard V/il'iams. ; existing law. Kelley said, is of In attendance from out of • notification of welfare clients of town were Sfc James Brunk,.the program, "thus singling out 43''8 60S 8 U 39 U Fines Paid by Two Drivers in the as an administrative specialist! of the past fiscal year, Sept. 30,! at the State Department. Mow 1964. ', Albany clear that his case is considered The city clerk estimated addi- 1 Albuquerque clear closed, he is being assigned as i tional revenue of about $20,000 j Atlanta cloudy supervisory consul general in 1 from gas and weight tax, sales! Bismarck cloudy Canberra, Australia. [and intangible tax due duri n gi Boise cio'udv Wieland was head of the State j the next three months, provid-1 Boston clear Department's Office of -Carib- ! ing about $67,000 for operati o n' R,,'ffqin ripar Kaon A-ffnii'e- nrVian f^nc-^Y>f\ f^^lr I Hlivinrr f^Q vAv^r.i«^l«« „* *-u^ ' JJUlialU, LiCal . . . . 43 CHICAGO PRODUCE Ran . patrick , CHICAGO (APi - Chicago Falls and William c Carr Mercantile Exchange - Butter ! j r ., Wakefield, now of Washing- Kelley told the county piose f^°M Sale buyi " g p ™ es : ton : . D - c - Numerous relatives, cutor to advice the board that week *Cl i Jo SCO"c f\f\ 92 A 5 oa A ; 90 B 57^4; 89 bean Affairs when Castro took 1 during the remainder of the year, Leavenworth j a. group whose food and shelter Two motorists were fined, one over in'buba. He'wa-T criticized i crosing"Sie~yeaTin The" bla7k' ' not be im- Eggs steady; wholesale buy-i and the surroundincr area also ing prices unchanged: 70 per attended. cent or better Grade A Whites 32; mixed 32; mediums 27; IMKS. MARY CIUKAMCH standards 27; dirties unquoted; Funeral services for Mrs. checks 2Ui:. , Mary Smollar ChaKanich, 78. of 1 978 Newport Location, who died bond was ordered forfeited by some for inspiring the origi- j provided all departments in : nal U.S. goodwill toward this tro. The second Wieland , Raymond ^A. Saari. Ironwood, • ance was revealed by William was fined S5, plus $4 costs, for J. Crockett, deputy undersecre- ! speeding | tary of state for administration, Thomas R. Gallo, Minneapo- ! in secret testimory before the Us. war, fined S10, plus $4.20 subcommittee last May 4. costs, for driving too fast for Crockett said a three - man stay f\I * IllOlOS 6 Navy Ships Reactivated ^ _ „ ^ __. SAN FRANCISCO (API— The conditions of the" road July 16. board was unanimous in "itsi Navy has disclosed that six Donald M. Bugni, Ken o s h a. ; finding, and said Wieland' was> "mothballed" vessels — includ- Wis.. posted a S15 bond for ! opposed to Castro "despite the ln S four rocket-launching ships CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO i API — i USD A > — Hogs 4,000; butchers steady to 50 lower; 1-2 190-220 lb 25.00- b r o s e Matejik offering the CTanh , „, .,„,„ ,,,>,,„.,.= n t 25.25; 25 head at 25.60: mixed Mass - Interment will be at M . apns of Mdl£> ~ P lctuics °t 1-3 190250 Ibs 24.75-25.00: 2-3 Riverside Cemetery 220-270 Ibs 24.25-24.75; 1-3 350-400 Tne McKevitt-Kcrshnei Fu speeding on the Maxine L. feitecl ?. ing on j more widely accepted line Gile. for-' 'that Castro might be the white for ac- °' $1& All of the charges were filed lb sows 2175-22.25; boars 14.50-i neral Home wil1 °P ei - f °r visita- Di ,,p .. , 16.00. tlon at 4 tocla y snd the rosary tit? M'^ recited at the f u n eral what some scientists say could by the city police, be vegetation. Jet H H Cattle 1' 500; calves 35: slaugh- . ter steers steady to 25 lower; home at 7;3 ° tonight several loads high choice and prime 1.150-1,350 lb 27.50-2825; choice 1 150-1.350 Ibs 26.00-2750; mixed ?ood and choice 950-1.250 3f the Mars pictures would not be made public Crockett said the first favorable determination in the Wieland case was made in January 1962 and signed by Otto Otepka, then chief security evaluator in the State Department. Contjnupf) Page One In August 1963. however, bished at Long Beach, Calif. Chicago, clear Cincinnati, clear .. Cleveland, clear ... Denver, clear Des Moines, rain .. DetroU. clear Fairbanks, rain .. Fort Worth, cloudy Helena, cloudy Honolulu, clear High Low Pr. .75 49 93 68 87 70 .. 86 68 .88 70 .. 79 58 ..69 46 ..69 62 .84 59 ..71 46 .91 63 .01 72 67 .52 71 50 54 46 .06 98 75 86 59 .05 86 74 Indianapolis, cloudy 82 60 Jacksonville, cloudy 96 74 Juneau. clear 60 41 Kansas City, rain 76 71 2.50 Los Angeles, cloudy , 81 59 Louisville, clear . 86 64 The hospital ship, Repose, and | Memphis, cloudy . 92 73 two rocket vessels are being Miami, cloudy 86 79 readied at the Hunters Point Milwaukee, clear . 67 57 Naval Shipyard in San Francis-' Mpls.-St. Paul, cldy 76 62 .05 co, a naval public information officer said Monday. Two other rocket ships are being refur: Otepka told the subcommittee for "a matter of weeks" after Then came World War II. and he questioned Wieland's "judg- the last picture has been re- Goldberg took a job with the Of- ment ancl integrity " ceived next Saturday. iice °f Strategic Services, or- The path of Mariner 4's fly-by sanizing a giant espionage net- M The Hurley Volunteer Fire P ast Mfll '« last Wednesday incii- work of anti-Nazi transportation ' Bf/ej/y Told J4.75-25.75; several high Department will hold it.,' regular L'ated it?; eighth and subsequent workers behind enemy 'lim- :( 7 i^fovc o'lnopni Practice session tonight at 7 at Picture::, taken less than 8.000 As counsel for the CIO. JMT neiiLlb _D.DU-.iO.UU; the Fii-f. Hall .miles from Mars mioht «hmv Won the 194f) court rnlino- slaught Choice 800-1,050 ibs 23.50-25.50; mixed good and choice 750-950 Ibs 22.75-23.50. he Fur Coat Gift Is Stolen In Philadelphia, Pa., a spokesman said the Navy had reactivated the USS Kula Gulf, a 15,000-ton escort carrier. miles from Mars, might show won l h e 1949 court ruling that dark areas which some experts wade pensions a collective bar- The Hurley Board of Review think could be some form of Saining item. He helped engi- 1 will reconvene at 1:30 Wednes- plant life — though unknown on neer tne agreement that created day afternoon at the city clerk's earth. the AFL-CIO, and had office. All persons must have a application for appoi n t- ] p ays pjne and Costs On Gun Law Violation Ni-i SAN FRANCISCO (AP) 's fur coat former San Fran- Mayor George Christopher stolen. Police that the Chris- Nation Friendly Toward New Orleans, cloudy 92 71 New York, clear 81 58 Oklahoma Cily, cldy 98 75 Omaha, cloudy 71 68 .60 Philadelphia, clear 81 60 Phoenix, cloudy 105 73 Pittsburgh, clear 73 45 Portland, Me., clear 80 55 Portland, Ore., rain 75 58 T Rapid City, clear 84 59 .02 Richmond, clear . 80 64 Jr., Carl Anderson. Warren Ekman, Carl Jackson and David Anderson. Attendance Officer — Thomas Oliver Rowe. A contract for coal for the coming school year was awarded to the Morgan Nelson Sup p 1 v Company, Ironwood at a rate of $11.62 per ton and the Twin City Fuel Company was awarded a contract for 4.100 gallons of fuel oil for the year at a rate of $.1315 per gallon. The Continent! al Insur ance Company, Ironwood, was awarded the contract to supply the school with group pupil insurance for the coming year. The board then awarded the transportation contract to the Ironwood Service Center on a bid of $6,858.51 which includes in town operation, maintenance, grease, oil and gas. The bid included a $2.50 per hour and a lOcent per mile rate for out of town trips. The board accepted the report of the Finance Committee given by Louis Miklesh, in the absence of Wilbur McLean Jr.. chairman of the committee. A report on the activity of the Buildings and Grounds Committee was given by Fred Dubbe, chairman, and was accepted by the board. The question of the school system's insurance coverage of the glove factory building was brought forward and a two-man delegation volunteered to discuss the matter with t),e factory management and report back to the board at the next meeting. Scn. Homemakers, Garden Clubs to Have Picnic • The Iron County Homemakers, , _.. , ._ „.. _ „_ ,,„„„„., aiiu . and Garden Cluos win have ai The Gogebic County Board of ; WAKEFIELD—Michigan State modern paintings, some by Mrs. Conferees in KCCCSS f 10-year span. Goldberg's wife is a well- known abstract painter, and glarized last weekend. WASHINGTON (API -«,«,. |g tu fain has described' ' "a nation which clear San Diego, cloudy 75 63 San Francisco, clear 59 a5 steel negotiations over ^rs'r^dence h^re^s ^ i ftp toT most important~pu^ SffiJE^J?^ picnic Wednesday beginning j Supervisors will meet in gener- with a potluck lunch at 11 a.m. at al session Wednesday at 9:30 the Gile Flowage Park. Members; a.m. in the courf.rouse at Bes- are asked to bring a guest and|semer. also to provide their own table —— service. At 1:30 Robert Norman Pelrusha's softball team will raigned before Judge Fred Wil- at Pollce arrested George G r a- Goldberg, decorate the Labor WASHINGTON (AP)—Senate brick, 52, Wakefield. at 12:05 Department offices. and House conferees on the a.m. Saturday on M-28, near! The Goldbergs have two chil- $3.36-billion foreign a id author- Tula, for having M loaded shotgun in his car He was ar- r, clear (T—-Trace) 505.70 worth of textbooks and 74 ™ m * 1 - 757 - 56 wortl1 of workbooks for /4 bb uij the coming school year. 88 76 .07. The board then author! zed ; Supt, Dear to apply for new •70 desks for the mathematics department under the Natio n a 1 Defense Education Act and the matter will be settled at a fu- 87 64 72 66 poses friendly, and certainly not! hostile, toward the United States." The Arkansas Democrat, chairman the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, visited Yugoslavia last Ncvember. ization bill were in recess today! Pulbright reported to the com. . after failing to resolve the dif-' mittee Monday that it is "possi- Spica, in southwest at sunset, total land area of the earth is nn is 400 to 500 times Terences between the versions ble and desirable for the two sets 11:15 p m. The planet, Mars, habitable by human beings or as ordinary sugar, but passed by the two chambers. |nations to maintain normal, co- well to the right of Spicii, is has physical ancl climatic condi- "" """" and even cordial rela- about 138 million miles from the < tions permitting the growth of i crops. RANGE SKIES Sunset 8:46. Sunrise tomot row j ture meeting. 5:28. Moonrise tomorrow 12:13! — a.m. Last Quarter tomorrow HABITABLE AREA 12:54 p.m. Prominent Star — Not more than two-fifths of the

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