Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 27, 1927 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 27, 1927
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QkC SOCIETY. cincVLATION is the only Commodity a Newspaper Has to SeU-Its Advertisers. A^OLUME XXXI. No. 54. Suoci-.-wir to The l-lH Diilly Register. The l>:ill .v Recont iRrul lola Daily Incfex. lOLA. KAN:. TUESDAY.EVENIN CLOSE CALLS IN ACCIDENTS OF TWO CARS • Three Persons Injured in Auto Crashes Over Weeli-End 2 CARS "DESTROYED STUBBORN FIGHTlTO SAVE LIFE OF GIRL . . ENDS IN DEATH NOW OILTROUBLE J Herman Barber and Miss ' Elizabeth Smith in One Spill OGontfd. Neb., Dec. 27, (AP)—The stubborn fight to save ihe life of Alma Overgard, the 16-year-old high school girl u'Ko has lived for 36-days.through the aid of artificial respiration, epded today. The girl died this morning, remaining coiiscious to the end. . * i • Falling siucp Christmas day, lUe* --: girl's strength was almost gone Overgard; Stevp Overgai^,,an nncle last night. She no longer joked . was l>ending ovc-r the child press- with her parents, arid'for the first! ing in and out of her lungs and time during her fight for life com- ' »;hispering encouragement to her plained of pain. lleath endecf the thirty-six day and night battle. w*erein friends' when she died. Alma (lid not know she was dying and those making the figrht to Ca MEXICO END •A The REGISTER'S CireiOa^ tion records open to puhlio inspection at any time,, \, DECEMBER 27, 1927. rne >VetJkly Re^i^ter.' K .stubliRtitrd' l!>BT. The lol.a Dally ReKister. E.stablLshed 1.S97. SIX PAGES DAWN SEARCH IS CMUED BYU.S.NAVY lies 0|ffers Chani^es iniNavy Dirigible and Two The Law to Cut Out i , Destroyers Join Some ^arts i Irt Search MG " lola residents in two scparat* car accidents . narrowly oscapet' (loath during the weck-enil. Herman Rarber, t'O-'year-old son of .Mr. and Mrs. H. T. HaVber. We.-;!, street,'and .MLss" KllzaWtb Smith, daughter of Mr. and .Mrs ("larcnce .Siiilth. 416'Suutli Waliiui . .ircei, werq Injured, neither scri' ••jiUHjy- in an'/^•cl/ifiit near (.'hannt( 9:itiirilay night ^iboul i« o'clock. » . ' III the other acci(|«'ii( .Mr. am''! Mr-". Cfoigi' Sherwood and .lack Hfn^rv.ood, all -of lola. ••scapi'd st.-r iiiu.s Injury wUi/li their Kord coup( wMH vil tuall,v. dciMoIl.shcd ten nillet r.(trth (if WeUsvJIlf.. Tlyy were re | turning from d'ity. Tlieli j car turned over two or three time; ' uti<r striking ;i culvert. The cai | aljerwards caught lire. Mrs. Sher v.ood, liie only ()»<• injured, rt- c.ived two gashes on llic leg.' Kingdom On,,May f« Dance, Harber and .Miss Smith wefc on lin-ir wiYy to atffl^d a dance at~Cha- and relatives havi";' unceasingly as-' save her life did not tell her. si.sted in artificial' re_spiration. al-* >.Mnr>' than a month ago the'child ternately j)ress;ng the girl's body' was stricken with paralysis. A and raising anil" lowering her arms.' twin sister was ill at the .same At. the. b:' were the father : time but'recovered to aid in the ind niothcr. .Mr. and MrA. Peter ' fghl; for life. MARSHALFIN0S CHRISTMAS ISN'T PEA(iEF|JL House of Deputies Has Passed -In on First Reading VE tS LMPORTANT. MISSING LONG TIME JOHNSTONTELLS MASS OF PLANS lU IMrfiAtn fllin I T^^*^ .m n„men. .Mexico City. Dec. 17. <AI»» The hon>e nf deputies has, passed the first reading of n bill sent hy President ('alles amending urlldes four een and tfietn of the Mex- jlcan oil r-Ku)ations. The aritcleri*) will be amended in accordance with (he recent supreme court de- clsiijn in Ihle .Mexican .Petroleum Jim Frederickson Finds Three Celebrators Are "Tough" if passed, by I iConjire.'.s • wouhl defln'tely remove " , , 1 the man objection by o I compan- Govemor of Uklanoma i,.,^ „ „,,. oii law since it would Terms Charges do i way with confirmatory con- All False . ; (.essions for a') years in e.xchange i - 1 for -ijslits aoiu'red by nil'couipan- nia f'it.v. Dec. 27. (AP)—'ies lefore .M.iy 1. li»17. peaceful on Cbristnias Kvc in the' Hedaring |mppachment proceed-' Tiie utmost inip(j'rlance of Dasseli. Thev might inss instiluied by the .sclf-coB- tached to the Cal es have been perhaps--:,nd again they vened house of the Oklahoma, leg-' ""H"'. •"•!" '"" lane Left New York on Friday —Hasn't The jishington, Dtc; 27. (AP). dirig.ule Los Angeles in-. •njight not have beJn if Marshal Islaiure lesulted from his efforts |O,!"T*''' I'-"'l">«'" hfredrickson had not happened tr, to "uncov.'r fraudulent schemes," have his susp !he drove past a nearly new Oak all charges voted ' dent ""Irbb-.l'^Vr'anA'ltankme^^ suspicions aroused' when fiovernor iHenry S. jihnston again two mies nnr;h of (^hanut.- tin th. ;^« ""i^^ " «<•;«•'>• "^w Oak- rtehied lida-Chanutc roa,; , a^^rS^A, InX aftir "gainst himJ Miss Stnith received.cuts all .we. l;;^^-:^^ latest reply to th. ™ :;e rl-wt^^k:..^"f ''-"^"'-^ — -.^"r he ac-J^; ••s al- proposal deput ies of inter- Ke liens ( ase. a note to the deputies Presl- falles rev.ews the .Mexicah jletijoleum (company case and the. legisla-i**^'"'!*'"" '^tipreme court :grai)(ing an injui^ction restraining; Been Found AFTER HIS ARREST foriijed the navy Uepartnient,. that at 10 a. m. today .she had ^ rfai. led Kmerald Hank, m.d- way between Cupe Sable and ., Subl • Island, and had changed . Ivor course for CaiK' Cod, in Sj.-arh of "the Dawn. She fe- Iiurt d visibility excelleiit and the nea smootlL GIRL BEFORE DEA TH, L MAKE SLAYER WILL AWAIT FIRST HEARING NOW Arraignment Held Ovdr Until Thursday Afternoon -New] York, D(»c. 27. (AP)—Tlie fiaval dirigible IM* Angeles and wo i;< siroyers. touay were search- Hg LiM ocean wastes between Cape .'od aid Sable Is.and, .\. S.. for he amphibian p.ane Dawn, missing ji.iice Ktiday night ' with its j I r.-w of three men and a woman. The .starch was han(licape(l by ;ii'J< of di'fiiiite Informatinri I a I to i lit' plane's whercaboul.* sine • it Kas reported pa.ssing ;over Cape "lul sbor^tly after 7 nVlock .Friday !i:ght. two hqiirs after it had taken fr<,in K<Si).-.evelt Field. New t'ork, tor Hai$jor (Jrace. .Vewfound- , 'and. on the fir.-t lap of a project- | fd flight to Croydon.- Kbgland, Search by the navy' followed an- jouRcenieut by the Canadian gov- rument wireless {station on Sable her w„s unconscious for n.;arly "^^^^ \^J^^^t^""'"^'^ '» ^-^-^ the^n.etjce and IalK>r hour and I.. K. Urown. local '-"^ . .J ^•"*" ^ impeachment inquiry at a mass eerf ^n,an «;ho. found the.u believejl fo^ , l .j.^^. ,.„,f„^ j„„„„.,, ,,,^1, n.ecting. He reviewed the various i I liu.e that H.arber waj. dead.^ v ^^^^^ ^waV allegations without stating detin- ! "V t»ie,Mexl- }!r(.wn heard the car hor^i ovei „fficeV niaiiciiveiei! ii) if..!,. ..-i i ... . h*'" Petroleum company could not tlM^..mbankm..nt and f<n,nd /heca,, "^^^^^^ "J'^^'^er he would eonforn^!hat« applied for the confirmation tipped up on end. :n>par.-n(ly.hav-^y"^ " "'f^^^^^^^^^ to a summons to appear tomorrow j of its previously acquired rights "'H^- Hci°^i'^TlJi;?i"rJ,'\l.«'°^^^ before the Senate .which is .sched-' «lt tout the removal of the objec: t'oi able restriction which Impair- department of industry.', com- Js'and. operated by the -Marconi "from cancelling company, that on Sunday nlg'ht an ,' of the companies' dr.lling p»''errupted message signed with nits. IK- .says that the main letters of the Dawn was ifig turned OVJT at least lieard .Miss Smith iifoanit I dered them to get out and line up court a-bottle oil the parking wlilcV ,of impeachm^'nt neither broke nor escaped the eyt . R . ,.. „j,|. speaker of the house, cf of the Mar.shal. He then made a tnanaged to tell X.U^^^^^t^^'^'^'^r^''^^^^^^ to conven,! then as a iviih her. He found Barbar. apparently lifeless.- | wnien nr. L. D. Johnson, of Chanute was informed that the bpy was .(}e;i)l and a girl seriously north of Cltanute. he started njurcd to thr .>-c<en. but Urown Uagged hlnl down iiud tfiey returned to Johnsoi^'s hospital. Young Parber regaineil cou- sriousness on the way to Clianule ^,lt was at lirst believed that . -concussion of the brain, but quick search of the bojJs. finding f""""' <'numerat- nothing .su.spicious upon their per-1'"S twenty-three questions pr.f-r pe had an X- sons but upon the strength of the evidence already iii hand he ordered them to get ^ack into their car and drive to the bastile. Mr. Pred- .rickson mounted the running board on lh# driver's side. The man at the wheel stafted the car and ii about half a nVulnte it was going ai ed the'company's patrimony and Will imposed by article fourteen'! he law :ss)ied Dec. 26. 1«»2.'>. BIG BKOTHFR.S ^.1 .\r) .S. .U The disfUK-' ^'"^ Brothei s sent out 71 ihafkets In all to an aggregate of pared by legislators, slon was broadcast. nepresentatlve Hill pointed to'^""! " more than 300 people, several cdurt derlsioiig supporUng •e"n"«i'tteG «>f Big Sisters nn- tbe contention of the governor i^**]""^ thairman.shlp that the legislators have no right!"' " J^"""". speiit the fore- to call a .special session. Thej.'""!" P"i''«'n« tl>e baskets and in fni;,rv'''n.''wa!;''' T't'ir: ^^d't^mn '4s tfyi™fdespear"" ruled shortly [fel afternoon.they were dstribut- inju.ry. ; ly to push Fredrickson off the run- ^^'^^ ««««lon J^'as called Dec.l^.d »»• » "alt dozen volunteers with hat such (procedure waaj'^ars who were'd by a group Injunctions wore then ob-i"' Scouts who also contribut- by the governor in district I*'*' 'heir services. Thanks to the Jio!«e here yesterday afternoon -Miss smith was brought back to "^"K ^ut the .Mar.sltal was, tht 10 a by her family .Saturday night "'^S,'"'"; ! , T^.lt^'':^ }\ ! "'^-S"'- >nj Itarber said that he did not see ' '»''"'''* '"^i"."'':' 'aln-d by t 111 !»< ail an|.- signs alimg the road and had!""'! so when he took his place on ^ah.lng of a bridge-out-. He re^!'",*;, rutin ng hoard he secured it .uhetvd striking a board bl.nrk-i «»^'-lp that couhl not-be shak. ..but then, apparently con- f" i"'' ""^'f" ousnevs. Hoth .voung .personsi '''"^f'''*^^*'/ went lure thrown- from the car which! !'"":".""-«"''''^"'"y ""d convincing- w;i'< badly daniaged. .Four Uninjured In Accident Near Here discussion on th^ allegation of in-i t-'i)iii- p"r«i)i)s cs-Mjiei aliDiit 11 o'cloik Sunday injtiry night' ly with the result that the man at , the wheel Utopped the car. Then, , ... Frod.icksonor.ler..dallof Ihemen ";"Vn^^f^ out of the car ag/.(n. As ,hey ^'^["-'1 against him. c'a'nc out the mail who had bueij!, '^ese meii don't want to go driving tackled Fredrickson and it .'.'1'." '"I"^''' «overnor said, again became necesary for the officer to his club. This-quickly courts forbidding the legislature Beiierous contributions of butler, to. proce(?d with Ihe Investigation U'"?'" '""d bread by the lola Cream- and lAlso denying any pay to mem-!'*''yj. the lola .Milling Company and hersi iOtl.^n's Hakery. as well as to many Covcrnor Johnston centered his nierchant.s* who sold their goods beaid. reporting the plane in rouble. I)I.s|)atrh Sent.. A dispatch |ent hy the Sable Is-! land station to the Associated pT¥S9 Monday amplifying the sta- 'ton's first apnounceinent said: I ' ".Nine fbrty-five p. m.. yesterdgly •' heard very high pitc i and swing- , ijiB 1 O W (interrupted continuous wave! note s.i.ving something gtine wrosig Owinp to inierf: reiice could not get beginning or rest of it,-but three last letter.s of last word 'nee «iSned W j| r. S!gba!» were of fair strength And might nave been judged to be hetweeii eighty or; a hundred milesl Several ships listened lor hir signals but no re- l.-ori of any knd retijlvert yet." rpoM the theory that the Dawn sent It-; ni(-ssage from the vicinity of Sable ^Island-, the ,navy department todhy directed j Its . search there. The \jOH Angeles sttirted lact night from I>akehurs(, N'. J„ with an emergency ctew. toi'' the (Continued on Poice 4, No. 4) PAPER TELLS STORY Express Says Youth Has Admitted Girl Was Not Dead l.os AnK'ele.s, Dec. i'. (AP)— The Kvenfngr Express says thdV In (111 "uittifdctiir coni'essiao Willinni Edward Ilirkniun hii.s udiiilUed Ibirlon Parker, ai- Ihiideh un'cnnsi-ious from strau- gttliitlon, wiis not dead when lie lieuan f» dKnieniher her biHly. • f 1.OS Angeles. l)(i('. 27. (AP)—' Les.s than two hours aftiT his arrival in Los Angeles, William P'. Tiickman. confe.ssed kidnaper and nuirderer of Marian Parker, was brought into coiirt today for; arraignment. Judge (Talos HaiHy of the superior . court .presiding, continued the case until two p. m.. Thursdaj-. Judge ' Hardy indicated that • Mickmaii would bo. given an cippoitunity to obtain comi>e- tent legal deiense if he wished it. This is the second, time llickuiai) has <-oine under the official observation of the i judge. Last- summer, it was ' Judge Hardy who occupied the bench when the young man's" application for probation on a forgery w-as granted. practically at <!ost. the expense of filling the ba.'«kets was kept to a figiire which came well within the anifiunt contributed for that pur- vh.le returnnm to lola from (-.d- V'^'"'"''^'''•?"' driver,whc"'; oil-, when the;.. se:li,„ in whi, It f*^"' ^\ Whimpering ant'| I ask yo they were tiding skliliteil Th 'oiise ,^ f-'nivel and turned mi ils sine in a Ijii^r-foot liil.-h. I. .. , driving the car. Other (M( upunts . ou to take my.word, my declaring that he would commit \ record, my, ent re life activity and suicide. The .MarshaT intimated t« ,'he present aflminlstration into I "J'M.MmJrv'«--.s'h''" 'hat'a few more hreaks such'.consideration. Look tfehind the • • ' • • ben making and he, legi.slature to the ci^wd of polltlc- .„ „ . I , .,..1 \i .i,>„..v vvi .ivn i *""Wn't need to commit suicide ! lans and their co-consplrators. 7 ,'.e„ T,V,'. n,.ai 1 \iea. IV. 1^ altercation the Judge me not only by my record 'l>.";iud;mehl of It-^^^^^^^^ "f had'but.hy the enemies I have. l)"rokeii and both viaht side of the tered. "They defy the courts. They train-jPH"- The Salvation Array sent out 50 baskets, all well fillet! according glasses ou the j ^^''^'^^ 'f J''« -Mr; Fredrick-1 He dismissed a charge of moral to the number of persons In the family. The event was made .something of a ceremony, the Mayor going to the Barracks at 2:3^ Saturday afternoon when the dlstrl- bujlon- was about to begin and personally making the presenta- i-ar were I tnoj , " .-.cujiin-j u ..siniHseu a cnarge ot moral i shat-i''"" called to a passerby to drive, turpitude- voted by the house com-^'*'P °^ """^^ basket. the car along "Spud" Grover To Be Sent to Osawatomie Cord "Sj)ud ' (Jrover. lola police ( huracter.; and an inmate of the (oijnty jail lor st;veral weeks, |o- i!:iy was dJ'cjared insane by Travis •Morse, probate judge. He "will be fiiken to Osawatomie as soon ' iripplicalion blank.! ar,' receiv Ifiere. Grpver is'said to be' one Of iwo men wlio attempted to set the ,. jai; oil: fire about two weeks ago. Ai that time he offered to kill a newspaper reporter if; th(? ^jailor ~ would open the door. the poor of lola were well "done more j served on Christmas day. prefernsd It | ' So far m as fceiveii WEATHER and ROADS „ . »i'h him while hr, mittee, .but not finally approved, walked his prisoners back to his by declaring it had office. Arrived there he called a' harm to those who wre.crr™ u. ,KI r« U ^ J physician to come and repair the.than to me" i're.irr™ » as this office has heard only one bruises on Ihe head of the man who 1 "The people coinmissioijed me to ' occurred. Leigh Bowlus had resisted him, then he asked;come here and clean house," said the men if they he scare Roy Hair Enjoys His Thrills in Flaming Car Thp marks (hat nnvfetr. fear and Ihe physical slrain of dri^infr an automobile 400 miles u duy inr.-seTrnil days pnt on the i'ac<v of Edward Jiirkmtiu an*' plainly tisible Jn thl.^ picture of the j^)DthfuI slajifr of MaHan l^arfcer uf Tios .\ngeles taken attlie rounly jail in Pendleton. (>rejfon< just alter'Hickman had been Iqdfred thi?re iol- hmlng his arrest at Echo. After this photo,was" taken I0ckman made his cdnfessldnjto police, in which he udnlltte'd kidnniyiig the girl, lint denied hiplni; killed her. BANK-ROBBING SANTA KILLED BY POSSE NOW COMPENSATION REQUESTS MIST BEINSATUW Hoy Hair, manager of the Perfect haki'-ry. enjoys •.hrllling action.' Hair yesterday evening ;dipve his j sister's, car approximately a niilei Sunday evening with flames leap-( Ing from It. The fire wa» extin- jOther Members of GangrF.H. Arnold Has Blanks Are Believed To fte I To Be Filled dut Surrounded ^By lolans Los .Angeles. Dec. 2?. (AP) —William Edward Hickman wa.s brought to Lo.s j^geles today and lodged safely-^in the county jail to face justice for the kidnaping ;an<j murder of little Marian Parker. A crowd of about 4,000 per-^ .son.s stood gloomily watcihing I the unloading of the prisoner from, an automobile in which j he had been brought from the train. ^ In Fpite of rumors that Hickman Jj might b? taken off the train at some outlying poin^ to avoid dein- onstration by expected crowds, tha" train bringing him was not stopped until the corner of Jackson and \ .\lamcda streets, in the downtown district, was reached. Hnotled Info tun He was quickly hustled into 9, - f\. big waiting automoibile. manacled r j fo two Los Angeles detectives, A South Bend. Tex., Doc. 27. !(AP) guLshed at Bud White's garage byj^*'*' '^^nk robber disguised as Santa the fire department Hair said to-|01aus who led others at Cisco, . „ dav that other motorists gave him j Texas, when the First -Vational compenssation, Frank |Arn(;id, adju-i^""^ "*'*-'*P^Pcr.correspond- plenty of room on his way to the ii,a„k was robbed Friday, was tant of Leslie J. Canipbel^ post of ia"*^\,^°/Jhom'^roiSVl^'^i killed in a gun fight with officers the American Legion, announced ! attracte('l little 'a«emlon^ -ja 1 an December ."Jl is the las^ date on which application may be,made by World War Veterans^ for-'adjusted.'string of seven cars, carrying p(>^ garage. complains that neither the Big Salvation Army i"()R KA.VSA.S—rnsettied.tonight and Wednesday with probable rain or snow In west portion; Nligbtiy waVnier tonight, in northnpst por- tiiihs polder Wednesday In west tmftion. FOB lOI.A A.M) i ViriMTV— ' I'nsettled, ||irolmhly *Ith rain' to- iilirh't anjl Wednesday: little rhangp III temtiprafurp. Weather butlook for Ihe Week: Northern! and C^'Utral Creat J'Uiln.s—.MOHtly fair the,first part of Ihe week, followed by predplta- 1 foil .probably cdlder toward the .-cid'se. , I - temperntjure—Highest yesterday •19. at 2 p. n.; lowest last night 40 Til fr a. ip.: normal for today .111 excess—.vcKtcrday 13: excess since Jaftuary Is ,2-10 degrees; thls-dalt' •«nsl year—llghest 37: lowest 27. iWciplta ion for the 24 hours < ndlng lat 7 a. m. today. .(lO; totai for tlilH year to date. 51.8H: j-inc'e January 1st 14.C4 inches. . Sun rises.7:38 a: ni.; sets 5%on -- p; ni. Boad-CondlUons. All cloudy 'except P|ttshurg. clear; aU roads good. ests of the .state, h6 .said,,he made infltientiai enemies, and to these he attributed the effort to Impeach him. Big Christmt^s Celebration Given For Inmates ofAllen County Home .Mrs. Paul Bustard, of 415 South 'Frederick Oreen. violinists, and Jefferson avenue, who had (hurge Miss Ma.\Til Warner, pianist, (ur- .)f the Christmas celfbratiori al the ' lilshed the niuslc. County Home, six miles north of' "The Carlyle W. C. T. C. aent a lola, has kindly supplied the Beg- lovely trwt for' each one In the :sier with th^ following report: | home consisting of a netting sack "Kach map received a pair of full of nuts, home-madii candles house slippers ami a pair of socks: ,and cookies. , each Jady a pair of house »llppeTS ; "J. 0...MIttelbach. of tho Palace •ind ft htiuiiolr cap; eaih one received ,.irii«tttng sack, contalnliiR two oranges, two cookies, 'two ?akes. huts and a pound of candy. "The young people of the' Chris-, •ian; Kndeavor floclety of the Prejt- I byterian church gave a splendid ' Christmas program of scripture ihd sons; under the leadership of Owen Paul, who took for his sdh- lect. Luke 2. Judson Rnmsey; who plays the flute, Harvey Herr aiid Shoe Store, attended the meetltig and fitted all the housefthoes. 1 ".Mrs. C. C. Luccock, ot the City Exchange, sent each one ,a heaii- tlful rose and a stick of csndy. aic- companled by « cheery Christmar message to b© read to ithem. "S. A. Bixby, ot the Blxby Whole-' sale Fruit House, sent his usual bushel of fine Jonathan apples as has been his custom.for a number of years." and he was bitterly disappointed. Of course ev- erybiody regrets the oversight and w^ll try to see that it does not hajppen next year." if thiey were willing that) the governor. "Even before I was, Brothers nor the h their car or If they in-; installed in office many w'ere seek- gent him a basket, slsted upon a sealch warrant."Oh jing jobs. I was in office but a few ..i,.. j, . • you have got us, you wight as wel' j days when I uncovered fraudulent make the .search," they replited, sf scliemes." i he proceeded to investigate and "I made a direct attack, on the found a gun and about a gallon of I scho(;l hook trust," the governor more or lless alcohol. The men,continued at another point, "and gave theil-names as, Roy Holt, and i refused to let thj; insurance trust Charles Temple of Oklahoma andjcontriJl the appointments on the C. H. Callahan of Wichita. Ten^-iinsurance commission. The bond pie was the ode who got away monopoly w-as broken up." Callahan pleaded guilt^ to driving Wherever he directed hla efforts while Intoxicated for which he was against par.'sons whom he believed fined $25 and costs, for disturbing • to be working against the Inter- the peace for which he'was fined ' $10;and costs, for resisting ait officer for which he was fined $25 and (Cnntinued on I'apre 6, 'tin, i) Poultry Association Meeting Is, Wednesday Plans for the poultry sectiisn of the Southeast Kansas Corni and Poultry Show at .Memorial Halt January lS-21, will be discusried at a meeting of the .Allen County, Poultry Association tomorrow night at 8 o'clock in the Chamber of Commerce rooms at .Memprlal |.M1 poultrymen interested show are invited to attend meeting. .\ large silver loving Is being offered by the J. F. Grennan Produce Company foil the best bird displayed at the sho v. Othei attractive prizes are bein; offered ) near here today. ..Two or three;today, companions escaped on foot. in a| .Where tho veteran is ^ead, de- running ?:in battle with Young ^ pendent niothers, fathers,*children ^Streets arpund the entrance to the tuiinel intd the (:ounty jail were lined wini purious persons hut jcounty officers. The contin-: or widows, ijiay receive cgmpensa--there was no demonstration. - ued (.lose pursuit. Late word . indicated the members of the band were rounded in aj woods near Ivan. Texas, by .MKiut 100 officers and citizens. -The (l)an(lits seemed well supplied with ainraunition. I lion. If ih^. veteran is dj^ad, the other policy will be paid at once, Mr. sur-, Arnold said. '•• Pai.d up iiisurance poliiVjes are being issued to veterans fHling out; Hickman was taken off the train at.lOrJo and was in'the jail at 10:15 a. m. At fJlendale. a suburb, a crowd \ _ of about 1.000 persons gathered at' applications for adjustedicompen- the side of the train and gave an; sation. • . : ovation to the two Pendleton cap- filling cheerful; mood. As the train .starts, ed bovs ran alongside the cSar bear- > bank tho i-obbers escaped about a.giad to assist veterans gun hattle- in which the chief oi'icut Idanks. • police of Cisco was killed and one! Saturday Mr. Arnold fSled out •hg Hickman, pointing their fingers of the robbers wounded fatally, a compensation* applic-alio|i for a at the window of his compartntent. [Seven other persons were strucki(ojored girl. Heft husbapd . died The train soon _left the e^er UNITED Ct ASKED FOR PRODUCTS Ihvqluntary Proceeding^ Started Today in Kansas City Ofllcials of the local branch of the United Clay Products Corporation, east of lola. today declared they had heard nothing of the Kansas City action, but Mcpressed the opinion that he local plant would continue to operate. Kansas City, Dec. 27. (API—Th United Clay Products Corporation] operating thirty-two brick and tU plants In Kansas. .Mlssojirl, Iowa Oklahoma aiiid Arkansas, today wa placed In involuhta/y bankrupt'c;' In federal court here. / The corporation, capitalized a^ $3,625,600, was formed In January 1926, bonds, debentures and golq notes out-standtng touting $4,286, 900. The claims of three creditor^ bringing the,action amounted t only- |616!34. Moe FVie^nian, at: torney, reprosenting tlie t iree creditors, said, however, nis firm represented another creditcjr with r claim of fBOO.OOO. Thisf claim was not listed. Friedman said he wot Id ask a rfcelver in bankruptcy o permit operation of some of 'tie plants pending liquidation. Th4 claims listed in ^he action w^re Sonken and Galamba, p^erat- ini; (he Kansas City wh te metal company $397.34; Central Pipe and Supply company. $11.85, xsxA the S A., Bose Iron and Metal company $107.15. Plants are located at Topeka lola, Wichita, Wefr. Butfv lie, Pltts- btnif. Colfeyvllle. CHierrjjviile and and bv bullets. The money taken was '-wo years ago and she wiH receive recovered. ' ""^ in cash. This will bw.applied A sweeping manhunt was imme-t on a home, she told Arnold. • diately organized pnd all nearby A. mother of a veteran *'ho died ! points were on suard. ''''' '•^'•f'^'^ 5*';be was beinenrenarert Early Monday the bandits forced suit of filling out an apjilicatlon ,,^,h^^„r "1^^^^^^^^ ,,i^ht Claude W.vlie to drive them to; late last week.^ S a lursuirat^d a 1 ef^^^^^^^ Ci.sco in. hi.s. .nutomobil* fro'm Put-f Mr. Arnold believes there are l^V^^t^^ man. AVounded slightly, Wylie was tuany veterans and depelAlents of hat. "^1 ^^^^^^ '^^^! left in his car today at Cisco. The .lead .soldiers who, are entitled to „;^/?J,fi"L robbers then stole a «ntaU_;.;oupe, < ...npensation. but .are- neglecting! (tontlnned on Puse «, >o. 3) lo apply. , iindif^-n-mlv-at the streets of the — — ——---------- - " * Pity from which he fled l(!ss than two weeks ago after killing Marian. i Park'-r and dL/membering her body. On His First Flight to Guatemala po'i'>'> cL'Tthrjau I" crowd o? . " jcurions persons pressed the police • ^ -'lines. The two stalwart offi(;ers to .Mexico fiiv. i)((!. T,. (Al'i-jhis famed flight.'.-.- As 1^- whom he was-Injanacled quickly j youngsters- behind. Hickman Is roniposed. mekman was ' (-omposed sVrvi('c will receive"*1^8'as"rie-' ^^^^^ °- nervousnesi as • - • ho ho,„<. for the ^nal He ack too Lindbergh to Take Off Wednesday Independence, -Kansas: vllle, and Kansas City, Mo.; Pawhuska, Tulsa, Sand Spr linsville, Oklahoma City, El Reno. Hobart and Okla.: Boone. Des Mol 2|feter, Adel! and Creston. Foct Smith,: Arkansas. Harrison- Ings, Col- Sapulpa Boy n ton iiris. Van Iowa, and rtilizing ev.-ry spare moment iif his time. <'olon>-r Ciiarles A. Lindbergh today was; nearing the end pear.-< over the Lindbergh will /»S m(>,untaiti5i. Mrs. drew, him through the cordon ami start li»-r return into the building. tri)) to her Detroit class Jfoom in of his preparations for a flighf.'the pliine that hrtjiight la-r here: over rough mountainous country. She will stop at Tiiniplco. Ban An- Jargeiy unsettled, to CuateinaJa tonio. Tc,x.. and Indianaprilis. She City, Guatemala. * expects to arrive iln Dejrolt at Sometime between « and 7 to- nightfall Thursday or shortly aft- morrow nioi-ning the Lone Klagle t-rwrtrds. . ^. will start a trip of 67.5 miles over 1 Fresh strawberrie.s,;-Tiow abiind- a couirtry which few- tra.v(-lers and ant will be taken by .Mrs. not many explorers- have seen. i Lindbergh to Mrs. ]^lenry Ford. Allowing for headwinds; it is estl-'i Linitbergb. while not adhering to mated that the Sp'rit of St. Louis, any set schedule, expects to stay will cover the distance in- nine two days in each. Central, Ameri-1 hours. can capital. H^ plans to arrive [guards." skidded to a stop, the tJe^ His mother is expfected to sec ^ at Havana while the Pafl-Amerir | tectives jumped out literally drag- what she has never beheld before, can conference, which opens Jan- i ging the prisoiJer along by t le —the hop-off of her son on one of I uary 16, is in session. * | f (Contlnaed on Page 6, 5o. 1) • Hickman appeared to have re? C()vered from the nervousness w-hlch plunged him into hysterica ot the jail In Pendleton last Saturday night. Hp was in much better shape physically a* the end of his Journev than at the start. . Final Da»h Fast - • , The final dash into solitary cohr finement at the county jail rw^ fast and spectacular. As the automobile hearing the prisoner, handcuffed to his tffo

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