The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 13, 1933 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 13, 1933
Page 7
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIA!*, FRIDAY, JANUARY 13, 1933 L««rfMINING COHEN" Bradley Estimates Value of State's 1932 Minerals riTOTAL value of the mineral pro-, I Increased • value over the preceding New Industry Looms on Kern Desert.; Material Is Best Quality in World . (Special to The OaUfornlan) MOJAVE,. Jan. 18.—Production of cosmetic "talo" bids fair to bring another largo Industry Into existence In the .Mojavo; desert. Development activities, extraction of the material, and shipping of tho, output now Indicates that the non- metallc product Is high-grade and equals the quality of any produced In the woH'cl. A. W. Clapp, manager of the Ruia Talc Leaning Company, states that their mine It situated 24 miles east of Olanclm and adjoins the Sierra Talu Company holdings, that the property Is well opened up and developments Bhow that tho veins and ledges opened by tunnels and open cuts from 3 to 11 feet In width and stand exposed for 1100»feet In length, and the ground hardly scratched. Clapp reports that the Glendlnnl:i:r Company of Los Angeles Is grinding and forwarding the shipment to New York users of the high-grade cosmetic talc. The firm finds It advisable to ship by truck via Mojave. The order for the New York distributers has already gone forward by way of the L'amima Canal and they are now filling orders for local distribution In Los Angoles and San Francisco. RESERVES EAT UP FIRM'S (United Press Leased Wire) NEW YORK, Jan. 13.—Frank Phil lips, president of the Phillips Petrol euni Company, said today the companj probably would show an operating profit of about $18,500,000 for 1932, bu that It would be absorbed by book reserves for depletion and deprecla tion. 1 The revenue showing for the year he added, would be. considerably bet tcr than In 1931, when the company reposted a net loss of $5,576,000 afte all flcdupfions. •He also reported the company hai completed payment of the $18,000,00' bank loons contracted two years ag< for building pipelines and extensions A auction of California for the year, 1032 is conservatively estimated by, the statistical'division of the state division of mines under, the direction of "Walter W. Bradley, state mineralogist, to have been $200,725,000. This Is, In part, detailed In the tabu- atlon below, but as there nrb' more than BO mineral substances on California's , commercial list, it Is' Impracticable' at' Oils' early date to obtain definite figures on other than the more Important Items. The blank report forms are being mailed to the operators In''all mineral linos, and the 'detailed and complete report will bo compiled and published later. The estimated total of $209,725,000 Is a decrease of approximately $6,239,000 from' the value of 1931- production of $215,064,420. Petroleum and gold Were the. only major mineral substances whose output showed an year. Large decreases In values were registered by cement, mtscel- Industrlal mate- Federal Oilfields, tyc., operator of a, wildcat deep test well on section 22, 29-21 near McKlttrlck, Is reported to have encountered n favorable oil formation. The well has a depth of 5385 feet, Is standing cemented now with the 9-Inch casing at 4848 feet, and probably will bo subjected to a production test next week. In tho event tho test falls to show commercial oil production, the casing Job will not have been In vain, however, for the hole required such protection. Some geologists have classified the oil formation as being the Temblor. Thomas H. Purman Is drilling the well. The discovery of this formation at such depth is said to have been a complete surprise to Purman, who Is now In Snn Francisco, because he had expected to drljl 5800 to 6200 feet before picking It up. On the strength of the showings bo- fore a test has been made, the organization is starting a new well there, known as Cymric No. 3, which will leave the No. 2 location vacant and go farther out in search of the trend of the structure, It Is believed. Purman has pioneered the Cymric area, adjoining'extensive holdings of the Shell Oil Company, Lincoln Drilling Company and other operators. He previously participated in the drilling of the Knudson & Schmidt No, 1 well near. Avenal, which now Is being drilled deeper on contract by the Pacific Western Oil Company. I "What shall I wear between noiv and spring *" .•• . > j. :T-> t,-. •,, .... t£ . . Q quicksilver, brick; rials, and salines. The value of the petroleum output was approximately 8.6 per cent higher although the quantity showed a decrease of about 8,840,000 barrels In quantity from 1931. On. June -26 there was an Increase In the price of all the crude oils lighter than 20 -degrees. Around 86 per cent of the'crude at present produced In California Is about 20 degrees,-some'testing as high as M degrees, while the low grades range down to 9 degrees. • ' ' •' Receipts, of bullion at the mint and smelters show an Increase In the gold yield of about $886,000 compared with 1031. Small placer operations, brought about', by unemployment In other industries, accounted for an increase of some $300,000 over tho same source In 1931. Both tho total output of the lodo mines and dredges showed an increase. AH other minerals showed a decrease In production owing to the shutting down of operating properties duo to the low price of all metals. The structural group shows a do- crease brought about by a 55 per cent decline In building permits In 52 California cities. Both the Industrial and saline groups show likewise large decreases In value. The bureau estimated that tho gold production was $11,700,000. Silver, of which there were 500,000 fine ounces produced, netted $141,000. "Value of copper produced, 1,]00,000 pounds, was placed at $67,000. A total of 2,200,000 pounds of lead produced, valued at $61,000, It was estimated. Quicksilver, 5800 flasks of that metal brought $325,000. Other metals netted an estl- mated aggregate of $5000. A total of 179,533,000 barrels of petroleum was valued at $153,220,000. Natural gas, of which there were 244,600,000,000.000 cubic feet, was valued at $11,740,000. Ce- . ment, estimated at 5,577,000 barrels, was valued at $7,808,000. Crushed rock, sand and gravel produced was given an estimated value of $9,500,000. .Brick and hollow building tile produced was valued at $1,800.000. Eighteen thousand tons of magne- slte was valued at $15R,000. Other structural materials, Including granite, lime, marble and others, were given an aggregate value of $1,000,000. Miscellaneous Industrial minerals brought $4,200,000. Saline, Including berates, potash, salt, soda and others, netted an estimated $S,000,000, for a grand total of $209,729,000. « . * Purchasing Companies May Force Oil Curtailment Output in State LOS ANGELES, Jan. 13.—Caltfor nla operators, within a few days, are expected to receive a warnlns that purchasing companies cannot continue to buy the present excess production of approxlmatcy 30,000 barrels of oil dally at the present average crude price of $1. The utlmatum Is expected to set a tlmo limit during which production of the state must be brought within reaching distance of the 440,000-barrel dally allowable, fixed October 1 last year, and In comparison with tho current dally average production o" 470,000 barrels, Example Meanwhile a movement has been started by a number of'the leading Independent companies. including A Dress Event Featuring Midseason Dresses for Daytime and Street Wear $ 1.95 Where, but ut Ward's, famous for values, can you find the now things before they become common gossip—at prices nobody would suspect you paid? This collection is bubbling over with new clashing scarfs . . . exhuborant new sleeves • . . . brilliant ne.w high colors. Even the hard-to-flnd dark dresses are here, with touches to pep up jaded wardrobes and spirits. These heavy all-rayon crepes, and appetizing print and soliij combinations, you know—loom more and more important as spring approaches. Sizes 14 to 44. ' MONTGOMERY WARD & Co. AStOR YACHT ON WHICH ROOSEVELT WILL SEEK REST Ward's Answers the Question With Continues Reaming Work at Kettleman Reamtner work continues at the North Kettleman Oil & Gas Company's well on the Llllls-Welch lease, section 24, 21-16 at Kettleman Hills, and when that work Is finished, the 7-inch casing will be cemented at 9650 feet for a test of showings. The well, deepest of the Kettleman field, has a depth of 9933 feet. Should the test fall to produce commercial quantities of oil and gas, the well will be deepened to 11,000 feet, It has been predicted. Hancock, Barnsdall, Chanslor-Can field-Midway, Pacific Western an others to take an additional 10 PC cent curtailment of their production for 90 days. It Is estimated that sucl a movement would cut 10,000 barrel from the present dally excess of 30,00 barrels. Hancock Oil has shown a uplendl example In the Long Beach field. I takes approximately 15 per cent of th Signal Hill production nnd In n lette to Its producers It has asked them t Join voluntarily In limiting dally pro rtuctlon In January, February an March to 70 per cent of what it was I October, November and December. Hancock also has offered to Join movement to shut flown Its own wel 10 to 16 days a month at Signal. HI provided offset wells will follow sul Pressure Expected It was currently reported yesterda that strong pressure has been brought to bear on the crude purchasing companies by general business Interests pointing out that cutting the crude price to an average of 50 cents a bar- | rel would reduce by half the amount' of money dally coming Into southern California for shipments of petroleum and petroleum products out of this territory. That sum Is generally estimated at $350,000 dally. The same general business interests have turned their pressure on producers who have not joined the conservation movement and are endangering the crude price structure. « • » Young Prospector Returns to Lease MOJAVE, Jan. 13.—Recovering from a two-week attack of flu, Austin Holmes, 16, Is now prospecting for another find on Elephant hill, so In the event his present sublease show- Ing of eight Inches should give out ho would not lose tlmo In moving out from tho present showing. He states that he lias more than 1000 pounds of good ore extracted and will resume work as soon as his strength returns. Coarse Sand Cored in Kettleman Well Coarse sand Is being drilled through near 8400 feet In the No. 32-32J well of the Kettleman North Dome Association, on section 32, 21-17, at Kettleman Hills. On the saime section the firm's No. 61-32J Is drilling through sand and shale well beyond 4000 feet. The No. 38-20J, section 20, 29-17, Is In hard shale near 6100 feet. No. 87-30J, section 39, 21-17, has reached a depth of 7230 feet. Holmes Opening Up Promising Prospect MOJAVE, Jan. 13. — George Holmes, veteran prospector of Elephant hill, Is opening up a new promising prospect on tho hill, from the present advancement from grass roots he has indications of a good vein In place carrying mill grade ore of good values. The coming week's work In sinking of the new shaft will no doubt bring In satisfactory results. Lone Whepley Well Reaches 4760 Feet Associated Oil Company's fourth Whepley well, on section SB, 21-17 at Kettleman Hills, has reached a depth of 4760 feet, and continues drilling through the hard shale formation which has predominated at bottom for several hundred feet. Oil Agreements Nordon Oil Corporation, to Fred L. Morris, Fahnle Morris, Katherlne G. Shuman, Emily W. Hardy and Norma W. Duncan — Quit to southeast quarter of southwest quarter section 36, 27-22. Same to Margaret H. Simpson and Leavenworth Kerslmw — Quit to west half of southwest quarter section 30, * ) 7-* ) 2 Western Gulf Oil Company to Frank E. Sawdey et ux — quit to southeast quarter section 26, 32-26, except north 60 acres thereof. Reservoir Hill Gasoline Company to C. W. Bonynge and W. A. Bonynge, Jr., and Juliette p. and Leta Bonynee — Quit to lease covering southeast quarter of northwest quarter section 1C, 11-23, dated December 13, 1932. Notice of Nonresponslblllty Barnsdall Oil Company of California, lessee, and Cypress Petroleum Company of California, anslgnee of lease covering ea»t half of east half of northwest quarter of southwest quarter rind west half of southwest quarter-of southwest quarter of section 22, 32-23, give notice of nonresponsiblllty for materials, labor, drilling, etc., on same; Fred Turner is sublessee of said property; dated January 7, 193S; filed January 11, 1933. Bakersflnld and Fresno Oil Com- panq gives notice of nonresponslblllty for labor, materials, etc., furnished northeast quarter and west half of southeast quarter of northeast quarter and west half of northeast quarter section 4, 29-28; said property Is leased to D. C. Bailey and L. F. El wood. GUESTS AT PADRE J. M. Kent, of Los Angeles, and F J. Fahay, of Fresno, are among the guests at Hotel Padre today, who are associated with the oil Industry. How to Get Relief From Catarrh If you have catarrh, catarrhal deaf ness or head noises caused by catarrh you should know this slmplcj homo treatment which frequently overcome, these distressing conditions. Secur< from your druggist one \ounce of Par mint (Double Strength). Take thl homo and add to It % pint hot wate and a little sugar. Take one tablespoonful four time a daj», breathing should become easlei while the distressing catarrhal hea noises, dropping mucous and defectlv hearing should gradually dlnappea under Parmlnt's tonic action. Catarrl sufferers find Parmlnt Just wha they need.—Adv. ARRIVE IN KERN M. W. Wlckersham and O. P. Yowell, of the Kettleman North Dome Association, arrived In Balcersflold last night from Los Angeles, and are guests at Hotel Padre. The magnificent Nourmahal, one of the finest and faetiit yaohte In th« world, will aoon carry Preildent-elect Franklin D. Roosevelt to southern waters for a seoludsd rot, perhaps the last hs will have for four years. Vincent Aster, the Nourmahal's owner, Is an old friend and neighbor of Roosevelt. Roosevelt will do no worK on th« erulM: 1 und will not even take a secretary along. TO AFIER14 YEARS Escapes; Goes Into Business; Prospers; Recaptured; Must Finish Term (.Itaoelatcd Prc** Lcatcrl Wire) CANON CITY, Colo., Jan. 13.—Glenn Smoemnn today again took tip tha routlnu life of Convict Number 10,347. He wa.M transformed from a dapper, assured Cleveland music publisher, known for nlnu yenrs us Harry Stanley, Into a prison Innmte .hardly distinguishable from nny of the 1100 other convicts In the Colorado state penitentiary. Slightly less than 15 years ago ho escaped from a prlBon road camp, mndo hla way to Cleveland and became prosperous In business with George A. Bronson, his partner and close friend, who has been revealed as Ms brother. Smccman married a socially prominent Cleveland girl and la the father of a 3-months-old daughter. Of his sentence of threo years, ho has 31 months and 21 days to servo. ^SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR MONEY REFUNDED •*VISITOR C. J. Hill, representative of the Oil Supply Company, is here contacting distributing- concerns for his firm's product, and Is a guest at Hotel Padre. CY BELL HERE Cy Bell, of the Perkins Cement Company, IB stopplBg at Hotel Padre today. A. 15, Wallace of the Western Gulf Oil Company Is a guest there uUso. A TONIC? 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