The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on June 8, 1894 · Page 7
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, June 8, 1894
Page 7
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DAltY AKt) WEEKLY. ALL HOME FRIST. Inn BiNtiNnt IB the only newspaper In Cat- roll countf that IR printed all at horns And It con> ait» mbfe local and county news than anj other two papers ID this county. Fowling & COLCto, Pfop§. FBIDAV, JUNE 8, 1894. PEOPLE AND EVENTS. Clippers a.t Moore 8. Floe shoes repaired at Moore's. Best shoe blnckinp at Moore's, The best $1.00 work shoes at Moore's. Pabst'a Eotbrau beer always on tap at Henry Theirs'. Window screens and screen doors at Hnrlio & Clovis'. Do not buy Oxfords this spring until you see Moore's line. Wire door mats with vour name woven In, at Martin & Clovis'. ' The signal service indicates rain nod We hope it is correct for once. The. examination for city certificates is being held at the high school building. L, M; Nichols, of Boone, was in the city today and report* business booming, Inquire prices on screen doors and windows and Hocking Valley^COB! at Joyce's. <Jeo. E. Hoch, of Arcadia, was in the city today for some time visiting with old friends. A. hacking cough Is a weariness to the flesh; but Ayer^s Cherry Pectoral is a cure that never fails. Mrs. R. D. Backus returned this morning to her home at Independence, after (spending a month with iicr sister, Mrs 'T. G. Paine. The severest cases of rheumatism are cored <by Hood's bnrsuparilla, the great blood purifier . Now Is the*?nio to take It. Hood's cu eg. Miss Lillie Eagerly has cone to her home atOouncil Blufig for a two months' ; vacation'during tbe dell season. Missee Maud aid Blanche O'Nnal let yesterday morning for Marshalltown to a visit with relatives «nd friends in tfaa citv. Do not spoil your -shoes with interio dressings, but if vou would like something* good and nice, >you will find it a Moore's. Qeo. F. Wetherill'and family returned this morning from KendalviUe, Ind. where they have been visiting for the past two weeks. The King's Daughters will meet at <th< • home of Miss Mamie Macomber torn or row afternoon o'clock. A full attendance is requested. Chas. Bradford 'was the luckv naan las • evening and drew the bicycle at Wetberil & Guam's. Chas. will now chase' thi i flies on wheels. SI it will improve 'hi action, we are satisfied. ' Regular meeting of Jeff. O. Duvis <pos thi« .evening at tbe hall. Business k_f»ortancc and all members are re- 1 quested In be present. H. W. MACOMBBK, Commander. The nip of a poisonous snake Is but slight remove from being more dangerous than the poison of scrofula in the blood .- Ayor'8 Sarsaparilla purlfles the vita! fluid, expels all poisonous substances, anc supplies the elements of life, health anc strength. Fire started in Patterson's pasture west of-town the other day and tbej.fraia • was 10 dry that several acres were bur ne( • over before tbe fire was put out. This is the dryeit spoil for the time of the year ever known in U»ii locality, TUK LADIES. I'he pleasant effect and , perfect safety with which ladies may use the California liquid laxative, Byrup of Figs, undei all conditions, makes it their favorite remedy. To get the true and gen i uluu article, look for the name of the Call' forula Fig Syrup. Co., printed near 'the : bottom of the package. The regular monthly meeting of the iboard of directors of the V. M. C. A will be held tomorrow evening art the •regular quarterly meeting of the aetooia tion will Jw neld fttopday evening, June ill, both meetings at the rooms of tbe*t sociatloo at 8 o'clock. The board of supervisor* bai been in <eeuii in and today completed the work of .checking over tbe treasurer's accouet, and of coarse found everything a'l right. Nsit week tbe board will devote a few days to allowing bills aid looking after other routine work which has accumulated since Ihe April meeting "Jfany of the otUeeus of Ralnsvlllf, Indiana, are never without a bottle i.( Chaftubeil tin's cough remedy In tho Itouuei" says Jacob Usowu, the leadlpR merchant ot the plaoei Tills remedy hs» pf oven of so much value for ooldi, orou»> and whooping cough In oblldren that few mothers who know It* worth are willing lo be without i(. JTor sale by J. W. Uat- Ar« our prloot about ri«bir Well we should My they are and *» will you when you compere notei, end every body nowa- day i doe* compare. Oui good* arc bought right; thai we sell UMW rlgbi everybody knows, and you know it. It coill nothing lo see Ihe best selected. nobl|e»t, brlgkloil itogk of wen's and children's »ult» In Carroll, and tueie M no wUtftk* la flutllog Ibe plsoe. TUe t«wom»lway»le*pU »«<1 «« Ma o« th« corner, or rather beve » corner oo ton bull mil lowest price*! clothing In (be *•*>» See wlwt Mow* 8in»on b«» to «ay «baMi It, Flore«#ourt vault MI to bet flQO "aloe oiib money" (bit be e»nuol gel W«M> cue to fftthfr the wilole appearing io bit Oh, bo, PfMh; "we aw bo geese." You would not take a wager tbe other day of f5, that the manuscript from which the article was get was not in vour hand writing. You probably bave bad time to bave Rome one copy it for you since then; but you are the man who gave life o it id tbe German language and yon know it. . 1 have two little grand children who are teething this hot summer weather and are troubled With bowel complaint. 1 give em Chamberlain's colic, cholera and diar- rhoea remedy and it acts like a charm. I earnestly recommend it for children with bowel troubles. I was myself taken with a severe attack of bloody flux,wlth ctamps and pains In my stomach, one-third of a bottle of this remedy cured me. W Ithln twenty tout hours 1 was out ot bed and doing my house work. Mrs. W. L. Dunagan, Bon-aqua, Hickman Co., Tenn. For sale by J. IV. Hatton, druggist. How DHX I AM. It ia an old saying that we will never miss tbe water till the well runs dry. But when the supply doee give ont it w great); missed. We are practically with ont water in the city now. Everything has been ehut off and what little we have will be used . in the moat sparing way possible. The water in the creek is as good as gone;there is only a tew inch es and as the fall is about two inches per day the bed ot the river will be as dry as Breda was tost Sunday, when all tbe ealoona were closed in accordance with the "Mulct" law, it there ie not rain in a day or eo. The wind mill at the tank has been wt in.motion end some water will be enpplied from this conroe if tbe wind does not quit business in sympathy with the strikers and the drying np o tbe creek. With a tboasbnd dollai license and no water it begins to look as if •Oarroll will shortly be the dryee town in all the state. THB WOODS IB For* OF 'En. • JLooal politics ie warming np with the season and every few days a new name is added to the list of possibilities The recorder's office still continues in tb lead for tbe number of aspirants. Ohas Bucknam, Joe. Kempker, Peter Steph- nny, W. H. Riokeraon and 0. W •Bruner are all considered quite likely to be in the race. For clerk J. W. Kennebeok, H. E Beach and J. H. Sohroeder • are al aspiring for tbe Domination while Hnmbsoh and Korte bave the field to themselves for a second, term, as they should. Tbe aspirants Cor supervisor are also beginning to appear. 0. H. Flenker Ed Dale end P. J. Koenig are quietly being talked of, but the only one that wi are justified in saying will be a candidate is, Ed. Dale, ot Goon Rapids. As Mr Dale is a first alaaa man, rooked in the cradle of Democracy and bails from part ot tbe county that ie jaetly entitled to recognition we would be pleased to see him keonre tbe nomination. Messrs Koenig and Flenker are both good men and should they conclude to enter tbe race they would make strong candidates Tbe central committee will meet Tuesday to aet tbe date for tbe ooaoty con vention, and as far as we bave been able to ascertain tbe expression ia favorable to one convention, just ae we bave done tor tbe past two years. Bbonlt this be followed,; which » •» probability will be, the county convention will not be later that the 28th ot July. There U more Catarrh in this Motion of the country than all other dues*es put together and until tho la*l few year* wai supposed to b* Incurable, for a great many rear* doctors pre- nounoed It a local dtieaio, and prescribed loo* remedlM, and by constantly falllnt to cure with loot! treatment, pronounced it Incurable. Science a a* proven eatarrh to be a constitution*. lease and therefore requini constitutional treatment. Ball's Catarrh Cure, manufactured PI IT. J. cn*n«f * Co., Toledo, Ohio, I* tbs ouljr oonitltutlonal cure on the market. It la taken Inteaualljr In dote* from 10 drop* to o teaopoon- tul. It act* directly on tlu< blood sad anuuoui suifMoi pf tb* system. Thf y offer one hundred dollar* for any ease It fall* tu ouro. Send for circular* and Uttliaonlali, AdUrn*» V. J. CUKNKV * CO., Toledo, a «V8old by armaHts. 76o, Late oabbag* and ewa»t potato plants) home grown al tbe green bouse. IOK. Rich & Todd.are now ready to deliver lc«. They desire tbe patronaice of their old customer) and all others who are in need of firil class ice and prompt delivery. We' guarantee satisfaction. Leave orders at Todd A McAllister's lunch room. RioaS& Toou. Owing to the scarcity of fuel ell awn sprinklers will be shut off all the time with Ute exception of frooi 6 p. in. until 8, OUAI, HAMILTON, _ _ Manual, timid tuoie pasture w|tb arteilan well on tlte premises, lalt furnished. Cattle |8 OUjfor neiuiou, horsei fl.OO p«r inoulb. will not be ruipouilble for aooidenti my occur. Inquire of J, W. IDE. Ice aeatop ho,* now bsguu and the wag- oo U now out L««ye your order* »l the ottloe of A. y.Quta I or M. Simon' On wi •ftor Mot>d* New FMMMW eto«m itunilrf will wove BtQ luMr new biUI4i«f oorow of tH«tb A TENNIS CHAMPION B. D. WBENN. B. D. Wrenn, the plucky young Chioagoan who won the tennis champion' ahlp of America litst year, will be seen on the courts again this season and will defend his title at the annual championships in Newport. CORRESPONDENCE. I Correspondents, to Insure the publication ot their letters In the weekly, must mall them so they will reach our office Wedneaday.j EAST &IBEBTY AMD BUCK BUM. Frost on tbe 31at of May. Not a drop ot rain since tbe 26th. Qeo. Boroberding ie working on the Anson piece. Mr. Bardeen was very ill last week Is better, now. His son Jay is also sick Qeo. £ilte has an abndanoe ot water a a depth ot 185 feet. While drilling some coal was fonnd. Wm. Henton, of Qlidden, is gathering cream for tbe Jefferson creamery. John Sbnbbert is building an addition to his house. John Lasher baa built an addition to tbe MoNish house. He is at work now on a kitchen for Wm. Strieker in Grant township. Mr. Figert'a nephew who has been vieiting here, returned to Audubon laet week. Mr. Porter, ot Qlidden, president ot tbe Oarroll county Sunday school union addressed tbe Beet Liberty Sunday school laet Sabbath. Harry Boynton is aronnd again with juicy steaks and delicious roosts. John Bell returned on Thursday from a two weeks' visit in New York, where be bad been visiting bis old home. Mrs. Alonza Jones, formerly of this place, but now of Ledyard, Ia.. writes to friends here thai she bad Ihe misfortune to fall down etaire and received severe scalp wound which required the attendance of a surgeon. She ie quite well now and ont again. Memorial day was observed here in a modest way. A goodly number of our citizens gathered at Mount Hope cemetery and'decorated tbe graves of loved ones witb evergreens, roses and peonies. They tben repaired to tbe obnrob where eborl addrsssse were msde in remem berenoeot those who died for Ibe union by L. A. Jennioge, Rev. 0. A. Carlson and J. W. Sanderson. Mise Berths Winterbourne sang a solo and presided at tbe organ. June 4. JIK. FIiBABANT BILL. A light shower on the evening ot tbe 4th. Rev. Nelson preached in Oerrolllon last Sunday evening. About thirty Carroll people wen down lo attend services last Sunday al No. 8. Jeff Heiter, of Goon Rapid*, was call ing OB his frisnde ia tote vicinity last Saturday. Wm. V. Steigsrwell end wife, of Oar roll, attended church at No. 8 laal Ban day. Fred Winter and wife, of Dedham, were oallioft neer toe Hill laet Sunday. Mm. P. 8. Gable wae viaiting a tow daye lost week with oar daughter, Mrs. A. Kre<atn«jer, in Union lowvehip. Rev. Nabou baptised aii penona in MM rim watt of OarroUtoo last Booday afternoon. P, Y, Livingetone ha* taken bie cattle lo Mother future OB account ot eoareity of water. K, Oetmao and partner, ot Dedham, 4 business MM MM Hill laet week. Lael Sunday the obief raiamaker WM uvoked to a*od aom* raio and we hope i waf beard, anyhow "a vwlia," lire. A, Bobrtiber to having a wall made. I'artie* t row Ooou Itopide have toe exmlraol. H, H, Latlei-'fi onumarr aoaredlail Friday ui|bl and ftligUI wreck. We paid our mueobj to team got oaujad • ef«tbo4Jil owup omtiDf lately utd were HWIf. ffO|» ' .', ' , "* '* ' V" t • ' ^ persons that belonged to secret societies were the worst ot nil, but their nickels helped the religions part some. We are loath to note that "Uncle" Oy Rhodes is not improving as wae expected but trust he may be about eoon. The question of whether the smal 1 grain can be bound this harvest or ont and taken np loose is argued considers bly just now. On stalk gionnd tbal Work is anything bat pleasant. SANTA. TBMPLBTON ITEMS. Last week all of tbe oorrespoidenls were right in it. Dr. 0. W. Henry of Coon Rapids was a visitor with ns Tuesday. H. Olberding and wife ot Arcadia were here last Sunday. Miee Mary Kloke left last week to en ter a boapital for a time until her health is improved. Mr. Kloke is erecting a new bouse and as there was so much noise it was thought beet to send her away for tbe present at least. •Mr. Roth has a new top baggy. Mr. Roberts, of Cincinnati, and Mr, Metsobe, of Dubuqne, have returned to their homes. Eighty-four received holy communion Friday. The road grading done it mi'.e north of school No. 2 is all right lint should be completed, for half don* in worse than none. Jos. George left lost week for Nebraska. We are nil going to Manning lo spend tbe Fourth. Tbe saloons have decreased in n amber, only one-half as many running now. In a ebort time there will not be more than half as many ae there are now. Oarroll Market Report \VHEAT-42otOi7c /30UN-26 OATS-280 UOGS-84.10 POTATOKS-60 HUTTEK-lOo CATl'!,E-S2.50to8,50 WANTBD. Tu bur oome potatoes at MoLsgsu BoUumaoher'e. NOTICB. All parties owing me mutt call and settle either by cash or nott. WM. TKOWUIUDCIE. WANTED. Au active agent in each county in tbe Uuiled States, to solicit subscriptions for the Twlce-a-Week Republic. A liberal commission will be paid to hustlers. Aa dreei, superintendent circulation, The Republic. Bt. Louis. Mo. For 8e>le. I oiler say farm situated in section a, Washington township, tor sale. For further particulars address 88 6m Etunar DHAHKIH, Aroadis, Carroll County, Iowa. '/'he New York World iievur waits to be driven along the path of progress by sharp competition, but keeps so far in (ho lead that competition u an impossibility. Tho reputation of The Weekly World as tbe ttruatastDeiuoaratlo paper published 1* ful- v uvUbtUued U is Democratic in principle Democratic lo, policy. Democratic In Its sympathies, It isuot blindly or dishonesty uarllian. u will not ..uporl bad nien or parti tail me. 1'KOPL not for any cl found at all u cardinal jporl urea. ITS WOUK IS KOK B, TUB WHOM* WSOPLK. ami clans or faction. It will be great looratlo ring or individual, its miwul articles are fresh, well selected and In eroding, its pages devoted to Home, Fashion and Agriculture are replete with articles of valuable and interesting Information to all. The ''Tariff Alule'^artl- cles now running In The Weekly World have Ueooiue celebrated on account of the plain, practical way In which the tariff itlou.isprmuUxl. ItUa IftrgolB-uivuft, lumu piper for only 11.00 a year. Wo nuotj oolumu oceedod In inslcliiK Bjiwlal srraii«e- by which wo osu furuUli 'J'liK and Tlte Weekl World one year boib for only 88-00. dress TmtSnnTiKici.. Oarroll, Iowa. ekly Ad- BU In po«Ugt> »Uuii>» to 80 Cur- ug, WMhlu«»on, D. C.. and you t iioultt* of s>4Ta Vtauu 4 WA«II* i uiaitpr wt susoial Intoroit. „«»•«, and la/wbor* »ou i»v Power of Mlnrt over Mattel-. D#. Jatnes B. Cooke gives ill a paper he has written for The Arena some amusing instances of faith cure and also of the power of faith in producing disease. His doctrine is that the influence of the imagination over the human body is boundless. Imagination Will not really break a man's leg, but it will cause him to believe it is broken, and he will have the symptoms of a broken leg. Dr. Cocke knew a rich young man who was sure he had cancer of the stomach, If he had beeh a poor young man having to dig cellars at $1 a day, he would have had no cancer. But he went to Europe and consulted the most eminent physicians, He lavished money on these learned doctors like water and got no better. He lived on beef extract and milk at last and vowed he could swallow nothing else. But at length he fonnd a wise doctor, who discovered that the cancer waa not in the young man's stomach, but was all in his eye, so to speak, and nowhere else. He made the young man go to eating beefsteak, and a marvelous cure was wrought. It may here be remarked that one grain of common sense taken three times a day works magical healing in many diseases. Dr. Cocke tells ns that he once completely routed chronic and obstinate insomnia by giving his patient simply some pills made of starch. Of other cases he writes: The effect of so called magnetic belts, rings and other appliances is due solely to the imagination of the patient, as tho great majority of these appliances have no magnetism about them. A patient told me some years ago that he was cured of neuralgia by magnetized paper which he obtained from a man who advertised it very extensively. For tho sake of experiment I told him I could prepare somo paper which was very strong with magnetism. I gave him two sheets ot brand new blotting paper which had never been handled, and told him if he would bind them upon his back and chest he would feel a very stroug current from them. Be did so and Informed me that tho current was so strong that it burned his skin badly and that ho eould not bear to leave them on over an hour, although there was no redness visible upon the skin after the paper was applied. There are two rational explanations for this curious mental phenomenon. The first one is the mere fact of his faith calling attention to the part to which the paper was applied, and again, if one stops and thinks of any part of the body intently, he will become painfully aware of the presence of this member and usually experience unpleasant sensations in it. A shrewd professor in a homeopathic medical school wished to ascertain the effect of a certain drug upon healthy men and women. Without their knowledge he gave them sugar of milk to start with and requested them to bring him an account of all the symptoms they experienced in 21 hours. A half dozen healthy men and women, supposing they were taking a drug, brought him a ridiculous list of symptoms, including every system of tho body, and received from the professor a lecture upon imagination which they will never be likely to forget. My readers can readily understand from what I have said that there may be perverted and diseased states of consciousness wblch have no discoverable organic basis, and it ia reasonable to treat these diseased states of consciousness by falling into action tho faculties of tbe inlud. Dr. Cocke has carefully investigated mind care or mental therapeutics and concludes that it will be fonnd valuable in the following cases: ' First—It is of value chiefly as a curative agent tn civ us of functional neurosis. Second— .a correcting vicious habits formed by the niii.ti of the individual. Third—lu removing some of the acute symptoms of organic disease. Fourth—I consider that it» greatest value i* in the department of preventive medicine. I believe that more diseases could be prevented by studying the minds and souls of youth and by correcting abnormal tendencies ia them than can be cured tti later life by any amount ot treatment, no matter of what kind. The popular estimate of some railroads expressed derisively ia that they cany their passengers like swine. While there are undoubtedly just causes for complaint, the "human cattlo cars," as they are sometimes called, are far more costly and carry fewer paying items to the weight of the car than any other kind of traffic. According to an estimate made at Chicago during the World's fair, for each passenger carried there was from 900 pounds of car on the ordinary day coaches to 0,000 pounds on the heaviest palace and sleeping cars. The average weight per passenger was estimated to be 1,100 pounds. The better .the accommodation required, the more weight to each passenger per car was necessary. This is one reusou why passenger rates are so inuoh higher than freight rates. Another reason is that the wear and tear of fast trains are vastly greater thuu that of slow trains. While the cost of hauling a given weight of train is the same whether it in composed of freight or pas- aeuger curs, it will be evident from, the above glimpse at statistics that pusson- gors cost uioio to carry than freight, and the cost is increased proportionally as the number of passengers decreasus, Tho dccikdouco of Imiid labor ia bonnd to follow tlio advance of civilisation, even in tho uouunouoat kinds of work. This will como rough at first on the wen who know nothing else than simple bone and muscle work, but they must adapt ^^^^i*i^ themselves to the changed sltnation, The manufacture of cloth by machinery at firsttli.-ewout ni' v.nrktl:oastiiHl.sof hand weaver!:, j> t :.oU. iiy v.-or.ld DOW have the world (jo i.-.u . ii, i Hi) old .siow and costly UieUioi.;:. T Of coin-so the United States govern-, tneiit will give its hearty indorsement i and co-operation to the International! and Cotton States exposition at Atlanta in the fall of 1805. With the churches and the women of the Ashland congressional d'strict dead against him, W. C. P. Breckuiridge will have a tough row to hoe in getting back to congress, the revolution in Salvador hns been successful. The president h;is taken refuge on bonnl a German, steamer. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect hut' ative ; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fever} ana permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions ant) met with the approval of the medics^ profession, because it acts on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug- 3 1sts in 50c and $1 bottles, but it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Figs, and being well informed, you will not accept any substitute if offered. 4JOBIJINO service, 11 a. m.; evenin " 7 p. in.; T. P. 8. C. E. service 6 p. jay Softool, UU6 p. m,; Prayer MaeUni, OHOROH DIBECTOBY pRsurnuu*. [QRNING services, 11 a. B.; evening tutlcei 7 p. m.; Y. P. S. C. E. senle*, A p. m.; Son- school. 12:16 p. m.; Prujor Meeting, T&anday evening, 7:80 p. m. REV. GEO. FOLSOV, Pastor. BAPTIST. evening ttnlee - . m.;8on- . ..Tbuwdsf toning. 7-.SO p. m. BIT. J. C. UENDRICKSON, Pastor C. H. COURT, Superintendent. mraooisT. M ORNING >er«lM ,11 •. m,; «Tenlng twvlss, T p. D.; Junior Kpworth League. 8 p. m.: {pwottti League. < p. m., Sunday Behoof 11-JI .>. m,; Piarer Meeting, Tbnr»<l«j •fentag, 7 JO j. .0. BBT. W B. THOMPSON, Futoc. Da. Wii. HuHPBBiT. Superintendent UMTOII f ost-Offloe. MatU at the office olo»* u tolom: doing east: 2.SO and 730 o'clock p. m. Going we»t: 1:30 p. in. and 7 00 o'clock p. r». Office open on Sunday from t to 10 a. n. and from 3 to 4 p. in. STAR ROUTES. Mt. Csrroiil and Kentnor, dally except Suodas Depart* )2 m., arilvei at * :3) p. m. aoielle, Tueidu, Tbundar, Satnrday. Depart i a. n. arrive* 12 m. Coon Bapldi. Carrollton. Wllle).-Tvtad*r, Yburidai, Baturday. airtve* 18 m. departs 1 p, m. o.» N. W, note uara. (0. 1 so. * no. t So. f Ho. 13 {6. i Xo. I :<o. H .So, U. Sterling PMsenger...., I »J i. m, Ho. M JTNl|(Bt7wMtBtd«M BOOM.. U 1* a. •. aion em AHn HOULLB si4»aws Arrives " Of Mland Uialted 10*6 a. »». Omaha lipresi 430a.m. n. n ..p i imii^i i arrti*»6 06 a. s>. Denver LlailUd ] i«»es a 10 a. m. PaelAebDMM ...160 p. OL Carroll Kxpreu 9 10 p, m. nttru. 9 sap. a. rnunaaa TBAIDS OAST. Orerland limited 9 M p. « Cbloaio toprea* ..U aa,». •». 1 »p • lOOj. m IWt m 7i»a.BB »p J. 1C. OKIUUKM, Agent. O. M. P. sYr, "• J SJwkriiiht. VOAUS acias «ssi *•! eo .1*0 ?: S »'- l »- »,ui. «».»tieliat togs, si. NO. Ui-Mlghl ,....JOipp,«i. •lltaaensketatetssJeMtaeesise. Zlse to- LISTEN EVERYBODY! I am now prepared to do all kinds of blaoksinithiug, horse shooing, plow work and general ropairiug. WfVOON MfVKER A Ilrni olut*a workman in wood ie employed in tJio wuno building, and wo are prepared to do all styles of wagon and carriage work and repairing. US A CALL JERRY LUCY, Proprietor. Shop opposite mil), formerly occupied by Fred Franzwa.

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