The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on October 4, 1939 · Page 2
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 2

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 4, 1939
Page 2
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PAGE TWO THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN. WEDNESDAY, OCT. 4, 1939. SOCIETY IEKUE TO PRES IDAHO GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDS Members Of Club Hear An Artist Of Note Local Amusements LYRIC THEATER— Presents "Conspiracy" with Allan Lane, Linda Hayes, Rob- | S01 ,' ert Barrat, Charles Foy and J. j selection* "Ail ^hrm.P-h Farrell McDonald; and ^Etoc- Nljh?'* »2t tt!e "SSSy Members of the Woman's Literary club, at their first fal meeting held Tuesday after noon at the Masonic temple were honored by the presence o Charles Rousseau of Chicago and Baldwin, baritone conceri sinser of note. Mr. Rousseau, who has an-established reputation on the concert stage, sang a group o: songs from his own collection of rare folk melodies and recited a number of his original verses A composer as well as an artist, versatilo Mr. Rousseau arranged the accompaniments to his songs. He was ably accompanied at the piano by Mrs. Myrtle Hoi- linger. The meeting was opened by the new president, Mrs. A. E. Rasmussen, who greeted the ladies and pledged her service during this club year. She then led the members in the pledge to the flag and in the recitation of the club collect. New Members Opening the business meeting, Mrs. C. Leonard Pell, recording secretary, read the minutes of the last meeting and of the summer session of the executive board. The resignations of Mrs. Walter Pezet and of Mrs. Harold Harmon were accepted with regret, while at that time also the candidacy of Mrs. H. P. Purstenau, Mrs. Harry E. Tuller and Miss Elaine Robertson was announced. The three ladies were unanimously approved and were welcomed into the club membership by Mrs. Rasmussen Reports of the club divisions •-" "»•.> -* ~i.n~a.mi were heard and it was an- P° s t No. 2409, Veterans of Foreign The Epworth League of Bethany Methodist church will hold a sacred musicale in the church parlors on Thursday evening, Oct. 5, at 8 o'clock. The program, which includes a missionary playlet, is as follows : Processional, "WMBI Service I March" — The Chorus choir. | Selections, "Are We Downhearted?", "Wide, Wide as the Ocean" and "When Your Cup Runneth Over" — Chorus choir. , Piano solo — Mrs. Carlton | I Benson. Violin solo — Norman Thonip- the of ing Co-Ed" with Lana Turner, i ^^ an ^ c ,. Lp ad Me to Some Richard Carlson, Ann Ruther- IS Todav" rhnr«5%hn1r ford, Leon Errol, Roscoe Karns ! S °$» ca ? dJetlSiss VmHin and Artie Shaw and his band.^™^ Mis^Stfvfa Benson OSSAWALD CRUMB TAPROOM j f offing '££?*'" ^^ ** i Janey, an uncouth mountain j kirl—Miss Vera Hansen. I Mrs. Ravis. Janey's mother— Mrs. LeRoy Hamilton. Mrs. Hammond, deeply interested in home missionary work — Mrs. Carlton Benson. Ethel Hammond, her daughter—Miss Sylvia Benson. Mrs. D°nnine:. a friend—Mrs W'llard Tallefson. Lucy, a maid—Miss Marjorie Olson. I Rosa, also (Bark. j The nlaylet is designed to emohasize the importance of I missionary work and shows | how the work is going on in thp hills of Kentucky. Remarks by the president Dancing. OLD HICKORY INN— Dancing. HAMELL'S LAKE SHORE INN Dancing. TODD-L-INN— Dancing. RAINBOW GARDENS— Roller skating. * * # a maid—Miss Helen Round Table Guests Will Hear Speakers ss.-sB^"' SB*.SSM meeti ng of the West- Michigan Round Table, an , of schoolmen of Western Michigan, was received today from Robert D. Ferris, secretary of the Round Table and Pimcipal of the Rockford public SCllOOls. oof —j meeting, scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 7, will begin with i a complimentary breakfast served at Muskegon Senior high school cafeteria from 8 until 8.45 a. m. The rest of the day's Program is as follows- n. a A m '— pr °Fam of music. were taken. Several of the children won prizes in the amusing games. At the close of the afternoon a delicious luncheon was served at a large table centered with a beautiful birthday cake, the gift of Mrs. Hedvlg Bolstad. Each guest found his .place marked by a clever gumdrop flower basket and nut cup. Colorful horns were given as favors and each guest was served with an individual birthday cake, topped with a tiny candle. Ruth Harriet was the recip- Dennis Sundholm, Ronald Oraeger, Ronnie Dewey, Beth Bolstad of Manistee, the honoree, Ru^th Harriet Johnson, and the hostess, Mrs. Johnson. *_*- *-_*_ RUMMAGE SALE -*—*—# * I SATURDAY, OCT. 7. * * Post and Auxiliary to Attend Meetings Regular meetings of Leveaux •Though many a stunning brunette calls Idaho her home state the gentlemanly judges of beauty contests apparently prefer blonds. And after one look at Miss Ruth Blackburn, who has been named and offering'" """ 1 " VO ""- 11L "Miss Idaho Falls" in honor of that city, we can't blame them Selections. ' "Everybody Han- ! ~~ —~~—• ~~?I-l ? a xr Amen v "It's All Dif- (halla ; the first chap t er O f Matthew and rerent Now and "In the Sweet After the routine business the senealogy given also in Luke meeting had been held, Mr. 3. TV.e importance of these two Enckson of Ludington addressed - -• the club. - ~,,i. ^,11. j. 1U At the close of the evening re- Satisfied." "He Lifted Me Up.— i freshments were served bv the 0:30-9:40 a. m. — Mr Wilcox supervisor of secondary educa- q k^n naZO ° public school s- 9.40^9:50 a. m.— James E. Pease, superintendent of North Muskegon public schools 9:50-10:00 .a. m.— Charles B. Paik, superintendent of Mt Pleasant public schools 10:00-10:15 a m.-Round table. in ™ a ' m — pr °8ram of music. 10.30 a. m.— Talk bv Dr Eu- nf,h?- Elli °, tt ' superintendent of 1 public instruction. 11:15 a. m.— Discussion 11:45 a. m.— Intermission 12 noon— Luncheon. There DP 4n ? C +, arge of 75 cent s Per Pei son for this meal 1 p. m.— Music. ,- J ' 15 p v n \l~ John Beukema, sec- letary of the Muskegon Chamber °J .Commerce and member of the mittef an StatC taX revision com 2 p. m.— Recreation. Lincoln golf course will be open to members of the Round Table *nd tickets will be f ° r the Muskegon- ,,„ (T MU VlAVs J. V^X^A M lent of a number of lovely gifts ! * from her friends. ' Those present were Marion Mf and Joan Iverson, Edna Han- # sen, Kenneth Edwardsen, Kath- | ryn Hilton, Phyllis Nerheim 1 * David Skoog, carol Thompson. ' »r •"•*• TT "•*"• *)r ~~~* *ir Starting at 9 a. m. in Johnson BIdg. on James Street. Benefit V.F.W. Auxiliary. -*—*—#—# Byp and Bve"—Chorus choir Vooal solo—Stanlev Benson Selections. ; 'Climb.' Climb u'o Sunshine Mountain." "Oh I'm " vvcxc neara ana 11 was an- ^"" u ""• •""£•• vcuct<ius m rureign vsaiisiieo H _ nounced by Mrs. Myrtle Hollin- | Wars, and auxiliary were held Yes. Up"' and "Joy7 Joy"jof' ; - i men of the ciub and"later"danc- ger of the Drama division that; Mo " da ye ve iiing at Wing school! Chorus choir. y y ling was enjoved the unit's first meeting will be 1^9 at the D.A.V. coach, respect- j Trumpet solo—Harvey Thomp- ! Visitors were 'Mr. and Mrs. Oct. l°2 n at 2:30 S o'cllock a at^the' ; Jt the post meeting, Presided |^Selections. "Happy Sine* I ^s^^^S^A^l^'^A. home of Mrs. Robert Wayt, 307, £ v £ r JL yBth .. e . c °mmander, Wilfrid , Camp Home." "Alto-ether ington. North James street. Miss Agnes Hocking tickets on a rifle or Lovely and "Into Mv Heart" *** MacLaren will be guest speaker iSP^^f 16 ? lve " awa y at the i—Chorus choir. Gfii,l*7 ~C r<™«^l at this meeting. V ff r ?h,S8 TV?? n danca ' TT i MRe ^ sio " al - '' IWMBI Serv *e olUaV 01 1*08061 t« Begin Tonight u ,a/<e?»s £.*£•&•: sr sr%3zs~%s& I s fl 'c^^ ted ^F is' — seem.ngly divergent genealogies will be discussed and proof will be advanced why Jesus of Nazareth is the only person who has ur.y claim to the Messiah of the Jews. Rev. Omark stated. Birthday Party Honors Little Ruth H. Johnson •^"^^"••^•^•^raiMM^MMK^^H^BBl Roller Skating AT Rainbow Gardens EVERY EVENING EXCEPT MONDAY SKATING FROM 8 TO 11 P. M. SUNDAY MATINEE FROM 2 TO 4:30. PRICES—25c FOR THE EVENING, SUNDAY AFTERNOON, 15c LOOK AT THIS SAVINGS NEW Mrs. BABY CLINIC .-. Harry Johnson. 406'/ 2 South Emily street, entertained Saturday afternoon at a pay J^ss^^'s .si s*35^siFl-!? ™.n.or a baby clinic, to be held 'ihlch Srred o,"'Monda"'"' . riday. Oct. 6. from 2 until 4 p. m. at Mason county - -x- * * " - a full a. mil ivi , m Counties council ! this program. At the conclusion of the busi- i sSrmMtta^lt'whlte 6 Cloud ness meeting, it was announced on Oct 10 by Mrs. Rasmussen that any la- : The auxiliary meeting held at T£°th re T> W !l o g ° sew 0] 1 *? the s*™ 6 time a s the post meet- tor the Red Cross are asked; ing, was presided over bv Mrs to communicate with Mrs. Mary' William Tarr --During' "the busiii' Cartier, JUrs. K. B Matthews or ness meeting reports on the con- Mrs. A. R. Vestling. The afternoon was then turned over to Mrs. F. R. Stearns, second vice president, who, in the absence of Mrs. Albert Palm, first vice president, introduced Mr. Rousseau. Irish Folk Song As the first selection of cession at the Western Michigan fair and also of the awarding of Miss B. Vestling Is Reporter On'Pleiad' : Rev. R. E. Omark. pastor of Washington Avenue Baptist church, announces that in connection with the regular Wednesday evening prayer meeting in jhi.s church.'there will be opened this week a stuclv of the Gospel 'according to St. Matthew. This Gospel is attracting an i unusual amount Elm Flats During the afternoon a variety of games and contests were played and group pictures Bean pulling is the order of the day on the farms this week and most fields are of fine quality. Potato digging comes next =ir.ce the recent frost has killed the tops and from reports they are a bumper crop also. : Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sweet of 1^11 uo uci i '-^ItHJLAliU Ol -let CVitl Qn -•••- v*tiu i*ii -j . w i j <j.- »\_ .3 kj srt CUT C 1.1 1 from Bible .students today nnd Muskegon were Sunday guests, is of vita! importance in rela- c ^- L at the E. W. Courtland w^^ v, il Ls of vita! importance in rela- word has been received that'tion to the challenge of Christ to home. l\/T' r> u— ~*--u iv.i-ti»cu mat nun iu LUC ujiiinenge t-'I <->nriSi IO MISS Barbara Vestling. daughter the nation of Israel today Rev Of Ml' 51 »Tn TVfrr. /I T-i TT__iii /-v i_ _ _ u the bedspread given br the Six Sf M," 2ra Vestling. daughter the nation c Uiary _a.%e HaTvStW^S S »2 ^."S,,^ S^" 1 "'-, °K?,,S".-. , n o his Mrs. Aage Loser, trustee for 12 program, Mr. Rousseau chose months, in the regular election the half-humorous Irish song, j of trustees held at that time, Mrs. "The Leprehaun," following it M - J- Schrader was chosen trus- •with the ballad, "Ack Jungj te e for 18 montns and Mrs. J. Al" ssa" 1 ^*™' ^"" th " s^r^uS^Lrr- as ege Pleiad," Albion college weekly newspaper. Appointment was made Monday by Prof. Joseph J Irwin, instructor in English and journalism The title for the study this eve- will be "The Genealogy of Roy Randall has just com-! pleted a two-car garage at his home. . i Marshall Gulembo is building! " •*•** *»*-»-» o— *•**!&, v»*n ui_ 4.i*C VJ^llClilVJ^V 'JL .»it*i -JiitAii V-'Ultlll UIJ IO UUllUlIl*-' Albion college was ap- i The King" and will be based upon a barn 18 x 30 feet on his farm. Ln P no^I T inn /-vf r«a«»-*»• 4- • HOMOGENIafiD Soft Curd Milk Will Not Form Top Scum When Heated. Cream in Every Drop The Park Dairy Phone 55 We Deliver Schick 'Captain' ELECTRIC RAZOR $12.50 Allowance for any make old safety razor 2.75 Trade in price <Pt/« i O Allowance for old Schick Electric 3.75 Trade in price .75 REMINGTON ELECTRIC- SHAVERS REMINGTON Was S15.75, now RAND, Was S9.50, Now . $11" . $7- 5 ' BUY YOUR XMAS GIFTS NOW—SAVE! Lewis Drug Store WANGEN BUILDING ...... W.AV MM.AAM.v» r ^AWA, v uug ( *— —* * u .»»«-.-v*»o t*jjv* jv^-io. t», ni [CruinHJj*?m Prun Gick At Kalian," from the I fre< 3 Johnson trustee for six Miss Vestlms- * a™*, t S«7fidish snno- in t.haf lavrmacro months to fill thp vflran™ loft- IT..j:*'l i j' , . ?£• a giaduate Gwedish, sung in that language. Taking a short intermission (Please turn to Page 7, Column 4) * * * to Hold X-Ray Clinic on Oct. 9 The Michigan Tuberculosis association will hold an X-ray clinic in Ludington on Monday, October 9, according to Dr. L W. Switzer. Arranged through the Mason-Manistee health department, the clinic is county wide in scope. Persons desiring a test or an X-ray are asked to contact their family physician or local health authorities. Tuberculin tests are given to months to fill the vacancy left by the resignation of Mrs. Loser. The next meeting, it was announced, will be in the form of an experience social, to be held at the D.A.V. coach. Mrs Ralph Bortell and Mrs. William Ball will have charge of the event and installation of trustees will be held at that time. It was also announced that the auxiliary will sponsor a rummage sale in the Johnson building on Saturday, Oct. 7 - ,. '" ' 'to' a. s icl uuclLe Of Ludington high school is a sophomore at Albion this year. She is enrolled in liberal arts and mav continue her course in news- writing and may retain her position on the "Pleiad" staff throughout the 1939-40 year * # x Meeting and Dance i Are Enjoyed by Tgj&pm'"-' '•• ' '••*"' "?"•;A COMBINATION qffAe&est TUNE IN WITH PAUL WHITEMAN Every Wcdnetdoy night, CBS «fation». M. J. Schrader, chairman Plans were made to attend the , White Cloud post and auxiliary ! meeting on Oct. 10. A potluck ' luncheon will be served Announcement was also made of recently headquarters in Wal- ! ** I * the Seventh district rally, to be , ^ ld ,^ th . the _ Wilbur Boyer post i * MICHIGAN PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY j.uueicium i/esis are given to iv" wiun tne wuuur coyer post 11 determine whether or not the Na 3192 and auxiliary of Muske- I I individual has ever harbored the p n Heights. William Tarr of * tuberculosis germ in his body. A Luc »ngton and Mrs. Lynn Lamp- J A * - - • • ... " nn f3i~, nf TT _ ,.i ' .; i » _ . , , . *^ . positive reactor to this test does not necessarily have tuberculosis, tout he is urged to have an X-ray to be sure tnat he is in good health. Testing and X-ray clinics are carried on through co-operation with the patient's family physician. The association's participation in bounty clinics is made possible through the annual sale of Christmas seals. # # ;<• Mrs. F. Fitch Is Hostess to Club The country home of Mrs. yioyd Fitch at Hamlin was the scene Tuesday afternoon of the llrst regular meeting for the fall season of the Ludington Study club. Twenty-four members and one guest were present. Mrs. Allan G. Robinson, chairman Of the program committee, A brief outline of the pro- tor the coming year In|ed in this program will be a of Shakespeare's "A Of Errors," a travel talk, dress by a guest speaker usual variety of drama .topics enjoyed by the . man of Hart will conduct the meetings. It was further announced that a powwow will be held at Lansing on Oct. 28 and 29 * * -x- London busmen are said to drink 62,000 pints of tea each week between runs k fj»* conclusion of the after- socJal hour was enjoyed —«--—- ijrejpB served by choree. The (or the occa- Jlowers. #rnoon was >r ot Mrs. Fitch. A preferred dividend of $1.75 p?r „ -rr ~. "\ -*»*,)' ^*A A»Ai*orku~ i < ^narc has bec?n declared on tho gOn Heights. William Tarr Of * 7 "' Series Prrferred Stock and Sl.aO p r share on the 6% Series Preferred Stock of Michigan Public Service Company payable in cash November 1, 1939 to stockholders of record at the close of busin:ss October 14, 1939. I! * LISTEN TO FRED WARING and his Pennsylvanians G. E. OMVISTED, Treasurer. i\ Travi-rso City, Michigan, September 29, 1939. SAVINGS-BARGAINS- % A 6-WAY STAND LAMP, «-rv^I 01AIMJ LAMP, rt»£ rA complete with shade on i y $v)«|3" NEW SOLID OAK BREAKFAST SET— Table and four chairs NEW WALNUT CHEST OF DRAWERS- walnut finish, very smart looking $16.50 $12 100% NEW COTTON MATTRESS, a genuine buy for only '_ $4.75 NEW AND USED FURNITURE STORE Robert Johnson, Prot> For the past four > ears "' Obel's Furniture stm Ma&eyour nextfiack— UK Copyright 19)9, Itccerr A Mm* TOJMCCO Co. or those who want the best in cigarette pleasure You'll find in Chesterfield's RIGHT COMBINATION of the world's best homegrown and aromatic Turkish tobaccos a more refreshing mildness, better taste and a more pleasing aroma than you'll find anywhere else. It's a combination entirely different from any other cigarette .. . a good reason why smokers every day are getting more pleasure from Chesterfields. You'll like them.

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