Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on November 4, 1970 · Page 16
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 16

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 4, 1970
Page 16
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•Junior Editor Quit en- SPANISH QUESTION: What's the difference between the Spanish and Mexican languages? ANSWER: The Spanish language came from the Roman Latin, somewhat modified by Arabic, when Arabs occupied parts of Spain. Spanish as spoken today is based on the language used in the ancient kingdom of Castile. But there are several secondary languages or dialects spoken today in Spain, especially Catalan, Galician and Basque — this last being a language all by itself. Remember that Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain were the rulers who, in 1492, financed Columbus on his historic trip to America. Columbus and, later, Spanish explorers claimed for Spain the lands which later became Mexico, Central America, Cuba, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. In 1519, the Spaniard Hernando Cortex landed ' in Mexico and by means of guns and horses terrified and subdued the Indian Aztecs who had built a remarkable civilization there. As Spain began its rule in this part of the world, Spanish became the official language. It is still spoken by most Mexicans — there is no such thing as an Official Mexican language apart from Spanish. However, in out-of-the-way places, the Indians often use their native languages and dialects. Mexico is a fascinating contrast between old and new — typified by our picture of a little burro laden down with home-made baskets, with a 'modern skyscraper soaring up in the background. (Bonnie Ferguson of Richland, Wash., wins a prize for this question. You can win $10 cash plus AP's handsome Wbrld Yearbook if your question, mailed on a postcard "to.".Junior Editors in care of this newspaper, is selected for a prize.) TIZZY By Kate Osann ^ "We better rush. The prices go up pretty fast around here!" SIDE GLANCES By Gill Fox "I applied for that Santa Claus job, but there war* 22 women's lib members ahead of me!" Daily Times Herald Features . . . Comics Wednesday, November 4, 1970 Henley's Poems Answer to Previous Putile ACROSS 1 "Far in the stillness a languishes loudly" 4 "A late - • twittering from the quiet skies' 8 "It matters not how strait the - •» 11 Before 13 Babylonian mother goddess 14 Ireland 15 Falstaffs follower 16 Potable 18 "I am the-— of my soul" 20 Southern 22 Gainsay 24 Boy 27 European kite 29 Central American tree (var.) 80 Anatomical tubes 33 Canine breed 36 Rubs out 38 Dull finish 39 Compass point 40 Not suitable 43 Insane 44 Make beer 45 New Haven school 49 Freudian term 51 Ophelia's brother 53 Stage dances 56 Make leather 57 Maple genus 58 Food regimen 59 Isben. character 60 Road .shoulder 61 Low sa.nd hill , 62 Legal point DOWN 1 Italian female patricide 2 Caucasian 3 Entice 4 Maiden loved by Zeus 5 Gratify f> Bankrupted 7 Kansas (ab.) 8 Cogwheel 8 Ancient crossbow 10 Sesame 11 Mariner's direction 17 Foster brother of King Arthur 39 Judges'gowns 23 Bird's beak 25 Encourage 26 Be foolishly fond 28 American general SO Abound 31 "Bear" constellation 32 German guidebook 34 Electric unit (ah.) 35 Type of butterfly 37 Title of respect 41 Feminine nickname 42 Arouse 44 Violin's companion 46 Rose essencO 47 Rental contract 48 Saxon servants 50 Microbe 52 Italian family 53 Closed carriage 54 High card 55 Annex CARNIVAL By Dick Turner "Your father and I are 100 per cent for this drive you young people are sponsoring, and he suggests you start with your roam." BUGS BUNNY By HEIMDAHL fr STOFFEL ARE YOU SURE YOU'VE T WAI NED WOVER NOT y TO HOWL WHEN I _-'< PWACTICE ON MY A CORNET? HE'S ONLY } ^ 3EEKI HERE ON£ PAYJ DOG TKAININ SCHOOL ABSOLUTELY! JUST KEEP THOSE EARMUFFS ON HIM WHILST VER PLAYIN/ AN' YER TROUBLES ARE OVEP?1 I'LL GO GET HIM PER YAJ J) 1970 It Wmnir llor. I«C CAPTAIN EASY AT THE GOOP 9HEPHEKP By CROOKS Cr LAWRENCE SAD-fVEP UTTLE SIKl. TRAILS 5HVLY AFTEK POOR LITTLE THIW6 HASN'T 5fOKBN A WOKP IN MONTHS,,,WE CAN't.QUITe HER ODT..THE POCTOK ~ MOTHIN0 WRON6JJ 013 ONB MD5T SB-FQB VOU,,,) ANP I KNOW WAWT5 TO THANK V0U CAPTAIN A FOOTBALL?.' OH.BOY! OUT OUR WAY By NE6 COCHRAN BOAWINfl HOUJI . . . wlrt. . . . MAJOR HOOPLl * WAIT HERE AMD I'LL SOMETIMES YOJR IWTELLI- GETS IW THE W/AYOF WALK HOME WITH YcX), FELLOWS-ER--I JJUSTWAMT TO CHAM<SEMV yOLJR WAV HOME WITH AM A&MLOAC? OF SCHOOL BOOKS AWD HE AIW'T KEEM OM THAT B(2OU5HT TO HIS MOTHER'S ATTENTION)/ KEEPING THE PEACE i COULPA A GP26AT AAV THE TOP NAMES 1(4 VK SHORT RIBS By FRANK O'NEAL MUST BE P.OOO IND/ANS OUT THERE". THINGS REALLV BAP. _ - SNEAK OUT DURING TWE COMMERCIAL, THE FLINTSTONES By HANNA-BARBERA THE > HECK SHE DIPN'T / I'LL BET THIS IS ANOTHER f LETTER WHERE YOUR I MOTHER PIPN'T EVEN V MENTIOrJ MY \ NAME/ UISTEN TO . THIS/... PRISCILLA'S POP By AL VERMEER ONE DAY I TO HELP CORRECT; THEM« VJQRK WILL CARRV ME FAR PAR AWAY/ « 1M *j NH, lu. T* bj. Ui fct Oft THAT TAKES CARE: OP- ONE- PROBLEM/ U-4 ALLEY OOP By V. T. HAMLIN LESSEE, WE WERE IT'S GETTING \...DON'T FORSEf YSCT GONNA TRY TH 1 / KIN PA LATE THAT BIG KING'S CW» , , MIND-READING \ FOR IT NOW; /CELEBRATION DO2EP OFF/ 7 BIT, WEREN'T WE? >/ YOUR \ TOMORROW/ / OH, ...SAY/WHYPON'T/ SUIT YOU,/- -v _..MEBBE YOU BOYS COME I ALLEYp /SURE...) TH 1 GINK HA! T <TAN REAP A WOULDN'T UMPA'SMIND.'I WANTA BET ON THAT/ ON BACK TO TH' WM.ACE VVITH ME? WINTHROP By DICK CAVALLI I READAN iTICLE/BOLJ 6d)NFLDWER THE OTHER IT SAID THAT THE/ FERMENT IN6JCEOF YOU.. eiuy THINGS. FRECKLES By HENRY FORMHALS owe OF Triose U KIDS ^ A BASE5ALL tr eouMceo OFF ET 6UMPOM YOUR I SAID: TOO BAD,Bur THATS T^C WAYTME BALL ~ CAMPUS CLATTER By LARRY LEWIS TNATfcA PROBLEM? U W9 b; NEA, Uc, TA tq. U.S. Fat. Oil.

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