Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 24, 1927 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 24, 1927
Page 8
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Coaches Will Ask That New Rules Be . Abolished; WANT MORE POWER Minor League Leaders ^old ^sion in ! Indiana statement Ooes not mean t&at theVe ai'e' 500 families actnally in need In' lola. The. Big Brotbera and the Salvation Army as welj hava no'- dranru Uie lines 'hard and fact. pThoy have not demanded that a family sliou>l he starving before it pbuld receive a Christmas basket. They have simply tried to seek out the, families who would hot be able from their oWn resources to put |on a "regular"' Christmas dinner, with cUieken and cake and fruit and all the "fixlns". that go to make a Christmas dinner different from any other, and when found they have put them on their lists. Into these baskets have gone a great variety of things,—-clilckens. bread, butler, canned fruit i aud canned vegetables, potatoes, apples, onions, coffee, tea, flonr. sugar, oranges, candy, celer.v,—a wklc variety of i iied baseball, good things to eat. jleagiif-rs notified tJie "Big Five]' of This afternoon the barikets were!their organization at Dallnsl to distributed. Automobiles being vol-j cease the mpdifled draft System, unteered for that service and 'a have brought about a summons io group of the Boy Scouts he v 'ngj another minor league convenilon wltn the delivery, arid it Is believed .at French Lick Spriiigs. Ind., Jiinu- and most earnestly.. hoped that ary 9. 1 I every ijamlty In lola win have to-1 President Mike. Sexton of Itock j morrow.a I(eal Christmas Dinner. | Inland. III., head of th^ rolnorsj In TO PATCH UP BREAK Either That or a Change In the Minors Is ^ Indicated Chicago. Dec. 24. (AP)—Signi of a third party movement in ori^an- ."slnce the m ncir Mentors Feel They Should Bie Better Represented ! On Rules Group BY AlvAX C. GOULD Associated J'IPSS Sports Kdftor) New York, nei/24. (AP)—•While fo^V intersectional argunient^ are huing s^ttle<l on the Pacific ifonst fields, football coaches of thcj nation' will gather in New York next "week to put th<> code of rules '•on fiif gridiron." f, There Is every Indication that the inpn*bers of the coaches' assocla-[ 'captdlii nedburn. of the Salvation villi take a rather decided ^tlon Army, asks the Register to stand .on several, points. . icxpress his appreciation to the First |of all they are expected to :,eopIe wlio helped- to fill his bas- tirge greater representation from kets, and the Kcglster wishes on its own behalf to extend thanks to the generous men and woni^n wh08(.' contributions have made it possible for the Big Brothers to I their nude-in the riile!« this,year, among pcrf9rra their usual ifunction. It i early this,month, notified the minor thi'ln the now lateral pasH .regula- expresses It.s. thanks a.«o to Mrs;' leaguers they were Just as much fion and the removal of the goaljjolin Foust ai ^d her committee of (iis.safi.sfied .-t's the: "Big Five,"—the jiosis ten yards back of the actual fine women who helped to seek out | American aisociatioh. Internatlon- poal lino. I I the needy families and then helped :al. Pacific I Coast, Western and Eastern Team Prepares For An Encounter December 31 SpUAD AT BERKELEY F|iist String"Eleven Is : Definitely Named For Battle tht-lr ranks on the roster of the national rules committee. Secondly, they are likely to recommend t!io elimination of several changes calling his ^eague executives iind ^ald In- lon club owners |together again, the call was 'broad enough to elude the modlfletl draft ques and the whole major-minor agreement. .The major leaguers, meeting the week after the minors had passed antt-modlflcatlon resolution •Velther of these chanj^s. manyjto pack the basket.*. It is all beaii- of the coaoh»'s fe.-l. a <H>c>mpltsbed jtlful work and' we don't know of Jiny outstanding good. ! any one who had any sort of a band "If the uprighLs are m^ved bacV. 'in It who does not get great joy why call thi-m goal posts?" Clark and .satisfaction out of It. "It,Is •Sbaughness.v. c.iadi at Loyola c'ol-,more" blessed to give than to ie- 'ifge. New Orleans, argiles. "Tht-y j .jpjve." , belong at the poal line. If ihey be-' ; Some of the programs presented, Iphg any place." - 'or presented in lola an- lisl- . OUmoiir iJobie. CorneK's veteran j ed below. ' ' mentor, and Knute Rockne, of No- Christmas exercises will occupy - tre Dame, very likely will con- both services at the Baptist church tribute tii the debate. They are of j with a unified ser\ic© at 10 o'clock different; tvpes but both hold the \ in iho morning when everyone is general opinion'tliat the gridiron, expected to bring an article of Kam/. is in danser of being over-j clothing, food or money to be giv- regiilated. i en to the Bapti-st old peoiile's home While the. coaches ari? having j at Concordia. Readings aivd Christ- the i their argument, the; point-of view , mas exercises will be given by the playe of the rules'committee Itself may ' rarlous departments of the Sun- their be put on record In the annual re-'day school at the;mornlng hour port of .the chairman. Edward K.' and therei will be a concert by the Jlall. to the convention pf the Xa- choir and a pageant by the mem- tlonal Collegiate association. J bers of; the World Wide ;gulld In- A liberal jn footbaU government, the evening: ' Mr. Hall has always bad an open Beginners, primary and juniors njlnd toward changes In the rulbw. • of the Presbyterian Sunday school ills has frequ'ently l>een nhe task will have ilielr Christmas program of assembling' the widely varlfd Sunday morning at lo o'clock In Ideas about regulating the game, the social room.i of tlie church. Striking a happy inpdlum or wtrh Miss Mary Faust, Mrs Travis : prompting action to keeji a proper, .\fors»! and the treavhers, In charge, balance }>elwecn the offennlve amhThe Intermediates, wnlors and defensive sides of the contecl. [ a<lults will have tlieir program ut Three-Eye leagues. In fact the majors told the hiinors to make an effort to patch up the dispute in their ranks, or the whole major- minor agreement would be thrown overbpard. • . . Sin^e I the inaugiiration of the current major-minor pact, when Kenesaw ^ ountaln Landls was dr.-ifted fron the Federal bench to <:lean up baseball, the five big minors have resisted the efforu of their [imaller bretKren and tllc ma(Jors to make all players eligible to 'drafting toy ^he big leagues. Eventually the Big Five forced a modification of the draft which allowed majors ! to pluck '• only those ers which had come down from own major league clubs, at the meagre [draft price. Stars thei Big Five developed themselves were sold tci the majors at prices raijging up to the $12.3,000 the Chicago! A\?hlta Sox paid this winter for Chalmcr Cisscll, Coast league lnfi <fld staK "With such valuablp chalttcls. the Big Five nat- 1 urn !ly fought efforts to take them away for a pittance. give a Chriiltmas sermon and nilnlMer the Changes" In tlw rules this year tiip name hour In the auuitoriuin frankly were designed to give tho of thel church. The Ilev. H. 0. offensive-more of break. Thei .\intHIs, a j). |,rt^ich on "The evidence Is sllVl to be found a, Heralds of the King" and the choir meahJi by which teams will be In-j will sing Christmas music at the diiced to try a pass or rush. In- Btead.of a kicks for the extra point after touchdown. Moving of the goal posts ten yards behind the gval line failed to accomplish this. •Jt would seem that the rulcjs- makers either mu<>t resiwu thein- Inornlng worship.' The Rev. C. 1. , Coldsmlth will, preai'h a Chrlstin is sermon. "The •Vame of Jesus," 11 the morning servlco at the Methodist church. The little folks hf: tlie Sunday school were gU'eii a Christmas selves to tise of the kick 'or the; treat and program; yesterday afver- rdded point or eliminate the extVa marker altogether. Number 1 (Contlnned from Page One) noon in the babemenl of the church. A Christ iias tree, a pro- grain by the chlldi en "and a Chrlst- j mas E 'tory on mus c by Miss Clara I Brown was the ei tertalnraent and gifts and treats were distributed. The Rev. E. X dont«omery will preach a Chrlsrtmt» sermon at the ! morning hour and the i;holr of the after Marir.n was billed." Hickman • Tnited Brethren ^hurch will pre- was told bv the Associated Pre .-'S { correspondent. "That 's Not True." i^' "Thaffl not true," the reply came,, quickly, and In a steady voice." Hlokman did not seem to be jolted. He maintained the same even demeanor that has character- ired his attitude while he has been • in his cell here since his. capture Thuiisday. Hickman ;»pent a restless alght, <;<mtrasflng' with the sound sleep of his first night fn jair He fell into slumber at 10:4.^ last night and slept until 12:30 tossing fret Churi|h scTiilol Christmas fest Will bo hel there, will baby rattles a collection Hvill be lakeil 1 The Xaaal -ene [l at 10 o'cliick W ad- holy communion, the |»e a jiresentatlon for blind babies ind Ifor Armenian orph ins church oervires The fact that Yankees hav« placed Joe Dugan'. shown here, on the mark'^t. Indicates that this veteran thli^d Backer Is near the end of his carc-r. Dugan ha.i been one of the be.>«t third basemen in the majors for the past several years. City Quintet To Fort Scott ForEncounter with a fighting determination to win the team wiIT invade Fort Scoit tonight for thn foiirili league contest of the season. The lola team has noibeOu alil<» to get off to a winning start, but Is hoping to •"•find It In tonight's game. Ctilwortn will probably uot bf able to make the trip with t;io rest of the lola team because of wiork. However, thl.- wiir kave six of the former regulars. Yowell. of Geneva, who is Tuinited to be a good guard, may make tho ir '.v and bo- added to the team touight. Ju case of need ,Manager Jimmy Pigg may enter, though he has .spent ali the season thus far-managing his team from the bench. . With Symmes back in the lineup the team ought to he strengthened, especially when it comes to getting the tip-off. Tliere will he a slight shift in the line-up for tonight's game with Dudley Henderson and Eliner Funk at forwards, and iSyinmes. at center. Slayton will handle one guard position with the other to be a choice between Creen of Lallarpe and Baker. "Santa t'laii .-i." with his presents. helong.< properly to the day of St. Nlchola.s. ncccmhcr 6. Berkeley, Cal., Dec. 2-1. /AP )t- ^^itb the first string cileven definitely decided upon, Coach Lou Young, of J the Ufllvrrslty of Penh-> sy'.\anla foofball team, is spending the afternoons at the Memorial stadium here working with the men picked toistart against the .University of California D.icemibef ."Jl. : Tho firit team ba.-kfleld Is composed of Al Wascoloiils at fiillback, Paul .Murphy land Paiil ^cull at halves, and John Shober at quarter. Tho line finds Folwell Scull arid I.*nzer at ends: Captain Hake and Smith ut tackles: ...McGinnU and Ulz at guards and Westgate at center. Practice yesterday consisted of hard scrimmaging, with the; first team assuming a defensive role. And of bucking the tackling dum^ mi". Offense, which Coach ".Nibs" Price of California is stressing, seems to have been forgotten by the Quakers. Before the organized pmctice started, Paul Scull demonstrated his ability of dropklcklng by booting thirty-eight .field goals in succession from the thirty yard line. The entire team will lea%'e jhere today for Palo Alto to watcli the Stanford university eleven in action. Coach IVlce Is still undecided on the California llneiip. Number 6 Bere'f John Helsman. who aliei' coaching football for 36 years has Mtlred He was at Rtct Insmme TnT«asth»s year and ha. to Ms credit many famous elevens at Ceorgla -Tech. Pennsylvania WasMhglon and JeKersoi. and othei.schooU. GRMNMAIO HAVElBOARd OF APPEALS Such Is Suggestion of the St. Bonaventure Mentor UP BEFORE COACHES Matter Will Be Givenlto Them At Meeting ' Next Week Painters Take Two Games Off Plumber Squad "The Painters won two games of a three-game match from the Pluhibers last night;, Harold Den- jnlng having the hisli store of the evening, .=i4S. i The scores; PLUMBERS Smith — 120 ICS Lutz . ir.l 211 170 Bushgens 1.">S l.'>9 114 N'ewman 119 l.')2 1.-.1 Root l.TS 208 -.lilt; Handicap 10 lu 10 4.'?!» 4:{1| 422: 462; Mi I Totals ! i (Contlnned from Page One) Blllhe Kemp . I H. Denning i Rankin !M. Denning . ; 272 S60 729 2316 PAINTERS- 152 172 It:6 490 . 199 162 167 .'>28 - -I<i7 201 lJ.0 r.4S _ 11:5 12.5 14S 416 „ 174 192 170 :V<6 Boston. Dec. 24. (AP)— Formation of a board of appeal to witlch colleges can refer for rulings on errors in football decisions wiU be asked ati the football coaches afso- clatlonimeetlng in Xew York next week by Fred .Ostregren. St. Bcaia- venture coach. A ruling In a game between St. floiiaventure and .V;ag- ur;i prompted Ostergreu to' i>fc>'s.s tho point. ..; On th" play in question -N'ia.^ini blocked, a St. nonaventure punt and recovered oiit of bounds '^nd beyond the end zone. Tin- r .-firiM- ruled It a touchdown, hut Uviw^eii the halves wished to change this .decision to conform witl^ the St. Bonaventure contcntiDn that .the play should have been a sa^»'ty. Niagara objected to a change, however, and. the decision stood, giving Niagara the .game l.'5-.S insjead of an S-S tic. .7 Ostergren wrote to several football officials concerning the. rigjit of a referee to change his deeiwoii. Walter Okeson. who appoints^ the (jfficials for nian-J- liig games, fsaid he knew of nothing in the rnlos to allow an-official to change hiiC decision fihlle W. H. Taj^or of, the central board .said he knew nothing to prevent an orcicial {-rom changing his decision, 0.=tergren said. • '•- '] . • CONSTIPATION and Stomach Ti^oubl^ This is a condition that ailte many pe.ople that would be healt otherwise. This trouble may lie- caused b.v many different "'things. Catarrh is a very frequent cause. During the last few years wei have treated many cases of stomach. tronble. Some were so severe; that their cases were diagnosed as cjan- cer. Maify of these lacked tKe| diagnostic symptoms of cancer but showed unmistakable signs' of ul- • ceratlon caused by Catarrh. I^o- pcr treatments . relieved During the few yc^rs jthe fopelarid .Medical Institute lias produced new treatments that have proven a boon to suffering humanity, and- your trouble, no matter how' serious may be one that can be successfully relievt-il. We now consider Diabetes. Prostatic Gland Troubles. Cattarrh Asthma. Ithuumatisni. Gall StoiieS Goitre. Blood and many other diseases -curable. NEW CHLORINE GAS The -wonder frtatmeiit for Catarrh. .-Xsthma, Dfafnc^s and Lung Trouble. ('onsultation. ex.iniination and a [trial treatment FREE val lien of --Ten cent biitiilles of old papers for five cents si the Register from 1 now until Christmas. ^Extra large bundles of clean newspapers, 10c, at Register office. win be appj^oprlate to the Chrltt-' with an evangt *tlc e evening by the i .is- Carrle M. Flowoi Imas urogram at the St church will be held the evening and the on by the Rev. B, The Promised Re- moE L l ,.n mas season sermon In tli tor, the Re\- Thei Chris] Free} Method at 7:.10 In morning seij: Kler will b4 deemer." A vesper service will be held at the Meth9dlst . church /at .•> o'clock Christmas afternoon when a program gf Christmas music will be given by the :.Methodlst and Presb>-terlan choirs prttceded by a short program by the Little 7.00 : S>-mphony under the direction of • iJ. V; Roberts. The choirs will be directed by .Mrs. E. W. Haglund sent a Christmas cantata at o'clock. The chl dren' will have heir tree and Ch istmas program 1 "^Tf^f5? rV "rarH«,n .Monday evening a. 7:30 o'clock in {^- ^- Ga"l«n. the church basement, The Knights T mplars will attend the morning service at jll o'clock at the Chrlstiair cnurch and the Rev. .1. Lee Teleford. will preach on the nbject of "The Birthday of a Kin A Christmas pageant arraneed by Fred Steele Numbers (rontinned from Page One) other state and municipal dignitaries. The flyer was led to the will he given at . 30 ©clock in.the balcony, of the hcitel to be cheered 1^' ,., u , ' . . ,. i by the crowd below. Indian vll- Chrlstmas will be observed In all i^g^ dotting the country-side for of the services at Trinity Metho- Chrl^tmas da.v, the Feast of the .Nativity, will he observed at St. Timothy's Episcopal church and the Rev. Thomas Gctz Hill will fully. He was aw.ake for an hour ' djgt ^vjth a sermon at 11 o'fclock by 'ipndUhen slept uiitil 5 a. m.. again, the Rev. J. C. Wilson. The entire He.had a wakeful period and again evening will be.given over to the lansiid into a doze, awakening Sunday school. •'• ' ' flnalj.v ( about 6 o'clock. He had i)re.akfast of eg;; sandwiches and coffet, I Slilce -ielng put in the jail he has been i served ncithlng but sandwiches. He is allowed to have no utensils at all. He expressed a desire' to abstain fronv meat and his diet has been principally eggs. Los Aneiiles police olllccrs were' due to arrive here at 4:40 p. m. to; tiike Hickman Into custody. Au other California officer was tr Reach .«?alem.| Ore., at 10:.10 o'cIocV to Becun- the Governor'.H approval 1 of extradition papers. Offlcers hen | are uncertain wh»'ther they will turn the youth over to Lns Aiie<' Ics oI!Ici-rit until the exirudltlor jiaperd arrive. miles around sent their quota to Join the lusty shoiita of greeting for Lindbergh. American and Mexlcaii flags were displayed throughout l.h^ country. Christma-stide lasts from December 24 i (Christmas Eve) until Eplht^. January fii > ^LTTT TONIGHT GEO. O'HARA in "LADIES BEWARE" A miistor c 'ook who.had orders to leave town got a WEATHER knd ROADS FOR K.WSAS-Piir'', riaudr n'sht' and Knnilnj': Hlighlty Mnrin- '. er tonight In northwest portion. FOR lOI.V AM> VH'IMTY— pHrtlj -el.oudy tonight and Snnday: aitlle change In temneniture. Temperature—Hieliest .vesterdav 3C, at .4 p. m.: lowest night 24 .at'-.'; n. m.: for today 32- deficiency yesterday. 2; excesF .sincSe January 1st. ZIH degrees:* tliis da»» last* year—highest 26: " lowest 19. ; .Precipitation for the 24 hours .ending .at 7 a. m. today, .00; total l-lJS'Tnches.. Relative humidity at l5 nbor vesterday. 1,1 per cent: 7 a. m today per ceiit: jbarometer reduced to sea level. ."lO.SS Inches. Sun rises T:,T6 a. m.; seLs 5:0S p. jn. • Road f«jidlf'"on.s. All Toads good. All cloud v. except: Pittsburg and Goffeyrille, : clear^ WiGhi(a and Manhattan, parfly cloudy. . OH' i <'S A WHOLE YEARI 'fiU XMAS riving during the past, fwo weeks have told of unusually stormy conditions on the ocean," Dr. Kimball added. '".Mrs. Grayson herself has. recently made two stormy passages Inlliners and she took off with full, knowledge of what conditions are i I Certainly admire "her courage but j Itjseems here that she w^s faclnfl; almost Insurmountable odds." Wind IHdn 'f l>o II. ; Dr. Kimball said, however, that |t,' apparently was not wind that bt^ught the "Dawn" down, if In-; deed It. did makd a landing. The w <nd from here to {.Newfoundland i during, the night hr said, was Ilghi; He believed the chief danger oh that llrst leg of the ,pr^»Jectee to Europe,- however, was "Icing upf" of the wings. •'When Mrs. Grayson headed out trom Cape /^od, where' she was last heard from," he said, "and started i Ihj; 250 mile water jump to N'ova Scbt'la • she was flying through'j frcjezlng weather. There may have, lleen some rain too. Formation of J ice on the plane would have been) quite possible despite the glyc trine ! costing given the 'Dawn' • to pre-' vent this danger." The "Dawn" Is the fiBst plat e to i start an eastward ocean hop Iwlth} ecibipment for landing on the water ' in case of need. 'An amphibian." Kimball said hoWever, "'is all right for fairly m weather<.but high-seas ujould Totals S.3.5 8.52 831 2.51S Number 4 (Continued from Page Oiiel attend Christmas services at the various churches which have arranged special programs. The Prt'sident atid .Mrs. t'ooUdge will attend those of the congregational church probably at Keith's theatre which (he:church uses for: large services While Its edifice being repaired. •' " At the Washington where Woodrow -Wilson is entombed, a program r)f • Christmas carols will be. sung tomorrow afternoon 111 German. Spanish. Russian and American. Members of the gay diplomatic .set which Is observing the holidays according to the Varied customs of their native lands are expected to be present. 1 CO 5 (Continned From Page 1.) (By the Associated Pre .sK) .Now Yoik-^Sid Terris. New York, won from Phil .McGraw, Detroit. (Im: Bnic^e Flowers. .New l^ofh- »llc-. 'Ky.. won from Lou P(tiuso. Salt Lake City c<,>: I '-oUby Bf^rns. New York,. defeated Kra:!kie tTink. Texas .lack! Diil'fy. T(« won fsoiii \I:itiv .Mario. .Ni w Vork (.SI. Tanipa. Fla.—Bis Hen I't-nnd. .New ^'(iik. '.von by n tfr|.?i :r :i: knockout fniin .loc W'liile. Tuscaloosa. -Ma.. Mic-kcy FidiT. i;';iM- ton, O.. ivfin iroiii IJeinii' Ir -'win, Tulsa. Okla., (liM. San Fraiiilsro ; Vincr i);-.iS:cf!. Baltimore. !in<l Jinr V ;ii-!.;i-. >•?••.•-•;:<;. Cat., drew (In). " Turkey first, bi-came the fli?!.-;!-[ mas dfsh in the reign of Jaincj.) 1.. of England, wlio <-<»iilit not e;tl jciii- Iwarji licad . usuiiliy i)i-ovi(lci!. i It takes four or five years/for the' .smallest Chri.-tni :is trees ii. l)c ready for um: i —For Ileal Kst.ite Ixjaiis see-the Security RIdir. & Loan .\ssii('iii(ion. lola. K". Office in First .Natl. Bunk. If you suffer Ti-oni any chronic disease, deformity, hidden or doubtful ailment be sure to receive thls"^;; examination. We will tell you your'j trouble without asking a question £ Our non-surgical method^ of treating Female Troubles, .\bpen- dicitis and many other, troub es Is one of our greatest achievements. ' thir exiiert diagnostician wOI be at the PORTLAND HOTEL ' ' lOLA. KANS.\S Saturday, December 31 »>NK B.IY (»>LY .\II .Service nill he Free thiM visit. Copeland Medical Inistitute mm K. 21sl St., "Kansas City, Mo. SOORooqoi A lane ca.— m^Ke short work of • ahy p^ The pontoons might keep the plane afloat a few hours longer than' v land plane but that is about all that iild be hoped; for." , During the-j Christmas holidays ' ea&i year no fewer than 5(1,000 1 Cliristmas trees are ."-old at | the j famous Coven.t Garden market in ( Ixindon. from Provincetown in a 75-foot coast guard patrol Iwiati' On com- > Ing alongside the Falcon it would be necessary, for them either to, jump from ship to ship or to trust' themselves to a surt' for the transfer. It would be impossible, those' who had seen cond tlons outside ^ the harbor said, foi* Mrs. .M. L j Stevens, mother of one of the S-4 vlctiihs, who joined Secretary Wilbur's party at Providence; to go put | to ther-salvage fleet. Arrangements; were made to provide for her com-; fort ashore. i . chani'o to sti-ti the "RUBY" l.a famous ruby—but He didn't get exactly he .stained out to get.. A crook atory that wiU keep you in suspense all the way through. Ln« Comedj- -"Vamplnr. Uable's K|tNode^»The King of tJte Jungles" .smiting "The CrhiiNon 'FIa«h" Kraxy Knt Kartoon Knmed>' .>H».M),IY, TrESD.lY, WEDSKMn.lV .Matlnei-, PIrture« Only Kk-.SOc: .\Ights lOe-iOr JACKIE cbOGAN in "BLTTONS" The Boy the Grown-ups like as well as the children.. AL.'^O 1.5—REED ELTON PLAYERS—15 FOR FIVE DAYS Presenting Iligh (lass Players ' OPE.MXt; BILL •fSTEPPINGON THE GAS" .44 ..Vct Wodern Play . Vaudeville Specialties Betveen Acts^bange. PUys Mghtiji 10c and Sflc TflOHT lli<- and' SOc OX THE SCREEN- TODAY ONLY 7 T ::wnmi • Romance and rustlelrs—"T^e Last Outlaw" combines the two In a rip-roaring outdoor thrilh^r. Hard riding, stirring melodrama splendid scenerj', action—PLifS! Everything you • look for in western entertainment—and ^lore! Also Comed.v, Serial and \«^VK Keel—showing flashes ni Ilalde. miin'Jn(!n<i rompaniute ninrrrase and Vrmy-Xaty football game. EXTRA Ar»I>EI> OX THE.STAGE TUCKER'S INDOOR CIRCUS Featuring "PAT," the Cigarette Smoking Monkey. •DEXTEK,' the Pony with the Human Brain, and America's best Trained Goat Act! Matinees 10c-20c; Night lOc-SOc

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