The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 18, 1948 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 18, 1948
Page 13
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' FR1DA Y.JUNE 18, t.948 B1.TTHKVIT.1.K (ARK.y COUKIKT? NKWS ?AGE'THIRTEEN KKBCKLBS ft HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BtXMMt Wonderful WorAt By J> R> Williom5 4t< i SUPPOSE x)?C AVO.GO HIRE A ^ FOR TARTli-lG THIS DISORDER "SOT I'D HPVSe FLOORED A "it>U KrtovJ TilcVf WAIT.' LOOK AROUtvK? FOR GUY SURE KMJST NEED NO, HE'S HIDiW THAT JOB.'A TOOL STEEL 5ALESMAM IS HERE, AN' TO DEh-VONSTRATE HIS ST6EL HE'LL RIP THAT AFTERNOON'S LEI ME FIX 5 you Tvp < AMBITIOUS BOY& A CUP J or TE/V"— gef ORE >K) A BLUEPRINT THAT FAR OFF TO REAP IT. CWSK VJ/vVS TO x NTERx'CSlED AMD TRIPPED T ' RKALIZ6 YOU'RE SOFPEP6D Uts NIAGARA RM.LV' / w»ie*« OUR. SAVED ^ BCLL/ DELNER& ITU6 HARDEST ^IRE! Jessica leaned oul of the window, 'with the rain and ind tearing «t her hair 'as she istcned. Fire! Was Mrs. tilake ml in this storm and would she •ush ofl lo the nre when she heard Democrats Po/f Western Towns for Reaction to Remark WASHINGTON. June 18 UJI'i — The Democratic National CoinniU- ire asked tlio mayors r»nd Chambers nl Commerce of 35 cities iuirl towns today whether they considered their municipalities "whistle slops." It was the committee's reply to a remark made by Sen. Robert A. Tafl. Republican presidential hopeful. Taft said !n n speech lust Friday that President Truman "is blackguarding congress at every whistle stop in tile \" t The committee telegraphed officials where Mr. Truman spoke on his Western tour: "Please wire the Democratic National committee whether you neree u-itli Sen. Taft's description of your town as a "whistle stop'." Trie wires were sent to cities as large as Chicafio as well as to small towns in the far West. XXV j -Tom will never understand." 1ESSICA took her purchases to saici Lucy bitterly. J '•- ' ' " • There were lenrs in Lucy's eyes as she turned and left the room Marriage Licenses The /ollo»-ing couple obtained » marriage license yesterday In the office o; Mis« Elizabeth Biythe, V/orld Citizen Garry Davis. M. former bomber pilot and until recently Rn ac,tor has given up his u. s. citizenship to become a "citizen of the world." Son of orchestra leader Meyer Davis Garry sairl he would go lo Germany • 'to help rebuild thai nation.—(NBA * Telepholoi. See E. H. FORD Before You DIE! Political Announcements The Courier News has boon! authorized lo announce (he follow-1 ins candidates, subject lo the] Democratic primaries. July 27 and COUNTY' TREASURER Prank Whttworlh ' COUNTY COURT CI,ERK Elizabeth Blvtlie , FOR CORONER E. M. HOLT FOR COUNTY ASSESSOR Herbert T. Shlppen fcTATK REPRESENTATIVE Jinimie Edwards li H. Aulry H. E "Bud" Fisher Leslie N. "Dukie" Sneck For County Judge D oland Green Fielder Peery For Circuit court Clerk i Harvey Morris ' CON'STAIHE (Chlsfcasawaba Township) J. Robert Crosskno Arch Undsey j You Are Cordially ', Invited to Visit The i Accessory Shop i j Feminine Apparel !j i Mabel Hogan .Jessie Srlt*ll . Hotel Noble Bldg. Blytheville, Ark. the Kitchen and found Belsy perched on a chnir oc^idc the table with an npron tied about her neck • and a smudge - of Hour on the end o/ her snub nose. "I'm helping," she said proudly, displaying a grubby bil of dough.' "Kor Duddy." She indicated the pan beside her. Jessica tossed the bag of groceries on the table and swept Bclsy oft the chair "You'll be sick." she scolded. "It's time for your nap." Slle swept a sobbing Betsy from Ihe room. Would this day never end and the next pass so r that she could get away and leave behind this feeling of uncertainty and apprehension? Nothing could happen now to change her plans, nothing should, she determined, as she stripped clothes from a weeping baby. "We're goinfl away," siie whispered coaxingly. Betsy said. "Don't want to RVJ away." and wailed and refused to be comforted. In Jessica's thoughts she anlici- patetl the day when she could divorce Betsy from the subtle influence which her grandmother exercised upon her. "Daddy"— just a word to Betsy, which would soon be forgotten, but which in the meantime could annoy and irritate Jessica to the point al hysterics. » * • CATURDAY was a busy day with last-minute preparations. Lucy went off with a hurried explanation that she had a date with some fiiiIs at the Y. Jessica was too absorbed in her own plans lo have any interest in the other girls, but before Lucy left Jessica drew her inside her room and said good- by, thanked her for her kindnesses and then, ns a last-minute thought, "Try to make Tom understand. L«ev." For the rest ol the day Jessica Tied to recapture the high spirits of the day when her father's letter came. She was going home, she assured herself. She remembered how she hod longed for this moment, and now it wars here. Mrs. Blake showed no interest in her movements. She seemed lost in thoughts of her own. slipping in and out of the bouse, prowling up and downstairs, in and oul of Lucy's room. Later, refusing to cat her supper, going off again in spite of Jessica's remark that a storm seemed immi- Finally the old house was quiet exeenl for the wind outside which shook the house and rattled, the shutters. When Jessica went to bed a cold moon rode high in the sky. Against H the skeleton branches of trees stretched black and bare ami writhed in the wind Wind, ft made her nervous and kept her wide-awake (or hours. Then she dozed, and awoke startled by a sharp pea! of thunder. Down Ibe hall a door swung shut with a bang. Haiti lashed the windows. Jessica grabbed a robe and went out into the hall and listened. Had Mrs. Blake come home? She tiptoed down the hall pns Lucy's door, which stood ajar, am opened her mother-in-law's dooi anrl peeped inside. A Hash of lightnini; revealed tile bed smooth and unoccupied. The curtains blew straight mil i Jessicn crossed the room to cl the window. A sound arose above the roar of the wind and the slushuiK rail Th wild siren, high and wail carried on shrilll (he wind The flre siren, repeating over anc over, its blast ol warning. Surely not She must have been •iuighl in the storm and spent the'!' light with friends. She wished Lucy were at home. lessica closed the window and ooped back the soaking curtains. Lucy would be oul in the storm, loo. Possibly there were shellcrs tor hikers in the hills beyond Akron. She returned to her own room o find Belsy silling up, frightened ind sobbing. Jesuca lifted her oul of her crib and into her own bed where they snuggled down close together. "Just a storm, darling," she lold the bnby. Through Hie closed window she heard the siren again, faini but shrill and per-sistenL Again siie slid oul of bed and went to Hie window ant! lifled iL The ram had ceased. The air was damp and chill. In the distance bolls clanged and cars swept down Die street. The blackness of the nicht was piercer! by ,1 dull glow on the horizon and against it the bare trees were silhouetted darkly. Fire, a bad one. Where was Mrs. Blake? thought Jessica uneasily. Lights sprang up in Doris' bun- low across the way and she saw Doris and her husband standing together on the steps. She ran downstairs, clutching her robe about her, opened the from door and called, "Where's the fire?" Doris pointed toward Ihe glow. "Way downtown." she shouted. Silly to worry about a woman who hud an obsession tor [ires, but now she coutd understand Lucy's uneasiness for her mother. Mrs. Blake meant nothing to her, and yet. . . . I'll iii;;ke hot coffe*, Jessica decided. She'll be drenched if she comes back. If she comes back. Her own words terrified her. Why shouldn't she come back? What could happen lo her? (To K» Continued) comity clerk: Estlon clair pippin of Si. Petersburg, Fla., and Miss Sara Jo Ann McGregor of Blylheville. NOW! at FOUNTAINS Everywhere! on tofiw f,i "",'"" E mclal Mps 5teci ' by ""Ploying magnetic mean., tact ?h«?V,n ^", V " m! " !e , oi lhe i f01 ' H uk ""8 " lem '" IK* right ,».,). fact, that feu; metal used Isjheel | tion before the crimper comes dpwn. • Dr. W. F. BREWER | I DENTIST ' I OFFICE 209>.i W. MAIN ST ! ! PHONE 2172 I Blythcville, Ark. ! "Junior certainly it growing up! He us«(l to have grense ami ice cream spots on his coat—now it's face powder on tli« shoulder'." Remember Rolhrock's for PRESCRIPTIONS PHONE 4451 K. M. LARKIN AUTO PARTS Main * Lake St. I'hnne 523 We Install Window Glass For Any Make -Automobile While You Wait! Window Channels Regulators PITTSBURGH PAINTS o Complete Line of Auto Parts RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Typo Eicrnt Cancrrl It's Not Too Late for SAFE FUR AND WOOLEN STORAGE Nu-Wa Laundry Cleaners 220 North Second Strtct Phone 4474-4475 ICE-COLD WHOLE or SLICED Blytheville Curb Market 130 E. Main Phone 973 KJSCll.LA'S I'Ol Dtiulili' for Nolliinir AI, VERMEER Vou qol J'l tff By MICHAKI, O'MALLEY and RALl'H LAN* ir RlGHI HtPE, Ftiwr. asoyr fiut MUES tins sioe OC CHfSTAl. UKf 1HAI Wf CAUGHI (K> WITH THEM. AMUSEMENT .RK, Ell? AND CtOSED 1IGH1ER THAN A DBUM. WASH TL'BUS \V«(th dim, liuslci Bv LESLIE TURNEP WOT WID DODttlW /• AH 1 . A 7tVlPOR»R-V A CAB... MY KIMSDOM fOR IV— HMtt! SPJMCIWO OP IM1M ! NOW I KIN CAtL MR. / WO MESO TO .._. ,,,„ vvv ». w , j^n. n trwiri/K.*n7 i f-^rveiL: NUW i KW CAt-L «K / jyu WEED TO ^^i.^^^^,^:?^, 8 -™ rottorWWI.™lfWHD / B01HERW*'. SUT ... — LCNELINtSS. ftND THE 0000 HEIOHBOR. fOlKS " __-._.. -,_ — \ " -.»--. ti-k. wkiwri i iviiur n-w ir=»-L i»»irwuNL'( BU intl*- nip^; BUI "r»r^^ 0W ^^^"-2^^ JwH^ AW «cfUE«i . MB. MOR8UEE VOU MUST tO VOUR P»iR.T Speaking <>r Dcssoria By FRED HARM AN AS1AG6.COACH 15 PIE TOR A 5r\M?T OPtdMOR TE.D.' Ar^OA STAQE LiSC RUc BV A WOMAN IS CUSTARD fLO TESCOTT AIPST *vrt ORDINARY . u ovo BEWD 5TAG£ RORDE.R.5 " "to PR16OK3,OA 1 KE! li's ilti, Suro Kn . * LOT OF iOMEBaDliS.' VEIL. ymmm<t> BOOTS AND HKK BUDDIKS By EDGAR MARTIN

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