Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 24, 1927 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 24, 1927
Page 6
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PAGE SIX THE !0 ,Y REGlSTKlt. SATURDAY EVENING. DECEMBER 24. 1927. ^XN:ETS TO HAli/r RE!t»»^AT OF HdRSEfeOE FALLS ONCHRBmS IS PUBLISHED ^ss| Pauiine' Billbe Is 4warded English ; Class Prize STdltY, "THE QUESr' f he Itegister Reprints It From Edition Lampoon L;ii:t .week a Clujsliiias Slory • coutcsttainoiiff the niembcfs ot the . Junior i£ngHsh classes taught by MisB Aljco Hendricks was con•. eluded jind the first prize awarded to Miss Pauline Billbe. The title oif "her story is "The Quest." and- it <<er.tainly is a goin. The JHcgister takes the liberty of re_ printing it here below from the Lampoon where- it first appeared because 'it knofws its readers will be delighted- to read IL : THE qiEST •' land suddenly tlu-y saw .tho slari again; and followed It, DEWI'FT I Dec, 21—M.. anu -i: : A. Cress and family and Grandma \ Cress spent Suml^iy In I.r.tUiriir ai j .1. W. Maker'... 3Ir.i William Kntegcr. d; pii- [ ty for organizing th^ CraiiKi'. at- f tended the state (Jrailse nuTlinu' at * Krcdouta Wednesday. .Vlrs I::. .1 Cre .-iS r-C Cn!iii <-ii Crtivi. ! visiltd her s<|ii. j; A. ("r'.-.-:s and • taniily. last >.vji k. • - • Mr. am! \lr.<. U;ljS!n>!i anil family of Yatr.- Center, .-ix-ui Sunday at Charle.v Slrnh"s. j , , , • ,, • , .Mrs. L. Kirby .siijiit Tuesday • olege aU''"<>«=><--". »'"^-''• afternoon with (Y, ^.. audi NEWS NOTES OF GAS cin Srtiujilv • for fli<lhlay Varii- IHn—Idintc <rw«I WilBtw>es hri>ilBias r^tirranr Uj ihv School C'bililrrii. (Mrs. A. K. Il-jliiu) <:.\|S CITV; Dee. I'l.-J-.liss Doi.- iffi 'n. who is utlendini; liuilt-' thy <! any hon<e C'lirisjinias vacation A H >R.! crowd Tuesday oveni'!^ to s^nd lUandina Cress. !\ on. ' I -Mr. anil .Mrs. ll(-iir>- Stratk. ICva ' :;ll}.'nde<l side to side casting shadows on the .snow. Glowing lights from fiircplaces fllpkercd through the! windows of big frame houses. The Littlest Orphatj crept nearer, hoping to find the. Child, not knowing that the chlldr&n of these fine substantial homes hud' come to their estate years ago. She had gone far but she must go farther fcr the Child wan not there. , The wise men had also t.raveled far. They hud .-.eeu the Star and- .'Jhe remembered ,1,^. ' .\l;:e and Dale spen' i.n!;ii.-iv after- rnriin.: pageant, "r ^od Tidln.. , -„|i>-,||^ •';!;r^K:,., l..lan of <:t1.vt .loy.. whicii WPS given i»-! and (irandma Cress called at I'ow- :a:: City scho.vl at the .'.iiJi- , ell WiN-on's Tuesdav-; inornins., '•oriiiiti I -'rlday nigh'. • ^'r. Will Van Xii-ti \KIU> WHS " Th.( t:as City s6hool closed p^. pperalcA on at the Payhe hospital .|;.y .Ivening for a wc-k's va <;ation .'\';*^'^'>^''>'nK ""^«1>'- thci holidays, and -Mrs. .loel .lone .s of lola y ! '.hirin I .Mr. I spent ,!i :nd I : .Mis Mr. and .Mr.-v. Arthur Faiilkmr are stayiir?; on the W'ili Vai! .V. e . , , _,. . place during .Mr. Van Xic-js ill- .Monday with .Mrs. .1. Tippie, unto Itethlehem. even ly the ;v<«ry i f„|iowed if •".""llhc story again.' She must find her Mar.v, HiB mother. And coming' : ? . . in they knew at once tiiat It^vas a.iKhter Opal Kern HoU«>n who is attend- j 'nu 'isj. S. T. C. at I'itt.slnirg. arriv- |fd }.-'tine ThuV.r-»!:..v evening to i .li.ndl the Chrisinias vacation. I I 'rt 'iiehlnK servic'es at the M. K. lr!);ii.ih Sunday morning at ;t:-i5. ' a !:d Jiuiiday school at ' 11. Kpworth : 1.!•;•.!;e'e w;ll not luee't because the i I .fiifi .ters .are (ilanuiuK to attend He. Tliey liiiid gifts of gold, frunk- iDvense, and jnyrrli ut the feiit of this "Baby. King."'" When the .Story-Lady , finished this mui't ,l>euutl:ul of ali xtories. iha Fresider.t of tiie Orpha^iage Board distributed gifts to the Cliil- dreh of I l>oving .Sheidierd Home, wh (l .'^e fac^s .-till l)camed with re- menibi-ance of llie story of the finding of .Jesus. Kach The Horseshoe Falls at JCiugara (above> are weariiitc away .-it the rate of about live feel a year. While the rivt-r bi-d is ni nard Uinestone. softer materials supporting It. as sbown in sUetrh al riglil.-v.e.-ir .-r .vay. Qeoldglsts estimate that the falls liave worn back seven miles ."-ini-e ,I they were formed 25.0(1(1 ye-irs ago. as imlicat-d in maii (i-ciitei'i. K\- Aboi'e. (the sriow . was falling I perts are seeking to-halt the erosion. from heu'vy clouds—not a s-inr.} , : . . - Kvcrything that glittered, every-1 . " , , ' . , i , ^ . thing that sparkled caught her eye "'"^ crept in and knew at and vlnlit i-pi-ni Sunday evening at i but not a .star did she Kcl- once tha_t it was He. She laid her I'anI l.assinar.V. On and on .she walked!following S"^-'* ''"^ ^''^^ '^'"K ^t.: and .Mrs. I-ianklin land .1. .\.; tho .narrow street. She'was still' ~ * * * : ' lic-ni Friday evening at Tlioina.s's. clasping her gifts tightly and ever'. A y.-ar had .-oine and gone, and , l/Mzabetli Abbv visited at ' watchful for tho star.. The way ." ^'.'.r"*""*". II'*''" . -Mapl. Crov,- Friday cv .-ninjL. I the ( ! .-•.ini'ki li risi nr.! s p i -oj; ra •:! s / .venln-;. •- af lolu .Mr. and Mrs. Waller Uak-r and : Dorothy .Mae called at Cre .-i .s's Siiii- day eypning. ' i Jlrs;j Leo Fredei-ick and IJilly i;alleil''on .Mrs, Frederick in Humboldt Tue.sday evening, i F.;ru Hunter. Vivian Sirack and Lester Scantlin took, supper at : Henry Sttacks Sunday evening, j The teaclieranil i/upils will bave : a program and Christmas, tree at DeWitl Friday niglit. ; I broadened as the street merged , into a load going through a new^ child meived something' f'"""" «;here smalLnew bunga- _ useful. To the •Littlest Orpl.i.n" .'""'^ sheltered by great old' her heavy black coat and shining i =boots seemed most fine—gifts Ivor- Lunsimas tree ..vai ai M.,,,,, ,;,.„V .- Fi -id:, with sparkling ! eyes. • • a worn Mother (:oo.<;-| , ' •" .'.'"t; „' . thy of even that fir .-5t Chrisiiiias. , AVhen the president had received tile chorusfd thanks of the. little ones he began a speech—ih& first of tl^e evening. ButTthe Little Orphan heard only "Consequently as thje wise njen— " Perhaps on account of- the very large words used in the long dry spoccli tbat Mttle mincj hllcd -wtth other- noughts and the haby eyes held .pictures of:othcr places. The words of tho Story-Lady kept coming~"They kiicw that It I •w&a He. a- Baby King: tlicy laid young man reading from a book to a little girl, aiid 'hesiili-; them on a low stool a radiant lady; I tying a cinflet of gold on the fin-' "Tnl^ide the little cottages lights : S""" °^ a baby boy. blazed, casting rays of joy in the ' •gifts of gold frankincense.' and I Perhaps a half a block myrrh at His feet" over and ov.r.' »vvay. were two houses, one empty, again and bigain the word.-) cami- till at last M-ith'all the (•onvictioii . of a tin.v gir-j-.vhe decided that SHE i jnu.-t find IIKR Baby King and give him a gift un tint' wtindf-r- ful Christmas.night. •While tin speccill^•^ coulinned she dri'ainiid on;' ami when the ieave-takliiK. 1»egair ^:lle crept np- ptair.s an.d g'adiernl (ip her .Mother fioosc l)ook;and a liny, tiny rinc Clasjiing these lightly .sne ilesi-ciiil- p-» tic Ktaii 's nnobsrr-.-eil Hiddoti NORTH MAPLE GROVE AND CENTRAL j AVE. (Mrs. Arthur Raiali) Dec. 20.—.Mr. and Mrs. iJert .loy and Roy spent Sunday evening at Arthur Raish's. Mr., and Mrs. Thomas spent' last Monday evening at Clarence Foos's getting acqquaintcd with the new baby boy. i I Mr. and .Mr.s. Guy Wing and cliil-' dre nspent Sunday afternoon at Geo. Wing's. | The pie supper at iMuplc Grovi- Thursday evening was well itf-nd- cd. The proceeds amounted, to a little ovl-r J2.S-. .Miss Helen Mich- i been that <ither wondrous .star. She aels received the box of <-Jioc(daiis rooms where tiuy stockings hung by \yonderful Christinas trees. Ycti with all the happriness in these! homes the Little Orphan knew that the Little One was not there. A: large, rock protected by two smari evcrgieen trees lay near the road and a very tired, cold and sleepy little girl started to sit—but as she bent low a flood' of light shone through the parted branches. The Star? All forgetful of wea.riness. 'cold and sleepiness the tiny girl hiirried around the trees and the other-blazliig with light.". Perhaps It was not a star! So. it. was something more—so bad lull iiiei. Thiirs- [ (lay with-.Mrs. Foster. • j .Mr. and ..\lis. K'ani Lassman anil;. Pauline siieiit Tuesday evening at; .lohn Fi-anklin's. .Mr. aiid Mrs. Thom:!s and child- 1 ren. .Mr?-;ind .Mrs. La.s:man audi Pauline, -Mr. and .Mrs. Franklin f and .1. N. siieiii Saturday evening | at Arthur RaishV. felt its 4-al-l and ran with fl>ing feel to the house. AVlth little hniu'ls. cramped by i -arrying tlie heavy bmik and tiny ring sb'r opened the iljor. • A woman in a while uniform, with a professional air. -was rushing -into rooms and hurrying out of rooms: a young man with sparkling cyos frcm .s:ght by a big l.ius.rrinR I '1'^'"" '^'V' I'"''?'"'*"''' • • " pticing back and forth: but the lurard tnrnil:<i-. sonn (lie Liltlcsl : ... . ,1 • , , I thing that held the Little Orphan's OriMan. lu-w .oat. sliining himls.: ,j ^^ ^„ „„. ring and^ Imok were all outside ' ths' iiia.s'sfve' rioor standing by the - ^ale '111 llie'hiw stone waU near the ••o'ad. .She lilutcjieil the gifts ll«lif- fM- and passed through the gale- ^wsy, .>'Ctling the shining booli< ii>\\u larefitlly In tlu.- thill cover. Ing of snow-f. t • Cii-eat oaljs froHteit with snow H«od lik<' y'iiiiiii .-l» waving aw-iiy , the tiny girl, Tin- liousi<s too were i intfiii-ndly. .not :4 all like the Honic. Here only cold lig!it« t<lioii" iliroUKli lli« winiiows of gi'eat liouKCji wliiili seeliied to have iin, more warmth than a pile of fitoiii's. She. knew that she «(-oulil r.iU find the. Christmas biby here. The K:iow-haiI liegun to fall -.tgaiii. and llje Littlest Orphan hurried oiiwardi ever mindful of the gifts sill- had for the One whom she .sought. ,'Tlu> way became more friendly, the" houses'- seemed hap­ pier.and th<; trees did; not look >o forniidahle. \\^e\r l»ran<-hcs beckoned to .her as they swayed from and Miss Mclsou and .Mr. Iliblis the jar of pickles. Mr. and .Mr.s. Ii. A. Raish of lola spent Saturday at Arthur Raish's. Mr. and .Mrs. Carl Cation spent Sunday afternoon at (!-o. Klolzbach's: .Mr. t;erken threshed for .Mr. Andrews Monday afternoon. .Mr. Churchill has been on the sivk list. .Mr. and Mrs. Henry .N'oult, ji-. Joyous Greetings We wish to extend our sincere good wishes for the Christmas season to our patrdns, employes, and fellow merchants. Larson's Market May the Christmas of 1927 be ; the merriest of Christmas davs you have ever known before and the happiest hoh'day season—and as you turn your face toward the New Year may you vision a year brimming over with a ne>y prosperity, peace joy and contentment. During--the past year we majde some progress toward our goal of ideal service land we would have you know that ouk" 1928 prngram gives even a broadei^ policy of courtesy and service to a 1 who enter our >doors. We want to serve you as well as you iwould wish to-be served. With your co-op- erationi we will continue to progress to our mutual benefit. Wii wish to extend to oor mafij friends and cus- toipers our hearty wishes foe. a prosperous New ; Year, A. H. DAVIS ELECTRld .SERVICE Qreetings of the Season We greet you? at the Ynletide reason and w^^h you a joyous and prosperous New Year. j STYI/E SHOP ITS THE, SAME OLD WISH nU.T EVER SO SINCERE-^ A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND .i liAPPY NEW YEAR! Nnf in the i^rn (iKinla irith a to iiou licvt Wii Ckristmas aiid ,P) osperidj. Y; of riiittmn iniUj,- but rolhrr an ("/cnitiin: appreciation of our phfijir diiriiif/ tilt; pfinti near, irc ctcvd lies for an Old Fiishioncd Merry o Ncic Year of tfappinean and. CHRISTMAS, ,1927, Uxi^?, u.s speeding down the of time-^towardja goal of Love—of Fair- incss—of Good Will." \ Christma.s, 1927, find.s J-hi-s in.stitution sweepiirg: along on a career of bii.sine.s.s .success because-it' has kept the goal of and Good V^'iT! c^^ef. in front of it. * > * A^d to you, whom we- number as fricnd.s ami patrons, we sincerely ^tend our greetings of the season. C 1 KELLEY THEATRJS BUNCH

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