Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on July 20, 1965 · Page 6
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 6

Ironwood, Michigan
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Tuesday, July 20, 1965
Page 6
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The World of Women TUESDAY, JULY 20, 1965. jit's All'Bias' In New Fashions Ky LOVISK IHCK.MAN AP Fashion Writer ROME iAPi - It's all bias with Princess Irene Galitzine's look for fall and winter — bias, cuts, bias waists, bias details and even a few pairs of bias- stripped stockings. The clothes she showed in her Rome salon Monday night were contemporary, not futuristic. Galitzine's only concessions to the space age were a few domed helmet caps similar to but smaller than those shown by Pucci in Florence. The Galitzine look was unadorned almost to the point of starkness. But her soft handling o! thick gabardines and mate- nf thPir rtflt.rrhfpr lasses made u "'enter and softer Patricia Ann to SlC"23e . th ?, n '] nythi " B *™ in the Italian Neau, son of Mr. and Mrs. Noel, collections to date Neau, Kenosha, wis.. is an-,, There we " "° but ons ' ™: nounced bv Mr. and Mrs. Conrad ; Jars - |ust W1 , de enough to fold Frederickson, also of Kenosha, ' ° ve '' nngecl < ne collarbone. formerly of Ironwood. A June Cu "* °" ro " nd - slender-shoul- wedding is being planned by the dered kimono sleeves were.Sanders-JBrimelJo couple. Class of 1925 Holds Reunion The class of 1925 of Luther L. Wright High School held its 40th anniversary reunion July 3 at the Gogebic Country Club. There were 32 members present outsof a class of 84 At noon a buffet luncheon was held for the class members and a memorial service for deceased members was held at tills time. Thirteen members are deceased: Nannie Lindberg. Hugo Anderson, Reuben Hill. Helmer Johnson, Waldemar Josephson, Vienna Kelola, Robert Moore, Joseph Moon, Hilder Olson, Eino Roos. Gertrude Ross, Arvid Swanberg and Frances Larson Kohler. The service was conducted by Dr. Luther E. Holmgren assisted by Florence Bloomquist Carlson, who lit a candle in memory of each deceased member. Thirteen candles \vere arranged in candelabra decorated with green ferms and a bouqet of flowers in yellow and white. The in- Ann Landers .Answers Your Problems... Dear Ann Landers Why is it i They tolerate me They think I that whenever a Couple "is di- am'weak, insecure ancl addle- voivei.1. if the hu.s'wnd # the children it assumed rlint: ',!> lie caught hei under ',he worst possible circumstances or i'. 1 ' She is a '.ramp who didn't brained. They think their father is strong, brilliant and capable. I have never been fble to control them. Whatever their father says is gospel. ENGAGED — Mr. and Mrs. ' off with 'heir father Tony Osterman. 60 Aurora Lo~ : My husband ana I never war,! '.o be bothered with the: When we split up several children or ! months ago my husband said, i3' She is nvr.tally unstable'"Shall we ask the children with and-or an alcoholic whom they want to live 15 " iThey I would like to dispel :hese ; are 15. 13 and 12.) 1 replied, "No, notions once and for all. and til couldn't bear the humiliation am well qualified 'o do so since'of having them chc.ost. Let's tell I'm a divorcee who Is not a'them they will live with their tramp, was not caught, ,ior ami father." That settled It and I'm I incompetent or alcoholic. I; sure they were rc-licved save up my ehildr--n simply oe-l so, here's a different Kind of cause I felt they would be better; letter for your column Ann Lan- cation. announce the encage- along. I married him to please ders. Label it "Education." Sin- got ! C erely yours. — ODD WOMAN ENGAGEMENT TOLD — The voca on was also -iven' bv Dr ment ° f their dau ^ er - Karen , a socially ambitious mother. The wntn™ J - to Lawrence J. Taikowski, | children adore their father. OUT Dear Woman: You do not sound weak, insecure or addle- MRS. L. F. BRUNELLO casions were decorated with yellow and white flowers, the class colors. Appoints Unit Committees Mrs. Charles Laurila. the new president of the Hurley Eagles also placed at each table setting, class presi- Dorpat. Phyllis Trefhewey war- ters. Ernest Lutey, Helmi Eklund Ekman puffv bands. »r , • ; n TT j 7 Galitzine made skirts soft and Nuptials Are Held swinging but not full. Bias The Cathedral of Christ seamings on the bias fabrics King, Superior, was the scene of Awards were almost the only detail on n beautiful summer wedding' Bloomauist"ca = i'lson '"whcT'tru^ Bernarcl E - Larson. Oscar. A. coats and suit jackets. Saturday. July 3, when Sandra eled th \ fart hp S f RSV iwotpia" Marauder, \melia Valko \\n;ter. Galitzine showed several Kay Sanders became the bride brained to me, but you have i sadly underestimated yourself. j Good luck in making a new life and thanks for the "educa- First Church of Christ, Seien-i Dear Ann Landers: I IN ENGLAND— Burna, right, Ann Bennett, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Maurice J. Bennett, North Curry Street, are pictured aboard the S. S. United States on which they traveled to England. They arrived at Southhampton, England. June 19, to spend two months with Mr. Bennett's aunts, the Misses Llllic and Edie Bunt of London, England. While there they will take an eight-day tour of the continent going to Belgium, West Ger- swinging smock dresses, close of Lt. Lawrence F. Brunei 1 o. ing committees for 1965-66 at the over^the ££'" ™* ™™* ™* *'' ^ MSg1 "' A ' P h0nse unit's Business meeting: Galitzine'r *—-••• iii 3 ^ I *? ^ M o t n 6 r, AT r s. Ann P r G r - included b *" ti; visiting. Mrs. Inez Scandin, suits with f^Y^y bermudas or 3902 _ .. . ,. son of Mr. and Mrs. Josooh . In the evening, a dinner was Talkowski . 59 E . Thomas St.' ... ,' „" ncld at the Country Club to There arc n definite worlding i Church Events which wives and husbands were nians ,Kpnnv< ^nrtin Prn-n. v-iiLiiv-ii j_i v cnio also invited. Tables for both oc- P ' Kenn> * blUdl ° P "" ' Seventh - dav Adve n t i s t 'Prayer meeting will be held 1 ,. ,,„,.,„ tended were Gladys Carlson Wednesdav ni"Tit -t 7-?o • tlon ' many. Austria, Switzerland and - •- --- - .-='••- ,v /, * Paris. France. They will also am j tour Wales and Scotland and relatives In Corn- return to the by Pan American 2 to 4 p.m. i will. I Airline on Aug. 15. C h u r c h of (he \azar c n c.j My niece is a very sweet per- -— B. Smeeth. Vincent G. Les- Prayer meeting v. ill be held at j son and has many friends, both kman Ol<*a" Kane-is Acie tist ' A testimonial meeting will, writing because my 14-year-o 1 d! visit with other r •canson Rowe Gordon be hclcl Wednesc ' ;av rri?ht at 8.1 niece asked me to. I don't know wall. They will rt 'Ellen Erickson Sunie : The reaciin S J '°° n "i will be o p e n! the answer but I'm hoping you United States by ., '„ , ^ "' from 2 10 4 U.m. , will I AlrliriA nn Antr ,„ *" Karstens Kennedy re a consolation prize. Sev- the class members - co, Elvira Kilponen Nelson, Lu-;^ Wednesday night , cille Hulstrom Morgan. Carl O. Assembly of God. Erickson. John Nicholas and Er- meeting will be heli Prave r girls and boys. They are allowed to come to the house to sing, S -cod Slade. p . n , Marv Conto e Mary Conhartoski- cancer, Mrs ^ nie Baima and Mrs. Cela Kivi. Community service, Mrs. Milda LaFave, Mrs. Gentile and! ings distinguished these. She also showed pants suits in id gabardines, cut on train. Alencon lace and Polly's Pointers By POLLY CRAMKK Dear Polly— When clea n i n g books, never rub a cloth over Personal Mr. and Mrs. Steve Kop a c i ' c _'| dance, play records and just vis-; and son. Stcvie. Montreal, hav« '••"Mt. which I think is perfect 1 y j returned from Kenosha. Wis (fine. The problem is the girl's; where they spent a week's vaca- Bethany Covenant. Midweek mother. . tio n with'their son in law and She's in her middle 30's and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph . Bible study will be held Wednes- i clay night at 7:30 Lutheran. at Gogpbic has five children The woman Hall- ancl grandchildren. ... :„„:,,! wears a bikini from the first I \lLtO V-All , . . ., i_;t _ n. I H n <;ni f a , „ . .., ... ., i »«,. anr i ' clav ot spring until snow hits the : Mt - aiKI T ai->^>-.«<.f Lampeit. i the bias. Mrs Lena Kasper; finance. Mrs. j Theresa Minelli, Mrs. Rosina; ,-,* , A Rubatt and Mrs. Selma Hend-jUillD Activities ricksor;. publicity, Mrs. J. B Shifra and Mrs. Edward B e 11: oearl appliques trimmed the bia Mo wn eliQo ' > '"af'"niV w^dniUrtnv'isround. Sne knows she has an | who s P ent a week w 'th her . ai _ p. 1,1. wccinesciav. outstanding figure and apparent- mother. Mrs. A. J. Papin, Ridge Salvation Army. A midweekjiy she wants evervone else to Street, returned Monday to their professor of education at the onlv nibs f he dust in. Hold a meeting will be held Wednesday know it too The" little h i g iv home at Port Washington, WIs. s ee°- university of Missouri. Colum-^ook in each hand, clap them to- j night at 7. i school boys who come to the; sleeves, skirt and bodice. Her bouffant silk illusion veil was caught to an Alencon lace tiered Indianhead Chapter, Sweet dis c embroidered with pear l s. the Luther I. - "Si neie. ui. KUII ri i |- ,--,"- V7 .,- - r -1 Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Olson h nu- ; st - Luki-'s UHhrrun The La- house look and lo °* lintl1 : tllink : and children, Michael and Nana iaro~ riprwrrmpnf !dies Aid wil1 nave a meeting at' tlieir e i' es ai ' e g° lI1 8 ^ P°P U out; cy, Compton. Calif., are spend- and this U °he i^v "pi2 p.m. Wednesday The M i t e! ot ^v*ead S ._ _ ing their vacation with Mr. Ol- 0 { gether with some force dust fly. I am ouboote o WP em : Box offerin " wl » ^ ^>ved. bouquet was fash- spoke on his experiences since fresn Iookin 8' On Dook cleaninrz; Ontonag-on—Assembly of God. wears _ SO n'.s mother. Mrs. Frarik Olson, _ el 'Jl s jand his brother and sister in Mr. ancl Mrs. Gerald ol- ever seen The panties are floor length gowns fine ' Je p I woman is right in her insistence ents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sa: that she can wear anything she maridch, Gilc. and other rela- ' pleases in her own home?— lives. believe a lion County Unit ne in h e r| MrrZfcs<? Pjrnir t to wear any-i uxes rj cnic thing she pleases or nothing at; The Iron County Veterans ipanels. Matching green wedding I " . \VUh n a n^-iod nf thrPP 1 ^ more s P° on s than have becn 1 ^ y ^ ^u^i^y , tnlng she pleases or nothing ati ^e Iron County Veterans of Good Dinner i ring bands held their circle i vlars i r*m* tn know m?nv iused — MRS - J - c - K - , Has PlCniC Meeting ;»». if sli e pleases-provlded the < Foreign Wars Auxiliary, at its V-IWVJVJ LyillllCI veils; i years, 1 Came to Know many, „ _ „ : ^ shnrlpR arp rlnwn and tViP rinnrc recent, niPPt ner. mqrip nlanc fn,. historian, Mrs. Shifra; Eag 1 e s i Adellnes - Inc - wil1 "hearse to- memorial, Mrs. Mrs. Casanova; Sy Forte and child welfare, ha £le.?andb S y.^w S rMK. Shifra. i al! arrive pnm ^ at 7:30 ' i S^fn Madison, was [ n ^0^^ n t -^ ~^- i moved the rings holding them;heia" W ednesday"'.,i S m at 7. Mrs. Adeline Penna and Mrs. 1 An "Approach on 9" contest ! , sma ,^ „ y , .1 ldentl " He said. "Although I have met together and hung them on Mary Li; Buschp; TB, Mrs. For-j will be played by the Women's caty te Mrs donor, drill Mrs. J Mrs. Catherine Prospero; birthday, get well and sympa thy cards, Mrs. Forte; kitchen inspection Mrs. Clara Forte and Mrs. Kasper. Auditor, Mrs. Scandin: 1 team captain, Mrs grievance, all past entertainment. Mrs. Shifra. LaFave Mrs. Bell and Mrs. Gen-! wedges, beverage. i "««""';, ^luquei, «uim. • fine "people and groups during tine c , llp l °g emer w reiea se as Jatpr . Mrs _ John Finco was ; and" their "friend's" are'^home "'be'" 561-5350" Members '"who 'h'av's *M« Tne bCrS B 1PS ' ^ %"*' PORK LOLN WITH ' in tl '"S S upei oT SS ger those three years^and'this school: » s ° Ure f™£ &*££**™ * » M M mlonf h S ' ^ ™ e the'daugMer s artsTmS ' carsand Svfrdom "foT p^sen' Mis Agnes Baron and M r s. APRICOT GLAZE p n( r" e " ocei ^"P 61101 Baci « e r t»nd class have a right to be 1S ieafly to be u?ecl d8ajn> pointed chairman of the sa 1 e her pals around the corner gers. are also asked to call Mrs B31ma 4 pounds (about) pork loin Bo tn the bride and bridegroom '< very proud of lhe many ou ^tand- Save those pockets off of old , and Mrs. Leno Zadra is co-chair-; arf^rafe^c-f^cS ^^ ^f ^^ d ^^ d ^ ma"^ £ tTc'ntaot S^S,, 8 VS^ .w^T^rSofSe'Alph^'™^^^^ a ^ .^my-'S^^K^^^^ a .b- L what th^win^cont^uteise^ them to^r J i members will be back from va- •: ^ai^w^-oasUng ?£ pTaceThe ' ^ 8orority cations. The dates ancl time S Roast ?n a moderate (350 Fh ? ht ' 3nd he """ ^1^5°^,^ l?, 0d ,^ at ,Mll°: with the Tau Kappa shades are down and the doors i recent meeting, made plans fo held in August ancl later in September when most of the '.a cup apricot preserves '•3 cup dry sherry Risku. Mrs. Risku will be announced. m ue .timouiiceu. , degrees i oven until meat toer-' wrat-mW imfi Arnnw Air 4nn ' Hostesses of the last social mometer registers 1«5 rl PB TPp S -1 f. rat ^" ty .. a " d Al ^ old An Socl : mometer registers 185 degrees ety. The bride was empl o y e d inviting for permitting me to share :'ved by the host- Tony Alleva, Mr v s. and Mrs. Ed in;,"T,"- —'• — for. 11^ visiting committee ho i dl " g . pms '. ne '; cll(>s and . vai1 - ; August includes Mrs. Agnes To . l °*'Covenant Aid Sets meeting were chairman, Mrs ! about 35 minutes ner noimri nr ^ y- iu "' uc wal5 enlpl u y e a this heart warmint? reunion " .. "u j «"iB pms, neocues ana van-August includes Mrs Aeries Te- ^VYVUUUI. ST.IU. ocii ^k^^ifi^S' SI ^wausau Public schools,^S^BJT %£T&^^«^-™^™ - - ^ O_uting on Thursday the busmess meeting w e r° e i ^^^Un™^S> \" ""'^ Ml ' s ' Brunello left im- i S^^e'uSe ^o"alSTSere ^^ ^^^^S^T^A ,nd mea.b,!! sup- The Ladies Aicl of Bet " ™ * chairman Mrs. Laurila: M r s . 1 Sear fo • replace mea?without i mediately followin g fche «cep-; ^ ** u^Ll pl^^ll ° f thread we a( ' ciim " late ™« per was^ se v ed bv"the hostels Covei1 ant Church will have a pot- Casanova and Mrs. Nancy Fors- ' S S ffier Sfe a P S | H™ f ^S 0 "**?™ B f f'' made to meet again in flJS' Wl11 ^ the WWing basket L *'" "—' ——- — ' L1Ck dinner Thursday at 12:3 ° lund The next meeting will be held July 2 preserves and sherry; awuit , hi .. . pork. Replace in a hot f425 | t^L? „„ oven for about 10 min- ! Texas, where he will complete then spend --, -• - —..o^o .v,,, ^iucrei-cc.-,. oven J(J r auoui m mm-^ rM months at Castle Air Force Mrs. Bell, chairman: Mrs. Felix ' utes. Serve pork with a little of i Ba ^ e ' Caa fornia. PatriHo and Mrs. Valenti. the apricot glaze spooned over i Parties for the bride were . Makes 5 to 6 servings. > pen by Mrs. Arthur Kettunen, .; Mrs. Charles Makela, Mrs. Hen! ry Koivisto and the bride's years. •£r Vr Members of the were Oscar crowded. -- 'es. Mr.s. Norman Kellett and Mrs. George Stulac. p.m. at the Michael N. Lascodv Modern Portrait Studio Ironwood "Studio of Prize Winning Portraiture " Phone 932-3800 Actor Faces Charge Of Drunken Driving BEVERLY HTLLS, Calif v *• club. (AP) . I Births Actor Howard Duff j faces trial in municipal court Sept. 15 on a charge of drunken driving. Arrested Monday morning, Pickmosa. Mr. and Mrs George Pickmosa, Milwauk e e . • from being over MARGARET "''rhr^'^ oll .' uu; -. ^ , , , i cottage. Manitowish River. Cot- Dear Polly-If you p,ace a ^uS^ ^Z^^^' ^^ ^ ™*™ "ill be tespoon inside n tnblp.sp o o n' Foreign Waix Hnit uirmsneci. !when pouring a teaspoon of ° Those, who are driving and medicine for a child, no mecli- ,„, _,""" " tnose wll ° neecl '"ides, are asked icine will be lost as vou tip the Shower Given for lo con lact Mrs. Frank Carlson, uiycu, c,LviL-u. tv. iNei- i S poon. It will run Mitb the table- T • ,J A _; phone 932-2365, by Wednesday. H. Morgan, Ellen E.: sjoon to be salvaged Linda Anderson In case of rain the dinner will Amelia V. Walter, Adelia; V ery attractive and novel' SAXON- Miss Linda Ander-> be served in the rruirch parlors. . Phyllis T. Wat-] p] anters can t:)e mat j { . f,. o m : son was guest of honor at a pre- ' n,',t «f t, ,„, i, , ! children's outgrown toys such as nuptial shower given at the Le- f-fjjr/pv l c )9nC'ln<sv Out of town class members a doll cradle, boy's toy truck' gion Hall. Games were played ™ mie Y IvAJ UOSS attended were Miss Le be and so on. : and lunch was served. Miss An-,nGUniOn O12 July 25 NOW ENJOY TOTAL WRIST comfort BRILLIANT beauty , . . a daughter, July 19. Mrs. Pick- i f."e , dman . Chicago ; Wlllianii when tiny buttons cannot be derson mosa is the former Kathleen i Duff, 51. later pleaded innocent. ; He was charged also with driving a car without a license in his possession. He was released on j of Sunset Road $166 bail. _. , . .. ; iVIakinei). Mi . Arb: Est lie r , found .in the right colors Nasi, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gustafs °n Wick, M a n k a t o, j the doll clothes you are mak- • on Aug. 7 John Nasi, Sunset Road, and! Mlnn<; Kai 'stens Kennedy, Bis-i ing, paint them with a non- • Mr. Pickmosa's parents are Mr. mark - N - D.; Dr. Luther E. i toxic model airplane paint —' and Mrs. George Pickmosa. also Holmgren, Madison; Will i a m DOROTHY r,1 Mr,. James TIRED OF YOUR OLD SCARF? Let us restyle your old skins as a new, exciting "TWIST BOA" $35 Two-Skin Boas as low ci» $18.50 Expert workmanship! Bring your old »kin» in now! 225 E. Aurora Dial 932-1500 Makinen, 118 E. Francis st a daughter, July 19 at Grand View i Hospital. Jasberg. Mr. and Mrs. Uavid Jasberg, Wakefield. a son, July 19 at Divine Infant Hosp i t a 1 Wakefield. Ritmanich, Fort ma, Queen Is Unable to Eat Watermelons TERRAL, Okla. (AP) — Linda Gunter. 18, newly chosen .queen of the Terra! Melon Jubi- i lee, says watermelons "make |me break out all over." —I made a list of | all our local hospitals with ad: dresses and zip code numbers. Mak e 1 a. : i keep this in my small phone ,„ , Mattson Strong, i director and find it saves time Wayland; John Ihrig, Chicago; when I want to send cards to Emeha Kacsir McGrau, Duluth; sick friends. Also I am less ! Florence Bloomquist Car 1 s o n, . likely to put off sending themi f • » i * « U1 be , comp the bride of The J. E. Murphy High ^ for RobertJlormck of Racine. WIs..! class of 1920, not the class of '1945 with have its 45th anniver-! I sary reunion Saturday, July 25,' s at Club 51, Mercr-r The soci a li hour will begin at 5:30. dinner' will be served at 7 and dancing; will begin at 9. Note to brides-to-be: o have your bear the single of you married i t Santa Monica, Calif. Local area members who at-i hand.—LOIS i when the addresses are close at • Good Manners Make Friends Y Y Seek professional help when a personal or family problem gets out ot hand With thoughtful attention to every detail... That every funeral service shall be a .source of comfort and sijiriuiiil inspiration to family and friends, \ve ;nitk'i[jiite every neecl, heed every wish, handle all cletuil.s \viih meticulous, thoughtful care. T Y Y Y r Y r Y Y Y Y Y Y 217 S. Montfitld IRONWOOD • MICH DRINK MILK The Real Thirst Satisfier Brookvale's Grade "A" Milk gives pickup, pleasant taste, plus hig vitamin and mineral content you need summer fun. "Quality Controlled from Dairy Farm to You" Brookvale's Grade "A" Milk AT YOUR DOOR - AT YOUR STORE Brookvale Dairy A Quality Line of Pasteurized Products . |\* I QOO 1 AAA P ' easin 9 O ur Customer's Taste l/IUl TO/' I OUU for Good Milk for Over 46 Years WATCHBAND YOUR CHOICE- 4 ONLY 95 Speidel's patented Twist-0-Flex construe- tion smoothly, gently • and hugs your wrist as never ^P before ... yet outlasts old fashioned watchbands five to one! Choose from twenty handsome designs, priced from $1.95 in stainless steel to $12.95 in 10 kt. quality gold-filled! We custom fit Twist-0-Flex to your wrist and watch. UEGANTC Hnnr.NllNF. New RANGE JEWELERS One Flile Up Ov«r Old Location

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