Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on May 28, 1965 · Page 12
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 12

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, May 28, 1965
Page 12
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TWELVE IRON WOOD DAILY GLOBE. IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN FRIDAY, MAY 28, 1965. Your Horoscope By Sydney Omorr Saturday. May 29 "The wise man controls his destiny. . .Astrology points tho way." ARIES (Mar. 21-Apri. 19i: Proposal now may not be practical. Heed your own counsel when it comes to money. Today yoj could get valid bargain. Be alert and ask questions. TAURUS (Apr. 20 -May 20r Chances for pro g r e s s highlighted Key is romance, g 1 amour, lonight. you can be at your best. Others are impressed. . . If you remember basic values. GilMINI 'May 21- June 20*: Be aware of details. Minor matters need attention. What appears a setback may boomerang in your favor. Be patient. Through approach brings good results. CANCER (June til-July 22i: Yoiu.g pen-sons could have ulter ior motive-. Keep guard up! Dnv proves beneficial. Social affair i o n i e h t would be stimulat-' ing. You learn from others now LEO (July 23- Aug. 221: Mys-' tery is cleared up. You f i n 3 wind! direction vo eo for great- BRIDGE BY JACOBY NORTH 28 4632 V A 10 9 8 3 « AK *Q64 WEST EAST * K Q 8 *9754 V72 *6 »Q.T10!) • 8 653 2 49753 * .110 8 SOUTH (D) 4 A J 10 ¥ K Q J 5 4. 474 *AK2 Both vulnerable South West North East 1 * Pass 3 V Puss 3 4 Pass 4 • Pass 6 V Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—• Q. i can eliminate the need for the I second finesse and South can do this easily. j All South has to do is to win the diamond opening, draw trumps and take all the clubs and dummy's remaining high i diamond. Then he leads a spade from dummy and puts in the ten. This starts the double finesse but South has done all the finessing he has to do. West is in the lead. If he leads back a spade, South makes the ace and jack automatically. If he leads back a club or diamond. South ruffs in one hand and discards . a spade from the other. BEN AND BY THE WAY...1F IT'S TRUE THAT PATIENTS UNDER ANESTHESIA SPEAK THEIR SECRET DESIRES/ yoU'RE GOING TO GET AN EARFUL FROM ME. you cm DO ME A FAVOR, ELAINE, WHEN I COME OUT OF THE FOG, YOURS \S THE FACE I'D MOST LIKE TO SEE HECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By MeniD Quick Quiz 8253 10-JO COOL MGHTWEAR—For ihe est, p'-ol'U. Emphasis on home gals who like pajamas— cool. bast- Fine /or inviting unusu a l! comfortable set with smocking ! to accent the top that has a ™ nhMH Obtain Au3 Sect , 2 ,. - -• 'Choice of sleeves, and short or from today's Leo Explore ideas. Re a <1 '.vp.te. Stress greater know,>.• Discuss questions w i t h you respect. Be giving •ou will receive. LIBRA (Sept. 23- Oct. 221: If reward is received today gi v c i credit to past effort. Be a grac- j ious "winner." Avoid sarcasm | Utilize innate charm. M a n y I watch so be at your best! ilnri[r g No. 8253 with PATT-O-RAMA j is in sizes 10, 12, 14, 16, IS, 2U. i Bust 31 to 40. Size 12. 32 bust. | tomp, I~.-'H yards of 35 or 45-inch; i short pants, 1 yard of 35-inch. To order, send 50c in coins to: Sue Burnett, Ironwood Daily Globe, 407 S Wacker Drive, Chicago, 111. 60607 For Ist-class mailing add lOc SCORPIO i Oct. 23- Nov. 21):{ Finish what you start. Extendjfor each pattern. Print name, influence. People may be at- i address with zip code, style No. tracted to you with their prota-: and size. lems. Be a sympathetic listener ! Send 50c today for the Spring Do not become involved w i t h i & Summer '65 issue of Basic underhanded scheme. i FASHION our complete pattern SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 -Dec j magazine. 21): Be aware of promises' and don't jump to conclusions j ]ed . Review instructions. Read Keep resolutions! Very signific-; your paper for nelpful lnforma . ant day! Much can happen be-|tion hind-the-scenes. ' t, t, & m^M? 10011 , 1 ? (Dec> 22 ' Jan ' If todav is your birthday. . . !? ) :,. I ?l vo ™ ible lunar aspectiy ou a re highly intuitive. You hignhghts love, romance and; tend to permit emotions to rule travel. Day when you get unus- logic. Would make fine sales- ual offers. Make sure you man O r actor, really know what you want [ « t, t, SU ^, all angles. i General tendencies: Cycle AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18):! high for taurus, gemtai, can- Avoid harsh words with others icer. Special word to sagittar- ius. Your ideas are being discussed by important people Maintain dignity! over money matter. You gain through tact, diplomacy. Surprise visit not unlikely. Others may be ultra-sensitive today. PISCES (Feb. 19- Mar. 20):; The Webster-Ashburton Treaty Recreation indicated. Postpone ' definitely fixed the bound a r y Jong journey if practical. Com- line between Canada and the munication lines may be snar- state of Maine By JACOBY & SON The double finesse is a finesse against two missing cards. Thus, South misses both the king and queen of spades. If he lays down the ace, he is going to lose two spade tricks unless he drops either the king or queen. If he leads from dummy and finesses •(he ten with the plan to finesse the jack later on. he will only ! lose two spade tricks if West ; holds both the missing honors. ' Thus, while a single finesse has • an even money chance to succeed, a double finesse succeeds ; three times out of four. j West holds both the king and queen of spades as you can see, ;from a look at the hands. This: | time the double finesse is going : to lose, so that any South player ! who tries it will probably com- '. plain about hard luck. A South' player who knows how to play won't be afflicted with this hard 1 luck. There is no law compelling! anyone to finesse twice if he • Q—The bidding has been: South West North East I* Pass IV Pass 1 * Pass 2 • Pass •f You, South, hold: *KQJ2 If A 10 2 *32*A 654 What do you do now? A—This is a tough one. Two no-trump is templing, but » club opening- is likely and if made will be damaging. Two hearts is an underbid—three hearts an overbid. We prefer the underbid of two hearts. TODAY'S QUESTION You do bid two hearts and your partner bids two no- trump. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow Q—Who published the first magazine in North America? A—In 1740, the first magazine to be published in North America appeared in Philadelphia. The publisher, Andrew Bradford, put his "American Magazine" on sale three days ahead of Benjamin Franklin's "General Magazine." Q—Can any animals regenerate a leg that has been lost? A—The salamander is one of the higher animals that can regenerate. The salamander can also regain a lost tail. Q—When was the first crossword puzzle book published in this country? A—On November 5, 1924, in New York City. Timely Quotes The non-scientific world is not much interested in the niceties of science. It is less interested in learning the jargon of its language. It is interested in whai science can or cannot do, told in j common words it understands' and not too many of them at that. —Frank B. Jewett, former president of Bell Laboratories. The guarantee of a public trial was never intended Lo protect any right of the public to be entertained or even informed of current events. The purpose is to prevent secret trials. —Lewis F. Powell, president, American Bar Association. COULDYOLJleLL ME MOW LOMG MR.SWEMP, 1 WAMT TO ASK YOU A QUESTiOM— )'\ tLL HAVE To WAIT BEFORE YOU LIKE rv\E?;V SO- CALENDAR. WONT DO GOSM.I DIDMT EVEK) KNOW DAPOY COULD WORK A SLIDE-RULE/ ft 1*5 kr MU. te. T.M. t«l 1U. M. Off. •HSCILLA'S POP By Al Vi BRAVE ;/ACTUALLV IS MY Munich Demonstrators Protest U.S. Policy MUNICH, Germany <AP) — About 400 sit-down demonstrators kept police on the job past midnight Wednesday with a pro test against U.S. policy in Vie Nam. Police reported 19 wer arrested in front of the Amen ka Haus. tRTY MEEKLE By Dick I KNOW, AHO I'M B60INNIN0 JO \PTAIN EASY By Leslie SIDE GLANCES—By Gill Fox BUGS BUNNY I'LL TAKE CARE O' T DON'T WANT NO DISSATISFIED CUSTOMERS, DOCJ Of ^•^-/^ ^r W^UL, CARNIVAL—By Dick Turner ENDEZVDUSI s-ia • 1»S M NtA, l«. -TU. >H U.i r«. OH. "I'd hoped we might discuss a loan over a business man's lunch! Rainbow Answer to Previous Puzzle HLaCJ ACROSS 4 Polecat 1 Goddess of the 5 Hound rainbow hammer-head 5 of gold 6 Possess 8 Primary color 7 Quadrangle 11! Subside 8 Streaked I']? 0 " 131 '? shccp , 9 English painter 14 I-ong, low sandy jo Wavy (her ) ,-n - 8( i D •, "Ornian river la Rainbow Bridge ie Months (ab.i ,. Rational — 20 Compass point 7 Indigo shade 21 Cougars 18 Samaritan town 22 Musical (j rama ln '*' a ,'; J 23 Vehicles IDDclivcr 26 Move smoothly ivar.) for 27 Church council 37 Karthen cup 29 Redeemed 40 Membranous 3(M J lace of. H nan mom tl ? e j ast time l ever have a dinner date with that Jones! Her eyes are bigger than her allowance!" 24 To higher place 25 Eternal 28 Simple .'i 1 Gone by •'12 Squirming 3!) Siberian lake 34 Negative prefix 35 Albanian river 36 Genie causing sleep 38 Bring aboul .'*!) Broth ipl.) 40 Horse 43 Masculine appellation 45 Abel's brother (Bib) 4€ Feminine name 47 Band of all visible colors 51 Secondhand 52 Number 53 Affection 54 Pedestal part 55 Held a session 5« Spirit DOWN 1 Distinctive doi'trim- UKiver iSji.j 3 Interior richness SlThrec-syllablecl 42 Record har.) metrical feet -13 Trinket 44 Wagncrian lady 45 l.'.S coin 48 Vegetable •11) Pulpy fruit pouch 41 Designation f)0 Human beings so yau HAVE YAVEI SAW 'iw 'AGAIM MONOAV A CLUE A& TO NIGHT,, NEARLY TWO WHO sTote MR.VAFTER IP SEEN 'IM TAKE TROON'* CAK. V-——, TH 1 CAR I WHILE: HE WA$ A PRISONER 0' TTf Vtte AT OAWMi ANP I COULDN'T «£ 'IS FACt JlsOOP. -g. yvA$ PUTTIN' A 'EAVY SACK IW TH'CAR.* NO. I'D RUN Our OF PErRffl..,6UT I HAVE- ENOUGH NOW "THIS TIME f 'AP A MU*fACHE AMP WORE A TOUPEE,,, BUT I RECOGNIZE? •IS VOICEi ANP THAT ROUND FACE- AWP BIG N05E, THO I PRETeMPED NOT TO i J / BUT WHY HAD HE COME BACK? THE BORN LOSER By Art Sanson M&C MIRROR OMTHE WALL— „ THE FAIREST OHE OF Mi ALLEY OOP YES, BUT /HAS TO LEARN] YOU CAN'T I EVERYTHING TELL HIM V THE HARP ANYTHING/V, WAY- LOOK AT OOP TRYING TO MAKE THAT TELEVISION SET WORK 'WAY BACK THERE IN MOO! MILLIONS OF YEARS AGO...SILL ISN'T IT? By V. T. OUT OUR WAY—By J.R. Williams OH,IDOWTAGREE ON THAT BECAUSE, WITH ALLTH' PEOPLE HURT FOOL-IN! IT HASN'T STOPPED HA-HA--IF THERE WAS AS MANY GUVS GOT HURT WHEN THEY AIMT IFOOLIN'AS THERE GOSH/ 5ORRX HOSEA— WHEN YOU \S HURT JUST FOOLlKi; TH FOOLIN'--AND WHY, THERE WOULDN'T IT WOULDN'T STOP TH' "NJO FOOLIM'.'" MO MOKE HOLDUPS.' THOUGHT IT <^ OOH REAU-Y WAS) HOOH A HOLDUP/ /HHHO! «.fc.W^«tM. ...BUT HE DOES SEEM ) ZOOM IN EXCITEP ABOUT /CLOSER... SOMETHING! WELL, FOR II CANT HEAVENS I BELIEVE SAkE/ / IT/ LET'S SEE WHAT HE'S LOOKINS AT/ OLU BOARDING HOUSE— with Major Hnople YAH SOTTA WATCH THEM HIP6,) )^,0liy > 1 ROCKV/I CROWD THE BUM r-Z-i MR. ^ 6TLIDy THE WAY PUNCH/ HITS THE HEAVy BA&, ROCKV.' HE THAT FANTASTIC POWER •KOM W6 LEVERAGE AND 4AND SPEED.'—UlvV-rtAK/*- MOST 6OXEKS DON'T •SEEM TO REALIZE THAT FORCE TIME'S ASAINST THE ROPES LET HIM HAC IT LIKE /[ I'M PLUMS I'M ] [COMFUSED— STANDIN*<5N HI6TOES/ IcoOLDMT I .so HE OONT RUN / j-^ ^-7 SUST

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