Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 28, 1955 · Page 8
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 8

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, October 28, 1955
Page 8
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EIGHT TIMES, CLhVillEULANU, MB, •FRIDAY,--'OCTOBER 28; 1955 Dial PA-2-4600 for * WANT AD Taker Sewage Treatment Plant Work Ahead Of Schedule Mayor Roy W. Kvcs repoi that {he Cumberland sewage tre: ment plant work is about a mon ahead of schedule and 35 per ce complete. He said favorable weather—on one day was lost due io rain helped to speed construction on tl project. Crews have been working aroun the clock, he added, to dig I tunnel under the B * 0 tracks, f a 30-inch interceptor sewer, • a have pushed that phase of the j 60 per cent toward completion. Rushing to beat cold weathe other crews are working overtin to complete the foundation of t main pumping station for the plai H« said a report by Edward Kidd, project engineer, showed th the Mover Brothers Compa made 1,330 yards of trench excav tion to lay 1,000 feet of 30-in interceptor sewer at the plant sit Over 5,000 yards of fill w placed inside the levee, placing 11 general embankment on which 11 plant will stand to grade except the area of the field office, dige tion tanks and boiler house. To protect the levee from erosio by floods, the contractor place FUNERAL FLOWERS *i nn f " n "°' OlUU Beik.t BOPP'S FLOWERS N. libtrfy St. Ph. PA-M330 some ,100 yards of slone paving on Ihe river side of the earth levee. The company also completed excavation for the main sludge station. To assure equal foundation conditions, crumbly shale, ant gravel was removed from one end and refilled with concrete. Some 150 cubic yards of concrete was poured for the foundations and walls of several structures of the plant. Laying of cast iron piping for .lie plant was about half completed • So far (his month, crews have poured over 175 yards of concrete fo:- other phases of the work. Robert T. Regester, the consult ing engineer for the eily on (he project, and his staff made a fielc inspection .Wednesday lo determine a suitable location of the Evitts Creek pumping station. The unit will be located near where Oldtown Road crosses Evitts Creek, .and the engineering staff have been consulting with the Maryland State Roads Commission on plans for Ihe Industrial Boule- •ard in an attempt lo pinpoint the pumping station's location. Mosquito Wrecks Car; Man, Wife Injured- FERNANDINA BEACH, Fin. —It was a routine report down the line that said: Cause of accident "Mosquito" was the answer officers got from William J. Kopplin, 28. He said while he batted at .he mosquito his car ran off the road and into a tree. Kopplin and his wife were treated for cuts and shock. The 1954 Memorial Day auto race at Indianapolis was the. first of these classic races in which nvlon tires were used. :••:,•:;:•.:;• ;: : •: • : • !:.».::•;::•'! •.:•;•>• YOU CAN GET A LOAN FROM US TODAY! YOU GET CASH $ 25.00 $ 50.00 $100.00 $200.00 PAY MONTHLY ONLY $ 1.48 $ 2.95 $ 5.90 $11.81 IA5GEK AMOUNTS ON SIMltAH TERMS. AMOUNT OF MONTHLY PAYMENTS INCLUDE INTEREST AND PRINCIPAL ON TWENTY-FOUB MONTH CONTRACT. in FROSTBURG Phone 159i 89 E. Main St. In CUMBERLAND Phone PArkview 4-t200 18 S. Liberty St. (2nd Floor) LOAN SERVICE INCORPORATED Bridge Work Approved In Inspection Acceptance Of Job To Be Proposed My Kouds Engineer Officials of the City of Cumberland and the State Itoads Commission yesterday inspected the approach to the Cumberland-Kidgcley Bridges and G. Bates Chairesj district roads engineer,'told city officials he will recommend anproval of the project! Making the inspection were Chaires, George B. Hale, maintenance engineer; Lewis D. Metz, office engineer; Willard Harvey, project engineer, and George Geary, construction, for tiie Marylant Stale Roads Commission. Street Commissioner William II Buchholtz and City Engineer C. It. Nuzum represented the city anc ICarl C. Robertson, vice president, .he Cumberland Contracting. Company, which built the federal-iud project under a $60,683.90 contract. Buchhollz said the inspection showed the work has been done according to specifications, adding that the completion of the work- was delayed a day to allow reced- ng and mulching of areas where straw mulch was blown away by •ecenl high winds: The officials also held a conference al the bridge, when it. was loinlcd oul the city is to maintain ighls on Ihe bridge. The cily will also be in charge of snow and ice removal, since equipment is available at all imes. The cily will be reimbursed >y Ihe Maryland and West Virginia road groups. Commissioner Buchholtz agreed :o stockpile cinders near the.span so they ''will be available at all .imes. Efforts are being made to secure cable which will allow the inslalla- .ion of traffic lights for the span. Officials said the contractor is jnable to secure the equipment ,\'ithin a reasonable lime from isual sources and thai Ihe supplies lave been ordered Ihrough a job- The recent establishment of schools for primitive African ?ygmy Iribes has shown that they earn rapidly, one 23-year-old pu- )11 having, learned several lan- jnages and become a business of- 'ice clerk. P B CONTAINS DARVYL Save TWO WAYS at Albert's! Albert's offer you valuable "S&H" GREEN STAMPS with all your purchases. Yes, at Albert's you get low, low prices plus the original and nationally .famous "S&H" GREEN SAMPS. 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CAN 6 bors 33c BORDEN'S HOMOGENIZED MILK HARTMAN'S POPCORN 2B ' ab9 27c SWIFT'S SWIFT'NING ..;.% 81c Complete Assortment of Hallowe'en Trick or Treat CANDIES SUNSHINE KRISPY CRACKERS Bh 25c AND SAVE HI-C FRUIT DRINKS Haworth's Mail jjj School Heads old Meeting GOODLAND KIDNEY SILVER FLOSS -JQ •»•«• 7?c Beans Sauer Kraut , N Sauer Kraut Kernel Corn Green Peas Green Beans Butter Beans Teen Queen Tomatoes 6 Campbell's Pork&Beans 6 '± 83c Z* Apple Sauce 6 N :; 83c Amazo Instant Desserts 6 "'«•• 55c Swift's Potted Meat 6 3 :47c WORLD'S FAVORITE WORLD'S FAVORITE WORLD'S HANOVER LARGE 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 59c Editor's Note: Shy.nirl wlshci ihe .weren't alive when school boys mock her as she walk* by. • DEAR MARY HAWORTH: I an writing to you because I am so shy that the boys mock me when I walk by. They call my name, very drawn-out, and thei laugh, which embarrasses me so much that 1 sometimes wish weren't alive. • I don't talk rmicl and therefore don't have manj friends. <• Once I heard, through my sis ter, that a girl friend and her eld er brother, talked.about me; and the girl told my sister that the boj . thought 1 seemed like a nice Chrislian girl, and he pitied because 1 1 don't have dates. He doesn't go to my school; he sees me only at church. In public it seems that I just can't attracl people to myself. . Yes, I know it starts at home. The person who really-gripes-me is mother. I doubt thai she has said one good thing about me since 1 was a baby. H seems I always do the wrong thing. Whatever I do she finds something I haven'l done and gripes about that. I am just awakening to the facl that dad isn't as bad as she makes out. When she is. berating one ol us kids, if dad says anything, she .urns on him and says "Slurs! A!: [ can gel out of you is slurs! You just shut up! Who does all the work around here anyway?" When he just sits there,' with an all-knowing, pitying, mocking grin, she gradually runs out of things lo say, and lurns on us again. Finds A Few Bright Spati This example, a common occurrence, doesn't encourage us to be little angels. Home is just one big wheel of kids bickering, parents gelling mad, and bang! A big quarrel! Over and over again. Al night mom screams and yells and runs from room to room, turning jff'lighls, Irying to gel us to bed. If one light bulb is on, the whole : amily can see it. so we all have .0 go lo bed at once. However, what I have written is .he bad picked out of the good. There are a few bright spots in my days. I read a lot, and I read he Bible daily. Mom sees every jook I bring in, and whenever she catches me reading, she tells ne to get up and get to work... : have to close no\v, but I hope vou've got enough of the picture o tell me how to improve my re- lalions al school, so I will be more friendly and not mocked. Objective Look At Family Fret DEAR G. C.: I sympathize wilh you and your mother too. But your father's mocking grin, when she blows her top, doesn't build him up in my estimation. However, maybe .he feels caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, when she sounds off — knowing that she has a problem in Ihe houseful of kids, and that the children have a problem in her furious tension. It seems she suffers from chronic exhaustion — and constilu- lional inadequacy for the burdens she carries. Obviously she is overwrought, as the usual thing, almost lo the breaking point, due to the tedium and nervous wear- and tear of bearing and rearing a good-size" family, in a home situation devoid of restorative privacy. And in financial -circumstances that provides little or no vacation or recreation for her, I suppose. In such cases, neither mother nor children are to blame, really. And a first rate dad could help, if he would, by cracking down on the kids as necessary, and taking the housework upon himself and them occasionally, to give mom a full day's rest—say on a Saturday or Sunday. Such proof that they care about her, and regard her lovingly as a worthwhile person—worth cherishing—would make her easier to live with, 1 think. It could make a big difference in the home atmosphere —and do much lo develop thai j friendly temperament thai you || wish you had. \Opliinintic View Of Situation Now, aboul yourself: You are on. exceptionally attractive girl, I ' f79c "f 83c Swift's Premium HAMS Wholt or ShnnV HnlF 12 to 16 Ib. POUND .... ROCKINGHAM PICNIC HAMS 6 to 8 Ib. ovg. 40* POUND .... OOC PORK ROAST Loin End Rib End OOC ib.^vC ib. 2 to 4 Ib. average SWIFT'S SELECT Sirloin Steak 69c,, gather, wilh a special.trait of shy eserve. Your letter..'shows that you have a bright mind and a f way ilh words that could make you a professional writer,-if you like. Your appelite' for' reading supports this bias, as does.the somewhat solitary. social-'routine into which a problem homerlife.steers you.' So perhaps 'you ar,e a great success-in-tlie-making, now learning about life the hard'way in this family setting. '(Wisdom' can't be easily won,, you know;) •*• In mocking yoiir shyness, the school boys are paying you a compliment, unawarely.' Jf you weren't magnetic somehow, they wouldn't notice you .(his way.'Their sportive atlitude is a clumsy attempt to cover their real interest. The elder brother of your sister's friend is favorably impressed; and I doubt that he ever said he • "pities" you for not having dates. More likely he expressed surprise that'you don't! dale—and was half hoping that-he might get a'break. Study "The Sermon on the Mount" 'Harper & 'Brothers) by Emmet Fox, to gel the pitch of. happy living. M.H. Mary Haworth counsels through her column, not by mail or personal interview. Write her in care of The Evening Times. Copyilaht, 1955. The \Yashinston Port Distributed by KjnK Features Syndicate Principals " and . supervisors of Allcgany'' C o u n t y elementary schools yesterday he'jd an all-day conference at which. Mrs. Grace Dorsey, slate' supervisor of elementary school, was Ihe principal speaker. . " ' . . i Yesterday :m'ornlng .Mrs. Dorsey discussed factors 'Which make a school 1 good ,for children. Good education- is "good for society as well as Ihe-school'children. An evaluation of the' language arts program began the afternoon activities, - Then . three' teachers and two principals who attended a two-week.' curriculum workshop sponsored by the Stale Department of Education last summer at Towson Slate Teachers.'College discussed (lie findings of .'the groups in which they participated. The principals. Miss ' .Margaret E. Doak of the new 1'arkside Elementary School and Miss Elizabeth Flake of Gephart . Elementary School, discussed language arts. Miss Orpha Clark, teacher, at East Side School, lalkcd .about the social studies curriculum. Mrs. Glennic S. Shelton, Pennsylvania Avenue School teacher, discussed evalua- :ion. .Jliss Hazel tnspcek. teacheri at Hammond Slreet School .in Westernport, discussed Ihe curric-j ulum for the exceptional child; ! Yesterday's" conference was ar-; ranged by Miss Winfred Greene Pint Of Sex. Gertrude Kdcrle was 1 the first woman successfully, lo swim l.he Snglish Channel. Her time was 14 lours and 31 ininutcs,' thereby beating tho previous record made >y the Argentine Tintbocci. md 'Miss•'.Mildred E. Willison, ilemenlary school supervisors. Tennessee lias 3,464 miles of railroad.. FAST RELIEF for Muscle Pain * I JUST CANt WAIT TO SET . UNDER. MY WONDERFUL . * ELECTRIC BLANKET/ It won't be long till it's pretty chilly in Cumberland. Get your electric bed coverings now so you'll be snug and warm these winter nights. THE POTOMAC EDISON CO. i i. i O FREE CUSTOMER PARKING on our lot' South Gtorg* at Harrison Baltimore ;Street at George FREE CUSTOMER PARKINd on our lot S. George Street at HarriiM Phone PA 2-3700 RUSH! 3 DAYS ONLY GIRLS COAT SALE REGULARLY 16.98 FOR SIZES 7 TO 14 14.88 • 100% Wools-Thick, Rich, Warm-of can-b* • Fashion-New Boxy or Fitted StyUi • Don't Wait—Buy Now—Savt a Big $2.10 Some staunch, chill-chasing woolens sell In many stores for dollars MORE than 16.981 Fleeces, plaldi, tweeds, checks. Even wool poodles backed with cotton. 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