Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 24, 1927 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 24, 1927
Page 5
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I- PAGE FIVE * . ;The Slorj Thus Far. WTii-n JEFF liAimiSON, gani- blpr ft killed in a poktr game in CaldTJ^cIl. Kas., his 13-year-oId Bon, tONY, is laken to the Bar K ranclt in the Indian territory by JOE iCRAIG, v.lio appoints himself t^e boy's «uardlau. Thqre Tony is vrekomed by TITUe MOORK, owner of the ^ Uar If brand, and his littfe rtaugh- ' tt:r, IflTA. AnotinT wiio has Jie- frifnde.i Tony is GORDON. W. I-fLLJE, who later lie^diaes kflowB iifl FAWNEK BII/L when he tcttches school at the IndU'tii ri'servation in I'awiioc. lu the ftjonths- that follow, re­ ports'come to ihi; liar K of ttn> activities of ihi- now notorious IJenion gaup. TOM REXTON being tlie' murderer of Jeff Hanl- Hon. fcraig and Tony depart for I'iiwnU to visit rawnee IJIH. Ther^^they Ic .-irn that he is going to tatoJ .1; bunch of Iridiaii.s with iiiin and join llUKFAliO HIL1/S V.-Ild >f 'cRt Show. Kit.', jMoirrc anil her mother de- Ah 'tb we all pxpetted him to do, 'jut kept on i unning. "I with a -jjumber ol' the bbys roshed to Colonel Cody., who van insensible and lay as if dead. We caVrled him to cue of the landaus nnd he was rusbbd to the hospital. The following day i^'aa our last In InuianapollB. The colonel remained In the hospital two weeks and kept .sober until we hit Chicago. "When he Joined us again he was a different looking mah. It was the first time since 1 Jiail Jolneil the show that 1 had ^erai him free froni liquor. What a djffereucp-1< madt! in him and what d handnomc man he was. It carried me |?ack agafn to my flijst bight of him back | in nioomingtip. He» about •SKEMST LYNN \"Sn offflnse, U(i .offi'n.-^'. making. No one rode her; instead she was led Ijaek and forth at mild tfol three times a day Ijy HecJt Sherman. Her ankles wei'e back li.-r. llavi. yoij >een my horse VfUV lit t ht-r. W trod -i>ins himself U> Titus 1 u/jTmi '!(> In.ik at your mare and to j ,y„ noA strong vou were willing to' taped, and a week before the opening i «>r theJfair she wan taken to Caldwell, TJItus Moore dilvlng his buckboard and Ton.v. sitting in the rear, leadidg Fancy by the bridle. Jn Caldwell, tho colonel, refusing to entrust her to a livery stable, had a rough lean-to erected in the rear of Tony Harrison's cabin. yet- tract od |dred7. ,.„^.^Uhe pre,! Titl.8 I have.'" said th" colonel, a beautiful animal: one of the f:n-j J"';'? est 1 ever looked :;t." l"' Jones obviiiusiv was pleasc.I. at j this tribute. "Tliank you; you^odds." ^how a real knowledge of hor«e-( -Wheif t<<!>h. The'c's not a drop of cold;gored; blood in that st:Ulion and there'.s shade iliuj; yo'i hi>w jT tii h 1 lik- il. Colonel, tlier • can't be ace without »Iiit!e wager. How mujrh shall it l>eV He thrust 1 in his pocket and ex- jn fat wal'et. •[•'•ivi' hun- thousand? IT givp you ailing cttld". ol c ourse. Mo6rc frowned slightl.v. tina five thousa d "dollars Kanc.v. ami I'm i:>t taking There Fancy was nuartcre.I. with nothing ou four legs that can show JO(i someone always around', to alter her. Horse racing was to featu^o every day of the fair, but the mee Ing hctwccn Black Diamond ail jtjiFuiicy was scheduled for the se ond da.v. There had been a chanj in phins; bei-ause of the unusu nowVbTtlnlhrVory 'pr 'tm 'e of man-|ond da.v. There had been a chansje K»<>red,cheerf.,lly a hun.lred nues- said. "y(\ 1 '! duf "1 n hint a pair of heels. •ihry had gone back to the \«an-'. to. ami Jones stopped talking (to way," tl take in Fancy's pidi.ts. litu-* ly. "If lldore was theivoul of courtesy: he .<.ii. she led the mare out himself and an-!" |,j tions. s((uintei gii. Why siig -Ts<c -l ( raftlSy, "g i a I ^TJere was Lore in the lengthy i"«erest tl.a^ had developed «r. "'l^i^ 'S •'""^• "V?! letter, includitlg a detailed af count j ranB»'ments had l,e.n inade f''"" -r:.' "''V'ue/bV^^^^ Of the towns the-show had visltecl. I «P<^laI match race hetwern iho, " ' ''...f.^^^^ ^,7; .„, -"fU."^ J'.--^^'^ijn, l^'filrlK ^^alf I l-e^^Zl^d'and ^n^eeded with of bis inspection. Finally he steppeil Tony Harrison. They had playoil ', terd Boston and New York-or. rathev.' Tfiere was a contit.ual stre .nm Cone-y Island—and at Chicago thev \ pvivisilor.s to the cahih. Men stood .'">. admit tliai she compelled had Idrawn a crow.l of CO.Cun joii jar"!""*! critically inspected the miss ^onieoue I'iwuee in a iTony .l ilcscribes ilie ncss iiiid a u.-irinw I!tir;;ib' IlilS's. ' letter to iliow busi- c'scaiie fpf their first '^undnv the i„rge>.t «'oIrfn«'''» ihoroughlued mare .-^id . l"''^''''t''-'''''."'"u" their first Sunday, tm. ''"^K*"-^ ^j.^^ ^.^iked over to the liv. ,y ^<a-| '.'^^'f^, gathered at an e.xhrbiiiou with an '»'e .l ^!"''e Clyde Jo-ies was Itecp i pan Jor Virginia to spend the suu;m5i-. and Tony, now Ij, learns ...^ „^ „^ liir tlje first time what it. is to ', crowd, it wa-; said, tha^' had everj 'J*'? ' • gathered at an e.xliibiiiou with anp'^-l,, , . . admission cWge. ing IHack n.amond. Tlie bov was quite determined! vi^red the stallion, now that" when the lime arrived: "''''e's I'eauty. but she. don t : when he *houW Jeave the ranch,,'^'Zfi "I' W 'd' tJi*? borse." h. w„„1d 't'o with i'aunee Rill.! -^1'' T^""^ Moore Would remaiK Th.nt evening .loe Miller rode over, understand its to be .ij.^ was from the W and the next morning "J SPee.l. not strength . • K; Hut- Tony accompanied him Mben i,c !• "AH/'ahlwell ai.pear^d to be bet-1 The rode back '. •• ting on the ra<e, find in Mair Woods j Jj^ liill. 'l-o Joe iie eoi .r .i...! somelhing ofjnlaca money i)«.s;.se,l into the hand- the the Linns he was mak.iig. "Maybe j'jf stakeholdt-rs at .nil hours tl'<; his .-idmirationT "Whafll you take. animal that mine i-^. but Td like Most ol tiiem '"•>•••• ' The colonel drew liiniselj" lones seei led ."t.-g- his, beefy face turned a •^d<lrr.. •'They to d me." he u were'a ln-ttiug man. "Iiut thinker h:«cU my judiinejit half colonel interfi pled cool- he's worth risking a <lime Worth »veryifiinK I've regarded 'i 'ma'.;din tbrouL'h eye.", "rcrue ei ough," he. "u'.arby. .do, ycu say?" ,- ly. in th-?| And Titus Moore answered him without the fliiiker of an ?ye!a.s|i. hee,^ishly. J "1 accept. . If Fancy loses she's •liisi my'yours." (TO BP: CONTINUED) >:. Mndls l,»c|ilIon, MR! bn. Kir!<t Door k»!«I I 'hone i:i t l CHAI'TiCU XXIII. Till- Vidius Oi' will! buffaln one of5 the acts I'l -aiun-d' in fal'o Hjli's wild west sliow. bO:i?it.-.' accoriliii!,' to I'awnee live-to-fi'Ur j 1^ Were fe^•,ociull^. aiu:itals and -.- - - - - .- , „i„i,, show 6:.d ,!am:.^e suits to y,m'.i like to go along. I'll see ilir! '•»> 'H' , " ... „ • , I >„ " I liccH eslaldi.slu'd aM pav lioriiiisc of tin- ilcpi'Mluiiiiiin lan i.<' .iriangeM. | . Ihev .H .iriiililt. ,! en r .'Ht.- to tlil> Mtll tbe.'serious-ininded Jo - Miller ! '^•'•"*'I*^- ,. , , , : i mr •rnmndk .1... traiu uud .K ,ck shook his he:.d. He >.us firmly i„ , Clyde .ones ...hedn^^ '.'.'t Ue''S- aeaiti ^ ' "'e battle business with his father <" before tlie nu-e. He,j^ - Th .:i..,;. riders witLtn- show '-.h^s. "if 1 ever go i„,,,: was^.-bee y^ed^^^ lOud- j ha.l ri .lden all ..f tl .e buffalo -vr -ej .f /i»lJtho *_l«.«nes,he Jor p'- -;'^^^^;!. f^St^l after in-^™ had ridden :iU ..i t.l:e .miiaio •V'.I'S Tonv Me-mwhile ihere -J "I came." be 4innounce <l afl 01 .• bi<i male, f .illcd \!<in :mh i.e-Ton) Me.iuw bile there s . ci^ase c.f bis size and majestic ap- too ni.u'h to do to thinif about it'- poarun^e^ Colonel Cody a_ number .Jje ^ouhl bp ,„ ^ald^eM n>r HK- •Is he fast?' 1. „i 'He's everything,'and strong a."! ( was caught, and,, j,„„ ^ ^^.^^j ^^j^^ the race; i isn't a longer one. 1 wouldn't say ' ] it to Tints .Moore, but that, stallion'' oTTini^s ha .TMigRes7ed"'io "theboy "'""Kh. and. to see the race.! J^^ggggggggggggggaJ?.^^? thai ilR -v rope and ri.le him. • Titus has picked a tough one i ••ilut.-'l'awnee IJill wrote, "they;'" ^^Z- ^ know that. Rlack DU,would Jmiss their .atch on him or!'"?.'?^' "^"^ fiQineor'e would tie onto another • buflalui before lie thus to the dav we played In; diannjiplis !\lnn :ircb had not been ridden. About 1 o 'clock that aft- „.„.,| •• , , . , ' e«jooa' the 'colonel drove to the ^^""1< l>r«.k any horse s heart at , grounds with two landaus filled i "''i'„„'f • , , 1 - with aiparty of irie .ids with ul .om i ,„,t""^ ..^iT '''7'"' "'1. V'"".^'"."! he ha .r had I.:nch at a . lub. ' fr"'j.e aS ' "Hefbre the .show Htaried he! rOh. I'JI hay., a bet. on voii.! cjjUe .l the ni.'u together aii -l said, F;,,,,.,.-^ got clean blood in her.. :.\(iw. -hoys, when we ';;get to the | old is shi.-?" <ujffa!« riding att I *ant .vou to ! • near six " 1 rope 9ld Monarch and ride. him. -And •'Hbick mimondV a i!iree -i I'le a-i>arly ot re :il friends in the v,..,r.„i,|. Anoth-r thing iu bis fa- audlome today, lucludlnu. the gov- j,^, erimr ^ind tlie mayor of the iity. y,,, •• . : f <; Ix'fs jrive them a ro -il wild wiisl ' ^hen'TOUV relftrnj'd to the Rar^^ i \ , I\.. two <ij.vs later. Fancy ivas be; ri,^ bo.vs ln.,1 to arriue the , ,i„. extravagant , nattei^ with iiini, . but he just •' I jHighe?.! it off. sajiuc :ie <oald rid-• •.•v.,j,M think," niurmured Jo'il him himself e .-y. When the coI-.^-rajo ^^.g^, „ ^.^..^n prince or = fepped a .way rbey all got to- colonel's sure out' ! and aurei d not to ride him. [ ^.jn ^^^^ •• ., UVhenithe act < ame. Colonel Cody; Grass had'been .;ut out of her V.-nsrJsht there and rode i.i w th I . ^he w.ns eating oats, irml a us. lie hollered to Ruck Taylor,^py^.j.,, ,„,ix,„r,. of the colonel's tmd Jiin U-iwson. our two best men.} ' to rojve .Monarch. Ruck caught; . — him a jnice throw arounil the neck, j Jim ht',»Ued him. and iu a few min-' illes tjiey had him stretched out on the" ground ready for the rider to moijiit. • . ;".\'o~one came forward, so t!"- colonef called to Jim Rullock. •.•!'. is comiidered our best steer and bnffali^ rider, to ridt- him. But R.uilocjf refused, saying he thought he was too dangeroii .s. Colone'. Cody then called to tme or twi> of the other boys to ride' hini. They also rejused. nisuiouutlim. sail! •I've gcit more nerve thin all of you put lojretlier.' He walked over and got alro .nrd xjiid liollered to the boys to turn liiro loos,-. .Monarch boundtii to hi.s feet, ran a short distani'i? and then started to buck, and filially threw the colonel high in'the-: air. "\Vben he struck the ground lie never moved. The huf- fnU) di'd not turn to attack him. onel s nether; We Would Not Forget That .for whatever prog,ress we have ] made in bu.^ine.^.s \v0 give.due credit to our jiatrons. So, we thank you and you Christjims liappines.s and New Year progres.s and l)ro.sperity. JESS HOWARD SHOE AND BICYCLE SHOP , Chnatmas la A; a in With Ua, of Fricnd>; New Ones d Close (iid Far—Tho> Often and So To All of: Voa't lujst the ne.vt chapter. It ilpscfibesl fhp sre.ll mcp^bflwet-n Fflncr anti, Bltick Diamohd. In the time of Hewrx VH. of England a curiou.s statute was passeci which prohibited all of his majesty's subjects except the nb- bility and the royal faiiiily from playing cards during the Christmas hdliilays. ^ zon ^corner. \ HARDWARE & «J IMPLEMENTS iola-Kan^taj: J7nce/897' 9 r /to.s-f Wr Sc. \nc Wc Hare H Thctu \Vf EA ^evirhitj Memories nd Old Oua.; e iVc Srf doiU Sir, cri r St'oi. tnid a Vi >•]) tsa. Merry ChrtMrnas and IIa\>pii Xeir Year SHANNON'S SANTA says: 'Tm authorized by this store to bid you autl the "biggest and, merriest Christmas you've ever had." McMURRAY Cabinet Shop 2 Jo other g-i; I send once ('hristmas iore. May Chi'istmas, rn any morel eteing- means so much, so more the same old Merry hat I've sent to you be|this not only be a happy but ^lay you have many, in the years to come. = FOITR QUESTIONS YOU SHOULD ASK Before You Invest 'four Money in Anythingr:' 1—Can I afford it i j 2—Is it safe? ( j 3—Are the return^ satisfactory? 1 4 —Is the concern- one of whose work and purpose I can who|!y approve? . You cannot afford to be jsvithout aiitomohile insurance. Not only your car. but everythingre'.se you own. i.s in jeopardy when- . ever you drive your car. f Careful drivers are not i'nniunc from danger. You run the hazard of some one else 's caJreiessuesR. or other dangers outside; your control. j ' . You owe it to yourself tr< pi'otect jour car and protect yourself- again-st a liability tiuit that :)igy .sweep away your life's .'savings. . WILLIAM HARRIS Local A^ent •VIoran, Kansas —has the satisfactory amswi-r.'s to the other three ciue-sticn."!. He is handling the agency for tli|e Btate Farm Mutual Auto Insnrance Company of Rloomington.,Ulii^)i.s, through ihe Kansas.State Farm Rureau. ' j ASK iiirn .\HorT IT. . • -if • • . ' MAY 1928 OUTDO ALL OTHERS FOR YOU May it burst upon! ybu in one glad sweet song, the resounding ecHo^ of which will brighten each succeeding day ^a.-; you work and dwell in peace and plenty. : , WAGNER J^ACHINE SHOP Merry Christmas Happy iKew Year May they; both m|an much of good for our big family of friends %ind patrons. Accept our thanks for 1927 favor^-and remember we want you for oiir friend and^patron during J928. Ida Junk andi Coal Company OUR FIRSTS CHRISTMAS —in lo.'a linds us 'deeplj- praf<jfiil for the friendly reception that, has greeted us from the first da*' we engaged in business here and for th« continue<t patronage y/hich has convinced us that we made no mistaliu when we decided to make this good town our home. >• ' :' We.hope to enlarge our circle of business and personal fr,ieniw and it is with the utnEost sincerity we extend Greetings and flood.Wishes and ask all" w^o read this to regard it as a personal message jus» a.< indiviiiuSil as if il were a hand-penned letter comiiig to them un.der a ivuo-cent .stamp. SCARBOROUGH ]|rOS. DRUG STORE CHRISTMAS CHEER' Here's Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a .t Happy New Year. Here's hoping yot will not nave any plumbing grief tl^roughout the year. But if you -do here's hoping you will not forget \ve are^^here to serve you. B. A. Sutton CO. Phone 1175

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