Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 28, 1955 · Page 7
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 7

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, October 28, 1955
Page 7
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Dill PA-2-4SOO for • WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES/ SEVEN". ing Program At N •' ::O- , 1: • ~ .- • •:"•• v:!'r- aygroiinds Begun ;-'.Robert E. Pence, city recreation director,. said' trees are being planted;' on ;.Cumberland play- grdunds in 'a long-range beauUfi- cation program. , ) As the trees become established, • shrubs and smaller bushes will be • added to provide color and flowers. ! The last stage, possible only on ing k the larger playgrounds, will be-t._ ™ establishment of grassed areas for playing^. Recreation Department workers teer have been, busy this week replanting some trees which failed to survive from"several hundred planted \ last spring at North End Playground ' by. the Kelly-Springfield Boy Scout troop. ; Today, workers "expect to begin planting sugar maples at the Tho- mas Post Playground 'lii: Soil! Cumberland. Plans call for th trees 'to be planted 'each 40 fee around the play 'area.' •, -. Pence has been meeting reccntl with' arca.officials'Of the Forestr and Game, and Inland Fish com missions, which have been supply trees and aid in the plantin .the program. ; • Labor has been-furnished by tli Recreation Department and volun groups interested in city an area beautification, he said. Among • things men have uset for money are shells, bead stones, boar tusks,' blanket: knives, slaves, cattle, pigs, rice corn, wheat, salt, sugar, rum an' beer. ; ' • SHORTHAND IN, Ui*d tn bullncu ' ana Civil b«rvlc* Writt tot FKEfc Smtdwrillng Schoel, 171 lolllmor. Si.. Cumbtfland. Mf PA 4-0 DAY and NIGHT CLASSES Begin NOV. 1 Harv«y'» Givt* You this Superb Value! Beautiful Diamond and Wedding Band BRIDAL SETS ONLY— Other Sett • • from $19.75 to $4,000.00 - '„ USE OUR CHRISTMAS LA YAW AY $1.00 HOLDS YOUR SELECTION Kiddie Show Jacoky On ••• I By JACK O'BRIAN ' NEW ,YbRK-(INS)-Godfrey :BS haven't-heard the end of th Lii. Ann Sims firing; "Sweet Sue' is her hew theme song. '.'•' Last Eve's "Climax" . was s heavy'-liande'd '(arid footed) -a me lerdrarnmer 'jt .''seemed to nee only '"a "'-little.!- broader playing ••: t make it of the- old Si Caesar-Imogene] Coca parodies o dramatic' cliches•, : . r . •• : Mickey ; Mouse Club clobberec .he. kid-size oppositioiU-66 per ceh letter than Pinky Lee, 45 per cen riskier than Howdy Doody. Clifford Davis will star on "Sta Tonight" next Thursday on ABC TV, arid .it's' a nice greasepaintec Alger story: The. 24-year-old lai was.' an apartment house superin .enderit who simply "decided to an : actor," went to an actor's school and now, only 18 months after his janitorial disenchant ment (means Clifford didn't like shoveling coal and sweeping side walks) he will have in support p his first star roles such veterans as .-Nancy Coleman and Buster Crabbe. Singer Marti Stevens (daughter if filmogul Nick Schenck) is a hi in British .commercial .TV: the jondon Times unstuffed its shir and called Marti "a polished gem and a delight" ... Polly Bergen has to get the oka> •om her TV sponsor for all stage r screen work; real exclusive stuff; but 'very nice so far abou outside wo'rk . . . -Martha Raye urned down a high-fee Berlecasi iffer. ... . Bob Hope says about half dozen .'Oiing night club and TV come [ians have star-stuff but, doesn'i name them: ^"All us oldtimer's mow they're'breathing down oiir necks .... the more there are the larder you have to work." Hope will have to work a lol larder if he keeps his show on ilm•'; . . Not so hot on celluloid. Erroll Flynn dropped out of the Foreign Legion TV series and an ctress will substitute in the of course somewhat rewritten format ... '•'.-. . .George Gobel says: "You don't :now how you're doing until-the Nielsen rating comes in—and then 'on don't really know" . . . The Moore-Marciano fight (on \BC' radio) beat all radio ratings ince 1948—the last big pre-TV ear—with a total audience bigger ban most big TV.shows ... Truck Weighing (Continued from Page 5) ds used there, similar to that scd by the SRC in Maryland, vere improper. - - : Magistrate Dick continued the ase pending a check with the ilaryland. Attorney General for a uling on the weighing methods nd also to determine the actual veight of the crane from records f the manufacturer of the shovel quipment. Jones faces a fine of $943.45 if onvicted. ...the Sycamore Styles the Fall Winter Coat! It goa jus this wtjr- diamaiic wrapping of plushjr fleece outlined with stitching. A little collar to snuggle .into, crescent pockeo—»nd what more beauty or warmth _ could any winter ask! Toasry rich woo! in'a collection.^!: wiim color.' • Sixes 8 n 18.'--' : ' ;; ' Coat- Shown 79.98 Other Sycamore Coats , $69.98 to $145.00 forty-seven baltlmore street. Discards Set Up Slam Play . BY OSWALD JACOBY . WHitea'for NBA Service'-...• As a general' rule, • the 'place ' pok for a'ruffing trick is'iri diitn iny's' shortest suit. Sometimes lowever, the-ruffing trick can b ransferred to some other sui as we see in today's hand. NORTH (D) » *KJ84 . WEST' ' . »'K7 . *'<SJ42 ' -EAST ... .. VQJ1054 . VA932 »96 . , ". » 10543. + K85S +1076 SOUTH AAQ1099 VS. . • AQJ82 ' - *A»; • . ' -" : ' Both sides vuL Kortii tut Sonth West Pass Pa» I* Pas, 3 A Piss 4N.T. - Pass- .5+ . Pass «* Pan Pira Pass Opening lead— V Q this maneuver'is simplc'and safe, assuring the slam contract. • . .-• I V*CH Q—The bidding has been:." North '•'• E«t South. West 1 Diamond Pass- 1 Spade-' Pass'' 2 Clubs -•• Pass' ?.•'",-•• You,'South, hold: ' '.'•-. *K 10985 VJ43 «Q2*AQG What do you do? ; .. ..A—Bid (hrer clubs. You cannot bid no-trump, because ybu'have' no htirt stopper, but you wish to encourage your partner to fit to a came. •'.-••• •-..-: TODAY'S QUESTION The bidding is the same as' in the question just answered. You, South, hold: • -MQ108S V843 «76Z +K J What do? . - .- :• Answer .Tomorrow Hyinn Festival;; Slated Suudav , ^ A Hymn Festival will hfe-pre- sented./in- .Calvary 'Methodist Church-on Sunday at 6 p. m. Solo [sis, duets, quartets and two choirs wlll-be'-fcalured. ' . '• ' Both the Calvary and .Old-Furnace choirs will sing at the festival,' according to Rev. 'T. Iloscoe Hall, Calvary's pastor. . Vocal soloists will'include Boyd Turner,''-Rev.-" Mel Negley..Rev. Hall, organ solos will be presented by MrsY'Elizabeth Hammond and Jimmy Bobo. .•'•';• The Chancy.. sisters, Sue arid Eileen,, will sing several duets'. Quartets to be heard'are the Patterson Creek foursohie and 'the Moreland brothers. Rev. Hall will have some brief welcoming remarks but there will be no sermon. Discontinued Practice The privateer was a private ves- -1 authorized to cruise at sea and capture an enemy's ships and mer- ch-ndise. Almost all civilized na- ions now have giver, up this prac- ice. . About 150,000 U. S.' children are born but of wedlock each year. New . "Ready Shaw" , SHAVE CREAM for speedy shaves. xJsenbaum's A DEPARTMENT STORE IN ITS K»k YW».-.': 1.00 FORD'S DRUG STORES Cumberland and Frostburg It was easy for South to bid lam after North had jumped to hree spades. This showed strong upport for spades and the sort f hand that wasn't far .from an pening bid. . For a moment, South thought of grand slam. If North had an ace, couple of kings, and the queen of pades . . > all would be well, outh used the Blackwood bid of our no-trump to find out, and the esponse of five clubs showed that forth had no aces at all. That was he end. of grand slam ambitions, ut South bid the small slam any•ay.. West opened the queen of hearts, nd South played low from the ummy. West wouldn't be leading rom the ace of hearts against the mall slam contract, so it could do o good to play dummy's king. Equally important. South didn't ant to let East win the trick and lift to clubs so early in the hand. West continued hearts at the econd triofc, and South ruffed. )eclarer drew trumps in two ounds and then tool, the king and ce of diamonds. Fortunately the uit broke, so South knew that he 'ouldn't need a club finesse. South then proceeded to lead the ueen, the jack, and the last dia-| nond from his hand, discarding iree clubs from the dummy. This reated a club shortness in dummy 'here none had existed before, fow South could. lead the ace of lubs, taking care of dummy's last lub, after which it was a cinch to ead the nine of clubs and ruff in ummy. You might not think immediately f ruffing a club in the dummy, but Jane Parker Cherry PIES 39° EA Marvel . Ice Cream Swanson's Frozen Meat or Fruit Pies 4 FOR 99 C Frozen SHRIMP 49° IB.. Full Cut Round STEAKS sumptuous, deep-pi led Velours Hots 6.95 to 12.95 Designed foe the new slim-line fashions. They fit like a drcdrn with good depth and wdth for proper proportions. Drum toques, sheath pillboxes, cloches, profiles, shells. Black, brown, navy and exciting colors. Headsizes 22 to 23. MILLINERY — SECOND FLOOR BLACK KID SKIMMER PUMP 6.95 Wnbd urn's A DEPARTMENT STORE IN ITS 108th. YEAR 5ee the difference when you open your eyes tomorrow! with rosy color on your lips! live color oh your Iff* hour after hour, even while you sieepi New Liming Li f Hick just glides on with a light, cool feel "I And the rich Revlon color actually lives with you, day and |_ jjutin nighll. When you remove your makeup at night, the color * 'IMn ilniiirjt' stays on your lips— and you wake up looking wonderful, (ttit TkenO'.Fw-ffoi • ; COSMETICS -isTREETFLOOR '. , - *»>«»"<"» ""'""""'I: Dress it Lip. Dress it down. Beverly's very simple, .very smart little pump for gay, young fashion moods. Also Red Kid and Black Suede. SHOES — STREET FLOOR Your children can be perfectly fitted in Firie shoes and perfect fit art I he buy word* a t. • Rose n- baum's. • " SHOES— STREET FLOOR

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