The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 6, 1958 · Page 17
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 17

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 6, 1958
Page 17
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^^ Get Back Jnte Fashion Again ^_.« !., " *"««*, . :.- ' .... '*». ier Impersonations By EfcSKINE JOHNSON HOLLYWOOD - (NBA)- MAURICE CHEVALIER Taloo' Play, Crazy October Seen Fizzling HOLLYWOOD (AP) —This is not a very chivalrous day to con- rider Tallulah Bankhead's new play, but it seems inescapable. No play with the fascinating Tal- loo could be an absolute turkey. But "Crazy October," which opened at the Huntington Hartford, risks comparison with yesterday's honored bird. The show encountered trouble on the road and canceled plans for an immediate invasion of Broadway. Judging from the efforts displayed here, that was a wise decision. The show is a formless exercise for a trio of talented actresses, who do what they can to save it. Their efforts are not enough. She Wears Smocks Miss Bankhead, eschewing glamor to wear smocks, plays the hardbitten operator of a West Virginia roadhouse. She's a charmer with a heart of lead and tries to impose her will on everyone about her. She succeeds only with her loutish son. Playing with not quite her usual gusto, she nevertheless calls on her radio-TV tricks—the outrageous laughter, the punctuated insult — to milk laughs from straight lines. Has Better Lock Joan Blondell has better luck with her role. She rolls her eyes, flounces, bounces and bluffs her way through scenes that might otherwise have been deadly. Estelle Winwood has less to do, but manages to score with her offbeat style. The backers apparently intend to keep the show on the road until it is in shape for the big town. It may be a long tour. personations of Maurice Chevalier are in style again after 30 years and the person getting the biggest "keek" out of it is Maurice Chevalier. It's a bonus "keek" to the movie "Gigl" returning him to film orbit and Oscar contention, at the age of 70, as the Gay Boulevardier from Pair-eees. When he was the screen's great singing lovalr of the '30s, Chevalier Impersonations became sdch a craze that people laughed about a national short* age of straw hats and about doc- ton being called out at all hours of the day and night to manipulate stuck lower lips back into place. It was such a craze, in fact, that even Maurice Chevalier was doing a Maurice Chevalier impersonation. "EEET WAS in self-defense," he laughed as he told me about it between scenes of his new MGM movie, "The Blessing." A non- singing role this time. "Everyone—even lectle girls and lectle boys—were Imitating me. I was at thee Friars 7lub ecn New York one night and Rudy Vallee got up weeth a straw hat and sang 'Louise.' Just for fun I wcent to thce stage, took thce hat from him and said: x "No, not thees way—THEES WAY." Chevalier impersonated Chevalier — arid rocked the place. "I added eet to my act," he laughed, "and now maybee I will do eet again." AN ASSISTANT director called "Lunch," adding: "We'll pick up with Scene 67." Chevalier didn't remember whether he was still in the scene. "Is the old man still there?" he asked the assistant. Then he smiled and said, "I'm forgetting myself. But some days I feel like I'm 300. Other days I feel like I'm 16 again." At 70, Chevalier is Mr. Amazing. Robert Cummings, 20 years his junior, may gulp pills to keep looking young b u t Chevalier doesn't. Nor does he diet. "JUST MODERATION — een everything" he says. "When my clothes get too tight I know I must stop eating so much." The late W. C. Handy, composer of "The St. Louts Blues," said that a real blues song has 2 bars — the "C" seventh after the first four bars, and the "F" chord to follow. Swing steps up the 2 bars of the blues to 24 or 32 bars. AUSTIN (Minn.) HERALD, SATURDAY, DUMBER 6, GUEST — Rose Marie, former child star but how a full- fledged comedienne, will make several guest appearances starting Tuesday on the Bob Cummings show. She'll play the part of a secretary pal of Schultzy (Ann B. Davis). Noted Author to Do TV Film 'Little Julius' Not all radio fans knew Harry Bernstein (Parkyakarkus) who died Sunday night, but hardly a soul is now alive who does not recall either one of the following: "My Friend Irma," "Life With Luigi" and "That's My Boy." Well, the creator of the three shows listed has concocted a new telefilm half - hour series, "The Wonderful World of Little Julius." Apparently, they couldn't find a short, snappy title, so decided to go the other extreme. Bet your last bottom dollar, the final tab will be shortened to "Little Julius." The series to be written and produced by Cy Howard will star Sam Levene and Eddie Hodges, who appeared for nearly a year in "The Music Man." No date has been set for the premiere. In fact, no decision has been reached as to whether filming will be in New York or Hollywood. Just now Levene is on Broadway in "Make a Million," and he'll have to clear that assignment before making the film series. Levene will play the manager and benefactor of a child TV star. Little Julius, played by Eddie, who is 11. Gergory Tatoff may agree to take the part of the producer in the series. EXCITED ABOUT FUTURE War Hero Now Actor, Writer, Director, Also TV Producer By BOB THOMAS AP Movie-TV Writer HOLLYWOOD (AP) — Henry Scott, who served with distinction as a fighter pilot in World War n, is finding success not only as a movie actor, but as a writer, director and producer in TV. What's unusual about this? Henry is a Negro. He's a handsome, articulate man of 32, once a promising student of the American Theater Wing and the Actor's Studio. But Henry had plenty of lean days before enjoying his present success. Born In S. Carolina He was born in East Over, S.C., and grew up in Jersey City. A bright student, he won a chance to train as a fighter pilot with a pioneering all-Negro squadron that won honors in the Mediterranean. He won the Air Medal with seven battle stars. Henry had had a taste of dramatics in Jersey City, and he wanted to try his hand at acting when he returned. He was lucky at first, being cast in such stage successes as "Deep Are the Roots," "Anna Lucasta" and "Member of the Wedding.'* But there were periods when he couldn't find work as an actor. "Then I took other jobs," he said. To Try His Luck Two years ago, he decided to HENRY SCOTT try his luck in Hollywood. His luck has been good. He was signed to re-create his stage role as the romantic lead in the film "Anna Lucasta." And he hookd up with Sandy Howard Productions as writer-actor on Night Court. Now he's writer, actor, director and associate producer on Police Station, which appears on a local station, and is being syndicated. On the matter of a Negro directing and producing TV shows, he had this to say: "I've found that I've gotten along well on a personal basis. I can tell that some people come in to work with me and have certain antagonisms. But I have found that through working together those antago- iiisms tend to disappear. "As a Negro actor, I have certain limitations. There are just so many jobs for Negro actors because a sizable part of the population in certain areas won't accept them. But as a director and producer, I find there are virtually no limitations for me, and I am excited about the future." I Network Television I Wednesday, December 10 (C) Meant »ro0ram it in Color 6:05 a.m. 5— David Slant 6.}0 «.m. 5, 10— Ceftflntnral Cto»»- room •f.-OO *M. 4— Sl«9rr«d 5, 10— Today S.OO ».m. 3, 4 — Copt. Kangaroo 5. 10— 'ndo» 8:4) f.m. J— New 9/00 f.m. 3. 4 — tot tovt 01 Money 10— Dough R* Ml 9 10 t.m I. 4— Urn Hunch S, 10— Treasure Hunt 10.OO t.m. 3, 4. S— Godfrey S, 10— Price is Right 4— Bill Hickok 10:30 t.m 3, 4, S— Top Dollar 5. 10 — Concentration 6— This Is Answer 1 1 -f)n M m i *.w 9.m c t0~~Tlc 'M Douftli 3, 4, 1— Lave a* Life 6— Day in Court 11. '30 a.m. S. 10— Could •< You (C) 3, 4. l-Scarch 6— Peter Haw 11.45 f.m. •—Film Review 12.00 m i— Him 3, 4— «uidlng tight 4. S— News tf oather •—News 12:20 p.m. S— Treuiirr Chen 72/30 p.m. 1, 4— As World Turns 5, 10 — Sports Page 6— Mothers Day 1 — Ranch Party " l.-OO p.m. 5, 10— Truth w Consequence 3, 4, 8— Jimmy Dean (— Llbcroc* 1:30 p.m S, 10 — Hoggus Boggus J, •—House Party 4 — linklcttM 6— News, Weather, Clubs 1:40 p.m. 4— TV Bingo 2/00 t>.m 1, 4. S—Rig Pay oft t, 10— Today Is Oun *— Chance (or Romance 2/?0 O.m 3. 4, S— Verdict toers S, 10— From These Root* 6— Charles Sovet 3.-00 O.m. ' 3, 4, 1— Brighter Day S, 10 — Queen tor Day 6 — Beat Clock 3:1 5 p.m. 3, 4, (—Secret Storm 3:30 p.m 3. 4. •— tdge ol Night S, 10— County fair (—Who Do You Trust 4/00 p.m. 3— Show 5 — Margie t — Am fanditana 4— Arouno r own •—Royal Playhouse 10— Vhofj New 4:30 t>m. 4 — Axel 4 Oog S — Lost »r Mohican •—Film 10— Hand Arts 5.-06 p.m. 3 — Club House 4— Wood» Woodpecker 5— Robin Hood t — Big Picture 10 — Casey Jone« 5:30 p.m. 4 — Popevt 5— Hi-Five Time *— Mickey Mouse Ci*k 1 — Texas Rangert 10— Jeffi Collie 6.*00 t).M. 3. 4. 5, 8, 10— Newt, Weather Spo-ts 6 — Weatherman 6:15 p.m. 4 — AMA Report 6 — Don Goddard 10 — NBC News 6:20 p.m. S— You Shoui. &now 6:30 t>.m 3 — Bart's Club Home 4— TBA S, 10— Wagon Train 6— Lawrence Welk < — Grey Ghost 6:45 p.m 3— Sew and Save 7.-00 p.m 3— Boots & Saddle 4— Pursuit 8— Zorro 7/30 p.m 3— Silent Service 5, 10— Price 1; Right 6. 8— Ozcie & Harriet 8/00 p.m. 3, 4, 8— Milrionalro 5, 10— Jerry Lewis fr— Donno Reed S .3/1 /. -_, .j{j p.m. 3, 4 Got Secret 6— Traffic Court 8— Sea Hunt 8:45 p.m 6 — Sport Tips 9/00 p.m. 3, 4 — Armstrong Theater 5 — Your Lire (, S— Fights 10— New York Confident!* ^ 9/30 O.m. 5 — Flight 10— Tugboat Annie 10/00 p.m. 3, 4, 5, 6. 8 Newt, Weather Sports 10:15 p.m (—John Doty 70/20 p.m. 8 — Perry Mason 70/30 p.m. 3— World of Sound S— District Attorney 4 — Payhouse 6— Hour of Start 10 — Jack Poor Show 70/50 p.m. •—Charlie Chan 77/00 p.m 4 — Playhouse " S — Jack Poor Shew 72/00 p.m. 5— News WILL IT FLOAT — Monumental task of constructing the unprecedented vessel is one of high spots in "Noah's Ark ' starting at the Paramount Tuesday. 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