The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on May 4, 1997 · Page 53
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 53

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 4, 1997
Page 53
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,*-' A " Thanks to FOSAMAX and its power to rebuild bone Susan Brenner is still paddling her own canoe after 50; FOSAMAX is the first non-hormonal treatment for postmenopausal osteoporosis proven to rebuild bone. So bones are less likely to fracture. After menopause, Susan's doctor cautioned her that most women's bones begin to become thinner and weaker at that time. That can lead to osteoporosis, a problem you can have and not know it. At first, he explained, the disease is silent. Many women find out they have it after breaking a bone. And he explained that while the calcium Susan's been taking is important for osteoporosis, calcium can't totally stop bone loss or rebuild bone after menopause. Susan's doctor evaluated her condition and the results of a simple, painless test, and determined that she did have osteoporosis. So he prescribed FOSAMAX. The breakthrough treatment that's completely non-hormonal and can truly rebuild bone in most women. See your doctor or other healthcare professional. And if it's determined that you do have osteoporosis, ask if FOSAMAX is right for you. It should be used with caution if you have certain stomach or digestive problems, and should not be used if you have certain disorders of the esophagus (the tube that connects your mouth with your stomach), are unable to stand or sit upright for at least 30 minutes or have severe kidney disease, low levels of calcium in your blood, or are pregnant or nursing. Like all prescription drugs, FOSAMAX may cause side effects. Side effects usually have been mild. They generally have not caused patients to stop taking FOSAMAX. However, some patients may develop severe digestive reactions including irritation, inflammation, or ulceration of the esophagus. But if you're like most women with osteoporosis, you'll find that FOSAMAX is a unique and powerful way to help build back the strength of your bones. And your ability to lead the active life you love. Ask your doctor and call 1800214-7005 for information. The power to rebuild bone. (alendronate sodium tablets) FOSAMAX' (Undrawn Mdbm MM) PitMHontataiaout FOSAMAX- (KBS-ilHinn) to OrtMporwh Generic rare: alendrorate sodium (a-lIN-dro-nate) Please read Bib iitomaWn before you sal taking FOSAMAX Also, read tot Fatten! IntamafonleaM each 6n« you rem your p<escriptlm, just in case anything has changed. Remember, the leaflet does not lake he place ol careful discussloravvithvair doctor, to arid your doctor should dscuss FOSAMAX when you start taking your medication and at regular checkups. HMtouU I Mu) FOSAMAX? These arc Ihe important things you must do to help make sure you will benefit from FOSAMAX: . Not mineral water Not coffee or tea Not {ike . (to you BrK tori ol t» fey. Do ml dm oc we* on i MM of FOSAMAX, 3. Do not M> FOSAMAX ri MftM ir Mm filing 141 to •• *» The above actons wi help toe FOSAMAX tttet reach you stomach quickly and r^a^^ta or yoi esophagus (to lute tot cormts your mouth wii your stomach). 4. MtaiMln^WraMIUtiWirtillnitaOiiiMnMDnt^ ^ tm diy, including, antacids, calcium supplements and vitamins. FOSAMAX is effective Mistaken when voir stomach Is empty. 5. rt you dm* «fleuN» or p»in upon mwnng, CM pwi, or no or monnlin hMrtbym, Hop HWn« fOSMMX nd can your doctor. 6. Take FOSAMAX once a day, every day. 7. II is important that you continue taking FOSAMAX for as long as you doctor preschoes it FOSAMAX can treat your osteoporosis only It you continue to take It 8. If you miss a dose do not take it later In the day. Continue you usual scheduleofl tablet ocice a fcy the nertmcming. WMbFDUHU? you witt find more information about osteoporosis at the end of the leaflet How do« FOSAMAX Mfk? FOSAMAX works by: • Reducing, It* activity ol Ihe eels that cause bone loss « Decreasing the faster rate ol bone toss that occurs after menopause • Increasing the amount ol bone In most patients These effects are seen as soon as three months alter therapy with FOSAMAX has begun. These effects continue as long as you keep taking FOSAMAX. The density ol bone increases and Die bone Is less likely to fracture. Thus, FOSAMAX reverses the progression ol osteoporosis. Patients with: • Certain disorders ol the esophagus (the tube Iliatconnects your mouth with yourstomach) • Habity to stand or sit upright lor at least 30 minutes • Low levels of calcium in their blood • Severe kidney disease >Afergy to FOSAMAX Patients who are: > Pregnant or Nursing FOSAMAX is lor use by women aJamejaaiM If you an pregnant or rm^, you shojldrrt I* taking FOSAMAX Talk to your (kdM. MM oft* nndcri pnWnn *att I turn •* *y doctor? Talk to your doctor about any: • Problems wiln swallowing • Stomach or digestive problems > other medical probtons you nave or have tad in the past like all prescription orugs, FOSAMAX may cause side eltects. Side effect. usually have Ijeen mid. TlieygHierally have n«BU^ patents to stop taking FOSAMAX. tawver, some patients may develop severe digestive reacliore iriduiling irntabai, inflammata ^ esophagus (the lube that corrects your mouth with your stomach). TtieeereactoiscancaMiJiestpain.lieanliumarjWcullyoip*!^™ swafcwta This may occur especialy it patients do not diink a full glass of water wft FOSAMAX andtorf they I* down « less ttian 30 minutes acd before their list food of the day. Esophageal reactions may worsen if patients continue to take FOSAMAX after developing symptoms suggesting irritation ol Ihe esophagus. Some patients treated with FOSAMAX eipenenced abdominal (stomach) pain, which was the most commonly reported side effect less frequently reported were other dgestve disturbances such as: Nausea, heartburn, inSbon or pah of the esophagus (tie tube that connects your nn* w* your sWnachl. vomiting, oWiuly swatowiig. a fill or bloated feeling in the stomach, constoalion, diarrhea and gas Rarely stomach or other peptic ulcers (some severe) have occurred, but it is not known whether these were caused by treatment with FOSAMAX. Bone muscle or joint pain, headache, a an altered sense ol taste were also eipenenced by simpalienls. Rarely, a rash has occunedAllerajc reactions such as hives or, rarefy. sweHiig ol the face, lips, longue and/or throat wtrt rnay cause difficulty in brealh^ or swaltowng have also been reported. Mouth Jeers have occured when the tablet was chewed or dissolved mine mouth. iM <fcuU I km itout otMtntii? Normally your bones are being rebui a) the time. Firsl. old bone is removed (resorted). Tr» new bone is terr^.Ths balanced process of resorting and tarring bone keeps your skeleton healthy and strong. Osteoporosis is a INniwg and weakening ol the bones « is common in women atameropause. Menopause liapperawta the ovaries slop producing Hie female hormone, estrogen, or are removed hvhioh may occur, for exan^, at ^ tme rt a hysterertomyl. Alter nienopjuse, At the start osteoporosis usually has no symptoms, but H can rest* in tracturi»(l»okenb«ies).Fn]cliies usually cause pain, ftactura of Iw bones of the spine may not be p*iU but over lime toy cause height loss. Eventually the spmetaames curved and the booybecanes bent over. Fractures may haf»en during normal, everyday activity, such as liltirig.afranrrrairijury that «x«n«nia^ not caiM bone to break. Fractures most often occur at the Np. spine, or wnst This can lead to pain, severe deaWity. or loss of mobiKy. I^^I^M^^M^ WMHI hi hv^f? i Vbur doctor may prescribe FOSAMAX • I »•<* I ll»W« In UllBinn In f"inM" )r" •*"' V ~~™~~ l — -•"""'»- "•""" ««Ma rtunms - Stv urti^ Smoking appears to Increase the nskol osteoporosis. - Mwt *• u»olilt«Bnoomuch alcohol appears to rcrease the nskrt osteoporosis and injuries that nay cause Iractoes. - T ifrtf* "ff^^y iihnnmsrifls lymftfi na«i eiarcsa to day sttonp and healthy ExercBe must be sate to prevent jniuries including Iractues. *u shoukl consult your doctor betore you begin any exercise program. - U i tilncodoM. Adequate dietary calcium is important to patients with oslec<ic(c«is. Your dalor can advise you whelfier you need to change your diet or take any dietery supplements such as calcium or vitamin D. This medication is prescribed (or a particular condta Do not use il lor another condition or give the drug to others. Keep FOSAMAX and all mediones out ol the reach ol chtten It you suspect that moe than the pie^iWoto of teniedicine has been takw,c«nk a full glass of milk and contact your local poison control center or emergency loom immedutety Do not iiduce vomiting, do not lie down This leaflet provides a summay ol information about FOSAMAX H you have any questions or concerns about either FOSAMAX or osteoporosis, laik to your doctor. In addition, talk to your phamucisl or other heath care provider Please see adjacent Patient Information and discuss it with your doctor. MEKCK&CO.INC. Issued November 1996 West Point, PA 19486. USA All MERCK

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