Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 24, 1927 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 24, 1927
Page 4
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i-- SUBSCRIPTION RATES CuTier in lola. Gas City, I^Hvpe ;• J •" 'r ' and Bassett. -•0 «i« Week 16 CentB -•«ne a^otRh 70 Cents - > . )^ BV MAIL. - ^ ^utslde^ AUen County ^ -aiiriBe Mimths ...»LBO -, -s:. ; In Allen County Oi* rear ....H.... M.00 SttiMonjha .. ...i fj.00 OB*, Moiiih ..i ..60c kfeqiber of— !;.. - Nfitionsl EcHtorl,*! Association. : Kansas Pre^rAssoclatlort/ The Kansas!Dally League. . Ir'vAydlt Bureau of Circulation. (Press congress of the World. . -/tiiland pally Rress Assodatlen. ;R ASSOCIATED PRESS^ Ulster carries; the Associated ort by specldl leased wire, iated Press is exclusively en- -C M&MBI -^he rPrcis re^ '-The.Assot ^ rutled to 4bo'use. for republication of „ mU-pews Jdispatches credited to It or r .i -:not:otherwise credited in this paper,' |v- iHDd aiKo rhe local news published bere- -tln.- All r£ebts or repuWcation of spocUal: dhipdtcbes herein are also re^served, 'i - Bibl4 Thought for Today [' And t^ere weriB in the -same • ;«buntry ^shepherds abiding in the ffeldt 'keiping watch over their flocks hy- night And lo. the angel of ".^e I*rd qame unto them, and -theslori of the Lord shone round . 'abd»i.t tem: and they were sore ,, -afraid, -^nd the angel said unto I .them. Fear not: for, behold, I bring • you good* tidings of great joy, yrhich .shall help all people, for unto you via bom tjhis day, ini the city of Da- •rtd, a Saviour, which is Christ the . I^rd.—Ijuke 2:8 -U. ^* J CHRISTMAS. . '(""Littlcj children, love one an- Olbia'." ilt was in those few, slni- ple, ^wel^ understood words that the biscjpio who was clo .se to the ~h?aji off Iho Master, sunrtned up Miir teacfiing. Tliat was the soul bC tltcN'^arcne's meSHage to nian- kiviiii "ijovc oho another!" If lonly.' that couljl be achieved, how .nuickly jno .st of the evils that af- Xlid the; race would vanish from the earQi. First and greatest of all ^yar .^rWitli Its long train of hate " tnd hoiiror and suffpriiig would - pass; a\W>y forever. And ; ^long , "With ; w^r would go every ^dther crime. ;Men do not wrong 'hosej they Jove, they do riot cheat or de- •j^aud or assault or murder them. Men do snot harden th'^r hearts |y against those they love nor inflict j any injustice upon them. On "the contraigj they are kind to them. I -the yarl thoughtful and conslder- att and'helpful. What a world it "wonld b4 if Loye filled the hearts [ _;.-'"Lflve.^ope another:" Into those j^hree; .vrprds are compressed the wisdom if Uic ages. I Strang that nion cannot or will not' learn th lesson. Leaving -wfelly <^uf of recount any moral "or. "reii&ious :iKideration and yilnkingjon!},; o, iretting along in . -theiwrlj peaceatiJy, happily, com[ _ fertatily, i why cannot we all see that Lov;e is best? Love begets Ipvie. F^w men can withstand steady, consistent kindness. It is ffegard as an enemy, or even asian indifferent acquaintance, one who treats you with jcourtesy iand gentlenebs and fair- SoBtb' State highway completed across Kansas dturlnc 1928 has gone' glimmering—thanks to that section of the present law which makes it possible for-a boa^,d otj county commissioners tq block- any^ project which does not meet with its approvali Here is the situation: State Highway 81, passing through Wellington, W'ch'ta. Newton, McPhfsr- Bon, and Salina, is paved all the way from: the south to the north lines of the State except through a- part of Cloud and a ipart of Re- ptiblic counties. In or^er to close this gap the State Highway Commission "strangled", the work in other counties and -arranged to give Cloud and Republic counties sufficient jfunds to do the work. Republic county readily fell, in line with the proposals of the State Commission, agreeing to use all its available-funds to match State and iral aid for the completion of the road across that county. But Cloud county refused. One of the commissioners, who lives in the north part of the county, was willing. But the other two commissioners live'along the line of Highway 40. and they refused to accept the $109,000 offered them as State and Federal aid unless perifiitted to spend $50,000 of it on-Highway 40. The State Commission was willing to pay approximately 75 per cent of the cost of building 81^ and that is and always will be the main road of the county, leading as it does right through the middle of the county to Concordia, tlie county seat. -But the two county commissioners whose personal interesds were tied >up with Highway 40|refused to accept the offer, with th(j result that Cloud county will not get any • outside money this year and will not build any new road. The critics of iho present law have alwayy'insisted that iis thief', weakness Ill's In Ilic riictlluit any one of in."; hoards of,county commissioners could oxerrisc a veto power over any project the State j Highway Commission might suggest, and thus virtually nullify the sections jof the law' which 'aim to estahlisli' ii State system <if connected, roads. What has just' hap-j pened in Cloud county would seem I''' '"^ I of Mil- Inilcd .Stali-s. Tin- ninn spli-cti'il for Ihis posit'.on by I 'lo .\atIon:fl Dairy Cimncil is Dr. (".• \V. Larson, now clii<?f of the dairy bureau, I'niti-d 'Stiitcs DeiKtritnrut' of Agriculture. Div l.arscn is a grnduatc of the Iowa Colloue of .•\griculliirc. He was lioail of tlio iji-pynim-iil. rennsylvaniii to he a case in point. It. cannot: be claimed in this case that the' State Commission was trying to! locate a State road where it ought i I State ("•Jllepi". fd r several years not to be from the standpoint of, local. interest. The county commissioners did nut make this claim. The commissioners refused to allow: w'brk to proceed on this link of a cross-state highway simply because they were Interested personally :in another road. It would certainly seem as If it inigbt be possible to frame a law ; that would compel harmony between state and • county authorities with respect to work upon what everyJ body must recognize, as iinportant connecting roads. ' and later did res^-anii work at I'o- luinblu fniver.-iit.v. During the he was a SIHI-'JIIJ worker in Washington iiiid after |tlie war Ills services wer'^il hy the I'uited ..States Departiiieiit of .\Kricullucc. nefis and friendliness. Why cannot tnen be Kourteous and gentle and Ll*K TO THE LINDBERGHS. About a hundred million people breathed a sigh of relief when the news came .that- Mrs. Evangeline Lindbergh. "Lindy's mother." had landed .safely from her long airplane jdurney from Detroft to the fair and iifrlendly ttf their neigh-[City of Mexico for a Christmas bors? Wiy cannot a nation show i *^'slt with her famous son. And and -to air otticr -nations candor Justice aifd good will? The'CIjViHtnias season gives us all an ob^ct lesson in the blessed- ocas Of tiic spirit oif gobd wllL •yyhen • thft' pungent Mor of the ChrlBttna» tree .fills the house and the sojrt glow of shaded lights re- then, to Cuba. „ Teals ontj! smiting faces and when aboiit a hundred million people Will breathe another sigh of relief when she returns safely home and when ijindbergh is safe back again in St.' Louis after hfs perilous flights over the Central American countries to Panama and The LIndi)erghs. mother and son. ;er and happy voices banish rdlsmr^ant; noises, a miracle hap- pensT For a f«w hours the human heart Is d^ansed of all its prlmi- .tlvc lusts find passions! Hatred, en- Ty. greed sire cast out: love, com' passibiji. 'tolerance, kindness, pa- -tlence |ak« their places. For a few : hours nia^ Is really: human; the tooth. and;claw inheritance of his dim; progenitors Is submerged. For a few hou/s there glows within him that Olivine spark which be. tokens bis:kinship to the Infinite. [-.rvWhat a;blessed, thing it,would •beii Ui'e I Christmas Spirit^ might bis carriefd;; into all the days of the !yeaK! Fo^ it would work as well ~ln-Jiin^ in December. Never doubt ths^ti' "dood ,will to .Men" is a slogan efficacious 364 days in thfeyear a.% it is on one day. "Love wie anpthir" i.s as sure a recipe fOr peace,'and happiness one day asranothey. ;? ;Bnt if vc are not wise enough, or have n<}t grace-enough to carry I ith«'SpfritJ of Christmas over into t.airrthe' dSys of the year, let us .Ihanlr.Gocl that it does rule one day,In the;-year: Let us thank God T ;.4hat the Cluing of His Son brought t l?> wrohe-ieaded, wrong-hearted, Iji ^rVerse.^umanUy one day in ev- coiy yijfflr "^hen men turn from the ?«jHlt.otfthflr ways and concern 'tbcntBelyeg'iwith the kindly deeds «fidth^ gentle thoughts that Love tl ^prompts, l^rgetUng their animosl- ^ti^ sod tl&lr unkindnesses and re- •M^lmberlnK to h«> - happy and to %'ir :.'.:-i -v. • ^ have won the heart of America as no other mother aiid son ever did before. The ,«on because of his daringiand modesty, and the mother because of her good sense and her sure discernment of the proprieties. She has resoliitely refused to take the spotlight when It' belonged to her sou. She has not piade herself commonplace' by tagging aloiig Mith the boy wherever he went, as many another mother, no fonder, but more foolish than she might have done. A teacher she was when he became the world's idol, and a teacher she remains. It was natural .she should wish to be with the boy over Christmas, and since her vacation is short and, Mexico is far and flying is. in the hlood. it was natural and proper that she should hire an airplane iand a pilot for the Journey. ; . The Lindberghs., motJier and son. are absolutely ail' right." America loves them, rejoices that' they are to have a happy Christmas together, and hopes with ail its heart that no misfortune will cver bcfali them. One of,the 41 prisoners given a Christmas parole by Governor Paulen was an Emporia man who had served two years of: a five year sentence for writing a check when he had no funds in the hank. This little item of news is put into the editorial coluinh for the purpose of calling the attention of a number of people who have in times issued ' "no fund" checks in alleged payment of bills and' have' seemed to regard it as a perfectly safe way of staving off creditors for a day or two. lo the fact that but for the leniency of their creditors they might also be applying to the Governor for a parole from the pcnifehtiary. Ev- .ery time a' man writes a check Itnowing he ^has no funds In the .liank with whhih to meet It. he commits a felony; and a felony under the Kansas law is a somewhat serious matter. The old Knglish nanu- for Christmas. "Cristcs Maesse.*' .js fll^st fouiid in records of thf* date 103S. The Real Oldest Splller. To th<_> Kditor: The last Sutunia.v's Register contained a statement from Mr. Uufus Martin. w!io came to Doer Creek with his parents in lsr>T. when he was two years Old. I think I may pass above him. .My parents. \V. \V. Urown aiul faiu- ily. landed, in Allen county "in October, l.SoO. when I was two years old. Tito only home I have ever had has been in .-Vllen county. A(ter the death of my parents I went to Illinois to go to school. I was there a little more than four years., then returned to loin. .Mien <oiiii- ty, where 1 h:ive since lived anil am now livjng. MISS RUTH L. BROVv'.V. . 30C North Cottonwood. lola, Kans. take placje South Pa oceans. Willrttiii '.'d States i.s 60 vear Fifty y letPt, the piihlU: an tjucceeded ' Major G A partiil eclipse of the today, visible ific and South ^un is to in the Atlantic Si Vare, whom tflie Unit- senate has de< seat as sokiator from Penn Old today, a^s ago today I^reiich scientist, made he had lllned to ylvania. hi. Call- (louncement that in liquifying oxygen. Ill .lames H. McJ :ap. who coinniandeVl an American division in K ::i!icji> during ^he war, goes on the retiree Tho fift the Whitle as simple Lis its predecessdrs the same jtional radi iunder the 'Council ori I count r.v ha Tlie ann of the Groi list today for age. toolldge Christmas'at House is expect'd to be us in the old -N'orthamptani. This evejniiig there will lie a na:) song service, ajrranged auspices Of the Federal Churches. , Th< whole s been invited to the sinpinri of Christmas carols. lal holiday con\^entions k letter fratern ties at American (ollpges will begl i today with the n ceting of Sigma Alpha Mu. at Ton iito; Phi Delta IJpsilon, at Pliiladelphia. and Phi Sigma Delta, at New Yorl?. f Rosa Bon <heiir. the famouij painter of horsts. would find much to interest he • in Postofficc I kiuare, in Boston, loday; for it will be the occasion oil the annual Cbifistmas party for Workhprses. with Christmas iree and a good ct oats, caijrots and apples to;every anamal. In olden times It was believed that a Sun lay Christmas was the foreruniier ot a prosperous i^ear. •just days at join In I M JMERICANS hare the. repn- I /m' tatlon. among other nations, of. Working hisrder and m6re ^ serlbialy than any; other people on "earth. Indeed, it pften Is said that we do not play.enough for our own good. We attend <to husj [nes9 .too closely, take oar jobs iaa seriously, say Europeans. This may be so. Probably it is. But we do wish some of these foreign commentators could see us on Christmas. Would you, perchance, find the president of the town's biggest bank itoday? You might look up in junior's room, where the revered president doubtless will be found sprawling on all fours amusing himself hugely with junior's new electric train. AVouId yott speak Avith the stern ^ndgei who Is so portentous and awesome on ordinary days? He. peradventure, is bel)>ing oiie of his grandchildren assemble a moijel airpl.ane-^and, hy the same token, getting twice as much kick out of the proceedings as the grandson. Are'you loddng for the reverend pastor, whose snowy locks ordinarily shade/ snch a dignified face? He has tacked a sprig of. mistletoe in the parlor,- and will kiss the first girl Of woman who comes within two yards! of it. And tbej multi-millionaire manufacturer, who la so hustling and crisp by ordlnarj'? He Is in his dressing' gown and slippers; for last nl^t he stayed up past mid^ night leading a group of children on a hunt for Santa Ciaus. . In other words, these men and all the rest of us have, today, declared a moratorium on seriousness and dignity. "We have ceased to pretend that we are important grown-ups. filling positions of reslmnslbillty and trust, and have 'lapsed back into the state we enjoy most—that of carefree, boyish irresponsibility. And perhaps that is a pretty good thing for us.-once in a while. In fact. If we had our way, there would be more Christmases—one each imonth. at least. For the remarks quoted at the beginning of this article—tliat we take ourselves and our work too seriously—are fairly close to the truth. • ^Vhile we are working, let's COUT tinue to work with all our souls. But let's learn. If we rcail, to carry some of this Chrlstnias spirit over Into our leisure hours at other seasons. "When the dajy'a work is over.' It would he good for us if we could shelve our seriousness and our intentness, anc relax-into something approaching the mood of Christmas morning. It would be fine for. all of us If wa could wear the purposive earnestness, of working hours like a garment, to bo dropi^ed. :When working hours are oyer. Wfe need to get do\^•n on our knees and play with trains oftener. to romp with children- even.- irresponsibly and gaily, to kiss charming female callers, perhaps. For these things lead to laughfpr and a cheery disposition and make i life seem less grim and forbidding. And that is what we need. ' Long jive the CHristmas spirit! ; ! , .a : Ships jap'pear on the Christmas cards cl^osen this year by King George, the Prince of Wales and the Duke and Duchess of York. WEDBSIRE TO YOU For your faseors of lap and couple the mish ivith the hope that your N^c Year may be one of continuous happinness. 3 Central Grocery AND MEkx MARKET May this day which i celebrates tke birthday of the Christ Child^be one of unusual gladiTess, and may its spirit hnger in your hearts and live throughout 365 days of 1928. ; . : M ^ ^ Grocery and Market -r- Si ^ huge dinner serred JUST LUCK! Neighbor. Brother. Friend: We wlai you joy, we wish you wealth, the best of luck, the best of health; and all that is good along life's way, all you could wish this Christmas Day. The Unwritten es of the A'CH; Year will >fOon unfold before us, inviting vs to write there'u'von some worthy recortii fdr the archives of timf, to hold in store. ' i ^ Each of us of courseUcants to write Siiccess'in larger letters thanu-a% our privilege • the year. jiUt closed, and it has, been one of the pr&Ji^ claims of this business Jao to identify its interests and concerns icith tho^e of its friends that ith success falls or rises u^ith theirs. ' This bciuff true it ik most naturjal that we .should f/reatly appreciate your patronage and friendship as it has been given us during the year Just closed, and .seek the pleasure of meriting together with you bettdf^things for us all in tht white book of the ncw\year. I.\ THE llArS >EW.S. When professional, baseball appointed a "supreme arbiter" some years ago It set an example that has been followed by 'many lines in "big business." The latest of groups in business which hav^ placed themselves as a unit under .". fi .-i,';i: ou-dol->ir I y •::i'.;if:ry The lola as ever beep created to ifake away the fine old^ iustom of the exchange^ lof greetings -amongSt 'friends at Christmas tiine. We: wish you the best 'compliments of the sea|Son aiM thank' you for 'your • business in the past. Foster's ; Grocery;; Phones 436-437 1119 East Street Because our dealings with you have been niost' pleasant during 192y, icc^ take advantage of this'^ .-C'i Christmas season t6 extend to_ you sincere, cotyx'}\ dial greetings and good wishes for the ye^r ak&uSL' Glark Lumber Go. 301 West Madison Phone 115. 3

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