The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 6, 1958 · Page 16
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 16

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 6, 1958
Page 16
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^-AUSTIN (Minn.) HERALD, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 6, 1058 AUTHENTIC WESTERN STAR Network Television Tuesday, December 9 1, S. 6.O5 a.m. S— David Slant ' 6;3d *.m. f, 10 — Continental Clasv room '.•OO t.m. 4 — Stegtrcid k. 10- >odov 8:00 t.m $, 4— Copt. Kangaroo 8;45 t.m 1— Newt 9.OO «.«. t, 4— For LOT* of Monty A. t«— Dough K< Ml 9/30 ».m 1, 4— Plo> Hunch i, 10— tromufi Hunt 10/00 *.»». 4, I— Godfrey . 10— Pnce li Right *— Bill Htckek 70.30 ».m. \ 4, (—Top Dollar S, 10 — Concentration •—This li Life 11:00 a.m. 3, 4, I— Lore of Ufa 5. 10-Tic Toe Dough « — Day In Court 11.30 a.m. *, 10— Could B* You (C) 3. (—Search *— Perei Hayti ;/ 45 a.m. 1, 4— Guiding Light B- — Film Review 12.110 m S, 4, S. 10— News. Weather •—Newi 72/20 p.m. f— Treasure Chest 72/30 p.m. S. 4— As World Turns B-— Celebrity "layhoute «— Mothers Day 10— Brevi.iei l.-OO p.m. I, (—Jimmy Dean 4— Political 5, 10— Truth or Consequences *— Liberate 1:15 p.m. 4 — Jimmy Dean (C) Means Program Is In Color 7/30 p.m 4—Linklettcr S, 10— Haggis Baggis 4—Newi. Weather, Clubs (—House Party 7/40 p.m. <—Matinee 2/00 p.m. 4—Randv Merriman 5, 10—leday Is Ours (—Chance foi Romance 3. (—Big Payoff 2/30 p.m 3. 4. I—Verdict »our» S. 10—From These Roots t—This Is Alice 3/00 p.m. 3. 4, (—Brighter Day 5 10—Quc'f FOI Day *— Beat Clock 3/73 p.m. 3, 4, (—Secret Storm 3/30 p.m. 3. 4. (—Edge of NlgM S, 10—County Fair t—Who Do You Trust 4/00 p.m. 3— Shaw 4—Around fowl) S—Margie *— Am Bandstand (—Western Theatre 10—What's New 4/30 p.m. 4-Cappy 5—Last of Mohtcan* 10—Meet Your Schools 5/00 p.m. 3— Club House (—Brave Cogle 5—Robin Hood 4—Axel and Dog 10—Texas Rangers 5/30 p.m. 3—Time for Teens 4—Popeye S—Hi-Fire Time 6—Disney Adventure Time I—Jet Jackson 10—Woodv Woodpecker 6/00 p.m 3. 4, S, (. 10—Newt, Weather Sports 6—Weather 6/75 p.m. 6—Don Goddard 10— NBC News f>:20 p.m. S—Should Know 6/30 p.m 3—Jeff's Collie 4— Huckleberry Hound (—Conlee Crossroads 5, 10—Dragnet 6—Sugar foot 7/00 p.m. 3—The Texan 4—N.Y. Confidential (—Rifleman 5, 10— Eddie Fisher 7/30 p.m. 3, 4,—To Tell the Tralk t, (—Wvatt Carp. 8/00 p.m 3, 4. (—Gift of Mag) 5—Geo. Burns Show fr—Rifleman 10—Curtain Tim* 8/30 p.m. 3, 10—Bob Cummlngt 6—Naked City 9/09 p.m 3. 4, (—Garry Moore 5, 10—CallfornlaiM (—Confession 9/30 p.m. S—State Trooper C—Dick Powell 10—Medic Tim McCoy, 67, Would t/ie Chance at Film Comeback 10.-00 p.m. Soorh 10:15 p.m. t—John Daly 10:20 p.m. I—Rough Riders 70:30 p.m. ?, 5—lodge 714 4r— Parole 6—Hour of Stan 10—Jack Poor Show 70:50 p.m t—Wrestling 11.-00 p.m. 3— How to Read Faster 4—Hollywood Playhouse 5—Jack Poor J2.-00 p.m. S— Newi At' Movle-TV Writer HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (AP) — "I know I could do pictures again, but I also know I could never convince the producers of that. So I've found another field for myself — the circus." This was the realistic view of Tim McCoy, Hollywood's only authentic Western star. He's a colonel, but not the Kentucky kind. Before coming to Hollywood in 1922, he actually served with the Army among the Indians in western America. McCoy is 67, looks 40, and could outdraw and outride most of the Adler to Produce Faulkner's 'Requiem' NEW YORK W) — The m o v 1 e rights to a long-awaited Broadway play, "Requiem fora Nun," have gone to Buddy Adler, production director at 20th Century- Fox. The drama by William Faulkner has been the ambitious project for several seasons of the acting couple, Zachary Scott and Ruth Ford. Arrival in New York has been delayed for a variety of reasons, but the play was exhibited in London last year and is now on the Theatre Guild agenda for 1959. younger cowpokes on the TV range. With Joan Crawford Tim was one of MOM's brightest star s (one of his leading ladies was Joan Crawford), later made TIM MCCOY Movie Calenda AT THE PARAMOUNT Sunday-Monday Double Feature: "Enchanted Island" with Dan Andrews, Jane Powell. "Badman's Country" with George Montgomery, Karin Booth. Tuesday-Thursday "Noah's Ark" and "Shadows Prairie." Friday-Saturday "Fort Massacre" with Joel McCrea. AT THE STERLING Tonight-Tuesday "Man of the West" with Gary Cooper, Julie London. Wednesday-Thursday "The Coronation of Pope John XXIII" plus "Gun Duel at Durango." Friday-Saturday "Revenge of Frankenstein" with Peter Gushing. AT THE STATE Sunday-Tuesday 'Indiscreet" with Gary Grant, Ingrid Bergman. Wednesday-Thursday Double Feature: "Vampire" with John Neal, Coleen Gray. "Monster that Challenged the World" with Tim Holt. Audrey Dai- ton. Friday-Saturday Double Feature: "Black Patch" with George Mongomery, Diane Brewster. "Jungle Heat" with Lex Barker, Mari Blanchard. Cheetah, Gift Princess Made Mad Afternoon for One Hotel By ERSKINE JOHNSON HOLLYWOOD — It was just as well that Conrad Hilton was in Europe. I was tricked the other afternoon into watching his store here — the plush Beverly Hilton hotel — and such goings on haven't been televised Madison Square Garden riot. Todd would have loved every mad moment of it. A fellow demanded a room with twin beds because, he said his friend — a snarling, 150- pound cheetah — liked to sleep alone. A shapely guest wearing only a bikini reported the loss of all her clothes. A girl musician rehearsing a trumpet solo couldn't understand why the people in the room next door called room service for a sledge hammer to pound on the wall. Hard for Bellboy A bellboy became hysterical when a woman on the fifth floor said she was about to become a mother and a "princess" with an emerald dangling on her forehead arrived from India by air express. "A gift to the assistant man* ager from the maharajah of something or other because he liked the hotel's service," the expressman said. "Sign here" As I was the Beverly Hilton's "assistant manager" at the time, the "princess" sat down in my "office." Since the fellow with the snarling cheetah and the girl in the bikini already were in my "office," I was making a mental note to swear off doing business with the Hollywood CBS - TV publicity department. Invitation From CBS At the invitation of CBS and Beverly Hilton Manager Robert A. Groves, I was observing the cast of Ann Sothcrn's television show in action while they really operated a hotel. The cast would take over the jobs they play on the TV show — Hotel Manager Ernest Truex, As- noise guests complaining about In adjoining rooms. This brought a smile to Ann Sothern's face. A couple of months ago, when her home was being remodeled, she checked into a local hotel. And she had to complain at 2:30 a.m. about noise in an adjoining room. The hotel was the Beverly Hilton. So help me it was, because Manager Groves was still apologizing about it. But before I fled — I may beat the cheetah to the jungle — one thing was obvious. The movie business doesn't have an exclusive on press agent madness. The TV boys are learning. Western series for Columbia and Monogram. "I walked out of Monogram to go into the Army during the war," he said. "When 1 canie back, everyone had forgotten me. I decided t wasn't going to fight them. So I got a place in Bucks County, Pa., and decided I would retire." It turned out otherwise. He met and married Inga Arvad, then * magazine beauty editor and once a Hollywood correspondent. When they had the first of their two sons, Tim decided to come back to Hollywood and brave the new adventure of television. He made a rousing success of a local show in which he demonstrated his vast knowledge of Western lore 1 . He even won an Emmy from the Television Academy. 'Kiss of Death' "That was the kiss of death," he sighed. "Three months later, I was without a sponsor." Films beckoned him but only briefly. He did a cameo appearance in "Around the World in 80 Days" and a one-day vignette in an RKO Western. Then came an offer to go with the Carson-Barnes Circus. Tim had toured three years with Ringling Brothers-Barnum and Bailey, but didn't think he wanted to go back under the big top. His wife persuaded him to give it a try. "And I've had the time of my life," he admitted. He'd like to spend his winters making TV Westerns, "but it's hard to convince producers that Tim McCoy isn't 90 years old." Solo Venture Tops With Truman Capote NEW YORK m- Truman Capote feels that he would rather write novels than plays. Asked whether he might adapt his new book, "Breakfast at Tiffany's," for Broadway where he has been represented previously by "The Grass Harp" and "House of Flowers," capote said: ; : ' ,•',"* "I don't like to do plays because I don't like cooperative effort. J prefer a solo venture, for -which I would get all the credit or glame." Murray, Ida., now a ghost town, once was the scene of some of the West's most noted mining trials. THREE SURVIVORS — John Russell, Susan Cabot and Joel McCrea fight off Indians in "Fort Massacre'' beginning Friday a', the Par«rr'vvt. ANN SOTHERN sistant Manager Ann Sothern, Secretary Ann Tyrrell, Bellboy Jack Mullaney and Room Clerk Jacques Scott. I was double - crossed. An quietly disappeared after lunch "Manager" Truex and I, as his assistant, were left to face the elaborate gag plotting of the CBS press agents who had, for their cast of characters: Doris Singh, an exchange student at UCLA as the gift princess; TV and movie actresses Darelene Engle and Fran Bellini; girl trumpeter Lynn Delmerico and Robert Easton as the character with the cheetah on a ieash. It Was Too Bad It's just too bad that Hotel Manager Groves of the Hilton, who has managed some of the nation's top hotels for years, joined Ann and me for lunch before I knew about the plot. We talked about the experiences of hotel managers and their assistants. Groves didn't mention a single cheetah, a trumpet player or a gift-wrapped princess. All he said was that the No. 1 headache of hotel managers U OPEN SUNDAY 9:00 to 10:00 a. m. AND EVERY DAY SAVE $1.25 Special Introductory GIFT OFFER $2.50 View-Mpster Stereo Viewer 45c Reel of 7 Title Subject Pictures $1.25 - 21 ixtra Stereo Color Pictures A $4.20 value, only $995 2 * FILMS * DRUGS * CAMERAS * PRESCRIPTIONS 400 N. MAIN Registered Pharmacist on Duty FRIENDLY SERVICE ALWAYS Open Monday and Friday Night*

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