Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on May 28, 1965 · Page 10
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 10

Ironwood, Michigan
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Friday, May 28, 1965
Page 10
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TEN IRONWOOD DAILY 3LOK, IRONWOOD. MfCHIGAM Moderate Trade Obituaries Brings Recovery To Stock Mart FRtDAY, MAY 28, 1963. i Eric Renstrom, command e r Carl Gustaf Englund |el gn waTpSst m^nounced Carl Gustaf Englund, 87. of 108 today that Waino Liuha. assist- Third St.. South, Hurley, died at ant department service offic e r 11 p.m. Thursday at Grand View ! Veterans of Foreign Wars, will Hospital where he had been a be at the VFW club rooms Tues- patient for three weeks ' day. June 1, from 9 to 11:30 a.m He was born Aug 17. 1878, in ;t o meet with any veteran or Hurley School District Honors Four Employes - e was orn ug . , n eeran or Four emoloves of the Hurlev > e a recovery in Freds b e r g. Skaraborgs L a n.. veteran dependent who has any j 0 T n ° t schoo District; who are! ber °f Commerce has announced, ing early this aft- Sweden and came to the united'Problems dealing with veterans „i" me this vear were honored as - wil1 ^^ banks and the city i - ' X " a banouet urad NEW YORK fAP'i—The stock market made moderate trading ernoon. States in March of 1899. He affairs. It is not necessary to be Gains of fractions to about a worked as a miner for the Oliver' a member of the VFW in order in lhe ca f e t er ia of the J E Mur- point prevailed among many Mining Co. and later worked for) to take advantage of this service : D . 1V Sc > 100 i a » «urlev key stocks but there was also the Butler Bros. Co. of Duluth. Renstrom noted. S over 80 employes of the dis- a liberal assortment of losers. He retired in 1945. ! trict ancl several guests, includ- The list was mixed in early Englund was married to Anna — trading and began to move 'Maria Hokanson. Feb. 16. 1914 ahead cautiously later in the s . ne died A P' -il 10 - 1932 - He mar- morning riec ' Agcla Carlson on Dec. 24 Caution prevailed because of j^ and she died °» March 28 ' the Memorial Day weekend. The 19 ° 5> . market will be closed Monday.: Survivors include a daughter. Autos, unchanged at the start.' Mrs. wllla rd Nordin. Downey: Memorial Day Senate Rescues Closings Told u n , „.,, Home Rule Bill Supt. R. Ernest Dear has an-| nounced that all schools in the Ironwood School District will be closed Monday, May 31. in observance of Memorial Day. Most retail stores will also be closed on this day, the Ironwood Cham- By DICK BARNES Associated Press Writer LANSING (AP)—Last-minute compromises rescued county Hospital Notes GRAND VIEW. Admitted: Thursday: Verner Lorenson, 606 i Lakf St., medical; Taisto Silvo- ! nen. Hurley, Mrs. William E. Ol- ! son. 730 Hedin Ave., surgery. ! Discharged Thursday: Stephen) Fisher, Sam Fontecchio, Mrs. i Thomas Lauzon, Mrs. Wilb e r t Haanpaa, Ironwood. DIVINE INFANT, Wakefield. ton* rute from Senate death Admitted Thursday:' Ten, MU£ Tlvtrtrtav anri eorvf thp am a antr. ! ,„ . _ J »<-*»j *Ji v College Plans Are Discussed By 2 Boards The Ironwood Board of Educa- were honored! a L WU1 ^th banks and the city Thursday and sent the area gov- i ingst:on Bergland, acci dent:! «°n, at a special meeting Thurs- J:--:. ":"_,™ offices at the Ironwood Me- ernuirnt measure to the House' Mr , Rnvmn r 1r . p^- ».«,,.„„;'' . day evenins with the newlv elect- morial Buildin 8- Payment Needed iOn GI Insurance ing former superintendents J. E Muiphy and H. F. Connors, paid tribute to Alphonse Ri c e 11 i, high school commercial instructor, Mrs. Julia Kasten, Saxon grade school teacher; Stanley Barto. head custodian at the' street Murphy School, and Mrs. Meril-| ec j at ' Ironwood Men Severely Hurt In Car Mishap measure , t0 the House i Mrs - Raymond Pete, , with 2b-ll approval. Acting after an earlier defeat of the defeat of the bill, sena- , , da y evening with the newly elect- Mrs. Mary Bertolas, Anton Wo- ; ed Gogebic Community College drac'i-:a, Bessemer, Joseph Smith ! Board of Trustees, decided after Ironwood, John Hartmann Sax- ' Ier >gthy discussion to turn over tors reconsidered the Vote and on, Mrs. Mary Kangas Wake- the administration of the college approved it with amendments ! field, medical. ' j to the new board, after the latwhich: ! Discharged Thursday Mrs ter nas demonstrated that all —Eliminated the possibility a; Margaret Rigotti Iron Belt' arran gements have been, taken single municipality could veto i Mrs. Albert Anderson Mrs care of in order to assure * county service plans. Conrad Nelson and da'ugh't e r i smo °th transition of power from Alvin Ohman. 71. of 518 Houk , -Cocked out a provision bas- Mw Raymond Sibley, W a k e^, on ^ ^up to the other , . . , . were ahead on balance. Steels, °, a f - : a son Kenneth Englund Some veterans applying for da Paye tte. a cook at the Saxon several airlines, oils, electrical equip- : Betl ^ esda Md - a so » Eskll d iecl the new GI insurance which be-: Schuc / 6 ™ lal , . is hpinir trpat ' ln S a county charter commis- Infant Still for! doner on legislative districts. an ~ Permit count i' °P tion . A fl v wliether tlle drain commissioner: higher Mrs. Leonard Michaelson. Mrs. ment with their application. as she is nosp italized at Ash- The business news background c . llf l ord Larson and Mrs. Ade-, Robert M. FitzGerald. the Vet-: lan H. with injuries sustained in was regarded as mixed. It j n -> ]ia Rowe of Ironwood; Mrs. Har-jeraiis Administration rcg i o nat an auto acc i den t earlier this cludeci word of another loss in ^ fouthworth a , ' S- Cnarle s manager for Michigan. ex-j moptn . U.S. gold holdings and a de- P eMarte ' P"luth: Mrs Everett plained today that the insur-, speakers praised-the retirees cline in business loans at ma- Ta y lor - Minneapolis: Wil- ante cannot be processed unless for tnelr fai thful and devot e d, SKU1 . Iraci jor New York City banks. A rise mer JT ° n " s ° »• Hur ev: c ' ar - application is accompanied by serv)C , e and each of tne honored I authoritfes in construction awards and in e " ce Jo "? s(01 ?' Milwaukee: plus at teast one month's premium guests was presented with a' amnonues of ie eas t ctv limit of DoHce in Wake lce ln Wake - ments, building materials and;°" September 24, 1963. He is came available May 1 are for-, MrF . Pave tte, however, was un-i evenin»"on"ua7' one"'ha'lf m1ipl and register of deeds shall be '• office equipments were mostly ±° ™™ved ^step^hild^ Pliable to attend the festive affair! 3"^ onftupsn j °{| cv ffi^S elective or appointive. The compromises won two Republicans and six Democrats j Ohman'is reported to have se- over and su PP la "ted earlier I vere lacerations of the head 'Compiomise plans to make the j 'bill applicable only to counties; Workshop Slated For Waitresses and broken ribs, ONTONAGQN In so doing, the school board amended a resolution ado p t e d last Sept. 21 pertaining to t h e college which stated "and un- until such time as will be required for completion of a new building, the equipping of a new building and provision are made for personnel so that a smooth transition will be possible" to AWaitress :read as follows: of more than 400,000 population i Training Workshop will be con-' "And further that the I r o n- 19 consumer prices also was re- „_„_.,,„,,„,. „„ portea. giandchildren. The Associated Press average of 60 stocks at noon at 334.9 with industrials rails up .1 and utilities up .2. great- payment. Actually, it is for the; gift from the otner employes of veteran's own good, he sai d. tne district. Corsages and bou- .„. T " e bill apparently had lost ducted on June 3 at the Sham- wood Board of Education turn According to the police, oh-j suppl)ort Wednesday because of j rock Supper Club in Ontonagon 'over the administration and op- man was driving west on US-2! 3 ! 1 amendment and apparently lost control of i nici P alit ies giving to mu-1 announced K. J. Moilanen, Mich- erations of the Gogebic Commu- Funpral sprvirps will HP IIPIH cinno ti-, 0 no^i, ,-,0,,,-,-,™! ooc.,,,.00 u " c vlc>l '" v -'-- v""=n B i.a cum u« u anci apparently lost control of! ——»'""— «•"- »•&••" ™ -v-^^e to igan State University county ex- nity College to the newly elected th" "ii™ S™ ™,^ ?i" c TJ!l^^,? ay ^L ass ^ e _ s . tonnes also were the C ar, with the auto colliding i ac £fP' count y services - .„ h {tension director. I Board of Trustees at such time 1 The compromise provide that "Next to the chef, the wait- ! not before July 1, 1965, as such such veto can be overridden by! ress is the most important per- board of trustees of the college was UD 6 at the Salem Lutheran Church the insurance will become elfec- 1 n ' e " VetireTs bv Thomas La- Sth 0 "' wu " ine a T £ omain g Js UP 1' in Iromvood on Tuesday at n.tive immediately on approval. ! ^Ldt n behalf of the Hurlev'Sin « „ IT^ Prank S un P .2 a ' m - w»t»? the B?v Kenneth Ner- This resulted in settlement of jK ecunlb ' I %Z* ^"' n°f J^.S Sas ; katchewan, Canada, which was Tne Dow Jones industrial.'^ ""^""^ Burial will be at the first claim under the new Joh n Taylor, director of average rose 2.96 at noon to Kwei side Cemetery in Ir o n-. program. An Oklahoma disabled Boarci of EctU cation, gave 916.18. General Motors gained a full point, IBM rose 6, Xerox nearly •"" U Mnnrf"""fnr C "^V- a " c ' * l ° iaf '^'- omce ne na , a encios . ea i are greatly indebted to these four i and"finally"coming to "rest bv"a 3 and Polaroid (ex-dividend) 1 p ' m ' Monday for visitations. ja month's premium his new in-, crnD 1 oyes Vho have given years clump obSsTh^e car was 2 ' surancp hpr.arrtp. pffpr.tivp Mav i -« .,--, ! ^.i._ J !__ ^_ .. ,. _ ^' u "'v ui__uua.iico. _iiic _tm was the traveling east at the time, the 'ctj After hitting the Martin car, on a The averages were braked.: Ed WO fd J. Johnson however, by DuPont's 1-point: Edward J. loss - 72, of 236 W. Pfizer lost '/•> at 56 '' ' Of 29.500 shares ihomo, after a long illness. Prices were higher m mod- H e was born here Jan. .„. 111U erate trading on the American 1893 . In 1897 ne moved with Ws ; '^" Stock Exchange • j parents, the late Mr. and Mrs. Corporate and U.S. Treasury j Lar s P. Johnson to ^.^^^^r^^ C !^^^J^^'^^^^ The Martin car was only slightly damaged and the driver was nnrl nnp u;f>plf ana one weeic f^..^'...^:,,.^ 0 .^ 5 . ]ater 'jthat the satisfaction that has ; ^f ee ^ 1 come to them in the past and check i W jjj continue in the future will n_ »iu,uuu. ;be realized most in the appre- 13 n Tne correct amount to be re- clatlon of our people for t h e u. mittod is listed on Page 17 of , „ »i, DM «™»,i«,,»e ho,,« a majority vote of the govern-' son in a restaurant," said Moi- has — M ., „„„. „_„ ing bodies of all local units injlanen. "The waitress is a sales- that all legal problems have demonst rated the county. A complex alternative plan for drawing charter commissioner districts was replaced by a provision that an appointee of each major political party plus one circuit court judge from the county will draw the districts. Tlie bill in general provides not hurt, officers reported. Oh-l, at a count y's voters may call man and her interest, initiative ; been solved, that adequate finan- and ability are necessary for sat- i cial and fiscal arrange m e n t • isfied customers. ! have been made, and that the The workshop will begin at' necessary lease, arrangements, 9:30 a.m. and continue to 3:30 i teaching contracts and adminis- p.m. There will be no charge i trative arrangements can feasi- except for the cost of the noon' bly be made to assure a smooth luncheon, which will be part of I transition." the workshop program. Prior to the decision, board No reservations are necessary, ^ members and members of the man was charged with reckless I for a nome . rule charter, select I but Moilanen would like to hear 1 board of trustees discussed the driving, according to the report. I a cornm ission to frame it, and from waitresses or prospect! v e \ elementary necessities requir e d - . i goocl work these em P lQ y es have i Michigan state police assisted in ap P rove , " ie 20 n and fmrr of the DamnSet ! done with the boys and girls ° f ! the direction of traffic at ° f ™ 161 scene, it was reported. Stock . , • _. ., , j_, CTIO f_ , uuniiouii tu -rtcuv-ine, havp hpfm mntlpri tn vf»tprn n c ' "Ul cuinniuiui/}. bonds were mostly unchanged. M inn. The family returnee: here; FUzGerald Taid They can also! "' feel sufre { ^\ l spea , k forT , j in 1911 and Mr. Johnson had' be ohtained from any yVA o f S C e; everyone gathered here, when I! since then made his home nere. ; AI°O FitzQerald addedl s n me ' say lo our nonored S" ests WR i (He was married to Miss HuldaJ.veterans receiving compensa-! wlsh y ° U We " and h ° pe that Olson Nov. 3, 1914 in Iron-|tion or pension have applied for ! new insurance and , . the Legislative bodies in counties °f loss than 600,000 are limited NOON QUOTATIONS waitresses expecting to att e n d j for transition of administration the workshop. Topes for discussion will and how it should be carried out. in- Charles E. Gota, spokesman . . • - ——«—-••. ,.*»> •«*! -w-.i^ia^-ij *_j , v," \J\Jl^. , UJ-/\^rk V-UA i 1« *4 to nine members instead of the ! elude good grooming, greeti n g i for the board of trustees said it scores of supervisors who now| customers, order taking, work; was the desire of the group at compose some county governing habits, how to serve and others, j this particular meeting to find M'ss Gladys Knight, Michigan! out what the school board want- NEW YORK (AP) Following I was employed 17 years as a j ments. This can be done only is a selected list of stock tran- Dlacksmi th for the Montreal Min-l when the insurance is in fore's sactums on the New York Stocking Co a "d later operated a res-! and after the init i a 1 monthly Exchange at midday with net j taurant here for many years. He payment is paid in cash Once Are Scheduled for the program in\ eluded Alvin Haglund of t h e j school faculty and Vernerct' MASS — Nick Lukkarila, pres- principal of the Sax- j ident of the Maple Grove Cemetery Association, ann ounces Commissioners must be elect- j ed on a one-man, one-vote basis j except that counties of less than 1 million, except Wayne, can elect 25 per cent of their com- at large. Allied Ch A mean Arn Mot Am Tel & Tel Armour Beth Steel Briggs Mf CaJum H Ches & Ohio Chvysler Cities Service Consumers Pw Cont Can Copper Rng Dow Chem du Pont East Kod Ford Mot Gen Fds Gen Motors Gillette Goodrich Goodyear Inland Stl Int Bus Men Int Nick Int Tel & Tel Johns Man Kimb Clk LOF Glass Ligg & My Mead Cp Mont Ward PA RR Pfizer Repub Stl Sears Roeb Std Oil Ind Std Oil N J Un Carbide US Steel Wn Un Tel U—Up. D—Down. 51 V'a D 453/4 is wife, are j ".one son. Kenneth Johnson of ' Ironwood; one daughter. Mrs. ,,•: Andrew Orsoni of Hurley: one i , brother, Lester Johnson of De-! itroit: two sisters, Miss Emily, | Johnson of Ironwood and M r s. j 92U D 1/4 ! Henr >' Coffman of Chicago, and! 673/is D V t' four 8i~ a ndchildren. '• 49 7 a U ii ' Funeral services will be held, 771'/ rj i/ 4 i Tuesday at 2 p.m. at Salem Lu- . , ppery State University Extension spe-' ed to do and how they thought it cialist in hotel, restaurant a n d ! should be handled, resort management, will be pres-i Several suggestions came up in ent to assist. the course of the meeting, including the possibility of keeping the I college, at least for the next i school year, in the high school building, even if the truste e » its Area «** Work Will Be Displayed ; deductions. j~**O** T T w» w &vuv *ikv***tw*.iMA «-» t» ¥ 1 . .,. , - " HIT fill H 1PQ SlVTI CTC 1171 11 rllC"T^l o T( -«»**»«»«rfx.ktj \st. u\s\jl l UWC\*.UQ. H\J VV they shared and he al-j rites will be held at the Ceme- j Jreov ! ea b ^ counties under charter £S ^ ea a j ™™ w >" Jjf- ar ? ever, expressed the feeling that P 0-rr.nn olinut cnnin r,f U«,.,, »l«^,i«,, »»„., 01 «i. i riglliS. "»CJJ WU1JI 111 1116 annual a I D ',_!„„. »,,)_ „.{_..» - ,. . ., 69Vi- D 42Vi 37 1 B Bank School Is Featured (the fishing and hunting trips he! Then.- will not be a parade this I had made with Ricelli. Haglund , year. i wished both men "a very hap- |py retirement." i Do\vney said the Saxon School jhad never had a better teacher ! than Mrs. Kasten. He said the MARQUETTE—Upper Penin-, children respect and adore her 591'' n i' 'theran Church with the Rev. Ken- sula>s firs t banking school, spon- i and he also commented that she ._ __ . MMtt-. T 'xT Hun » n _**!_:_*.: i SOl'f^fl hv Wnrthorn Minhirrov* i hfl!5 al«'Q\rc hppn ar»ti^f*> in r»r\m_' 53Vi U 403/4 D 73 U 246Vs D 81 Vs D 56'/4 82Ts U 101 ' 36% 64</4 531/2 D 423/i 469 U 2V-: 90 D 5 /6 59'/8 D V 8 62-'>8 U Vs 52»/2 U 3/8 56 Vi D Vs 803/4 43\i D V 2 37 U Vs 42i/4 D '/a ) 1/4 J l-ii neth L. Nerenz officiating. sored by Northern Michigan has always been active in com- The Nyberg-Miller Mortu a r y ! University in cooperation with mtintty projects will be open for visitation begin-1 Grou P l of the Michigan Bank-! Mis. Payette, Downey said. Tuning at 4 p.m. Monday and un- ers Association, is featured in!has been "an excellent cook and Lukkarila said much work has been done at the cemetery during the last week so t h at the cemeter is inow in good condition. Dues will be collected at the cemetery on Sunday and Monciay. They can also be Man Is Arrested On Theft Charge exhibit to be held this evening . f° mr8ee ^l s 'J 11 ^ 1 confvey a bad from 4 to 9 and Saturday from lm Pression to the voters who 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Kelly voted-for the county-wide insti- Market Basket building on Riv-;, tlon and the nike in tax mil ' cr Street i 6*** The" exhibit will be open to the J .°,? tta said u was tne Deling public with no charge for admis- ° the trustees that they would sion. The show will include work want to take over tlie a dminis- of the Ontonagon High School tratlon of the college either this • • ' T "'" 1 or wait SB o s-«s"s^,rB». s^og*.»,„,«„ or^^^tsi w " h oth "!S^s;e?i^SoX^ »jroiiln «v *« «v.. „, i _* i^_ thp Hamilt.nn Cluh Mnntrpal n;ac al ^'olo UI ine area. ..j_,r. , .. yf^Lww LUC cemetery association. V?! til 12 noon Tuesday when the re- tne Mav issue o! the Midwestern j a loyal friend" during her 13 i mains will be taken to the! Banker - Published monthly by'years of service at the school. * J church to lie in state until thej tne ' Bankers Publishing Com- Making the presentations of pany of Milwaukee and New the gifts were Miss Mayme Ri- Yorlc City. ; gotti to Mrs. Kasten, Principal The two-week banking school, i Roland Van Slyke to Rice 11 i described as "highly successful" : ancl Thomas Morris to Barto. Maiila. or to any member of the the Hamilton Club, Montreal, was j arrested Thursday by the Iron 1 County Sheriff on a charge of ' stealing an air compressor from c n i the Cary Mine Property in Hur- serv e a The type of work to be de- middle of the school year, which picted will include oil and water would be next January, would colors, paintings, aery 1 ic P resent too many problems, lacquer, drawings, sketches pot- A de cision was finally reached itime of services. V4 Funerals oY'wie'n'-'liev on Mav'T ^^^ " """" ter y'- ceramics'Snd'oprart.' t ~" ^ wnen u was decid ed to hold a in the! A complaint was issued bv ; Jack Koivist o asks all artists few mi "utes recess to draw up Monday from l to i i ron County district attorney l ° displa y tneir work at this S.™ 801 .™?"-. ^ e members of is invited. } Alex Raineri against Gal i o t o : me E:^ g l e 5". E ^" sl ?" ?« b on information and belief that! both boards taking part. MRS. ROY C. JOHNSON ' y Jonnson uesunueci as "nigmy successtui" anci rnomas Morris to narto. : ^j,, „,„„! Mnnriov nin^r »»„,, *i I" »iiu'"jauun anu uenei mac; by the Bankers Association of- Van Slyke praised Ricelli as ; W J L,?," ^f „/«,",! ,VJ^^- 3 , ' he did steal and concealthe com-l IshDeminO'Bowmen fipinl'; urac liolrt licn.n TToh on "a fine. rl«/ 4-aanViaK 1 ' o«rf i •*" " e " ullle OI VIO18 rieilUl 1CK- nrpssmv Thp fnmnrpusnr ic tht> i _. ' . •* ficials, was held here Feb. 22 "a fine, dedicated teacher" and Mar. 5. ; said "the community as well as . According to William Rya n,' the school benefited from hav- KAMbAY— a unerai ^servic^^s, Ontonagon, president of "Group i ing him in its midst." He point"' " which is comprised of ed out that Ricelli has been a , n vith Anns rf«rfirf j u u died Wednesday were held this, ---- ... — _ . — ". i «" ujjpci i-ciuii.->uia uaiiKs, i n e morning at 9 at Christ the King (two-week session was the initial Catholic Church The Rev. Louis i pha(Se O f a two-year banking C. Cappo officiated and inter- | school for ' ° UTQC Peninsula banks, the leader in many community proj- i ects. i Riccelli has been employ e d ! by the district for 37 years. Bar-; A i nets* ASKS of small W**1M » I, pressor. The compressor is the c - . k . -.. ,. as co- original property of Claiencej rlfSt Meeting MOStS "jHalberg of Wakefield and is val- ONTONAGON — The Toma- 1 ued at $2,500. i hawk Bowmen of Ishpem i n •> Galioto was turned over to! were hosts for the first Uppe- the Iron County Sheriff's depart- ' Peninsula Field Archers Associa- men!; and bail was set by Iron|tio_ii meet Sunday, May 23. SI,000. THE WEATHER TKMI'KUATLUKS IX IltONWOOD Friday. Miiy 'In, HHI.1 Foi- 24 hr. period ending ;it 12 noon. 2 p.m. 45 10 p.m. :>5 R n.m. 33 4 p.m. 44 Midnight a5: B a.m :n B p.m. 42 2 a.m. M 10 a.m. :i4 8 p.m. 36 4 ;i.m. ;]3 12 noon 35 RcIati^ f e humidity 100 per font. 69% U 42>/4 D 77% U 132 U 50% U 431-8 o , wSftaev* ' Albert Payment Hike , _ i — 1 —^ — —•— «• h<A«ib» * JJ -^,7 !•*»** v>*uv**ub *w.t ui J *-fl.* t *J* *^L« I ( -• ' -i I— • — ..** v*«u*.***hj V»^» 4v '**'-'" r **»5*l*»-lIlUCli3^JlljIlC \_/IlLUI 1~ — :est ceme- lt) a nk s. The accelerated course ; to tor 18, Mrs. Kasten for 17 LANSING <AP) —Michigan's partment will transfer Galioto to agon Bowmen Club- Jerry Belon- i THE W'EATHFR ELSEWHERF gave bankers an opportun i t y' and Mrs. Payette for 13. counties are not getting enough Chicago with a deputy of the • gie. Terry Broemer Susie John- ; By THE ASSOCIATED PRPS« •'fnu R- 6 ii' C for acivanced study and re-i Supt. James Mezzano served money from federal payments department in an effort to locate; sou. Clarence Roehm Yvonne Hiirh Low Pr %! 1/4 i' gene Beissand Eu article was aug-| in concluding the program he : lands, Beissel and E U- , mented by photos of the speak- ; told the retirees: "It is with re- ; sa y s - ' as master of ceremonies and: n lieu of taxes ; on public forest the compressor. , Boehm. The next tournam e n t Albany, clear , Gov. George Romney • pa hoto was ordered by Judge will be held June 6 at Ir o n • Albuquerque, clear CHICAGO LIVESTOCK Fred Rosenberg, Plesh, Miss Rose Dellich, and Mrs. Anthony Plesch and Miss Kathleen Plesh of Flint. Re- Wicklund to return to the court!River. ; Atlanta clear ers and some of the class ses-: great that we say goodbye, but Romney released a copy of a i on Tuesday to either request or i Tne next meeting of the Bow- Bisrnarck clear 44 : sioiio. including one of Russell!with joy we wish you health, good: letter to U. S. Secretary of wave a preliminary hearing. ! men Club will be held June 3'Boiso clear 77 ! Adams, NMU's director of. busi- formne and pleasant d a y s Agriculture Orville Freeman A similar complaint was also: at the club house on M-64 AU^Bos ; or cloudy {P Hiffh Low Pr. 91 62 .52 81 50 81 64 Gemini CHICAGO (AP) --r- (USDA)- llatives an£ l friends from range, Hogs 6,500 butchers weak to 25 j communities also attended the' lower, instances 50 lower; 1-2 services. 190-22G Ib 22.00-22.25; 25 head at 22.35 and 115 head at 22.50; mixed 1-3 190r230 Ibs 21.25-22.00; 2-3 220-260 Ibs 20.50-21.25; 250-290 Ibs 20.00-20.50; 1-3 350-400 Ib sows 18.25-18.75; 400-500 Ibs 17.50-18.25; 2-3 500-600 Ibs 16.7517.75; boars 13.5-14.50, a few 15.00. Cattle 5,000; calves 15; ness and industrial programs, as'aheaci." (suggesting an upping of present signed against another per s o n i persons interested in archery Buffalo cloudv ^ihe works with the participants. Group singing was led by Mrs j payments. who is believed to be involved in! are invited to attend this meet ••'• Chicaeo cloudv '" LucilJc Dahl, with Miss Mary! The governor urged an in- the theft but who has not yet I ing. ''Cincinnati clear " Hambley playing the piano ac- crease in the payments to been apprehended. ' . , 72 65 29 56 55 51 48 Continued from Page One astronauts and long ne - Continued from Page One raise sorhe $4 million a year in new revenues — $2 million of which would go to the counties in which it was collected. Other tax bills remain on the calendar, including one to re- beer tax to $2.50 per rearrange sales and use companiment. Military Bill Is Approved "place them on a more realistic basis in accord wtih local prop-! I I erty tax practices." JOlUlSOn JSa ZKx ^s Sin-! Continue" •"•» '*** One I Cleveland, clear .. ! Denver, clear Des Moines, clear Detroit, clear . . ONTONAGON - The final H aI i b .?- nkSl Cl °" dy Slate of Officers Approved at Meet j\jj t-ob jaiiuo, in A JCVJCii JlaVU 111- **j^ * M n a t tv.,,* tir A «4.t. „«• creased 132 per cent between In detailing these items, John- meeting of the school year of: ™* *° l * h> ' aui 1953 and 1964, the governor re- son ? aid that first of all, "the the Parent-Teacher Associati o n ' ena ' Cleai b ° n of a uthorization for such ter steers strong to 50 higher:; ftoday .- McDivitt ancl White were _.., 16 loads prime 1,150-1,350 Ib: 1° S1 4V W^raft simulator e rty tax collection brackets reneal """"" out»iun«iauun iur suur During the simulated mission the use tax on food and nre-' military narclware as missiles rtoXf "K^r»r*i tfitt mir) TXTV^iirt urA-un .... . " Payments by the Forest Domini can people — and the was nel ^ a t the high schooldur- • HonoJUU1 ' clear Service for forest" lands have P e °P le of their sister republics ; in S which time a slate of officers 48 per cent he ~ do not wan t government by • was approved for the 1965-66 i extremists of either the left or I vear - numely, president. How- „ are the right " : arci Stephen: vice preside n t,; ^ n « Aa f3H' 5,L ea l aicra " and vessels •» ••^*«»*fc* ^•••**V Ay^l^W -tjlSlSV -It* j .. 4 *- * VJ »-»v/MVxlJ' J* | IV.1JVL7 f\\j 30.50-30.75; highest since De-: a " d run through everything O f true cash value. cember 1962; high choice and they are to do from tlme the prime 1,125-1,350 Ibs 29.50-30,25- coun tdown reached 30 minutes choicp' 1,000-1,350 Ibs 27.00-29.25: '• and tnen run through pro- mixed good and choice 1,000-1.-; ^dures for the 6 minutes of 300 Ibf 26.00-27.00; good 900-1,300 Tlta ," 2 -P° wered fl »8ht. Ibs 23150-26 * "" "" arugs - -S "s srs:™ s™s> =">;>• -ssrv-. BBS?* ^ propeity taxes on land value while the 77 48 75 M 58 38 57 39 73 44 70 51 90 66 72 42 82 74 68 50 .04 .19 .19 .01 .23 .02 T nl/1 / VIU 000 is $119 million more than the ' values '" Romney said. j Senate approved originally aixl j$99.4 million above what the • House wanted. But it ii la After that they were to prac- Gogebic "Rang" VeS"^^^'^ mi ' lion moro than President jtice some of the highlights of 7:3 0 Tuesday at the clubhousS T "" -"""""""* i the flight. i . The Upper Peninsula Class C-i ! D Tennis Tournament, scheduled ing prices unchanged; 70 per 01 better Grade A Whites CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO (AP) — Chicago! Mercantile Exchange — Butter Bessemer Man Gets steady; wholesale buying prices \*n i\ * T r £ ' |io IBKC piace tooay in wakeneid,; ^ • All unchanged; 93 score AA 58Va: w Ua Y s • >or ihett ! has been postponed until Sat- L/nVGfS ASKGa 91 A 581/8; 90 B 56%; 80 C 56V4; BESSEMER - Nestor Karvo- urday ' *-••*•**,»* ears 80 B5,7V4 ; 89 C 57V4. nen, Bessemer, was sentenced to ;Eggs steady; wholesale buy- Of I/I Hurley Postmaster Al Lor t i He said everyone also seeks Rolano Frohrip; secretary, Mrs ' ^os Angeles, cloudy 81 57 'an end to slaughter on tlie R u rt J' Saari - a "cl treasur e r : Louisvllle . cloudy .79 54 ,'treet," food and work and iMrs - Reino Tarvas. | Memphis, cloudy 83 65 peaceful nights, a constitutional J t ^'i 35 decided to spend an ad-' Ml? mi ' clear 81 77 government ancl, for the Domii;- ditional $100 toward a band in- JJ , 8 c tf' cloudv 66 41 icans. the chance to shape their strument and $300 was set aside i Mpls -" st ' p " cloudv 44 36 own course with help from' for Playground improveme n t. !?J ew ? rl ^ ans : cloudy 89 67 "sympathetic neighbors in heal- Func * s were also made avail it:?* XP[ K '' cloudv ing their wounds and negotiat- able { ' 01 ' reupholstery of t he; r, , Clty .- rain ing their divisions." furniture in the teacher',s lounge. :r m f ', c The President flew to his na- No further meetings will be Pnilad elphia, clear ve Tes 'or held Ulltil October - BESSEMER — Sheriff Axel ,E. Tenlen asks the cooperation Years legal holiday. ' ran .? ed to P ar ticipate in will be no city or rural and only special be delivered in t h e their utmost to avoid ac ^^ 4 . mrnqinn The post office lobby hours for JCcasion - U - Held TR ™' T ° REEK ~ Baccala "'- 8alr Lk. clear , ea e& " sfor the Trout Cveek San Diego, cloudy cidc-its over the Memoria Dav Memorial Day checks .28 .02 o r. arraignment in court 27'/ 2 ; mediums 23 ;j Thursday afternoon on a charge WASHINGTON (AP) - Presi- weekend"" "' """Monday will be from 8 to 10 25; dirties unquoted:,involving larceny, brought by dent Johnson has signed a bill; He notes that the sheriff's df>-! a ' m ' and froni 3:3 ° to 5:3 ° P- m [city police offjcers. Karvonen adding three years to the life of,partment will be workine fun > r • . „. j iS-b^^ f rms C0nt1 ' 01 a " d Dlsarma -i complement from Friday eve-i City Attorney Resigns LlCenSeS tO Wed I Northwestern Railwav Co varri "rhc n^' . ^ • '• " ln8 tlirou ^ 1 Monday, wilnno GRANDVILLK (API - Citing he said "I was first evoowd"in 'nV.TT' '"'"' f ^ OI " 1CI1 ^; UC1U ' j HANUE SKIES - • m " rt - »F£ % ™S^%&.~^^ZS$?^ ume °'"°L-^!!_ jjg- l u ^^ e -^r -S»^^!.«rS^ 5, 1861, Presid e n t prepared for that Sam T^fv^nJ! 1 ^ high sch001 auditorium. T h e ; Tampa, clear ... served for 5 wars as a ™m ^'' J ° hn Linna of Trinlty Lu-1 Washington, clear ber of the Texas ?Lu^nl" ther8r ' Church P resided - Com- Winnipeg, clear earlv in the centSv LeglSlatuie mencement exercises were held (M-Missing) eaiiy m me century. i Thm^dav evening at 8 in the t Carmen L. Dem-! RANGE SKIES 92 68 79 57 61 36 90 M 96 58 78 55 78 49 60 37 92 67 54 47 67 40 71 59 63 50 74 46 91 73 95 64 39 30 .43 .13 .02 .02 (cense has been made at the of- : Street intersection. Bess e m e 3. Vargovich,' port- that the angle-bars Denys Day Bari-1 been recovered and returned million for the agency's the period. t i had asked Shaw enduring value of our system of at Mlcn ' Tech i g e toe com- 3sm New " "" ' the meneemgpt address - .j f™*™'

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