Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on July 20, 1965 · Page 3
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 3

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 20, 1965
Page 3
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TUESDAY, JULY 20, 1965. IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN THREE Star Witness May Not Appear At Gaming Trial PONTIAC .AP« -The star prosecution witness agains; '>,{ men accused of operating 'a Ambling resort in suburban Madison Height'- has left the state and reporf.e-lly may not '•Plum for the onfning of the Ij'inl Thursday. Oakland Countv Prosecutor s. .'frozr.c Broiwon said the wit- :v.*ss. 29-year-oK1 Marparct Ali"n.' is in Nev Vurk Stie indicated !.o three emis- -aries wlio vi.sUed her there that she may no!, be on hand when the rnuoh-posVponi/.' tria! upens in Manisteo, he- said. Broflson saiti nsRisr.ani' prosc- v,;tor Jam>.'s 'Finn anc! two" slate police ot'.ueers t'ie\v io New York Friday ,ii':er Min.s Alien lailorj to appear for a cor.fe: ener on inc trial. Miss Alien wan a stenop;:r.- plier for Democratic members of (}-». state legislature whtn .siie assumef an jnclercover role for the state policr in 1963 to secure evidence against the alleged casino, the steren Assembly Club. The attractive brunette, posing as a gamble) 's girl friend, entered the club on two successive nights before it was raided in October, 1963 During an 11-day pretrial examination, Miss Allen named each of the defendants and testi- Cied about their part in the alleged conspiracy to violate the state gambling laws Two of the defendants had been identified earlier at a Senate investigating committee hearinr as members if the Detroit-ar^a Mafia, a :rime syndicate. The trial will be held in Man- istce because of a defense complaint that a fair hearing could not be obtained in Oakland County due to adverse publicity. One state police official indicated that even if Miss Allen fails to appear for tin trial, the testimony she submitted at the earlier hearing can be introduced as evidence. Bronson refused to disclose where Miss Allen was staying in New York or the reasons she advanced for possibly remaining away. After her role in the investigation was disclosed. Miss Allen war, criticized by some Democratic legislators for not telling them she was helping the state police. Later, \\-\z Democrats failed to rehire v>»r in the new legislative session, and she went to work for trord Motor Company. j Defense Attorney Carlton Roe-; rser of Pontiac contended Missi Allen's disappearance is "a publicity stunt to try Uiis case in the newspapers instead of in the courts." Roeser said nc Relieved Mis.s Allen will be on iv^nri when the trial, opens. "Certainly she "ias not been' ^(;at,a<~:iecl by anyone on oui side of tr;- 1 case.'' he ssid. "None of rny clients or >)ii.\cm- associated with them would go within 50, miles ol that girl," i HI:KE PIG, PIG!—Workmen at the Springtown, Tex., gasoline plant of the Lone Star Gas Co., use this 200-pound ball of rubber, called a pipeline pig, to clean product lines. The ball is put into a "pig launcher" at one end of the plant and acts as a squeegee to push out sludge and dirt collecting in the line. This end of the operation is called the "pig receiver." war — from aircraft carriers to self-propelled guns But they know better how and where and when to ambush us than we seem to know how. where and when to ambush them. The more Viet Cong we kill, the more of them come into the fight. Some hold the war can never be won on the battlefild by either side, and that the only answer to military stalemate is diplomatic bargaining. Some hold that diplomatic compromise would only postpone the issue. They feel that after a pause of a few months or years the Viet Cong would take over political power they have been unable so far to achieve by j ambush. , | This, in summary, is the present state of the war nobody knows the outcome of Library Receives Many New Books The Carnegie Library in Ironwood has added the follow! n g fiction books to .ts shelves dur- Vera Caspary, "Tourist Attrac- "Agrippa's Daugh'er" by HoW- tion" by Patrick Catling, "D-. ard Fast, "Potentatp" by Wil- Day in Paradise ' by Max Cat- liam Fennerton, 'Northern Af- to, "Tiger in Bert' by Max Cat-j fair" by D. K Findlay, "Tli« to, "Happy Medium' Lissa'Bridc" by Alex /Vir.tin, "Loyal- Charell, "Young fi-'orcees" byi Lissa Charell, "Lost Ancii F o u n d" by Ann Chldester,' "Goodbye Kate" by Billy Clark,' "Flight of the Cha-iots" by Jon' Cleary. "Forests of the Night" ing the month of July, it is an-] by Jon Cleary, 'The G r e e n librarian, Wil-jFJSkls of Eden" by Francis Clifford, "Rags of Glory" by Stuart Cloete, "Favorite Game" by Leonard Cohen, "Golden Vanity" by Lonnie ty Is My Butler. Honour" by Ewan nounced by the liam Sloggy: "Seasons of the Heart" by Mar| garet Abrams, "Sign Upon My Hand" by Marjorie Adler, "For Immediate Release" by Holl i s Alpert, "One Fat English m a n" by Amis Kingsley "Penelope" Anderson. "A New System 7e//s Payoff LAST VEGAS. >'cv <AP' — A new automated system called Project Count tells a casino by Benjamin Appel,! Kennerley's Husband" "The Golden Hammer" by Son-! abetn Corbett, ya Arcone Stephen Coulter -Shattered Glass" by Jean' "Birch Interval" Coleman, "Infinity of Mirrors"' owner exactly tew by Richard Condon "Premier" slot machine pays by Earl Conrad, "Anniversary" by Elizabeth Coioett "Lisa much each. by :crawford . " A stone Joanne Man, Yes" But it is obvious that we can *£**«™ ™W™ ^[^ by Daniel Curley. "Inconstant Daniels no longer win it with a checkbook alone. As scores 'of thou- by Christine Arnothy. "El Senor Season" by Sallv "But the system doesn't worfc against the player.' says Mike Eliz- Wegmann at San Diego, Calif., by who thought up the plan. "It 1 also tells the owner when the machine is not paying oft enough. Then he can increase the payoffs." Mechanical problems often on many items during our removal sale! AUTOMOTIVE ON-THE-CORNER Mansfield and Ayer Sts. Dial 932-0900 Convict Gets 10th Reprieve MONTGOMERY, Ala. (API — A man scheduled to die Friday in the state's electric chair has been given his 10th reprieve. Gov. George C. Wallace delayed execution of Leroy Taylor, 22, of Talladejja, until Aug. 20. The governor granted the stay to study arguments presented in a cleamency hearing Monday. Taylor, a Negro was sentenced to die in i%3 for drowning Cynthia Marie Hawkins, 7. 8oy/e Soys Viet Nam Conflict Is Most Bewildering of Wars sands more U.S troops make . , , , the long journey to Viet Nam,; fi aird, "The Land of Rumbelow what they do there will bring,'by Carlos Baker, "Theresa" by home to us all ; .the deepening! Frank price we must pay if we are to i achieve our purpose in this SSL 6 ^" %nW! 1 ^^? 8 ' "Shadow of a T.W" by Clyde change the regulated cash flow T r •• Landing Davis, " Tne Grail D } .. T , L ,. Deal> .. Llttle Brother Watching" Walter Dillon - "The Gentle. by B a b s 1 Wegmann says by Bord e n mixed-up land. Beatty Loses Cancer Battle By HAL BOYLIi - ion the war in Viet Nam if youi SAIGON, Soutn Viet Nam i have never been here, or if you 1 . iAPi — There is a time to stay i have been here 50 'lours, than if; want people to see me close," ! and a time to go. and my time you have been here 50 days or, Clyde Beatty used to say. -'I'll I Bassing, "W hen the !Went" by Robert Bateman. "Wind Off the Sf-a" by David 1 Beaty, "The Street Where the VENTURA. Calif. (AP. - "i'Heart Lies'; by Ludwig Bemel- Sk of iby Nicholas DiMinno. "Daughter Joshua" by Cecelia Bartholo- j P. Tn an JFf! [ *f* ' ^ inew. "Where's Annie" by Eileen i rvmnhMP "IraL Whitps Jiaase Jackson Donahue, A Summer Bird Cage" by ble, "Meeting Las' by Pertru Dumitriu. "The O 1 cl Man and Me" by Elaine Dundy. Hurricanes Much of Banana Crop n . , _. . MEDELLIN, Colombia (APi Davic Divine, : _ A third of tne banana crop in ry Jac k s o rr tne uraba area of northern My Name" by Colombia has been destroyed by recent hurricanes spokesmen for the growers say The storm hit the area last week. to leave South Viet Nam has come. At least for now. The way the war is going, however, none can probably, 50 months It is easier give them anything to have hard and clear views as: them everything. But t B to how it can be celled one thing...I won't I'll not give give that my The longer you stay here theilife." say how many who have served! more difficult it is to be surei And he. didn't, here for a while may be sum-; you understand what really is The famed wild-animal train- moned to come again 'going on, or whether any solu- er, his body criss-crossed with For this is the war nobodyition offered is the nght and sat- claw and fang marks from 40 really knows. Most of us see; isfactory one. | years of facing death in the only fragments of it — even; Here are a few of the con-: ring, lost his battle Monday to those in high places on both, fusing things you run into in this; an inner enemy — cancer. He sides — and can only guess j most bewildering of wars: was 61 what final pattern will emerge.' The land is lovely, but it is Beatty, who was mauled more Before it Melts" ; "Spoils of the Victors" by Paul "A Thing | Edmondson. That Happens to You" by Evelyn ; "Deep is the Blue" by Max Berchman, "Those Har p e ri Ehrlich, "Panama Portrait" 1 Women" by Stephan Bir- j by Stanley Ellin. "Seconds" by mingham, "Against H e a v en's. David Ely, "Satan Have Pity" Hand" by Leonard Bishop,| Dy Martha Emmett, "Voyager; "The Boy in the Pool' by Ca-i Belsky" by Monroe E n g e 1, Helps Solve 3 Biggest FALSE TEETH Worries and Problems A little PASTEETH sprinkled on your dentures does n!I this: (1) Helps hold false teeth more firmly In place; (21 Holds them more comfortably; (31 Lets you bite up to 35'i harder without" discomfort. FASTEETH Powder is alkaline (non-acid).Won't "Machineries of Joy" by Ray Bradbury, "The Gay Place" hv wi History" by James Farr e 11, FASTEETH at all drug counters. Advt. The , Brinklev The Tvo Susans" bv But it is clear that many more j studded with millions of hidden . lnan 100 times in his career by wVilllm BrSle ° Wharf " Dath of Pe- Charles < Company Seeks FM j Station at Alpena WASHINGTON <APi — Mid-: western Broadcasting Co. has : filed an application ti construct! an FM station on 93.5 mega-j cycles at Alpena Mich., the Federal Communications Com-! mission said Monday ! ATHLETE'S FOOT HOW TO TREAT IT- | Apply InManl-drytnj; T-l-1.. Keel 11 lakr hold lo i-hrrk itch, hurnlng tn nitnutr^. In :i lo T> rta v v Infected skin -ilouRh-* off. Then «alch III-IAI.TII V skin re place It! If not pleased IN OMC HOUR. your IHr bark at nnr drujf store. TO- : DA V at I ran wood J'hurmucy. | American tears and much more, bamboo and steel spike traps, ij on s and tigers, lost most of his American blood will be shed'that will rip an unwary foot' stomach in an operation in *"'" before the situation is ended by i through the bone. i 964 But a political agreement or a bat- The people seem, on the tlefieild conclusion. whole, friendly to the American We are no longer a referee or outsider. But a cousin of the an umpire in a foreign civil j smiling little boy you pat on the struggle. We are no merely ^Jjscr^ WJ^are g jrc: yo^bUlct^^,,.^ ^ ^ ^ home , but refused> announce .. Textures of Life ,, by Hortense _ng Touch" by Brigid Brophy, last April on Long "Brother, Whic ., with two and three Robert Brown, "A , Fool th the ne suffered a nhvn Cao loneer head this mnrninp mav hlnw nn ne buiieieu a. non Dy James cam, 1 w o ; ' hemorrhage and returned to his o'clock Sun" by Uobert Cairns, porters of the side we favor. We previous wars. The enemy is are military participants and! before you, beside you, and be- will become so in fuller meas-jhind you. There is no absolute ure. Now we than cash. must supply more Our Now we must pro- their test to tell friend from foe. side holds the big side holds most of the vide both backbone ^nct muscle countryside. But they have fifth if we propose to continue here, columns in every city, and we And it would help the situation '• are trying to infiltrate the land if we were to rea'ize this fully j areas they run. ourselves. | Our side has all thr necessary i It is easier to be an authority big weapons to win an orthodox; his retirement, saying "I'll nev- calisher, "Block Busters" by er quit." ; Lou Cameron, "Limbo Line" by He was hospitalized two Victor Canning, "Explosion in weeks ago. Only a nurse was the Cathedral" by Alejo Carpen- with him when he died. His wife ter, "Fortune in Dimes" by Jane had just left, after he Mary Carter. j "A Chosen Sparrow" by semed va ' LQANS VISIT OUR LOAN OFFICE AND DISCUSS YOUR NEEDS WE LEND $50 TO $1,000. EASY TERMS TO SUIT YOUR BUDGET PEOPLES LOAN SYSTEM Located Across from St. James Hotel S. Suffolk St. Iron wood Ph. 932-5100 EASY BUDGET TERMS DO LxJ [/nor? DU DO SMS WIH II '15 nYMODIK It's summertime! And time for great summer savings at your Plymouth Dealer's. Sky-high trades on all '65 Plymouths. Give in to your wanderlust and go ... in a '65 Barracuda ! SECOND BIG WEEK! STOCK SLASHING SALE Savings of 40% to 80% on an inventory of $15,000! Women's, Men's, Children's footwear with prices slashed to the bone! SAVE! SAVE! WOMEN'S & TEENS' FOOTWEAR Reg. to 7.99 In this huge group are heels and flats. Most colors, sizes and widths. S' WOMEN'S FOOTWEAR REG. TO 14.99 All in this group are spring and summer styles . . . right up-to-the minute patterns. $ 6.73 TEENAGE FLATS PLUS SOME HEELS Reg. to 12.99 In the lot are pinks, light blues, white, blacks. Beautiful shoes, all this season's. $ 3.84 WOMEN'S FOOTWEAR REG. TO 14.99 Red Cross, Paradise Kittens, loads to choose from. All sizes and widths in this lot. $ 7.69 LOTS OF GOOD LATE-MODEL USED CARS, TOO! 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