Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 24, 1927 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 24, 1927
Page 3
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- tkp an the .ML».som-J' i»aeif!c !• InaSii, where! they 'iitersect with Nor ^i EJni street, \ven> biiri'irl < latAjteaterdajr in a fir • ol unknown OHi ^l Iwhicli JKare the fire ilejiart- nieilv arun.' -rrCTomniencini; Monday moruinK, - old fashiojUMlJ Hoin^made « ^renl; .large single , 2^ nd double - 1(MM^; made .^with mifk. 10c. lola, . •iMmtrpe.- Gag, .Alildred. Ba .vard. ^ ;Qi^va, L^ne.EIm. Colon.v. Carlyle. ; t /BMi^n, MoriiD. ElHiijore.—Ottens • i Athraiice copicR o( the Security NewH <lue tor general circulatiou Jahtiar>- l, 1928, k U owh the cut of lif. -K. Hitchcock, of lolii, Kansas distinct TuanaKer. as being llfih in C proil^otlon of Juvenile busineis» in 'g lhe-.nnited^tate« for the month of Ktiapmbor. Thu« I r lola put on-the map .kit a good place to do buslneHii ill t^e insurance fleld. Mr. Hitch- cAck ^alBO showed a high production ^n all the Diher forms of pro- tectiftn written by ihe Security Hen«*^t .Assdfiatlon. Christnias. for Dad, K. V. Cary 81ia«>§% the T*|iaty:|iS^ aid. went to- vSansas City JlJ|i«!j aidralnr; Xo itiMlergo' an oper^tMn on hi* *ye. .He -will -it* .-hame .to- nitsht or-tomorrow.. Steffnn 'H Fruit Cake U-i»-Creanii, lu Hrick. the ideal de»8brt for the" Christmas dinner. We dtiiver just —Order a briefc of Steflen's Kruit j wh«n .von want H. Palace (>rwg Co. Cake li-e Cream for .vour Christ- 1 mas dinner, o»i- quait (:ri'k. We; :.Miss Ciealini Crumiiacker. a stu- delivpr. I 'aliicc DruR Co. -. • <lent at Bethany CoIiej:c at Linds-! I . - - UivK. K:ins.. and 6ouald Cruni- Mbjs Margaret Keilty came packer, of Cbanute. are Christmas home la.'jt nigh! from City, .Kueisfs of their mother, M«"«. B. Mo., to s])end the holida.vs with iter , Crniniiackei. of the Palace Hot«/l. parents. Mr. and'Mrs. Ira n. Kel-I — ley and family. She will remain -^-Pniit Cake Ice Cream, mail". until after Xcw YearV. : ' by Steffen of Wichita, la the hrick. — .;50c. Place your order and we wll! —Dr. A. B. Twadell. Osteopath.' deliver-when you sav the ^ word. New Globe Bldg. Phone 191. Mrs, Mildred Fisher, of Okla- hi*^, is siiendluR the holidays with Mrs. Sarah Cumniings. of 602 South Cotton.wood street. —O. L. Cox. .M. n. Specialist, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat, • ! Palace Drug Co. ] Mr. and Mrs. Ptiney Elliott and iaby daughter. Rose Marie, of t^veuworth. Kans., are visiting in tiie ,honie of (Mr, Elliott's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H.ElHott and lam- ily of 524 East Jack.son ajvenue, and of Mrs. Elliott's 'grandmother. Mrs, I Tom OHbor|ie and (amijy of 701 The dining room at the Hotel South Sycamore street.; Portland will be closed all ' next | — week while being redecorated. A, —We pay ^% on Full Paid and bin Christmas dinner will be served Installment Stock, The best invest- Sunday. Christmas da.v. however.' , ment: the best luetbod to save. -— : 1 8««nirlty BIdir. it: Lopn Ai «Jiorlatlon< ^4 loll* Knn<ia<i. ChMRiKbi Will CUse ilHiiftwi«e Ppo- gfum tvr 'tHirfetaiaM-^H;. I'ajne JltnimTM (raw Aatn \fvU 4««tv-{i«eisi NMe< HUMBOLDT. . Dec.i 23. - , .Mrs. F. I,. B. LEATELL, M. 1). Special attention given Diseases of ColoD and Itectum. Electro-Physiotherapy Office lola State Bank BIdg.i; Phones—1-17 and 7(l.^ p.« «:•« • • • • • » • i • •;• -—tost chance for • GIvei "felecirical Gifts Motwr and the whole (family. Htect^Vic and Plumbing Co. - " i • . — . ) V Mrs. Elliot II. White. <if Chicago^ a.rrlwd on the noon tniln today for 1^ Christmas visit with her Wr- i • <'nt8.;.Mr. and Mrs. E. ». SioUBhIll. of SljS- Ea3t >itrrei. i ,j , - • j .»II^S j\tir%' cit-iifit ; -—tjommenclng .Monday morninR, I Cherryvalc. Kans.. yesterday igpodj olll fashioned Homemade |spend Christma.s with her brother. Bjppafl, large single and doiible " lOaVcB, Wade with milk. Htc lola. lJ»li^rpe. - Gas. Mildred. Bayard. Gjeni^'a. Lone Kim. Colony. Carlyle. * Bron^on. Moran. Klsnmre.-.Otten's Bakery. Mr. and Mrs. Karl Oe.denbeuder •(will spend Christmas with the for*., I mer's parents. .Mr. and Mrs. .1. H. • 1 Bedenbender of Geneva. They will • relufn home Monday. Miss Alice Hendricks went '.r large single and double Homer, Hendricks and famil.v. She • will be home ftlonday. -i^Dr. Montgomery, Chiropractor. Tola Laundry Bldg. Plione YiS. We know Bakery Products are good, ' But Have « You Tried Ours? VA.N HOOZERS. Hickman comes One of the beat-descriptions lif Edwanl Mary Holt,"l/08 Angeles school teacher, bef< at the school wflh the slateme'it that .Marli an aiilo accident. It wasbecausj- of this Kcijry liat .Mrs. Hoi girl to go away with Hickman. This phot inquest, with Coroner Frank .Nance i|iu Krloiiing her. Denlh 01' ykrn. llartlia .1. Uoody. Mrs. .\laitha .1. Woody passnd away this morning at 7:.'!0 o'cloqk at the home of her daughter. .Mw. A. Spcegie, south of the city. The funeral arrangements will ik- uiinounced in a.later edition of the Kejiister. K]izaheth Orton, motheir of Ur. O. L. Orton of this city, dle-i :n thii houic here Wednesday m-irniuir. December 21, after a linKtriug i.ess. She was over 80 years old; and has been vei-y frail sinr^: siu- has resided In Hnmlxridt. Fuuernl s<i vices were .uoUl' at the Method-j ibt church today at 2:30 p. m. by Dr. B. F. Gaitii-r. of Ft. Scot. In- tormeut will in Denver. Colo. Mrs. E. H. L .J tcbiicb eri.rrtaln- t-d at a bridge ,t<r. in honor 01 .Mi.-s Mary/I^ulse Aaius today Sixtfcn i guests were present. » Mrs. l.».'itz- j bach was assisted by her daughter.' M!sfc Gertrude, who has Just re-| turned from War|l ' Belmont at • Nai^hvllie. Tenn. \ -Mrs. filailys Clark Aylers Is here for the holidays at the home of her |liarc:n!s. .Mr. and Mrs. Bert Clark. A. G. Googin came- from .leflti-- son crity. Mo., this morning and 1 Jth Mrs.; ,,.„ u,,,, ,,, rtiJMiTin who came feveral days ago " "at the home of Mr. and Mi.s. Tracy Garvie. They .will romnin in, Hunii.oldt until after the holidays,; , %'nrlstmas is bcinje ; (diserved in i . . 'a fitting manner at; the different' unsiiu. Accident. | churches. Tonight i an attractive, Cain. A. K. Sf^Oup w:is the vie-j profcram is being pntr on at the; SPECIAL SUNDAY cm«iSTMAS fipWER 12:00 to 2rtS50 .6 :00 lo 7:30 |j, .(•UISP CKLi'.ilY ^TTHEX OLIVES CREAHI OF TOMATO SOl-P ROAST TURKEY-(Cranb-rry Sauc. i BAKEiK Wl'NG HE.N (S:!?:^ mesSine:) RO.AST GOOSE .(Oyster !i :u6siiDg) ROAST LOT? QF PORK ( Sauce) ROAST D():\rKSjTlC DCCJC fColcry Drfesilggi ASPARAGUS O.N TOAMT SCALLOPED T0MA031H6 POTATOES AC CSlATEX HOT TEA ROLLS LMPERIAL S.U,An CMUNGP SHBatttBfr • • 1«SSERT ' Hot Mince Pie - Pumpkin Pie—life Cr^um and Qate j. (•ofreP—Tea- Jink— cocoa ' . '\ X'OillCE.- ^ Dining room will be iMosed after,dnnday uatiltiie fOlTovllf^ Sunday In order to rei^corate. SfieVlil Siriidliy Mnno: Yenrs l »»r. . :^ . n'» father had b • " " 1 1 lowed thej shows her t;-.-<tlfying at the An tini ycslerdiiy uf ,a peii uliar accident. He WHS repairlite his lime'a Chrisinias cantata will be given crusher' while at work] three miles eats of Co a cold chisel between two wl(icli was wedged cii.stingi- flfpl?.;d out. oije fiipb a water- Mliis Margaret .McVey. an<l liftle.j n ec<3i 'Ellen Hobson. went to Bartl jsvllle. Okla.. today to Christmas with rels'tives. 5- end out a box of .lohnstoti's Chofplates. We (Ieliv<T. Palace Dhii: Co. M f'. Frei a. ilj I to R Jend Mtev , Jid " .Mr.'and .Mrs. Tom Hill, of lienr.v- ntta. i)kla.. are here for a Christmas visit with tilt' hitter's parpnt.s. spend (Mr. ;ind l\Iis. L. F. Hall, oil «!« i-Norlh Washinstoii avenue. Mrs. .loanna Achgill. of Coffey- j ville. Kans.. came to<la.v to visit , , ,. her mother. Mrs. 0. C. Parlasca.! "»•-'•«" and sister. Miss Clara Parlasca. of, I^allarpe. over Christmas and the ^ holidays. Ueiith 01' K. T. Sulleu|,'t!r, E. T. Sallenger died this Muirnihg j anil .-trurk him on the B:3li o'clock at his ho...e. one j,, .s,„.ii ;, ^-uy that; a l< miles north of llie ^ ar,^., j. , x;,„ realizing Country Club". "' * ' " ments had been made-this noon at press hour. Anyone i melon steil between No funeral arraniu- 1 i.a,,,,, uu. CaptaMr w af«*'-ihis WDfk thinking; th< ! .Mr. and- .Mrs. Late Servey will 'arrive this eveninp in their <'ar from Aikansas City. Kan., for a 'visit with .Mrs. Serveys mother. Christ•• G C Haroir and daushter.J Mrs. .\. F. Chastain. and for Christ- left todav for Oewev. Okla.;'",""' «l'»n"'- «'"> Serv|-y s sis-, ?nd Christmas w;th, tiieir.lsis- ter. Mrs. II. L. .McNi.l iinil family. - ' ul aunt. Mrs. .Mamie Harding. , . ' ~ j_ I . Dr. and Mrs. .I. K. Chastain went c •^'i would su«>ii stop, but: as I siring to know Hbout the funeiai ' h^. ,ir„ve k , a doctors o -Super V. Power 4r, volt drv cell '»»>• Adams and Hesser j, „.as found necessarv t 15 Biilteries. il'.t:.. S Malconi. 219 "f"' slitdie- South .stre..t.' jister^MoiMhi.v. Miss M :.rven7 Wheelock. of i , ^''A »«»' •^!,'-«-. )V. A Davis and Cli.rrvvale. Kans.. is a Christmas «auBlitev. Mildred, left toda.v for u .iesi of h-r .oiLsin. Mr.^. Iva Hole-• ""• • «>'«^"'' < hrist- S-'d knst street. "'•''^ '"<'"'''• .mas with their son and tc. W. n .ivis and laniil.v. WIMIIlli. • disainii present ahly xv. aiii! I'm- a prilt; * * i » « *• '* * * —»r. Lucv E. Poison, thiroprac- •« Kansas Cit.v. Mo., today to spend tor ^-drthrip Bldg. Phone 326. Ichnstmis. They .xpect i •1 Fort 1 Mi;5.'! Klsie Coonrod. of Siiott^ was in lola today eiiroute to Havaji^. Kans.. to spend Christmas with lier parents. Mr. and e ; H. Coonrod. Alr«. Hi>h - brought (ler oiev in her < ar. .Monday'.! to let urn .Mrs. Orliin Suiideis. of Walla Walla., Wash., who hits In-en 1 visiting in ' Ihe home of liis <-ousIns. .Mrs.. IX Well.s family, of .:'.2 l ' South •' iOak street, and .Mr.s. K. W. Stroife < and family, of Tit! North Walnm " street, left yesterday for a visit 1 CIIRISTM.A.S HOl'KS AT COOK'S We win he open Christ- inns i;»y from SjSft a. m. until 1 p. m.: and from 4 :i"i p. m. until la p- .ni. COOK'S DRCC. STtMtE . Attention O. f. S. -. • • -Special ineetins of Salem Chap- »iter Tiic-dav evening. Dei. '^1: con« I'erring of degrees: also special . Thursday, iltli. for iiislallatioii -if V officers.--.Icssie A. T^artels. Se<. * - ' • . •••• S. A. Caldv.eJl. of lirini.soii. was « in the Register office yesterday to -J, renew his suhscii|ition to the Old «!Home I'aper for auiither .vear. in order to Of Tour^re no y will follow Capl. Stroup i; :ikened by the lo si-ver:;l d-'y-"* he • sore lip." Christian church: tomorrow night on a Job oiiy. when at iiie Methodist church: and on' Siindav night an elaborate pageant • is to be presented at the Presi)y- i suddenly terian church. The latter is in the iorfn of a playlet and the music; is o dug supervised by Mrs. John iarkhurst. and the speaking parts ' by .Mis. B. B. Wise. A great deal; of t:me has been.given to this program, nud it is expected to he ivon pleasing. • l.!r. Payne is rallying from the. t(le fingers, lower lip iih cut an jwliat had lit on witli bleeding it did not jfice where li-ccident, *e suffered the first of: > lake two j till-, week when his car skidded In- j < lose llie '^i a hedge south of town <m the'; liiiriiiaiieiit : cliiiiii.te -Hiimbimt road. b[it for the cojjsider- s of blood will have It is vx- ' petted now that, he may be up b.v^ Ciiristnias day. "His shoulder is I vtiy painful, otherwise the bruises are >;eldins to the treatment at; the hospital. fEACE THIS CmiftSTMASTHHSi rf ' " • I May the Spirit of -th,* ebri.stma.sti.tle in its' de^iiiesi .stjnse be with you and |ts gift—.p^ace—remain tH rough many a vear. ': -r-Try our drive in battery .and . tirfe >ierVicedurins this cold weafli-,>^l'» relatives in Illinois y-r; . BoUinser Servicd Station. Christmns JMnner nt J-ewman's, naked Turkey. and Cliitk- en. with all the trininiins. ."•>•(. The Mr. and .Mrs. .lolin liiinis : Mri. M.= A. Bonewell is spending «l'«'n'l""-"""^ fi'lekwell' Chfi.^mas and the holida.vs with ' "' '•'""'^V'"Mr", and .porioj • iMrs .rilaywortli. of Emf Okla. ' : .Mr.s. Kdith Sellnian. of lola it. Mrs. M. K Franklin, of Blacks w.-II. Oklii . i-aine today-to spend Chri.-'imas with her pnrent.s, Mr. «:a<^<' »''" '»«' closed from l:.iO to o and Mrs. F. W. Bremer ami fam-; Christmas afternoiin. iiy. south of the city. — . ' - - Kligeiie Mulibard i.- r« jiorie of the niiinips. I .lames l..*'Valley. siiperinteiiileiit i)( the-scho<ils at Si. I'aiil. Kansas, left this morning for Des speHrtI nt Saunter Inni Turkey nnti G<»o.«^ Wniier Christ miu Pnr> Judge Edwards left this mm. Chanitte on the noon train to^pend 1 -jChrls^mds in thii- home of her, dflugtiter.-Mrsi Mary Butcher •Limll*-. Mr. Brownins is already - ^here* of acute illseasi -If .von want to luty or bnlld, •mill ^••«"''>- Kansas- City.'city or suburban pronert.v. The lola -I will come this evening to spend B„i),]|„g 4. Loa„ Association will Christmas in the home of hi.s aunt, -j^jj^ vou a loan, low Interest rate. I Mrs. C .j C. Ausherman and .Mr. • np commission. See G. E. Pees Walnut s^retar.v. at old ReglBter building: southwest corner of square. . --4 full Mne of .lohnston's CHoc -j '^"'"'erman. of 621 North _.olaf*j in Christntos packages. We',"""''^'- ' . ;wilr«;ladly delivei- to .-.nv address.i , ,. , , . 1 — i -Palaf Drug Co. ; '^.l^tr^^'^.^l^'rUii:^ 'p £'l^r::t:^ /T'" '''f^ T" i^Wt^ren PerhamTa student at the v'^U^in a,-P- T^i^ n^^^^ l^l^^l^T ^^''^^l ri ^M^hJ^lSrm^;^^"";'^^- ' •^B.Kempa.idfamily.of.l.South eed Products Co.. of ICast St. I.oiii.-'. c.;inie honif- vi-sU'rilay to -peiiii Christmas with his parents. Sif. and -Mrs.^ Cteorge Oi^or of the Odor (Jreenliouse. He will reiurii :o Ills, work .Monday uiglit 0:1 th^' Sunfipwer Siiecial. W. A. Woodruff left on the noon train today for fJlticrago where" he ' will spend Christnias with his son. Threnton Woodruff and faniily. pareijis. Mr. and ham.^ Mrs. C. K Per- S.vcaiuore street. She is a.ssistant K nuiniger in the fur department at Peck's in Kansas City. <"hrislmas Dinner at Krause's: -I' I It SAiiE - • ^ !• 'Have the children's garments :, * cleaned duritig the holida.>is. * a^dJiave them ready for file ' •* n^w teiin. .Sec our' ad in aiiotber part of tht* paper for pftrticnlars or call— . lOI-A liArXBBY CO. } Phone 102 , I). .M. Bixler and daughter. Miss Grate Bixjer. of Topeka. and -Mrs. G. R. Bixler and daughter Eloise _ of Tulsa. Okla:. are Christmas T„rkev. (Joose or Chi'ken. .lOc. guests in the home of .Mr. and -Mrs. D. B: McCarty and family, of 420 j Humboldt Council. 21S. SouUi Jefferson .tvenue. Df. an'd .Mrs. J. A. Spicer and famil.v. of Oklahoma, ami .Mr. IHoyd Daigh and family, of .Madison. Kansas, will spend Christmas,J I with -Mrs. M. M- Daigh. of 402 West Jackson avenue. of. I I Mr. and Mrs. Lester Lee and * Stanley Lee drove to Wichita this ' mornlnfe where ^ey will visit with " • relatives over Christmas. the Security Benefit association, is I A. Woodruff, of Rediands. Calif., plunning a booster meeting at j who i.s attending scliool at tlie'jg Kansas State Agricultural College, il'* ' M^ss Elma Siiyiler is expected , here this evening to spend Christ- 1 with her parents. .Mr. and', Fu.ssman Hall Monday night when a large class will be admitted vo, membership.' ,The members of the. lola "iodse have/been invited to at-j I tend the meeting. , mas I .Mrs. II. A. Snyder. -For !!i3.->.00 Kewiird! arrest and conviction is spending the Christmas holidays with the family of his uncle. W. A. •Woodruff. fl21 South Washington avenue. ofi r 'ivMi^. R. W. Hods's add son. Diel-j' Hiiyone caught stealing from any member of No. 214. A. T. A.. Car- .Mr. and .Mrs. Ivan Benjamin, of ,.|y:e. Kans. IL jiier.JOf Moran. went to Havana, l„„er's narenis Mr -Kans,, today to .spend ^^Urlstmas /^f f*^ '"'"«r^^ •'".''^^^^^^^ .wiS^ their . mother aud Rratid- ^'^^ ;'' ^^^^^^^ niothjPT. Mrs. .t. h : Hunefelt. , W asH|ngton. avcniie. Montana, are visitin;; in th* .Mr home and ;orth ; —'t )r.. J. T. Reld, iX-iray. Phone JS?. Surgery and! r .sl A. A. EIUBi- is riiporte<l ill ;in the home of her daughter. Mrs. 11. A. Snyder. 52:t Soiitb Sycamore street. it { H. F. Hiti-hcoik. district manager of tlie S. B. A., was in .M i I t dred Thursday on bu.iiness and attended the .MIldrM Council meeting in the evening. William Dreli-' . j er and -Max Barnbart also attended J. E. Childress, of Pleasanton. is ; the meeting. Most of the paveu here to spend the holida.vs M-lth j road is 'comp'.eted between Moran .Tud .Mildired. A few days more favorable weather and the job can be .eompleibd. OURTHOUGHTSAT ;.'). out io our ciioirltdgV Ut jinaptrifit U> i • frieiidn to winh each one of them >lr^ th-elii prdblems—Aiffhi for their Uds for nappu oHsociatious aud^ Hi their material iieedis. mi We thank you for past pat- nape anil solicit your con- I nation of same. ri ti 1928 : Once again tht* Chn-stmas «?eason i.s upon us.iand 1 we pause for a mortlent to think serioufllyof ;^fife,^ of what it mean.s to,'us, of it8 ioyn and of its'sor- i row.s. 1 - i Through.'the cIoud.s^of sorrowf.-, the ^-eaf joy of friendship .shines tl^ough, and I lik*- to think.of how mucli your frieQd.ship has mcaiit to me in our bu.sines.s-relation, j ^ It is with thi.s though in mind, therefor*;, that 1 am wi.shiing. for yoit and your-s a very; Merry Chiistmas arid a N^v Year brimful of ptio.'Jperity and happine.s.s. * ^^OSCOE BtCHAEP^N, BicJiardsoif Dry <Spwis JSisMfse ^1 mmimm his family. He has fi^enlemplo.ved at Pleasanton since Thanksgivinc' day. ' :SIr^ and Mrs-i Harold P. .Ausher- !f il,ain.r of: Cincinnati. 0)tio. Mill ur- .Mrs.* W. T.! Wood, of sn7 ; rive Jhis Jevening to;spend Christ- , si eet. went .0 Liberal. Kan- and Mrs, C. Ausherman. j^.^^^, ^„„.in.,aw. Charle ; ' James fEwlng. ;« student nt the'' Kaiutas Slate Tea«du'rp C-(dlege: at Smith. Miss Jfnnie Thoronian. of Oita- '^•r""''^'''-! wa^;;iiraVHve to spend a :Wlth-jhomefOllO«. • . j^.,^. ^.j,,, ,,^r brother. A. M. KeTirk to 'CONTUACTORS. ! Thoromai. and family, of .Ml Fast -grading and Gravelling North / OiUt Street, Jola. Kiiusas i-' Seistcd Pfioposals wi|l tie received bv t6e CJfe' Clerk on the City of Jnla..>^Kan^8. until; Nonn 12 o'clock : -.tao{i«iry .t. 192.S. for 'grading and i ^ ^stirlaeliiig with graveL.ihat portion i; of tlOrth Oak Street l.ving between : Ltito^Ip.jand Carpenter Streets in the •eitv of Tola, Kan-tai-s. • : 'Quantities ar|c as follows: Earth Excav^tlon^<t3 Cubic Yds. : iGravel, $59 .Cublc'^Vartte. The tote! Jenigth of iUie improve?; .ment i^* 627 feet. Depth of gravel. .-iS Jmihes. j ^All bids must be i aceompaiiicd -ivlth, 5 pirc^ot; o' tot^l >» -r- jnoiioyi; or a certified check on '"tunue responsible bank. - fti- pBUfins and specifications may be Ti 'soe^'at tlie office of the pity Engl- f ,' I'. B. U jJrcNIEL, '{ taalj ' . City Clerk. ; - •• l?hi; ' Jackson avenue. County Attorney KennethIFoust was a liiisiness visitor in 'Topeka today. John Card, who Is working-near Brownsville. Texas, is spending the holidavsi with his parenus. .Mr. and Mrs. G. R., Gard and family, of .•{<i2 Fast slret't. iMr. and -Mrs. Russell Bi;own. of Topeka. cume yesterday and Sliss Helen Gates, a student at Kansas- State Agricultural College at Manhattan, came Thursday, to spend Christmas with their parents. Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Gates.'of 217 South Colborn' street. Miss <;race Gates, ^fho Is attending the Kansas City Art Institute, will be here tonight, for a few days visit, Mr. and Mrs. Brown will also vi$lt his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Sara 'Brown, of 21S East Jackson-aT^n^e. - A NEW BEGINpC ChriMtnlax with all its attractinvn of cheer and happi}^}!^ addif e.r.e.u more with the knowledge that a few days hence we come to tlw opportutiitu of a new hp(fiHni»fi—t928. As we 'look to the future ive Jiave matiy plans to put in fonn to better serve the people of this commiDiitij in our line. C. £. McCarty & sio MERRY CHRISTMAS HAPPY NEW YEAR loin's P#PW^AR STORE rl St rit4i Greeting At Chistn^, pathwinil 3>/ |i »«15, <W til' ific Nnv: broad Year opens icidi. i|ft/o>;« «.s- all, oar thoughts §}, --ft jbo mch -of lOur f)-iends'io%i-:-l< tkem weii in-arl their evd^r,),-.'!. Tkatr •f'Ur j'ot'i- may^>^ fOi'^uM and jjour cares hiftiflceivus, isow Boli• iiai/ Gr^-e^iig -to y6u.

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