The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on June 8, 1894 · Page 1
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 1

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, June 8, 1894
Page 1
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. f ' I VOL. XVIII. NO. 7. CAR110LL, IOWA, FRIDAY, JtND 8, 1894. WHOLE NO. 897. GUILD'S Next Door west of postofflce. BOUGHT GUILD'S FOR SPOT One car load of the finest Dry Goods ever brought to Carroll. These goods were bought for a mere fraction of their value, and will be sold at unheard of low prices. We would advise every one in this county to avail themselves of this opportunity to get the best bargains ever 'presented to them. Bemember these are all seasonable goods and bought to supply the fine city, trade, such as Fayal Crepes, Empress Duck Suitings, French Organdie* and Javanai&e Lissis. But in order to appreciate these goods you will have to see them, and if you don't you will miss the biggest bargains of your life. latest novelties in Laces, in Black, White, Cream, Ecru and Butter Color, in Point Guipures, Point Venice, Bordeau and Chantilli. «i|m+ The following are a few of our bargains in warm weather dress goods: We have all the Good Printed Challies, 2^> Just half price for them. Fine new designs in Lawns, - 2^c., worth 7^c Best Renfrew Ginghans, dr. styles 5c., " lOc Fine Checked Nainsooks, - 5 c -» " Good Tennis Flannels, Imported Dotted Swiss, Imported French Organdies, Imported Javanaise Lissis, 5 c -» worth lOc 15c. In this lot there was one case of Children's and Infant's lace caps, which we will close out at a great bargain. And remember you will always save money by trading at Next door to postofflce. JOHN GUILD'S NEW DRY GOODS STORE. Kk f\ LICENSE OR NO LICENSE. TM COUHOIfc SPENDS A BUSY NIQHT TBT- INQ TO OBX TOQBTHKB BUT FAHJID. The question of fixing the amount to be paid by saloon men ia proving one ot no little importance. Monday evening the eity council attempted to solve tbe problem but alter several hours of nn- enooeosful work gave up in despair and adjourned until neit Monday evening, when it hopes to be able to see its way clearly to an agieement that will prove Mtietaotory to all. Tbe oity solicitor bad prepared tbe draft of an ordinance wbiob waa to provide tor the sale ot liquor within the in oorporated limits of the city of Carroll. Among elarge number ot stipulations there waa one requiring f 100 lo be paid 'into tbe oity treasury in addition to tbe •600 state tai. Around tbia Ibe interest of the meeting centered. The first amendment moved by Mr. Merchant waa to increase tbe additional fee from $100 to WOO. The yoaa were, Merchant and McNeil); nays, Trowbridge, Todd,Blob,, Ltewer, Hoetl and Bowler. The nail Amendment waa for 1800; yeaa, Merchant, s MoNeJII; naye, Trowbridge, Todd, Blob. •Liewer and Boiler, Boot! not voting. Tbe third amendment was for WOO; yeas, Trowbridge and Hoett; oaye, Me- Meill, Merchant, Todd, Liewer, Bowler eudRiob. Then a vote waa taken on $100, yoaa, Todd, Rich, Liewer and Bowler; nays, MoNeill, Merchant, Trowbridge, Boef». The ballot being a tie Major Paraoua voted nay. Another vote was called for on $200 wfciob roonlted aa tbe former, A motion to adjourn waa then voted down, Then * vote WM taken on a lei ot $30 pet mouth in addition to tbe state lei. Yeas, Hoett, Todd, Trowbridge and Bowler) wy», M*H*iM. Urnr, Rich wd Merchant. Tbe vote being a lie PAMNWI oeolhie»oUlutneuef»Ufe, A vote we* then taken on $18 por month. Yo«s, Blob, Todd, Trow bridge; nay», Msroueol, MoNeill, Bowfl, Liewer Tbe l«sl vote of the oojwion waa ou a Motion fiiint UwliOMis* at |20 par mouth iddlUwal, ¥«•§, Boitt, Todd, Trawbrldgo, BowUr; nayi, Mwrohanl, ud Uiou. The vote be- agoJa d««M»d ilia Ihe, ibis paint il boflame o? ideal Ibtl wwttotnow of goiliug together, for tboee who were in favor of a lower (ee bad done all that they would do in order to come to an agreement and declared that they were now going to atiok for $700 and the other fellowa aaid they would stay there four yeara before they would vote for a cent lower than $900. Had thoae who thought it beet to place the fee high been willing to com- promiee it would have been no difficult taek, but the other fellowe did not like to be taken by the noae and led np to the atandard eat by the other [side. At leaet they did not (eel like doing it all the aame night. Probably by Monday evening they may be educated np to the point and will be willing to oome to the rack and take their fodder. Tbe immovable* eaj $000 or nothing and no doubt but what the other fellowa will bave to anoonmb. BOHOOb Tbe city ooboole are oloeed for the summer vacation and teaohoro andpopila •re now free to eejoy the long real wbiob they bave rightfully earned by bard and earnest work. Tb» olnniog of Ibe echool year waa marked l»j » ppeoUl pro- f ram given at Musio ball byjtbe tMtobwa andeoholare, Aa there waa no graduating olaoo Ibis year an improvised program was gotten up without any opeoial object in view other than to keep ia line with tbe tradition that something be done at Ibe oloee ot aohool lo give tbe toaobera and Ibe pupils M opportunity to go OB drees parade. Tbia ia an observance, with aohool men, that is hoary with antiquity and a violation ot it would be to loMr down one of Ibe tradition* ot Ibe public schools, 89 ou Iboo* oooaeloe* every body goee to bear tbe children, eey their piaoso end thio year was H eioep. lioa, Mnaio hall wef crowded with • man of •weltering humanity fojr four long boms and tbe rootlet* crowd WM ill •I MAM on Ibe bard, ollff-baoked ohairo. BuMhen they wore our boyi tod girl* wbuvere on drees parade and ot oouroe we all fell a deep interest in tke« aud lited poUenlly until tbe ourlaio WM rung down for Ibe leii lime, When il WM orer Ibe large audience rapidly molted •way aud Arrived at home juel tl the vitobiog hour of twelve, wheu grave yards y*ws, only to rest nervously upon i pillow M tboughta ehaoad t«eb Her IB w OJNUJM • olntiv, like bubbles MU« vorWi, f»yiug, Wby, ob why, did not tU» dwlly book *|t«l MU the author of "Olame" before it waa imposed npon the public. Tbe muaio fnrniahed by the orobeetra and the vocal aoloe by Mieaea Kail and Bange were greatly enjoyed. The tambourine drill under the charge ot Miee Long wae very beautiful and proved a feature ot the enterainment. 1 be' 'Fairy Grotto' in charge of Miaa Stack waa one of the flneat tbinga ever preeented on the atage in our oity. It waa eimply beautiful and the snlbor's conception of the pure mnetbe ideal. "Life in Ancient Greece" waa the fln- eet thing on the program in aapeotooular eenee. The ladiea were ooetumed and the effect produced waa very pleasing. Mre. Ameut bad charge ot the young ladiee and ebonld be complimented on her taate and good judgment in arrang ing the atage aettinga and the general make up of the obaraotere. Tbe reoita liona by Miee Kail and Frank Preea were well received and were heartily enoord. Little Anita Heffelflnger, a wee tot, recited her oeleotioa like a little lady and acquitted hereelf much better than did eome of her older aoboolmatea. Miaa Blauftie Paltenon'e piano aolo waa well rendered and ahowed her to be quite an artiet. In fact the whole pro* gram waa good, with Ibe exception of "Olame," which waa a "fame." The boya did well iu their obaraotere, but obteuob obaraotera for a flrat olaee high aohool to turn out. Oar boya ebonld be educated above the ambition to rival tbeKlokapoo Indian ahow and for thai reaaon we are down on "Olame", Ha OAX'T HBLP IT. It our neighbor ou Main etreet not d*iet from gratifying bie dietorled imagination ba ia going to bring die- oredit npon the whole fraternity. Tbe way be preverioatea about Kann*book ie enough to diegraoe every editor in tbe elate. Ye god»! lialw: "Mm! we uot bave bean OM ot bio ttoy log trieodo f" Did you ever bear of bio eteying by any one end not play the traitor with him? It be over did w* will apologia* for all the ovil tbiugo we have aaid about but of all tbote who Uve bad or politioil relatlono with Matthew to no| one who will cot eay th«t be ia a traitor, wbooe mind U too «mftll to graop even (ho (r«gmeut« of truth Ikutt tut ordinary human being oouaiilereoommoaproporly lo nil. And Ibw for thio mooalrooity to arrogate unto biuiwlf tb* right to M| that wliolM appearicg in TBI gtHTWiii w«r« oolotod, Tb» id«a in too pteaump- j tnoue for one who hoe regtmid for common decency not to take ae an insult. No Hnngerford, what we aaid about the eohool entertainment wao true and it we were to give halt expree- eion to the dioparagiog remarke you made regarding it we might jnatly be held up by the thnmbe for criticism. But we are not traitora to atab a man in tbe dirk while we fawn before bie feet in daylight. OOUMTT NOBHAI<. Superintendent MoMabon ia at work arranging to give the teaobera ot tbe county a flret olaaa normal tbia year and will spare DO effort to make this abort training notioni one of especial interest to thn inncUrs ut tbe county. Tbe eoper niVuuitk>uv ia a practical school man, hav- iug been engaged in the work tor a nnm her ot years in tbe county. During tbio time be baa atndied tbe wanta ot the teachers ot tbe county and ia arranging Ibe work of the oeseion to make it ot practical interest to Iboee engaged in leaching. Histffort ia to make it a training school lor tbe teaohere and give each one attending eome thing that he can carry into the school "room and ae- aiet him in hie work. ' Tbe exeroiaea will be held at Ibe high eettool building in tbio oily, commencing Aug. 6 *od closing Aug. 17. Tbe following teeohera will bave charge of the eieroisM under tbe direction of tbe oonnty superintendent: Prof. E. L. Eeeley—Conductor and instructor in history. Prof. J. B. Ament—-Instructor in pedegogy. Prof. W. B. Atkinson—Instructor in BMthenutioo. Prof. F. B. Lenoeker—Instructor in geography. Miaa S. L. Oarrett-Instruotroae in Ikugoege. Prof. J. B, Smith — Instructor in pbyaiology and botany. A. J' Stone—Inalruotor in orlbogra- pby and reeding. Miosee Kail «nd Long will oouduot leoitatioue iu prinery work. Mioo Mabol aiMk will give praotlo^ tiqoHon iu grammar grade work. Oounuf WKPPINU. Next WedlMMhiey, June 18, Mr. «ud Hn. MtttbiM Muller will celebrate the lttt»tb ftouivtrfery ot their marriage, at I!M ro*id«uoe of their eon, John P. Mul- lor,i>wir Earlipfi Shelby county. Mr, MutWr i« w u*sW If. HUlM «nd If w. Muller ia au Hunt of John Nookele, and the latter will leave next Tueeday with bie family KI attend tbe celebration. It ia not often that golden weddings ooonr and Ihie occasion will be a notable one to tbia family that will gather next Wednesday to oalebrate the event. FIHK. About 10 o'clock Saturday tbe fire alarm WHS sounded and in a few moments the larger portion of tbe male citizens were ut tbe residence of H. JV. llacombnr where the fire was discovered in the coal shed. No damage was done to speak of as tbe fire department wai promptly on hand and soon bad the flames under control. . ArPJIKClATES TIIK UpYS. The following letter will need no explanation, but shows that tit. Macomber appreciates the good work done by our flre department at today's fire: CARROLL, IOWA, Juno 3, 1694. R. E. Ooburn, chief of the fire department, Carroll, Iowa: Dear Sir:—Uereinfiud a small check for the Carroll fire department aa a slight appreciation of the manner in which the boys got uround aud extinguished the flre which occured at wy place today. Hoping that thii fire department and its chief may flourl»h long and be happy, I am, Yours respectfully, H. W. MACQMUKH. Advertiaed Letters. The following, letters remain uncalled for at the postoftlou, June 4, IHS4. Unless delivered within thirty days from date they will bo forwarded to the dead letter office at Washington, 1). 0.: Helnrloh Buelt OUiu. L. Block It y J. W. Youii« MUs Julia Wolfe Mn, riora Tenofck Mn. Marr e, Mttter K. W. Ketch MM. Dobbin* MtM Manle Otvla. The law provide* that one cent shall be paid for all letters edvorlUed. When calling for same please state dato of ad- v«rtl»eiuout. Jwo. L, POWKHH, P. M. OMtleej in Ute Air. "Amid the airrlad troubl«» tut wMt us day br Who wuuld uot from l«e oonfllot a wowwl , u a rar-oft Ulrylauj, wh»r« nteu o» l>ur- mill away, ar-oft U wUlie our tear* and toll, iu 'Cantiet In ituob «ou«li, and U« toe* ou to *ui- i sort f f oMtie bulldiim ts a urewir ..... JM« folk*. Uow uianj a utau Is «l«k «u4 ittlteraulowbodrrau» M heatut and happl. nus. Iu Utls uiatiw «» bad JueU«r be 4ola« ilau dreaimuK. A'WUst shaU he do," rou a« «e»t tn«i aU sort niief for woi dnaiuiu Why, uke ur. to to Ust shall he do," rou , . i«oldeutMto»inUoi>v«rir , it ouroi aKeailous of throat and IUUKD, Inolpluiit uoiisuaiptloa, dlMrdered lt«*r, soreturoat. brououltts, Wbuii, cwtarrb, uloen, (urofulous tumor* aud nwelUtm, bad uloudi I *v»r cure. Wuv LOWKH 'ru*»i SKITOKS SKMTIKKI..—Will you pleaue tell u» why Ilia hog buyers In Oarrou will luuborlugoHlua? Monday. -, .. and 1 tulttphouoil to Gllddeu, after living offwttd If-W b) lh» Carroll buyers,«l»ul (•Itohtr'cOattorlae they would pa; In Glidden, and being offered 84.15 Mr. Thelu muiled his hogs from her« to Glidden and sold them on tbe market there. M. DONKLON. Tbe only reiteon we know of ia that tbe market at Chicago fell off 15 oento and the Olidden buyers were not onto tbe fact when they made tbe offer. .Oar- roll buyers always pay all the market will justify and no one oould ask more than that. Had the buyers at Oliddoai known that the Chicago market opened 15 cents lower that morning ee the Carroll buyers did they would not have made any each an offer. TOURIST EXCURSION TICKETS At reduced rates to tne principal summer resorts of the United States are now on sale via The Norih-Wustern Line. For particulars apply to agents Chicago A North- Western U'y. TBE VALE OFMINNHKAHTA Is the title of a beautifully Illustrates! booklet recently issued, descriptive of the Hot Springs, South Dakota, and the efficacy of their waters for tliu cure of rheumatism. neuralgU and kindred diseases. Copy of this pamphlet will bo mailed free by IF. A. Thrall, General, Passenger Agont.Chlcago & North-Western railway, Chicago, 111., upon receipt of request, en* closing two-cent ataiup, SARSAPARILLA .*UW*! lin *wly. a wtll-known buslntu otTWftlEoto. Va., wutf* tliU t«ithiuNi the uwrluot Airer'e Bui-aumrlll*: "Stn t«ua to oilmr Mtu ol the varluu* u>iiiu«lk'*, I btii KnStUg » euwiawM i'reit r«l 2 Mooud Iwltlo elnWutaa co«Tui«t« cur«. ••rtapurllla .......... _., i.O. AywftOo.,Low*U,MM» Ourttothtrt.wlll our* you

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