Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida on June 23, 1974 · Page 69
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Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida · Page 69

Panama City, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 23, 1974
Page 69
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8peelriuii/74 Sports Minl-Prorile WILLIE STARGELL: It This Hit Ytar to Bt MVP? Willie Stargell may be a perennial No. 2 for Mdst Valuable Player, but he's No. 1 on the Pittsburgh riraics. weneR wBsiofOB miD iiiB»poi wnen mi menu nQwuno wivnwniv am ei • piene> crash. Clemente had always been the Pirates' leader, but Stargell picked up the mantle and was the principal reason his team remained a strong contender.. .. Last year Stargell led the major leagues with 44 heme rune and 119 rune-btMsd- In, and posted a >2M hailing mark for the year. He expected to he named the league's MVP, but was nosed out by Cincinnati's Pete Rose. It was the third straight year he had been edged out ... Stargell admits being disappointed, but "I'm not the type who believes in bitterness," he says. He admires Rose and enlisted his help in plugging for research funds to fight sickle-cell anemia. He says Ms Interest m helping others OMinB HUM DM UireGUQft IM gOI IrOin INS RlUIIWr •no stsfnauiei. inoy gave*, mo NH erra •iiwu> MonandateeHngthatlsrwuMnotcomptam aooui my own vouonm, Because outers win worse off," he says. ... Stargell's weight is sometimes a drag on his speed, but what he lacks in natural speed he makes up for in hustle.... Stargell, 33, is a native of Earlsboro, Okla., and first demonstrated his slugging prowess in sandlot play. After playing on farm teams, he moved up to the big leagues in 1962.— By Barry Abrameon The Doctor Letolbu In iQCMONUClfOUfK! New Relief for Slipped Diak There's new hope for J slipped-dlsk sufferers. I Slipped disk (or ruptured or herniated disk) means that the cartilage cushion between the vertebrae has developed a "leak." A protein substance caHed chondromudn leaks out and presses on a nerve. The pain can be ex- eructating. Heretofore surgery was the remedy: The disk and its leaked substance were removed and the two vertebrae that the disk separated were fused together.... Mow there's a new proce- our*, uma uiwiiuiiucwofysis, ire onocuvo m about 80 percent of the cases. It consists of only one injection, right into the disk, of an enzyme ceneo cnymopepam moi is oenveo from Die papaya plant (it's very similar to meat tendor- izer). Tho enzyme dissolves the leaked protein substance, and the pressuro on the nerve is re- bluntly Flak BY JACK TIPPIT My mother Is more liberated than your mother." Heved. Is it safe? Yes, but ki about one percent of the cases there can be an allergic reaction to me enzyme. That is the reason that chemonucleoly­ sis is done in the operating room and not in the doctor's office.— By Erwin Di Cyan, Ph.D. The Diet Wttrii How to Keep Calories Low and Morale High A dieter sails along more confidently on a new regimen when morale is high—so avoid pitfalls that make morale sag. For instance: When you've eaten salty food that makes you drink more liquid than usual, skip weighing yourself the next day -salt retains water and you'll get discouraged when you see your increased weight.... After you start a new diet, take more walks, get more fresh air; you'll feel the morale-boosting effects of Increased blood circulation right away.. .. Turn your scales up two pounds so you'll know you're really two pounds lighter.... Keep a chocolate bar (or other fattening favorite) in the house on a table—right in plain sight. And don't eat it. Every day you don't eat it, you'll know you're saving yourself 430 catories.-By Harriet La Barre '^People and You How to Look Honest In a Courtroom Next time you watch a "Perry Mason" rerun, notice that all Perry's clients come to court conservatively dressed and combed, and scrubbed clean. That's because the I Perry Meson deduced what science has recently proved. When university researchers ran four different "trials"'for defendants accused of killing a pedestrian while driving while intoxicated, they discovered the defendant's skin color made no difference. But his dress and grooming made considerable difference. The trials of two unattractive, untidy-looking defendants, one white and one black, both produced stiff sentences. The hirles deckled they were careless and heavy drinkers who deserved their punishment. The trials of the two neat, clean, conservatively dressed defendants, one white and one black, produced lighter sentences. As the lurtea saw H, the two attractive-looking defendants had probably suffered severe remorse and their accident was a one-time freak. —By Shirley Sloan Fader ROD McKUEN: "Unpleasant Facts About Unwanted Animals" "The public would be shocked if it knew how badly so many people treatanimals. People will go on a vacation and leave their pet in the street, with the expectation of just getting another when they return. Thousands of animals are put to death every day by so-called humane methods, which are actually painful. I've seen living animals tossed on trucks with dead ones, and I've even seen guys take a cat not yet dead and bash It against a wall." The indignation was pouring from Rod McKuen, poet, author, composer and concert artist, who has established a foundation to help promote more concern. "Something has to be done about the widooproed mistreatment, the underataffing of shelters and the inhumane ways of killing unwanted animals. I urge people to call the nearest humane society when they see cruelty to animals, to help stamp out such acts." -Interviewed by William Wolf' »k>hmaiisliip When Winds of Change Hit Your Office 'There are going to be changes made around here." When that word gets out in an office or factory, your first natural thought is, "How will it affect me?" Since you can't stop the change, learn some protective actions to make things easier for yourself. 1) Try to get some straight answers from your eupervteor. If his reply is, "We're going to retain you to work the new machines. You won't have a problem learning"—you'll have saved yourself quantities of anxiety. If his answer is, "I don't know anything about it," go to someone who is in a position to know. When, changes are planned in office procedure, don't just worry. Ask how the new methods will affect you. 2) Be careful whom you ask and to whom you listen. Learn to distinguish between facts from management and confusing rumors. 3) Guard against making change difficult for yourself because of negative thinking. Prejudging the new. system or machine as bad only makes it harder for you to learn and adjust. —By S. R. Radford 14 • FAMILY WEEKLY, JUM 23.1974

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