Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on November 4, 1970 · Page 7
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 4, 1970
Page 7
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— , Kail K PI* jj«aiuv<-i -Times Herald News B«rvio« Photo AurJubon Banker A. A. Kruse was knighted "Sir Albert Qf Audubon ,, in a ceremony at St. Paul, Minn. Kruse led a delegation of feeders and businessmen on a one-day visit to St. Paul as the climax to Audubon's annual Operation T-Bone, which he originated. Officials of the St. Paul Winter Carnival knighted Kruse in honor of his efforts to promote the beef industry. Kruse is shown here kneeling during the ceremony before (from left) Doug Setley, a bugler for the royal guard; King Boreas XXXIV (William Kite); Queen Marilyn Koppy; and Prime Minister Gil Thoele. Paving tKe Way for Otliers— TV Repair-woman Must Always Prove Herself By JOY STILLCY (AP N«wtfaturM Writer) LINDEN, N.J. (AP) - "T1i«y get a funny look on their faces when I show up carrying a case of tubes and my tools," admitted Diana Ildetorao. "When t walk In that door I have to prove myself or 1 might as well quit." But Diana, a 17-year-old television repairwoman has already proved herself — in the Job Corps, where she showed such aptitude for electronics her teacher gave her private lessons. And as the first girl to attend Magnavox's Service Training School in East Ruther- tofd, N.J., she came out on examinations higher than most of her male classmates. "At first their meuttw dr«MMd •ptn, t» avf It mildly, when I walked Into Nit elass," recalled MM perky taen>afer with short dark hair, bfcj brown *y«> and a mafvr* manner. "They accepted it in a very tad way «* H tfwy were Mylnf 'Go* whillttor*, fhey're taking ever eor |eka le*.' "But they were quite friendly the second day after I mad* it clear that if I expect to get anywhere I can't get special treatment, f just want to be treated like a human being." Now Diana I* proving herself further in her job with a television dealer here, making house calls with a fellow worker and repairing televisions, radios and other equipment. Pointing out that there is a severe shortage of people in TV service, Diana said she would like to see more women enter a field for which she thinks they are especially suited. She feels she is definitely paving the way. "Women are fussier about small, intricate details and like everything in its place, looking nice and neat. When I solder a component 1 make sure it's done right — dean Hit connection, clean the lead, make aura there's a thin oovtring of folder and make sura the lead is wrapped neuraljr around the connection," she said with pro- "I feel Hfca I've raaNy elena aomethinf whan I've sat. really One little my Mr haute aha sjove nie eMiamleWsiAai* le^sS^sV AolsWe^^l aWplCIVUS IvVfC^ eraRW I was thtra and If I knew what I WAS 4vln0» AffM* I back of ttw s«t *ff and •jot it to werkltif she was thrilltd, flat) It was • woman who'd don* Hw |«e." TifMM Herald, Cerroll, le. "T Wodnesdoy, Nor. 4, 1970 * She oomes on like women's lib when talking about job equality, but that's as far as her sympathy with the movement goes. "I don't feel a thing for ft; not a thing. Let women be women, and men, men." In clothes too she insists on being feminine. "I don't wear slacks to work,*' continued tee 5 foot 4 technician. "Thaft em of my rules* That skirt and blouse under my lab coat is important to me - I'm «toi a firl." spare time to music composing, playing the piano and singing. A Puerto Rican, she plays with a neighborhood Latin group called La Calient* (The Hot One). She also likes racing and tinkering with cars. * Congressional (Continued From Page 1) the 5th District, knocking of Don Maihon, Des Moines Repub lican and two offlher minor con tenders. Smith had almost a 2-1 mar gin over Mahon and outdistanced Roy Berger, 44, of Des Moines the New Party candidate and John Grant, 61, also of Des Moines, who flew the banner oi the American Independent party. William Scherle, 47, of Henderson romped to his third term from the 7th District, defeating Democrat Lou Gale- tied, 41, of Carroll. Scherle held a 2-1 margin. In the 6th District battle, Fred Moore, 50, of Spencer, a former member of the Democratic State Central Committee, threw an High in protein... Low in calories! MANNING Ask For It At Your Nearby Grocery MANNING CREAMERY COMPANY early scare into Wiley Mayne, the Republican incumbent. Moore, taking his inaugural dip into a political race, held ian early lead but Mlayne {Hilled ahead and finished with more than 13,000 votes. It was Mayne's third successful bid. In the 4th District, voters sent John Kyi, 51, of Bloomfield, a nine-year veteran of the House, back to Washington for another term. Kyi had about a 7,000 vote edge over Democrat Roger Bio- baum, 41, of Creston. H. R. Gross, 71 of Waterloo, who ihas held his 3rd District seat since 1948, easily defeated Democrat LyUe Taylor, 36, also of Waterloo. In the 1st District, voters were faced with the question of who they thought would be most effective in Congress — SChwen- gel, who prior to his first Congressional win served in the Iowa House for 10 years, or Mezvinsky who won his first political bid two years ago. Mezvinsky, however, had served as a Congressional aide to Rep. Smith a few years ago in Washington D. C. The two contenders were in general agreement on ending tihe Vietnam war, law enforce* menft, campus unrest and on solving the nation's economic ills. Cedar Falls Okays Annexation Issue CEDAR FALLS (AP) - Cedar Falls voters Tuesday approved annexation of 13.13 square miles to <he city. The annexation approved by 68 per cent of tfie voters would nearly double the size of the city and add 32,220 residents, 778 permanent and 170 mobile homes. A total of 5,958 for and 2,403 no votes were cast. The next step will be for the city to bring suit against all property owners in the anexa- tion area to prove its ability to provide service. If no appeals are filed and the District Court approves that the city can provide <he services, *he area will become a part of Cedar Falls. McKSnley asid without an appeal 'the anexation should be completed by the summer of 1971. The early Greek philosopher, Pythagoras, is credited with having first advanced the theory that the earth is a sphere. Mushroom Firm to Move to Spencer SPENCER (AP) - The owner of a Canadian firm that grows and cans mushrooms announced Tuesday the firm would relocate its Wimapeg, Manitoba, plant hi Spencer. Roy P. North said Spencer was selected because the climate is more favorable for growing mushrooms and the materials used in the growing process are readily available. The firm markets its products under the name of "Springfield Mushrooms." Walter Williams, Spenced Industries Foundation managing director, said the firm would employ between 20 to 30 persons and represents a $750,000 investment. U.P.W. TO MBIT MANNING — The United Presbyterian Women will meet alt the church on Friday, Nov. 6, at 2 p.m. A Thanksgiving Service will be conducted by Fredda Hinz. Jean PfoMner will be chairman of the refreshment committee. SBRNBTT Open Tonight (Wednesday) Till 9 p.m. SAVINGS at SERNETT FAMILY CENTER Training Program Allocated to Iowa WASHINGTON (AP) - Some $1,174,664 in federal funds has >een allocated to train 319 Ibwans in three Manpower Administration programs, U. S. Sen. Jack MiUer, R—Iowa, Mid Tuesday. A $1,074,612 grant was awarded to 'the Des Moines Area lommunity College skill center o provide training for 262 job* ess or under-employed workers n 10 fields. The rest of the money will telp train 57 disadvantaged job- ess in private industry ki Des Moines and Oakland. My Thanks To the voters of the 28th House Legislative District who supported me in the general election on Tuesday. Charles E. Knoblauch Two New Stars at the Sernett Family Shoe Department * CONVERSE ATHLETIC SHOES STAFF OXFORD 1 . Converse quality . . . you can't beat it. And more and) more quality — sophisticated people refuse to accept less. 2. No. 1 choice of the No. 1 professionals. The Converse staff of basketball stars designed this all-purpose athletic oxford. See them at Strrvett Family Center. WhrN »nl S7.99 * ENDICOTT JOHNSON ASTRO ALL-PURPOSE ATHLETIC SHOE Men's and beys' white Injection Mold sport oxford, black arch stripping and back tab, cushion top line, combination design sole. ley'. 2'/2-t Men's 6'/ 2 -12 REVLON COSMETICS Sernett Family Center is proud to announce that we are now featuring tht complett line of Revlon Cosmetics, "CAREFREE" CAROUSEL WIGS Ro g . $24.9S NOW S18.77 AUTO DEPT. All Copper BATTERY CABLES er 12 Volt i ft. Reg. $5.40 .. 12 ft. Re«. $7.25 .. 1000 Watt ENGINE HEATER -Reg. $11.10—THIS ENGINE HEATER Tetik Type __ ------------ p.... $9.79— THIS WEEK $4.27 «l» $^77 ** $C99 ^ Sporting Goods Dept. GUNS Our Reg, $134.95 THIS WEEK G.E. COMPACT STEREO COMPONENTS P573 * Simulated Walnut Polystyrene » 4-Spe*d Chanaer * AM/FM/FM Stereo Tuner * Two 6" Dynopower Speakers * Stereo Headphone Jack, Jap* Jacks $125 Remineien Mc4el 170 12 GAUGE PUMP Full choke, ventilated rib. tf»«J«j A A A *«f. $144.95—THIS WEEK Jj> J | QoOO Ithice Model 37 12 GAUGE PUMP Pull choke. tf»sf%ift ef%bF Rof. $129.95—THIS WEEK $99-95 12 GAUGE SHOTGUN SHELLS Winchester Duck and Pheasant Load •r Rtminf ton Gam* Load. Yaur $2.77 lox TODDLERS & GIRLS 4 COATS Uses 1 t* 14 This coupon worth 11.00 on e |5.9i purer*** {1.W f*i • M.50 to $12.fl purchase II on • $19.91 to $19.91 purchsto $3 en • $17.95 to $19.91 purchase $4 en • $32.91 to $29.91 purchase Oofd Mini Sundoy, Nt*. I •f Strnttt Family CtMtf r THIS COUPON GOOD FOR $3.00- e»*)wttft« LAND-N-LAKES HOODED PARKAS HIM «to 14 •*+d Mini SuMoy, Ntv. I fcrmtt Pemily carter She has been taking things apart to find out how they work as long as she can remember, and used to "fiddle away" with her record player when she was barely into her teens, repairing and adjusting it. She excelled hi physics at Central Commercial High School in Manhattan, but had to quit school and go to work to help her family, including one older and four younger sisters. When her family got back on its feet she wanted to continue her education and enrolled in the Jersey City Job Corps, where she received her high school diploma. They placed me In an aeaom- blv job, but I'm not a person to sit down and do the same thing all day," she said. "I wanted challenge. Magnavox was interested in attracting women to the field of TV repair and asked me to be a pioneer. "I plan to go to college and get a degree in electronic engineering," she went on. "I'm a jack of all trades and master of none, but I intend to become a master of one — television fixing. I hope some day I can have my own little shop. I want to be accepted not for my sex but for my knowledge, for using my hands and brains. Once I've achieved this I think I've achieved a lot and I can achieve a whole lot more." Now Available .... hen you want t h o host, buy CANDIES 0 HALLMARK CARD and GIFT SHOP Wostgato Mall — Carroll 9:iO e.M. *• 9:06 p.m. Wed. art frf. 9:30 a.m. to 5:10 p.m. Men., Tim. aad Thurt. 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 ».m. Set. OWN SUNDAYi 1:00 to 5:00 ».«. HUMIDIFIER adds needed moisture to dry, heated air. TOP GRILLE FOR INDIRECT FLOW OF AIR EXCLUSIVE FINAL FILTER BEHIND GRILLE 10 GALLON RUSTPROOF TANK r AUTOMATIC HUMIDISTAT- MAINTAINS DESIRED LEVEL OF HUMIDITY. WSUAL WATER GAUGE <— ATTRACTIVE WOODGRAIN CABINET FITS ANY STYLE OF DECOR. SMOOTH ROLLING CASTERS MAKES IT EASILY PORTABLE REFILL LIGHT WIT!AUTOMATIC SHUTOFF A Humidifies entire home— up to 15 fellons doily. Eo$y to fill «nd clean. End* dry air thot ceuiei dry .kin, *.r. rhroett. Protect* furnishings, haute plants, cerpet*. Re—• "•"•• »• -• DELUXE HUMIDIFIER THE COMFORT MAKER! Manufacturers OUR PRICE Plastic Coated PLAYING CARDS — THIS COUPON GOOD FOR ALL El NIGER WOOLS In our writ deportment. Oood thru Sunday Nov. I •t dkrnett Femily Centsr SAVE MORE!

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