The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 18, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 18, 1948
Page 11
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, JUNE 18, 1348 JJLYTHEVIM.B (ARK.)' COURT** NEWS Interest PAGE «, i"> ' V i Soil Management !^ lforStale ir.n.A. arm ers Still Big Problem County Agent Urges Planting of Legumes A* Nitrogen Supply The No. 1 soil management problem facing larmers In North Mi.s- •fssippi County is Hut of maintain- Tvix organic mailer in their soils Continuous cropping ol cotton and cur sudden swing awny from soy- leans make licavy demands on ll'ie soils aiul a more rapid depletion of the organic mailer of even our best, soils, explains Keiiu Bilbrcy. coun- 'y asent. Lo w organic maltcr in tin; toil means a diminished supply of Held of Matt fro be nitrogen available for crop xrow'!i, xrowi, »'Jlt) consequent reduced yields. U aLw means less luimus. lowered moisture-holding ability, and poorer physical condition of the .soil. The supply ol organic matter can be inero3.«Kl tJitough the use of It'Bumcs und sound crop rotation. Legumes have, the _ He's After Their Kidnapers FAYETTEVILLE. A rk ., Julle ,, _ A lhree-d,iy Irnniug conlcrence ."*? supervisory personnel of the Farmers- Home AaminLslralion In Arkansas will be held in Payetlcville on June Wednesday through fri- dny, u has been announced by Dl Lipperl s. Ellis, (lean of tin Uni- veraity of Arkansas College of Agriculture. All of (he county supervisors, a* well as members of ihj siale Hull in Little Rock, will attend. The .school has been arranged to lo acquaint P.ll.A. personnel wit'i I he facilities ol the College of Agriculture and the Agricultural Experiment station, according to j. V Higliiill, slate director of (he Farmers Home Administration lor Arkansas. It will also give the supervisors an opportunity to brush up on agricultural subject matter appropriate for Arkansas conditions, he adds. Mcmocrs ol the staff of the College ol Asr.cuHni-e will provide instruction in the school, which will si ill greater in ao il improvement. Winter legumes, s'.ich as vetch, or Austrian Winter peas, are particularly valuYole, since they also pro, tec;, tlie soil against winter leach- li'K ?-nd spring wind erosion. Nitrogen is generally u lc mo3t delicicm element in the Mississippi Delia soils nnd unfortunately co;n- merdal nitrogen is ilia most expositive plant food which farmers buy, •r. Bllbrey explained. The present demand exceeds tlie supply and there is every indication that nitrogen fertilizers will be difficult ,o obtain Jor several years to come. Legume Planting Increases North Mississippi County fann- ers arc taking further steps iu the right direction according to M'.-. Bilbrcy. In 19-17 North Mississippi and at ihe Main Agricultural Experiment Station at Faycttevjhc. yeevi:c. Subjects to lie covered include lru\i anci vegetable production, use oi iniX'Cticia'os and fungicides, livestock production, pastures and lor- nye crops, mechanization ol Iiuni- ing, and Ihe outlook for farm m- terprucs in AVkansas. Arrangements have been marie to: those attending tile school (o be housed on tlie University ol Arkansas campus. Farm Agents' Tips IT'S TIME TO— Skle-dress corn with, nitrogen when eight to ten Inches tnll, II you actual increase of 106 per cent over Ihe legumes sowed in 1046 and 1945 flies. Water the lawn enough to soak Lislit .sprinklings promote shal!o-.v roots that quickly die the first real- 'VSucy and Noble Gill of Dell ' K^ have just purchased 10,000 pountis, '' _ Bf vetch seed. Air. Bilbrey said. This • vetch seed this month lor their o'wn is three months before seeding time | n s e a.'id some for sale. Some o: but they are insuring their supply. he pointed out. Several farmerj in the Western )Fall of the county will harvest ihem include: M. Bell; Sa;n Jones „. „.,„.,; Byrd. Oeorae Ray, and many others in the Leachvillc area. P. Brownlee Manila; Bruce Farm Productivity Increases As Agriculture Modernizes The nation's farmers by their enterpj-jse and initiative have achieveU remarkable advances in crop and livestock productivity in the last decade in a modernisation program that is comparable in many ways to the great forward strides in industrial and business techniques in the same period. Indicative of this increased agricultural efficiency is the fact that between 1B39 and 19*5 alone gross production per farm worker increased 28 per cent as compared wilh only 18 per cent in the period between 1917-21 and 1039. Farm workers have matched industrial workers in their productivity increases during the last decade, according to the Ufi. Department of Agriculture. The results have had a far-reaching impact on national welfare and nn the living standards and financial security of the average Amcr- Jjuyi farm family. ^ Factors Krhintl Progrean Much of this progress has come from the great growth of mechanization of farm operations and the substitution of machine for animal power. Important contributions to the overall results have been made BS well by perfection of methods for increasing yields of both crops and livestock and by development of better and more efficient /arming practices in general. .11 Ls- this development along witn favorable weather which made it possible for the American farmer despite manpower and other shortages, to meet the record needs r^r ': farm products at home and abroad i during the war and to hc'.p feed a !" hungry world since then. ( J What makes the record so out- i standing is that the total acreage ! harvested has changed little since i the first World War and the farm '• much again total farm production as it did in the 1911-21 period, according to Government agricultural experts. II farmers in the last fe* years had farmed the same as they did in the world War I period, and gotten the same yields a then, Ihey would have needed 4,500,000 .more workers ro achieve Ihe production totals ol the wartime period and since. Under existing manpower conditions, nothing even ap- County Agents Find Many Uses For Electric Motors on Farm County, 5^^ fe^Ss&c^EP "^"^ *^* it5?,£*^£I Ay* ti£l * **V *• ^ ^ 8 C nme 1 icte to. W 11 M i „ r Nv co f rt,] co a ..f | 0Rce , cu.e l, le Mdmipon,,„,«,„ Ohio , nw whk ,, „,„,.„, lhm Iia ' b • l » 1 -> <o S200 hues for each oiTcnse. nullify nml K. 01 imtlcr, liuwi jusi conflicted IK table electric motor nml » lule pinery wheel, which Ihcy will mntoimliy benefit nuny i|i[>i County fiti-nters, who, Ji llu-y have ele.-ttictly have i li-iirncil the full value ol us power. electric nuiltir is attached lo !nr bloi'k dliont f | s |,i Inche.i iiul two nu-lies in dlumetcr • lot an Ihe emery wheel base, it \f lliul u iv m . >.... ,.. t . lii jils.v, aim « oc[iil|i- I Hi a Miiall handle which will 11 iu moving n ti-oni one place thcr. 1 igenls him- their new devices I I lily In the extension offlre In irt house and (hey HIT iim- •in people lo see I hem nnd llicni (k'mon.siiutrd xo ibai ii c ;lll nuk<' Miuilar ones fo/ UH'i[ Imim. Uilbrey and Mi. Chniulle:' vo coiiMrucli'd u window Inn. i only about $:tO. whirli would ily COM Ihe iitnn home be$60 J120. The fan imiti t of iu, iilil tractor Inn n mil- hicii cusi 50 cents, a shall aiiimul 20 cents, ami bcar- islini; nlxuil $^, and n one- <0i ply uixxl flume, construcl- M uboui $5. The elecliie motor, I I approximately 425 can I be uinmcd Ironi the Ian nml used slK'llers, lawn mowers, drill \iirtx. jointer. |i,ilin sprayers. »r (hi- newly devised portable cini'iy wild. The emery wheel U mounted on a wood bfl.te eliminating ; u, c necessity of Iwltlng It to some iwrmnnuiiL base, in order that the fanner inuy moi't: it will', to whatever piece of niitclilnery might need sharpening. In this niunuov [lie wheel i-in be kept In »n out of Ihe way phu:e nnd need not lake up luincxrosHry space In i work shop. The eincrv wheel eiin In: moved to nn lix-uliim • lid when combined with the ixni- nble elecliic inolor miiKe-s mi unbeatable lenm lor *biiip<>nii>K of plow points, .sickle blades and oilier Knit mucliliier.v, (he agents suld. In a recent sm\c> compiled by (lie extension service workers 3010 [arm lamtlle.s, or more lhan W im- eeiil. In Mississippi Cimnly Inv.e oloelrlclljr. of these « per crin hnve chTtilc relilKcrntor.s and a,l l>e.r cent electric pumps, nnd i'i IxMh Insliuicos figiire.s nn- considerably higher limn stale and national figure*; nnd the new devices are belnn demonsli nteil to 4-H ctub youlhs in older Hint they luir.hl (nko Ihe inforimilioi) honrf In Iw practiced on then larm. Mi. Hilbiey cited nlectrlc-lly as liic cheapest and best means ol power lor many fnrin nse.s. and he is directing considerable allciillnn u>- wnid Ketiini! farmers to lake ail- vnnt«i;« of tlmi fact. Jet-Age Chi Id's Play y » eunpk- of pulls In-liim! liis jr-t-i Farm Rejuvenation Demonstration Planned Near Cape Girordeau, Mo. CAPE OIRARDEAU. Mo June ' lo h. ijiuvemeiu project nnd one of the irross the mlii-,•• lii-uts most thorough ever stager! i" the ' r- ir •, \ " Middle West will be hammered 1 ^""'^ w ! ' '"' h ? vp<1 slv tllrongh in one riay-on Thursday: ,?, '' " lrl ' r ' wl "'"' c:i Aug. 5-at the Hope Brothers up-i "•' ^""'^ retaining land farm at Pocalfontas, Mo. Over 100 WR power inachlncs ami and hundreds of on the farm that day ordinary 380-acre to do much dirt uill be put in. Mullfflora roses will be set In hedges and wntei-wn.vs will lie fa.slilmiecl. Crmloins will lie ; laid out and contour plowing win '•? 'J;>:ie by 'Jii/.en.s of roari ...... ...i.u uu^ Ltj I LU iinicn mri > . . — ^ >..*>. surgery on Ihe place, with a pond i , , acrc " f rol| 6hly wooded - - ' i'"" 1 »'"i be cleared olr by linll- the farm has enough State Auditor Hits Passage of Rail Rates Bill ATLANTA, tin.. June 18, —IUP) —Assistant Georgia Attorney General Claude Hhniv said yesterday Hint Georgia's long freight rale case had "lor nil practical purposes" l)ccn miim/ixl liy (jassngc of tlw Reed-Hnlwlnkle hill. Ctm^ over-rode P r e s t ri e n I Truman's veto of Ihe Wll, which exempts railroads from certain provisions of the fliitl-trnsi laws. Since 1941. OenrRln has Inuglil nn almost constanl battle In the court ' that land will do/er.s. lo oV)tatll llijunrllve icllef prevent freight rales discriminating ngnfnst. the Smith. Former Gov. Ellis Arnell led the acoi-(!ia fiBhl while he was in office i all be done before the ' sun' goc^lj, other power conditions, nothing even ap- tnal prices of farm products have ing space on proximating such a number of work- Paced the rise in the general price the benefits I ers was obtainable. level. Nonetheless, it is the net re- vised farm' 'i ft Is estimated thai from is.'noo (o 30.000 people will attend, from at Is nn nvej.iye - nvncd by the tv.u brothers and their mother who actually operate it. They will furnish little except a lot of parking space on AUK. 6 and will . bencfi!:; lo come from the re- inr-lude.s obtainable. . - -- , Benefits to Farmers I U| m liiat counts, and the ability m K ra One farm worker now produces " f farmers to keep their costs im- —with .... „, ^,,, 11 ,,,,..,.. enough agricultural products to I (lcl ;_, control by being more effi- seeing that (lie seeds nre at hand ' '"~ The . . of grasses, alfalfa nnd other crops he Cimmber of Commerce enough agricultural products to I (lcr control by being more effi- .seeing that (lie seeds nre 'it hand take care ol 13 other persons, In i c]Cnt llml increasing unit production for Hie wholesale planliiiK The "addition to himself, as compared nas bce " a " important factor Jn seeds of this tvtie nlonu will cost with nine other persons in 1920 and I the financial results. j j tl excess of S500. onlj- three other persons a cen- i ' • ^1 - turj before. Such a production trend i is of major importance in view of j rapidly increasing populations in I this country and abroad and the | i ^.tct people as a whole have been | • eating belter than ever before. ] J Improved farm living conditions • i and greater financial security tcs- ' uiy to the benefits the' farmers | themselves have reaped from their i progress. Not only are there more ' ' BUILDINGS 2S'x48' Sectional Army Surplus • (he fanner's accomplishments Is that c.ich man-licur of farm work currently turns out nearly half as ATLACIDE Kills Johnson Grass i i E. C. Robinson! Lumber Company 319 West Ash SI. and appeared personally before the Unilctl atates Supreme L'ourt In comforts and conveniences in th-i, — -- — .<..i ^uuuyu home, bii! some o; the back-break- wooded arms othmrLsc for a coring toil ttiat has been the farmer's redly planned farm. lot since time immemorial has been i Liming and ferliliy.ini; etc eliminated. : „!] be done before th A significant indication of the' down, and numerous adiance in overall farm welfare - 1 ! i Joels will he carried to lound In the financial ledger of! Clyde D. Harris, Cape agriculture. KSmnors' savings in the banker and a memli. ageregnte KS rcprescntea by th-.-ir : sponsoring Cape Giranfe-m "clnm inu-' „"' "n """''f, U> ' I " 1SS "" ! cash assets have risen more than Her of Com,,, ,ec on, m tee S l" shnw's W ff, 0 " 1 '? "nV fourfold since 1040 while Ibeir over " '- — - ... . . u ' "'""• onnw sjui that ui> to this all debts have been reduced sub- .w.uuu people win stantially. There has been a dccid- [ lenst five states ed increase at the same time in ! The Hope farm larmers' ownership of life iivsnr- ' farm and it is ance. It is true that a good deal of this piO5[K.'ru'y is due to the fact that prices ol farm products have iHimnry. 19«. to arjiuc Geor|;la's iUlt. Shaw, who hns handled most . _ ion. of Ihc.stato's legal battle, shirt to- Olrardcau day that "Congress hns ml off the ' " r "' of the com Is by passing this Ihe president's velo." said that up to this time Gconija had «on every s(q> of Us ease until "Congress cnme lo Ihe Lum and Abner Protest 'Barefoot Ball' to Be Given at Eureka Springs MTn.K ROCK. June 18 (U|M_ Two famous Arkansas hillbillies yesterday pioleslcd a "barefoot hull" schednleil In furekn Sprtnus June m bccniise nf the adverse publicity they believe It would brink- to Ihe state. The dance was lilnnned a* x part of n "consequence 1 'assessed Mr. anil Mrs. Howard Porehan of Simla Anna, calif., winners on Hnlpl, Edwards' "Tnilli or Consemiencos" radio proBram Inst week. 'Hie yonng couple ivn.s jflven i week's honeymoon In the Arkiinsns Ozarts the stipulation ih cv must spend the entire week bnre'- footcd. The piotest WHS received by Secretary ol State c. O. Ilnll from C. H Lauck and Norris Ooff. radio's "Lum nnd Abner" team which populnrlMd Pine ntd«e, Ark. "H should make Kood copy for publicity," they wrote, "but personally W c feel H Is had publicity for the stale of Arkansas." rescue of the rtillronrts." Slmw said (hat (he ten per cent decrease In Southern freight rates { ordered sometime ago by (he Inter- ' stale Commerce Commission wns « ,' direct result of pre.ssure from ' Georgia's case. ' ll.i polled elders, this London Th« cols ready In send his model jet airplane sonrini; . ish-mailL- pliine is iwn-cml liy « li,,y Jet ,..,,-(rkl S c claimed" lo dm-c speeds of over Illl miles |iur lunlr. Km-l bmns willioul if or spiirlis. is non-«.\plofivc. and said lo be perfectly sa[« to (Kindle for childi-f FEED Purina Hog Fatena ll'» th» •conomlcot way to hov. pl.nty of fin. ham. and Juicy pork. Roi.. a pig or (wo m your back lot —and (.,d Purlrm H a , Ftil.rx,. L.I u. .1 you about thi pi,. ol h« jolka <u* KiUing. 2O th ••gins of Horn* Yei, Sir, !...« or. pid, for flood old Dad, *« gvf w*w payi A* billt! Ht'll b. Ikkl.d pink II you g.t hii FolK*-'. Day g* ol avr M<K» . . . »vin il you chorgi rl lo hirnt ll • I ill ill Milestone? call for WEST Purchase Corp. Blytheville. Ark. 1x8 Drop Siding. 2x4 Sludding, 2 ft oc. Wall height, 8 fl. inside. 2x10 Rafters, 2 ft. oc. 12 double windows. • Approx. HO fl. partitions. • Sheet Rock in sidcwalls. • -I doors. • no 1,1). roll roofing. Price ?,Sr>0.00 F. O. II. Also Available: 20'xlOO' Buildings, Price $750 Fob T6'>43' Buildings, Price $350 Fob 20'x52' Buildings, Price $575 Fob 16\T6' Buildings, Price $150 Fob All the above buildings are inspected fur damage and repaired before leaving camu site at Alexandria, I.a. Call. Write or See Us for Further Uctails Marion Surplus Sales 80S Ward Av*. D»y Phone 836 Cniudicrsville, Mo. Night Phona 758-W ELECTRIC SHAVER JL2. RIFLE A _ ... $14.50 CARPENTER'S SAW CASTING ROD >••»>•• fir c«tt«« nu. $10.50 AUTOMATIC REEL '•^fMT MWMMfM tpMWf ^1^* *T "«'i«l FM(. (M( prM« M . $9.25 CARVING ARCHCKY SETS __^. ? 3, 95 up §er« $5.30 up *te@o. Per Bag of PURINA BROILER CHOW In your broiUr profit*, lt'» m«ut p» r bag of f«»d that count*. Many QTow«r* on ,kh* Purina BroiUr Plan y»t 30 to 33 paundp o\ meat (liwvrttigh^ f>«r bag of Broilsr Chow. L. K. Ashcraft DELTA NEWS Published by Delta Implement Incorporated, Blytheville, and the Delta Implement Company, Manila June IB, 1948 (;()()]) NKWS! All you women that want lei know more ;i!i<nil (ho ojisii'.st ninl l)est way In prepare rliffcrcnl foods for your Home I'Ycc/.er. Delia Implcmcnls and flic Inlerna- limiiil Harvcslcr Conipan.v will hold a dcm- (iii.sluiliun ill (he Woman's Club, in Blytheville, :il 2:00 ['. M. next Tuesday afterniKm, .lunc 22ii(t, and in Ulanila til (hi; ilirjh School, 'i:(W |i. in., Wednesday. June 2'f, AftcrwntTls there will he a discussion and you may ask (jiicslinns (hai you miiiM have, in regard lo Home 1'i'ccxcr |irol>lem«. This is Ihe new and cnnvciucnt way of preserving fmid.s. and if yon nil end we feel sure you will learn (lungs Iliiil will Ik' of value f(» .von in the fuhire. 1' I'LAN TO AT- TlvNl). Do you rcali/e how cnnvenicnl an Air Compressor is around Ihe 1'ann—You need not spend Ihe lime to dismount your I ires and make a lonj; (rip to (he Service Station—Make your lire repairs riplil on Ihe Farm and inflate with the help of one of our Air Compressors. A small investment will mqkc it possible to spray painl your equipment, your barns and oul Imildings—The best greasing job possible is done by an air operated pun. AIoil- crni/.c wilh one of our Air Compressors—We furnish either cleclrir or jrasoline models, vanr-int; from SS7.SO lo $21.1.00. \Vc have been notified by our Suppliers that Ihe shortage of lead is very critical, making it compulsory for storage IwttonYs of all kinds to be platT?d on an allotment, basis again—We will j you a lihci-al allowance on your old battery on the purchase of a new lOxide. KASY PAYMKNT PLAN ON ALL TRACTOR AiVO FARM IMPLEMENT REPAIR. Should you lie a little short of ready cash—Don't' let that worry you. USK OUR KASY PAYMENT PLAN Have your repair work done now—Pay monthly on otir easy payment plan—or bnv now and pay tliis Kail. COMP; IN AND SHE US TODAY FOR a FREE ESTIMATE.

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